Richard Spencer

I’m torn on Richard Spencer and his white consciousness movement. I’ve always thought “white nationalism” is a bit nutty, mostly because the advocates tend to be cranks and lunatics. That’s unfair on my part, but certain words and phrases get associated with negative images and there is nothing to be done about it. Life is unfair. That said, Spencer is very smart and makes some wonderful critiques of Cultural Marxism, in addition to being very sensible on issue of race. The right answer is to hear him out and then decide.

Listening to him, I’m not really sure he is prepared to handle the charge of being a white supremacist. I have not followed his career closely enough to say for sure, but that’s my sense at the moment. Maybe his critics have been answered and I missed it. Then again, there is no good way to respond to those sorts of accusations. The point is to condemn the person, without hearing their response. Regardless, he is a rising star and this long interview is a pretty good place to start.

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5 years ago

I also don’t really believe in White Nationalism or even in European Nationalism, there is too much bad blood between different group of White Europeans but I’m a fan of Richard Spencer and others like him, I hope they win in the end.

5 years ago

Europeans don’t make a perfectly coherent population, but they make a substantially coherent population. You can take a variety of European populations and make a reasonably coherent country, as the US was at one point.

5 years ago

[…] listening to that Richard Spencer interview on Red Ice, the thing I found most interesting is the bafflement by people in the Dissident Right as to why […]