Answering My Critics

My Letter to the Anti-Semites got a lot of action and more than a few complaints. In fact, there were so many comments, e-mails and replies on social media, I started to lose track. I did promise to address some of them and there is a theme to most of the push back, so this post should cover most of the territory. The longest response was from someone calling himself Spencer Quinn, posted at Greg Johnson’s site, in the form of a letter. Since it covers the bulk of the complaints, I’ll start with it first.

Let’s start with the first assertion. I did not describe antisemitism “as racism against Jews, but also as contempt for them.” Racism is a dislike for people of another race, usually blacks. Antisemitism is a dislike for Jews. I don’t think of either in moral terms, anymore than I would think of a dislike for ice cream in moral terms. I pointed out at the start that I once knew a guy who hated Greeks. I never understood his reason, nor did I care. There is no accounting for taste and a like or dislike of groups of people is a matter of taste.

Further, I never set out to argue for or against antisemitism. I simply stated why I was not interested in becoming an anti-Semite. My main reason is that anti-Semites never stop talking about Jews. It is an obsession that appears to consume their life, at the expense of everything else. So much so that anti-Semites are baffled as to why anyone would not want to be anti-Semite. They are sure that the only reason someone is not an anti-Semite is they are not up to speed on the latest theories and require additional proselytizing.

That may seem like a quibble, but it is vitally important. In common usage, racism and Antisemitism are about morality. The prevailing orthodoxy says it is immoral, a sin against nature, to prefer your own race or not like another ethnic group. I think that’s nonsense and reject it completely. In fact, a rejection of the prevailing orthodoxy’s moral framework is what animates this blog. Morality has no role in me not being a racist. I’m not a racist for the same reason I’m not into anime. I don’t find it interesting or useful.

Quinn asks, “What if you missed something in MacDonald’s analysis that would shake your skepticism a little bit?” Well, when the facts change, my opinions change. He then asks, “Is it possible to be completely swayed by all of MacDonald’s arguments and still not be an anti-Semite as you describe it?” Everything remains in the set of possible until proven to be impossible. Even then, there are black swans. McDonald makes some useful observations, but I’m not persuaded by his theory explaining them.

As I and many others have pointed out over the years, biology, geography and clannishness better explain Jewish exceptionalism in modern America. The case is far from closed, but it is a testable theory that does a better job of explaining observable reality than McDonald. The counter to this from the anti-Semites, one Quinn includes in his letter, is that Jews are never over-represented in right-wing intellectual movements. “Where is the right-wing Marx? Where is the Jewish Madison” they ask.

The easy answer is libertarianism. There would be no libertarian movement without Ludwig von Mises. There certainly would not have been an Austrian school of economics without Jews. Milton Friedman was probably the most influential economist on earth in the 20th century and he was no one’s idea of a leftist. Modern libertarianism is a sad joke, but their critique of socialist economics was monumentally important in the fight against communism last century. Again, that’s an obvious example that never gets mentioned.

McDonald, of course, would argue that head counting of this sort is pointless, because libertarians have no power or influence. He makes this point in this video interview the other day. Since no right-wing intellectual movement has ever had any success, this means that the Jews he cares to count, can only be in left-wing intellectual movements. This sort of deck stacking is why I don’t find his theory very persuasive. It’s just a tautology decorated with appropriated scientific jargon and speculative theories.

That brings me to this bit from the Quinn letter:

I think you might have anticipated this question since you included the caveat “not explicitly anti-Semitic,” as in, “Every intellectual movement since Jewish emancipation,that was not explicitly anti-Semitic, saw an over representation of Jews.” Ah, but this kind of puts the cart before the horse, doesn’t it? This implies that anti-Semitism came out of nowhere, as if in the late nineteenth-century Jews flooded all academic and professional fields except for the one that was dominated by people who were already anti-Semites. This ignores the possibility that the so-called anti-Semite got that way in large part after being exposed to the unswerving Leftism of the Jews.

Not to be rude, but this is nonsense on stilts. Western hostility toward Jews dates to at least the Romans. As Greg Cochran pointed out in his book, The 10,000 Year Explosion, we have zero evidence pointing to Jewish exceptionalism until well into the Middle Ages. In fact, Jewish exceptionalism very well may have been the result of extreme persecution of Jews at a certain point in the Middle Ages. The surviving population possessed a high IQ and the verbal dexterity we have come to associate with the Ashkenazim.

A common criticism, one you see all over Quinn’s letter, is best expressed as, “Why are all things I don’t like full of Jews?” I call this Magic Jew Theory. The anti-Semite is forever playing “Where’s Shlomo?” in an effort to pin his sorrows on the Jews. They root around until they find a Jew, shout “Eureka!” and then proceed to explain how it is all the fault of the Jews. When Kevin McDonald speaks of Jewish influence, he uses the same language Progressives use when describing structural racism. It’s a form of the post hoc fallacy.

All of this gets to the core of my critique of Progressivism and the Conservative response to it over the last half century. Progressives cast everything in moral terms. An idea or fact is either moral or immoral. They also demand that all opinions be connected with a moral authority on the subject. If you like something, you better have a reason. The result is an immoderate culture in which one is either all good, or all bad. There is never a middle ground. The world is divided into those inside the walls and those outside the walls.

Modern anti-Semites have embraced the same framework. The morality is turned on its head, with regards to Jews, but the JQ is entirely a moral issue for them. Similarly, it is not enough to just not like Jews. They have to have an authority dispense the correct opinions on all aspects of the issue. Kevin McDonald is not the Karl Marx of antisemitism. He is the L. Ron Hubbard. As we see with the American Left, the anti-Semite has a binary view of the world. You’re either on his pro-white team or you are a shabbos goy.

My argument, with regards to identity politics in the age of demographics, is that the winners will have developed a positive, independent identity around which to rally their people. The losers will be those who rely on exogenous forces to define them. Can antisemitism be useful in developing a positive white identity? Maybe, but not in its current form and certainly not by embracing crank science. That’s why I have no use for it. It’s not because it is immoral, but because it does nothing to further the cause of white people.

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  1. East Asians are also over-represented in cognitively demanding fields, but they don’t concentrate in areas such as the culture industry, law and finance that act as the nervous system of a state. Hence less hostility toward East Asians.
    Jews do have higher than average IQ, but they also have a history of alignment with goy elites and pushing policies that are inimical to the host population. Hostility toward Jews is good for the goys.

  2. Speaking of, the readers may find my essay “The Islamic Invasion and the Spanish Solution” of interest, insomuch as I, the author, am a Zionist Jew and politically Conservative American.

    Before you roll your eyes, discount my thoughts a priori, or otherwise think I’m loco, please do me the courtesy of reading my words and digesting what I’m saying. If I gauge the readership here correctly, and assuming you take me at my word in what I right, I doubt there’ll be much disagreement.

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  5. To a non-Jew, the presence of an antisemite on the block is obviously less of a problem than the presence of the meth dealer, but to a Jew, both are problematical. The threat of the meth dealer is obvious, but the antisemite will certainly seek to exclude Jews from joining any community response to the method dealer, and may even roll his Jewish neighbors up with the meth dealer when rallying opposition to the presence of “undesirables” in the neighborhood, He may even side with the meth dealer against a Jewish neighbor, if the dealer has the right ethnic pedigree. So, to non-Jews, the dangers of a meth dealer are obvious, while the danger posed by an antisemite is nonexistent, but to Jews, both are a threat, the meth dealer being a threat to the entire community, while the antisemite is a direct and personal threat.

  6. “Racism is a dislike for people of another race”

    Actually, that’s just prejudice/bigotry. Racism is the belief that one race is objectively superior or inferior to another

  7. As a capital-C conservative American Jew, thank you.

    It’s not “Zionism” it’s LIBERALISM. Unfortunately, most American Jews – to my utter bafflement – do not see how the Left has turned on them. They put their liberalism above their Judaism – because it’s a strong correlation between how strong a Jew believes (e.g., Orthodox) and how politically conservative they are.

    Here’s my own take, for example, on gun control:

    And, if our host will indulge me, part 5 of my “red pill journey” which I hope will be enlightening:

    G-d bless America.

    • Nitza;

      An outstanding exposition in the linked pieces. All should read them. Particularly, all should note the nihilistic death cults’ direct link to Alinsky, the modern Prog lode star, who dedicated his book to *satan*.

      • Appreciate the kind words.

        And to all those Americans of the Christian variety here… (and I say this not knowing the “proper” terms): Happy Holy Week. Wishing you a good Easter.

  8. Jews are not a race, neither are the Arabs. Semitic is a language group that they both belong to, which is generally considered to be “Caucasian”. Which is not really strange when you consider the Caucasus Mountains are not that far away. I never could figure out how an Arab could be antisemitic.

    The Celtic heritage of most of Europe is not Semitic. Thus the problem.

  9. Well, whatever. I’m one of those old fogies who has always tended to sympathize with Jews. Now that we white people – males in particular – are slated for annihilation, I’m totally into the Jewish tradition of ‘laying low’, sticking up for each other, and finding niches in hostile societies.

    That Jews have survived and thrived demonstrates the power of unity and community; we’d better learn the key elements of their survival strategy – and fast.

    Meanwhile, OT, under the new Trump/Pelosi/McConnell/Schumer/Ryan spending “plan”, going with basic arithmetic, a twenty trillion dollar debt works out to $62,500 per man, woman and child – legal or otherwise – currently living within our borders.

    It means that a normal family of four had better to be ready to pony up a quarter of a million bucks when the creditors have had enough – and that is before they have to pay off any of their other obligations.

    Opioids are called a problem; it may be they are a solution. My grandfather, in the farming slump of 1920, faced with bankruptcy and a family of seven, hanged himself from a tree in his peach orchard; maybe not especially courageous, but I can see his point. There comes a time when the joy of life gets suffocated by external conditions – and in his case, he didn’t owe a six-figure debt to Chinese investors or debt-ridden public service unions, or to a state government that openly despised him.

    Opioids might have saved the man. Oxycodone – pedaled as a painkiller – is in fact a happiness pill.

    But anyway, right – Jews. Got it. I hate, hate, hate all those Jews previously mentioned – Ryan et al – for making life hardly worth living. And also all those Jewish black people we hate, like Farrakhan and Sharpton and Obama.

    • The story told in your little clip would be more applicable and a good warning to all those who blame whites, especially the so called patriarchy.

      Haven’t you noticed that “anti-semites” rarely want anything from Jews, no compensation, special programs or favors. Just stop gaming the system unfairly or inhibiting our speech and open discussion, among other things.

      That said, a distinct minority on the right have a lot of stupid hatred and blame for Jews.

  10. I’ll say it again: The JQ loons can go French kiss Farakahn’s oily black ass and strap on their Palestinian suicide vest right while they do it.

    But here’s a more serious question to you Jew-Loons: what exactly do you propose to do about the Jews? Another Final Solution perhaps?

    • Some kind of ethnic cleansing is on the way, Spanky. We can’t keep ignoring the swarms of browns and blacks flooding in, or the guys enabling and encouraging it. I think this game of ethnic cleansing WILL devolve into ‘Do unto others before they do unto you…’ if we aren’t careful – and if THAT happens, the Jews may find themselves to be a problem that solves itself the same way it did in Nazi Germany.

    • Here’s a very modest plan:

      1) Make AIAPAC register as a foreign agent. JFK had the balls to attempt that; today’s castrated politicians (and even the public) don’t even seriously discuss this.

      2) Make campaign contribution laws more transparent; highlight the religion of major contributors.

      3) Make harsher anti-trust laws against monopoly in media and in the distribution of movies.

      4) Stop paying three billons per year to Israel.

      6) Start foreign diplomatic efforts to de-sacralize the Holocaust: it is a historical event that should be treated like all the other mass murders in history, no gag orders should exist about it.

      7) Stop mandatory Holocaust classes in public schools. Stop having Jewish holidays as days off in public schools.

      8) Start teaching Solzenitsyn in class, including his “200 years together” which highlights the role of Jews in the Bolshevik movement.

      Most importantly, stop being cucks in private life, discuss the Jewish problem and use public influence to ostracize those that would like to gag the discussion of the Jewish problem.

      That would be a reasonable start. It would likely not solve all the problems, but it would al least put some pressure on problem Jews to start acting more reasonably.

  11. “Can antisemitism be useful in developing a positive white identity?”

    There must be at least two thousand things to try first.

  12. I don’t understand those who are pushing their anti-Semitism on you. Isn’t it enough that you are considered a run of the mill racist. Why do you need to hate one group when there are so many groups that need hating. Seems kind of exclusionary of them. And we all know how inclusive you are.

  13. I’m getting pretty sick of the “It’s the Puritans!” cuck-crowd.
    White elites have always wanted to lecture, domesticate & exploit the white hoi polloi.
    Whereas, Jews want to humiliate, degrade & exterminate them.
    That’s a big difference.

    • After which they will viciously turn on the white elites and destroy them utterly using one of their many proxies.

  14. I think this is incredibly naive.

    The point that smart and dumb anti-semites make is that there is a highly organized social force that is changing society in the direction of their perceived interests, either without caring about, or actively acting against, the host nation’s interest.

    The smart anti-semites can and should make the point that this organized social force does not have to be an actual conspiracy: just like in the studies that show that a slight preference for one’s race is enough for racial segregation to be the outcome, without any racism (hate) being involved; in the same way, the highly organized social force acting for Jewish interests and against host nation interests might very well come about from such micro-behaviors like clannishness for themselves and anti-nationalism for goys.

    The smart anti-semites can and should state that not all and not even a majority of the Jews need to be involved in organized political activity of this sort for such activity to be highly effective (for their interest) and highly damaging. (Think about the damaging effect the Jewish neocon influence had on sending the US in the never-ending Iraq war. Now the same neocon/AIAPAC fellows are agitating for a war with Iran)

    It does not work to say that each ethnic group agitates for their own interest: no groups has the grasp on the media, smearing institutions like ADL and SPLC, powerful lobbies like the AIAPAC etc., as the Jews have.

    Now, you should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time: you should be able to think realistically and deeply about political systems AND highlight the deleterious influence of (part of) the Jews on society.

    Hell, you could even point out that always blaming someone for all the evils in the world is a loser mentality. But that does not make the facts about deleterious Jewish influence go away — and before you tackle a problem, you need to acknowledge it.

  15. I have been studying the left-right divide for most of my life and noticed the flux in the divide. Many don’t realize it but we hold dear many of the same ideas that were held by Jacobins in revolutionary France. Yet we were taught by early conservatives to despise these men as being of the left. This course of study also includes the fact that the left-right divide was formed with no consideration of the Jews whatsoever. They were an afterthought. That said, Jews have been extremely central to the argument over the last hundred years, and have to be taken into consideration.

    Seeing that they have a tendency not to breed in this country and are being sequestered in Israel means that their importance to the argument may be coming to an end in the next hundred years. But none of us have a hundred years in order to see results. So we look at the left-right divide as it is now and has been influenced by the groups present now.

    Keeping all this in mind, opposition to, or defense of, Jews is reduced to the level of rhetoric rather than principle. I am a man of the right. If doing or saying something that has little meaning in the long run helps the right for a day or a week, it is worth being said. As such, I have found myself all over the map where Jews are concerned. Part of this comes from living in a country that found itself the kicking boy of the world and seeing the only country willing to help was Israel, who might have seen her future self in the plight of Rhodesia. Then come to the USA and see movie after movie about WASP discrimination against Jews only to see a reality around me where it seemed the Jews were using the methods they described in the movies to establish themselves in and exclude those very WASPs from the professions.

    So the left-right divide cannot be ascribed to them, but they are an integral part of it for now, and this may change. I supported the neocons for a while (subscribed to Commentary for over twenty years) and found out that they weren’t right wing after all. Not even American, I’d go so far as to say.

    The bottom line is that they are a group apart and treat themselves and everyone else as such. Their interests vary as individuals, but there is a definite group interest when all is said and done.

    If recognizing this and taking it into consideration in voting and in deciding who my friends are and who my doctors are makes me an antisemite for a week, or a year, or a decade or two, so be it. I’m a man of the right, and I’ll be one whether antisemitism is in fashion or not.

    It’s the long haul that matters.

    • I don’t know. In thought we still taught people about Galileo and Pope Urban VIII. What Cofnas is saying is something that has been true since the dawn of civilization. I think his error (and many others) is not understanding that Progressivism is a religion. Once you come to terms with the fact that multiculturalism, egalitarianism and the blank slate are tenets of a secular religion, the assault on science makes perfect sense.

      • I disagree with the assessment that Progressivism is a religion. Historically, religions evolved so as to transfer group wisdom between generations. There is no wisdom in Progressivism. It is a degenerative disease that transfers anti-wisdom between generations. It leads to the decline of society, not it’s ascendance.

    • re: “(Jews)… are being sequestered in Israel.” teapartydoc

      Your assessment “that their importance to the argument may be coming to an end in the next hundred years.” This euphemistically suggests the final solution would be at hand and reminded me of a history professor’s off the cuff comment about Israel that I heard in college. The professor, who was as liberal as any I can recall and believe me looking backwards after more than half a century those professors all were all of the left, said that he expected the Jewish state of Israel would unlikely persist as long as the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem did–slightly less than two centuries.

      Dan Kurt

      • I don’t know about any final solution. Just saying that they might become irrelevant to the West.

      • I didn’t catch any implied final solution talk by TPD. So it must be in your head. My reading of that paragraph is that Jews are collecting in Israel after leaving places like France.

  16. Think it’s pretty simple.

    Who owns the media ?
    Who owns the banking system ?
    Who is working against the interest of white Americans ?

    If that makes me an anti-semite then so be it and yes thank you . I do a mean owl impersonation 😉

  17. When I first moved into my neighborhood 40 years ago, the first person I got to know was Jewish and he lived across the street with a huge short wave antenna in his backyard. He was much older, and I later learned that he was born in Germany in the late 1920s and then shipped off to the US by his parents in the mid 1930s because of the rise of Nazism. Almost all of his family died in the Holocaust and Bert served in the US military during WWII as a radioman. He was very poor and had to take in tenants in order to pay the mortgage. We regularly invited him over to our house for dinner and he taught my sons how to operate a ham radio.

    Bert was about as normal and humane as they come. This is my reality when it comes to the JQ.

  18. I would tend to agree, Z.


    I am seeing greater numbers of anti-Semites coming forward… And they are not lunatic howler monkeys or rage heads. They are calm, reasoned men like you. I would prefer it if they were full of beans, but when I do my fact checking… I notice that quite often, that proggie/lefty narrative coincides with the Jooish one. If you get enthusiastic about hating leftist meat holes as I do… you start seeing far too many Joos in that lot, and at some point trying to find an innocent explanation for that gets to be a study in political correctness. If it looks like a turd, and smells like a turd, I don’t have taste it to know it’s a turd. I hate to say it but I am starting to look sideways at joos too.

    • yeah, jews are extremely influential and powerful in the progressive and neocon movements….but even if every jew in the world disappeared today, then by tomorrow the gentile elites would still be cramming mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism down our throats.


      because that is how they grow the population, grow consumer demand, and prop up the ponzi economy and corporate profits. It makes the rich richer….and that will still be true whether there are jews or not.

      • If joo-ish exceptionalism explained their presence at the helm of the progressive left, why do we not see that same presence in the Alt-Right?

        Not trying to be a dink, I’m just asking. And – if Joos DO have higher IQ’s – what in hell are they doing over on the Alt-Left?

        I’m sorry boys, I’m smelling turd here and I’m being asked to pull more fingers.

        • Why are (((we))) – at least in America – so affectionate towards the Left?

          Beats the hell out of me. I don’t get it. But then, the dopamine addiction of the do-good Left fits very well with the concept of Tikkun Olam – literally “to heal the world” – and IMHO has been co-opted. Because Tikkun Olam is, per everything I’ve learned, meant to be an INDIVIDUAL act, not founded in compelling others to give / act on your behalf.

          In other words, it would be an act of Tikkun Olam for me to see someone starving, and buy them a meal. It would be an act of theft for me to hold a gun to someone else’s head to force them to buy that meal. Alas, too many people have conflated the two.

      • “even if every jew in the world disappeared today, then by tomorrow the gentile elites would still be cramming mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism down our throats”

        I don’t like this argument because it isn’t falsifiable.

        • It is falsifiable by the proper use of kinetic force, the kind that comes in projectile and tensile-hemp forms.

  19. It is pretty simple for me. Jews bloc vote for the anti-white party and seem to be at the front of every new lefty cause that is designed to hurt me. Basically they have teamed up with the blacks in this country to form a high/low bloc that is designed to squeeze me in the middle. I don’t hate either group, but they have to go.

  20. I am afraid the zman is using an obvious strawman here. First exhibiting a guy who sees a Shlomo under every carpet and then declaring all anti-semites nutcases is easy, but intellectuially fraudulent. The Left does this all the time. Another thing the Left (and judeophiliac pearl-clutching normies in general) does is calling an anti-semite everyone who is annoyed by, say, Woody Allen. (Woody Allen himself does that, too, of course.) For today´s Left, Donald Ttump is an anti-semite too, remember? So, what definition are we using, after all? Is an anti-semite necesserily a conspiracy theorist or is it enough to just call any jewish bluff at all, any time and any place, to get this tag? First putting enough loonies on display to forever link ani-semitism with mental instability in the public eye, and then castigating ever so mild a criticism of any jewish trick was a smart strategy when used for the first time. But now, after it has been repeated about ten million times, and always with success, it is not jewish savvy any longer to be praised. Instead, one has to ask what kind of dullards the goyim are to fall for it again and again?
    And, by the way, Kevin McDonald´s group evolutionary strategy (GES) explanation is, actually, the best one has come up with so far. It is not enough for the zman to call it nonsense repeatedly without counter-arguments to refute a well-substantiated theory. Apparently, the zman does not have sufficient knowledge of the corresponding research to be a reliable arbiter. Among other things, GES accounts for the lack of an explicit unifying concept or long-term strategic management (in both of which Jews patently suck) in the history of Jews´success in the West.
    In short, one should keep calling jewish bluffs and putting ethnic explantions on the table even when they are not exhaustive. (((Our mutual friends))) should be squeeezed for answers about how they really mean it with Western civilization. The ball is on the jewish side in this respect, and has been for a long time.

    • Doesn’t matter at this stage. All the Jews could drop dead and we’d still be screwed over by white elite who hate our guts as much as any ACLU Jew does. I mean who in the hell stripped our votes of meaning anything? It was your East Coast monied WASP in the 19th century. They are also the ones who came up with factory schooling to churn servile drones for their factories and command economy.

      Hell it’s the whites in the Business Roundtable and CofC that are pushing for open borders and unlimited immigration. It’s Whites in Congress making sure this happens.

      Now we need to progress to the next step. Building social and political organizations of our own. Slowly cutting away from the establishment and consumer lifestyle that is eating people alive morally, spiritually and emotionally.

      Why? Because sooner or later the progs will come after us once they strip of what remains of our political power and we become the modern day Rhodesians. Isolated they will pick us off and round us up with little effort.

  21. In common usage, anti-Semitism is not the mere dislike of Jews, at least because they are simply Jews. See Brother Nathaniel on YouTube.

    I don’t like seafood. But I’m not anti-seafood, neither was my Father who was deathly allergic to sea-food.

    Much of your post would require me and/or my father to prove we aren’t anti-seafood by consuming it. I would retch. My father would go to the ER and maybe die. Because of an anti-Like.

    Do you dislike what Blacks have done to Selma, Birmingham, Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago? If you say yes, you’re an anti-black racist by your standards.

    With Jews, my main problem is they seize power. I have no alternative but Federal Reserve Notes. The SPLC and ADL are now censoring every major internet publisher and app provider. I simply don’t like being coerced. If they wish to have a better currency, they should “fix” the Israel Shekel. And then we could choose between the (gold/silver/nothing) backed US Dollar and the Israel Shekel. But NO! We must use the fiat currency the Jews shove down our throats!

    Their intentions are as good as the doctors of yore that bled patients and used poltices and purgatives. Tikkun Ulam I think it is called. But what if the world either doesn’t need to be fixed, their “fix” makes things worse, or it involves people who don’t want to be “fixed” (think Eugenics)? Well, they are chosen and commanded and will do it anyway, by force if necessary, especially indirect force like deplatforming.

  22. Good to see that you can moderate posts Z-Man. At least my posts you delete. However, until you start deleting every single post of that anti-semite, jew-hating, marijuana grower Karl McHungus you continue inviting a formal official referral of your site as hosting racist antisemitic hate content. Just get rid of everything Karl McHungus has ever posted and everything will be back to the way used to be around here. Until then, you been notified.

    • After McHung is chained in a closet for Hillary to pleasure herself with, you going to certify this blog with a blue bird, commissar?

  23. Blaming all the problems on “Dah Jooos” is the same as blacks pinning all their problems on whitey. You’re embracing your powerlessness and lack of agency.

    • You are correct to point out the symmetry between blacks complaining about whites and whites complaining about Jews. However, there are some significant differences.

      The symmetry is: Part of the resentment that blacks have of whites is that whites are smarter. Similarly, part of the resentment that whites (like me) have of Jews is that they use their superior verbal skills and media domination to weaponize the pathological compassion within many whites against whites themselves.

      Bluntly, Jews are able to manipulate that altruistic part of many whites to act against their collective interest.

      The difference between blacks complaining about whites and whites complaining about Jews is that we want to separate from Jews. Blacks know that they will die in large numbers if they separate from whites and hence fight for their access to white countries. Whites will flourish and be more wholesome without Jews.

      Your analogy breaks down because we want to separate from Jews while blacks will fight to the bitter end to be near us.

    • So where can I find the white ghettos in Israel full of hysterical white voters who demand cradle to grave handouts because my ancient ancestors sold some of theirs into Ottoman slavery?

  24. “In fact, Jewish exceptionalism very well may have been the result of extreme persecution of Jews at a certain point in the Middle Ages.”

    In response to external stress, the Jewish population started selecting for intelligence, adaptability and group cohesiveness based on justified mistrust of outsiders.The 1930s and 40s gave the process a huge restart. Darwin could explain it, and here we are.

  25. Whites need to stop blaming the Jews period and get their shit together. Learn to organize and co-operate. Form groups like the old lodge system(Moose, Eagle, Rotarians) build communities and networks to help each other.

    That’s being productive and useful. Sitting on your ass stockpiling ammo and guns to the point you have enough to equip a SWAT team while carping about the Jews or the “swamp” is useless.

    Go down the blame the Jew road and you dis-empower yourself. it fixes nothing. I look at the creeps in Congress who gave us the omnibus bill. They were all whites along with their donors from the business roundtable, Chambers of Commerce.

    Who is poisoning whites with Opioids? Perdue Pharma because a bunch of white congressmen took bribe money so as to prevent the DEA and FBI shutting them down and putting the Sackler family in prison. We know full well who is running a pill mill in this country. Perdue certainly does. since they are the biggest sellers.

    The stuff that comes over the border could be fixed by a wall and a beefed up ICE/CBP presence. That a bunch of white congressmen don’t want.

    Things stink because the elites and their meat puppets in congress have nothing to fear from us. Hell we won’t even get in their face to protest their evil behavior or put roofing nails in their drive way and place of work to send a message.

    • Rod1963, I’d be curious to hear your response to my reply to Ron Winkleheimer below.

      • I agree with a lot of it However the nihilistic and self-destructive poison they peddle can be traced to French Po-Mo degenerates like Foucault and Derrida who spread their toxic stew far and wide and influenced many generations of college students. Derrida for example was welcomed by Yale’s English dept and they helped spread his culture of death among the elites and turning them into SJW’s.

        What makes this stuff so bad is that it destroys the qualitative value system/thinking that holds Western Civ together.

        That said there is more to our cultural destruction than this and the Jews with their social engineering via Hollywood and Madison Ave.

        Here’;s a article by historian Carroll Quigely on this topic.

  26. Now we’re bringing “contempt” into it, too? Oy, vey. 😁
    I think MacDonald is more right than wrong, but you also have to put things into perspective as to what you do with this information. How does it inform your own beliefs, your own understanding of the world.
    You can’t just adopt someone’s thesis wholecloth and say, “Welp, now I have the blueprint, I can sally forth & live my life by the doctrine of MacDonald.”
    That is a cult. And a brainless one, at that.

    As I stated the last time this was discussed, I hated the same people I hated before I read MacDonald as I did afterward. Some Jews, some not.

    • I think un-assimilated minorities behave in peculiar ways, but a lot of it depends on how the majority behaves. Minority groups tend to curry favor with the dominant group. If there is no dominant group, they often function as an hones broker between the rival groups. Samaritans in the Levant are an example.

      As I’ve said, I think McDonald does a good job describing things like multiculturalism in the context of Jewish intellectual thought. I just get off the bus when he starts talking about social identity theory and group evolutionary strategy. of course, I also think psychology is slightly less reliable than astrology or economics.

      I think Jews found in the Progressivism a perfect home and Progressives found the perfect allies in the 20th century. I think that’s going to change quickly in the coming decades. 20th century Progressivism is a luxury good we can no longer afford.

      • Your third paragraph resonates with me, it does explain so much. Still, more to observe and know.

  27. yeah, the jew-obsessed faction of the alt-right is mostly made up of the left side of the IQ bell curve…what is sad is that their sheer numbers, combined with their obsession is influencing high-profile alt-righters…such as countercurrents…countercurrents recently ran an article where they blamed the anti-white/pro-nonwhite culture of advertising on…you guessed it–the jews…I responded with a lenghty, detailed comment arguing otherwise, and countercurrents deleted my comment…bunch of snowflakes over there…

    one big problem is when you have alt-right people or sites who making a living at this stuff…then they pander to the jew-obsessed nutters so they can get their money…this perverting the alt-right

  28. “Milton Friedman was probably the most influential economist on earth in the 20th century.” In front of Keynes? I doubt it.

    Not that it matters for your argument.

    • It’s debatable, for sure. In the end, the the West adopted the economics of Friedman over Keynes, but for most of the 20th, it was the other way around.

    • Keynes was a complete hack. almost up there with Freud and Marx. Nothing he theorized is worth learning. He just gave the government an excuse to do what they were always going to do anyway.

      • Karly McMuffin not only grows pots and smokes it too but he also reads economics. Glad to see that the lowest IQ thinks his opinion is people with normal IQs are willing to waste their tie reading his incoherent barking.

  29. Republished recently at my site from way-way-back in 2003 this item:

    On the Most Ancient Virus to Infest the Human Soul – American Digest

    “With the advent of the “Palestinian cause” becoming chic in Western, European, and Liberal circles — driven at first by Socialist Progressive romanticism in the late 1960s and early 1970s — being infected by virus has once more become acceptable to exhibit socially in certain ways. Indeed, in many circles and societies, having the virus has lately become a highly prized fashion accessory to popular academic, media, and state ideologies. It is now actually a badge of pride in many Western circles to appear at various events wearing gold-plated buboes inset with multi-faceted Kaposi’s sarcoma that contain the virus at their core. Many now believe this intellectual adornment to actually be beautiful.

    “In a recent mutation, the virus has shown that it can leap the blood/brain barrier and actually infect Jews — if they feel safe within their “advanced” society. The current term for this mutation is “Juicebox Mafia” in which self-styled “intellectuals” of Jewish lineage actually feel it is “intelligent” to call for a world in which it is easier for Arabs and other Islamic groups to kill Jews wholesale. This sort of strange host to the virus is replacing the previous host termed “the self-hating Jew.” The reason for the rise of the Juicebox Mafia is unclear, but it may well have to do with desires for celebrity and paychecks that exceed the desire to live.”

  30. It is human nature to blame problems on somebody else. If it weren’t for the jews……, if it weren’t for the boomers…..etc. The problems of white people are caused by white people. Jews have added topspin to those problems all out of proportion to their numbers. They are parasites, and I personally am sick, sick, sick of ”all jew, all the time”, but, at the end of the day, the main enemy of white people is other white people.

    If the jews have the magical power to put us in a daze and lead us around like sheep, I guess we may as well just relax and find complicated hobbies which satisfy our desire to tinker, which may be all we are good for.

  31. This single concise article is a revelation in explaining the JQ. (Heinrich Graetz, a German Jew, was a devotee of the Enlightenment and author of one of the most frequently cited histories of the Jewish people.) “Just what Graetz meant by reckless can be derived from his analysis of Polish Jewry, which had become by the time of the period in question a hotbed of Kabbalistic thought. Beginning with the Statute of Kalisz in 1251, the Jews of Poland were granted rights like nowhere else in Europe. They were even granted their own autonomous legal system, known as the kahal, which allowed them to adjudicate intra-Jewish disputes without recourse to the Polish Christian legal system. This autonomy, in turn, necessitated the intensive study of the Talmud, which, according Graetz, led to the peculiar corruption of Polish Jews. The reliance on the Talmud as the basis of Jewish legal autonomy created a culture of “hair-splitting judgment” among the rabbis, according Graetz, as well as “a love of twisting, distorting, ingenious quibbling, and a foregone antipathy to what did not lie within their field of vision,” which in turn trickled down to find expression in the behavior of vulgar, who “found pleasure and a sort of triumphant delight in deception and cheating.” Since by the end of the 18th century, the overwhelming majority of Jews lived in Poland, Jews in general earned, as a result, the reputation of being “a nation of deceivers,” to give Immanuel Kant’s formulation. “It does indeed seems strange,” Kant, the quintessential Enlightenment philosopher, continued, “to conceive of a nation of deceivers, but it is also very strange to conceive of a nation of merchants, the majority of whom, bound by an ancient superstition accepted by the state they live in, do not seek any civil dignity, but prefer to make good this disadvantage with the benefits of trickery at the expense of the people who shelter them and at the expense of each other. In a nation of merchants, unproductive members of society . .. . it cannot be otherwise”. From his vantage point in Koenigsberg, the capital of what was then East Prussia, a country which the Teutonic Knights wrested by force from the Slavic natives, all Jews were Polish Jews.

    Graetz, the Enlightenment Jew and apostle of German culture and Jewish assimilation to it, echoes Kant but confines his censure to the Jews of Poland, who, according to his judgment, “acquired the quibbling method of the schools and employed it to outwit the less cunning.” Piety and knowledge of the hair-splitting distinctions of the Talmud became one and the same thing for the Polish Jew, a combination which, when added to the dogmatism of the rabbis, “undermined their moral sense” and made them prone to “sophistry and boastfulness.”

    Most of the article is devoted to other times and places where Jews had relevance, including a good section on Puritan bashing.

        • I don’t see why they deserve special credit. The Catholic form of control lacks the viral cleverness of the the Jewish-Puritan approach, which invades the immune system. Catholics are on the B team of Progressivism, like Republicans.

      • Exactly. I wondered when someone was going to mention this. FWIW, I was raised Protestant.

  32. Really Charles? You don’t think many feel that way about this and others anyways.
    We are all racists by someone elses estimation.

  33. Going to throw this out here, yet again.

    What if the Jews are genetically predisposed to psychopathy, specifically the “dark triad” traits.

    Is it ok to have contempt for psychopaths? How would a “tribe of psychopaths” be perceived by other tribes? How would they perceive themselves? What would a loose global network of genetically related psychopaths look like?

    • Lijke the man said, anti-semites are kneejerks who always, but always, can come up with crap like this. As we learn in the Holy Book of Bob Dylan: “Everybody want to get you down in the hole that they’re in.” Enjoy your hole.

      • Ok, so no actual response, just virtue signalling. Looks like I’m onto something because nobody has anything to say about such a possibility. We all know inbreeding causes genetic damage and Jews are among the most inbred people on earth. Muslims are also inbred and they display similar behavior, though, their intelligence is much lower.

        I’ve got some research to do…

  34. A large segment of the population is incapable of independent thought. That is quite often demonstrated when having a conversation with someone and all they can offer and respond with are the talking points that they have heard most recently.
    Also, there is a large measure of jealousy and resentment. Jealousy for what someone else has and the resentment of the bad decisions they have made. Rather than accept the consequences of bad decisions it is easier to blame others. Sometimes things happen just because of blind luck. Where would you rather have been born, in the United States or some back-water country of Sub Saharan Africa.
    The sooner people realize that some people are cut out to do some things and others are better at other things the better we will all be. Unfortunately, our betters seem intent on trying to force the square peg into a round hole. The veil of civilization is quite thin and when it is torn away our betters may find they will be the some of the first to regret their actions.

  35. Right now I am basically anti Dutch and Scottish. Isn’t that Trump’s heritage?

    I just loathe progressives and their Quislings in whatever form they take. The JQ takes a back seat to this for me right now.

    Why did I evercare?

    • I suspect it’s not the Scots and Dutch you dislike so much as it’s their cultish churches: Presbyterianism and Dutch Reformed Church. Both are Calvinist. Not all Scots or Dutch are members of these churches, but enough are to be irritating.

      • The calvinist hypothesis doesn’t hold up very well. Catholics are majority left wing now and the mainline calvinist churches are simply emptying out to fill up new right wing calvinist churches. Like our orthodox community, if you think things are getting too lefty, you go join the more right wing group. Catholics being monolithic was a strength up to the 20th century when the core of the church was right wing. Now that the core of the church is left wing, the tendency not to fragment is a net negative.

  36. Just had a thought on the white identity issue. I believe the way forward is to develop myriad white groups based on ethnicity; Irish, Anglo, Germanic, etc. Not sure how to characterize groups like Italians, Bohunks, etc.

    Then you only have to co-ordinate across groups, instead of between all the individuals in the groups. It’s a distributed architecture that is more resilient and resistant to cooptation.

    • Your problem will be the fact that nations != nationalities. Berlin think Bavarians are rubes. Milan thinks Sicilians are savages…

      • Then break down the unit of organization another scale level. You have to find where a group of people will organically support each other.

    • Isn’t that the fiasco “intersectionality” has gotten itself into? I mean, shit, what would you do with the Slavs? I’m Anglo-Scot, so I just go with “Major Slav”–Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, and “Miscellaneous Slav”–all the other fucks that made up the old Yugoslavia etal. They seem to see it differently though…

  37. Your points here are well taken and I’m pretty much on the same page and comfortable with my positioning….which to some will mean dupe,sellout etc, I’m fine with that too.

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