The Death of the Alt-Right

I’m fond of saying, we learn more from failure than success. Anyone who has been fired from a job or had a career set back learns this lesson. In addition to learning what not to do, you learn something about yourself and your ability to handle adversity. Coming home without a job means re-evaluating everything about your life. Nothing focuses the mind quite like the thought of homelessness. On the other hand, once you get through it, you discover that you are more resilient and resourceful than you previously knew.

That’s something Richard Spencer and the people associated with him should keep in mind as they figure out where to go now. The story arc of the alt-right, at least this chapter, is coming to a close. The decision by GoDaddy to confiscate his domain, at the urging of a coven of black women, is the final insult. The symbolism of this was not lost on Spencer’s former allies. The always classy Jared Taylor mentioned it last week and Greg Johnson jumped on it as well. The alt-right is at rock bottom right now, without a lot of friends.

The good news for the alt-right is their basic message still resonates with their target audience, so they can have a second act. The fact is, the alt-right was always just a younger, more explicit iteration of paleoconservatism. Those old guys operated in a world that had always been more than 80% white, so they took that as a given. The younger generation is fully aware of current demographics and where it is heading. Otherwise, the foundation of paleoconservatism and the alt-right are the same – race realism.

That’s another bit of irony. The alt-right may be finished, but the reality of race and identity is blossoming. Everyday more and more people take note of what’s happening in the country and in the culture. The Left has done us a huge favor by making miscegenation their preferred method of selling product. Millions of middle-class white fathers have suddenly found it necessary to have the talk with their kids, particularly their teenage daughters. In the end, our best asset may be the triumphalism of our enemies.

That means the demise of the alt-right probably makes very little difference. Whatever aspirations Richard Spencer had for his movement, it never could get beyond being a pithy marketing label. Whether it was timing, the changing political landscape or his own shortcomings as an organizer, it never moved from internet aesthetic to a real world organization. The berserk black ladies, who got his domain seized, may have done us all a favor by killing off something that should have died after the 2016 election.

That does not mean the alt-right cannot come back, after a hiatus and refit. History is full of political movements that sputtered and coughed in the early going, only to emerge as a real force. Again, we learn more from failure than success. On the other hand, other organizations can learn from the failure of the alt-right and avoid making the same mistakes. The people behind Identity Evropa seemed to have gone to school on the failure of the alt-right. Sometimes, the best you can be is a warning for others.

As far as Spencer, his career is in a ditch at the moment. Everyone is lining up to kick him while he is down, which is unfortunate. Whatever his failings, it took a lot of courage to be the face of the alt-right. He is someone who has always had plenty of attractive options in his life. He could just as easily been a college professor or magazine writer. He did not have to make himself the face of an identity movement. Yeah, he has less to lose than a guy with a mortgage and a career, but he had better options too.

Fitzgerald wrote “There are no second acts in American lives” but he was completely wrong about that. America is the land of second and third acts. A man with talent and tenacity can overcome a lot of failures and wrong turns. Richard Spencer has a ton of talent and personal charisma. He is still young, so he has time to pick himself up, dust himself off and begin his second act. GoDaddy confiscating his intellectual property may have been a glessing. He’s now free to begin creating something new.

That’s the thing people need to come to terms with in this age of upheaval. These movements that spring up are just pieces on the game board. The great battle is between the old thinking of egalitarianism and the new thinking of biological realism. The movements that spring from these two tectonic forces are temporary manifestations. A group like Black Lives Matter will have a run and then implode. The alt-right has had its run and has dissolved. Something new will replace it and new people will lead it.

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  1. If the Alt-Right is indeed dead, it’s only insofar as it served its purpose and paved the way for the next phenomenon to come.

    It effectively kneecapped the two traditional outlets for White discontent: mainstream conservatism on the one and, libertarianism on the other.

    Since White discontent is only going to grow, and those two outlets have been shown for the dead ends that they are, it raises the question of what new outlet will that White discontent forge for itself?

  2. I don’t spend much time being a keyboard warrior, I just find it a waste of time. However, the Richard Spencer/Alt Right pile on got my attention. I have listened to many of Richards presentations and have always been impressed. The group of young men he has around him are smart and they are very capable of getting the message out. I have nothing against the Zman/Jared Taylor or any of the more genteel pro white activists, and I never spend a moment of my time publicly putting them down. If I had any useful input I would keep it private!
    I have seen communist after communist get hysterical at the mention of Richard Spencer’s Alt Right that should make all of us pause and think for a moment.
    The Alt Right is seen by the reds as a real threat, or should I say their message is the threat. I don’t see that hysterical reaction to others on the Dissent/Paelo right, those are the facts. Now I would guess that over half the people putting down Richard Spencer and team are paid trolls, but to those who are not- stay focused on the opposition. Soon the Afrikaner’s are going to be murdered what are we going to do about that? Clearly we need a web hosting service that supports free speech. Who is up for a limited partnership? Is there anyone who can provide the tech skills for web hosting? What are the startup costs? Let’s get this going instead of talking amongst ourselves, the SPLC/FBI just use these forums for spying, we need our own, locked down.

  3. The Western Party. We’re the Originals. We’re Americans, and so are you! Join now! Or be left.

  4. I am a 70 year old white conservative man. I was a far-right wing conservative way before most of you were born. I was reading about this commie take-over back in the 1970’s, when it was just a forecast of the future. I thought I would die before it would happen, but now it is happening. Pretty much like it was foretold some 50 years ago.

    I kinda felt a closeness to the “Alt-Right”, never knew there was a leader. I thought it was just a loose group of patriots who shared similar beliefs. But to defend myself of being stupid, I keep my head down but read and study everything that is going on. I thought most of “us” did the same. I knew once anyone formed a “group”, the commies would infiltrate. FBI Commies? You bet. They are everywhere. But fortunately most of the commies that we interface with are no more than tattle-tales. They are easily taken down. The true commies who are running the show and are now called the Deep State are the true enemy. They all need to be killed. But it isn’t going to be done by any organization. It will most likely be accomplished by lone wolves. And some may be current military led by the administration.
    Actually, the leaders of all this coup BS and attempted take-over of our way of life and government are the globalist elite. They are the ones who have most of the wealth of the world. Probably sitting at the top of that shit pile is the Rothschild family. And it has been estimated there are only something like 4000 to 8000 of these ultra-rich globalist elite who want full control of all the world’s wealth.
    America is their current target for take-over and destruction.
    These people make money from wars. They “play” both sides. It matters not to them how many die or are maimed, as long as the war makes them money, they are happy.
    Personally, I don’t believe many of these elite are very bright. Their families have been inbred for so many years, there’s a good chance many are very rich imbeciles, and that makes them very dangerous.

    They need to all die. Who’s going to take care of that? I have no idea, but until they are all gone this world will continue to be full of wars, famine, pestilence and turmoil. Because they make money from that.

  5. I really like that you’ve encouraged Richard Spencer. I’ve been dumbfounded why everyone was bashing him. So everything didn’t work out perfectly…it never does. I personally support morally anyone who is pro-White. I don’t care who they are. Even if I don’t agree with all their positions we can argue about them “after” we defeat the anti-Whites.

  6. Death ? Not by a longshot, the movement is growing every minute, Hundreds awaken daily. Truth will not be denied. the reason the attacks are intensifying is because the left knows they are loosing their grip and grow more desperate and hysterical. The changes that have begun are permanent and inevitable

    • It won’t be ‘led’ or marketed, either, but organic. It will seem like a sudden phase change.

      • Yep

        Many Conservative people especially older ones are immersed in the old industrial top down pre Internet way of thinking to a high degree. Perfectly understandable though ironic when its more Democrats than Republicans but things have changed a lot

        Its hard to understand a movement that really is leaderless resistance built around a common core of Make the West, The West

        A network of tribes , not that dissimilar to a non violent less race focused version of the old White Nationalism 1.0 but its not that either, its a way to change the culture to change itself

        It has along way to go and the are still failure points along the way and I do still think it needs a more coherent ideology if it wants political power but for what it does, starting break the Communist and Cultural Marxist stranglehold on thinking its been highly effective

  7. Trumpenthal Jew’d on every populist promise he made AND threw a wet blanket over the entire right. Just as I predicted.

    we’d have been much better off with Mrs. Clinton, who would have energized the hardRight, smothered the Left and brought the Storm.

    nice going, idiots.

  8. Spencer was and is the Fake Right, along with the FBI infested “Nazis”…The nationalist Alt-right, which doesn’t talk to the media or engage in silly demonstrations, is alive, well, and growing.

    • Indeed. The “Alt-right” is just the Paleo-conservatives renamed for a younger crowd. The paleocons might be said to be “dead”, but we never went away.

      The right-wing (whatever the name used) will win in the end or the whites will all die. Time will tell which happens.

  9. Spencer said quite explicitly on an interview that Go Daddy did not seize his domain, only ended his hosting agreement.

    Richard Spencer isn’t afraid to use his real name, lead events and give interviews. Sure he’s made mistakes, but it’s churlish for an anonymous boomer-cusp commentator to continually attempt to school him

    It’s really disappointing, it’s not just punching right, which may be justified on occasion, it’s piling on a comrade who is wounded. The back-handed compliments (“he’s young”) are transparent and appalling in their condensation..

    It must suck to be an annomous blogger, on the cusp of the boomer cohort, without having ever been able to muster the courage to step forward and be counted, in your youth. We don’t know what you were doing in your 20’s and 30’s, Spencer was apprenticing with Buchanan and Taki. Her was speaking at AmRen before you even had the commitment to attend.

    You cite your new acquaintances like Jared to support your essay, but honorable men like him are not writing smarmy obituaries like this.

    Spencer is your better in every respect, please just stop humiliating yourself on this topic.

    • Your comment is a steaming pile a lies. I allow a wide rang of comments, but outright lies like this will not be tolerated. Consider yourself warned.

      • Until the Zman starting talking about the various personalities, I hadn’t heard of any of them. Didn’t know what Alt-Right was.
        I knew who Lindsey Graham was, though!

        • Oh, I forgot, Joseph- up yours, you obnoxious toad.

          You could’ve given credit to Spencer as an ambitious up-and-comer making a name in the industry, but no.

          Show respect to our host in his house, you skeezy tosser.
          Then go blow yourself, you fatuous fuck.

    • The post really wasn’t the sinister hit-piece you make it out to be. A provocative headline sure. So Z had to expect blowback. But the post was respectful enough. Keep in mind that many people maintain that Spencer ruined everything for us. If you’re overly devoted to Spencer (or any prominent voice) you’re going to take these opinion pieces too personally. It actually read like a pretty interesting editorial.

      I’d advise hot heads like you to maintain an emotional distance at this stage. As it was said, “Spencer is now free to begin creating something new. That’s the thing people need to come to terms with in this age of upheaval. These movements that spring up are just pieces on the game board.”

  10. The alt-right isn’t dead, it won. The problem is one of viewpoint, because most people think the alt-right was a political movement that sought electoral power. It is not. We are a cultural movement whose goal was to change people’s hearts and minds. We did this in part by being extreme, which gets attention and pushes the overton window.

    We now have a lot of support, and even more support for our ideas, as they are more popular than we ourselves are. This didn’t happen solely due to our “leaders” or e-celebs like Spencer, Enoch, et al. They helped to draw attention to it, but the real work was done by those of us in the trenches, putting out our memes, songs, and talking points on twitter, gab, comments sections, websites, chat channels, etc. etc. Media-annointed leaders will come and go, but this “deep state” of the alt-right will always exist, and we’ll always be pushing our message no matter what the media or others choose to label us (remember that ‘alt-right’ was actually coined by a jew; we didn’t choose it ourselves, we just adopted it as convenient.)

    By pushing the overton window we got Infowars to start putting out our message, rebranded to not be racist. Then Coulter began pushing our message, even retweeting movement figures like Enoch and Battle Beagle. Now Tucker Carlson’s show often puts out our message, edited to not be overtly racist. Its not a cohencidence that many of the guests he gang-rapes with a rusty fire hydrant are jews.

    Just how much support do we have? 16% of whites support the alt-right (citation below). This very likely skews heavily young and male. Also, our ideas tend to be more popular than we as a movement are. In a random group of 6 whites, 1 of them is probably alt-right, and slowly influencing the other 5.

    Think about that for a moment. 1 in 6 whites, skewing heavily young and male, supports a group whose foundational memes are “1488”, “RaHoWa”, and “GTKRWN.”
    1488: Whites must do whatever it takes to survive/ Adolf Hitler.
    RaHoWa: Racial Holy War
    GTKRWN: Gas the Kikes Race War Now

    When the crisis point is reached sometime in the next 15 years (2028 is the last year Reps can win the presidency due to changing demographics) the white race will be ready, thanks to the alt-right. Or whatever it will be called next year.

    16% citation:
    “…10 percent, say they support the so-called alt-right movement…”

    “…2014. Non-Hispanic whites totaled about 197,870,516, or 62.06% of the U.S. population.”

    Assuming a negligible number of non-whites support the alt-right, 1 in 6.2 supports us, which is 16%.

    of interest:
    A year or so ago a high school in Houston had class photo day. For the “silly photo” the black students all gave the black power fist. This was the response by white students:

    • I mostly don’t watch videos, but that 7-second clip brought me to my feet with a lump of joy and pride in my throat.
      …and those comments! Ye gods, do I love us.

  11. Not to beat a dead horse, but Vox’s fixation with Peterson continues, and his headline today is that the “cult” of peterson is dying because…wait for it… Vox reviewed Peterson’s book and didn’t like it.
    Vox has actually convinced himself that he is going to single handedly bring Peterson’s career to an end.
    With guys like Spencer and Vox on our side, how can we go wrong ?

    • Well, here the Alt Right is “dead”. I like Vox Day’s blog on most days but there, it seems Jordan Peterson is “dead”.

      There are a few things I get about the use of polemics. First, I fully understand why people in Academia and Hollyweird have to rush out there to declare their undying loyalty to the leftist causes, mouth/post/Tweet the leftist tropes:

      Job security. If only viewed from that angle, their behavior is understandable. Vile, but not challenging to dissect and anticipate. I know a young person that took a Women’s History course for his gf, and simply vomited every piece of leftist garbage into the ‘papers’ – part canny, part toying with the female professor … aka ‘the mouse’. Result: A. And ‘she’ was called out for ‘her’ excellent work.

      Polemics to get clicks – again, understandable. Back to the ‘headline’, “The Alt Right is Dead” … instead of “Alt Right Figure Changes Web Provider” …

      Jordan Peterson is “a whack job…” Not, “academic author with some views I do not embrace…”

      Blah-blah, ‘breaks the internet’. Back to justifications. If clicks drive revenue, then click bait requires polemics. And is thus ‘justified’. But then, if you could make a good living as a gay male cam model by shoving a cactus up you rectum (only to be outdone by the next guy that shoves an even bigger catctus up HIS rectum) … it may explain WHY you are shoving cactii into your body and help us to anticipate that you are not going to be sitting on anything but a pillow for while.

      But it is still vile to shove a cactus into your rectum, no matter your justification. I don’t see any of these fame whores as part of my ‘side’. Really. I can name 35 guys on my side – on what I would perceive you might consider OUR side. They own businesses, are in law enforcement, current military, young guys, in school. They know to NOT be ‘out there’ and I might say, follow more of the Masonic model – a cadre that is making things happen.

      Just not on the internet, or in the MSM. The latter can’t hit a target it can’t get its sights on. Sure, they ‘know’ something is out there … but without a point and shriek target … they can sit and spin, send The Clintoons more money … and wait to celebrate their ‘blue wave’ … just like they did Killery’s big victory.

    • Vox’s over-the-top ranting can be entertaining, if not very persuasive. But his attacks on Peterson are downright nasty, with neither intellectual nor entertainment value. If he believes that it burnish his brand, I believe that he is mistaken.

    • I think that Peterson has committed the unpardonable sin – the best and brightest kids respect Peterson and are listening to him and dismissing Vox or laughing at him. I’m trying to understand that and I think that maybe his fan base is growing up? In an improved economy those cellar dwellers are getting jobs, starting families and leaving their comic books and childish demagogues behind.
      Or maybe he thinks that ranting like a lunatic makes him edgy and trendy. Who knows. The quality of his output is sliding, that’s for sure.

  12. As for race realism, my Gen-X son who was a Bernie supporter and describes himself as “very liberal”, shows signs of understanding. He lived in Memphis for a year and speaks of the diminishing area where it was safe to visit or live. My wife and I live adjacent to Athens, Georgia and he asks about the safety of some parts of town. Race is never overtly mentioned but is certainly understood to be what we’re talking about.

  13. This blog is not the only place where the “Alt Right” is being declared “dead”. Most of the others are parts of the lefty blab-o-sphere, though.

    Perhaps the title of this post could have been, “The Person Usually Identified with the Alt Right, Richard Spencer, Has Been Deplatformed” or something like that.

    If one was to define the alt-right as anyone that has been red pilled, then instead of “dead’, it is “growing exponentially”. I am in NY and can still drive by a roadside “Hillary for Prison” sign every day), and come across people, from senior citizens to seniors in college, that are hard HARD red pilled. My business and dealings allows me access to a large number of people across the age spectrum so we get to talk.

    Some believe Richard Spencer was a fake. Possibly a government honey trap. I advised my sons to NEVER EVER sign up there, or at similar sites, as those that ‘are up may be up for a reason and remember the Prop 8 contributors list and how that went’… In any case, whether it’s Jordan Peterson, this Spencer, Ben Shapiro … if your eyes and ears tell you weird geek, spouting pablum of ‘the right’ … you best listen. These folks are, IMO, just a wing of the MSM and have nothing to do with us – except for their others in the MSM painting us, with them.

    Again, one man’s opinion. The left may be more fearful of the future than you think, if my personal experience is accurate. LOTS of young, gainfully employed, red pilled young men. And middle aged business owners.

    The young ones should scare the leftists the most. These guys know their generation’s women don’t get it and won’t unless gently schooled by a significant male other. That Feminism is a lie. They hate Killery. They hate effeminate males.

    So people that exist in the ether declare other people that exist in the ether “dead”, well ok. Walk the plant floors like I do in my business dealings, play golf with young, successful 20-somethings – meet business owners like I do – and you might just be declaring, “The Alt Right is ALIVE AND WELL”. It just isn’t represented by some website fame whores.

    • Most liberals are race realists as well, but they’re herd animals who are too afraid of the social costs of “coming out” as such.
      The Left reacts with such animosity towards mild race realism like Charles Murray because they know, in their hearts, that what he says is true,their own observations have shown them as much, and that truth is painful to them.
      None of them wants to be the first to step out of the shadows.
      The lies the Left tells themselves are very comforting. No one wants their security blanket ripped away from them. No one wants to admit they’ve been willingly duped by the Cathedral.
      Easier to just accept the cold embrace of the Cathedral and point and shriek at the appointed targets.

  14. There are a number of people who claim to be alt-right who have long repudiated Richard Spencer for his extreme racist and anti-semitic views. Vox Day is a good example. Of course, the problem is when a term is used to represent very different views it loses all meaning, and it should be abandoned.

    It is surprising that GoDaddy confiscated his domain when Stormfront is still online. Does GoDaddy host Stormfront, or does some other group?

  15. Why do you keep insisting that Richard Spencer has anything to do with the alt-right?
    Why do you insist that the label decline has ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the movement itself?
    The fact is, all of the points of the alt-right are coming more and more into public favor as the left commits suicide. The alt-right becoming MAINSTREAM, does not spell it’s ‘death’. It never had a leader. And unlike you faggoty cuck alt-white atheists, Rebranding itself every 5 minutes is NOT necessary.

    I am alt-right. I am not rebranding myself to escape some fake leftist bad publicity. And the fact that people YOU labelled ‘alt right leaders’ (who never were alt-right to begin with) are blowing it off means it is dead would be like saying that if Abortion was made a felony the ‘pro life movement’ would be dead.

    It’s stupid.

    • Given that Spencer coined the term alt-right and has been the face of it for half a decade or more, that qualifies him as alt-right. In fact, Spencer and alt-right have become synonymous. It’s why Spencer’s star has dimmed as the brand has dimmed.

    • Zman is declaring the death of the Alt Right to cripple it and distance himself from it so he and Derb can supercede it as the leaders of the Dissident Right. I’m ok with this.

      • I’m just commenting on the obvious. George Hawley, the Alabama academic who has been writing books about the alt-right recently said he will stop covering it. His reason? No one is showing up for his talks on the alt-right.

        As I said, maybe they regroup and make a come back. Maybe the leaders rehabilitate themselves into something new. For now, everyone seems to be abandoning the alt-right ship.

  16. The movement was doomed the moment it got sufficient acceptance among whites as to constitute a long term threat to the ruling elite.

    You have to understand they’ve done this before. With the Paleocons and Reform party efforts.The stiffing of populist politicians whom they either killed or threatened into silence.

    If Spencer didn’t exist, they would have manufactured him. His sort was always useful for the elite – they had a clown they could trot out to scare white people onto staying on the reservation. That’s what it’s all about, keeping us from straying. The elites are ruthless in this regard. All of you see it writ large on TV with what the elites are doing to Trump and Congress just standing silent. It should get interesting when Mueller goes for impeachment or perjury charges(Trump won’t fire him despite what Buchanan wants, he should but won’t)

    We also know that the corporations are openly part of the ruling class and are as much the enemy of the people as Soros and the banksters on Wall Street.

    The good news is the alt-right will live under a new brand and hopefully better frontmen. We must vet all prospects for these slots.
    That said we can learn a lot from how Trump appealed to whites early in his campaign and even from Jordan Peterson(who triggers the Left like crazy). They don’t need to bring up race, eugenics or even the J question. One thing though these new frontmen will need our financial support either through our own version of the NRA or some sort of patreon fund me (that Peterson has).

  17. To learn a bit about Identity Evropa I looked at their application for membership. One of their selection criteria is “non-Semitic” origin.

    Just put a swastika on the home page and be done with it.

    • Yeah, this is really discriminatory and disgusting isn’t it? I mean, how can an organisation called Identity EVROPA have the nerve not to accept Jews, right? And I’m sure that you feel just as self-righteously indignant and appalled by exclusively Jewish organisations which do not accept White Gentiles In their ranks, right? Right??

      • I’d try working to get the world’s smartest palefaces on my side rather than reject them at the getgo, but that’s just me.

        • There’s room for both. A group like IE wants to be explicitly northern European. That leaves out Arabs, Jews and North Africans. AmRen is open to Jews. Mencken is mostly Jewish, but they let me attend. You can be allies, while maintaining separation.

          The first habit to break is the hive mindedness.

        • Let the hijackers hold an interfaith discussion, like they do with their muslim cousins.

        • The Current Consensus Jews are actually mostly (around 70% or more) Southern European in genetics the general consensus being Near Eastern men and European women mixed some time ago.

          They are not, a flawed few studies aside any smarter than European people on average though maybe 1/3 of Standard deviation verbal (5 points) might be the case

          In the US they’d pass the hoary old brown paper bag test without an issue and the US In particular is filled with as the Jewish millionaire matchmaker Patti Sanger puts it Jewpacabra , Jews that are full or partial and pretty indistinguishable from generic White people

          So in US, they are White.

          They are not however European where with practice even closely related ethic groups can be told apart on appearance . Even now most Europeans are not mixed other than in certain combinations

          Jews are a separate rival group there and not European in local minds

          Truth is there is centuries of bad blood between Jews and European people and its not going to vanish just because a few people want it or if its unfair or irrational. It is what it is.

          If your neighbors hate you, you have to leave or face the consequences

          And the hell of it, the vast amount of social capital, enforced by the US , that was spent in Europe to dilute native power and I think for payback will end up basically eliminating most European Jews from Europe. They won’t be killed but they’ll be force to migrate to be safe

          Immigration is the reason Muslims are immune to holocaust guilt and some will gladly murder them, the locals are reverting and the Africans and other groups don’t care.

          Mass Immigration also started by Jews and enabled by : Worst Generation post WW2 types back in 1965 is longer term going to make the US no longer able or willing to intervene as well.

          Most non Orthodox Ashkenazim in the US are mixed race now and have little or no Jewish identity, and the new no longer massively White probably won’t turn anti semitic all at once but Asian and Latinos and Black (who often hate Jews actually) won’t care and .Alt people, Left and Right ,Woke if you like are all JQ all the time

          Long run if I was a US or European Jew with a strong identity as a Jew once this system comes down and the Neo Cons and Libs can’t pull nearly as many strings I’d be looking at making Aliyah .

          This sucks for them and the average workaday stiff is basically getting a raw deal, its unfair, its undeserved but like White people, elites screwed them over

          • Since the j-word popped up, let me say I must salute such worthy enemies.

            They predate on predators.
            Let that sink in.

            Breed and cultivate them, in fact- islamic rottweilers, then Calvinist bull-terriers, followed by Anglo-Dutch pitbulls, next African St. Bernards, Aztec terriers, Chinese chows…

            Not content to merely plunge into civil warzones, they create them to exploit!
            Harnessing entire populations! Controlling governments!

            Such ruthless skill. Generations of focus.
            Gods above, such brass.

        • Yeah cuz it’s not enough that the Jews have thousands of their own organziations, local, state, national, and international, all inter-locking – the most organized people on Earth. They still have to have the right to join anything we have. It’s essential that Whites have nothing for themselves, Zero. WELL DONE.

      • As I recall, the genetic bottleneck that resulted in Ashkenazi Jews (which is the high IQ population that anti-Semites worry themselves about) occurred in Europe approximately 600-800 years ago, so your point about the name “Identity EVROPA” is a nullity.

        And no one is concerned that Identity EVROPA is being discriminatory. The point about the equivalent to a Swastika on the home page is that it’s stupid. Hitler was a loser, and a repulsive one at that. Marching around with torches chanting “Jews will not replace us!” marks you a a lunatic.

  18. I give Richard Spencer credit, first and foremost, for knowing that he was in physical danger pretty much every second from the moment he became the face of the Alt Right. It cannot be easy to live with the fact that your enemy or someone disaffected from your own ranks will make you a head shorter when you’re not watching. Not just science, but math really is the Achilles Heel of the egalitarian delusion. The disproportion in racial crime rates, total fertility rates and immigration numbers…this is the kind of stuff you cannot argue against without trying to tell people two plus two is five. I just gave a liberal friend Derbyshire’s book on mathematics, “Prime Obsessions” and he said it’s one of the best books he’s read in years. If and when he discovers Derbyshire’s “Talk” you linked to here, it is going to be harder for him to believe 2 + 2 is five regarding race and crime.

  19. The legal minefield they must clear to extricate themselves from the C’Ville debacle will mean All Hands on Deck. Appealing the unjust verdicts so far & defending against the conspiracy lawfare nonsense will occupy them for many months. Painful lessons on the peril of under estimating the Kritarchy.

  20. The alt-right as a movement may have collapsed (although I think the obituary is premature), but the zeitgeist that created it is still here and still growing. If the alt-right disintegrates, another movement with the same concerns and goals will quickly replace it.

    In the end, Spencer has accomplished a lot, even if the alt-right passes. He’s had a large hand in the growth and acceptance of nationalist ideas. He certainly wasn’t the first, but unlike Jared Taylor or John Derbyshire, he managed to seize the moment and become a catalyst for the movement. Whatever comes afterwords will largely be built on Spencer’s foundation.

    In any event, I doubt the end of the alt-right, if it is indeed the end, will inhibit either the growth of nationalist ideas or Spencer’s career. Spencer is always starting new projects and abandoning them, and he’s reinvented himself any number of times. In the time I’ve followed his work, he’s transformed from standard issue paleocon at AmCon and Taki, to a thoughtful and bookish podcaster and author with his early alternative-right site, to a Sieg Hieling public speaker and rabble-rouser. His biggest problem may be his inability to follow through with his projects before becoming bored with them.

    Spencer may be down, but I doubt that he’s out. This will probably just force him into another of his Bowie-like transformations.

    • I sent a small $ to Spencer’s defense fund with the stipulation he shave his head, and wear only J.C. Penney for a year. 🙂

  21. you wrote: “the foundation of paleoconservatism and the alt-right are the same – race realism” and ” The great battle is between the old thinking of egalitarianism and the new thinking of biological realism. ”
    while it is true that race realism is a part of the alt-right/dissident-right etc, it is just one component of this struggle, this battle…this battle, this struggle is really Capital vs White Labor…Capital vs White Working Class Culture…that is what you guys are for the most part missing–that we are fighting the establishment and the propaganda of the establishment…race realism, egalitarianism, are mere facets of this struggle…racial egalitarianism is just one aspect of the propaganda war that is being waged on the white working class by the establishment…

    maybe the most crucial aspect that is missed by the dissident right is that the interests of the globalist corporations (and the CEOs and rich shareholders) are very different from the interests of the white working class…and that corporate profits are foremost in the minds of the opposition (the CEOs and rich shareholders).

    Yes, the other side has been lying to us about nonwhites being as good as whites in every way…yes, they have been lying to us about whites being the demons of history…

    but at the end of the day the media is funded by ads bought by big corporations. And therefore the media is funded by big corporations. And therefore the media speaks for these big corporations. These big corporations and their CEOs and boards of directors have a fiduciary duty to increase profits…and so occam’s razor tells us that the media’s love for nonwhites and hatred of whiteness is something that the big corporations approve of. And if that is true, then anti-white multiculturalist propaganda must necessarily be something that increases corporate profits…

    compared to this crucial dynamic, race realism, HBD, etc is just one facet of a multi-faceted situation.

    • Most in the dissident right are well aware of the incestuous alliance that is our enemy. You are wrong to say BigCorp is in charge; they often do things that are contrary to making a profit in order to advance an ideological goal. BigCorp/ MSM/ Academia et al are all controlled by a common enemy, they are all the limbs of the octopus not the body.

      The body of the octopus is a racial enemy that is weakening our culture to allow for its takeover, with invading non-whites being the knockout blow. This is why the alt-right focuses on race; it is the focal point of the enemy’s attack, and the one that can least be resisted. For example, the Brookings Institute estimates that due to demographic change that can’t be legally changed the Republicans’ last possibility of winning the presidency is in 2028.

      • zorost wrote:
        “You are wrong to say BigCorp is in charge; they often do things that are contrary to making a profit in order to advance an ideological goal.”

        my response: please tell me how the anti-white multiculturalist propaganda and pro-immigration propaganda pushed by the media (and their globalist corporate bosses) is contrary to making a profit.

        • Race-mixing porn loses money yet lots of it is made.

          Twitter/facebook purge accounts for ‘wrongthink’ that would otherwise make them money if left on.

          Besides costing money, internet service providers censoring content increases their legal risk.

          Hollywood makes propaganda movies and TV shows rather than making what people want, leading to huge numbers of people tuning out.

          The NFL has turned into a Leftist propaganda mill as well, angering millions of fans with their BLM nonsense.

  22. Question: How did + or – 3% of the population succeed in changing their perception from perverted to privileged? State legislators are rapidly passing legislation that will make Bibles hate speech, which it already is in Canada. Having sex with other men’s assholes, or with dead bodies, animals, children, or bushes that may conceal a snake, is perverted. But kids coming out of school think gay is fine. Hollywood, and television pretends it’s normal. Being a “homophobic” is just as bad as being a “racist”. Churches, which should have held the line, or discarded their prime manual, capitulated to the perverts. I just don’t get it. This crap got traction, yet the alt right and tea party, with probably larger majorities, don’t.

    • Every society has blasphemy laws . Its either your laws (don’t mock the Bible or else) or theirs (though must love pedos and anal sex )

      Christians got complacent and weak and got run over.

      The way back isn’t very pleasant though, a willingness to kill and die in large numbers.

      The Deus Volt crowd might have it in them and if they do, a whole lot of pour encourager les autres applied to certain types on a semi regular basis will not only shut them up very fast but swell the ranks. People back a strong leader, always have, always will.

    • By “traction” you mean mainstream media acceptance. That is circular, as it was the MSM or those behind the MSM that pushed the perversion in the 1st place; of course they accept it, they created it.

      Redefine what you mean by “traction.” 10% of the population agrees with the alt-right. Assuming negligible support from non-whites, this means that about 1 in 6 whites are alt-right. Studies show that young whites are far more traditional and right-wing than any previous generation. We got “traction” where it mattered.

  23. looking at the state of things now – I could compare it to the burnout of the original rock and roll era in 1958 and 1959. Jerry Lee Lewis got busted for marrying his cousin, Chuck Berry got busted for pedophilia, Elvis joined the military, Buddy Holly died, Little Richard “finds god” and Bill Haley gets attacked onstage. Rock and roll was basically in a coma for five years until the Beatles come along.

    What we are seeing now is the same kind of thing. That first initial burst of energy in 2015 and 2016 is gone and we are seeing maybe a generational change of the guard. Things might be at a sort of standstill and even a halfway return to normal for a few years. But it won’t be like this forever and we can only hope that it will come back new and improved and stronger than ever.

  24. Whatever comes next, it must have new optics. Part of what kills some of these realist movements is the voluntary association with Roman salutes or swastikas or rebel flags or pillow sheets. I consider myself a race realist, but I have no interest in imagery from long dead political parties or foreign nations. All of those images represent things that ended in defeat, which in itself does not inspire confidence.

    • We get it. I don’t get the point in echoing, (using almost identical language), what Zman and others have said a million times already.

      • Apparently “we” don’t get it because a whole helluva lot of people on the right, particularly young folks, don’t understand that simple point.
        LARPing as Nazis and Klansmen and brownshirts seems very attractive to a lot of young people, at least the ones who like to go to marches and public demonstrations and such.

        • It’s not that I disagree with what Triple Mike said. It’s just kinda boring reading comments that parrot Zman with his own words and style. I’m not saying we all have to be originals, but some of us could try a little harder.

    • I don’t think the swastikas and rebel flags are ever going to go away. While I doubt that most of the people waving swastikas could even explain what National Socialism was (come to think of it, I don’t think anyone can explain what National Socialism was), the young people have figured out it sure gets a rise out the old farts.

      For better or worse, we’re going to be stuck with it for a long, long time. I think the best you can hope for is that they become prevelent enough that people eventually become desensitized to it.

      • WWII was so long ago that the younger generation no longer cares or is even aware anymore. They’re over it.

      • To clarify, I’m not saying those things need to be eliminated and or scrubbed from history. I’m saying that any serious white movement needs to stay away from them.

  25. Your obituary is premature. Spencer is down, not out. If he is not too encumbered by legal troubles this fall I expect a successful NPI conference, back at the Reagan Center, though hotel rooms will probably have to be booked by individual attendees, b/c of the far more hostile post Hailgate & Charlottesville climate. It’s quite the thing to rage on Spencer now (not you, but plenty of others), but I believe he still can serve a useful, and important role in the pro-white movement. I ask my young friends to understand you don’t need to like Spencer to work with him towards our common goal: the survival and prosperity of our race and civilization. Having said this, Spencer himself has some personal issues to work out, if he wants to get back in as a player.

    • Spencer is pro White and willing to put skin in the game, he deserves credit for that but other than being Pro White he’s a Nazi and a Globalist and a media tool. The Reds called his kind a useful idiot

      I know people like him because he’s charismatic and well spoken but he’s a liability as are Anglin and all the other goose stepping dumb fucks.

      Also the .Alt Right kind of cacked as a brand because its distributive, its leaderless , had no common ideology , not enough ideology to be honest

      As an analogy, its a bunch of tiny raptors and small mammals biting off hunks of a sick a dying establishment dinosaur . One or two get squashed by the big brutes tail but every bite and claw hurts it a little more

      Sooner or later the beast will weaken enough that either one critter which ate enough dino burger will bget big and be the one everyone follows or the various critter will eke out a niche when it fails

      Sometimes it gets a little odd, with Jordan Peterson , Ben Shapiro , Dreher and that lot its like,

      “Kind of looks and acts like a raptor but than someone notices the blunt teeth and its game on

      The end of all this is either separate countries or right wing takover

      This is fine though I will say if this appeals to you, you had better have a solid ideology. The first group with a good one that works in the current world i.e does not depends on a religious revival , understand its not the industrial age that kind of thing and is low in Nazi baggage gets a big first mover advantage

      • Spencer isn’t a Nazi, stupid flirtations with spastic arm movements & Hailgate nothwithstanding. He’s not a globalist; his political thinking about foreign policy is insufficiently developed, as is the Alt-Right’s in general. You are correct – it does not have “enough” ideology, but umbrella movements, which is all the Alt-Right is/was, never do.

        Your dino analogy is cute. We’ll see.

        Nothing odd about Peterson, Shapiro, Dreher. They are anti-white – therefore enemies. Basic Schmitt. Enemies to whatever degree they choose to be until they convert or run away or cease attacking me and white nationalism. (I doubt Shapiro will convert, being what he is.)

        WN, or Identitarian, ideology is – like Spencer’s – insufficiently developed, but it will come. I don’t know about the impossibility of a religious revival. If by low in Nazi baggage you mean no TWP – NSM silliness, yep. But to the media and the System any white coming near even Jared Taylor’s minimalist Race Realism and Freedom of Association for Whites 101 is a Nazi. This should be met with push-back, not embracing, and is a problem, but not an unsolvable one.

        • Anyone who likes the EU like Spencer purportedly does is a Nazi since that whole organization is basically Nat Soc with German and France running Europe and passive (via Muslim immigration instead of death camps) Jew extermination along with anti White sentiment instead of anti Teutonic sentiment.

          Money Cucks and bureaucrats who fear being personally responsible in small country for policy choses will do anything to make those choices and not be held responsible for them . That cannot ever be allowed.

          What people who want an integrate Europe also don’t get is that immigration from other European countries is also bad.

          A US example, the Know Nothings with right, non W.A.S.P. immigration destroyed the Founders republic. We can make something workable and new at 80% White or so but we’ll never get the old Republic back and in many ways its damned shame

          In Europe, the UK doesn’t need Polish people, French people or anyone who isn’t of the UK peoples living there and vis versa

          All of these peoples are admirable but they have their own lands or given how fracked the US is, they can come here

          Britain for Brits, Poland for Poles, France for the French and the US for European people preferable Northern and Western but any White people since its too late for us to be very homogeneous

          • So Spencer is a Nazi for…supposedly supporting the current edition of the EU, & being an American version of Coudenhove-Kalergi….or something. Sorry, that’s a remarkably twisted interpretation. I think he wants something like Guillame Faye envisions in his book, “Archeofuturism” – a European polity of distinct nations, and no Muslim or other non-white immigration. Like you, I’d rather the Europeans themselves didn’t “mix it up” too much (with each other – the non-white invaders must be removed), but at this point, maybe that’s water under the bridge, and….that’s like restoring the American Republic of the Know-Nothing era…nice, but not going to happen. I would add, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

          • Yup, they’re crying out…
            Judenfrei. You betcha. You racist Nazis.
            After the muslims get tenure, I wonder which superminds will be running things.

            An Interesting take.
            Now stay in your pens.

  26. The “Alt-right” has never had a chance to live-so it is not dead. To solve these problems within the political framework has gone to far that it cannot be done. Enoch Powell saw that in 1979. Enoch Powell – “Let It Go On Until the Civil War Comes” ;

  27. The “Alt Right” was just a pseudonym for “White Nationalism.” Whatever other cleverly ambiguous terms we may craft for marketing reasons, the inescapable necessity is White Nationalism. Even if you can’t say it out loud, say it in your heart. Nothing else will save us.

    • I don’t want to say White Nationalism out loud, no. But I’m not fond of saying it to myself either. To paraphrase Derbyshire on what to call ourselves. “Race is just one concept important to us, sharing space with others such as liberty, sovereignty, science, and constitutionalism, and I don’t think it should be privileged.”

      • “I don’t want to say White Nationalism out loud, no.”
        With all due respect to you and others, this attitude is why the alt right/alt whatever is never going to gain any significant and widespread acceptance. You (and others) are still operating, still thinking within their frame. You don’t want to call yourself a White Nationalist because it might: cause you stress, be met with scorn by others, subject you to criticism by colleagues, etc. Which, essentially, means you are still living your life within THEIR frame of what is acceptable behavior & acceptable thinking. Until people are willing to call themselves “white nationalists” or “race realists’ and be willing to subject themselves to the initial pushback (which will be considerable), very little progress will be made.

        Whether Spencer is misguided, etc., is not that important. What is important is that he is at least willing to be publicly honest about his views. Unlike many of us, myself included.

        • I would never use the term “White Nationalist” because 90% of white people associate it with skinheads and Nazis. This demand by WN people that we keep scoring on ourselves is tiresome. Why would I choose a label that guarantees failure? Then there is the fact “White Nationalist” means nothing. That was the problem with “alt-right” as a label. It had no obvious definition, so people felt free to claim it for their own cause or the label for their enemies.

          The alt-right made the same mistake as WN 1.0. they decided that any overlap with normies, any interaction with normal people, is a sign of weakness and impurity. That’s the path to self-ghettoization.

          • The Wikipedia entry for Richard Spencer refers to him as a White Supremacist, even though he has always adamantly denied the label. That’s the term the left (and normies) will use. White Nationalist is too close to that label. Something else has to be used. I prefer what Fuentes uses, “America First,” which covers immigration, trade, and foreign policy, the issues normies will get on board with.

          • Put “white nationalist” in a google machine and you get the usual suspects. That’s what normal people do and we have to respect that. There’s also the fact that a great many lunatics call themselves “white nationalists.”

          • Except it ignores the only issue that really matters, race. If even the vanguard group can’t talk about race we are lost.

          • There are no vanguard groups. This is a fantasy among many white nationalists that feeds the desire to self-ghettoize. “I get to say insane things on-line because I’m part of the vanguard.”

            You don’t mainstream ideas by being systematically barred from access to the mainstream.

          • Explain how one mainstreams ideas that are extreme, except by saying extreme things? Much of what you call ‘extreme’ are actually believed by far more than you’d think, its just that we’ve been lead to believe that no one else believes those ideas, that we are alone.

            We need to put extreme ideas in peoples’ heads now, so that when extremism becomes necessary those ideas will more quickly become the conventional wisdom. What we consider normal now was considered extreme leftism 20 years ago. How did that happen? By normalizing it through bringing it up enough that people become familiar with it. How has pandering to the mainstream and being respectable worked for conservatism?

            “White genocide” as a meme to be pushed on normies was considered extreme even w/i the alt-right 5 years ago, with many discussions about whether it was good optics. Now HRC referenced it in a speech, congressmen have brought it up in hearings, and people openly discuss it, including Tucker Carlson on his show.


          • “Optics,”
            “branding, ”
            “movement infighting,”
            “Who’s a Fed?”

            Tiresome. Obviously the decades of ppl who came before failed spectacularly, & despite my great admiration of Taylor, Brimelow, Derbyshire, Buchanan, et Al, they are a group of old men who didn’t move the needle significantly despite decades of effort & intellect.

            If the best hope for the future lies in “Fuentesism,” I’m glad I’m going to be dead.

            Nowadays when ppl ask my political beliefs, I tell them I’m a fascist. Not a single person has offered any pushback.
            I guess I’ll just stick w/that.

          • Nowadays when ppl ask my political beliefs, I tell them I’m a fascist. Not a single person has offered any pushback.

            That’s because people tend not to argue with kooks.

          • Sure they did. That’s why this discussion is even happening. Endless repetition is the path. How do you think they taught Whites to hate themselves? They have the media, but a free internet evened things up a bit.

          • the Republiscams, for what it’s worth, have not won a Prez election since 2004. Trumpenthal was/is a lifelong left-liberal (((NY))) Democrat. His pet Senator was/is (((Chuck Schumer))). He had his daughter convert to Judaism and marry a Wall St. Jew who is in business with (((Soros))).

            You were played.


            let’s hope the Republiscam pty, which has long been nothing more than a vehicle for conning Whites into participating in the (((System)) while the (((System))) destroys them, takes a royal beating this November.

            and shortly thereafter goes out of business.

            THAT will give non-urban Whites no place to go but farther Right.

          • “…I would never use the term “White Nationalist” because 90% of white people associate it with skinheads and Nazis…”

            So when exactly will the term “White Nationalist” become NOT a Nazi thing if people refuse to use it that aren’t Nazis????

            It would seem to me that you’re allowing them to frame you.

        • Arch: ” Until people are willing to call themselves “white nationalists” or “race realists’ and be willing to subject themselves to the initial pushback (which will be considerable), very little progress will be made.”

          Your “initial pushback” is my life and career being destroyed. I actually have a good thing going and I’m not going to blow it up over the word “white”.

          I won’t be declaring myself “race or white” anything. That’s a great way to get people to tune you out, at worst. Or at best, to write you off as hopelessly flakey. Like a dude with a pony-tail or earring. There’s a reason why Tucker ditched the bow tie. Your acquaintances won’t be discussing your good ideas at parties. They’ll be laughing about you being a White Supremacist.

          Hey, let’s call ourselves the Nordic Bund! Punchy right?

          Dissident Right, sounds cool and is strong. And it’s veiled enough to give you space to move. Why tie your hands with constrictive words like “white” or “America”?

          • If “Dissident Right” becomes a popular term then the media will give it the same treatment they gave to “Alt Right.” “Dissident Right is Nazism!”

            Although there are some short term tactical advantages to inventing euphemisms for our ideas, at some point we have to face the fact that whatever name we choose will be vilified.

          • “We have to face the fact that whatever name we choose will be vilified.” That’s just a linguistic truism. And we do face that fact. But we gotta have a name. You don’t buy a Pit Bull and think, “I’m not gonna name him ’cause people are just gonna think he’s a killer anyway.”

            I’m ok with Alt-Right or Dissident Right. I prefer Dissident Right because it sounds kinda badass. It sounds like “Fuck Off!” There’s no apology in it.

            Plus my favorite band as a teenager was Judas Priest and they have a great song called “Dissident Aggressor”. Later covered by Slayer.

          • “Dissident Aggressor” was amazing, as was Slayer’s cover.

            Is you name any reference to Robert Fripp?

          • Cool. You a metal fan? No reference to Robert Fripp. But I do have an album by Fripp & Eno called “No Pussyfooting”. Maybe that could be our motto. The Dissident Right, no pussyfooting.

          • My unfortunate neighbors just heard the Priest and Slayer versions. I don’t listen to metal much anymore, but damn, that song ignites my martial spirit.

            Exploding, reloading, this quest never ending
            Until I give out my last breath!

          • Let me try this another way.

            If one accepts the premise that, at it’s heart, the (alt right, dissident right, pick-your-identifier) is white identity politics, then the only way for (white identity politics) to gain any traction is for public discussions of same to at least become somewhat acceptable and not engender screeching from the media, your neighbors and the usual suspects. Or lead to job loss. I understand that most of us don’t want to endure all the push-back.

            But someone or a group of someones is going to have to take the bullets that will inevitably be cast to begin to change the framing of (white identity politics) to being an acceptable topic of discourse. Who will those people be?

            Of course, if you don’t accept that (white identity politics) is at the heart of the alt right/dissident right/what-have-you-movement…

          • I’m sure your grandchildren will take heart that you didn’t want to fuck up your career by acknowledging the truth. That should take some of the sting out of the Zimbabwe 2.0 hellscape they’re likely to live in.

          • Yeah really. Some people have to play it cool and some take the heat. When are people going to get the idea of different roles?

  28. Spencer’s web domain is parked, not confiscated. GoDaddy cannot unilaterally appropriate a web domain that is paid-up. GoDaddy has merely deigned not to continue hosting the domain. Spencer is free to transfer the domain to another registrar and host. I may be willing to assist as legal counsel in this regard should it prove necessary.

      • GoDaddy can implement delay tactics and compel Spencer to lodge court proceedings if it chooses. I suspect Spencer has access to means of forcing domain registrar and domain hosting transfer. It can cost less than 10k usd.

        The progressives may very well attempt to discourage Spencer because repurposing altright decimal com would be a feather in their propaganda hat.

        • When you register and pay for a domain name, then use a virtual host (Go Daddy) for the site, I assume that you are the legal owner of the domain name, not the virtual host. Is this not correct?

          • If you do a WHOIS lookup on “” – this is what comes back from ICANN:


            Original Query:
            Raw WHOIS Record

            Domain Name:
            This domain name has been suspended due to invalid Whois information.
            If you are the registrant of this domain name please contact us at:

            The data contained in, LLC’s WhoIs database,
            while believed by the company to be reliable, is provided “as is”
            with no guarantee or warranties regarding its accuracy. This
            information is provided for the sole purpose of assisting you
            in obtaining information about domain name registration records.
            Any use of this data for any other purpose is expressly forbidden without the prior written
            permission of, LLC. By submitting an inquiry,
            you agree to these terms of usage and limitations of warranty. In particular,
            you agree not to use this data to allow, enable, or otherwise make possible,
            dissemination or collection of this data, in part or in its entirety, for any
            purpose, such as the transmission of unsolicited advertising and
            and solicitations of any kind, including spam. You further agree
            not to use this data to enable high volume, automated or robotic electronic
            processes designed to collect or compile this data for any purpose,
            including mining this data for your own personal or commercial purposes.

            Please note: the registrant of the domain name is specified
            in the “registrant” section. In most cases,, LLC
            is not the registrant of domain names listed in this database.


            This sounds to me like either GoDaddy just used it as an excuse to shut off the domain – or – Spencer, or whomever registered the domain – put in some not correct information , and GoDaddy then did a little investigation and used that as an excuse to shut it off.

            Without seeing what a WHOIS query for that domain said *before* GoDaddy pulled it down – it’s hard to know exactly what was going on.

    • Spencer still has his site up. I’m not sure how much this actually hurts him. As far as I can tell, never really took off as a concept, and it was down almost as often as it was up.

      Mostly, this falls under “public humiliation”. never became a central hub of the movement that Spencer envisioned, but seizing the “” domain could be viewed as “capturing the flag”. It’s a slap in the face, but it’s not really debilitating.

      Has Spencer made any public statement? He seems to have disappeared, or maybe he’s just maintaining radio silence for the moment?

      • I think the public humiliation is the issue. People are laughing at him. That’s never good. I’ve been reading the TRS forums just to get a feel for what the rank and file types think. Keep in mind that Enoch has worked over time to keep Richard in good standing with the rabble. The posts negative to Spencer vastly out number the favorable posts.

        Look. There’s a lot of ground between hero and pariah. If I were advising Richard, I’d tell him to quietly start rebuilding frayed relationships with prominent people in the movement. He should limit public exposure for the next six months. That means stay off twitter and away from any sort of media. Maybe do a weekly podcast to stay active. Maybe even extend the hiatus until the legal issues are resolved.

        Once things have settled down, re-launch just as a opinion guy. Write a blog, do YouTube shows, podcasts and so forth. He needs to stay in the lane that suits his talents. He is not an organizer. He is not a political operator. He’s not an organization builder. Richard is good at communicating ideas to people who need to hear them. Be good at that.

  29. A couple of people associated with it does not constitute a failure because of their falling brand. Enoch and Spencer and a few others are being Lawfared out, more to come.

    As you know Z, there is alot more to this then just the new alt theme that is among us. Ours is still a dissident right, and as mentioned Paleos are still around and pushing, and they are not all old guys.

    Right now I am more concerned about Trump and his failings.

  30. Whatever the name is, the foundation of our movement, race realism, won’t die. Once you understand black, there’s no going back.

  31. What were Spencer’s mis-steps and mistakes? (Think about the Santayana quote about history.)

    • Although I hear unconfirmed rumors about Spencer’s vices, his only public mistake was believing that the first amendment allowed him to schedule a college speaking tour.

      His Heilgate speech was bleeding-edge provocative, but I think he was surprised when 5 guys did the salute.

      • “Hail Victory” was all his, the idiot.

        It’s hard to see how Charlottesville was an “Alt-Right mistake”, as the alt-Right was hardly present, probably because it hardly existed in the first place. There were Pepe’s on the posters, but I didn’t see any on the shields or anyplace else.

  32. The Alt Right is dead but Sam Harris is now a certified SPLC racist. It’s the ideas.

  33. They made more than a few mistakes that destroyed any momentum that they had.

    First, they took themselves way too seriously when they had their greatest successes as merry pranksters online. They had way more impact by trolling the Left into sputtering idiocy and pointing out the Left isn’t hip, edgy or funny anymore.

    Second, they failed to understand that goading the Left online with “Nazi” memes ironically opened the door for idiot true believers like the trailer trash TWP morons to hitch a ride and lead them to the fatal error- Charlottesville.
    They thought they could match the Left in street violence without a 50 year old experience in it. They thought they could be a modern day SA without understanding the real SA was made up of real combat veterans, not keyboard warriors.

    • Virtually any right wing, nationalist or conservative breakout movement is doomed to be immediately and heavily infiltrated by government informants and agents provocateur, then to be redirected and molded into something else. Charlottesville was a setup, by the Virginia and Charlottesville governments, from the get go. Certainly many cooperating feds there as well.

      The police were there to enable violence, and when it didn’t sufficiently escalate they acted to escalate it. Wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it for myself. Extremely obvious, no other possible explanation. Discredit the right. I’ll never trust any policeman again, not that they were high on my trust list to begin with. Following orders more important than protecting the public and keeping order.

      I went there to see for myself who the ‘alt right” were, there were so many trying to publicly put them in a definition box. What I learned instead was that the government is totally in the pocket of the left, and that they will stop at nothing. I had been thinking that Berkeley was a Left coast phenomenon. Not so.

      That experience helped me understand just how immediate is the threat, and how far gone Virginia government is.

      And so, while I do not consider myself “alt right”, whatever that is, I owe the movement first hand experience and knowledge gained I’d not have otherwise had.

      BTW, I think the above commenter is overcharacterizing the TWP, who were nothing but civil to me that day, though they knew nothing about me, nor me about them.

      • Probably three in four accounts at Gab are shills. You can see the wedges being driven. This Patrick Little guy who nobody had heard of before last week. It really feels like a mop-up operation is underway.

      • And that proves my point. You don’t fight the enemy on his chosen battlefield. Not from a position of weakness, with uncertain leadership. The alt-right got cocky and too full of itself and learned that they were in no way ready to play in the big leagues, and you can’t blame that on infiltration or provocateurs. That’s on self-appointed leaders more interested in self promotion, media attention and enrichment than in building something viable. That’s the problem with the alt-right, they’re mostly hucksters looking to make a buck.

        • The only thing we weren’t ready for was an alliance between antifa and government. The attempt was still worth it, as it woke a fair number of people up to the nature of the threat against whites. See swrichmond’s post above. It also triggered shitlibs to an unbelievable degree, leading to massive intrusions into the 1A (incl trying to ban a website from existing anywhere on the internet), antifa chimpouts across the nation, journalists screeching about Hitler, etc. etc.

      • All Government is “of the Left” … in that, all Government is Collectivist.

    • Actually the alt-right won every street battle even when heavily outnumbered except cville when the cops chose to side with antifa. Many in the alt-right at those events were combat vets.

      The problem is that the cost of street violence is currently not worth it, I think we put the cart before the horse. You don’t do violence for the sake of violence but to accomplish something. I have a feeling that 2018 midterms will have a lot of street violence as Leftists try to control polling locations as they did in 2016 CA primaries.

    • It’s far more than that. Making the criticism of Jewish influence in culture and politics a large part of your bedrock is one thing. If it stopped at that it would have been a valid edge added onto paleoconservatism. But featuring Julius Streicher-like polemics, major Holocaust denial, alliance with the most kook of the Nazizoid strains in the American right, Nazi-like gestures, marching with “Jews will not replace us” placards was a major error, moral as well as political.
      Organizing a conference in Budapest with an explicitly antisemitic party, Jobbik, and a publishing house that puts out Hitler adulation books was a part of that sorry pattern. Viktor Orban, the best head of state that white people have anywhere in the world, passed the early verdict when he shut them down and put Spencer in jail.
      Hitler is the worst thing that ever happened to the white race. The Made-in-Germany Holocaust is the most thoroughly documented event in history. The next movement that wants to countervail against negative Jewish influences had better start from that premise.

  34. As you said, the best thing is that the message is still spreading, despite even the censorship, and reality is too strong of a force helping.
    Brands are expendable.

    Sadly, I’ve been seeing more and more people polarizing without knowing. For instance, I know of a guy who’s literally an ideological Nazi, but he doesn’t know that and even thinks Nazism was a bad thing.
    Or this girl who calls herself ‘apolitical’, but identifies as a feminist, egalitarian, and open-border advocate, thinking there’s nothing political in any of that, it’s just “normal”.

  35. The alt-right was like a supernova. Its star blazed very bright, and very brief and once its fuel (the trump election and the aftermath) ran out, its own internal forces caused it to explode.

    But its story doesnt end.. it leaves behind a very dense remnant, and this singularity warps the culture around it. The supernova also leaves a nebula of cultural and political debris, and in this nebula many new stars are forming.

    The culture has been permanently altered by the alt-right. Even the Enemy feels it. Ideas are always more popular then movements, and the ideas and issues that created the alt-right still exist. And because they still exist new alt-rights will keep emerging.

  36. The alt-right name has to go and take the taint with it. Spencer will doubtless continue to participate in politics as a rodeo clown, but whatever groups follow after the alt-right should know better than to associate with him, Anglin, Weev, Kessler, Enoch, etc. Agent provocateurs showed themselves by the dozens in the last year and those who avoided them have prospered.

    Thankfully Jared Taylor’s white advocacy hasn’t been totally destroyed by the above’s malign stupidity and/or sabotage.

    • I think the confiscation of the domain pretty much ended the label. It’s the symbolism of it. George Hawley, the Alabama professor who has been writing about and lecturing on the alt-right has decided to move onto other things. He says there is a steep drop in interest. As far as Spencer, he could turn himself into a dancing monkey or maybe just move on to something new. If I were him, I’d lay low for a while, get all the legal stuff resolved and work on the second act.

      • Yes, the brand is dead, but that isn’t stopping the dimly lit from attempting to hold the quenched torch aloft. They need to not fall prey to sunk cost fallacy and move on.

    • If the media are told to do a hatchet job on you; they’ll demonise whatever name you use, no matter how innocuous.

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