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I thought this was a probably a dumb idea, but maybe not. Many more questions than I expected. Lots of topics I rarely discuss, so I have a lot of good ideas for future posts. A few people warned me about answering certain questions. They may be right. There are a lot of weirdos in the world. Many of them have internet access. it’s all fun and games until some nutjob goes from internet stalker to real life stalker. So, here’s the first batch of answers. I’ll get to the rest in another post. I have to go through all the e-mails too.

Edit: I decided to put the next batch at the end of this one. I’m getting a bit tired of typing so we’ll call this one closed.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

This is one of those gags that started before my time. I never knew the origin of it. I’m guessing it started in the therapy movement in the 60’s, but I could be all wrong. Maybe it was a legitimate thing people asked job applicants. To answer the question, I guess a birch tree. They seem pretty happy.

You refuse to face the JQ, but you listen to TRS. What is your opinion of Mike Enoch?

I don’t write a lot about the JQ, but I have been candid about my opinions on Jews in America. I’m Ok with being a heretic on the issue and a bit incoherent on it. I just suspect that Jews in America are starting to undergo the same sort of re-evaluation of their place in the emerging America as the rest of us. I’ll just wait to see how that unfolds before settling on a firm opinion.

As to Enoch and the TRS people, I think they are funny and creative. I like ethnic humor and they do it well. I also think Enoch is a smart guy with some interesting ideas. To be honest, I was a little down on him after the Cantwell arrest, but Enoch has stood by Cantwell long after most people would have moved on to other stuff. That speaks to Enoch’s humanity and I find that admirable.

If you buy a new car do you have a safe place to store it?

Not really and that is one issue. The car idea has led me to think about moving somewhere better. I have one more move in me so that is taking up more space in my head now than the car search.

You have mentioned that you lift; do you follow one of the well known programs (if so which one)?

I’ve tried all the different programs and I’ve found the basic 5×5 suits me best. I’ve never lifted for vanity sake. I actually enjoy it. I like adding just a little more. Age is making that more difficult. I’ve had to contend with injuries the last 18 months, but I’m getting back at it now that I’m healthy again.

I have heard about the Alt-Right and the near alt-right Philosophy (which I mostly agree with) I have heard about their philosophical Goals… sometimes people disagree about what they are, but in general they are an acknowledgement that ‘progress’ has been going in an insanely retrograde direction socially and economically for decades. I agree with this.

But REAL Goals? What are the REAL Goals?

I don’t call myself alt-right, mostly because the definition is a little vague. Derb’s talk the other day makes that point, I think. The people leading this vague cultural movement don’t always agree with one another about tactics and priorities. I posted about that the other day. I think at this point, the only goal shared by all of these groups is to legitimize white identity, in the same way that black identity, Hispanic identity, Jewish identity, and so on, are accepted in public discourse.

I could be wrong. I’m not the spokesman for the alt-right.

Are you going to man up and admit you fagged out regarding your sidereal squat on Scientody, et al? You are feeling more and more like a Gen-X grandad, one boot below a 60 minute spot.

I had to google “sidereal squat” and the first result suggested sidereal is a Hebrew word meaning star or possibly unicorn. As far as I know, this is my first exposure to that word. That makes the rest of the question less clear, so I’m at a loss.

Look. My only bit in this ridiculous drama is this. If you say everything is open to revision, you’re saying there is no truth. If you want to say most things we assume to be true are open to revision, I’m right there with you.

Quick preface then question. I get the impression that you may think the constitution is outmoded. If that assumption is correct, and then assuming this country as we know it inevitably collapses, what kind of government would you install and what would it’s parameters be?

I think the original document has been replaced a long time ago. It’s not just the amendments. The way the court has built a body of law around the document has rendered it meaningless. When the court can declare gay marriage a natural right, they can make constitution say anything, which means it says nothing. More important, judges no longer pretend to do otherwise.

What comes next? It depends who wins. Constitutions are written by the winners, usually based on the lessons of the war that put them in charge.

Are traps gay?

The first time I heard this term, it was in the context of cross dressers. I just assumed that cross dressers were gay, but apparently not. The British guy who used to comment here explained that there is a whole sub-culture around dressing up as women, cartoons, famous people, etc.

Whenever this comes up, I think about this tranny I’d see at the coffee shop in the morning. Xe was black and about 6’4”. Built like a linebacker. Xe would be in heels so xe was even more imposing. Watching people’s reactions was great fun.

What are the best blogs that you read. Give us 3 to 5.

Audacious Epigone is a daily read for me. I read Sailer every day. I check in on Greg Cochran daily, even though he does not post daily. His commenters are great. The list of links at the top is pretty much my daily rotation for a variety of reasons.

What is your day job?

I spend all day watching people work and then talk about it with other people who watch people work. No kidding.

If you could point to one single formative event that pushed you from Buckley conservative/Reaganite/Libertarian conservative into the dissident right, what would it be? 

I was in a bar in Boston, a working class Irish bar, and Pat Buchanan came on the television. A somewhat drunk Irish girl started hissing about Buchanan being a racist. Her boyfriend agreed and added that immigration is good for America. Seeing people cheer their replacement made me realize that what Conservative Inc was selling was hemlock.

I figured that a dose of the Clintons would wake up the GOP and the conservative movement. I was all wrong about that. Then I figured the Bush debacle would do the trick. Nope. I think that’s when I threw in the towel and came the conclusion that Conservative Inc and the GOP had to be destroyed if we were to get a sane country again.

If NAP is for pussies, what do you recommend?

This is one of many reasons I don’t get along with ideologues. They have no sense of humor. I like to joke around and keep things light. Most libertarians drink vinegar for breakfast.

If you were to travel through time to visit Madison at the convention and inform him of the result of his experiment, what advice would you offer him? 

Pick your own cotton.

What is your favorite time and place in history?

I don’t know. It changes a lot. I’m getting into early Greek history lately. I guess they call it proto-Greek history. If forced to choose, the run up to the Great War and the inter-war period are the most fascinating. We’re still living with those events.

What is the most interesting country you have visited? I know you did a piece on Iceland a while back. Anywhere else take your fancy?

I’ve been lucky. I got to see all of America first. Then Canada and Mexico. This was by accident, but it means I have just scratched the surface on foreign travel. I think you appreciate travel more when you’re older. I had to re-visit some places of my youth to fully appreciate that fact. I like weird stuff so Iceland is at the top at the moment. But, there’s a lot more out there to see.


If you had the ability to amend the US constitution, what amendment would you add? Or remove? (Note that you can do both at the same time, like the 24th.)

I think an amendment that limits the time a citizen can collect a check from the Federal government would be a good idea. Exempt the military and social security. You get ten years. After that, you get no more checks. The idea is to drive the government class back out into the private sector.

I’d remove the amendment enabling the direct election of senators. That’s been a huge mistake as the states no longer have a voice in the federal system.

Thoughts on the traditional workers party

I read their platform on a podcast. Perhaps my memory is wrong, but it seems they have revamped their platform since then, but most of it is sensible. Some of it strikes me as ill-conceived, but in the main, they sound like Democrats from 50 years ago.

Why do you continue to live in Baltimore?

That’s a good question. I live outside the city now so it is not terrible, but Maryland is not a great place to live. I just hate moving. I would be better off in Virginia or even the Carolinas as I travel there for work, but I hate moving.  Plus, Baltimore being such a mess gives it a cache now. It makes me seem more interesting than I am.

You alluded once to being at best an agnostic. Why do you give a damn what happens to this country, or this planet? Why bother yourself with any of this? Why not just make your money and then move to Switzerland and enjoy it?

I don’t think I have ever called myself agnostic. If I have, I was just being lazy. I’m not sure what that has to do with national loyalty, but I’m going to assume you think I should be selfish and not care about this stuff. Well, I ask myself that question often. Doing this blog has meant having to deal with some major asshats. I’ve also got to engage with some first class people too. Life is trade-offs. For every Thinskin, there is an Audacious Epigone or a John Derbyshire. In the balance, I’m blessed.

I am still having fun with it. When I stop having fun, I stop doing it. It’s that simple.

If you were a skilled hypnotist, and you were left alone in a room with Trump for an hour, what would you program him to do?

Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clintons.

Do you have a hobby? Collect anything?

I’ve never been a collector. You need a lot of patience for collecting and I don’t have it. This thing has, in a way, become my hobby. That and cycling, which still enjoy.

Favorite type of pizza crust style and toppings?

I will eat any form of pizza, as long as it does not have onions or peppers on it. I could eat pizza for every meal, every day for weeks on end. Pizza is proof that God wants us to be happy.

Your thoughts (likes/dislikes) on the Ace Of Spades Blog?

Man, I used to read him every day. I can’t remember the last time I checked out his site. He used to link to me. Maybe it is the circles I travel, but Ace has fallen off my radar. This is the first mention in a long time. I always liked his stuff, but for some reason I drifted away.

How do you think the race problem in this country gets resolved and when does it happen?

I think in the coming decades, the idea of a slow re-segregation will become the default for whites. It will not be explicit, but it will be assumed. We’ll see laws passed to allow private discrimination and freedom of association. That’s my hope, least ways. The other option is something like what’s happening in South Africa.

I would be interested in your thoughts about the government’s management of money supply and interest rates.

I used to be a hard money guy. Then I was convinced that the cyclicality was an unmanageable problem so I drifted into the basket of commodities arguments. Base money on energy, for example. Reading James Rickards, I’m in the camp that thinks credit money is a strange new thing that no one really understands and no one knows how to restrain. People like to say there is nothing new under the sun, but credit money appears to be a new thing.

It will not end well, I suspect.

Anyway – was curious if you’ve read any books from Ted Kaczynski? Primarily “Technology Slavery” (which included his 30,000 word manifesto) and his most recent one from last year called “Anti-Tech Revolution.”

I’ve skimmed his manifesto. I recommend it. Look. The guy was crazy, but he was also a genius and he had some brilliant observations.

What has your development arc looked like, as a writer? That is:

  • – Education as an essayist
  • – Style guides you favor
  • – Tools you use
  • – Professional experience you care to discuss

I have no formal training in writing. I went to Catholic schools so keeping it simple was beaten into my head. I like plain language. If you look back at this blog, I was terrible at first. I was doing the cut, paste and comment act. I hated it so I started writing short essays each day, mostly to get better at writing. I figured that was a good way to combine some fun with self-improvement.

The only reference I use is google and Strunk & White. The Grammarist is also useful. I’m not a strict constructionist when it comes to grammar. I know the arguments, but I think writing should flow. Strict adherence to grammar often impedes that flow. Ideally, a good essay reads like a song. At least that’s why I like.

Why do you keep confusing math with science?

I have ten e-mails with some version of this so I picked the shortest. I think I stumbled onto a sub-cult that is new to me. Derb used to talk about how ID’ers would play all sorts of word games in their efforts to subvert science they did not like, namely evolution. I suspect there is a connection so when time permits I will explore this a bit more and post about it.

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Man. Nobody has an answer to that question.


Hah, not getting the Boomer cultural reference. You really are Gen X. Good guess, though.
“Any discussion of Barbara Walters’ trademark primetime interview specials inevitably winds back to the famous question: “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?'”


Not related to that, but she boinked Sen. Ed Brooks. Google it.


Iceland has taken off as a vacation stop for quite a few peole now. I guess Europe is so 20th century, maybe Reagan got it started.
If you would have asked me 30years ago about it I would have thoght it was the same as Greenland and only for scientific research stations.


AMA?, TRS?, “are traps gay”?, Mike Enoch?
I need a glossary.

Re: JQ how do you see this examinating of role in America continuing? In many countries, most Jews now vote for the right and support restricting immigration, nationalist (France, Canada, UK, Australia for e.g.). American Jews seems to be slowly turning to this. There are the appointed mouthpieces that claim to speak for community, but many Orthodox, less religious immigrants (French Jews, Jews from Spanish speaking countries like Venezuela Argentina Mexico) in secondary cities are all Trump voters and support MAGA. I fall into second camp and wonder if we will see a schism with the “culturally Jewish” NYC types… Read more »
First, when I try to cut-and-paste, I get a red alert telling me that the “content is protected.” Any clue what that means? It’s certainly easier to comment if you can include at the head of the comment the OP text you’re referring to. Anyway, I was puzzled by that weird “sidereal squat” reference when I read it in the post asking for questions. The link you give is irrelevant, as the words “sidereal” and “squat” don’t appear together. And, of course, the word “sidereal” is just an esoteric adjective meaning “pertaining to stars”, from the Latin word sidus, sideris,… Read more »

So I guess it’s too late to ask if you’ve ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?


Pick your own cotton.

Can you expound? I don’t exactly understand the question or the answer.

Charles Bailey

I think he means if we picked our own cotton, the the negros would not have been brought here from africa, and therefore would not have all of the negro problems in the US


We also would have had a much different system. If Jefferson had been a plain simple farmer would he have been the Jefferson we know? No, he’d have been dog tired with no time for philosphizing.


“No, he’d have been dog tired with no time for philosphizing.”

Or Eric Hoffer

Din C. Nufin

“Pick your own cotton”. Loved it. Moses ran out of stationary before he got to “Thou shalt not coerce others”, unfortunately.


Btw, you did something to disable copying and pasting. Can you undo it?

Thank you for answering my question. Re: the Unabomber, he was heavily influenced by Jacques Ellul (especially his stuff on ‘technique’ and propaganda). Ellul was a lay theologian who wrote some interesting works on the meaning of the city and money. He was something of a political theologian without applying the term to himself. I read a bio of Kaczynski and he cross-dressed as well (serendipity with your “trap” question there). He claimed sexual deprivation was his reason for wearing pantyhose. Like notorious poverty row filmmaker Ed Wood, cross-dressing was his weird way of wanting to be closer to women… Read more »

I knew it!


I knew Zman was yanking my string.
We libertarian types must’ve had past lives as Methodist hellfire preachers.

Let the bitchslapping continue until morale improves!

(I asked the NAP question- Non Aggression Principle- lordy yes we do need a glossary)


My favorite quote about pizza is by John Goodman from the movie Fallen: “Pizza is the staff of life. Why without pizza and other fine Italian foods life wouldn’t be worth living.”


“…most of it is sensible.”

Thanks for that, nationalist commie utopian.

P.S. Maybe the TWP is basically the product of a conspiracy to trap shallow white nationalists who are too sympathetic to communism for their own good. Maybe the TWP is a honey pot, even if the people whose hands are holding the pot are themselves just useful, suggestible idiots.

Unless you were born after ’81 the famous tree question is during your time: Walters was widely lampooned for asking actress Katharine Hepburn, “If you were a tree, what kind would you be?” On her last 20/20 television episode, Walters showed video of the Hepburn interview, showing the actress saying that she would like to be a tree. Walters merely followed up with the question, “What kind of a tree?”,[39][49] and Hepburn responded “an oak” because they are strong and pretty. She’d been the butt of jokes for years before that. Gilda Radner during her SNL days mocked ”Baba… Read more »

Are traps gay? Most, but not all. See:
If you think I’m slandering Rudy, ask the President about that:


I’d suggest FL or TX. Mild winters and an instant tax cut (no state income tax). No more being taxed out the wazoo to pay for Lagos, MD.