The Neocon Cries Out…

Neocon Youth League leader Noah Rothman unleashed a screed the other day, calling for war upon the people he describes as “outnumbered losers.” These are people the rest of us know as Americans. For the increasingly shrill and deranged neocon cult, anyone clinging to the outmoded concept of citizenship is a useless loser. The post itself was mostly boiler plate cosmopolitan globalism, but his tweet promoting it made it sound like he wanted to genocide the white population of America. Here’s the tweet.

As Steve Sailer pointed out, this sounds like a call to marginalize the tens of millions of Americans that hold opinions Rothman does not like. It has that “through any means necessary” smell to it you see with radicalized crazies. When this was pointed out, Rothman did what these guys always do when they face resistance, which is play the victim card. It’s the same cry-bully act the cat ladies employ. They always start talking about the backlash, after they have aggressively applied the front lash.

As I pointed out the other day, these people are playing with fire. What a Rebecca Klein is doing is creating people with no choice but to become a guerrilla, at war with the system that dispossessed them. What Rothman is proposing to do is de-legitimize wide swaths of political opinion, and thereby exclude the people who favor those opinions. He’s proposing to make half the country enemies of the faith. That’s how you end up in a world of car bombs and targeted assassinations. That’s not a world for soft men like Rothman.

This is something I’ve noticed about all radicals. It is those in the greatest need of protection by the system, who are the most inclined to abuse the system, by turning it into an instrument of terror. Using the media to have political opponents driven from their positions is sort of thuggery we associate with autocrats. Internal exile, where someone is allowed to live in their community, but is shunned out of fear of association, was a feature of Russian totalitarianism. Authoritarians always enjoy the support of the weak.

In the case of the neocons, there is also what appears to be a genetic predisposition to duplicity. The whole project was kicked off by men who were dishonest even by the standards of communism. Run off by the Left, they connived their way into Buckley Conservatism, passing themselves off as a newfangled form of cosmopolitan conservative. Now that the Right has finally figured out it was a con, and they are in need of a new host, these people are retooling their scam as classical liberals.

Maybe it is just monkey see, monkey do, but there really does appear to be a level of coordination on this front. Ben Shapiro is fond of passing himself off as a classical liberal, all but claiming direct ancestry to the Founders. Jonah Goldberg likes wearing the beard of classical liberalism. As we saw when they infiltrated mainstream conservatism, the neocon project begins with subtly undermining and co-opting the host. They are now hard at work redefining classical liberalism to be multiculturalism with a tricorn hat.


Before anyone starts howling about antisemitism, liberal Jews in America have always been astonishingly honest in their political dealings. Bernie Sanders, for all is faults, is not trying to fool anyone about who he is and what he advocates. At the same time, Jews in paleo-conservatism have been the most strident in opposing the neocons. What we’re talking about is a weird Jewish sect with roots in the old Russian Empire. I’ll note that Noah Rothman was a Russian Studies major and often wakes to the sound of hoofbeats.

Paul Gottfried appears to be right that this eternal hostility to the host is a peculiar feature of some Eastern European Jews.This talk he gave at the Property and Freedom conference on the subject is worth the time. I would add that it appears that these people have developed an identity that is negative. It is based on having an eternal enemy against whom they wage a holy war. The Soviets filled that role for a long time. Then it was the Muslim radicals for a while and now it is the population of their host nation.

Another element of this is the suicidal instincts of the neocons. In many respects, they resemble the twelver cults, in that they believe they must live their lives in order to bring about then end times. You get the sense they are itching for a confrontation with Russia, because they are hoping for nuclear war. Similarly, the agitation and provocation we see in the Rothman column suggests they are trying to conjure an antisemitic backlash. In the absence of hoofbeats and shattering glass, they are without purpose and identity.

Lucky for them and for us, antisemitism has never been part of the American culture. In fact, most white people find it ugly and vulgar. That’s not likely to change, no matter how many people read Kevin McDonald’s books. Instead, contra Rothman, it is the neocons who are being overwhelmed and neutralized by a rising tide of demographic realism and economic nationalism. Cosmopolitan globalism has been tried and found wanting by the vast majority of Western men and is slowly being yanked out by the root.

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  1. This one of the most fascinating interviews you will ever listen to, long but worth every minute of it, highly credible between a Traditional Catholic and a assimilated jew and will give you a whole new perspective on WWII:

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  3. Talkin’ to the trash only gives them another venue to spew their stench.
    Pearls before swine.

  4. Evidence of demon spawn of the Soviet Travelers from the 50’s and 60’s still reproduce. They are the only true social disease. You all know there is only one effective cure. This disease has gone untouched far too long. As for Noah, a good long and serious ass whoopin’ can only help to extricate his underused head from his arse.

  5. Like a good little whitey must first present the caveat having dated plenty of jewish women and my best friend was Jewish as well. R.I.P

    However . . . . . It’s getting harder everyday to ignore the negative influence Jewish people have on White America.

    Something simple as watching Jewish neighborhoods become abandoned and then filled in with blacks. The media’s war on a sitting president that white America voted for. Hollywood’s relentless promotion of the blacks and the bad whitey.

    Sure, there’s good blacks , good Puerto Ricans, good muslims. But when there’s a high concentrations of these people and the white person is the minority it never ends ends up well for whitey does it ?

    We’ve have bent over backwards and sacrificed way too much in the name of so-called diversity. Enough is enough.

    • I’ve known a few fine Jewish gentlemen, but Jewish women???

      A bridge too far.
      Too, too, far, man.
      I’ll bet you like the taste of rat poison sandwiches, as well.

      • And strike us he did!
        Our National Guard- home defense!- wasted, exhausted, and wounded in a far-away shithole, and now the locusts pour in.

        Another odd thing- we went to Afghanistan, and now have an opioid problem. Funny, ain’t it?

  6. Personally I appreciate you for writing this dandy. One of your finest pieces Zman.
    Neo-bolsheviks, a faction of the Human Extinction Movement, looking for American Kulak’s to Kulak.
    I’m shaking in my boots.
    What they fail to grasp is us dirt people are the only people who ever effect positive change in this world.
    And this time around as history is closing in on completing its circular orbit, us Kulaks have guns.
    Lots of guns.
    And cold anger.
    And we are dirt people who are born into Liberty.
    And not a few of us are fucking fed up with this bullshit.

  7. I’m not so sure about that immunity from antisemitic sentiments…at least as that term is defined by the ADL. There is definitely a common ethnicity among those who have been successfully destroying our culture and government for 60 years. The fact that about 20% of Jews are on our side (I don’t include ben shapiro) doesn’t change the overall outlook, which is that a parasitic group has been gnawing its way through western civilization.

  8. At the end of the day these “neo cons” will still be here spreading poison,
    slowly chipping away at the underpinnings of western civilization. subverting and perverting never stopping. As you pointed out that is what they do. even if you think you have removed every trace they will still be there small cancerous cells that will grow into fatal tumors.
    because white people are afraid to be anti Semitic. their lies have indeed been effective.

  9. “Lucky for them and for us, antisemitism has never been part of the American culture. In fact, most white people find it ugly and vulgar. That’s not likely to change, no matter how many people read Kevin McDonald’s books. ”
    But the more people read McDonald’s books, their attitude on Jews SHOULD change. The idea that you should value your own race first is something every race does, except for the White race. And when you finally become a racial realist, counter-Semitism comes naturally, as countering any outside racial threat, which is EVERY one.

    • Thanks for bringing ‘Counter-semitism’ to the table. We’re not “anti-semitic” as the left defines it, we just want the radicals to stop their BAMN war on normal humanity.

  10. Shoot. Forgot to mention that every postwar dictator in Eastern Europe was *guess*, except for Tito.
    Soon as he died, somebody called on their old allies and went for the resource/land grab.

    The Albanian Muslim Mafia was refreshed with 4500 Afghan mujahideen brought in by Gen. Clark to create an opium pipeline to Europe, so we started bombing Christian Serbs. Thanks, Hillary and Mad!
    Hillary and Trump have something in common, at least: son-in-laws. So predictable.

  11. Rothman is a Soros agent. He’s following orders. A covert war is being waged by the Left using shadow agents and provocateurs to incite animosity and social conflict. The goal is to weaken the USA in spirit and civic trust. They are upping their game now because Trump is winning.

  12. I disagree, and I think both Sailer and yourself are missing the obvious — the will to power. I don’t think convoluted explanations of genetically based sets of biases and fears explain the behavior of people like Rothman or Jill Abramson, as much as naked Will to Power. Nietsche’s one great contribution to human understanding was to look beyond self justifying moralism to naked motivations of getting or grabbing more power.

    This link from Infowars (yes I know) has Julian Assange of Wikileaks predicting that half the Democratic challengers in Congressional elections in the coming Blue Wave (maybe) are from the CIA, NSC, etc: link here.

    What we are seeing IMHO is the extraordinary expansion of the Administrative State married quite literally to political machines (the Clintons were the first since the Kennedys to successfully exploit this with a vast patronage network of Podestas and McAuliffes and Gillibrands ) coupled with a religion that amounts to worshiping Blacks and Gays (explaining Hillary’s defeat by the superdelegates to Obama in 2008) and super-charged by feminism itself fed by female-driven mass consumerism and advertising in support of that spending.

    Rothman sees quite clearly the threat that Trump and the Deplorables pose to the Administrative State married to various NGO types, functionaries in Oligarchic corporations, etc. THEY, Jews and Gentiles alike, have benefited greatly. [And if you read the Financial Times you can read stuff just like it from Wolfgang Munchau, or Lionel Barber or Gilian Tett] This is about power, the desire of the Hillary types to crush the interior Deplorables and take all their money and possessions as they rule over a Global feudal state. If you imagine a nobility not based on warriors and those who fight but those who marry Government Administrators wielding vast power in dynastic ways you are not far off.

    Indeed this explains the otherwise puzzling. Wealthy or power-holding Jews explicitly advocate for people and positions that are anti-Semitic: Louis Farrakhan and pal Obama, Ken Livingston, and Jeremy Corbyn are good examples as are more Muslims for Western nations, more Africans, etc. That is bad for Jews generally, but good for power elites as they have an army to crush the Deplorables who are free yeoman not wanting to be made into semi-slaves.

    Also, Rothman seems to have been dropped on his head. The most wise course for the power holding and their court scribes is a patient outlasting of the Revolt of the Deplorables and consolidation of Administrative State power outside of public scrutiny. It is true that the Administrative State can stage its own Tianmen Square Massacre (see the naked admiration of China by the power elite) but making Whitey poor just guarantees in a nation big like the US not small like Germany or the UK, a series of car bombs and targeted assassinations of various soft targets alongside the military fracturing and fighting itself. In short the Russian Civil War with a much larger pool of those willing to fight as they actually own property and can see the best case scenario as being sleeping on a park bench or heating grate for the rest of their short lives.

    Its not as though White Americans don’t have a 400 year history of being able to beat even the most savage, gifted, determined, ruthless, and talented warriors any society ever produced.

    • Also, the power-hungry groups you named above seriously desire are the trappings of our Anglo-Saxon founders: think Ralph Lauren. He was copying the Jewish tailors in New Haven and Cambridge like Rosenberg and J. Press. The big problem these folks have is that no one wants to BE them, to ‘copy’ them in certain important lifestyle aspects. Lauren’s son married a Bush granddaughter, for Pete’s sake! They ultimately have to follow us, whether it’s to Yale or Harvard, the NY Yacht Club, or to marry the blondest shiksa on the planet (thinking of Tiger Woods or OJ Simpson here). We WASPs, dumb to outside annoyances as we often are, ARE the gold standard. Nothing else is as satisfying. And yes, our people still enlist in the military and it is this institution which the others abjure mostly, that is key to the whole operation. Being a pair of double-income bureaucratic schlubs living in Bethesda is really not that much fun if you don’t have the WASP frippery (private schools, debutante parties?) to go with it.

    • I think that ‘will to power’ is an inheritable trait in a large fraction, much as empathy is in hajnals. Excellent post, btw.

  13. The USSR “wars of national liberation” became the State Department’s “spreading democracy”.

    One Gang to rule them all, one Gang to bind them. An ethnic poltical mafia that does it’s business above and across borders.

    I see it as a Tier One virtual Belt, using prole footsoldiers and public/private orgs.
    Covert ‘biznis’ is far outside conventional consumer capitalism, so Kapitalism is a better descriptor.

    The good news is that it is becoming increasingly visible, and predictable.

    The bad news is a long quote by Uncle Dolphie- he came to find prejudice against such good neighbors, based solely on their religion, abhorrent. Then he moved east and met their brothers. Those brothers’ dreams of prophecy gave us the 20th Century and today.

    The instinct is baked into the cake- the combined genetic traits of paranoia, aggression, and neuroses are identified in Heartiste’s “ashkepathy” article.

    Much as empathy has become an inheritable trait in hajnals (whites), I see such traits as having their origin in traumatic evolution.
    This makes that subset of the Semitic population predictable; one can trace a very long history of “riding the tiger”.

    Predictable, but implacable. And deucedly effective. The pattern has been a rollercoaster ride to new heights, followed by a severe collapse with millions dead.

    Perhaps our awareness of others’ proclivities can be muted into something softer, like the eternal “war between the sexes”, or strong national borders between competing peoples.

    This curious monkey is grateful for the knowledge, and terrified of the present trends.

    Let us hope that Zman’s optimism wins this day. If I can see it, then maybe anyone can.

  14. Our host might note that “cosmopolitan globalism” (huuh?) has also been “found wanting” amongst the Joooos; beyond that Paleo fringe of Prof’s. Gottleib and Weissberg, et. al. Mr. Roissy over at Chateau Heartiste —whom we all know to be a deluded apologist for Joooo crimes— posted an apparently kosher (so to speak) stat indicating that 58% of cis-hetero, male-self-identifying, married Joooos voted for Trump. Like Wow!

    • Cis-hetero males knew who was looking out for them. And who was not (the non-cis, non-hetero, non-male).

        • Of exactly which Upper Case initial S “Split” do you speak, Big Al, and why the all caps “MUST”?

          • As Zman pointed out the other day, between western Jewish normies, and their eastern radical brothers, who are trying their damnedest to get all Jews killed (that, or rule the world).

  15. “Mistake theory” versus “conflict theory” could have some input on this stuff. One capsule definition of “mistake theory” is that adherents cast themselves as the smart, good, capable ones, and people that disagree with them on policy, politics, or social issues are cast as wrong, stupid, and evil (they are “mistaken”, hence the name of the theory?). The underlying idea is that throwing smart thinking at problems yields positive results. It is the “moral” or “enlightenment” way of things. In our culture, it has now devolved to name calling and virtue signaling.

    “Conflict theory” seems to dispense with any moral argument, and adherents simply decide what the best thing to do might be, with the understanding that people stake out positions and arguments for themselves based on economic or social self-interest. It is a Marxist argument. Adherents to conflict theory dispense with any idea of grand progress, and treat issues as zero-sum games in which the winner takes the most from the battle at hand.

    So Trump the conflict theory adherent operates in a world where the Left and the neocons operate under a particularly odious form of mistake theory. That just might be why such big segments of our society are completely talking past each other.

    American Jews seem to typically live under mistake theory and posture accordingly, while Israeli Jews and Eastern European Jews appear to mostly operate under conflict theory. Hardship seems to send people over to the conflict theory side, while plenty and personal safety encourages adherence to the mistake theory side.

    Interestingly, the two theories do not operate in isolation from each other. For all the moral posturing of American Jews and neocons, they do seem to understand that there is a zero-sum game afoot, and they want to maximize their share of the booty under conflict theory rules. They just don’t want to be caught doing so. The moral veneer of mistake theory gives the weak some extra juice in the fight, but creates the weird passive-aggressive environment we are living in. Mistake theory adherents try to argue and shame their way to a win without getting punched in the nose. Ironically, they often fight by isolating and swarming their enemies, which is an amoral and conflict driven strategy.

    I am sure others will blast apart my simpleton capsule definitions. People who study this stuff for real seem to get way deep in the weeds. But there seems something to it, even if I am bastardizing the arguments.

    • No mistake, you’re describing the strategies used by someone within who is outnumbered and outgunned, yet still determined to win. They must use tactics that an established army won’t recognise.

      Camouflage works.
      Getting somebody else killed works.
      Lying works. The liar in an honest society is king, especially if he believes he’s right.

      Ambition must cover it’s crimes, so it blames it’s oppostion for what it has done, and steals the credit for their good works.

      The next generation doesn’t know they were lied to, so their values are based on the distortion. They end up defending evil and attacking good. “How dare you attack that good man! You must be evil yourself!”

      Nobody fights for evil. Evil’s power comes from convincing people they are on the right side, fighting for good. Something to fight for! Something with meaning!

      This is why the do-gooders are implacable.
      They won’t rest, they won’t stop.
      They believe their own lies, because they don’t know it to be a lie. The past must be rewritten.
      BAMN- BY any means necessary, to defeat the crazy badthinkers who hurt us before and will do it again.

      “Mistake theory”- the world as we think it should be, distorted by beliefs in what was originally a lie,
      vs “conflict theory”, what can we gain in the real world as it is

      I don’t really see anyone as evil, just marching to the sound of different drummers.

  16. I cannot stress enough that neocon interest in Russia is not genuine. There are myriad connections between Putin Oligarchs and the American neocon self-styled elite. They are no more serious about invading Russia than they are about being classical liberals. Russia is an Israeli ally, recently going so far as to affirm it would fight with Israel should they come into conflict with Iran.

    Neoconservatism above all else hates the white middle and working class American. They agitate about Russia with the sole purpose of discrediting Trump, an avatar of white hope.

  17. By 1750 80% of the worlds Jews lived in Poland, which commonwealth included Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. Not sure why Jews spend all their hatred on Russia. The first contact with a little honest history of the times will reveal why anti-Semitism is not some mysterious virus, why Poles mistrusted and disliked Jews, and Ukrainians came to despise them. I also wonder if the styles and methods of Jewish influence over the last two centuries would be very different if this concentrated gathering, and exodus, of Jews had not occurred.

    • This reminds me of the great (recurring) Jewish civil war in the Israel of Good King Jesus’ time.

      He was trying to mediate between the urban, Greek-speaking Jews, corrupt and comfortable with Roman wealth, and their rural Hebrew-speaking kin, who wanted an Arafat-style war to ‘take back their land’.

  18. retooling their scam as classical liberals.

    Patrick Deneen observed that [classical] Liberalism is a system which scorns the past’s traditions and morality and often ancestry, too. To Deneen, it’s a “live-for-today” economic system, too–meaning that the next generations will have to fend for themselves. “Oh well, too bad, we ate it all up.”


    • So, what you’re saying is that this Patrick Deneen fellow watched a lot of Sargon of Akkad videos?

  19. Jews have the same problem that Muslims do. They are both tribal religions/peoples so no matter how crazy and radical your cousin is, you are honor bound to shelter and protect him from the outside population. That is why Muslims will never be able to purge their radicals and neither will the Jews.
    As someone who is part of neither tribe my attitude can be summed up as…”Fine, get the hell out of my tribe’s territory and take your neocons and car bombers with you.”

    • Jewish clannishness is a bit different than Arab clannishness. In the latter case, Mohamed going into the next village and causing trouble results in his clan coming to his aid, against punishment from outsiders. Even if it causes trouble for the clan, they will defend Mohamed against outsiders.

      In the former, if Hymie goes into the next village can causes trouble, he may find himself on his own. If protecting Hymie is bad for Jews, well, Hymie is on his own. Like the Amish, Jews have never been shy about boiling off the members who prove themselves liabilities. This sort of selection recursively makes the population more concentrated. In the case of Jews, it most likely led to high IQ.

      • Even now and then, Mister Z, I awake with a start from mistakenly thinking you’re quite a smart guy. The “Hymies”, ehh? Do they still mostly live in Hymietown?

      • You’ve identified the weak point (and clarified the split, since #NotAllJews.)

        I find I cannot discriminate, it’s just not in me. No matter which group.

        This can be- is- a ‘weakness’.
        So how to counter it?

        Jews have been part of civilization, and the West, since the Bronze age. Heck, their Book, adopted by Rome and added to by Greeks, helped build the West.

        Witness Weinstein. Trotsky. The BDS movement. Jews have been warring with each other since the Golden Calf.

        Can they be neutralized?
        Can we use the Alinsky spotlight to strip away the mask, following up with ‘divide and conquer’ of the ruling class?

        Saxon Protestants were proxies, formed to supplement, then replace the withering NearEast Muslims.

        We killed the Papists for their Geneva banksters, the Scots-Irish for King Cotton, then the Indians for their merchants and land agents.
        We killed our Europe and gave them half.

        Can we kill or quell our Master Race?

        We, their conquistadors, need to be replaced. Since we outgun them, they will kill us with poison. Your food. Your medicine. Your message signals- see Rothman above.

        (Note: over-aggressive vaccination, already appearing as autistic spectrum disorders, exasperated by ‘psych’ over-medication, has a little secret.
        Our overlord directors at the CDC and NIH, legendary for their corruption, forgot one little thing.

        No vaccines are screened for cancer-causing compounds.

        Adulteration may be another matter, or a cover. We and our kids might be doomed. Pediatric cancer wards- what the hell?

        Somebody noticed Salk’s infected rhesus monkeys, and maybe had an idea. The non-whites sharing our medical systems have plenty of replacements waiting. And (((Merck))) controls the US vaccine market.)

        • The first Indian die-off was due to our infectuous diseases between 1500-1600, the first century after contact. 90% population loss in both North and South America. Not deliberate.

          The second die-off were the Indian Wars from 1870 to 1906. From 2.8 million to 280,000, another 90% loss of the American Native population.

          Guess who dominated the merchant outpost network and Eastern banking land agent scouts in the Territories. Yes, the same monied interests who made war on Mexico because it had banned their slavery industry, preventing the re-spread into the very same Spanish Empire where their Andalusian merchants first introduced it.

          Once captured, our Army and Navy went on to grab more pieces- such as the Carribean and Central America, and the Philipines.

          The Philipines were essential to controlling the Pakistan Raj’s market, HSBC opium in Asia. Since grandpa Delano was the original shipper during the Opium Wars, Teddy’s nephew, Franklin, went on to fight Japanese interdiction of Chang Kai-shek’s Chinese National Air Corps shipments. The people FDR had brought in from Moscow cooperated with Stalin to set Mao up to grab and expand local production of that market. The Cold War was a turf war.

          We know what Morganthau, Baruch, Trotsky, Warburg, Rothschild, and Kalergi had planned for Europe. We’re seeing it now.

          Our State Dept was captured, giving us Arabist oil, CIA/MI6 East India Companies (same owners as the British and brutal Dutch Companies), and the global framework of BIS banks, the UN, and Bretton Woods trade. Our shuttered defense industries were bought up by successful Prohibition gangs, such as the Krinskys buying Grumann.

          The you-know-who sayanim network was at the heart of all this, cultivating their shabbos agents like Clement Atlee, the Dulles brothers, LBJ, Pappy Bush and Georgy Soros, the Clinton Foundation, Blair, Sarkozy, with Goldman-Sachs selling Greek bonds and the Euro.

          Forgive the oversketch, but this stuff goes on back to Old Babylon and First Dynasty Egypt. What an impossibly deep bench.

          Sometimes I marvel, sometimes I despair.
          All these threads may be lost yet again, as the Herders and Cullers once more bring a Tribulation. They will call it a Jubilee.

          • The first massive Indian die off occurred before Columbus got lost on his way to China.

          • Didn’t know that, but several would be likely, with their thin DNA and repeated waves of immigration.

            Columbus had a Chinese map to Cuba, complete with latitude tables. A Zheng Ho map from 70 years before, smuggled out by the Chinese ambassador before it was burned along with other records by the new emperor in another Year Zero.

            That map is why Ferdinand and Isabella sent out bids for explorers.

            From 1500 on the sailing nations tried to plant colonies, but their wizened, underfed stock were repulsed or kicked back out by the healthy, well fed Indians with their varied diet.
            By 1600, Squanto led the Mayflower to his deserted village, because everyone there was dead. Diaries from 1604 report skeletons everywhere, as far as one could travel.

          • Ahh, those noble savages! So we forestalled the Mexican narco state by 150 years. That’s a pretty good roi. We were a little too zealous with Japan and Germany though. We weakened them enough that lingering deaths stretched out nearly a century.

      • If the latter were true the ADL wouldn’t be with us. Their entire history is built upon eulogies for the worst of our people.

      • Whenever he’s called out for shilling for the kikes Z’s response is to double and treble down on the kosher shilling. “OH MUSLIMS SUCK, I’LL GIVE YOU THAT, BUT THE JEWS ARE DIFFERENT, YOU CAN’T PAINT THEM WITH A BROAD BRUSH WHAT ARE YOU AN ANTI-SEMITE”? 😂😂😂

      • Whenever he’s called out for shilling for the Jews Z’s response is to double and treble down on the kosher shilling. “OH MUSLIMS SUCK, I’LL GIVE YOU THAT, BUT THE JEWS ARE DIFFERENT, YOU CAN’T PAINT THEM WITH A BROAD BRUSH WHAT ARE YOU AN ANTI-SEMITE”? 😂

        • If they don’t reign in their radical minority, they’ll be enslaved along with the rest of us. They’ve been as trapped in the Lie as we have.

  20. “Populism” is when people Noah doesn’t like participate in the democratic process. “Fascism” is when people Noah doesn’t like participate in the process, and win.

  21. marginalize the tens of millions of Americans that hold opinions Rothman does not like. It has that “through any means necessary” smell to it you see with radicalized crazies. When this was pointed out

    I hate the word ‘marginalize’ because it’s constantly used by SJWs and academics to express their imagined victimization..

    • I like using the language of the left against them. Next opportunity, tell a lefty that he is trying to impose his values on others. Watch him bug out.

      • Brilliant. Let’s start a compendium of ready-made phrases. Watch the sh*t fly as they eat their own dish of pure Alinsky.

        • “public safety”
          In the interest of public safety, firearms training for 8th through 12th grade students is now mandatory.

          why don’t you come to the range on Saturday, it’s non denominational.

          Hey, a bunch of activists and I were going down to the Town office next week to protest that huge budget deficit; want to come along?

          I just love this new twin turbo bitchin Ford truck, it’s so eco-friendly.

          Whoa, look at the melons on her, that’s the sexist thing I’ve seen in a long time.

          “fair share”
          Hey, nice case of beer you got there, how about giving me my fair share?

          Got the trailer paid off and got a raise to $15 an hour; man do I feel rich.

      • We don’t want to “marginalize” these gun owners; they are after all 65% of the population or more.

      • I like to tell them they are “robbing me of my agency as a minority (woman) with disabilities, and that I feel unpersoned.”

        They started it, lol.

  22. “Populism divides by class, race, and gender. It identifies victims and aggressors”. Exhaled a mouthful of coffee through my sinuses on that one. Living in a place where post modernism + identity politics + intersectionality has nearly divided everybody into aggrieved groups approaching one member each.

  23. Again, the Zman shills for Jews because he met some cool ones at AmRen.
    Okay. There are some “good” Jews?
    So what?
    There are also some “good” Muslims.
    That does not mean we should trust them or welcome them among us.
    1) They are still a different tribe & people from White Americans, with different interests. So will always be working at cross-purposes to us occasionally.
    2) The “bad” ones use the “good” ones as cover. And the “good” ones willingly provide that cover because ultimately identity > ideology.
    You can complicate it with categories & distinctions all you want.
    But history shows that Jews always subvert & betray Western nations. Period.
    Having Jewish friends who are solid mensches does not change that fact.
    Whatever white people ultimately decide to do about the Jewish issue, we should at least do it with an honest appraisal of the facts.

  24. “Lucky for them and for us, antisemitism has never been part of the American culture. In fact, most white people find it ugly and vulgar.“

    Just like most white people would also find your open anti-black and anti-Hispanic racism just as ugly and vulgar. So what? Is this an argument now?

    Let’s get this straight: are you a Jew yourself or just a shabbos-goy? I ask it unironically and in good faith.

    • We’re going to pogrom you last, ’cause you are our favorite whiny hebe 🙂 You have that going for you…

  25. Zman provides links in his articles which I find valuable and educating. Your work mining the wheat from the chaff, is appreciated. Thanks

  26. “As I pointed out the other day, these people are playing with fire. What a Rebecca Klein is doing is creating people with no choice but to become a guerrilla, at war with the system that dispossessed them.”

    Her problem is that she’s spent her life incubating in the college campus and its associated activism; the idea of shaming someone for some virtue points is part of life in a campus committee. She’d shut up with just the slightest of real life pushback. A lot of the problems facing us are part of an inability to society (and parents) to say “no” much earlier on.

    “Run off by the Left, they connived their way into Buckley Conservatism, passing themselves off as a newfangled form of cosmopolitan conservative.”

    I don’t really want to defend neo-conservatism but I wouldn’t say the migration to the right of the first generation was them being driven off as much as it is that they were the same as their modern counterparts you mention in the beginning of this post; they were soft, happy with their comforts and uninterested in the more radical direction that the left was heading in at the time. The thing about neo-conservatives is that for them most of life is about theory and talk; when someone further to the left doesn’t get this and wants actual action, it becomes alarming. If Rothman was ever to get in contact with someone who was serious about putting talk into action, he’d get scared.

    “What we’re talking about is a weird Jewish sect with roots in the old Russian Empire.”

    What we’re looking at is a generation of wannabe revolutionaries who are unmoored from any real need for revolution. Communism was garbage but you could make a serious argument that life in Russia in 1880 wasn’t a picnic for anyone who wasn’t nobility. What is the problem in America in 2018 though? Subway wifi isn’t strong enough?

    I think part of the problem is that college trains people for this these days. Imagine Rothman spouting this gibberish in a classroom and getting shot down by the professor and laughed out of the room instead of what probably happened – the professor encouraged him and the class sat there blankly hoping he’d finish so they could leave without any trouble.

    “In the absence of hoofbeats and shattering glass, they are without purpose and identity.”

    The problem is that they don’t live in the real world so they go into fomenting revolution. The lives of these activists is straight from school to the think tank or the bureaucracy. A couple of summers of hard work or a real job after college would have probably grounded them or at the very least force them to confront reality. Instead they hover inside the bubble eternally. (Social media doesn’t help either; I’ve never heard of any of the people you mentioned in this post before you mentioned them. They probably imagine themselves as world-changers, people who are being listened to when all they are doing is verbal masturbation online.)

    They also lack a religion to throw their energy into. Every activist claims to belong to some religion but its always a version of it that conforms to their activism. Rothman will scream to the high hills about being Jewish but I’d bet good money that it doesn’t go farther than Woody Allen movies (Seth Rogan movies for the new generation) and Chinese food on Christmas.

    “Cosmopolitan globalism has been tried and found wanting by the vast majority of Western men and is slowly being yanked out by the root.”

    I don’t think that globalism is going to go away completely; the elites like the spectacle and comfort of Davos; what is changing is the ability to turn their backs on the people back home. Coco Cola can make all the money it wants around the world but the people in charge have to remember that it is an American company and that means loyalty to America. If its bad for America and the American people, if it means money has to be left on the table then thats how its supposed to be. The elites seem to have forgotten this and they need a reminder.

    • Whenever Academics are mentioned, I frequently think of this anonymous saying:
      A well-fed man has many problems,
      A hungry man has one.

    • I’m a short, middle aged woman w/a bad heart, but if I ever met Noah Rothman in person and he started spouting nonsense like this, I’d take out a tube sock w/a bar of soap tied into the bottom of it, and beat the living hell out of him.

  27. Oh, I think anti-hebe feelings are rising here, especially in the young. Look how jews are being driven out of the campuses (or at least there is a massive effort to do so).

    • It should be noted that the anti-Jewish campus movement has nothing whatsoever to do with the right, but is rather the Jews being cooked by the left with their own old recipes.

  28. “Cosmopolitan globalism has been tried and found wanting by the vast majority of Western men and is slowly being yanked out by the root.”

    But to repeat one of your frequently used phrases, will this end well?

  29. He’s wrong. We’re still the somewhat “silent majority.” He’s simply flailing about the fact that the overton window has shifted enough that what we care to talk about is now becoming more acceptable. We’re winning. Mocking the left will be mainstream within 3 years. Pointing out the flaws of hyper credentialism will be public issue #1 very soon.

    • I forgot, pointing out the costs of hyper (((legalism))) will also be public issue #1 very soon.

  30. Mitochondria or spirochetes. I’d choose the first one since driving your host insane is not a good survival strategy.

    • Seems like driving your host insane, is in fact a reasonable survival strategy. Cat ladies get tosmoplasis (sp?) which begets more cats, which produces more toxmoplasis.

      • Yeah, but the toxoplamosis gambit fails every time in a society as opposed to an organism. There are always sufficiently smart, capable, and suspicious folks at the tails to stop it. Why not try the symbiosis gambit just once? Symbiotes don’t lose their identity. They do lose their ability to survive on their own. Is that a bad trade off when the alternative has been exile, slavery, persecution and extermination?

  31. Yes. There is a minority of Jewish men I have known over the years that seem to have a visceral hatred of western European males. I did not make the connection to Russia because the animosity was directed at us. This ever present contempt is certainly not shared by all. My wife and children are Jewish and believe me, they share no such feelings. Let’s make sure we place blame on those individuals who deserve it and not those on our side.

    • I think Gottfried hit on something by pointing at Eastern European Jews. The experience of Jews in the Russian empire was very different from Jews in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Perhaps 500 generations selected for something that manifests as endless hostility to majority populations.

      • Russia has historically been seen by the rest of Europe as something not here or there; European but also alien. Its not surprising that Jews there would have developed differently than in the rest of Europe.

        What I think is that we’d have an easier time looking at this if we saw men like Rothman as the last fumes of a failed religious burst. At the end of the 19th century foment in Russia drove a lot of movements; Jews tended to go into Leftism (either Communism or the Bund, depending on how alienated they were from other Jews), Assimilation, or Zionism. Communism (or maybe its more accurate to call it Revolutionary fervor since it seems to persist even absent actual Communism) failed but the fumes of it are still up in the air.

      • Thanks for the Gottfried clip. It really pulled together a lot of things I had read or heard here or there from Jewish friends or commentators.

      • Hey Z, you should launch a hashtag: #NotAllJews. If it becomes popular you could launch others subsequently like #NotAllMuslims, #NotAllHispanics, #NotAllBlacks, etc 😂

      • I know several very out-front fairly recent Jewish immigrants from the FSU and they tend to be ferociously pro-Trump; and not so very much less so, pro-Putin. But yes, amongst the non-Orthodox American Jewish community (the Hasidic precincts in Brooklyn all went overwhelmingly for the Rethugs), the ancestral fear and loathing of the cossacks somehow got transmogrified into the fear and loathing of the evangelicals…and maybe in the more rabid cases, of even the Episcopalians.

        • My Bishop (fyi that’s what Episcopalian means — leadership by bishops) sent out a notice recently that having the US embassy moved to Jerusalem was not a good idea, and that the Palestinians were suffering from Israeli incursions and being mean, etc.) It’s a way, I suppose that the church can be anti-semitic w/o directly saying so. I know that the Palestinians are actually more “Semitic” than most Jews in the U. S., but I also know that the Palestians also provide the Arabs in the area with a convenient political football. They have no intention of actually helping their people, but endlessly blame the Israelis for their unfortunate circumstances. Maybe Trump will be able to knock heads and end the endless B.S. amongst all these rascals.

          • The Palestinian “problem” provides almost 24/7 air cover for all sorts of anti-semitism in the salons here in NY.

          • Still? Stories aired by American and European Jewish media, too.
            Goddamit, everything with the anarchists is hyper-emotional, violence driven lies.
            Chaos all the time.

            (I won’t start in on the bullshit of the “Palestinians”. Fucktards.)

            They really are aliens.
            Now that we’re (((America))), just like the (((EU))), expect everything to go to (((Soviet))) shit.

      • Since the Biblical ‘wild men’ Semitics ended up isolated as Bedouins in the most remote, undesirable place in the desert- the Nejjd valley of the Arabian erg- perhaps the warmonger strain of their Levantine cousins were pushed to the Black Sea, watching and learning from the Mongol dictators they worked for.

        That Khazar thing- I think they were hiding, somewhat intermarried, and announced their true ancestry when they felt safe to do so. They had an actual slave empire further east in India, ruling openly as Jewish overlords, but it’s memory was lost in the Shia Moghul ruin that fractured India.

    • It’s just a minority of Blacks who commit crimes and a minority of Muslims who are terrorists too. I’m SURE you’re just as careful not to paint these groups with a broad brush either, aren’t you? 😂 😂😂

      • No, all blacks and all muslims are bad. Send them all back, including the hebes. Don’t need them, don’t want them.

  32. “Bernie Sanders, for all is faults, is not trying to fool anyone about who he is and what he advocates.”

    Too a degreee yes. But he pulls a great con job on his millenial supporters when he advocates socialism at its great form, but always fails to tell his sheep that when the time comes, they will live like peasants while he lives like a king since he is part of the ruling class.

    Bernie says he wants fairness and equality, again all part of the shell game and the liberal fairy tale. He’ll get to keep his 3 mansions and at the same time wants me to lose the extra $40 per pay check I am getting right now. Wealth redistribution for me and not for thee?????

    • True, but that’s not a lot different from from what white nationalists are doing when they claim national socialism is a winner. It’s bloodthirsty nonsense masquerading as empathy.

      • Totally agree! Everything looks great, but don’t worry about the very ultra fine print at the bottom of the page. Just sign on the dotted line!

  33. Noah Rothman scolds Redneckistan about the Firepower Gap. In simplest terms this will be another disappointment, like the BLM and Antifa “Wars” that were promised.

    I fully agree with your angle on a racial/dna factor in why certain Jewish populations keep pissing off their hosts. Possibly there’s a psychological part, too, similar to the Black fantasies of leadership and greatness.
    Both of these remind me of a guy or two I’ve known who on their third or fourth marriage lamented that they just couldn’t seem to get lucky. Trouble was the common denominator in each failed formula was them.

  34. The philosopher, John Gray wrote a book about the utopianism of the west after the end of the cold war. The right became utopian in the west and the wars for democracy in the tribal and sectarian middel east was based on this utopian “neo-cons”. Gray calls the western military for “armed missionaries” That utopianism is a destructive death cult is his title:”Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia”

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