Nothing To Offer

From the 1930’s through the 1970’s, the American Left completely controlled the political agenda. They pushed through Civil Right, the creation of the welfare state, the parameters of economic policy and foreign policy. The Left defined the terms and the parameters of the political debate. Then, Reagan won in 1980 and the Left suddenly looked like an old fighter, long past his prime. They could not control the agenda and they had no one in leadership that did not look ridiculous. It really did seem like they were a spent force.

That was the main reason Bush the Elder was able to win in 1988. The Democrats put up Mike Dukakis, who may have been the most ridiculous presidential candidate in American history. In the 12 years the Republicans held the White House, the Left tried to rebuild itself to be relevant in the post-Cold War era, but ultimately the only thing they learned from the Reagan years was that they needed a better media strategy. The lesson they learned from the 1980’s was the Reagan was really good using television to win over voters.

That was the funny part of the Clinton years. He won in 1992, mostly because Bush could not think of a reason why anyone should vote for him. Clinton played the Boomer card and they hired Hollywood professionals to run their marketing efforts. In fact, that was pretty much what the new and improved Left was in the 1990’s, a better media strategy. It was not just the highly stylized ads, but the way they choreographed their events and how they spun the media. The idea of a spin room was an invention of team Clinton.

The Left seemed to revive itself in the Bush years, first over the results of the election in Florida and then over the wars. For the first time in a generation or more, the Left had a cause and it had energy. It was not enough win them the election in 2004, but they did get the House in 2006 and they put Obama in the White House. Then it was a repeat of the Clinton years, in that the Left had nothing to offer,  which resulted in their annihilation in the 2010 election. The Obama presidency was not all that different from the Bush presidency.

Another way of thinking about the forty years of American politics is that the post-war Left ran out of gas in the 1970’s and was knocked out by the Conservative Movement in the 1980’s. Like an old fighter, they staggered on for a while, but their time was over. Then the Right lost their punch in the disastrous Bush years, much like how the Left destroyed itself in the 1970’s. That makes the Obama years an interregnum, a period  between the death of the old political dynamic and the next phase, which is what’s shaping up now.

The fact that Trump won the nomination is proof that the conservative movement is a spent force. Add in the fact that swamp creatures like McCain and Kristol were part of the dirty tricks effort and Conservative Inc’s impotence is even more clear. On that score, the Left is looking even more useless. They had the FBI, DOJ and foreign intelligence agencies working for them and they were not able to beat Trump. They have not even been able to muster a decent resistance to what Trump is doing as President.

This is a bit of a meandering post, but what got me thinking about all of this is this story about a Democrat candidate in West Virginia. The Left is hoping this guy has the secret answer for how to win elections in the Trump era. They are working from the theory that it was Trump’s earthy style that won him the election, rather than his position on trade and immigration. Instead of coming up with a plausible set of alternatives to what Trump is doing, they are hoping a better marketing strategy will magically solve their problems.

The coordinated PR campaign about the children at the border is another example of the establishment making lots of noise, but offering no substance. They get everyone’s attention about the alleged crisis at the border, but then they have absolutely nothing to offer as a remedy. It’s as if the establishment is a cargo cult, where they think if they stand around on TV flapping their arms the right way, the world will magically return to the way it was before 2016. Both sides remain paralyzed by the lack of a reason to exist.

Maybe that is the way to think about the last forty years of politics. The neo-liberal order, the grand project of our ruling class since the waning days of the Cold War, was a creation that never had a purpose. Once the new world order was in place, inertia carried it along, but for no real reason. Once resistance built up against it, the champions could not come up with a answer for why it should continue, other than to chant “our democracy and values.” It’s why they have no answers for the challenge of national populism.

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  1. “That was the funny part of the Clinton years. He won in 1992, mostly because Bush could not think of a reason why anyone should vote for him.”

    Actually, Ross Perot had something to do with it.

  2. I think the fact that, with the FBIs and the CIAs and the DOJs all colluding and failing to stop Trump we at least have the knowledge that they are idiots.

  3. I am persuaded by Z that the left has “nothing to offer” with respect to specific policies. But they do have an effective grand strategy, which is to unite the fringe groups to overthrow traditional white America. Their tactics are enflaming, elevating and affirming aggrieved minority groups while dissolving our immigration policies and borders. Seems to be a powerful and efficacious strategy, which offers much to their client groups.

  4. When AMLO, the Fidel Castro of Mexico, gets elected, the Dems will have their foreign troops. Carlos Slim and California will coordinate from both ends.

    • That is possibly the worst decision they could ever make. Bring foreign troops in?
      It would galvanize resistance, hell it already is and it’s “kids” being separated from their families. Screeching harpies and their orbiting soibois on social media don’t speak for the majority.
      Real people don’t give a rats ass, they want them gone.
      Aleksader Nevsky my ass, roll us some Latino troops in and the carnival will really start. Goddamn that makes me salivate, they surely couldn’t make it that easy.

      • Woops! Sorry, I was thinking of poor, oppressed refugees seeking a better life to enrich and reform the racist H8ers. You know, the kind of vibrant uplift all the wimmin-n-children from MENA are gifting to fascist Europe.

  5. Because here is Ojeda, a pro-labor, twang-talking, plainspoken populist

    “Populist” is good when he’s a Democrat, but the dark spectre of fascism if he’s a Republican. I’ve seen this movie.

    I certainly hope the people of WV won’t fall for this NEA-backed commie. And I do mean commie: his labor shtick is straight out of the playbook of the communist agitators of the labor movement in the early 20th century.

    He’s been a mostly limited fundraiser, too, in part because he takes no money from anybody except individual donors and labor unions.

    Hah, as if taking money from labor unions isn’t the near-equivalent of taking mob money.

    I keep reading deeper in the article and it just gets worse:

    Ojeda was surrounded by a rapt half-moon of teachers. His eyes were wide, and he was jabbing the air with a finger. “We are on the next Saudi Arabia!” he was hollering. “They’ve said that—the energy people said that! So, if we’re on the next Saudi Arabia, obviously they want it to be just like Saudi Arabia, where you have about 10 people driving around in Lamborghinis and everybody else eatin’ sand sandwiches! That’s what they want. Guess what? No!” He told them the people who give him money are regular folks. Labor unions. That’s it. “I don’t give a shit about Big Energy!” he yelled. They erupted again in applause.

    He should be worried God will strike him dead on the spot for spouting such pernicious bullshit.

    BTW, Saudi Arabia is a leftist’s economic paradise: The government controls most of the economy and pays massive benefits to citizens out of its oil revenue.

  6. I have my own election quandary to puzzle through…a thoroughly establishment GOP congresswomen with a Venezuela Democrat as her likely opponent. I’m pretty tired of having to choose the lesser evil. Considering her championing immigration amnesty, I’m not sure it’s the lesser evil. I know Trump doesn’t need a Democratic Congress to harass him, but I’ve really had it with this bunch.

  7. He won in 1992, mostly because Bush could not think of a reason why anyone should vote for him.

    Even the supposedly charismatic and media savvy Clinton never won a majority of the popular vote for President. He went up against terrible opponents (Bush, Dole) and all three of those men were so uninspiring that each election, substantial amounts of the electorate voted for Ross Perot. Those were weird elections. They were an early warming tremor of the movement that brought us Trump — 9/11 and the prospect of the First Black President both worked to delay that movement.

  8. Buried in this story is who the opponent was – and his political affiliation.

    It was a DEMOCRAT that is said to have been behind that beating.

  9. To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.
    – Charles Krauthammer

    • Charles Krauthammer was one of a group of (((neocons))) who successfully advocated our illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq. Thousands of our men died for nothing and we spent trillions. All to please Israel. Couldn’t stand any of Krauthammer’s ideas though by all accounts he was an intelligent and genial man, adored by many. May he rest in peace.

    • Conservatives think they’re misinformed (frontal cortex reasoning)- liberals think they’re evil (hamster hindbrain emoting).

      Position papers vs TV images

  10. “He won in 1992, mostly because Bush could not think of a reason why anyone should vote for him”
    Jesus, this cuts to the heart of that election. Bravo.

  11. The reason for the neoliberal order to exist is that it has created a huge amount of wealth—Gilded Age levels of wealth—for some people. Those people and their hangers-on are very keen that it should continue. The neoliberal order has damaged, even ruined, the lives of millions of other people. Some of those people are beginning to twig that the neoliberal order is not their friend.

  12. I cannot envision a time where we escape the cumulative and poisonous effects of universal suffrage. The most amoral and calculating individuals are first to understand what democracy actually is and how to despise and fatter the mob at the same time. Honest men do not have the heart for this work, and able men have the sense to not attempt it. We are trapped in a system that is and can only be a one way ride toward Utopia. When we occasionally walk backward on the train we are still moving forward.

    • Republicans : Democrats ::
      Elmer Fudd : Bugs Bunny ::
      Washington Generals : Harlem Globetrotters ::
      Charlie Brown : Lucy with the football

  13. Keep an eye on Hickenlooper of Colorado. It looks like he is being groomed for Pres. or VP in 2020

    • Party of Diversity let a white man be chief again?
      Most likely he’ll be the Tim Kaine to Kamala Harris’s Hillary.

  14. I disagree with “Dukakis…may have been the most ridiculous presidential candidate in American history.” Second place, no doubt. But clearly Obama wins this contest hands down. Dukakis at least served in the army and was a governor for 12 years. Obama never had a real job in his life. He was Al Sharpton, but with a facade smooth enough to fool gullible white people. He was a lazy grifter who could not say good morning to his kids without a teleprompter. He got into Ivy league schools with a C average thanks to affirmative action. In government, he never accomplished anything. He was just the phony salesman, even on his signature healthcare law, which was really designed by Reid, Pelosi and their staffs. If he was white, he would be an unsuccessful personal injury lawyer.

    • Like many prominent blacks, he was a front man – he got the attention and applause, but someone else did the work.

    • Went to college at the same time and at an analogous school to Obama. Theory was always that his grades were fine, but what he did not want voters to see was the transcript full of Marxist crap and courses such as “Why Colonialists Were Really Really Bad People”. He probably had straight “A”. Will never forget my foray into Black Studies, when I took a course on West African writers taught by a Guyanese visiting professor from Oxford. Was one of 2 or 3 white people in the class and maybe one of a half dozen that did not flunk the first two papers…the AA Studies folks were used to just throwing some crap on a paper and getting a passing grade. This guy was the first rigorous instructor they’d run across. It was sort of comical. Ended up with an “A”. And pissed a lot of the bro’s off to boot.

    • The Affordable Care Act was written by health insurance lobbyists. Reid, Pelosi, et al. probably never read the thing. The utility of our politicians is in passing corporate-leaning laws and facilitating their public-leeching ways of profiting.

      • Nobody read the 2800 page thing because it had been hastily printed the night before, and had been on Congress’ desks for twenty minutes when they voted on it.

        The unworkable website that crashed on the first day had been farmed out to two Mafia buddies of Michelle in Windsor, Canada.

        We’ve forgotten the historic, remarkable incompetence of the Obama buffoons.

  15. Their answer is raw power. Control of electronic financial transfers, control of internet histories, use of the police, etc

  16. “They get everyone’s attention about the alleged crisis at the border, but then they have absolutely nothing to offer as a remedy.”

    Isn’t their remedy to just let everyone in?

  17. I thinkmone of the scariest aspects of the Trump presidency for both Democrats and Republicans lies in it’s potential for destruction of over a century of schoolbook propaganda against populism. People who have ALL, every single one of them, been taughtbthat William Jennings Bryan was a nutcase who had no business even running for office and only came close to it because of his brash oratorical style– like a demagogue from ancient Athens.

    Trump is giving us a peekminto what things might have been like with a Bryan presidency, and it is by no means the disaster the schoolbooks promised.

    When you think about how much money and effort goes into training people throughout their lives to avoid a certain type of politician and it fails, it is much easier to understand the utter dread the elites feel.

    I’ll only point out one more thing about comparing Trump to an Athenian demagogue.

    The Athenian demagogue was a natural imperialist for two reasons. One is that Athens had not the ability to feed herself with the resources at hand. One thing most schoolbooks don’t point out is that Athens in her golden years had been fed mostly by grain from the area we now call the Ukraine and Crimea. This required control of the Bosphorus and Hellespont. The other reason is that from the time that Pericles pulled everyone inside the walls of the city during the Peloponnesian War the old traditional nase of voters, the hoplites, were destroyed as a political force. The main body of voters was now urban and historically poor. The largest and most powerful bloc of voters was the rowers of the triremes, many of whom were descendants of the class of people who were freed from debt slavery by Solon. The coalition was also cemented by those being paid to be on juries.

    The demagogue in Athens knew he needed two things to remain in power. Control of access to the Black Sea, and money to pay jurors. In that day and age this meant an imperialistc policy.

    America has the means to feed herself, and our money is made of paper, or worse, ones and zeroes. The elites have known this since the days of Bryan, and what has their policy been? Imperialism and paying poor people to participate in the political process.

    Who is the real demagogue here? I think the question answers itself.

  18. Part of what sunk Bush 1 was when he put pressure on the settlers. Steve Sailer once hinted this too, I believe. It’s typically difficult to beat an incumbent. But who knows, some old crusty battle axe might come out of the shadows suddenly saying things that make sense and split the vote on you!

  19. The left doesn’t need substance to gain power. They wisely imported a new electorate that will automatically vote for them. That is why the 9th circuit court will do everything in its power to stop any substantive changes to open borders.

    • Despite your extravagant name I’d have to agree with you. I like when Z and other leading voices give us hope about the Left having no ideas etc. But yeah, soon it will all be about the numbers.

      • You seem to be learning Frip. Here’s a little something to ponder: the numbers problem has already been solved. The answer wasn’t 42, either. It was 700, issued from a claymore mine. The answer went from slings, to arrows, with a sprinkling of caltrops and a detour to mustard agent to the beltfeds first. Just imagine what the next, better answer will be!

        There will be no fix without blood. This ain’t Czechoslovakia.

        • When the commie numbers became so large that the presidency is permanently captured, the nation will break up. No point in being a part of a commie-progressive country like Mexico.

  20. This is how I see it: people sense there is something awry in American society that’s getting worse and want remedy. They lurch back and forth from party to party, seeking an answer, but to no avail because both parties are flip sides of the same coin. It’s become a rigged system. Trump has come the closest to giving us what we desire, hence the bilateral unhinged hysteria over him.

  21. Wonder how many pieces of silver it took for Ojeda to whore himself out to the Democrats, who will entice more ambitious former military officers of the Diversity Army to sell themselves as “regular folks” to the rural rubes. (I’m a Western Pennsylvanian, so this is exactly the same as Conor Lamb’s challenge to Keith Rothfus in my newly redrawn district)

    I can understand Ojeda’s motivation in part, as the Republicans love to pimp veterans as window dressing, but any dissident right vet with real political ambitions knows that they don’t have the patronage or the money to rise to any real influence within the Party of Cuck or the neocons. So where does an ambitious politician on the make get a ready made network of patrons and money and organization desperately willing to recruit some Trojan Horses for a chance at power and money while serving a master that they are familiar with from their days kneeling to Obama’s political commissars when they wore a uniform? The same place Ojeda and Lamb scuttled off to when they took off their uniforms.

    • Funny how Lamb’s first political ad featured him with an AR platform rifle…that is now gone down the memory hole.

      • I remember that ad, which made me laugh hysterically, since Lamb was a pogue JAG lawyer who touched a rifle once a year when he had to qual at the range. The closest he ever got to the wars was sitting in an office in Okinawa, burning lance corporals for drug pops and getting caught screwing locals off base…but that cuck idiot the Party of Stupid ran against him never called him out for being a Judas.

    • Trojan Horses- with the Dems recruiting military intelligence careerists. Indeed.

      It’s the mil intel guys who run drug farms in the Third World. The Nomenklatura is consolidating.

  22. It’s understandable to contrast the R vs D politicians and draw conclusions, and it’s correct to say that none of the political class have any answers. Z-man is correct on these points … politics attracts people who prefer style & empty rhetoric over substance & decisive action.

    But if we believe that “politics is downstream of culture” it seems the larger issue is the ever-increasing ignorance of the American voter … their hunger for snappy headlines and tabloid “news,” their disdain for details and the absence of noodling through complex policy arguments. If we Americans were “amused to death” in Neil Postman’s era, what are we now? Amused, anesthetized, and illiterized to death? These political stooges get to their platforms via the American voter, and there’s the problem. Walk through your nearest Wal-Mart and people watch, or speak with a recent high school (or college) graduate and discuss the latest books they’ve read. We’re not governed by political hacks as much as we’re ungoverned by the illiterati.

  23. Have said before the problem with the far left is that it is a mortally wounded animal–and the nihilism you see now with the Democrats illustrates their willingness to do anything to pull the rest of us into the void with them. Don’t “misunderestimate” that resolve. The spectacle of Congresswoman Hairhat from CA openly calling for people to stalk, harass and potentially commit violence on the political opposition shows just how mainstream this thinking is on the left. See it here behind enemy lines every day–people my age who, though always left leaning, now shriek, hoot, holler and otherwise “Triple Crown” themselves in social media and public every day. And the problem is they are fetishizing “resistance”, including violence against those who dare dissent. Problem is the vast majority of them have no real acquaintance with what they advocate. And they’ll probably incite an increasing number of the younger and less stable to actually do the deed. That ain’t gonna end well.

    • It certainly won’t end well.

      We are only one or two incidents away from it going pear shaped on us.

      The scary thing is, is the silence from the Democratic leadership. They aren’t condemning Waters comments at all. This imeans agreement that they either support it or are too cowardly to confront lunatics like Waters.

      Maybe they think they can terrorize us into submission. I don’t know.,

      • From what I’m seeing on the wire today…Booker and the other “here hold my beer” crazies are doubling down on the “Waters solution”

      • That’s why just for shits and giggles I wear the “Pinochet’s Helicopter Tours” t-shirt that my kids gave me. Here in Proggie land it annoys the crap out of them.

  24. Excellent piece.

    Neither side has a answer to national populism for the simple reason both hate it. It is a threat to the established order and hence has always been a curse word among the political class since Huey Long(who terrified them, though Roosevelt stole his ideas).

    The thing is both parties are owned by the elites and always have been. The GOP more so than the Democrats up until Clinton who killed off the FDR wing. Both toyed with populism to win elections but always revert to neoliberal economic policies once in office.

    Trump’s election was a black swan event which has driven the elites insane and forced them to expose their deep state machine.and MSM as agents of the elites control system. This has allowed people to see what a sham the government and it’s elected reps really are.

    That said, the current system is in it’s death throes and we may descend into a civil as a result of it.

    • Yes yes it exposed the machine for sure. One wonders how long this groundwork has been being laid.

  25. The Clinton’s and Obama used the power of government to acquire great wealth by selling out the country. That was their goal, and the other stuff was just window dressing used to hide the real mission. They use focus group data gathering and Gramscian methodologies to win over 50% pus one. This is the only area where they value efficiency as an end in itself.

  26. Trump achieved what Palin and Huckabee tried in 2008 and 2012 and failed. Unite the cultural and economic populists into a national conservative/right wing populist coalition. If he can deliver on even 60-70% of his promises, this coalition will be a winning force for at least 4 election cycles and can bring the country back from the abyss. The corporate cuckservatives can join the corrupt DLC Clinton-Obama machine and form a new cosmopolitan globalist party. However, if the new right overplays their hand and embraces crude alt-right tribalism, game over and the left will win.

    • Trump may win in 2024, but the left will win in 2028 or 2032 due simply to demographics. Our political future at the Federal level is that Democrats will have a permanent lock on the Presidency and Republicans will have a permanent lock on the Senate. The House will trend Democrat but the transition will take longer due to gerrymandering and the idiosyncrasies of each district.

      Unless the voting patterns of blacks, Hispanics, and Asians change, there’s nothing we can do to change this future. If whites continue to abandon the Democratic party we may slow the tide of change, but it is inevitable. Whites are going to be a minority in a pluralistic society, and that will have electoral repercussions.

      At the Federal level we need to focus on removing power from the Presidency in favor of Congress, and particularly the Senate, and on changing the rules of the Senate to dump the filibuster.

      The good news is that Republicans will control a large majority of states. With some luck a new Federalism will emerge.

      • The minority white scenario can be delayed by 20 years by limiting legal and eliminating illegal invasion. Trump can do that but he needs the support of White America this Novermber.

        Blacks will become a non-entity in 16 years due to their proportion of the electorate dropping below 10%. If the populist right can get more black votes, great. It is the Hispanic vote that needs to be worked on.
        It is worth noting that Trump got less white votes than Romney. He was saved by more Hispanics voting for him and less blacks voting against him.

        Hispanics especially males respect macho alpha men. Cucking and pandering to them gets no respect or votes. Which is why Trump got more hispanic votes than Romney even though Willard was stepping over his dick pandering to the illegals.

        • JEB Busheron, please phone home. More than 50% of “American” k-12 schoolchildren are non-White. More Whites die than are born every day in 26 states. Per government numbers and self-reported race, America was 57.2% non-Hispanic White in 2017 – when “White” includes 2% Jews, 1% Arabs, and an indeterminate number of Latin Americans calling themselves White. Yet you confidently assert that “the minority White scenario can be delayed by 20 years” . . . by appealing to Hispanic voters???!!! Reminds me of a variety of Sailer commenters who continue to claim the average Mexican mestizo is majority European, when the Mexican government’s own genomic study clearly demonstrated that, although the mixture varies widely by area, on the whole the mixture averages 65% Indigenous and only 35% European, African, and Asian.

          • Oh my comprehension and math challenged poster, first I said that the white minority status can be delayed in 20 years by cutting legal immigration and kicking the ass of the illegal invaders not by appealing to Hispanic voters.

            Second it is not the fault of non-whites that whites are choosing not to have babies. If immigration is made zero this instant white numbers would *still* be in absolute decline.

            Third, if white deaths outnumber births in states like Idaho and Montana it does not count for jack shit. What really matters is white birth-death balance in states like TN,TX,AL,MS etc.

            Fourth, I have said already the Trumpian populist right can appeal to *some* Hispanics. I never said that Trump needs to grovel and pander to the Hispanics, just Trump being Trump will bring more Hispanics aboard. As long it is enough to deny the RAT party, it is enough.

            But hey, continue dreaming your Reichgoon dreams and see where that gets you.

        • Not unless Non Whites are removed.

          In any case this is not a situation that can be dealt with by voting your way out, The elite won’t change course and the elite of other nations are even more corrupt than ours

          You will have to figure out what you want for a future nation and when the situation is right, take it by force.

          Or become Novo Brasil.

          Your choice

          • Oh wow, more forced exile and genocide. I will take Novo Brazil over 1990’s Yugoslavia.

          • I wouldn’t. The Left will never leave me and mine alone or stop importing people. In any case it would be spitting on my ancestors if I failed to take an opportunity to restore the Republic if it came

          • Hey Genius, once this country descends into ethnic cleansing based civil war, there will be no fucking Republic to restore. You will have 25-50 million dead and the USA would become a permanent basket case. But hey it would be racially pure. Why don’t you move to Croatia or Serbia. That seems to be more your speed.

        • “It is worth noting that Trump got less white votes than Romney.”
          Romney got about 58% of the white vote, Trump about 57%. When you consider that millions more votes were cast for 3rd parties in 2016 than in 2012 that small 1 point drop doesn’t look significant in terms of saying anything about Trump’s popularity among whites vs Romney’s. Her crookedness’ own share of the white vote dropped considerably more than did Trump’s, which suggests that it is she who paid most of the price for the shift of support towards 3rd parties.

      • What we need to concentrate on is destroying the hammerlock that the Republican and especially Democrat parties have on politics in this country. Many of the founders thought that political parties should be banned. We failed to do that – and what we’ve got now is a big problem exactly because there are only two parties. The Democrats put together their coalitions of all the dis-affected white haters – and the piece of the puzzle that whites can’t seem to get thru their thick heads is that most of the different groups in that coalition don’t really like each other all that much either. But they’re forced together because of the lock the two party system has.

        Blow that up and you might end up with a full bore Commie party, a Black party – an Asian party, vaginally distressed female party, etc……… – but you’d probably also be able to play the political game better as white people because there would now be a mechanism to set enemy parties against each other and come out on top.

      • You may not like it, but Normie boomer whites wll not vote for white tribalism and you will lose ALL the minority vote. It is the recipe for a 49-state defeat. Right wing populism is the closest viable electoral alternative to the alt-right which can get elected and implement a good portion of the alt-right agenda.

          • Nope sorry, I despise the Bush clan if Jeb is a right-wing populist then I am Santa Claus. Right wing populism does favor steep cuts in (legal) immigration and strict penalties for illegal invasion. it also does not indulge in blind worship of “muh free market” and free trade. Trump is correctly a Right Wing populist. Jeb is a carpetbagging clueless cuckservative

        • The Boomers are dying of old age and in a few years will not matter anyway.

          The very youngest Boomers are 53 and that lot of closer to Gen X than the older members of their generation

          That are a non issue in the time frames being considered and to reiterate, this problem is probably not solvable by political means

          Its going to fall to the men who deal in lead

    • UpYours’s is a valuable contrarian observation, because it almost certainly reflects what the campaign professionals are telling each other.

    • I think you have it exactly wrong. The lesson of the last half century is that in a multi-racial society identity trumps ideology. The Left has won every single important battle in these decades, often simply by name calling their white opponents. The Left now has the power of Chairman Mao; having long since removed their enemies from the seats of power, now chasing their opponents out of public spaces like restaurants and publically shaming them The comservative/right wing populist coalition you call for will be more effective against the identity left than the current conservative/civic nationalist coalition for what reason? What you call ‘crude tribalism’ has delivered America for the Left and the counter is identity politics for whitey. Wrap whatever ideology around that core you want, it’s not very relevant.

      • For the very simple reason that it will get the Normie whites on board and can withstand the media onslaught. The alt-right wilted into obscurity by a single well laid trap at Charlottesville. Also, the right wing populist coalition can get much more non-white voters than the current cuckservative “coalition” and get much more rust belt white voters too.

        BTW, Trump won more Hispanic votes than El-Cucko McCain and El-Pandero Romney.

        Simple, a strong America first message and a populist economic platform combined with strong immigration enforcement and cutting the low wage tidal wave post 1986 will win election every single time. A racial nationalist platform will lose and lose horribly.

  27. The main shift I’ve seen as an outcome of our last election, and the tremors in England and now Italy, is that there’s been a redefinition of terms so stark that it would be an understatement to call it Orwellian. The manipulation job being done on us isn’t even as discreet as Big Brother; it’s more like the eyelids peeled open and drops administered, a la “Clockwork Orange.” Democracy and loyalty to the concept of the nation-state is now called populism or the far-right (this despite the fact that the coalitions defending the nation-state in Italy and even now in Germany have elements from both the left and right in them). Democracy now means loyalty to a supra-national un-elected group of ex-communists and socialists and neoliberal capitalists trying to strip Europeans of their free speech, their basic rights, and their assets (mob loan sharks don’t set vigorish the way the EU bank bullies Greece and tried and failed to bully Italy).

    I’m watching the midterms, but the real test for America will come when we see who or what the Dems put up in 2020. Do they go for dumb and hapless (some white remnant of the old coalition, like Biden or Sherrod Brown) or do they go dumb and evil with an outright Kill Whitey type like Kamala Harris or Corey Booker? If the “Muh Vagina” contingent has recovered from Hillary’s loss, maybe they go with Elizabeth Warren.

    • I’m betting that whoever it is, Obama will be brought back as Vice President. The flaunted Return.

  28. >”That was the funny part of the Clinton years. He won in 1992, mostly because Bush could not think of a reason why anyone should vote for him.”

    People forget the importance of Ross Perot in that election. He got nearly a quarter of the vote, and siphoned off way more votes from Bush than from Clinton. If he’d run as a Republican, he probably would have won, and, oddly enough, Trump ended up winning on a distinctly Perot-esque economic and trade policy.

    • Perot was a harbinger, but lacked the pure animal cunning of Trump. We were also still in that weird period where people were still buying Fukuyama’s “End of History” bullshit. By the time Trump came along, enough of the electorate finally figured out the world is now a multilaterally dangerous place and survival requires making sure your son-of-a-bitch is tougher than the other guys son-of-a-bitch. The reign of Obama the Flexible just cemented the resolve.

    • Perot-Buchanan or Buchanan-Perot would have been the double-down, we’ve-got-balls-and-aren’t-controlled-by-them ticket in ’92 or ’96, and it would have been great, especially with the sting of “read my lips” still smarting. But we were cowed by the slightest hint of being called “racist” or “anti-semitic.” And we were sold “free trade” by the big donors. Let us remember the lesson and never cuck again!

      • Perot hit that nail on the head with NAFTA. One wise strategy that I think Trump is following is a preference for bi-lateral agreements. He’s seen how multilaterals can be gamed and the fact is, as soon as you conclude one of these things, it is already obsolescent. But curing defects in a bi-lateral deal is much, much easier.

    • Zman mentioned Clinton’s slickly-produced Hollywood campaign ads. Remember Perot’s ads? Simple homemade charts and graphs showing facts and figures. While Perot was talking about specific issues (that Giant Sucking Sound) and how to solve them, Clinton would get teary-eyed and look sincere and speak about how much he cared about the family or “we’ll do it for the children” while walking through a grassy meadow with Hillary and Chelsea. A great example of style vs. substance.

      • It also helped Bush that most of the US was a White nation , heavily industrial in 1992 , it was like 75% White and many areas now that resemble Latin America were pleasant White towns back than.

        There was also no Internet and no easy way to bypass the elites manipulation

      • And I think Trump took a big clue from that. Instead of a massive media buying campaign, he got on his plane and knocked down 3-4 massive rallies a day, just speaking to people. Meanwhile, the best the Dems could do was rouse the old gray mare from the barn a few times a week. People noticed that.

    • AntiD;

      Bush I is an interesting transition figure. It was he, I believe, who first proclaimed ‘the new global order’ in public after the collapse of the USSR. People used to hint darkly that this was when the ‘three letter agencies’ took over, creating the ‘deep state’. I used to scoff.

      But since the career arc of Stefan Halper, the FBI agent-provocateur operated against G. Papadopolis in the summer of 2016 became known, I don’t scoff any more. Halper was spawn of the deep state, literally married into it, worked in both Bush I and Bush II admins in the sort of vague-sounding jobs that are usually cover for operatives of one of the three letter agencies, most likely the CIA, etc.

      Bush I *was* head of the CIA before Reagan was persuaded to make him VP and hence his natural successor. In 1991 he looked invincible after his Gulf War I victory. IMHO, he lost because Perot was able to split the ‘fiscal cons’ away from the Reagan coalition. GHWB’s going back on his promise, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” made him look both stupid and duplicitous at the same time: A man of the sordid past, best replaced by an aspirational glamorous Boomer, etc.

      Clinton also convinced the Boomer elite females that their ship was about to come in. But the real question for me is how did a pair of Arkansas grifters come to so completely own The Cloud_?

  29. Holy crap, I picture sitting next to Z at a bar. Every paragraph here would make for the ultimate conversation. So much to say. But I’ll just add one feeble point. The ebb and flow of each party’s candidates Z mentioned, I think, had a lot to do with personality. To a very real coolness factor. After all, Americans still know cool…now hip. Kennedy, cool – won. Nixon – fuck if I know…hipster doofis? Carter – semi gay librarian, lost. Reagan, cool as hell grandpa, won. Old George Bush, elegant faggot, but impossible to lose to dork-ass Dukakis. Clinton very cool, wins. Young Bush, cool bar buddy, wins. Obama, smooth negro beats charmless old man and woman. Trump, doesn’t give a fuck bartender, beats old hen. Never underestimate the power of sheer personality in America. My bet is, no matter what the party, the next coolest guy wins.

    • You know who controls “cool”? The left. Of course they do not have total control — nobody could possibly make Jimmy Carter cool in 1980. (In 76 though… well, read Hunter Thompson.) But they can certainly bend cool in their direction.

      • That’s why the meme economy is so absolutely frightening to the left/progs. They understand the power of subversive grassroots media, and have spent a year and a half trying to destroy it on social media.

      • The Left can’t control cool. But they can decide who can be cool AND be known, or unknown…disappeared. It’s remarkable to think that in all of Hollywood and Pop-Rock music, there’s not one star who’s publically on the Right. (James Woods doesn’t really cut it). Rock stars are pitiful. Their whole schtick is rebellion, or at least going against the grain. But every single one of them is in lockstep with the establishment. Not one of them will write even a typically lyrically vague song about being fed up with PC, or questioning the Left.

        Remember when Gary Oldman (unquestionably cool), was on Jimmy Fallon, and praised Krauthammer’s book? That was so smashingly odd coming from a Hollywood star. That’s what we need. Just a few cool stars to make it ok for others to talk non-hatefully about us. It would free Chad & Stacy to speak their minds in public. But jesus we don’t have even ONE.

        Back to cool candidates. I hate to say it, but if George Clooney runs I think he easily wins the presidency.

        • Clooney might be able to take the Boomer vote but no one under I don’t know 50 or 60 cares about the guy or watches much that he is in.

          For the next decade or so, Boomer’s will still have control over the political sphere but after that?

          Things get dicey and I suspect the divisions will grow to the point where maintaining the empire will grow increasingly difficult

          This is a good thing, repatriation and strong Federalism or separation are the only paths to a functional union

          We won’t choose this so we won’t have a functional union. The only question in my mind is does it go to guns?

          This depends on D.C. I think more than anything.

    • Well said, especially your last point about Winning. I believe it is long over due we who voted or believed in what Trump is and represents, Z’s dirt people, a most appropriate people, that us dirt people recognize ourselves and our withdrawal of consent for the powers that be. We must if we are to win against the statist Neo-Bolshevik’s “deep state”, this insidious Neo-Nomenklaturer class, we must take our zeitgeist, our color revolution of 11-8-2016 as our own. I’m saying this for 2 reasons. We are first literally the most powerful political and cultural plurality in human history. Secondly, we must as a very large wide ranging group of American’s, whose plank is government of for and by the people, we must fully recognize we are that all powerful, truly legitimate plurality to begin with, really feel it in our bones, that we then create solidarity which is invincible, that n this populous gestalt we then can not be denied.
      We already have been a part of something with audacity and motive power, grass roots all the way mind you, that we, us dirt people defeated, and won against the most corrupt dictatorial political entity imaginable arrayed against us dirt people, ( we Deplorable ‘s if you prefer), the Swamp.
      We kicked its arse.
      A truly revolutionary act, this color revolution of November 9th, 2016, which in a world where a non fake 5th Column media exists, this zeitgeist would B herald as a singular event of peaceful revolution unequaled in history.
      Notice though, they gave us crickets, not even a byline recognizing the unprecedented event. We win against the largest organized crime syndicate ever created. Not a peep spoken.
      Doesn’t that prove how powerful our consent, especially our withdrawal of our consent is?
      And we have, as Andrew Breitbart put is so succinctly, guns…lots of guns. On top of our consent, we have the potential to back up our consent with our last resort against tyrants and tyranny. As Andrew also pointed out, they can’t risk it, if they push too hard too fast it will cause a violent redress by us dirt people.
      All told, us dirt people aren’t listening for the Fat Lady, we are listening for each other, and a form of solidarity between us.
      It is about the most awesome thing possible. That we bind ourselves to something larger and better than ourselves. A land of Liberty.
      Dont get cooler than that.

      I consider myself personally part of this color revolution. I desire with all my heart to be amongst the plurality. I recognize ourselves as such. And in doing so, I become I am a part of the idea of this Constitutional Republic and what it stands for. I hope you do too!
      Lets Win!

    • “Trump, doesn’t give a fuck bartender, beats old hen.”
      No wonder bartenders are so popular! They take crap off of no one-especially someone, (Clintons-the male or female version) that has no original thought. I’ll need to ask my local magic elixir pourer if he has considered politics. Now, that is cool!

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