A World Without Consequences

When I was a kid, serendipity landed me in a very nice prep school for boys. The student body was mostly drawn from the upper middle class. There were a few genuinely middle class kids and a few kids from very wealthy homes. The handful of poor kids, who got there on their wits and dumb luck, naturally stood out from the crowd. At that age, kids are keenly aware of differences in class. That’s because the awareness of group status is strongest at that age. As a result it was rough going for the poor kids initially.

My first taste of it was in the locker-room for gym class. A snotty little rich kid started giving me the business. He was smaller and weaker than me and it was obvious, at least to me, that he would not fare well in a fight with me or with anyone probably. He was not tough. He persisted and when he put his finger in my chest, I put his face into a locker a few times. The one thing poor guys know is that soft men do not react well to the sight of their own blood. My nemesis started to cry and then ran for a teacher.

His friends volunteered to tell the head master that I was the villain, so I was hauled away for interrogation. That was when I discovered that there was such a thing as bourgeois values. Poor kids never rat and they never run to the authorities. In the upper middle class, it is exactly the opposite. The winner is the guy who runs to the authorities with the most convincing tale of woe. It’s just assumed that some authority with the power to pass judgement will adjudicate matters, based on a set of unwritten rules I’d never unriddle.

Lucky for me, the school was not unfamiliar with this phenomenon. My adviser was a man who had come up from the lower classes, so he understood what it was like for us. This was why, most likely, he was assigned the poor kids. This was not obvious to me at the time. He just seemed to know what was in our heads, like he was magic. That made him extremely effective at convincing all of us that we had to adapt and learn how to outwit our enemies. By resorting to violence, I had given the others a reason to dismiss me.

The lesson we were supposed to learn is that in a civilized society, verbal and cognitive skill counts for more than physical skill. The lesson I learned is that the people populating the ruling classes of American society had decided violence was no longer a concern for them. They were never going to face a physical challenge. Instead, theirs would be a life of verbal jousting, while someone else guarded the walls. Later, I came to understand that they did not even think much about the walls or the people guarding them.

This is what I suspect is at the core of the problems vexing America. The Progressive ruling class lives in a world in which real risk, physical risk, is so alien that it may as well not exist. In fact, for them, it does not exist. The worst thing they can face is ostracism, which is why they obsess about the prevailing morality. That’s not a real concern, as long as they are aware of the boundaries. For most of the people in the elite, they have plenty of money, so losing a job is not a threat in the same way it is for the Dirt People.

Nicholas Taleb would say they lack skin in the game, but I don’t think that’s right. These people are not playing a meaningless game. It is very serious to them and they are ruthless in their execution.Those status points they hope to cash in at Davos or Jackson Hole mean everything to them. When Tim Cook walks into the bathhouse in Davos, he wants everyone to know that he is the guy leading the charge to purge dissidents from the internet. It’s important to him that he be seen as the most pious of the pious.

In a world where physical violence is a real possibility, the hierarchy of concern starts at the most personal and works outward to things like financial and reputation risk. In a prior age, the King had to worry about being killed or having his heirs killed. That was a sobering thought that led to a natural conservatism. In the current age, the rulers have no fear of physical violence and little fear of losing their stuff. That leaves them playing a game of school yard politics, in which status is set by words and signalling.

This seems to be the issue with the rising tide of censorship. They keep following a pattern. One platform bans a heretic and then it is a race for all of the others to do the same. Despite the overwhelming support for gun ownership, for example, the ruling class is racing to de-platform anything gun related. It’s monkey see, monkey do, as the Judeo-Puritan ruling class signals to one another their piety and then reacts to those signals with their own acts of piety. They are like lightning bugs on a summer evening.

What never crosses their mind is what could happen if they terrorize the wrong person and he decides to take action. They never think about what could happen if the public begins to turn on them in large numbers. No one in the ruling class thinks about the mob showing up with torches and rope. They don’t even think the mob will show up at the voting booth and cast a protest vote. Instead, they assume bad election results are the doings of gremlins and magic fairies with sinister names like Boris and Natasha.

The world they have created for themselves is one  that is surrounded by high walls and armed men that are invisible to the people inside. It is just assumed that the walls will hold and the guards will never turn their guns on the people inside. It’s never considered because they never think about it. It’s why the silly airheads on Progressive media sites can viciously attack people they claim are Nazis. They never think about the possibility of the person they ruined showing up outside their door looking settle things old school.

This is why they will keep pushing with the censorship. In fact, it is accelerating, as they furiously try to out signal one another in what has become a piety festival among our ruling classes. Some of the girls at Progressive sites, with heads full of rape fantasies, dream of provoking a response, but most simply don’t think a response is possible. They no longer see any humanity in the Dirt People. We’re just here as props in their endless morality plays they stage for one another in the land of the Cloud People.

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  1. Bullshit. The Judeo Christian values have not been your cloud peoples venue for 100 years. And I don’t think you consider yourself dirt people. God made all of this and He wins.

  2. I guess that ineffective YouTube HQ shooter–Nassim Agdham–didn’t wake them up. Of course, she was a bit of a lunatic; when it happens to someone both rational and with nothing to lose, it won’t be very pretty.

  3. Passing this on to the next generation when you barely have a grasp on it yourself is a monstrous task.

    I need to teach my kids to walk that civilized upper-class line while inculcating a willingness to act with physical violence if the situation merits it. It may be more necessary for their generation than mine.

    But my husband and I were raised on violence is never the answer. That is absurd, but it doesn’t set us up well to educate our kids. We have a gut instinct that it isn’t true but no idea how to shift out of the thinking.

  4. Look at how the ruling class acts when they know there will be pushback. It is illuminating to look at how the Management interacts with Union men. The Office wing of the building is locked down and has double doors and alarms. There is an external “workplace violence” alarm along with one for medical and hazmat emergencies. As well as a sworn-in company policeman. When doing Efficiency Testing, they always travel in packs and one particular Boss made people hand over pocket knives when he was with you. He got spooked back in the day because an employee tried to slit the throat of one of his friends from management trainee class. All this could be avoided by Management not being petty vindictive pricks, but that isn’t the corporate and industry culture. The union has offered job insurance to replace income when you are put on the street for any discipline short of insubordination, fighting, or cell phone distraction; because random job suspension smitings are how the Management drones keep score with one another in their dog eat dog Thunderdome world of corporate ladder climbing. This service has been offered for a century. Part of the on-the-job peer training to new employees is to remind them when they deal with Management that there was a time they would bring in the Pinkertons and National Guard to shoot their employees. Age old grievances and memories paired with new vexations on both sides. Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

  5. When we finally decide to “hoist the black flag”, there will be no turning back for them; they will be wiped out.

  6. This dovetails with something I heard a political researcher say a few years ago: rich people living in rich towns tend to be left wing, while rich people living in poor towns tend to be right wing. Those who live in rich towns are generally insulated from how bad things can be, particularly from the pathologies and just tiresome stupidity of the lower classes. It’s hard to have utopian ideas when you regularly interact with the left half of the bell curve.

    Another central fact about the white, educated progressives who comprise much of the managerial class is that they assume that they’re always going to be running things. It’s going to be extremely interesting to watch as nonwhites begin to threaten that hegemony. At some point they’re not just going to expect the goodwhites to write policies favorable to them (with accusations of racism at the ready if they don’t); they’re going to want to write the policies.

  7. I know this is slightly off-topic, but did you ever notice growing up that kids who were never hit by their parents were sarcastic wise-asses who reveled in making others look stupid? I think the humiliation of getting hit as a child makes you more mindful of your mouth.

  8. Cloud People? More like Clown People in Clown World. Human perception of reality is some form of collective hallucination. Dirt People are closer to phenomenal reality because they engage with it physically and contingently but there is no hope for Clown People, their insanity and hubris have transcended mere phenomenal reality. Clown People are insane and believe they’re going to upload their minds into computers and become gods. For Clown People death is a disease of the Dirt People that they will conquer via the religion of scientism and leave us all behind.

  9. It is a grave error for you to put words in N.N. Taleb’s mouth. And though you may fancy yourself, I don’t think you’re in the same league to challenge anything he’s ever written.

    • Haven,t you take a notice that we live in the era when all saints and holy cows and boogeymen dropping from thrones and every ivory tower is WTC.

  10. “It is just assumed that the walls will hold and the guards will never turn their guns on the people inside.”

    The walls will hold and the guards will maintain their places as long as they are paid in currency that will still buy things.

  11. The Cloud People aren’t insulated from physical violence only, the whole real physical world is foreign to them. Electricity comes out of little holes in the wall. Their smart phones materialize in stores when they want a new one. Grocery shelves are stocked at night by the same family of magic elves that helped out the shoemaker. Drinking water is sent by Gaia to their faucets, their waste water goes right into the RIver Styx when they flush.

    And so on. Any creatures that might assist these processes are frightening, misshapen beings that live underground and must never be seen or acknowledged.

    Thus their idiotic ideas of how the world ought to be operated and governed.

  12. And everyone reading Zman’s blog think I’m joking when I wrote that Trump should order the Park Service to construct fully functional gallows at the steps to Congress…

    • I think it’s a masterstroke. Trump, don’t answer, don’t say a word, when anybody asks what they’re for.

      He’ll never need to use them.

      • “He’ll never need to use them.”

        Wishful thinking and morally wrong… if the gallows is never used, that’s analogous to never using our firearms to oppose illegitimate .gov. We all see that results of our “patience.”

        Further, justice must be meted out to the traitors who have raped and betrayed this country, otherwise they will lay low awhile and come roaring back at the first opportunity.

    • Remember that scene from I Claudius where Tiberius and Caligula are drawing up their proscription list after the fall of Sejanus? If Trump survives Mule-er, Comey and Rosenstein he needs to do something similar or get out of town.

    • A very effective technique to bring bloviating bureaucrats, elected and otherwise, back down to reality, would be the administration of a vigorously applied “pink belly”, reminiscent of middle school days. I would gladly volunteer, with a few other 60 somethings, to hold down John Brennan for example, in public, and paddle the old blowhard’s blubbery belly. No real bodily harm, just a good dose of embarassment and helplessness.

  13. One thing not mentioned here is that a lot of those doing the most furious signalling are not old money holier-than-thou types. As Z has mentioned in the past, the newcomers are the ones who feel the need to prove that they are part of the cult. Causing the most trouble are working-class people who have been taught to be ashamed of where they come from and adopt phoney bourgeois posturing and parrot the lines of those they wish to be like. The church used to provide the working-class with a feeling of wealth and sophistication one day a week. That’s gone now and Ikea and Apple have stepped in to take its place. The same people who sneer at the “Nazis” who fix their plumbing and man the supermarket checkouts are secretly eating hot dogs and watching trashy TV when nobody is watching. These are the worst types of people because for most of them, they know exactly of their betrayal. These people go up against the wall first.

    • “the newcomers are the ones who feel the need to prove that they are part of the cult”.
      Yeah, Walt. And, they’re disproportionately Pussy Hat-ers, who subconsciously long to be raped by Alpha PoCs, but who’ll charge “rape” if a white Beta looks at them for more than a second, even if it’s after he just fixed their plumbing.

      • Funny you say that. I red-pilled my plumber starting about 2 years ago when he began grizzling about his bitchy fat wife who he suspected was cheating. Dropped a few hate-truths on him and his jaw dropped. He paid her off, she moved in with the boyfriend (who then kicked her out), started seeing a younger babe and business has never been better.

  14. Tired: Predicting that by 2050, a colossal statue of Anders Breivik will tower over Oslo.

    Wired: Predicting that by 2050, a colossal statue of Nasim Aghdam will tower over Mountain View.

    • Yep, look closely. You’ll see the feminine mind, even in PoC. They understand each other because Mean Grrls speak Almond.

  15. Zman, you did the snotty prep school brat a great favor when you smashed his face into a locker. For probably the first time in his life, he got reality based feedback and (hopefully) learned a valuable life lesson. Parents that raise their children in a sheltered environment absent this kind of reality training are actually guilty of child abuse. Otherwise, this arrogant young snot may later in life encounter someone less lenient and experience a terminal lesson.

  16. I think the leftist ‘elite media’ were sincerely surprised at how widespread the agreement was with Trump’s calling fake news media the enemy of the people. They simply can’t believe that 60%+ of the country see the globalist elite in those terms. They are the enemy. Censorship is deeply offensive to a democratic people. Trump will act to reverse it within a couple weeks. Let’s not forget how the authoritarian cloud vermin tried to steal the 2018 midterms.

  17. I like the “Judeo-Puritan” term because it acknowledges that our enemies are actually two separate cooperating teams. The Judeo team is motivated by ethnocentrism and an historical hatred of whites while the Puritan team is low in ethnocentrism, high in naive universalism that is unique to whites, eager to amass wealth by any means, and fanatically enforces the cultural ethics generated by the Judeo team. To fight each team effectively, we must keep these differences in mind.

  18. “…Despite the overwhelming support for gun ownership, for example, the ruling class is racing to de-platform anything gun related. It’s monkey see, monkey do, as the Judeo-Puritan ruling class signals to one another their piety and then reacts to those signals with their own acts of piety…”

    Thats good, as sublime as when you coined the whole dirt people verses the cloud people Mr. Zman. Very sublime.

    They are having a very difficult time dis-arming those of us who have drawn the line on that score. So plan B is to outlaw the dirt people with guns instead, and their compatriots of course. You understand where this is going right? Its Genocide of dirt people. Their rifles are only as lethal as the dirt people themselves.
    I think these Judeo-Puritans are cognizant of the dangers, they have a long standing tell, they started calling our combat Rifles “Assault Rifles”, because they fear in their inner sanctions and dark hearts we will eventually use our Rifles to assault them for what they are doing to us.
    Of course, why not have some fun virtue signaling each other playing whose the most cunning locker room smartass, and bask in the delight of being physically safe and under deep political cover and concealment while doing so.

    They all laughed not so long ago, something about “elections having consequences”. Do they really think all those Tea Party people all those long seeming years ago and the underlying dirt people insurgency with its generational Cold Anger just up in a poof of smoke went away and forgot this kind of elitist bullshit because clowns like Lois Lerner denied all to a person the natural right to partition their government? They can’t be that ignorant. But then again, maybe they are that inbred class stupid.

    Its stunning in its scope either way.
    And the unintended consequences will change or destroy this Republic in ways that Judeo-Puritan demographic can’t imagine.
    Thing is, are the clouds ready for this? I know thousands and thousands of dirt people are. Thats just a feature fact of being a dirt person. Since when have we not been under some form of cultural, economical or political pogrom before the worst of this fight building had originally been waged on us beginning with the war of “Judeo-Puritan” aggression of 1860 by Lincoln and his Marxist’s?
    They have never stopped. Only waged it under various false narratives and agitprop.
    It was the dirt people verses the cloud people back then. It is the same foes against each other building to another bloody confrontation. This time there is no Mason-Dixon Line. That changes everything.

    Stealth Beagle wrote this comment I memorialized in recognition of his salient observation in some reverse, or Alt-Agitprop. Been about 7-8 years since he posted it over to WRSA, it survives the accelerating age we were in, and when a guy like Zman alludes to essentially the same, means cycles within cycles of common thinking begin point towards a plurality legitimate in its cause beginning to grok it is one.

    The one thing matters more than anything here, the dirt people become manifest in their being, they withdraw their Consent for the clouds in defiance of and resistance to them and their Genocide. The clouds haven’t cottoned to the weapon Consent and withdrawal of it is. Trump is one such weapon, so is MAGA, which is an indictment of the clouds and their world.
    There are not many steps left in the journey to 4th Generation open war between the clouds and dirt people. They just keep pushing and pushing. It is only when not if it goes kinetic if they don’t cut the crap or by some grace of God it stops.


    • All very fine ,Doug, with the small exception that Stealth Spaniel is a Dear Lady, all the more so since she represents the sane traditional American Woman.

      God Bless Her, and you.

      • Man! I never knew that, thanks. I always thought her quote was one of the finest I ever read in its regards. Keep it with a whole bunch of other fine comments you all made on Pete’s blog.

        I hope you are doing well and all these days. Nice to hear from you.

        • Hi, Doug, you fine ole Mt. Man! Thanks for that and right back to ya. Good to read another of your fine comments.

          What’s your take on the state of the plurality?

  19. 1. The IRA, the Red Brigades, and the SDS attacked public spaces and facilties.
    They bombed the Dirt people.

    They were both the spoiled children and the tools of the elite. High and Low against the Middle.

    I must stress the ‘public spaces’. This is the same mindset of French farmers piling sheep carcasses on train tracks to protest, of Muslim bombs on Spanish trains and London’s Tube.

    They are trying to provoke a reaction by the public authorities, the Cloud, by attacking the Dirt.

    This is playing by the rules of the Left.
    It’s like nerds running to HR because they got wedgied in high school.

    Now I hear the patriots speaking of public disruption, of vague and violent retribution against the Blob.

    That is, they too are playing by the rules laid down by the Left. The Left is stampeding them into it’s frame.

    The Left is prepared and waiting.
    It’s a trap.

    • 2. I made a post that didn’t show up, and I thank Z-goodness that it didn’t.

      I was, ahem, speculating about targeted sabotage. I noticed how vulnerable key pieces of Cloud infrastucture were. Their electrical and comms hardware nodes are accessible from the outside of the building.

      I say targeted- specifically targeted- because I DO NOT want a shooting war: the Balkans. They are are trying to herd us into their Balkan trap- because they can’t imagine THEIR lights turned off.

      They think that means everybody’s lights will be off. Why should we play by their rules?

      • 3. I also hoped to copy one of their strengths: they all know what needs to happen, nobody needs to issue an order.

        Swarm attacks, like Silent Sam or polar bear hunts, seem spontaneous. They start with a few texts, and groundswell from there.
        The Left’s rule would demand shutting down ALL texting. That ‘the authorities do something about disaffected youths’.

        How about the radical professor’s class curricula be broadcast? Some anonymous VPN doxxed the corrupt judge? Someone’s nightime proclivities get mentioned?

        How about the repair crew being late when some ‘accident’ happens to a dedicated wireless repeater?
        The agency or law office’s server crashed because the cooling failed?
        A glitch occurred in HR’s memos?
        If we don’t fix it, they’re stranded.

        Activists would file a lawsuit.
        Organizers would bring out tiki torches.
        Anarchists would bomb the police station.

        I say: no violence, no professional organization, no appeal to the Lefties for succor.
        They will not use their institutions against themselves.

        Targeted, personal pressure. Well, make that infrequent or implied personal risk.
        Arkancides are happening all over, so we’ll need to, umm, ‘speak’ louder.

        We don’t need them. They need us.
        Walking away is our greatest strength, and nobody needs to be the head of the snake.

        • 4. Next: we build our own institutions.
          Yesterday I spent most of the day doing business in a Sikh stronghold, and saw a Christian doctor who homeschooled.

          Both were thriving in the world, yet they were not of the world.

  20. “The world they have created for themselves is one that is surrounded by high walls and armed men that are invisible to the people inside.”

    I.e., gangsters, but with one absolute psychological need above all: to not see that they are gangsters.

  21. Cynical take: a lot of the techno-oligarch shitlibs would love to live in a dangerous Brazil-like America.

    I mean, shit, CA is already more than halfway there.

    It would be virtue signalling and old-fashioned status signalling all at once. So many dark people to help (virtue!), estate walls as thick as the Vatican’s with 24-7 armed guards (status!).

    Of course, this doesn’t really contradict Z’s thesis about their “world without consequences,” really reinforces it: the technogarchs FLOAT ABOVE the motley shithole, pretending not to revel in white people being caught up in the maelstrom.

  22. It still astonishes me that Quadafi got a knife in the rectum, Saddam ended up on a rope end, and Ceausescu and wife died in front of a firing squad. Why would they not have emergency escape routes?

    • Because evil is insane, in the depths of arrogant narcissism. They cannot conceive of losing power or even ceasing to be.

    • Maybe Saddam etc. did set them up, and these routes were sabotaged.
      Like, maybe Hillary’s “sure victory” got sabotaged (by DoD intel?).

    • They are obsessed with controlling or exterminating you. They have never lost a fight because they have never been in one, so their fear is not informed by doubt. That is our fault.

    • Warrior soul. When you are not ready to risk your life, you will be no ruler in the first place. All 3 won their enemies entire life.
      And Hitler shot himself and Stalin had no emergency assistance and Trump may end up like JFK. British SAS has a slogan, who dares, wins. And you only win, when you don,t give a shit When escaping is part of your life, you escape long before you rise head of the State.

  23. That’s pretty much why the Elites hate Donald Trump, he’s a “builder”, which implies someone who works with his hands. They, of course, are all “thinkers”.

  24. While reading this post i had to smile when i tried to imagine little “Booster Chair” Zuckerberg in an actual fist fight with anyone. Or Billy Gates for that matter.

  25. To cloud people, status is determined by the social context, to real men by how they handle reality. Inside the social bubble, or outside. Your pick, blue or red?

  26. “What never crosses their mind is what could happen if they terrorize the wrong person and he decides to take action. They never think about what could happen if the public begins to turn on them in large numbers. No one in the ruling class thinks about the mob showing up with torches and rope.”

    I suspect they think they have neutralized any means we have to organize, by demonizing militias, infiltrating any “resistance” with their men, and providing enough talking heads that tell us to not resist, just vote.

  27. I think when they impeach trump, they will be surprised by the hundreds of thousands of armed men who show up in Washington. They will encourage violence by the police, and then when the police flee in panic from actual violence. They will beg trump for protection from the mob. They will not do to trump what they did to Nixon .

    • This is why I don’t think Trump will be impeached but a massive effort to rig the 2020 election will take place.

      • A badly rigged election would probably have an even worse backlash since it would install a Democrat.

  28. This was also my interpretation of the Jones/FAGS fiasco. Most people seemed to think there was some kind of top-secret conference call where all the CEOs voiced their assent. I think everybody was just waiting for someone else to take the lead.

    The Right needs to always remember that the Left doesn’t require open collusion or direct communication in order to organize collective action. That may happen sometimes, because the Left is also lazy and careless, but most of the time it’s just individuals and institutions acting with a common goal. The best way to defeat them is to make them turn on each other, then mop up once they’re isolated and numerically weak.

    • Absolutely right, that’s it exactly.
      That’s exactly how it works.

      I DO NOT want us to be herded into a justifiable, target-rich pen. A turkey shoot.

      The 2A isn’t going to unmix our country or bring the Rapture. We’d best be satisfied with making them back off the pressure, to get some breathing room in a wicked world.
      Then it’s time to knock the struts from out of their bridges.

  29. I came across this clip from 1993 with Roger Scruton about the psychology of virtue singling. We are just gone to another level where the narcissists really believe in their own nonsense. Russell Kirk is mentioned in the speech and might be given in some relation to him.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gTUNpDmR8I

  30. Imagine a few former or current special forces team members looking to settle a couple scores with cloud people…

  31. After further thought….In my day, which was well before Z-man’s, the mores may have been different. The super wealthy kids I was associated with wouldn’t have dreamed of complaining to the college nannies, because that would have been declasse and unmanly, nor would they have gotten physically involved with the proles. It was only the wannabes who engaged in crap like that, and it didn’t work…..That’s what I think happened to Z-man, he ran into a wannabe pussy.
    And by analogy, the left is generally a bunch of wannabes whose only path upward is to beat up the lower classes and hope that gets them noticed by the super wealthy rulers. It’s not going to work, they will get the chop too…

    • Either the kid was a pussy and a wannabe, or it was the entire rich class that changed. I’d bet the latter. Teddy Roosevelt was a rich kid, and a prog.

    • Pyrrhus: “…the left is generally a bunch of wannabes whose only path upward is to beat up the lower classes and hope that gets them noticed by the super wealthy rulers. It’s not going to work, they will get the chop too.”

      Great comment. But it’s wishful thinking to say that the elite Left’s minions will “get the chop too.” The elite will need a bureaucracy, worker bees, societal glue…whatever you want to call it. It’s funny that so many comments crave the revenging ending sentence. Refrain from that. Evil CAN win completely.

      • You need to crack a history book and look up the the following terms of successful leftist revolution:
        Useful fools
        Cannon fodder
        Useless eaters

  32. I had to learn this the very hard way. In the globohomo pozzed corporate world you even BREATH the wrong way to one of these passive aggressive sissies and you will be hauled before the man, post haste. At a minimum, that is HR, in my extreme case, it was a judge.

    They are VERY quick to run to Big Mommy. Whether she be HR shrikes or the White Knights that are only a 911 call away to virtue signal their way to an early pension.

    Those concepts we grew up with: Honor, Accountability, Merit, and ‘owning your shit’ that you spew are completely alien to these strivers. Hence Z’s point that they cannot conceptualize physical danger no matter how egregious their statements.

    I had a little brown fella get too big for his britches. I “educated” him quickly that there are still a few Apex Predators walking about with the white bugmen he sees every day. He educated me that being a protected class with 911 on speed dial trumps anything I have. A few convinctions later, lesson learned. You attempt to get yourself out of this gynarcho-tyranny and you will be crushed under its boot.

    Interestingly, when you strip a person down of their livelihood, they are MUCH less inclined to follow any perceived rules. 911 will not be there fast enough to save you next time should the ‘follow through’ occur. I imagine as this happens on a larger scale you will see some biblical style blowback.

    “Everyone has a plan until he gets punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

  33. I disagree. This ‘deplatforming’ stuff tells me they are scared spitless.

    Consider: The New Yid Times and the Estrogen Post can’t sell newspapers or subscriptions anymore. Ratings and advertising are diving. Their content is so bad, not even Lefty is buying it anymore. They can’t even sell comic books to kids with their agenda.

    I’m all for their censorship of Bookface and Twatter because at the rate they’re going, they won’t be around two years from now. Trust me, those guys know darn well the dirts are turning against them. That’s why they have to wrap themselves up in fake nobility and put on the preposterous airs of social justice crusaders.

    It’s a race to see which powder keg they blow themselves (and some of us) up with first. The Great Gun Grab will do it right now, and mass immigration will do it sometime down the road.

    • I agree: the deplatforming isn’t a show of strength, it’s an acknowledgment that they no longer have the luxury of tolerating us. They’re desperate.

      But that in itself doesn’t automatically mean we’ve won. Just because they’re frightened doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Remember the old saw about cornered rats.

      It’s our move, and we still have a lot of opportunities for screwing this one up.

  34. Good article. But, what these types of people which you have described do, is use their money and power to flee to remote and once pristine areas. Since the 1960’s the (((Hollywood))) Marxist upper class have been buying escape hatches while they totally destroyed the state of my birth with their deviate, syphilitic-thinking political useful idiots. Then, they retired or semi-retired and politically despoiled areas such as Ashland, OR, Sun Valley and Sandpoint, ID, and Jackson Hole, WY. This will not end until enough Deplorables and Normies wake up and start with Night Letters, pranking, and out-and-out vandalism(remember the suggestions of MikeV?).. And the next level will be to go totally Boondock Saints.

    • Hi Dweezil The Weasel,

      It goes waaaay beyond the zionist/talmudics that created/currently
      run hollyweird, they ARE the elite/deep state that have been a foreign
      power that has defacto controlled America since at least JFK’s murder
      if not before (yes, I’m finally redpilled on the jq/zionist/talmudic issue – see my response to Epamindoas – “jewritans” above).

      It’s no surprise to me that the zionists/talmudics are so rabidly pro-victim disarmament/anti-firearms throughout their organizations and isntitutions (must be quite galling to them that an organization like Jews For Firearms Ownership even came into existence, let alone lasted so long).

      Part of the problem after things go hot (and they will IMHO) is that such vermin will have to be rooted out from our various AO’s otherwise they
      will continue to poison and betray the communities that they’re sheltering in.

      Been thinking more and more about either relocating North to either Wyoming or Idaho once I’ve secured a good RV for living in,, do have a Fal to help with neighborhood defense in that regard…your thougths would
      be appreciated.


      • NG: Good to hear from you. If you are serious about Rawles Land, go to the WRSA hushmail so we can communicate. Bleib ubrig.

    • Why, then, are we playing by their rules?

      We go to their schools and hope they hire us.
      We think we need their overpriced trinkets- a suburban mortgage, free treatment at the VA, a “safe” municipal pension, employer-paid insurance.

      Then we dream of cheap acreage in the hinterland after the career.
      Why aren’t we encouraging the manly trades, thrift, and buying that land first?

      Our decimation by foreign scags means we have an exploitable niche. We’re losing the essential skills of keeping the lights on.

      We walked away in 1776. We, and other groups, can build our own schools, clinics, trades, and neighborhoods.

      We can ignore the silliness in Panem.
      We can be in the world, not of the world.

      • Fine comment, Alzaebo, a vital reminder to all. One can’t resist while in thrall.

        I walked away in 1978. Still have to navigate the turbid waters of GFYUSA but I learned the arts of country living which I still practice and I live by an honorable code of conduct.

        Ignoring the “silliness in Panem” I have not accomplished. Knowing the enemy is paramount… and infuriating! My Saxon Hate has been burning a long, long time. I remember America as another country altogether and I will not forgive the ruin and wreck the enemy has perpetrated.

        Payback must come and justice be done, in this life and the life to come.

  35. Perhaps an ambiguous euphemism could be used when talking on social media? Maybe suggest that certain people need to be “retired”. I expect that they will pick up the “Blade Runner” reference and start deleting the entries but it will sure reinforce their paranoia.

    • Perhaps not “retired” due to the Blade Runner reference, but “dispatched” instead?

  36. Zman: “My first taste of it was in the locker-room for gym class. A snotty little libertarian started giving me the business. He was smug but his arguments were weaker than mine and it was obvious, at least to me, that he would not fare well in a debate with me or with anyone probably. He was not serious. He persisted and when he put his finger in my chest and started shouting about Madison, I put his face into a locker a few times and said through gritted teeth, “You talk about the constitution as if it’s a real thing. I’VE SEEN the constitution. It’s a shriveled up piece of parchment in a museum! Nobody reads it! Especially the nine judges on the supreme court.” The one thing Dissident kids know is that libertarians do not react well to the sight of their own blood. My nemesis started to cry and then ran for a teacher.”

    • Note that lefties quickly resort to the Constitution, the Bible, the Law… none of which they actually believe in.

      Then they call you a hypocrite.

  37. Interesting article, but there’s a problem.

    “What never crosses their mind is what could happen if they terrorize the wrong person and he decides to take action. They never think about what could happen if the public begins to turn on them in large numbers.” That may describe the useful idiot followers, but not the people at the top, because it doesn’t address the accuracy of the target list.

    During the Cold War, all the anti-communist rhetoric wasn’t just virtue signalling. The Soviets and the Chinese really were threats. We ignored Honduras and Nigeria and concentrated on Russia and China, and we were right to do so.

    Today, the elite continues to ignore Honduras and Nigeria (even though they’re here now), and concentrates on what they perceive to be the real threat: white men with free minds and guns. And they’re right to do so, because that is the real threat to their power. The minions may be crazy; but those at the top are evil. They know perfectly well what they’re after; it’s not just a piety festival.

    • Exactly. “Piety” fest are for the chumps, the second tier and the running dogs. Doubt that very many of the prime movers are any more than narcissistic psychopaths, moving cynically from piety to piety as suits the moment and the mood. It’s also very much harder to reach them, but eliminating their enablers and sycophants is our form of reverse “de-platforming” them, as well as our only real and immediate option.

      This way to the egress!

      • Yup, “the nose knows”…

        I have to admit that it was definitely one of the hardest
        redpills to swallow but after I took the challenge to do
        my own research into zionism/talmudism/jewish history
        I’m definitely awake to their deceptions and evil throughout

        It doesn’t even surprise me that the zionists via mossad
        are the one’s who committed 9/11 (after all, if moshe dyan
        got away with murdering American naval personel on the

        on the USS Liberty in 1967 what are those bastards
        NOT capable of?!?).

        Watch these videos of Christopher Bollyn and what he discovered:

        The Dual Deception: 9/11 and the War on Terror

        Christopher Bollyn — How Rothschild Zionism Controls the United States

        As Jim Trafficant said, “America is israel’s whore”. All the fighting that has been going on for over 15 years by America in the Middle East has been for nothing more than to help the terrorist state of israel realize their dream of the ‘Yinon Plan’ where they occupy and control vast swaths of Saudi Ariabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon…this is what our ‘blood and treasure’ has been squandered for..to be the spearpoint of the rothschilds corporate/military colony known as israel and it’s zionists/talmudics.


    • The cultural connection is emphasis on Old Testament militancy, rather than New Testament cooperation.

      The economic connection is the slave shipping trade between Cuba and Boston.

      A cultural corollary would be early Islam.
      Arabs mistook a mediator, NT Jesus, for a bloody general, OT Joshua. That’s why they see Issa’s Crucifixion as either a fraud or a defeat.

      Jesus himself was trying to mediate the quiet civil war between Hebrew speakers who advocated Arafat-style violent revolt, and Greek-speaking urban Jews who preferred Roman stability.

    • Except that the Puritans actually built something. Say what you will, but clearing the land and building a community out of the wilderness in a place where the growing season is measured in weeks takes guts. You don’t have to approve of their Theology. (They’re gone anyway. The largest ethnic groups in former Puritan-land are the Irish, Italians and Greeks. Descendants of the Founders are less than a fifth of the population.)

      • Pilgrims did the same without genociding their Indian neighbors or bringing in African slave labor. They were trying to get away from the Council of the Elect, who insisted on following.

        The Puritan bosses had an understanding with the ethnic slave traders. You’re seeing the same war of cultures today.

        “Judeo-Puritan” simply clarifies the historical roots. Those roots already led us into one Civil War, we’d like to avoid another.

  38. The left has recruited other people to do their dirty work. Have been road raged by more women and even clipped while working in construction zone.

    They did nothing to this crazy bitch. Once she started screeching everybody backed off. Sorry pal , you’re on your own. Surprisingly haven’t had too many problems with the so-called minorities. Been denied service but can’t really tell if that’s got something to do with race or just this generation.

    My theory is the left hopes white women and minorities will keep white men at bay. So far it seems to be working.

  39. Great parallel with the prep school example. I had exactly the same experience at prep in ’60-’61, except that I wasn’t hauled before the mast for dishing out a little of what the snotty bastards would have gotten in my home town. Things hadn’t “progressed” far enough yet.

    The state wrestling champ found out the hard way and every boy in the junior and senior classes witnessed his ignominy. Words have consequences. How much more so the pious ruining of very large groups of “other” folks by simpering, effeminate faggots and their insane bitch enablers….

    • Yeppe, ’06! Like Iron Mike has often said:

      “Everyone has a plan,
      until they get punched in the face.”

      Regret to inform the “Visiting Team” that they only own one face. But, they will not learn even after repeated blows to visage, since their internal (and infernal) gyroscope runs on 100 octane-emotions, not reason, facts and faith. No use talking/reasoning with a rock. You kick it out of the way, or crush it into oblivion.

  40. If the fighting becomes general, you can bet old scores will be settled. In some cases it won’t even have anything to do with politics. Consider that over the years you have observed the citizens of your own community and you know which ones are acceptable and which ones are not. If the ones you don’t like get caught on the wrong side of the fence, you’ll go for them. You know you will.

    • I’ve given blood probably a dozen times over the last couple of years for a number of different reasons. The nurses taking the blood ALWAYS ask – “are you going to be ok with this procedure?”. To which I respond – yes.

      So they stick the needle in there and I sit there for a while and watch the blood flow into the vial. Early on I asked one of the nurses : ” so are there people who freak out at the sight of blood?”. She said that yeah – it was almost invariably the big tough guys who had the biggest problem. Up to and including fainting and passing out. So I started asking every nurse who took my blood the same question. The answer was always the same.

      Just the other day there was a post on Chateau Heartiste talking about Anthony Bourdain being cucked by his Italian girlfriend (the one who slept with the 16 year old). The discussion turned into a bunch of posts about MMA fighters – and the universal conclusion was that a high percentage of these guys might be able to beat the shit out of each other in the ring – but in an awful lot of other respects they were big pussies (they often get taken advantage of by the women in their lives).

      What’s that Mike Tyson line? – everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face ??

      Point: I know plenty of people who don’t freak at the sight of their own blood. It has nothing to do with being a self mutilator. And yeah – violent people aren’t necessarily fighters. They just think they can use violence and intimidation to get what they want.

      I’m sure there’s some sort of corollary here to the attitudes I see displayed among a lot of the concealed carry crowd – who will spend untold amounts of time discussing calibers and defending themselves against “zombies” – but never want to discuss having the proper martial attitude towards the whole problem. I’ve said to more than a few guys that the key to self defense is the ability to look into somebody’s eyes – tell them that if they don’t cut the shit you’re going to wrap your hands around their neck and choke the life out of them while staring directly into their eyes…… and make them believe it. The ability to do that short circuits a lot of the behavioral stupidity that you see so often leading into actual fights.

      • Since I’m not a fighter- small, and quite a wuss, actually- I’ve broken up a couple hundred bar fights, party fights, and street fights by breaking up the crowd.
        I use the crowd’s body language.

        For instance, two guys at the fair were nose to nose. The verbal snarling was about to become physical biting. Too many wimmin and kids about, it was the frickin’ fair fer chrissakes.

        The crowd was gathered around in a circle, pressing in closer and closer, pressing the two closer together. They couldn’t back away or break off.

        So I started weaving in and out of the front line. Then, playing idiot tourist, I wandered right inbetween the two guys, never making eye contact, looking around like I was lost and pathologically stupid. I think I drooled a bit, since these were gangbangers.

        The two argued over my shoulders a moment- no body contact was made- so they began stepping back, gesturing and barking, to the pockets opened up behind them.

        Timing and spacing is everything. Been knocked in the head, pummelled, stomped, maced, picked up and thrown, eyeball to gunbarrel, or diving away from a car bumper a time or two, but only a time or two. Two-ish, kinda. Can’t blow the timing, or things get a little out of hand.

        People on instinct respond to an alpha assuming charge, with voice and position.
        This works with crowds whether partying or preparing. And with dogs or cows, too.

      • “… and make them believe it.”

        It helps if it is the truth in your own mind. I told one prick that I had not had the pleasure of killing in a long time and looked forward to the next few minutes. He turned and went the other way. The thing is; I really wanted to fight even though I was giving away about 30 years to the bastard.

      • I dodged blood tests and needles for years when younger. The idea of anything going into my body, contact lenses, nasal sprays, needles used to make me feel like puking. Maybe some childhood trauma I don’t know. Then one day in my 20s I had to get a blood test and I told the nurse to “Just fuckin’ do it!” And she did, and I almost enjoyed the experience of overcoming that strange phobia. I’ve had it done a few times since no problem. I’m no tough guy though haha.

        • Somebody else with serious trauma?
          I get all calm.
          Me, give plasma?
          Boom, out like a light.
          I ain’t no tough guy either.

    • J Clivas, it depends on the definition of “well”. The thing about getting attacked is that you must counterattack, all in. That is how bar brawls and road rage often get started. But that is the survival response. Men get it, women don’t. It is a responsibility and obligation of being a man. Like the Haymaker song at the end of Z’s hourlong piece this week, “first to fight, first to die”. Just the way it is.

      I’ve often looked at these tranny types that turn up now and again, the ones that started as men are trying to run away from their male obligations, and the ones that started out as as women have no clue. They LARP as males, but what would they do if they get punched in the face? I doubt they would have the male response.

      The trick is to save the response for important moments, and not go off if someone looks at you funny or cuts off your car. That’s what this “cold anger” is about, storing up your male response for when it is really needed and helps in doing some good.

  41. Actually those people are extreme cowards. They never risked in their life and that is why they do not know how to manage risks. I my country, media belongs to the hostile foreigners and they tried censorship.
    Once my comment was deleted again, I took my car and drove to the editorial board office, I stepped in, said Hi everybody, my name is Juri and because you deleted my comment and do not let my write, so I was forced to came in person to explain you some things about free speech and censorship.After multiple people did this trick, those poor Soros cronies freaked up and gave up.
    Now they catering to everybody so we have weird media where article is like Salon and comment section is like Stormfront.
    Liberals are psychologically very weak. And cowards.They are very violent but they are not fighters. Actually school bullies are good example about liberal behavior. They never quit and there is only one method dealing with bully. Use it.

    • My email account (GMX.com) has been blocked since yesterday:

      “Our system has detected irregular activity related to your account. As a precautionary measure, we have blocked your account. To regain access, please contact our Customer Support.”

      I have contacted GMX’s Customer Support, with no reply so far. I suspect the “irregular activity” might be something I have written in an email, although my emails have all been ordinary and innocent of any wrongdoing.

  42. At some point life will always come down to violence. Some things will never change. Which is why we had better hope Trump is cultivating the military. When it comes to enforcement, guns are much more important than lawyers and judges.

    • You are assuming the military will come down on our side. I have to question that; I think the reality will be a lot more complicated. Keep in mind the troops confiscating weapons during hurricane Katrina.

      • You might want to check again…LEO undertook gun confiscation in New Orleans, not the military. Not a small difference.

        • Correct. I was there right after landfall; ran a taskforce that allowed me to see what happened over a broad AO. Personal friends with key leaders of the units at the Convention Center and other personnel processing venues. From what I saw, and I saw quite a bit, the military was not confiscating weapons. At both the Convention Center and the airport, they did require that citizens relinquish weapons (put them in the amnesty boxes) before getting onto a helicopter for transport out. But they didn’t HAVE to give them up … they just couldn’t get on the aircraft with them, and they had to clear out. As a helicopter pilot myself, and unstinting supporter of personal liberty and the 2Amdt, I can say I would not let some unknown or un-vetted soul on my aircraft with a weapon either. It was a zoo there, people, the rules were gone, and the place was crawling with bad guys.

          Now, there were law enforcement actions taking place that involved confiscation of weapons. Some, I’m sure, involved bad guys being forced to relinquish. Because not all the gang bangers were shunted off to Houston; lots stayed behind to help themselves to the loot in entire neighborhoods that were without residents, or real security patrols. The devastation was just too great. Others may have been done less in congurence with Constitutional requirements, I don’t know about that … rumors only.

    • The rank and file are on our side. They have been hardened in Iraq and Afghanistan. No need to worry about the brass. All the fighting they did were in the halls of the pentagon and Washington DC.

  43. As much as I’d like to see the Dirt People strike back, it’s hard to imagine it would accomplish much right now other than to increase de-platforming and other forms of repression. The Leftist Establishment holds all the cards: they own the Congress, the judiciary, the federal bureaucracy, academia, the media …

    But the Left’s sense of complete security might cause them to go too far, too fast and the center of gravity to suddenly shift. Once serious pushback starts SJWs won’t have the quick reflexes that only vulnerability creates. They’ll be left screeching “Nazi!” and “racist!” while trying to figure out what ripped their masks off and hit them.

    • The left IS going too fast and too far and are experiencing pushback and they’re screeching Nazi! and racist! The momentum on our side is building, although it’s not nearly enough at this point. But it is building. The left is too eager to pile on the anti-white hate, instead of taking it slow.

    • See above. That’s why I think there is a lot of room to troll the Proggies and play their paranoia and psychological problems against them. Being utterly humorless and always on the knife edge of sanity leaves them awfully open to psy-ops jujitsu. Keep them on the equivalent of 4 on/4 off watches for an extended period of time and they will fully decompensate.

      • EXACTLY.

        The fact that more people aren’t trolling the hell out of these people really sort of amazes me.

        • Replying again to carlsdad: it’s because they are Quick, and we are Slow.

          That’s why they have a quick retort or accusation at hand, while we’re still mulling it over.

          Shallow water runs quick; they’re only interested in ‘winning’ the argument this moment, or plotting to stab you in the back the next. Their only focus is their immediate surroundings, it’s all personal.
          They don’t tie up processor time considering the larger picture, so their RAM runs faster.

          Slow water runs deep. We don’t see people simply as cartoon characters to our personal drama. Lefty filters can only sort out some threats; our handicap is that we try to be fair. Walking in somebody else’s moccasins doubles the partition space.

          Simply put, it’s a game to them.
          Understanding that they’re playing, not really serious, made it easier for a clunker like me to parry and tease.

          Loved the atom bomb you dropped on dipshit’s head, above. Epic!
          I am so stealing your technique.

  44. Holiness spirals are great until a Corsican Corporal shows up with grapeshot….Another problem is that the holiness spiral eventually turns inward, as in the French Revolution and the Red Guards, and starts claiming its own….That’s why people like Tim Cook are so eager to stay ahead of the curve.

    • Once power is seized the weapons are ALWAYS turned inwards, and the justifications are said to be about “ending the bloodshed” but are really about “Night of the Long Knives”.

      Z: the article correctly I believe summarizes the elite’s views. There has never been a class-based (directed up from below) physical purge in the US, and many of the rich here believe they are immune. If they believed a purge was possible they would be after our weapons much more virulently and relentlessly. As soon as they begin to take losses they will focus on gun control above all else. I still believe Scalia was murdered to make a place for new President Hillary to change the tilt of the SC, so the SC could uphold Maryland’s assault weapons ban and make way for it to become national. They really did believe she was a shoe-in. Why do you think Trump had Scalia’s wife at the announcement of the Gorsuch nomination? Trump LOVES to say “fuck you” to his opponents.

      For several decades I have been responding to queries about the purpose of the Second Amendment thus: my rifle is my small piece of political power, and it is no threat to any government unless that government becomes so tyrannical that millions of others agree with me that the government might need to be resisted with force. At that point is where the second amendment proves its worth. I have lived long enough to see that proven as fact. I am sanguine but frankly also part thrilled to see proven the wisdom of its placement there. The old dead white guys really did know their history. Without 2A the roundups would already have begun, the physical silencing of conservatives e.g. Tommie Robinson. The power of the dot gov is already unleashed on Trump’s associates: midnight raids, solitary confinement, and apparently pleading guilty to things which aren’t crimes. This is messaging: do not resist us. At least that is what the wealthy will hear, if they want to hold onto their wealth and positions. At our level we hear something entirely different.

      No matter how you look at it we are fucked. I think once it starts you continue to try to survive it while doing what must be done, knowing full well you probably won’t make it. Tell the women what they need or want to hear, as suits.

    • So do I, and it’s past time that you damn well did so!

      Never forget the the “elites/deep state” are none other than the
      zionists and their fellow talmudics that have ALWAYS acted and
      conspired against everyone else throughout history (it’s no wonder
      that they’ve been expelled from over a hundred countries!).

      Considering the ongoing push to replace Europeans and Americans
      via a weaponized demographic, it’s no surprise that zionist agents
      like Barbara Spectre and others work to ‘make countries multicultural’ with full support from the rothschilds corporate military colony known as israel while at the same time israel absolutely refuses to take a single rapefugee citing the demand that they remain an ethnically pure “jewish state”.

      Never forget that the Kalergi Plan was authored by a zionist who openly hated Western Civilization.

      The Plan…

      Barbara Spectre’s Tweets calling for an end to white people:


  45. There’s certainly an irony in that the professors speaking for the dirt people tend to be upper class basement dwellers, like Tim Cook, I couldn’t dispise them more.

  46. So basically they need to see a little of their own blood. Metaphorically speaking, how would that happen? Make them experience the same ruination or loss of professional income like the ones they deplatform?

    Or real blood like a few antifa protestors saw recently. More than likely this and much worse the way things are going. How it ends?

  47. Same thing I’ve found at a micro level, within the family. Wives feel fairly safe in their upper middle class “compounds” and tend to denigrate their husbands’ concerns and efforts wrt physical safety in a deteriorating society. Indeed, such slight often boarders on ridicule—leaving men as little more than paycheck providers in their families.

    I’ve often told my wife that she doesn’t want a husband, she wants a sister.

    • And at least around here, when something bad does happen It. Is. The. End. Of. The. World. Several years ago some mook with an outstanding warrant got into a shootout with a detective in the predominantly minority city bordering us. Everything went to lockdown as the guy actually did run into our village. My wife was locked-in at the elementary school where she was in a meeiting—I happened to be working at home. Called me all hysterical (all the cat ladies were screeching on FB) asked what I was going to do…said I’m calmly working in my office with an 870 propped in the corner by the desk and the dog (who can hear a flea fart at 100m)…so what’s the problem?

    • My wife is similarly dismissive about my defensive preparations. It’s annoying, but not unexpected. After all, women are constitutionally designed to submit, not to fight. They are also more concerned with what is, rather than with what could be. Defense is largely outside their area of expertise. I just go about with my preps without bothering to get her input in the matter.

      • My wife just says, “Why should I know anything about guns (etc.)? That’s what I have you for.”

        Of course, this is said with the certainty that no such thing will EVER happen. She remains truculently opposed to any information, especially from me, contrary to what Saint Pollyanna guarantees!

        White Man’s Burden, redux and currently.

      • hi Paul!

        That’s not surprising unfortunately. Many women are ‘programmed’
        to act/function in that manner..even when they or their children are
        obviously in direct peril. This goes even without the longstanding
        indoctrination/programming by both academia/media/”entertainment”
        to put themselves in a frame where they don’t even identify or love
        their own race and culture anymore.

        Have you seen these Black Pigeon’s Speaks videos?
        If so, what are your thoughts on them as these topics
        bear on the continued assault on Western Civiliation?


        How Women Dismantle NATIONS * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS

        ONLY Patriarchy Builds Nations * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS

        Remember, it’s mostly women and cucked beta mangina’s that are ‘welcoming’ the rapefugees both in Europe and America.


      • While I was raised in a liberal household and knew nothing about firearms, my husband was an army brat with a lifelong interest in wars and weaponry. His initial single firearm has multiplied exponentially, and our older son taught me to shoot. Put a few hundred rounds downrange yesterday and didn’t do too badly. Our “preps” are limited by financial and other concerns, and I certainly expect to rely on stronger, smarter, and tougher men for my long-term defense, but I plan on taking as many bad guys as possible with me, by my own efforts, when the time comes. Purely philosophically, of course.

        Yeah, I’m a unicorn in multiple ways, but we’re not all empty-headed sheep (she types while waiting for her rosy pink nail polish to dry).

        • Yes, there are exceptions. I should say “most women” rather than just “women”, to be more accurate. BTW we just rented a house to 3 female students, who just asked me about arming themselves, without any prompting from me. So I will train them…

    • Women’s psychology is the ultimate particle AND wave; they dont actually want what they believe they want, ie ‘equality’, careers, being navy seals or math geniuses. What they want are men they respect.

      • Well, good luck with that “r-e-s-p-e-c-t!” thingie.

        The cultural waters of love, honor and right relationship between men and women, esp. husbands and wives, have been so thoroughly and intentionally poisoned so as to be un navigable in any sort of rational fashion.

        “Women’s liberation” was a master stroke de(con)struction by The Enemy against white western culture, its nation and people.

        Only a disastrous “redistribution” of population and severe survival level disruption will have any chance of a reset to sane relationship between men and women. Women are children, insane with the false illusion of power and an evil belief in blame for a victimhood, which both are nonexistent.

        • Women are absolutely lovely creatures. And I agree, many women have been messed up by feminism and other cultural M crap. All this ‘try to turn women into men’ stuff is like trying to turn a cat into a dog. I suspect the CM-ers knew this and just wanted to pass the misery around.

    • Yet Viking history is chock-a-block with Viking women going out onto the battlefield bellowing that their men are all cowards and shaming them into fighting. For example, the first disastrous settlement in Newfoundland, when the Indians nearly overwhelmed the stockade and the wife of the rather colorless leader strode out and did exactly that.

      But then, Viking women had one investment genetic and otherwise. They could not hedge their options and so went all in.

      • It is not unfeminine for a woman to tell a man to man the fuck up, Viking or no Viking. It IS unfeminine for her to think she can fight as well as a non-pussified man.

      • I strongly suspect the Viking warrioresses are a myth. Certainly, the girl in Leif Eriksson’s Saga didn’t fight the Injuns, she bared her breasts and lifted them up with a sword, basically saying “okay guys, you won fair and square, come get your prize.”

    • Here’s the thing. Our country hasn’t experienced harsh times since the Great Depression. As a result people think this current state of affairs is normal. It isn’t.

      NerfWorld is not normal. It is a freak of design that cannot be sustained. But you can’t tell people that when the only thing they know are good times.

  48. Z-man. I think this is one of the most critical factors working beneath the surface, this physical reality the elites either ignore or think they have controlled by their own personal or corporate Pretorian cohorts. I can attest out here in my little piece of the dirt-people’s world, it’s there, nonetheless, throbbing beneath the surface and growing ever more acute among those of us non-elect. I think it’s a testament to the restraint and self-discipline relict (sp) among us unwashed that nothing bad has happened yet. Or maybe it’s a bad thing, this restraint, now …… but I see and hear the same things wherever I travel in the US.

    One of your insightful commenters a week or so back noted the painful difference between virtual reality, and its “meat”-based counterpart. Learning and (ultimately) enforcing the reality inherent in that difference is one potential strength I believe we possess.

    I voted for and supported Pres Bush 2. I was still then entangled in the vines of Conservative Inc early in that episode, though soon I grew a bit cynical — triggered by the “…. religion of peace” comment. However, for all of his deep state perspective and connections, he did one terribly important thing —

    G.W. Bush in his willingness to commit American force overseas exposed hundreds of thousands of young Americans to an arena wherein they had direct and unavoidable contact with terrible and harsh reality. There was no reset button like on their Gameboy. If their best friend was killed beside them in the mtns of Eastern Afghanistan, he was dead. That was real, and an evil thing. And the only thing they could do, was try to eliminate those who did it.

    • One small observation. Several months ago “Identity Europa” put up a few stickers and left some leaflets around a community college campus around here. The local Proggie cat ladies went absolutely batshit nuts. Seems there is a lot of room to discretely and harmlessly keep pulling their chains but at the same time playing on their well founded paranoia that there are a lot more of us out there than they think. But since they are the ones triple crowning themselves in public on Facebook every day but we’re not—the info asymmetry is to our advantage.

      • One of the things that really burns my ass about “conservatives” is their utter inability or unwillingness to “troll” the lefties. Shortly after Trump got elected and the Meme war broke out it really made me feel good to watch the incessant trolling of lefties and their ridiculous reactions.

        The autists chasing Shia Lebouf to the ends of the earth by trolling his “He will not divide us” flag stunt was simply awesome.

        But it seems to have died off – and I really don’t see the run of the mill right leaning people picking up the skills to troll the lefties – in the same way it seems the average leftie engages in trying to piss off right wingers.

        The thing is – it’s actually very easy. Sometimes just a few words can get the job done. 10 years or so ago when I told one my leftist co-workers that I hoped Obama would win (1st election) – and he happily asked why – only to be told (by me) – that it was because I figured he would destroy the Democrats as a party and cause the implosion of liberalism in this country – the result was him being so completely pissed off that he got up and left without ever saying a word.

        One simple off-hand comment – destroyed his entire day. And probably gave him years of angst afterwards as he watched it all unfold in reality.

        Small investment with big return. What it took to get there however was a little bit of thinking shit out – and knowing how to insert words in a manner designed specifically to piss him off with maximum blast range.

        But yet to this day – I still see plenty of conservatives who just can’t get it thru their thick heads that they are never going to “convince” lefties.

          • Just finished 90 mins of PT and working up some new handloads for next weekend. Multi-task, my man, multi-task.

          • PT and range time are only good investments if you’re humping a ruck thru the woods and actually shooting shit.

            I’ve got a basement full of ammo and a couple of safes full of guns – and for all intents and purposes they’re freaking useless. The time I’ve spent reading, learning, teaching others, and going online screwing with left wingers and pissing them off – has all contributed more to lefty life shortening than any bullets I ever shot.

            In that previous example I gave – the guy left because he was so pissed off that the veins were bulging out of his neck and his face was ten shades of red. How many years does living in a state of constant anger take from your longevity? Now imagine trolling lefties on a constant basis over and over and over again – and pissing them off to that level. That’s going to do far more to plant lefties in the ground than any bullets I’ll ever shoot – unless they manage to actually start a shooting war.

            Quite frankly I’ve come to view the “train and train and train and shoot and shoot and prepare” crowd as more than a little bit out of touch.

            You’re not going to win any revolution without a good portion of the population on your side. And you won’t get the population on your side without engaging in guerilla political and social warfare FIRST.

            A little Sun Tzu reading seems to be in order for a lot of people. You guys seem to forget that Alinsky can be applied BOTH WAYS.

          • The simple act of owning them is a pretty big deterrent – I will grant you that. But as far as all the training and all that – is something that registers at such an insignificant level with lefties that I think it’s of absolutely no deterrence at all to their shennanigans.

            I live in MA – where for all intents and purposes guns are registered. I’m pretty familiar with all of the arguments made by the gun rights crowd in regards to how registration directly leads to confiscation. And I largely agree.

            Except for one thing.

            First they have to FIND them. The government in this country is a massive bureaucracy. Bureaucracies are not exactly creative or forward thinkers. If the order to confiscate goes out then a list will be generated and all the boots will start kicking in doors to grab up the guns.

            Here’s the thing all the rabid gun rights crowd cannot seem to get thru their thick heads: Having a list that MUST be checked off – is actually WORSE – than not having the list. Because if the list is not checked off you’ve got the following situation:

            “Sir we’ve kicked in 1000 doors and found no guns! – WTF Sargeant – the list says you should have confiscated 5587 guns from those 1000 addresses!! – where the hell are they!!? – I don’t know Sir! KEEP SEARCHING YOU IDIOT”

            Now the bureaucracy is twisting itself right into the ground. You can’t only get that to happen – when they KNOW the guns are there – because they’re on the damn list. Making all the guns on the list disappear means the bureaucracy MUST pursue finding where they all are.

            You just Alinsky’d the gun grabbers.

            Try explaining this to the vast majority of the gun rights crowd though – what you get is blank stares and arguments. All the vast majority seems to understand is doing a Red Dawn reprise and fighting it out from some mountain redoubt.

            One of the biggest reasons for having all the guns is just the threat that they imply. But if that threat is not understood – they’re no threat at all.

          • To be a deterrent, guns must be in the hands of MEN who stir fear in the hearts of the enemy.

            Most of our most lofty antagonists dismiss us as expendable neanderthals lacking the guts, intelligence and determination to oppose and defeat them. They literally believe that they are the smartest zir (whatever) on the planet and the rightful rulers of all they survey.

            Guns are a deterrent “we would only hope we never have to use” if the opposition were rational.

            We WILL have to use them and all the protestations to the contrary, meant to portray the writer as “moral,” “reasonable” and not a psychopath, if allowed to prevail will mean only defeat, slavery and/or death.

          • Have been doing the P.T thing already. If somehow a magic comet were to solve all our problems, I’d still be better for it.

        • Carlsdad, what you describe happens because the conservatives you refer to have more in common with the lefties than they do with you and the rest of us. They like them more and they fear them more.

          (I used to put scare quotes around “conservatives” to distinguish fake. scare-quote conservatives from real ones. I’ve decided that’s a pointless exercise.)

          Some conservatives can be red-pilled, and that’s a very worthwhile effort, I think. Since, as you say, lefties are not going to change, I wonder if trolling them is accomplishes much.

          • I still don’t think you’re getting it.

            Trolling is not there to change their minds.

            You troll lefties to piss them off. That’s the complete and total comprehension failure that most conservatives engage in. They still keep thinking they’re there to “Change hearts and minds”. No – you’re dealing with lunatics. You don’t try to reason with lunatics. What you do with lunatics is screw with them until they self-implode – or go berserk and therefore give you a reason to shoot them.

            Again I say – seems like an awful lot of people on the right need to read a little Sun Tzu.

            The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

            I don’t believe Sun Tzu ever said anything about convincing the enemy they were wrong. Although I suppose that is what is going on right now with the lefties and their effort to convince white people that they’re inferior.

          • Carlsdad, thanks for the reply. I see your point. I’m not going to tell you or anyone else to avoid doing what you said. I’ve trolled in the past. With me, they’ve just changed the subject. Maybe my verbal martial arts are not up to snuff.

            I still think that getting normies to start looking at things differently is a better investment. But your time, your activism.

            So happy trolling!

          • OK, SA’s comment below about going local, not virtual, looks good. When I read your comment, carlsdad, I envisioned point-counterpoint on some forum or social medium. I don’t think that’s useful. But SA’s idea has legs.

          • When you can make lefties lose their shit at parties right in front of a crowd of normies it does have an effect. I usually start out with debating as if I’m going to change their mind. Typical lefties don’t know their subjects very well – so they get sucked in to a point where I can then start screwing with their logic and pissing them off.

          • I’m a terrible debater. I don’t have the patience to slowly roll out point and counter point dialogue, in any calm, rational manner.
            It could just be because I’m a woman, women generally make poor debaters,
            so I just don’t bother.
            My strategy is usually hit and run-I say something that will make you hate yourself, and then dip out.
            Refusal to engage can be an effective means of driving shitlib folks up the wall.
            They usually flip out on me.
            A great feeling, all in all.

          • I honestly think one of the things that the right could do that would REALLY benefit them as a movement – is to setup some sort of guerilla debate camp.

            I see a lot of people who don’t like Stephan Molyneaux – but he at least tries to dissect the arguments of the left by pointing out over and over again the insanity of most of their positions.

            If you really want to watch a person who is a master at screwing with people’s political viewpoint – go find some Jan Helfeld videos on Youtube. He’s got a few where he talks to people like Nancy Pelosi and Pete Stark where he really pisses them off:


            Pete Stark threatens to throw Jan out the window:

          • I’m a woman too and pretty fierce. I have been active in politics since I was 5 yo. Here’s what I’ve learned in a nutshell. 1. Do not argue with people about politics. You are only MOTIVATING them to go vote — against your and our country’s interests in most cases. Remain cool and collected and speak of your opinions lightly in mixed company. 2. Obviously, choose carefully and vote for your candidates and encourage like-minded people to do so. 3. Get appointed by your local (county) board of elections to a post at a polling place or at the absentee counting board. This is where the rubber meets the road. I have done this for 30 years in different states. You learn a lot ( the crazies on the other “team” generally don’t have the patience to cooperate in this fashion) and actually help execute a successful non-Venezuela type election, the hallmark of the American way. Give it a try.

          • Theres another point worth mentioning. Trolling requires a voice, and some publicity for the over-the-top response to it. How will this be achieved once you are deplatformed, debanked and unable to transact or earn a living, when no one covers anything you do except falsely? Those measures can be seen forming now and being implemented.

            I do not currently advocate violence. Nor do I under any circumstamces advocate 1984-ish slavery.

          • I spend little to no time on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Any trolling I’ve done to lefties has been to their face sitting at the lunch table at work, in discussions at parties, posting in web forums where lefties will show up to debate things such as gun rights – or by leaving flyers and pamphlets around (as suggested by somebody earlier in on this forum)

            Remember the Obama joker poster that came out shortly after he was inaugurated the first time? I woke up one morning about 3am and went around my neighborhood in suburbia stapling them to strategically located telephone poles. Right in places where all the normies would see them on their way to work.

            What does this accomplish? Probably not much. But it sends a signal to all the content little suburban lefties that somebody out there doesn’t agree with their shit and is willing to nail it on a phone pole and let other people see it. Which is something that almost NEVER happens out in suburbia land. So it stands out just that much more.

        • That’s because conservatives operate on the assumption that logic and reason drive all people. Which is not true. Reality has a well known conservative bias – and lefties do their level best to never live in reality.

          • Exactly.

            They seem to think that if they just tell a person to not stick their hand on a hot stove – the person will go “Ok thanks for warning me”.

            In reality there’s an awful lot of people who will just argue with you. They’ll argue the stove is not hot. They’ll say it’s not hot enough to burn flesh. They’ll say their hand is better than other hands. They”ll say you can’t tell me what to do.

            I’ve come around to the attitude that it’s worse than useless to tell most people not to stick their hand on the hot stove. The correct response when a person says they’re going to do it – is to say “ok – go ahead – I want to see what happens”. That way you avoid the argument, which was always going to be a complete waste of time. As a side bonus you also get to enjoy the entertainment of a stupid person running around the kitchen with his hand on fire. So it’s a win win.

            You avoid getting pissed off – AND you walk away happy because you were entertained.

            Most people simply can’t seem to comprehend this paradigm shift in thinking though. So they continue on arguing with the stove touchers and continue to be disappointed and pissed off.

        • Why bother? I’ve trolled several leftist, commie, sjw & degenerate websites over the past several years & have been censored. So much for free speech. Take the advice of SWR & Saml, prepare yourself & loved ones for the proverbial day when the SHTF. It’s a lot closer than you realize!

          • I’m talking about going local, not virtual. Get creative. I know a lot of these people personally. They are batshit crazy enough to be checking under their beds at night for Hitler and Nate Forrest. Again, the trick is to keep them in that state of constant hypervigilance. A few of us are putting some creative ideas together. You have to tailor to the locale—and I have to admit around here it’s like playing jokes on the retarded kid.

          • Now yer feeling me.

            Yes – playing jokes on a retarded kid. Good Description.

            I’d add though that the retarded kid DESERVES to have the jokes played on him (or her) at this point.

            They brought it on themselves.

            If they’re checking under their beds for Hitler – plant a microphone in there somewhere that very quietly keeps spitting out Sieg Heil!! – at night while they’re sleeping.

            When I hear people complain that trolling lefties doesn’t work – I ask them if they’ve heard anything from Shia Lebouf lately.

          • My wife knows a gay couple. We keep getting invited to their Christmas parties – where one of them will instigate shit between me and their other crazy left wing party guests. After the Newtown CT shooting one guy tried giving me shit about “assault weapons” and especially “hi capacity magazines” (that was the target de jour at the time). He finally gave up when I made him cry.

            The next year when we got invited to the party again – this guy found out we were coming and refused to show up.

            Troll people in person – it’s much more satisfying.

        • Because most conservatives are poseurs and into social preening. You get ancient guys like Sailer(who still thinks he’s going to get a think tank gig) who totally oppose any sort of pranking against the Left. They feel it’s beneath them and the alt-right. Though being snarky is cool.

          Seriously, if you can’t devote 20 minutes on MS Word to compose a flyer and run off a hundred copies on your laser printer to send the local college SJW crowd freaking out. Then maybe you’re doing something wrong.

          Now this falls under the rubric of what the CIA labels “grey actions” like dumping a bucket of roofing nails on one the main freeways to D.C. at 4 AM. IOW this is stuff you can get away with without getting killed or arrested by the police, yet cause mayhem,

          The tough guy gun collector set doesn’t get this. It’s all or nothing with them which means in reality they will never do anything. That’s why the Left won all the major battles so far. The Left is smart enough to realize that violence and intimidation exist as a spectrum. They know they don’t have to convert, merely intimidate the fence sitters to win. Like how the SPLC made MasterCard nix Horowitz’s center ability to take CC donations.

          Their understanding of tactics is far better than our side.

          The tough guys don’t get it.

          • I’m sure you’re aware that everything you print on a laser or inkjet printer leaves and unseen identifier of the device it was printed on and is therefore traceable back to the person who printed it.

            If you want to do such a thing as you described I strongly suggest doing the printing at a Kinko’s, wearing a hat and sunglasses while doing so and not using a payment card that can be traced back to you.

            But go ahead have fun trolling them to Victory. And trolling them is useful, Trump is really good at doing it and they are going so crazy that they make themselves look totalitarian and stupid at the same time on national TV. And yes those actions push people off the fence into our camp.

          • Did a bit of digging it in the piers my memory of this is incorrect. The current claim is that all color Laser printers use this technology. Thanks for making me look.

          • Agree with your point, but as an aside, I don’t get Sailer being a poseur. He’s written enough stuff that any think tank with serious salaries wouldn’t dare hire him.

        • Quite so, carlsdad, Conservative Inc. was paid to convince us that our abusive husband would finally stop beating his wife.

          You’ve pinpointed leftwing weakness: they can only focus on the immediate, they take it all personally. They fall flat when one points out what’s down the line.

          I’m going to start asking True Conservatives, “So, ya think they’ll see the light, that they even want to?”

          I like the cartoon with a guy in a tricorn hat telling the Somali and the pussyhat: “Let me explain deferred capital gains to you!”

        • It’s mostly because we have to work for a living and don’t have the time to waste trolling idiots.

          • Apparently you guys have plenty of time to blog and bitch about how the evil Lefties are buggering you but zero time to even organize a protest and jerk them around like puppets.

            This is why I laugh at the gun collector/.prepper crowd and view them as useless. They ain’t going to rebel. They got some fat job and are not about to leave it even if Kamala Harris says turn in your guns or else.

        • “One of the things that really burns my ass about “conservatives” is their utter inability or unwillingness to “troll” the lefties. ”

          Ah, but usually when we try to fight them by their own rules (trolling) we get the one shot and then get banned.

        • Them’s the guys. Have no real idea about their schtick- but they have figured out how to drive Proggies nuts.

        • So they held a “unity rally”. Which I assume had all sorts of left wing types like feminists holding hands with BLM types and so on and so forth.

          Did they follow up with say a brochure examining black crime committed against white women? How about maybe a nice pamphlet showing some of the worst cases of torture and abuse committed against whites by blacks? Or maybe something detailing how much money gets taken out of the pockets of the white working class to support the black non-working class?

          It’s nice to “troll” them hard enough that they feel the need to rally. But the real victory comes when you then take all their assumptions and CONTINUE to screw with them. Since I’m sure that this rally was a big multicultural hug fest – that’s where you concentrate the attack.

          Viruses spread – that’s what they do. Find the crack – drive in the wedge – and watch the crack widen OVER TIME.

          That’s the other critical piece here: most people seem to have NO patience whatsoever. The commies and progressives have been playing a long term game. It’s somewhat ironic that so-called conservatives don’t recognize this since conservatism is about retaining long term proven things. Yet most of the conservatives I know what instant results – or they lose interest.

      • I do agree that there is great value in “trolling” one’s opponents, to use the term calsdad does below. However, I think there’s a real difference in type (of human templates) that drives the left to obsess on that sort of behavior. I think that those who comprise the group lining up on our side of the line tend towards other behaviors — like PT, or range work — as SWRich and Sml Adms indicate. I think this great ideological divide is somehow structured around a basic difference in bio-template … though I’m sure that experience can and does then have its way on the man too. So it seems to me that most of us here are more concerned with things in our life … making a living, raising a family, enjoying interests etc, and we tend to see poking our enemies on line as a less-than fruitful activity. Of course, psyops is an invaluable tool, so we should encourage those on our side who are good at it.

      • An excellent article about mass, nonviolent resistance:

        Excerpt: Civil resistance does not succeed because it melts the hearts of dictators and secret police. It succeeds because it is more likely than armed struggle to attract a larger and more diverse base of participants and impose unsustainable costs on a regime. No single civil resistance campaign is the same, but the ones that work all have three things in common:
        1. they enjoy mass participation
        2. they produce regime defections
        3. they employ flexible tactics.

        • All the prepper / gathering guns for the Revolution types are usually totally unaware of the fact that the “rebels” had been screwing with the British for YEARS if not decades before the shooting started at Lexington.

          The history of the Revolution did not start on April 19, 1775 – it started many years before. The revolutionaries were “trolling” the British for quite a while before they started shooting them.

    • What you are seeing and hearing across America is our version of Kiplings “Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”.

  49. Reality will eventually catch up to them. Look at third world countries: the wealthy (upper middle class by our standards) have to be mindful of kidnapping, extortion, and the like. They’re safe behind their 10′ walls but you have to leave the compound sometime.

        • The piety spiral re censorship prevents them from seeing the totally expected backlash that’s barely gotten started. They also assume there will be no reaction if they manage to steal the election, and then impeach the people’s choice. It’s amazing the country hasn’t risen up against them with extreme violence. Imagine the reaction to losing such a productive President to the machinations of such corrupt vermin.

    • I remember hearing about this going on in I think Venezuela well before the current crop of Commies. The local version of Oprah getting kidnapped and robbed and whining for help for anyone

      Apparently her private guards were utterly unreliable . Boo Hoo

      This also means that when it all goes down, all the bleating about the sacral nature of private property need to go out the window

      Not only should there be a new currency but the fines for elite misconduct are going to be rather heavy for those who remain

      When you rotate the elite especially if its going from the cloud people to the dirt people better make sure the cloud people have no resources to come back

      Stalin got that right if nothing else though I’m hoping for less ugly and dare I say even a lawful solution

      All that rambling aside, I have to say Candidate Clinton did more for class consciousness among the ‘Depolorables” in a word than the Reds did in a hundred years

      The Deplorables as group now get they are a class targeted for subjugation or elimination by the elite who I guess consider themselves Admirables or the like

      It will take a while for the “cooperation is communism” and “rugged individualism” glamour to wear off but once it does, look out

      • The Deplorables do though and while we have our weaknesses, opiates and stupid individualism mostly, if we make it through the pogrom, we’ll be far better situated than our foes.

  50. The term I’ve used with several of the Progressive bent is “getting Jacksonian”. It puzzles them. Before his mother died, she is supposed to have told young Andy to always be willing to settle and square his own disputes because no one else was going to look out him like he would for himself.

    • The complete irrelevance of physical courage in the administrative class leads to the extinction of moral courage as well.

      • Well said…. I can’t tell you how many superiors at my workplace have never worked a day in their life. There is something different about me, they just cant put their finger on it…

    • I have been surprised that no one thats been ruined by these people has shown up at their house or place of business yet. Either to beat the shit out of them and deal with the assault rap, or shoot themin the face before turning the gun on themselves. Apparently that someone just might do that really hasn’t occurred to them, either.

      • ” have been surprised that no one thats been ruined by these people has shown up at their house or place of business yet. ” Actually… Google on “Carl Drega”. Also “Marvin Heemeyer”.

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