Diary: February 2018

Every time I write one of these, I say I will make it a regular feature. That never happens for some reason. The “collection of small items” has been a staple of magazine writing for generations because it is easy to produce and popular with readers. It works well for blogs like this, as it lets the blogger address all of the small items that don’t warrant a longer post. For some reason I have not developed the habit. My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening thru a cosmic vapor of invention…..

Looking at the server logs, I was surprised to see continued growth in traffic. January of 2018 saw a 9% increase in traffic versus January 2017. February, on the other hand, has been a little flat, relative to last year, but February has always been the slowest month for some reason. July is the second slowest month and that makes sense. July is the biggest vacation month in the US. Even adjusting for the lost days, February has been the slowest month for this site since I started. I have no answer for it.

I’ve always assumed there is an upper limit to one man blogs. I could be wrong about it, but that’s my hunch. The reason is there is only so much anyone has to say about the world. Eventually, even the most expansive writer starts to repeat certain themes. Read anyone long enough and you notice it. Of course, some writers limit themselves to one topic, so they hit that point quickly. I have not read Robert Stacy McCain in a long time, as he said everything about blue-haired cat ladies that needed to be said….

The podcast is steadily ticking up in traffic. The funny thing about it is the growth has followed the same pattern as the blog. Obviously, I do nothing to promote myself. I don’t have a rich uncle bankrolling this operation. That means people discover this site and the podcast mostly through bad fortune. Word of mouth growth seems to follow a pattern. At first there is slow growth, then it takes off, but plateaus for a while, and then another period of rapid growth. That’s what’s happening with the podcast.

People have suggested I try some promotion, but I don’t know anything about promoting a podcast and I’m not all that interested in learning. Self-promotion is not something that comes naturally to me. A guy like Mike Cernovich is a natural self-promoter, despite the fact he has nothing to offer the world. Even though he is a nullity, he can attract a crowd, thus proving the power of marketing. That and the world has never been short of stupid people willing to give an mendacious clown like Cernovich an audience…

I got a few e-mails asking my thoughts on the Florida shooting. I’m in the John Derbyshire camp on this one. There is a reason these things happen, but it has nothing to do with any of the reasons we see the loonies shouting about on television. This time the Progressive nutters have enlisted a group of child actors, but the Left has been exploiting children this way since forever. This time it feels new, only because it has been a while since the last “what about the children” stunt, but otherwise it is the same show.

My hunch here is that “school shooter” has become a thing for the same reason “going postal” was a thing once. In a mass media society, certain things gain currency simply because they travel well on the mass medium. School shootings make for good TV and good scream show fodder. If you are a troubled kid seeking attention, the world is showing you the path. Eventually, some new nut will come along and do something else to be famous and that will be the thing everyone puzzles over for a while.

I will note that mass shootings adhere to Moynihan’s Law of the Canadian border. Someone plotted these events on a map and it is quite clear. The more diversity, the more likely you are to have these types of incidents. That’s not surprising. A mentally unstable person in a land of strangers is not going to get much help and they are going to feel even more alienated. It’s also why crime is higher in more diverse parts of the country, but it is a small prize for you to pay so Tyler Cowen can have kebabs on Wednesday…

Speaking of diversity, this story on the best states was amusing. Our Progressive rulers try very hard to make these things look empirical, but in the end, they prefer to live where there are not a lot of non-whites. Iowa is the fifth whitest state in the country and its non-white population is packed into well defined areas. Look at the whole list and that pattern is clear. The one exception is West Virginia, but Lefty hates hillbillies almost as much as he hates black people. Hill country will never be gentrified…

I got banned from Twitter last week for calling Piers Morgan a bad name. It is a seven day ban that expires on Friday. This is the second time this has happened and both times it was for directing unpleasant thoughts at a famous person. The first time I got zapped was for saying something mean about Dale Earnhardt Jr., believe it or not. From what I gather, the quickest way to get tossed from social media is to insult a famous person. You can promise to murder a member of the hoi polloi, but don’t dare insult a rich or famous person.

This is a trend we are seeing all over. The other day, some hockey fans were thrown out of the arena for being mean to one of the players. Heckling the players has been a tradition at hockey games since forever, but now feelings, especially the feelings of rich and famous people, count for everything. I suspect we are not too far from this becoming law. We will see rich people acquitted for killing a staffer, because they will contend the staffer insulted them in some way. Insulting a rich person will become a serious crime.

As un-American as this sounds, it is the norm in human societies. For most of human history, vexing someone in the ruling class was a good way to end up in the dungeon or on the scaffold. That is, to a great degree, the motivation behind the crack downs on speech in America. It’s not that the alt-right is spreading heresy or subversion. It’s that what they say makes the cat ladies sad. It’s why the people in charge are so viscous about this stuff. Hell hath no fury like a cat lady scorned…

The other day, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the administration on DACA. This is a standard thing the court does to try and force the lower courts to act properly. In other words, it is a process thing that sucks for the plaintiffs, but is good for the courts. The media trumpeted this a massive setback for Trump in his efforts to end the DACA program. Every news site, even Drudge, presented it as the beginning of the end for Trump, even though it is nothing of the sort.

It is, though, another reminder of the staggering dishonestly of our media. If the Washington Post printed my name on their front page, I’m getting my birth certificate out, assuming I have been wrong about my name for fifty years. I don’t even trust the date printed on news stories anymore. I suspect I’m not alone in now assuming all news is fake news. This can’t be a good thing. Maybe it will fix itself in time, but I suspect a big part of what troubles our society is just the endless lying of the people in charge…

Finally, it is easy to look around at the world and get depressed. Most days, the bad news outweighs the good news by a factor of ten. We are ruled by suicidal lunatics. Further, time is running out on doing something about it. One more click of the ratchet and future generations will be living in the rubble of our society. To use a sportsball analogy, it is the late innings and the olde towne team is behind. But, it is not all bad news. This post by J’Onquarious is a good reminder that the good guys are making up ground.

Maybe it is too late. Maybe all of us are doing nothing more than leaving a record so the robot historians will know that not all of us were mad. Until that is clear though, it is important to keep fighting. Maybe this thing can be turned around in time to leave a better world for those who come after us. Slowly, white Americans are waking up to what faces them. In that regard, the momentum is on our side. We just have to keep chipping away at it and maybe one day the lunatics will be sent back to their asylums…

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  1. “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”


  2. Have faith, boys. Americans are not Euros. They’ve never been invaded before, they don’t like losers and they sure as hell don’t like losing. Losing was popular with baby boomers back in the 60’s but now? It’s getting old.

    Everyone knows the media slobs are full of shite, and you can get the truth just by reflecting on the lies they tell and reading between the lines. Media slobs haven’t picked up on the fact that the average man is smarter than they are, and lying to him probably isn’t going to work.

    Hanging a few lefties and vibrants should be all it takes to restore some semblance of balance. Our enemies are, after all, liars, thieves and cheats… and worst of all cowards. We are made from better stuff than they are and we will prevail.

  3. Time is indeed running out, for a peaceful resolution. Eventually I see it ending in bloodshed when the whites are pushed into a corner and there is no alternative but respond in kind to the white lunatics who rule over us and their henchmen in the government and in business.

    The thing is the progs aren’t going to stop with their identity politics and demonizing whitey. In fact it will get worse, it always does when you have what amounts to a lead up to ethnic cleansing. Historically violence, death and expulsion are the end products of this sort of hate.

    Like I used to say on Sailer’s site. “what point of war against whitey you don’t understand?” Right now they’re just circling us and yammering, just waiting for the right time to take a shot at us.

    • They’ve already shot at us, c.f Las Vegas, c.f the attack on Representative Scalise and the other Republicans

      the only oddity is the guys were in their 60’s who did this, an older more capable generation the younger people don’t have the guts or skill

      even todays Communist fold under pressure most of the time

      They’ll count on the Government, aka Mommy to do it all for them

      what will trigger a backlash in the US Is unknown to me, we’ve allowed 50 million immigrants without a peep and allowed our culture to be destroyed and replaced by a repulsive caricature of itself. I guess as long as the money and opiates flow its all good

      Europe OTOH is making nationalist parties into major players and if they are somehow kept out of power by chicanery ?

      They’ll put in Ultras who will end the pretext

  4. The frequency of school shootings parallels the massive growth in child psychiatry and resulting issuance of prescription psychotropic medicines.

    Just like you’re right to ask if a mass shooter outside of a school is an Islamic terrorist, you’re right to ask if a mass shooter inside of a school is on SSRIs and seeing a child psychiatrist.

      • The crazy used to be confined to asylums and the death penalty removed criminally insane genes from the population as well. Cruz biological mother was apparently a junky. It seems likely he was sired by a violent criminal. The Vegas shooter’s father was a career criminal.

        School environment not withstanding, the western States have done a masterful job of ensuring the proliferation of bad seed. Progressives denial of biology and hatred of guns makes perfect sense when you realize they are the party of defective people rallied to defend the interests of wealthy elites. Crazy came first. SSRIs were simply another iteration of cultivating the crazy for progressive power.

      • No, because the crazy came first. The pharma industry and psychologists/psychiatrists realized that they FIRST had to create a low of new “disorders”. Once you have a massive expansion of the diagnostics, you can offer a suite of drugs to treat them.

        Numerous studies have shown that the statistical presentation of ADHD is about 5% in the population, but more than 5% of children are on the meds.

      • The schools, teachers and doctors are all responsible. Media too for that matter. The diagnosis of adhd is relatively recent, as is the prescription of ritalin and ssri drugs. The kids are not crazy, just bored. Give them drugs and you can make them crazy. When I was having a hard time sitting still it got treated with extra laps around the track, not a prescription for speed or heavy downers.

    • I know a couple who have their kid doped up on adderall. I’d characterize them as overachieving “A” students. Their kid is a reverting to the mean B- student. He’s not getting any sleep, skinny as a rail and just looks like he’s beyond exhausted. If his folks would just be honest with themselves, they’d back off and let him pursue a trade or join the service. But he’s got to go to college and join the managerial class, right?

      It will not end well.

  5. I’m a millennial who was 17 when the Columbine school shooting happened in 1999. I can give some first account insight into why this is happening.

    I had the privilege of going first to high school in NYC before my parents got rich and moved us to a NJ suburb. The high school there was one of the top ten in all of New Jersey.

    In NYC, I was the nerdy type who was constantly picked on because of my nerdiness. After learning karate though, I was able to fight back against my bullies physically. While I was suspended once, I got a lot more respect from my peers. This is a neighborhood where most of the people were Italians, Irish and some Hispanics, Blacks, and Jewish people (working class and lower middle class environment). There was also more of a community structure where people invited the local gang to play baseball and other sports with each other.

    Moving to the suburbs was a complete culture shock. First, all my peers were now Chinese, Indian, Jewish and white with no Hispanics and blacks. Because of my nerdy demeanor and working class background, I was quickly outcasted. But whereas the abuse in NYC was physical, the abuse I suffered in NJ was passive-aggressive. The bullying was more of gossiping, ignoring, stealing items, etc. There was no way for me to fight back physically and prove myself. The one or two times I did, I was labeled by the teachers as a troublemaker and seen by the students as a dangerous element (in today’s environment, I would be stigmatized as a budding school shooter).

    Luckily, I got a better social environment in college and made some lasting friends. But my high school experience puzzled me. I always pondered why the environment was so passive-aggressive.

    I have now come to the conclusion that the suburban schools had been feminized as I remember almost all the staff were women. Anti-bullying policies had been put in place to halt physical violence. The unintended side effect was that it merely shifted the bullying. Instead of physical bullying among men, a bullying that could allow you to raise your social status by fighting back, the bullies became like catty women, using passive-aggressive means to bully.

    The only means to stop it are to tattle-tale, which lowers your social status. Even then, the teachers may turn against you if they are friends with the bullies in question or if the bullies make a better impression than you. At most, the teachers will try to understand the bully, making you feel frustrated in outcomes. Or you can fight back physically, which does nothing to raise your social status and gets you labeled as a potential school shooter.

    Under such a scenario, when you are a social outcast, it’s near impossible to raise your status. It’s why people who are stuck in this role turn to nihilism, then school shooting. It’s really the only way to show the world of your pain or get any attention when you are so low on the totem pole.

    Chateau Heartiste had a good post up which explained in a click the awfulness of such a feminized environment. It means that this will continue to happen until the schools or students get red-pilled enough, something we are starting to see with Generation Z with their dissent on forums like 4chan,

    I’m enclosing the links that explain this system more in depth:



    • When you let boys be boys (e.g. small scale transient physical scuffles), then the hormonal pressure of male adolescence is released in lots of small vents. When you prevent this natural activity from occurring, the pressure builds until the kettle explodes. This is an important example of the stupidity epidemic problem that we are facing.

    • The feminization aside, scale is a problem in US schools too. One thing I noticed when first introduced to the American public education system (bear in mind this was in a wealthy and plurality Jewish suburb) was the sheer scaling involved. In Europe or Israel I was accustomed to seeing village sized schools with a hundred or two tops in their total body. Americans even in choice districts had to contend with numbers an order of magnitude higher.

      The Dunbar number comes into effect here quite rapidly. Nobody could possibly know even most of their age cohort or even designation. Cliques were simply nature taking course. I couldn’t help but think that anyone who could afford to live there would do their chimdren afford great service by simply sending their children to a smaller school even if it were under-resourced by comparison. I had never understood homeschooling as a phenomenon until I witnessed that monstrosity.

    • I had a very similar experience. I was lucky that after four years of the crap you describe, I had the opportunity to go to a very tough Catholic high school with the kids I left behind in the old neighborhood and elsewhere in eastern LA County. The order that taught us gave us two to three hours of homework every night and six to ten hours every weekend. If you weren’t in interscholastic sports, you had an hour of intramural sports every day and bloody lips and bruises were common.

    • Dan;
      You, Issac & Tom A have just opened my eyes. I had no idea that school had recently become so awful for the average boy.* I guess I was lucky that I did HS in the ’60s (it was, as is usual in all ages, both good and bad stuff at the time) and so I was originally baffled by the discussions of the conditions today. My kids in school in the ’80’s were girls. So I had little exposure then. I really sorrow about what was lost. I pray that something like my earlier situation could be restored, simply so that boys could grow up to be reasonably happy, confident and competent men.

      So, for all your millennials, etc., sorrowful education, here are some of the differences between the ’60s and the present (evidently) situation now for boys sorting themselves out in school. Missing now and not then: Coherence in purpose about socializing young males;
      – Male bullying then was mostly open taunting but also occasionally physical. Not fun, but physical retaliation put a quick end to either. Your parents put you on to the need to fight back if it was individual; Defended you if it was systematic.
      – Male passive-aggressive cattiness was dealt with the same way as open taunting with the addition of male peer group disgrace: You’d get punched *and* had no defenders.
      – Short, one-on-one fights were usually overlooked by the authorities (for obvious sorting reasons). Ganging up on anybody was punished, though.
      – Male principals were in charge of male discipline, period. Physical discipline by male teachers or principals happened occasionally, usually on account of insolence.
      – if you complained about getting a whack at school, you’d get another one at home from *Dad*.
      – “Wait ’till your father gets home.”, was Mom’s most dire, credible and effective threat, see above.
      – ‘Free’ schooling was regarded as a privilege and not a right. Minor infractions were punished by after-school detention. You didn’t want to have to explain this to your parents, see above.
      – Serious infractions or regular trouble-making got you expelled: Temporarily at first and then permanently. It blows my mind for stupidity that you evidently can’t do this now.
      – If you hated classroom teaching there were numerous shop classes available. And they lead to profitable, skilled, outside work.

      Out of school:
      – You could both drop out of school and get a job at 16. Jobs for unskilled 16 year-olds were always available but they were sh*t jobs. This too was part of young male education.
      – Break some of the then-many-fewer-than-now criminal laws outside of school more than a few times and you were likely to be formally adjudged a ‘juvenile delinquent’.
      – Delinquents from rich families were sent to all-male military academies to expiate their mindless rebellion. Delinquents from poor families got sent to reform school for the same purpose. If you were over 17, though, the judge was likely to give you the choice of the Marines or jail/reform school: Identical purpose.
      – The few boys with serious mental disorders could be (and usually were) involuntarily confined to state mental institutions via judicial process. Usually it was to the family’s sorrowful gratitude.

      Regards physical outlets for boyish energy:
      – In school, there were two 15 minute recesses (morning and afternoon) a day plus 1/2 hour (light) PT class up through middle school. HS had a full hour (heavy – shower needed) PT class every day.
      – Because schools were much smaller, proportionally many more guys could play after-school sports. So, if you were unskilled but persistent (my situation), you wouldn’t get cut. You’d practice (to your benefit): You just didn’t get many game-time minutes. In fact, you could get the coveted varsity letter by being out all four years for any one sport: A participion prize that required, you know, actually serious participation, (if you still cared at that point in your senior year).
      – *Jobs*: Almost all kids had summer jobs. Most boy’s summer jobs were physical. Your summer job was your ‘sports camp.’ Kids from poorer families had after-school or weekend jobs all year because their families needed the money. And so some of them couldn’t play sports. That was unfortunate. But almost everybody had multiple physical outlets. [Want a mental outlet_? Hit the Public Library (not a degenerate magnet at that time)].
      – All those jobs, so important for socialization, male socialization in particular,** are now done by illegal immigrants and so our grandkids can’t get them. This is yet another hidden tragedy for normal folks that’s on The Cloud.
      * Maybe it’s time to bring back male-only private HS military academies, if only for our sons to escape the all-prevading estrogen poisoning that suffocates HS boys today.
      **To start with, you got to learn, first day, that your sh*t wasn’t ice cream. Shortly, you got to learn that job performance was what mattered, that people with lower IQ than you actually were good people and they actually knew important stuff that you didn’t, etc.

      • This actually in many ways was the schooling I had in the 80’s and early 90’s in working class NYC. Maybe it’s still true in working class areas today, but I have no way of knowing. The clue might be to look at where all the school shootings are occurring. They almost always happen in rich suburbs and never working class areas.

        One reason is community; you still find a stronger sense of community in a working class area than in a suburban environment. Suburbs are basically an anomaly that arose after WW2 to accommodate returning GI’s and people who got rich after the end of the Depression. From there, they obviously grew from the white flight from the cities.

  6. Do not despair at all the bad news. Lots of good things are happening in the shadows. Although the probability of reversing course via a grassroots movement is low, that doesn’t mean we are lost. It just means that we may have to take a different road to get there. The Left is strong now because it is feeding off the wealth of others. Change that and they will starve.

  7. I wish I had a nickel for every event and occurance that marked “the beginning of the end” for Trump.

    I am not sure he, or the rest of us, can turn anything around for the long run. But there has been a lot of flipping over of rocks to show the rot that lies underneath. There must be some value in that.

  8. The local New Jersey news channel had a bunch of stories this morning about kids under investigation for talking about guns and / or school shootings. With the theater of school evacuations, police investigations, and breathless reporting.

    Of course kids talk about the news! And of course some of them even think to mimic the biggest story about a kid. You assholes in the media made it happen.

    • We’ve had 5 kids arrested in our county since this shooting, for “making threats” whatever that means. They’ve now taken to announcing on the radio, (I don’t watch tv), every news break that parents need to be watching their kids social media 24/7 because making threats to do harm is a felony punishable up to 5 yrs.

      As I was writing this, the news just cut in and announced that a teacher w/a gun has barricaded themselves in a classroom and a shot has been fired in Dalton, GA.

  9. Derb is right of course. Shooting up a school is the new way to get famous. It didn’t take off much after Columbine. I wonder if Beslan gave it some momentum?

    If the media didn’t want repeats, we wouldn’t know the shooters’ names, or many of the details without extensive research. I personally avoid the news for at least a week after these things – but it must be a ratings bonanza based on the dedicated coverage. That it can be twisted to help their leftist agenda is a bonus. (or maybe vice versa)

    • The school shooter thing is not easily explained. It’s not like eating Tide pods. A person has to be very deranged to do something like a mass shooting, but not so deranged they can’t do the required planning.

      That said, I think the place to start is quantifying what constitutes an attempt to commit an act of mass violence. What if it used to be really hard to shoot up a school for some reason, but now it is easier or more attractive than some other type of mass violence? There’s no question that the quality of supervision has declined with regards to children and the mentally ill, even as the quantity has gone up. In everyone of these cases, save a few, there were many missed chances to stop the act before it started.

      • I think back to my high school days in the early 80s. It would have been a lot easier to walk in with a gun and start blasting. I suppose I would have had to settle for granddad’s pump 12-gauge instead of a semi-auto rifle.

        The big difference is that it never occurred to me and I’d never heard of something so terrible.

        I actually used to be in a group that did Revolutionary war reenactments. We would march around the High School practice field with muskets – nobody cared. I even brought the musket into class as part of a history project.

        • When I was a kid, it was not unusual to go hunter in the morning, then go directly to school. I knew one kid who put his gun in the principal’s office when he got to school. My father was on the school shooting team when he was boy. It’s why the gun angle does not hold up. Guns used to be even more common in American society, yet we had less violence.

          My hunch is the schools and courts were better at getting troubled people off the streets a generation ago. The staggering lack of accountability down in Florida is arresting.

          • Read the article by Jack Cashill at Conservative
            Tree house entitled “Incompetence Wasn’t the Problem in Browsed County” then follow the link to
            If this is accurate, someone needs to go to prison.

          • Sure – we had still had “reform” schools for the trouble makers. Some of the real trouble-makers just weren’t there when we started high school.

          • Many of the shooters seem to have a full expectation that they will surrender and live. I wonder how many shootings there would be if they were roasted over an open fire the next day like in olden times.

          • Another variable to consider is the drugs. Some weirdly large percentage of boys have been taking ADD meds since elementary school. That’s not going to make everyone insane but they’ll probably make at least some people insane.

      • No, it has never been harder to commit one of these shootings. My kids were in elementary/middle school when Columbine happened, and I was substituting at a few of the local schools, Inc high schools. I could easily walk in and out of any door of all of these schools, all around the building.
        It got tighter post-Columbine when we moved states and my kids went to new middle/high schools, they put in a long driveway with camera checkpoints and a guard that required you to show ID before you got into the parking lot. All well and good.
        However, I’m not sure how they could’ve kept a kid from hiking up from the back of the school & the wooded part, and just blending in with the kids on the track or field or attacking them there or even entering with them from there. Those kids all had huge backpacks and the band kids all had huge instrument cases, so it could’ve easily been accomplished, IMO.
        From what I understand from grandkids’ schools, they are pretty vigil on the front and all doors can only be opened from the inside & if they’re outside, the teacher has to unlock the door w/a key for them to re-enter.
        I’m sure this varies wildly, but after each shooting schools do tend to get more vigilant and implement more rules, (they’re basically prison camps for kids, anyway), not less. Makes you wonder why this school was so lax. Was it purposeful?

        • “Makes you wonder why this school was so lax. Was it purposeful?”

          I’m not sure if it was purposeful or not, but I DO think that the media’s overwrought orgasm of anti-gun, anti-NRA foolishness is a direct attempt to prevent the public from getting to the truth.

          We had a good 5-6 days where the NRA was demonized as the KKK. What do we have this week? Turns out the cops didn’t enter the school, stopped EMS from entering the school, none of their radios worked, and that multiple law enforcement agencies from the FBI down to the state/local level KNEW WHO THIS GUY WAS AND THE THREAT HE POSED.

          Hence the rush to affix blame to the blameless…because this is not one of those events that would withstand a lot of public scrutiny. In fact, you’ll know if there is true public scrutiny taking place when people other than that one security guard start losing their jobs.

  10. Question for Z-man:

    Have you found any news aggregators that lean right or at least are not lefty and cover some of the goings-on in the right-o-sphere?

    I have hit Drudge for many years, but noticed a few years back he got lazy and does not update as much. And since Trump became a candidate Drudge has become pouty and pissy about Trump, any nationalist sentiment, and any hint of social conservatism/traditionalism. I’ve about had enough and check Drudge at most once a day.

    • That’s an excellent question. I’ve noticed too that Drudge has lost his fastball. I increasingly go to sites like Doug Ross and Maggie’s Farm for links to stuff that interests me.

      We really do need a populist/nationalist/realist version of Drudge.

      • Let me sum up the Drudge regular feature stories you can depend on-

        Holocaust/Nazi/Something odious happened to Jews


        Kitschy story of some small town Americana type

        Freakish animal discovered/animals doing freakish things

        Celebrity scandal/outrageous/statement/event

        Scary robotics/tech/A.I.

        Ancient discovery

        Something cultural, either current music or fashion

        Long read article on some important person you’ve probably never heard of, likely from NYC fashion or publishing world

        Political links of the day, approx 80% of which are drawn from standard MSM sources versus smaller right wing sources/blogs

        Links to just about anything written by Maureen Dowd or Camille Paglia

        Lather, rinse, repeat

  11. I’m betting that it is too late. I don’t like Bertrand Russell much, but I do like this quote: “Most people would rather die than think; many do.”

  12. With mass migration, I think we’ve started to make some pushback. America and Europe at least are now aware that demographic assault is upon them. People were aware for several years now, but the feeling was that nothing could be done. Trump has been a game changer as the lower classes actually stood up for themselves.

    I may also add that Russia has now become a rallying point due to their resistance to the cloud people trend. Countries that refuse to suicide themselves with the Muslims are allying with Russia (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland), along with Trump. I forsee the ruling classes collapsing under their own idiocy and Russia leading the way in resisting and rebuilding.

  13. Your blog has become a sort of therapy as it gives me a chance to relay teaching stories to your readers. These stories are harbingers of the future. I see it very clearly now. As I have reflected on it, teaching was self-serving as it is an excuse to keep learning new knowledge and get paid for it! What the heck, maybe help some snot-nosed kid along the way. My style was to needle kids a little to create relationships. No problem for 30 years, with nary a complaint. Now, forget about it as the sensitivity of our little nose-miners knows no end. I was accused the other day by a white student of being racist because I was having a conversation with a couple of Asian kids about China (there parents were born there). The white student had overheard our conversation. That was enough to get me in trouble with admin. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly, and then speak softer.”

    • “Talk low. Talk slow. And don’t say too much.” – John Wayne

      I teach as well, but in the private sector. It’s the parents driving this sort of thing, not the kids. The parents weaponize their kids at home, fill them up with things to be on alert for at school, and the kids have a built-in attention getting device. Fortunately, in my line of work, I can just cut them loose if I smell a bad situation coming. But it’s getting tougher because parents are pretty vindictive, and will become customer terrorists, so I have to be careful.

      I’ve also seen far, far, more teen girls in serious therapy (including medications and hospitalizations) in the last couple of years. It’s a great deal for the girls because everybody has to walk on egg shells around them. They get nice treatment at the hospital. And at school, they get all kinds of “accommodations”. I have parents sometimes ask me what kind of accommodations I’m going to give their child…I just smile and tell them I don’t do that. They’re free to leave if they don’t like it.

      The proliferation of child psychiatry, which is just a racket for the pharmaceutical industry, is behind a lot of this. I’ve had girls put on a show in my lobby (one girl went totally limp and blobbed onto the floor in front of me), and the parents get this panicked look on their faces, and I just walk away. Not my circus, not my monkey. They have NO IDEA that their daughter is playing them. (The girl had made a snarky comment about my program, and I just looked at her and said, “I only accept feedback from enrolled students.” Ten seconds later, she was blobbed on the floor and her mom was trying to pick her up and carry her out. 13 year old girls are not light.)

      The boys are taught to be cry babies.

      • When my boys were little I would tell them “you can stop crying, or I will give you something to cry about”. Funny enough, they never once chose to keep on crying.

        • My son did a “superman” fall when we were running down a steep trail section on a popular trail here. Tore up both his knees pretty bad, still has the scar on his one elbow. Cut his chin. He cried a bit, that just effing hurts, and I told him, “Wait until you get to tell the girls at school on Monday HOW you did that bombing down a trail at 9,500 feet jumping over rocks and you hit a rock and flew through the air.”

          Got him laughing. Props to the people coming UP the trail…they all were high fiving him telling him how awesome he looked.

          Raise ’em to be pussies, and you’re gonna get a pussy.

  14. Our boy Steve Sailer makes some observations about Steven Pinker’s new book, Enlightenment Now. He is kind of on board that many things are getting better, you know, technology, less plane crashes better smart phones. All the things if you are strictly a materialist that matter.

    Yeah, if you set the parameters of your observations to your liking and leaving out things like social environments, quality of family life, type of work, debt etc., things might not look so good.

    No country for old men.

    • I don’t think it can be disputed that the material wealth of the West has improved greatly over the last fifty years. Some of it is the great technological leap brought on by the microprocessor. Some of it is due to the invention of credit money. Asia is certainly much better off. Even Africa is richer.

      It’s also true that no where in America do people let their kids play outside unattended. Automobiles now have space age anti-theft devices. Whole swaths of cities are no-go zones. Family life has been shattered and white people are choosing to swallow opioids rather than confront the world. Prisons are often peaceful places where the inmates are well rested and well fed. No one wants to live in a prison though.

      I’m not a Pinker fan, to be honest. He goes to great lengths to conceal his declarative statements with graphs and long stem winders. My bet is his new book could be a third of its length and make all the same points. I’m also a bit skeptical of his intellect. maybe he is a great mind, but I’m not so sure.

      • I bet most books of this nature could be shortened.

        All those dystopian sci-fi novels and movies I have ingested help influence my less than positive outlook. Also my rudimentary logic and reason.

        • It is a weird thing. I’ve noticed for year that “beating a dead horse” is standard practice in most fiction books. Maybe I’m the weirdo, but I much prefer the writer to get to the point and once the point is made, move to the next point. But I guess writing big books confers status on the writer.

          As far as Pinker, that review in the New Statesman someone posted here was devastating.

          To be completely honest, I’ve never been able to get past the Roger Daltry hairdoo.

          • The Pinker review was by John Gray that has been a former prof. of philosophy at Jesus College, LSE and Harvard. He stopped and is devoted to writing only. He is a close friend of Nassim Taleb and they have been after Pinker before with his book on the decline of violence.Gray is a very polemic reviewer and writer and he a always critical of the belief in “human progress”.

          • I had the same response to a book about AI and people I read, Nicolas Carr’s The Glass Cage

            It was a longish magazine article stretched into a book.

            It was a good book mind you but even for me, a regular reader of long fiction and non fiction it was so close to TL;DR territory

            Repetition does not a good book make.

            As to Pinker, Whig History all the way down.

      • “It’s also true that no where in America do people let their kids play outside unattended.”

        It’s really that bad?

        In my large 99% white English village it’s common to see quite small children wandering about.

        • There may be small towns in all white areas of America when kids are outside on their own, but most everywhere, kids are supervised all the time.

          • One must wonder what the downstream consequences of children living their lives under constant supervision. How will this translate onto a larger societal/cultural scale. I personally think it will lead to more effete young men and a general slide toward totalitarian/collectivist mindsets. This can already be observed in today’s young adult population. A bunch of people raised by single women who are only a phone call away…A far cry from the “Be home by the time the streetlights come on” parenting that I experienced in the not so idyllic 1980’s.

        • Got the cops called on me & mine for letting my two kiddos go as a buddy team to the park. Which is 100 yards from my front porch and also visible from my front porch. Nothing came of it because the cops (two squad cars on the call) saw what the deal was and had some common sense.

        • I have seen 90% white American villages with mine own eyes that are similarly bucolic visions. They are hinterland affairs, places where the diaspora and the shitlib go to experience nature and bemoan the crass people who call such a place home. As in Britain, once one becomes a tad more urban, it isn’t long before there are an exponential increase of brown faces and crime.

      • Ran across a copy of Bowling Alone in an used book store last year, figured I should read it since I’d only read the bare bones of the Putnam studies.
        Turns out, that’s all you need to read. After slogging through that 400+ page borefest, I still don’t know who Putnam wrote the book for…certainly not for anyone who garners pleasure from reading, that’s for certain.

        • I once saw Putnam give a speech. It was the most god-awful shallow and boring thing I ever heard, and yet he got raucous rock-star applause from the assembled progressives fanbois. I tried to read Bowling Alone as well, but it was like Guns Germs & Steel – imo massively overrated.

      • Pinker is another Catcher in the Rye. He’s there to trade red-pilled on the sexes for blue-pilled on race. He’s also drowned in academia, the charts and graphs are probably true reflections of his soul. As an increasingly balding guy, though, I would be more than happy to trade for his head of hair. Beggars can’t be choosers.

      • Which matter very little. I do have better video games than in 1980 but they aren’t actually more fun now than the old ones were then

        I have more books but there were plenty than,

        I have more music choice which s good I suppose but again I’m not getting more enjoyment of it and while my D&D collection is bountiful, the cultural ruin makes it hard to find actual players.

        Outside of medicine in some areas and pollution control I’d gladly trade the current technology for the culture and tech of 1980 or hell 1970

        Its not as cool, shiny and futuristic but we had plenty of food to eat, comfort , entertainment and a generally OK society

        Our life expectancies were around the same (minus opioid use) mental physical and spiritual health far better

        Tech as we have it today is killing us and if AI doesn’t or we aren’t forced into some kind of Googlag state by it, its going to end us one way or another.

        the alien dehumanizing world of tiny screens and instant communication isn’t a blessing, Its mortal danger

        As for the despair, peoples future was ripped away from them. How could you expect to see anyone else other than maybe rage.

        We could I suppose feel the later but the only political outlet is war to the knife

        we can’t have that simply because Conservatives always react and unlike the Left are bereft of ideas.

        To fight you must have something to fight for and something to win. people have been gaslighted or just have no clue what a society free of the left and its ideas would be like or if they’d like to live in it

        And before anyone mentions the Founding Fathers , they were on the Left of their time as classic liberals. The were not people of the Right.

        Those guys were Tories

        If the Right can have a compelling vision of what society should be an dis willing to dump the “Libertarian” baggage they can build it, Until than they are helpless against the Chaos of the Left as they are always behind the curve

        well until it all comes down anyway

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