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Since I am about to slide into an extra long weekend and this is the unofficial end of summer, I thought a little housekeeping was in order. I get questions and suggestions on a regular basis via the various ways to reach me. Time is the one thing I do not have in abundance, so responding to queries is something I do when time permits. I’ll go through e-mail once a week or so, for example. I also accumulate questions and suggestions that I get frequently. Individually they may not be worth a post, but cumulatively they will.

Question: How come you don’t take donations?

Answer: I get some version of this regularly. It has become normal for bloggers, podcasters and social media characters to solicit donations, so it is weird when someone does not solicit donations. There’s also the fact that people in our thing understand there is no billionaire support for our people. A guy like Steve Sailer needs the generosity of readers to keep doing what he is doing. It’s fairly obvious that if /ourguys/ had the same access to media as the Left, a lot of our guys would be wealthy media stars.

In my case, it is mostly sloth. All of this is the result of accident, so I never thought about making a business of it or doing it full-time. I have been approached by some people about doing exactly that, but it has not gone beyond the discussion stage. I am starting to think about making this my job, so figuring out how to make money at it is something I’ll need to do. There are examples to follow. Some people sell stuff, like mugs and t-shirts. Others do the crowdfunding route. Sailer, of course, does the quarterly fundraisers.

I’m not sure what would be best for me. I’m not even sure if it is possible to make a living as a gadfly. It is one of those things that I simply have not thought about much, so I don’t know much about it. People manage to do it, but that does not mean I can do it, so there’s that aspect. I’ve been a micro-business man for long enough to know how hard it is to keep the lights on in any business. That means it is hard being a professional internet solo act and there are a lot of tricks to the trade. I need to learn some of those first.

Question: Why do you live in Baltimore?

Answer: Serendipity, for the most part. A dozen years ago it was convenient for work, because I could get to Philly and DC via highway and I was close to one of the better airports. I never expected to be here more than a few years, but one thing led to another and moving was just not in the cards. That and moving is a huge hassle. When you’re young, it is not that big of a deal, because you don’t have much stuff and moving is just a thing young people do. That and helping friends move. When you’re old, moving sucks.

That said, I’m growing increasingly disillusioned by diversity. It turns out that vibrancy is not as vibrant as the Cloud People in the all-white areas say. The other day, I saw a local had been evicted. One of the males was guarding the furniture on the sidewalk. That night, a brawl broke out as other natives tried to haul off the furniture. I decided that I’ve had enough vibrancy, so my time here will be coming to an end. I’m too busy this fall to make moving plans, but spring is a good time, so I’ll start looking for a new house soon.

Question: What will you be doing in Copenhagen?

Answer: I made mention of my trip to the land of the midnight sun in the last podcast and to my surprise, I got a bunch of e-mails from Scandinavian listeners and readers. I’m always surprised by having an international audience. I guess that makes me a cosmopolitan globalist. Most of my audience is in the US, with the UK number two. Interestingly, I get more readers from northern Europe than from Canada. It turns out that Justin from Canada is the typical Canadian male. All Canadian men are like Justin from Canada.

Anyway, it turns out I have an audience in the Nordic lands. I will be in Denmark for a secret handshake society meeting. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about it at this time, but I will report on it after the fact. That will take up most of my time, but I will, I hope, have a chance to get out and enjoy the city a bit. I’ll visit their ghetto and maybe head over to Malmö to see their version of a no-go zone. I don’t want to sound boastful, but I’m guessing it cannot hold a candle to what Lagos on the Chesapeake offers.

Question: What is your opinion of Jordan Peterson?

Answer: I get this one a lot. I did a post about him six months ago, but I don’t find Peterson all that interesting. Frankly, his Kermit the Frog voice is unbearable. Otherwise, he strikes me as just another edgytarian. Strip away all the hand waving and prestidigitation and he is just another guy who accepts the Progressive moral framework. He’s a good example of a certain type we see, in that when he gets to the water’s edge, his instinct is to find a reason to retreat, rather than keep going. You see that in this clip a reader sent me.

Question: What is your view on White Nationalism?

Answer: This is another popular question. The other day, a reader sent me this video, which argues against white nationalism. Firstly, I don’t care for the term, as it conjures an image of toothless hillbillies bitching about the darkies. I’m just not a fan of rehabilitating words and terms that the Left has successfully demonized. As I’m fond of pointing out, even if you manage to rehabilitate Hitler and the Nazis, all you end up with is an airport named after him. You will still be living as a minority in your own country.

On the other hand, I had the opportunity to read a draft of Greg Johnson’s new book, which will release next month. It is titled, The White Nationalist Manifesto. I will post a full review of it once it is released, probably around the time of my trip to Denmark. Greg does an excellent job explaining what he means by white nationalism. It’s one of those things where my own bias toward the term may be misplaced and it is a useful shorthand to cover a lot of what gets discussed on our side of the great divide.

Now, as far as the concept of a white ethno-state that Richard Spencer promotes, well, I’m skeptical. There is a reason Europeans fought thousands of wars. Historically, race is not a great unifier. It is useful as a short hand when starting to sort human populations geographically. It’s not the primary identity people have, even in America which has a small former slave population that is entirely of African origin. Caribbean and African immigrants refuse to see themselves as in the same tribe as the former slave population.

Ethnicity is a much stronger bond, especially when it is combined with geography. It’s why, despite the efforts of successive conquerors, Europe is a land of many people with many identities. Even America, a land of white mutts, breaks down regionally. Southern whites see themselves as distinct from the Northern whites. That said, the rest of the world sees American whites as a unique ethnicity. It’s also becoming clear to whites all over America that we are a new identity group within America.

In summary, I think what will happen in Europe is the evolution of a national populism that is rooted in local ethnicity. Poles will work with Italians to oppose globalist and Eurocrats, but will see themselves as primarily Poles and Italians. Localism will make a comeback in a big way in Europe. In the US, the Cold Civil War will eventually give way to an acceptance of demographic reality. America will become a majority-minority country and stop being America, at least the version sold to us at patriotic events.

Question: How is the site doing?

Answer: Because I have not done a site update in months, I’ve gotten some form of this question recently, which is the genesis of this post. Traffic took a slight dip in the spring, more like a flattening of growth, but then it has taken off over the summer. July was up over 10% year-to-year and August is looking about the same. Comments have also gone up considerably. As I mentioned at the start, I’m seeing more European traffic now, so I suspect that someone has discovered me and has promoted the site to his readers.

The podcast has seen a steady increase in listenership. That’s much harder to track, because I can only see the Spreaker and YouTube numbers. I have no idea how many people listen on other formats like Spotify and Google. Using what the alleged experts say about popular podcasts as a guide, I’m doing better than most. Lacking a media megaphone means growth is organic. That and my unwillingness to promote the thing means a slow growth curve. Still, the numbers are way ahead of what I expected.

All that said, it seems that all dissident sites are experiencing a rise in traffic. Others have seen his numbers rise and his comment volume spike. Steve Sailer has had record traffic over the summer. Look around at Conservative Inc. sites and you see tumbleweeds in their comment sections. A rising tide lifts all boats and, to borrow a phrase from our enemies, history is on our side. That means the spike in activity here is most likely just the result of being on the side of Team Future, rather than Team Yesterday.

Have a great weekend. I shall return on Tuesday.

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  1. How do you guys listen to Zman’s podcast? I used to listen in the car or while walking my cocker. But it’s too good to waste on that. I often have dinner at various bars around town and that’s when I listen. I have a Bluetooth earbud that I pop in my ear. It’s small and skin colored so it’s hardly noticeable. Looks like a hearing aid. Which comes in handy when some drunk wants to bore me. I just point at it and say, “can’t hear so well man, sorry.” Though if a normal person wants to talk, I will of course.

    Anyway, it’s a good place to listen to Z. It’s like an instant interesting bar companion. I listen to other podcasts as well. Marc Maron. Sam Harris. Michael Malice. Bill Burr. Bill Simmons. TED. Rogan. Derb. and many others. But pound for pound…second for second if you will, there’s nothing better than Z.

    Aside from sheer content, his style and voice are just right for sipping a beer in the evening watching the game on the bar’s TV. Some guys are too strident. Or their voice is pitchy. I like McInnes but he’s brassy. I have to be in the mood for that dude. Plus he’s got some obsession with grossness. I don’t need to hear him talking about his penis as I’m sticking a fry in my mouth. Derb is great, but not for the bar. Just too much bitterness in his drawl. Brings me down.

    Gonna listen to Scott Adams for the first time soon. I hope he’s good. I wish there were more hard Right podcasters. I listened to TRS a few times and like those guys, (except when they get too hardcore on the J’s). It’s hard to find their podcasts though. If anyone knows some good Alt-Right / D-Right podcasts please suggest.

    • My dude Frip. It sounds like you spend quite a bit of time in bars for someone who was raised in such a religious home. God help your cognitive dissonance. Apparently, I am relativity wholesome. I mostly listen to WN content because anything less sounds effete. F#ck those grovelling f@gs who cannot face the reality of the world. There is still hope that Z might figure things out. Hail Victory!

    Hi Z. Figured you might like this. It’s been a thing on our side that the military will somehow just decide to side with us. I’m a little sceptical. The. P.L.A looked on dispassionatly at the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, The Vendee. But I guess Progs can’t help but push it. The collapse can not come quick enough.

  3. I have issues, (MANY), with Vox Day, but his on-going evisceration of Juden Peterstein is great. If you don’t read his site, at least go and read his numerous takedowns of that psychotic snake oil salesman.

  4. Not sure why but the idea of paying for a Blog seems foreign to me. Although have no idea what it takes to put one together and especially the Power Hour.

    . If it has turned into a part-time job perhaps you should be compensated..

    Not surprised about your appeal to the Scandinavian countries. Much like ourselves fake news was the only source of information. Their view of the right is of beer swilling hillbillies. Thankfully educated voices like yourself are changing that.

    Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

  5. Be assured that if you ever ask for financial support, many of us will be standing by, credit card in hand.

  6. Z, spring and summer are piss poor times to move because that’s when everyone with kids does it. Take the weather chances and try for fall or winter and you’ll get better deals for your money across the board.
    Also, re: moving. Homey I’m Wid Ya. It blows.

  7. The sooner they get that war mongering piece of corrupt shit McCain in the ground the better, One of the great enemies of the American people. I hope someone is working on little Linda Graham.

  8. Hitler wasn’t a white nationalist, he was a German nationalist.

    The term ‘white nationalism’ has a rather different meaning in Euroland, and is virtually unused; you don’t really have to call yourself a white nationalist if you’re European, it’s implicit, since the indigenous population is white. And patriotic Poles and Italians are not ‘localists’, they’re nationalists, since both Poland and Italy are nations.

    Likewise ‘civic nationalism’ is called ‘globalism’ or ‘treason’ over here, reflecting the difference in US and Euro discourse: Americans are fighting illegal immigration, Euros want all immigration stopped.

    And a word of caution: if your Danish hosts are from the established alt-media counterjihadi movement, they’re almost certainly shabbos goys.

  9. “All Canadian men are like Justin from Canada.”
    Well, I’m a (Scottish) Canadian man and if that were true I’d open a vein right now.

  10. Nothing to add, just a word of appreciation for what you do here.

    Thanks, and enjoy your weekend.

  11. One of the reasons I keep coming back here is the excellent analysis, and the fact that Z-man & (most) others can absorb a contrary post without wetting themselves. If there’s one thing we dissident-rightists need to keep doing it’s to focus on big picture stuff and ignore the trivia de jour. For the most part Z-man and a handful of commenters seize upon an important issue and go for the jugular … this is good. Petersen is more like a chihuahua … he yips & yaps about some good things, but can’t follow with ferocious bite. I’m too old to futz around with pantywaist conservatism, so appreciate that this site is a great gathering place for those who are sick/tired of emasculated nancies.

    • So it’s us, “Ferocious bite to the jugulars” vs. “Emasculated pantywaist chihuahua nancies wetting themselves.” Oh man we got this!

  12. “””..even if you manage to rehabilitate Hitler and the Nazis, all you end up with is an airport named after him….”””
    I live in 99,99% white country and I honestly disagree.

    You are in the ” Nazi Trap ” . Until Nazis are bad, you are too. Is the stabbing of jogger good ? Well, when somebody stabber Hitler mother on time….??

    Until the Nazis remain the ultimate evil then everything to stopping them remains good.

    But but but I want only free speech.
    Hitler got his speech and we all know how it ended up This time we do not let free speech develop to gas chambers.

    • I don’t think getting linked to NAZIs is a good idea. Even if you managed to do so NAZIs lost. Not a great model for attracting people. The United States already was a white nationalist nation up until the 1960’s. Pointing out that is probably going to be more successful for achieving any goals.

      • No, you don,t need to link up with NAZIs. Just reality based society instead of lie based society.The problem with Western Nationalism is that there is no such thing like “half communism” . Reality is not Swedish table, where you can throw out climate warming but keep believing holocaust or abandon medical snake oil but keep medical marijuana or whatever cultural Marxist myth you like. Do we have facts or we do not. There are not third option. When people believe one BS they will believe all other BS too. And those other BS salesmen tend to be more successful.

  13. If someone wants to live in a country where whites are the overwhelming majority, and he wants immigration policy to be structured with this goal in mind, then in what useful sense is he not a “white nationalist”?

    • Chedof. Since you used the word “useful”, as in practical, it shows you’re sympathetic to political strategy. So, with that framework in mind, I’d hope you can see that’s it’s not politically adventitious for us to use such a loaded and debilitating label as “white” ANYTHING right now. Maybe in 4 years when we’ve gained a stronger hold on the public mind. You can’t just shove Overton into place. It’s not some turbocharge button like in the Dukes of Hazzard. No, you’ve got to take time to make ideas amenable. THEN you can start edging Overton your way.

      • The word white is loaded nowadays. Replacing it with “European” generally yields the same meaning without the visceral disgust from normies.

  14. Zman, you are a thought leader and eye-opener for many. The uptick in everyone’s numbers is something I feel/see in meat space every day lately. So many Rubes have had their eyes opened of late, and are HUnGRY for real information – forbidden information – and they’re actually starting to talk about it. In PUBLIC! OMG.
    In many ways, life in the USA is frustratingly SAD with all the negative noise coming from the left, and Normal People are looking for some confirmation that we’re NOT crazy, evil, smelly, etc.
    You’re doing a great service. Not trying to fawn or flatter, just saying it like it is for the formerly powerless.
    Don’t stop.

  15. Wife & daughter visited Copenhagen & there’bouts and enjoyed every minute. When they returned, my wife said she understood me and why I do the things I do a whole lot better, having been surrounded by an entire country of folk who look and act as I do. And how, in a society full of only Danes, mild socialism of a sort could be possible without destroying the place in a generation.

    That latter bit might get us thrown into the Outer Darkness…or at least out of Libertarianirvana. The thing is, she has never lived in a high-funcitoning/high-trust white or white ethnic monoculture, not even in a small enclave in the USA. Contemplating broad-based gov’t community support outside of that is reality-denying folly. It will just degenerate into an orgy of “getting over(1)” and a tragedy of the commons as the lower functioning low-trust sort gorge at the trough.

    One sad note was all the empty churches re-purposed in Copenhagen. My daughter said, “I think I want to go on a mission trip to Denmark when I’m old enough.” Indeed. Mr. & Mrs. roo_ster didn’t raise no dummies.
    (1) “Getting over” is seen by some race/cultures in America as a positive good, something to seek after and to proudly boast of when accomplished. OTOH, others are too proud to take anything for free.

    • , “I think I want to go on a mission trip to Denmark when I’m old enough.”

      A preacher who believes in God would certainly be a novelty here.

    • It took going all the way to Copenhagen for her to realize ethnic and cultural solidarity is important for a society?
      What kind of brainwashing did she get growing up? A double dip?

  16. “All Canadian men are like Justin from Canada”.
    Hmm, do believe Mr Glen Filthie is from the Great White North,and he has nary a whiff of glitter-boy Justin.

    • Somewhere, some tough old Canuck and his bowie knife is having a stand-off w a grizzly. Unfortunately he’s too modest afterwards to tell us about it. So he doesnt set the tone for Canuck culture. That quoted statement should not be taken literally.

      • Did anybody else see that youtube of a Canadian chasing the bears off his lawn?

        It started with an irritable “C’mon guys, I gotta get to work”

        And ended with a regretful “Sorry ’bout that… see ya later… h-have a nice day…”

  17. I think the dismissal of Peterson as an Edgytarian is based on a misunderstanding of what he’s about, and it’s the same misunderstanding lefty makes: the idea that he’s primarily a social/political commentator and viewing him through that lens.

    As he’s always at pains to point out, however, he’s primarily a clinician, and a clinician’s job is to help people adjust and fit into the world as it is, not as they imagine it should be. And like it or not, the Cathedral and the social order it creates is part of the world as it is. So of course he’s not going to challenge all the fundamental premises of the Cathedral. It’s never been what he’s about, he’s never claimed otherwise. That’s a very, very different thing than than McInnes types who claim to be something they’re not.

    No he’s not one of “our guys.” But he’s never pretended to be, and anyone who thought he was, that’s on them. He will occasionally be an ally, occasionally an enemy, and often neutral to dissident right issues.

    • Peterson admits he is a old school liberal. However he is intellectually honest enough he will not abide by PC/MC bullshit. He’s still the only person who goes on national tv and thumps Lefty talking heads and academics.

      He’s also smart enough to admit he has to watch what he says. He knows he’s being monitored. Don’t think for a second the PTB wouldn’t like to paint him as a alt-right loon and be done with him.

      That is the price you pay if you want his level of exposure. Trump during the campaign understood this but pushed it to the limit.

      If you want public models study Peterson and Trump. They are both very,. very successful.

      • He’s still the only person who goes on national tv and thumps Lefty talking heads and academics.

        That’s because he’s the only one being invited. The MSM must trust him.

        • I have some understanding of how guests get booked on cable shows. The thing to understand is the producers are the only people with real skin in the cable chat show game. The talent is the talent and they can get away with being loons. For them, it is mostly about how they look and sound on TV and how well they get on with the senior managers.

          The producers and bookers, on the other hand, can be replaced easily. Their job is to book people and stage shows that get attention and not just ratings, which count for little in cable. They want other media people talking about the show. That’s how they are measured and that’s why a guy like Jordan Peterson works for them. He pulls his punches enough so that he does not get hurled into the void by the theocrats, but he is willing to scandalize Lefty with bad think and take the abuse they hurl at him.

          That BBC interview with the dunce got someone behind the scene a nice promotion.

      • Agree. I can barely handle the anger and foreboding the Left causes me so I’m certainly not going to get worked up about Peterson too. If I read enough about him I could probably start hating him, but I’d just rather not. That ok? The subject is tiresome. Whenever someone starts dumping on him I just let my mind drowned them out with that Guess Who song.

        Hate for Jordan gonna mess your mind
        Hate for Jordan, said get away
        Hate for Jordan, listen what I say heyyy heyyy
        Vox don’t come hangin’ around my door
        Don’t wanna see your fleshy face no more

    • Calling yourself ‘primarily a clinician’ doesn’t make it true. He’s primarily a snake-oil salesman.

      • The guy spent 40 years treating patients, publishing research and having zero public impact until the SJWs made him a star.
        You think all of that was some kind of ruse, intended to hide his true self? Right…..

        • No, I don’t think so.

          He became a snake oil salesman by chance and he now makes $50,000 per months by Patreon, plus whatever he makes on PayPal donations and Google Ads.

          I doubt he makes even half that from his clinical practice.

          • You’re totally WRONG.
            He makes north of 75 THOUSAND a month on Patreon now.
            Not counting the $$$ he splits with (((Ezra Levant))), his lectures, his appearances, his crappy psychotic books, his one time public appearance fees, his one on one podcast appearance fees, his personality test income, or his rug merchant business, and god knows how much he gets just in PayPal donations and checks mailed in.
            Juden is taking in several milli per year.
            Blows that 175K a year he was making teaching college right outta the water.
            I’m anxiously awaiting his final nervous breakdown. It’s coming.

    • He’s a psychotic, neurotic freak who “dreams” about his grandmother making paint brushes from her pubes and brushing them on his face and also “dreams” about eating his “hot cousin.”
      Do none of you ppl read his insane books???
      Plus, he’s a globalist shill who pals around with other dork webbers, mostly neocons like Shapiro and Bret Weinstein.
      No, just NO.
      The man should be on the floor of a mental ward, trying to hawk his 2 grand floor rugs to the orderlies.

        • Actually, I’m not a super fan of Vox Day. What gets me to read his posts are the stuff on Peterson BE CAUSE I have been trying for nearly two yrs to find ppl who’d listen to me when I told them that dude is a nut, so I was excited when Day decided to take him on. I had these feelings yrs ago, because that’s when I read his Maps of Meaning book.
          I just feel like everyone is finally catching up to me & I’m happy about it.

    • I agree. It’s pretty egocentric to grade every public figure on whether he is on “our side”. When I read or listen to him he comes across to me as a guy who is about changing mental paradigms and getting unstuck from psychological ruts. Along with that comes a fair bit of critical thinking which just might red pill some folks. I’m not seeing how that is a bad thing. I Iike him. My very liberal sister seems to accept him as well because deep down she too wants to think rather than just feel. Vox Day’s attacks on him seem mental to me. He rants, makes no clear points and exhasperatedly asks “don’t you see?”. Peterson has also written two books, a dense ine I haven’t read and a simple one I have. The simple book is great. He rambles on a bit, and some people like my son say that what he says is obvious, but it’s very easy for people like me to get caught up in ideas and overthink them. Peterson’s rules are like commandments and that is probably what gets the failed Catholics so bent out of shape. But there are so many people without any sort of code now. They could do worse.

  18. “When you’re old moving sucks” Yes, but that’s not saying it’s impossible.
    In the past three months I had to move about an hour from where I was to where I am now. Then to top it off, five weeks later I had to help those who helped me move to move themselves.
    Considering what’s happening in South Africa you just might consider fighting that inertia 😉
    But then again, I’ve advised Steve Sailer that it’s time to bail from Venezuela El Norte as well – before it needs to be walled off as well.

  19. Z Man is a smart and insightful guy, but perhaps his most striking quality is his modesty. That may be one of the reasons he hasn’t tried to turn this blog into a business. There’s an underlying integrity that runs through all of his posts. Even on the rare occasions when I disagree with him, I know that he’s just giving his honest take on something. He seems determined not to sugarcoat anything or engage in equivocating bullshit — an anomaly in this world of hucksters. Monetizing his blog/podcast wouldn’t necessarily jeopardize his integrity, but it wouldn’t help it either. Proceed cautiously.

    • wjkathman, just what I was thinking. So many bloggers, trying to make a career out of it, end up selling out to a particular point of view or set of positions that “pay the freight”. Standing clear of all of that allows the ideas to develop and the intellectual path to take form, while avoiding Charybdis and Scylla.

      • I actually don’t think too many bloggers are on the take, because, counter-intuitively, it’d take so little to buy so many of us off. Google sez the median American household income is $59,039. Round it up to 60K for convenience. That’s hardly a rounding error for Soros and his many foundations, and they can take it as a tax deduction. Granted, I’m one guy on a dinky group blog with 8 readers, but God help me I’d be tempted… I’d imagine most people would, especially since your paymaster hands you the cut-and-paste. The fact that we don’t have a whole lot of sellouts indicates, to me, that nobody’s buying.

        • No man is so virtuous that he can resist the highest bidder. I was once offered $10K for the domain. Would I say no to $100K? Of course not.

          So if there is a billionaire out there looking to buy me off, the starting bid is $100K.

          • The price of things has a binomial distribution; either under 20K or over 1 million. Never sell anything for 100K, it’s a nothing price. If someone is willing to pay 100K, someone else is willing to pay 1 million. JMO

          • I think it was a broker for these guys, but maybe someone else.

            I know someone who owned a domain name in the early days that was a catchy name. He did nothing with it until a about ten years ago, someone gave him one million for it. Thye domain still lie dormant.

          • I see. That’s a lot of dosh for a tackle shop.

            I knew a guy who worked for one of the first internet providers in Denmark. When the domain names were given free, they registered about 5,000 domain names, but none of them fetched that kind of cash, except one bank dropping about $50,000 for their own name.

            Of course, that was way back when…

        • First off to be bribed you need to have high visibility, readership and be seen as a threat. And if you are, most likely they’ll simply neuter you.

          Look at someone like Jordan Peterson. He admits to censoring himself and walking a fine line. He knows despite being popular as hell. The PTB will stomp on him if he brings up a taboo subject.

          That’s what they did to Lou Dobbs when he was doing segment after segment on CNN hammering both parties on trade and immigration. They fired him and they threatened his family as well.

    • WJK: “…but perhaps his most striking quality is his modesty.” Zman is a lot of things but modest is not one of them. It’s not modesty that compels a man to seek out National Review banquets with the intent of quarreling with everyone in the room.

  20. Yes you can build a good brand, gain a following that will support you nicely. Then as we all no the ADL comes and says, “no soup for you!”

    • If I was Jewish, I would want to put the ADL out of business for being such a poor ambassador for my ethnic group. Granted, it’s not fair to tar all or even most Jews for the ADL, but since when has fairness ever factored in to how humans analyze these matters?
      P.S.: I’m not Jewish … and I still wish we could put the ADL out of business simply for being a pain in the ass to anyone who doesn’t adhere to the accepted narrative/dogma.

      • wjkath, I’ll bet numerous Jews would gladly join you in this, but their clout/ wealth can’t compete with that of those who help keep JDL on the warpath.
        It would behoove us Gentiles to give moral support, to those Jews who dare the (heretofore) climb uphill, to fight JDL’s clout.

        • Why do you bet? I suggest that your neediness for non-Gentile approval is preparing the way for a commandeering of our movement like the neocons overthrowing the paleocons.

          • Well, Line, your *Ad Hominem* “suggestion” here, that I’m moved by some “neediness”, leads to a suspicion that is you who is driven by some sort of hidden agenda.

            What if you (and some other JQ-ers) are driven by the (quite impressive) esprit-de-corps among JQ-ers, who seek to tee off on that most famous scapegoat (Jews), instead of calmly analyzing the *various* factors (e.g. Deep State blackmail, *high-tech* propaganda aimed at single women of age 15-35), which contribute so much to results we here deplore?
            What if I (with extensive life experience, in various [vivid] walks of life) don’t see much difference, between the *NET* plusses/ minuses of Jews, compared with those of (urban) Gentiles?
            What if my aim is, to avoid needless strife between all of us facing common enemies (ever-more *feral* PoCs, and their vociferous Pussy Hat-er allies)?

            Given how some JQ-ers handle this stuff, I rather suspect that, after the Jews, it’ll be Micks (e.g. the Kennedys), then Slavs, then Wops, etc., who’ll get blamed, for problems which are caused largely by technology, but which are then *quite* exacerbated by biological tendencies (e.g. the large propensity of PoCs, to give Jungle Fever (white) women the good rapin’ so many see to crave).
            In each case, it’s possible to cherry-pick bad conduct, and ignore/ dismiss the *good* deeds of those in a (particularly vivid, talented) group.

            I can easily imagine our foes secretly helping along this JQ-ism, to keep us from uniting to concentrate on patently *obvious* dangers, from PoCs and their vociferous Pussy Hat-er allies, whose contributions are *trivial* compared to those of Jews (and Micks, Slavs, Wops etc.).

          • I will assume your comment is meant in a spirit of goodwill, but I can’t agree. It’s impossible to dissociate the “various” factors you mention from Jewish attitudes.

            That doesn’t mean we need to make sweeping generalizations about Jews. Like all of us, they are individuals. But Jewish power is something that has to be reckoned with in any strategy for countering the Left. It’s also mixed with the strong currents of Israeli influence.

          • Gravity, I fear that some folks are reading far too much into my words.
            Please recall that all this started, with my urging that we “give moral support, to those Jews who dare the (heretofore) climb uphill, to *FIGHT* JDL’s clout”.

            The extent to which it’s
            “*impossible* to dissociate the ‘various’ factors you mention from Jewish attitudes”, is a completely separate (and, I suspect, complex), issue.
            So, I hardly dare to guess (from your post) where you and I disagree.

            Under these circumstances, I must urge folks here to consult Wm. Pfaff (in 1994), about the diff between second-order agreement and First-order agreement, at .
            His point there ought to be boilerplate, at least to really educated people.

            (In this column, he implies that the Media’s recent indulgences were, unless tamed, leading to “the destruction of civil society”.)

          • I agree with Lime, that’s gross. I don’t WANT NeoCohen head pats. I don’t want those golem coming near enough to touch me.

          • Well, Zeroth, I can’t see how my urging that we “give moral support, to those Jews who dare the (heretofore) climb uphill, to *FIGHT* JDL’s clout” would involve any *”NeoCohen* head pat”.
            I come to this site, hoping that folks respond to what I actually write, rather than to some caricature thereof.

            I expected it to be (all-but) implicit, from my words about the JDL, that I’ve no more use for NeoCohen’s, than has anyone here.

            Head patting *them* was the last thing on my mind.
            To the contrary, I rather presume, that most of those who dare to *fight* JDL’s clout”, would also dare to fight the NeoCohens.

          • And, if you “don’t want those golem coming near enough to touch” *you*, as a matter of personal taste, you’re clearly within your rights.
            We shouldn’t be leaning on each other, any more than is *really* necessary to defeat the PoC / Pussy Hat-er grab for power.

            But, I trust that some here will see, that it behooves our movement to implement my advice, that we encourage those Jews, who may have the *stones* to fight the ADL, and, yes, the NeoCohens.

  21. Enjoy the weekend, Z. Regarding raising your pofile, I suspect that your appearances in the comments at iSteve will bring you new readers. Akways enjoy your comments there as well as your articles here.

      • I learned of him when Derb gave him a mention. Derb deserves credit for marketing a lot of right wing publications. He also turned me on to modern age magazine.

    • I think I first found this blog from a comment on Takimag, now I never go there. Still read Sailer though.

  22. I figured you were so loaded that it was beneath you to solicit donations, lol!

    But seriously, heck yeah you should monetize this! But don’t quit your day job; just use it as a byline at first, and ease into it. At very least you could use it to compensate your star commenters, such as myself!

    Paul Kersey creates scrap books of his former posts, arranged by topic that he puts on amazon and are available to the reader for free through kindle unlimited. I’m not sure how much money one makes from this, but it is useful to follow the development of his thought. His format lends itself to this by giving a run down of a particular city such as Detroit. His grammar and writing was laughably atrocious at first, but it didn’t matter to me. The force of his ideas are what came through.

    Since I’ve been into this stuff, about since 2008, the focus seems to have shifted to the dissident right, or paleoconservative right to use the older terminology. Back then, white nationalist sites such as Occidental Observer, occidental quarterly, and counter currents were the rage, with lengthy, fascinating comment threads. Of course stalwarts like Steve sailor and vdare provided unity in the background. Now those comment threads are crickets chirping, and the quality of commenters are much lower, conspiracy wing nuts and such. People like Zman and mike Fuentes are where it’s at now. I think the big transition point was the Unite the Right fiasco, but I’m not sure how. Perhaps the winning strategy of trumpism is shaping things.

    • It’s the podcast that’s really exceptional too. Just don’t create a paywall. That’s the one thing that makes me question someone’s integrity. Because first of all it makes the subscriber put his information somewhere and most importantly, it narrows the readership. If you believe in your ideas, the most important thing is proselytizing them. As soon as the profit motive comes to the forefront, your integrity is corrupted. Even the half in half out format that some have adopted is suspect to me.

      • That’s just you being weird. If ppl on our side are going to do this full time, they HAVE to have paywalls.
        Besides, most sites like TRS will let you mail a check, a money order, or send bitcoin.
        They also don’t keep your info on file. I know this for a fact, because I tried to do recurring payment & Enoch sent me an email saying he had no way to do it, because they don’t retain the info ; I’d need to re-sub.

  23. Marketing, Tom Woods has a comprehensive “kit” aimed at self promotion… Which tools and how to use them…. Where to invest your time, etc

  24. Maybe we could have a fundraiser meetup. A Zman picnic. $100 per paper plate type deal. Do you think we’d all get along or they’red be a bunch of unpleasantness and turned over picnic tables. Z do you think you could beat up Jim Goad? What if we all turned out to be midgets.

    • “Do you think we’d all get along or they’red be a bunch of unpleasantness and turned over picnic tables”

      Depends on if Tiny Duck show up and starts telling us that we all secretly want to date negroes…

      • It’s not just Tiny Duck who says that. There have been other regular commenters here suggesting that women want to import the “dusky hordes” in order to get a good rapin’. Somehow the interracial marriage statistics seem to have managed to break through to consciousness of late.

        • Chuckles, if Tiny Duck really means that “we *all* secretly want to date negroes”, he’s quite off.
          But some of us here do fear, that *many* women (subconsciously) want to import the “dusky hordes”, in order to get a good rapin’, and in order to put *boring* (white) Betas “in their place”.

          I’d hope, but of course can’t guarantee, that we could discuss such serious issues, without a Tiny Duck showing up to crap all over the place.

          • Y’all have to admit, though, this place is remarkably troll-free. We get some good discussions here, and they get a little heated at times (above and beyond standard-issue ball busting), but very few trolls. Somebody’s doing something right.

          • I agree. This is a good online watering hole for a little sanity and not only b/c of the sole proprietor.

        • It’s divide and conquer. “White women are the enemy” is a recurring tactic by Jewish raiders, PUA degenerates advocating racemixing, Kunta Kintes and other Muds who demand access to his/her men/women/countries and end up hating White women for scorning him or White men for scorning her, and whichever enemies of the White Man there are left.

    • Frip, maybe all of the above. We’d all get along, there would be unpleasantness, and tables would get tipped over. Sounds like a Scots-Irish wedding and party I once attended.

      • I remember fun weddings. Remember glass beer pitchers? Watched a guy smack one on the edge of a table while holding it by the handle, came up with a perfect handle-with-sharp-glass-all-around, shook it at the guy across the table and yelled something about “you sunuvabitch”. Good times.

        Um, my grandmother’s side of the family…

    • Im not here to make friends, Im here to take temperatures and to learn where that giant wrong turn was. (Doesnt mean Im against making friends, but this aint no online cocktail party to me)

  25. There would be more comments on conservative sites if their comments weren’t limited to Facebook members. Don’t comment much here because I mostly agree with you. Have a nice weekend. If you do a makeover, please leave the picture somewhere. It’s great.

    • One of my favorite stories about the loss of comments on right wing sites, is this story-back when there wasn’t a lot of right wing commentary online, Hot Air was a huge Conservative platform. I regularly read it, despite disagreeing with large portions of it.
      The best part was their commenting base. While it tended to be mostly older normie cons, the folks there were a decades plus family of exuberant posters and each post got hundreds if not thousands of comments.
      This continued until mid-2016 & the ride of Mango Hitler, AKA, Donnie Two Scoops. At that point, the lame writers for the site, mostly Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit, (Neocon Jew shilling quasi-lolberts), were NOT happy about the love the commentariat had for the MH.
      They decided practically overnight that the comment section would go to FB comments only. This ENRAGED the commenters, most who refused to have Zucc’ s spy service.
      The Hot Air folks said tough, you’ve got until tomorrow to get onboard or GTFO.
      They quickly organized on a thread there that ended up with close to 8,000 posts, (lol), to form email chains and move themselves onto some posters tiny barely used blog.
      I checked on them a few wks back-while they don’t have the engagement they had throughout 2016, they are still going strong at SpartaReport, hundreds of comments per topic on avg, and my check in on Hot Air showed that they get anywhere between 7-30 per post, on avg.
      I guess they ultimately don’t care at Hot Air, they sold out like all of the early successful conservative sites, to mega Corp Salem Broadcasting, but it was just the manner in which they sold their huge loyal reader base down the river that amazed me.
      Everything Salem bought turned to absolute garbage. Town Hall, American Thinker, etc. They bought Red State, as Well, but it was always garbage, so no biggie there.
      And that’s the story of why conservatives always lose. First they sold our the Tea Party and then they sold out the blogs and their supporters.
      I’ll be so happy to see the rest of Con,Inc die off when it finally goes the way of the dino.

  26. Do you have any questions for us? Scott Alexander at slatestarcodex does a survey of his hoard periodically. I’m sure I’m not alone and saying I would answer honestly if you wanted to do one to find out who is listening to you

    • You know, I never thought about doing a reader survey. That’s a good idea. I’ll take a look at what he does over the weekend. Thanks.

      • He does a fairly lengthy survey but it starts with the basics, sex age race education level etcetera.
        Are you ever worried about being recognized by your voice?

        • Yesterday the discussion here was on protecting personal information. Why should we then start to collect it on each other?

      • Yes please! I would love to read the demographics of regular visitors: age, sex, general income, professions, where they live (in regional terms only), etc.

        Have a wonderful time on your trip.

    • Thats a pretty good idea. Frame it as one of those wistful Hallmark ads. “Do you remember your first red pill moment……”.

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