The Problem With Conservative Inc.

My conservative friends hate that I have zero interest in supporting Republicans. They really hate it when I say the best thing that could happen is for the GOP to fold up. You’re never going to beat a well armed and well organized religious cult with pleading and stammering. That’s all the GOP has to offer. The cause of this, however, is the deluded views of Conservative Inc. A good example is right here.

Politics is not always about somebody getting his way and somebody else failing to get his way. Consider the case of the Veterans Affairs hospitals: Nobody wanted this outcome. That outcome, recall, is a great many dead veterans, the result of medical and managerial malpractice. Democrats did not want the hospitals that care for our veterans to be catastrophically mismanaged while administrators set about systematically destroying the evidence of their incompetence, and Republicans did not want that, either. Independents are firmly opposed to negligently killing veterans. It doesn’t poll well. Everybody is so opposed to that outcome that we created a cabinet-level secretariat to prevent it and installed as its boss Eric Shinseki, a highly regarded former Army general. We spent very large sums of money, billions of dollars, to prevent this outcome, almost trebling VA spending from 2000 to 2013 even as the total number of veterans declined by several million.

This sounds nice and cheery, but it is mostly based on nonsense. The Left is all about who-whom. For them it is not only always about who dominates whom, it is only about who dominates whom. But let’s cut Williamson some slack as he may be just warming up.

Nobody wanted these veterans dead, but dead they are. How is it possible that the government of the United States of America — arguably the most powerful organization of any sort in the history of the human race, in possession of a navy, a nuclear arsenal, and a vast police apparatus — cannot ensure that its own employees and contractors do not negligently kill its other employees and former employees? Never mind providing veterans with world-class medical care — the federal government cannot even prevent bureaucratic homicide. All of the political will is behind having a decent VA, and there is nothing to be gained politically from having a horrific one. How can it be that, with everybody free to vote as he pleases and to propose such policies as please him, we end up with what nobody wants?

That sounds much better. That’s heading for the libertarian/classical liberal argument against socialism. Society is too big and too varied for any one group of people to “manage” it. The result of such attempts is disaster. Better to let people sort it out on their own.

There will be plenty of personal culpability to go around as this mess all comes to light, beginning with President Obama, who offered himself to the American people as, among other things, a competent authority on the management of health care. He promised the country openness and transparency but has worked assiduously against those qualities, which carry not only ethical weight but practical value as well: Open and transparent arrangements are much less prone to abuse, especially abuse of the sort that results in death, because observation is linked to accountability, which is why police officers make so many wrongful arrests and destroy so much evidence in response to the perfectly legal act of videotaping them at work. (E.g.) The right thing to do, in response to 40 and counting veterans killed through negligence on his watch, is for President Obama to resign. A man with any self-respect would do it; a country with any self-respect would demand it. But that of course is not what is going to happen.

Then he tips into dream land. No one will be held to account for this. No one is held to account for anything in the Custodial State. You can be damned sure the press is not going to go after one of their own, forcing the ruling class to clean up its act. That highlighted sentence is so laughably naive and ridiculous I wonder if the poor man was having a stroke while writing this column. Look back at the never ending series of scandals that started in the Clinton years and name anyone who went to jail? Lost a job? Saw their career ruined?

Until Conservative Inc comes to terms with objective reality, they are just highly paid trolls.

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M.J. B.

Could not agree more!! After the 2012 elec
tion, I decided that I was apolitical and still I am not sure that I will vote ever
again. I am elderly but hope to live long enough to see the national implosion– there is no viable action that can save the nation. We are an earlier version of “Idiocracy” than was imagined by the writers of the original, tedious movie.

I prefer Gerard Vanderleun’s philosophy:
“The Republicans–they thirst for death!”


“We hammer out an agreement, write the checks and close the books on the issue for good.”
If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day…”
If you feed parasite for a day…