March Miscellany

My twitter account was suspended for violation of their rules. The specific violations were that I was threatening to post personal information about someone and that I was contemplating suicide. Neither of those things are true, but that does not matter in these issues. What I think happened is some anti-Semites, who support the deranged loon Paul Nehlen, took issue with me saying Nehlen is a nut. Soon after, a lunatic started spamming me on Twitter and then my account was permanently suspended by the twitter police.

I’m not all that upset about it. I have been thinking about cutting out social media from my internet life. I was never into Facebook. I never saw the point of it. I’m not that interesting and neither are my friends. If I need to see cat videos, I have a cat at home. I never really liked twitter all that much, but I figured it was a good way to promote the site. It was mostly just a time waster. The increase in traffic from my activity was pretty much zero. My readers know where to find me, so twitter added nothing and just took away.

I’m still up on Gab, but I’m done posting there. Frankly, I’m tired of “white nationalist” types that have made Gab their home. I probably have muted two times the number of people I follow. It’s a free country and I think those people have a right to speak their mind on-line, but I just don’t want to hear it or see it. I’ve reached my limit on that stuff. It’s like being chained to a lunatic. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, you can’t help but notice the lunatic. The solution is to divorce myself from the whole scene. Goodbye lunatics…

Speaking of Nehlen, I take some pride in having spotted him as a nut early on. There are some men, who lack internal restraint, and need social prohibition to keep them from rocketing off into lunacy. Once Nehlen found he could say naughty things on-line and get applause, he quickly went from boring suburban guy to crazy rage head. The same thing happened to Chris Cantwell, who went from libertarian crazy to Nazi crazy. Taboos are the leash to keep the lunatics from running wild in the streets…

I went to opening day of the local sportsball team here in Lagos. I’m not a fan of the local team, but I like baseball. Camden Yards is one of the nicer ballparks in the country. If the weather is nice, it is one of the best things to do in the city. The funny thing about Oriole games is that the crowd is at least 90% white and maybe higher. The city is 70% black, but the ball teams rely on the suburban population to fill seats. It’s one of those things that everyone knows, but no one says. Baltimore is an urban reservation with a tourist area…

I’ve been thinking about the alt-right a bit over the last month. They have a real problem and they seem to know it. They have allowed themselves to be linked with too many crazies and losers. When they were mostly internet personalities, they had the image of being smart white boys who embraced biological reality and were in dissent from the orthodoxy. Now, after a year of bad decisions, they look more like the freak show that is the libertarian party. They are on the cusp of becoming a punchline now.

Spencer seems to get that at some level. The TRS guys, well, I’m not sure where they are going as a thing. Read their forums and it is pretty much just the young version of Stormfront. Maybe that’s the future, but I’m skeptical. Some of the others have splintered off into their own hives. Maybe this is just an adjustment period for them, but it could simply be that they shot their load and this is the end phase. This summer will be the proofing for them. Elections are when a movement can flex its muscles, if it has them…

I’m thinking about doing something different with the blog. Traffic has leveled off, which I expected, but I’m also feeling a bit stale. I started going through old posts, looking for the good ones to put on a greatest hits page, and I found a lot of topics I’d like to expand upon. That got me thinking about shifting gears from a daily short post, to maybe a couple long posts per week. That will free up some time for my other projects, but allow for some writing on more complicated topics. A change of pace is good for the soul…

Speaking of good for the soul, in addition to changing the frequency and length of posts, I’m going to start taking some time off. I’m super black pilled about everything and I’m finding my productivity is at all-time lows. I’m thinking about killing the podcast or perhaps just going once a month through the summer. The audience has slowly ticked up, but I’m not sure I’m cut out for being a media personality. I have not settled on anything, but if the podcast goes away, you’ll know why. I need some time off at the very minimum…

Because sites like this are getting blocked by corporate firewalls and shadow-banned by Google, it’s harder for people to read their favorite heretic. I’ve had many reports that this site is blocked at people’s work or at airports and public WiFi spots. One solution is to make posts here available by newsletter. There’s a plugin for it and it is just a matter of formatting to make it work. I’m looking into it now. That way, if you want to read the site at work, you can subscribe via e-mail and get around the thought police…

One of the things I accept is that the world does not change very much, but my perception of it does change. People often make the mistake of thinking that whatever they’re into is what the world is into. I was at the ballpark and it occurred to me that I’m no longer a sports fan. I have no passion for it. I watched the game, not caring who won or lost, mostly a bit baffled by the excitement of the fans. I still follow the Red Sox and I’ll watch other sports if they are on TV and I have nothing better to so. Otherwise, I have no interest.

I’m not sure why that happened. I used to enjoy college football and college basketball on weekends. I’d go to games and talk about the results with friends. Something happened in the last decade and my interest has collapsed. I mostly follow sports through the stat sheets and much of that is just for old times’ sake. The weird thing is that I don’t remember why I cared about sports in the first place. I was never a fanatic, but I got into the games when my team was playing. Now, I’m indifferent and I can’t remember why I cared…

According to Google, it is Aunt Jemima’s birthday…

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  1. I too, discovered my inner monologue disabled by the freezing process. It took me some time before I stopped blurting out my prejudices in front of important people. Now, I am no longer considered a racist loon…

  2. I hope you keep the podcast up. Its become part of my Saturday morning ritual as I drink my coffee and stay far away from the internet. But I understand the need to take a break.

  3. Z Man, you have the best blog ever, please don’t ever leave completely. I am always looking forward to your next post and absorbing your refreshing voice — so well-read and intelligent, unique insight, articulated with wit and rationale that engages and draws me in. Whatever you choose to do, I am grateful for your enlightening and satisfying blog. Thank you!

  4. I have at times (with some trepidation) considered putting up a blog, and if I did it would cover roughly the same ground as yours does. So I would be very interested in a post covering your blogging experience from the beginning: e.g., what blogging software to use and why; how to host the blog with the minimum possibility of getting banned (I’m assuming that hosting on or is not an option); how to preserve your anonymity (in particular, can you avoid using your real name for payments to the hosting company?); how best to handle comments; important mistakes you’ve made; and just anything useful you’ve learned through the experience.

    It wouldn’t have to be an extensive guide — something the length of one of your typical posts would be fine — and it would be a useful data point for anyone thinking of starting off on the same path. If you’ve already done a post like that a pointer would be great!

  5. Since Z Man got banned on Twitter, no one give him the address of Twitter’s campus. Just joking!

  6. Falling out of love with a sports team and indeed its ways: Yeah, I am going down that road. My sport occupied a huge tranche of my waking, caring life for a long time but I was warned this would happen. The father of a former girl-friend said to me once that the day would come where it simply doesn’t matter any more. As a spotty teenager I found this hard to believe but many years on, yes I get the point. Fully.

    The less one associates with the trivial dramas and the troughs of despair that inevitably follow one begins to see any fellow ‘fanatics’ as idiots and malcontents. “We should be winning!” scream various unhealthy and unfit fans who have essentially been losers all their life. You suddenly realise that you really don’t want to be near people like that any more.

    I think however that while it is an age thing, the magic (if there ever was any) woven into sports was a mix of tribal loyalties, hope and a sort of hero worship that never needed to be realised. In an odd way, television has stripped that part away: we see the ‘stars’ not only being petulant, greedy and immature but we see them up close in full colour in our living rooms behaving in ways we don’t like.

    TV relies on sports for appeal and income, yet it may be the one thing that finally killed it off for more and more people.

  7. Z Man;
    Many thanks for your ongoing and effective efforts. I often wondered how on earth you were able to keep up the pace. Not surprising, then, that the pace has begun to wear on you. I’m retired and yet I have trouble keeping up with your many, high quality, original posts and the comments they stimulate.

    So, if you decide to dial it back or, heavens forfend, quit, that would completely understandable. None the less it would be a sad day. Your voice would be missed. Highly intelligent and talented people sometimes don’t understand that what is (comparatively) easy for them is actually impossible for others not similarly constituted. If that’s you, you may be unaware of how valuable and rare your contributions actually are because it seems like anybody else should be able to do what you do and you’re growing weary. If so, I’d hope that you’d dial it back to a comfortable level and see if anybody else steps up.

    I’d particularly like to commend you for your uncanny ability to succinctly reframe the cultural and political situation today. I was unhappy with the direction of both for a long time and knew why, but had trouble connecting some of the dots. So your formulation of The Cloud, for example, caused my ‘aha’ pattern-recognition mental processes to kick back in again.

    Speaking for myself, I had been sort of coasting, mentally, since the end of the Cold War. I was generally unhappy with the breakout of The Feminist Imperative under Clinton (the so far) 1st. While vainly hoping for reversion under GWB, I had quite a number of WTF moments after 9/11 and his ‘The Religion of Peace'(TM). Time and again, I thought, “Surely our esteemed elite can’t be so stupid, can they_?”

    But once you the grasp the implications of The Cloud, you realize that, although what they do may be stupid, it *is* deliberate. Many implications to mull over as per P.P. above.

    So thanks again.

  8. Zman, have you considered quitting your day job, and writing full time? Do a book, and the blog!

    • I’m not sure it is possible. Then again, I have no idea what the “professional” bloggers and podcasters make. Sure, if I could just write and do a daily podcast, I’d do it, but I don’t know if it is possible. I suppose I should look into it, as you are not the first person to suggest it.

      • Time is the most precious thing in the world. Spending it at someone else’s office is the least ideal way to “use it” IMO 🙂 . Are there any decent think tanks you might fit in with?

  9. Actually, you can just Google “cat video” and you can have about 10 minutes of fun. You don’t need Facebook for that

  10. There is a sense of repetitiveness but I think that is because there are really only a few major issues now and everything relates to them. You have a good voice, Z-Man and should consider broadcast seriously. There are so very few voices of reason around; even on the (so called) conservative broadcasts. Good luck with your choices.

  11. Best wishes and thank you.

    My account was terminated off a platform today for hate speech/TOS when the worse thing I did was mention that recently deceased congresswoman Louise Slaughter would be making an appearance on The Walking Dead coming Sunday, 9pm, AMC.

    We are at a dead end as a movement at the same time America is in full decline. I don’t see how we “win” in this time frame and I’m afraid that things will only get worse. Now is the time to lay low and shore up our personal resources… moving to safer areas, maximizing our income and savings, preparing for small disasters and avoiding being caught in violence.

    It’s our kids, Generation Z and younger who matter. I wouldn’t introduce them to the hard “Alt-Right” but I’d simply show them how the world really is, and allow them to come to awareness organically. Their eventual rebellion will be wonderful… and if I’m 80-90 years old and absentlymindedly using my cane to trip frightened Millennial-X-Boomers running from the mobs then I’ll be quite satisfied.


  12. Sounds like “burn-out” . Probably due to the massive amount of material that you produce every week.

    Like somebody else mentioned Remus from the woodpile took some time off but came back and it’s great to see him posting once again.

    Would be nice if you decide to stick around as well.

  13. “I started going through old posts, looking for the good ones to put on a greatest hits page, and I found a lot of topics I’d like to expand upon.”

    Mark Steyn does this well, he’ll re-run (and elaborate on) an old column when it has a renewed relevance to the present.

  14. WRT sports, I’ve retreated to only following hockey and tennis. I’ve had it up to here with folks who are willing to accept the meritocracy of sports, and let the racial chips fall where they may, but they’re not willing to accept a meritocracy in corporations and government.

  15. Gorgar deleted his twitter account yesterday after four months of tweeting, but was looking to tweet to Zman before he did. Now it is clear why you were nowhere to be found.

    You have a gift, and as such a moral responsibility to use it.

    Obviously all would prefer that it be weekly podcasts, but Gorgar knows that you will figure out what works best for you, and thereby be of the greatest service to the rest.

    Happy Trails,


  16. I hope you have a change of heart on the podcast. The last 5 have hit a new higher gear. I think you are just getting warmed up. It is my go to podcast for commutes to and from work. I almost don’t notice the traffic and frequently laughing out loud in the car. You have more fans than you probably think . The newsletter is also a great idea. You are red pilling a bunch of normies because you are more straightforward and reasonable than most . Keep your chin up!

  17. What about quitting the day job, and doing the blog full time? With changes to monetize it. You would then also have time to write the book that is trying like hell to get out of your head!

  18. Sounds like what you’re suffering from is burn out, of two varieties. First, there’s the disappointment of the “Trump era”. About back in 2016 it seemed for a while like maybe there was actually going to be a real change, what with Brexit and the defeat of Clinton. But what has actually changed? The UK is still run by lunatics, and Trumps doesn’t seem to accomplish much of anything apart from Tweeting. And as for the “Alt right,” it gets nothing accomplished, and has seemingly degenerated into an echo chamber of nastiness and delusion.

    And then there’s the grind of writing your blog. As I’ve said before, back in the day when life was still comparatively free, I’d periodically post memorable quotations from your blog to annoy my crazy friends on FB. But I’ve long since stopped posting anything substantive there. Anyway, more than ten years ago, I had a blog of my own, first on blogger and then self-hosted. I just started it to post things that amused me, but I twice got into flame wars with the insane fans of assorted third-rate celebrities who felt I’d slighted their idols. That was fun! The only reason I mention this is that after a while, I just got tired of it. Somebody I was in contact with online back then noted that it was pretty common for this to happen. Most people have only so much to write about, and then it just becomes repetitive. I’ve sometimes marveled at the amount of quality work that you’d put up pretty much on a daily basis, and I wondered how long it could keep up. Maybe you’ve reached your limit. Or maybe you just need to take a break.

    Also, the news these days is so dreary, just one story after another about how the inmates are still in charge of the asylum and are constantly pouring gasoline onto the woodwork and waving lit matches around. Somehow, it vaguely reminds me of the summer of 2001, when the news cycle was endless speculation about whether that Representative from California had murdered Chandra Levy (no, eventually it turned out to be some illegal immigrant from South America, go figure). Anyway, then towards the middle of September, everything changed in ways nobody could have predicted. Maybe something big will turn up soon. Maybe not. But it sounds like you could do with some “down time” until then.

    Bonne chance, whatever path you choose!

  19. Just a attaboy from a fan – I never miss the podcast and follow the blog regularly. Hope your batteries recharge soon. I don’t mind if you give up posting on Gab, except you should harass John Rivers there occasionally.

    One possibility for the non-creepy rightwing heretic types would be a group blog. Of course, there might be a descent into drama there too, but as long as people are involved, that’s a possibility.

  20. I sure hate to see you write less. I’m an old guy with not much to do and your daily blog is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Actually I really look forward to reading it. Wish I could win the lottery so I could hire you to write more. thanks for what you do write. I wish I could remunerate you .—ken

  21. If you want to try something new in order to reinvigorate your enthusiasm, you might consider writing some posts that make predictions about the future and then analyze various responses and how that may play out. We’re all treading water right now waiting for some kind of event that may break us out of the rut we’re in. Brainstorming can be fun and good mental exercise.

  22. A couple of years ago at an Italian supermarket where the staff knew me by sight and we could easily chat, at checkout the two younger white men asked me what basketball team I was rooting for in the NCAA tournament? I told them, “Whichever team has the most white guys.” They both gave each other a look, and smiled, and sort of nodded.

  23. These things have their ebbs and flows.

    I’ve spent a considerable amount of time studying the successful Hasmonean, Bolshevik, and American Revolutions… less time on the Maoist and Cuban… a considerable chunk of my life looking at the failed Jewish revolts… and of course the Christian subversion of the Hellenic world.

    There are always squabbles, splits, reconciliations, betrayals, advances, and retreats. Mao probably sums it up best.

    Perhaps one of the reasons the Southern US states failed is because they never really went through the internal upheavals we are seeing now. One of the things that mystify later observers is the South’s lack of an ideology or philosophy. What exactly was the “Cause” they were fighting for? The lack of early strugggle led to catastrophic failure.

    So take heart in that. Thanks for all you do, Zman. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  24. You do yourself a disservice, Z. A year ago I was a red pilled, reformed Paleoconservative that had been put through the wringer by a hopelessly pozzed proggie liberal family.
    I wandered about, looking for a tribe. I found Vox Day – and rapidly concluded that if anyone was a gamma male, it was him and he would always double down, project, and do everything he accused his enemies of. His fanbois were no better, I’ve seen more intellect at truck stops. The neo-reaction boys caught my attention for a bit – but they have some serious screws loose too.
    Of all the guys out there now, there’s only two real voices for a man like me – Derb and yourself. Derb is good at making people think. You can make people think AND laugh. A lot of these other guys are good but they don’t have the charisma you do – some of ’em like the Audacious Epigone may develop it and if they do, they’re off to the races. They need guys like you to mentor them.
    In my scholarly opinion, you need to work harder, not less. You need a public platform of your own, and you should be paid for what you do too because it’s easily better than 95% of the stuff that is out there now.
    I personally love Gab, they have good old school off colour jokes and humour that an old fart like me finds refreshing.

  25. Keep the podcast even if you do it less often. Yours is the most pleasing and professional sounding one I listen to. It’s clear, focused, to the point, and your voice is quite soothing.

  26. Just discovered you a few months ago via Derbyshire.

    Mixed feelings about you. But you’re pretty great. Especially your humor. The tied-to-a-lunatic formation was brilliant.

    Your exhaustion with Gab and a type of alt-right personality is why Taki shut down the comments section. And it’s only partly because of anti-semitism.

    One isn’t supposed to sit there and watch baseball. You put it on TV or radio and go about your business. Enjoying the laid-back background vibe.

    I don’t understand your often pointless meannes. Like calling the Google black lady “Aunt Jemima”. Perhaps I’m not yet jaded by the alt-right. Maybe with exposure I’ll become more dickish.

    I’m very irritated by rushed stridency. Which is why I love baseball broadcasts. What I most like about your podcast is your calm manner and mellow voice. Please don’t stop. You’re my Garrison Keillor.

  27. Money destroyed sports, as it destroys everything.

    No normal person resents another normal guy grabbing all the dough he can, when the getting is good; for example, Bryce Harper makes 22 million a year. Well done, Bryce.

    But no normal person can care about the performance of “his team” when “his team” is stocked with millionaires, whose only allegiance to the team is based on well-detailed, multi-year contracts that ensure that both he and his agent shall never again be subject to the rigors of dirt people existence.

    Gone are the days when you could watch the likes of Willie Stargell or Gaylord Perry do their thing from the upper deck for a $2 ticket.

  28. That’s sad to hear. Your podcast is far and away my favorite. Sorry the stress is getting to you.

  29. Z-Man: I think that your response is to be expected in one who has been observing, evaluating and commenting so adeptly at length on the terrible situation confronting us “Americans” for so long now. What we see out there is near-uniformly negative, and that will always lead to burnout.

    I also think at work here is a building sense (among many of us) that we’re unable to jump to the next task that needs to be done, and that task would be organizing, followed by real, and concerted action. One can only observe, report, speculate and accuse, et cetera so long, before something else is required.

    (PLEASE NOTE: No accusation or criticism intended here for you; you’ve done tremendous and valuable work for our side. This is a general observation about all of us arrayed against the project of the LEFT?, which I believe, is really the project of mankind … specifically, intellectualized mankind. It is the child of malignant intellectualism.)

    We know who the opposition is; we know what they intend for us; we know what they have done — the horrors they’ve inflicted on our culture, society and nation. It’s obvious that those on the LEFT? are bad actors … minus those ignorant (misguided) liberals who are sucked into their orbit by the emotional charge attached to all their issues. It’s no longer in question. We are not just members of the same happy family arguing strenuously about the means to achieve commonly sought ends. They are other, and there’s no changing that. Who would not despair at that?

    We’ve devolved over the past five-plus decades into two radically incompatible cultures occupying the same terrain. And a situation like just cannot last. It’s not going to fix itself; it’s not going to be something that can just be stoically borne. And it’s not going to go away. They want us gone. And they are in the process of doing it.

    On our side, it’s almost as if we were America in 1941, watching as the Japanese kept gobbling up Asia, along with the South West and Central Pacific, and all we did was keep pointing out what they were doing. At a certain point, action becomes imperative if survival is contemplated.

    And that is the rub. There are plenty of Americans out here who long for real change and yearn for a blunting of this horrific, implacable human machine bulldozing our culture, our history and our very reality. They don’t know what to do, or even how to clearly articulate their concerns. But they know something is wrong, so they voted for Trump, yet they still see the political class and their adjuncts in the media, academy and cultural enclaves moving to destroy him and block any such future moves by the American citizenry.

    And those of us who have some idea of the fail-safe options that might be employed are too much (right now) the honorable men, and fear the cost of applying the remedy.

    We’ve got three options: 1. Roll over and accept extinction; 2. Separate; 3. Fight for what is rightfully ours.

    None of those is attractive; contemplation of those, or the dawning realization of this reality, is sure to push one toward melancholy.

    They first COA is the easiest — just let it coast along, and keep ourselves busy commenting wittily (again, no criticism of this site or author here, though other GOPe commentators and publications are just noise makers).

    They second two require completely different skillets. And they require a different type of leadership. We have those skillsets and leadership on our side; but as with many of the traditional Americans, they are loth to break what took millennia to put into place, and they recognize the real costs we are likely to pay. Moreover, they are not (unlike the LEFT?) driven by obsession, dysfunction and rage, so they wait.

    Until we make that jump to the next stages of the operation, we will languish here in no man’s land, and many of use will drift into the darkness.

  30. Z Man, we are the same vintage and I’ve enjoyed your daily take (and weekly podcast) for a couple years now– ever since I discovered you. You are one of my few daily ‘go tos’ and I find your perspective very, very valuable. Your maturity tempers all and you tend to avoid the hijinks too many other younger Dissent dudes indulge in.

    I hope you re-consider leaving the field for too long. Aside from my selfish reasons, as a cultural observer, your take is simply irreplaceable. You’ve staked out a ‘Wise Man’ niche that suits you well and whatever comes next will need your voice to help shape it.

    By all means, take a break. But don’t doubt the value of what you’re doing and the impact you’re having. It’s YUGE, even if you don’t sense the magnitude. No one else offers the thoughtful perspective tempered by experience that you do. Finally, you’re normal, unlike too many of the spergs who wound up in the Dissident space (for lack of any place else to go). Get rested and get back into it soon. You are desperately needed in this fight.

  31. You sound a bit overwhelmed. If so, taking a break is a good start. I’ve often wondered how you managed to keep a balance between fitness, work, blogging, podcasting, reading, and maintaining a social life. It seems a pretty remarkable pace keep. I live/work in NOVA (Vienna). I’d love to buy you dinner or your favorite beverage to pick your brain and just say thanks for all you’ve done. It has been inspiring to me. Consider the offer permanently open.

  32. A-Man,
    I lost interest in sports as I finished up my 40s and was looking at a society that was falling apart. Sports just stopped being something that mattered. It never did really, but I just noticed that more and more.

    As to your posting dilemma, I don’t pretend to have THE answer. Age and lack of time made me stop posting myself. I will say that Vox Day posts a lot, and much of it is a quote from some news item or from some blog post and then he gives a short opinion on the quote and that is it. This allows for a lot of commentary on the item and the comments section is often where the best stuff is.

    You could do more short posts that don’t tax you as much which would free up your time for other matters. Good luck with whatever you decided to do.

    May the wind always be at your back.

  33. The thing I’ve noticed is more people have the whole conspiracy thing going on. They try to play it down but sooner or later it just comes out and any meaningful, or enjoyable, conversation is doomed. Just the other day I ran into an acquaintance who I thought was fairly level-headed, nope, something set him off and he was off to the races. Damndest stuff, at least now I know who not to be seen with.

  34. Will be a shame if the podcast goes or the posts dry up, I enjoy both, particularly the podcast. I was never into them before but tried yours and liked it, so found some others. I can understand wanting time off, though.

  35. 6 years ago Obama and his cronies had completely stepped out of the shadows and were in open war on white America. Over that time I grew frustrated and pushed away many old friends and family members who were oblivious to what was happening and turned off all sports, movies and most other entertainment.

    In the process I started reading a lot and came upon Taylor, Darbyshire and others. But reading Zman the past year really opened my eyes and expanded my worldview. It also revealed something unexpected. I didn’t realize just how angry I have become and if I’m honest this anger has not served my best interests or the interests of those around me.

    Thus, I’ve been making some changes, restoring my grandfather’s cuckoo-clock, spending more time with my nieces and nephews, attending church, watching old movies, rediscovering baseball, going to a renfair and a family wedding later this summer. I hammer Trump a lot, but culturally he’s tried hard to nudge our country in a better, healthier direction and it’s beginning to show. Whites around me are holding their heads a little higher and talking more. Life is too short for war 24/7. If this is our twilight then it should be enjoyed while there is time.

    Zman, thank you for imparting your wisdom. Whatever the future holds I wish you well.

  36. Thank gosh. Maybe now I can go back to my delusions of adequacy. Get something done beyond wasting time biting ankles.

    Zman, your take on things is so original and wide-ranging, it takes a few days for us slow types to catch up. Please don’t stop entirely.

  37. Well, the Orioles’ roster demonstrates what has been a trend for quite awhile: Hispanic players playing games in black neighborhoods for white fans. The Orioles’ are whiter than most, but still about half Hispanic based on the surnames.

    I’ve been a Phillies fan since birth, and the thing that has changed most is that most of the players barely speak English. The Phillies broadcasters often talked about how the coaches needed interpreters to talk to their players, and that players who are bi-lingual are very important to the team if they’re decent players. You can’t really listen to the post-game interviews because the player usually runs out of English vocabulary words after the first 17 seconds. They’re not bad guys or anything, just an example of how the sport has changed and how it has continued to alienate a lot of fans who cannot relate to the players. Might as well watch soccer.

    Even in lean years, I was able to name the Phillies starting roster and most of their bullpen and pinch hitters. Today, that’s pretty difficult. I listen to the games on the internet-radio, which is as much nostalgia as anything. I just like the sound of the game.

    • opening day roster for the Detroit Tigers was 7 out of 9 hispanic. Just not much interested, that being one of the reasons.

  38. Professional sports have never held my interest, but I can relate to your dawning apathy, in my case with motion pictures and television programming. The social aspects of playing golf are still worthwhile, but watching someone else play? I’ll miss a daily Z fix but appreciate your motives. If you had asked for advice, I would have said “Move away from Baltimore”.

  39. RE: Deep State

    Call me crazy (and paranoid) but I think the “Deep State” is going to take out and ostracize Social Media in a big way from now on. The success of the election of DJT cannot ever be tolerated again. Going around the media narrative and directly to the citizens cannot be tolerated by those in power.

    To say that, what at the time was, a free and open Social Media was so successful and instrumental in electing Trump is the understatement of the last 50 years.

    Sure, one could say that HRC was flat outworked is a truism not to be discounted. I suspect she also KNEW the election was in the bag due to vote rigging and fraud by the Blackhats. I think this is a fundamental reason why she is still so angry is that someone unstole her election. After all, “It’s MY TURN” according to HRC in the years of campaigning for the Brass Ring.

    Maybe some Whitehats were on to her and negated some of her counterparts shenanigans. We might find out some day.

    Deep Black State cannot allow that to happen ever again. I don’t know how they’ll do it, vis-a-vis banning, shadow banning, censorship or deflating the actual platforms themselves or a myriad of other ways I’m not familiar with but free and open comms on the net is here-to-fore, DEAD.

    What is ironic is, I have no doubt the Deep State has harvested and compiled dossiers of every social media user since just after the mediums wide spread acceptance. By limiting, censuring and outright causing the shunning of the platforms, they (DS) lose real time intel on the oh so many that say, “F^CK IT, I’m done”.

    If this is hypothesis is true, it is a starburst on how giving open, uncensured information to the masses is so dangerous to those behind the curtains pulling the levers of power at all levels.

    Just my 2 cents but worth watching. Zuckl’s up for Senate hearings soon, and I have no doubt that there will be a parade of social media head honchos to follow as well as certain laws or regulations, 1st amendment be damned. Watch for the orchestrated witch hunt to ramp up.

    There will be a reckoning, which is why they want our guns so badly.

    • Facebook and Google almost certainly have data that shows who owns guns and who doesn’t. When the time is ripe, they will hand that data over.

      We must boycott the Big 5 tech oligopoly to whatever extent is possible. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should be outright nationalized.

    • You talk like the deep state is monolithic. Should be clear by now that Trump represents one faction, that is taking down another faction (with Obama and Clintons in that one). He isn’t doing all this on his own. Check out Anoncons posts about “Q”; super interesting.

  40. Could be you’ve just grown out of it. Or, you’re now officially OLD.
    My guess is the former.

  41. If you ever venture into mainstream sites, you might catch the hitherto-rare sight of a pro-TPP post. The GOP is doomed, see the Wisconsin results from yesterday.

    Voting won’t solve the problem, but violence will only make it worse until we get our hands on state power. Economic disengagement is the best arrow in the quiver.

  42. DJT’s election was an opportunity for a group white skinned, red pilled people to come together with a common goal. That goal was achieved and that same loose group started looking for more sport. Unfortunately, they were too new and had only been trained as online posters and didn’t know how to act as a team, so they do what men do naturally when there is no structure. They fight. On the other hand, since most of that group is relatively high IQ, I predict that they will learn.

    So take heart and buck up, Z. What you are going through is part of the natural ebb and flow of a thought leader. You are a magnificent writer and turned yourself into someone whose thoughts are important. Hang in for a while and the black pill will whiten up.

    • I let that fall by the wayside, but I want to pick it back up. I want to get back to doing those kinds of posts.

      • Hi Zman. I started following you’re blog via Vox Day’s after the Milo Yianopolous article on the Alt Right. Like all who read this blog I would miss your insight and depth of knowledge but your level of work must be exhausting. It is depressing here in clown World. It seems at times like the West has a shotgun buried in it’s mouth with an itchy trigger finger. I think we all experienced a sequence of positives with Brexit, Trump and the Alt Right breaking through but Charlottesville, the deplatforming and the never ending shrieking leftist assault on Western Civilization takes it’s toll. In Europe there have been some positives, Visegrad group, Italian election, Austrian elections but definitive change seems glacially slow if non existant. Some Nations, in particular England and Sweden seem like they just want to die without causing a fuss. The Pope, head of probably the defining instiution of Western Civilization sulks like a spoiled child in a photo with Trump and champions migrants self esteem over security concerns, from a Church that marked the date of Lepanto a century previous. It’s bleak. Vox Day is adamant that a nationalist renaissance will take place, likewise Brett Stevens and Greg Johnson but I feel as if time has ran out. Thanks a million for the blog. I’ve always felt that a grand canon of Western thought would be a great project, and your previous posts on essential knowledge are a good starting point. Maybe it could be an inspiration for some of the smarter readers to creating an on line dissident reservoir of knowledge in the arts, sciences, history. There’s a lot of intelligent readers on this blog, we all have our familiar and favourite books, Anglin will probably have a melt down if mein kampf is discarded but sorry but no Hitlarping allowed. On a side note I’ve always found Gabriel Faure’s requem to be a source of comfort in depressing times.

      • One of my favorite authors, Martin Gardner, once said, “be onto something. always be on to something. not to be onto something is to be in despair”. Books. Lots of material to mine there. Go for it!

    • I’d just like to second this. Those posts were excellent and I still refer back to them when I’m looking for some gaping hole in my knowledge to fill. They even got me reading some poetry again which I thought I’d never do after leaving it behind in school. Would love to see some new ones on other areas you’re familiar with. I found your blog quite late –hat tip to the much missed 2Kevins– but I’m enjoying flicking through your archives.

  43. I enjoy most of your output and will continue to follow your particular take on issues wherever and whenever you pop up.Football here in my home city of Liverpool is still pretty much the preserve of us white working class blokes and seat prices aside I reckon it will do.

  44. Hope you cheer up, Z Man. I’m fairly black-pilled myself these days. All of Western civilization can seem like one colossal lost cause at times. Guess I should try to focus more on what brings meaning and joy to my own life, rather than fretting about things over which I have no control. Peace.

      • I have always liked your posts where you go to different locations around the country like the Ireland post. Maybe do some traveling, I would love for you to write a post on the PNW.

      • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? What you may need Mr. Z is some sunshine. Vigorous exercise. Spring will get here eventually.

  45. Being roughly the same age as you, I was reminded of a conversation I have occasionally with folks half my age. I have some young guy ask me why I won’t listen to classic rock, when so much of that music is so great and so much better than what’s put out today. My response is always that it may be great to you, who have only heard it a few dozen times, but I have heard it THOUSANDS of times and I’m quite bored by it. That happens so frequently these days that it’s just more satisfying to tune out and hope that something more interesting comes along, which on rare occasions does actually happen, but not if I’m stuck in the past.

    I have a young son who continues to open my eyes to new possibilities. He is starting to play hockey, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for many years, just didn’t have the opportunity. Well, they have an adult learn-to-play rookie league that next year I will join. I’m currently working on my skating to try to be ready. I’m also finally learning how to fly fish. Things like this have made it much easier to ignore the politics and what nowadays passes for argument and discussion. As said by a few commentors above, life is way too short.

    You are one of a few blogs/sites that I start my day with and will miss the dailies if they go away. But you have to do what’s best. If they go once a week or so, I’ll look forward to them just as I look forward to the Tuesday Woodpile Report.

    Good luck!

  46. You don’t need to go away forever. Uncle Remus at the Woodpile Report went away for a while, and he came back (thank goodness). He also posts reliably, once a week, on Tuesday morning. Perhaps once a week for you (I’ll take what I can get).

    You are a distinctive part of our little odd slice of the culture. You would be missed. It also means the breakup of our little daily round table of regular commenters, which is a huge loss. The give and take of comments here is more thoughtful and informative than anything I have seen anywhere, bar none. Give some thought to a daily “copy and paste” of something you find interesting, and let us have a go at it to feed our chat addiction. It would be a shame to break up the team.

  47. I understand why you’re doing this, and hope you’ll still post even if your traffic goes down. You’re one of the rare writers who combine clear thinking with memorable language. Kurt Schlichter is another.

  48. I sincerely hope Zman can find fresh inspiration to continue. He’s at the top of my daily reading list. We would all be poorer should he go silent, as apparently Porter has done at Kakistocracy, or if he simply goes underground like Ryan Landry.

  49. “For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground, and tell sad stories of the death of kings.”

    Zman, should you choose to leave the sphere, you’ll be sorely missed. Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, and the Zman are the best the interwebs have to offer, in my humble opinion.

    The white nationalism (and related relentless antisemitism) on Gab is depressing; I sometimes wonder if it isn’t just Facebook opposition trying to kill off a competing platform. Regardless, it’s become so distasteful I wonder what possible advantage there is to being a part of it.

    Zman, you’re a thinker and a fighter. There really is no anonymity anymore; push the wrong buttons too many times, irritate the wrong people, and a doxing (with all the attendant personal and professional repercussions) are sure to follow.

    It’s incredibly inspiring to read your work and realize that there are others out there who look around and see all the insanity in Western civilization, and are doing what they can to push back.

    If you go, you’ll be very sorely missed. Thanks for all the great work.

  50. Sir – thanks for doing what you do … for having done what you’ve done. I only happened upon your work a month or so back. You’ve done weill in speaking truth-truth, but true-truth is exhausting work.

    My unsolicited advice – take the summer off & plant a big garden, particularly if you feel starved for fresh ideas. Play Chopin’s Nocturnes whilst weeding your garden … you’ll be amazed at the new insights that come (ever so naturally) from having your hands in the dirt.

    Myself (and others I expect) come to your blog/podcast to enjoy a well-articulated fellow traveler … and thoughtful fellow travelers are hard to find these days. Thanks for having made the investment of time/energy.

  51. Zman, you’re a sensible voice. I listen to your podcast every Friday and it would be missed. We’re facing a fierce battle with the globalist/leftist loons and I hate to see some of our best go into hiding.

    Which reminds me, does anyone know what happened to Bumbling American from MPC and twitter? He’s completely disappeared. All his posts at MPC have been scrubbed, including his twitter account. I’ve also noticed Kevin Michael Grace has been quiet on twitter since Feb. I miss Grace’s podcast, “Grace and Steel” and his presence on twitter.

    Zman, these are perilous times we’re in, and every intelligent voice of reason we have on our side helps. Besides, what else are you going to do? You just said you’re losing interest in sportsball.

    • KM Grace disappears from Twitter for periods of time. No idea why, but he’s done it before. For a while he teased about a new podcast, but it never came about unfortunately. A shame because he can be pretty funny.

      • The hellish Friday commute home has been softened by the Z-cast. There have been a few times where I have had to pull over because I laugh so much. The ultimate podcast would be Grace and Z….hint hint.

        Zman I don’t know who you are. Just want to thank you for helping me preserve my tenuous sanity in these insane times. The writing and the podcast have meant a great deal to both myself and many others in my circle

    • Bumbling American got a threatened dox on twitter from someone named Dave Itzkoff and has disappeared from the internet entirely.

  52. Things always change, nothing stays the same. My daily on-line readings are completely different ones than those I read a few years ago. Some were the authors (LGF anyone? Still miss den Beste), and some were just me, moving around a bit.

    Things out there in the world will never be as you want them to be, and are almost always not as bad as you are afraid they might be. Look for progress in the right direction, not solutions. Progress in the right direction is as good as it gets.

    Sounds like you are doing the American thing, Z. When things aren’t right and there is no good solution, move on. It is how we have always done things, exercising our freedom to move along. Thanks for the nice ride.

  53. The alt-right should be ignored. It’s a toxic brand, shot through with known bad actors, and has no redeemable curb appeal to salvage. Alt Social media echo chambers are pointless. If you can’t connect to normal people and be pro-white you’re no use to anyone.

  54. Baseball is still a white sport, including the on field culture. Even the black guys who play baseball sound normal in clubhouse interviews, with no mumbling ghetto speak like the feetsball afletes are wont to spout between moronic dancing bouts in the end zone. Opening Day ceremonies, not one kneel, not one foreign born player mouthing off about his host country. That’s MLB defining their boundaries. And I love it.

    There’s something to be said about the continuity of baseball that retains my interest unlike the other sports. If you could bring Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth or Sandy Koufax back from the dead, those guys could start tomorrow. Knute Rockne or Jim Thorpe wouldn’t even recognize the game called football today, much less be able to play.

  55. Looks like you are reaching a point of exhaustion with the “sphere”. You need a break and perhaps something that offer solutions, rather then just merely justified critiques. It’s why things feel stale. (To be fair, solutions are much harder – and take much more time to evaluate.)

    Ponder just a moment…

    What irritates us about the leftist SJW types is not just their ideology, but that they are miserable people to be around in real life. The constant stream of negativity is exhausting.

    The Alt-Right and some of the Dissident Right has this problem. Besides the infighting and the most recent doxxing, so many of these people end up being reprobates in real life.

    They rant about things from the shadows and the only solutions they offer end up being impossible illogical ones like the “ethnostate”.Then they snipe at the people who do offer solutions.

    After a while you ask yourself, “Do I really want to be wasting my time bothering with people who are consumed by a negative identity?” These people appear to be absolutely miserable and uninterested in actual doing any of the work necessary to break out of their plight.

    At some point, you need a break. A diversion. Company with people who are simply enjoying life and not ranting about Jews, minorities, ect.

    Concerning posts to revisit, your post on negative and positive identity may be the post most important, relevant, and insightful posts I’ve read in years – something I don’t say lightly.

    • The movement must develop an internal discipline structure. We need hierarchy, not anarchy.

  56. I hope you keep posting the Zman material, even if only a couple times a week. You are by far the best writer on the blogs. I am amazed at the quality you are able to produce day after day. You put a lot of thought into your writing. Keep up the good work.

  57. That’s DOCTOR Aunt Jemima, according to the mouseover.

    That’s good news. We’re moving toward a future where all black people are doctors.

      • Aunt Jemima is a holdover from the time when American Blacks could at least make good food, and produce good music, not small accomplishments considering what we have before us today. Today, of course, “Dr.” Jemima would be a lesbian, be unable to boil water without burning it, and be busily stamping out free speech on whatever campus was unfortunate enough to hire her. That’s progress, I guess.

  58. the real question is what percentage of those doing the applauding (the anti-semite Nazis) are actually paid shills or liberals….I have engaged many of them, and their arguments are very similar to each other…and they all target new rightwing vloggers and try to get them to spout anti-semite/nazi ideas…

    this is an organized campaign that has been going on at least 2 years now..

    others have said much the same thing that I am saying here (ramzpaul, styxhexenhammer, jared taylor, etc)

    the question is whether their strategy is paying off–more and more are leaving the alt-right…

  59. Z, post whenever you want to–once or twice a week would be fine, though I bet a lot of us have gotten used to our daily dose of Z-pinions.

    When I see the name Nehlen, I think Negan, the arch-antagonist from The Walking Dead.

    The only sports team I ever cared about was the GB Packers, because I grew up there in the ’60’s and it was the thing to do. I pretty much can’t watch any other sportball for more than a few minutes. I can get into a Packer game, but I think it is more a function of ritual than true excitement.

    Oh, and car races. I can watch a car race pretty much any time. I was a car nut years ago, but now my own vehicles are just 10-year old appliances.

  60. The older one gets, the less one cares about trivialities; paradoxically, the more one’s time is occupied with the trivial activities of daily life. We’re either marking time or trying to outrun it. Age is for contemplation and your blog has produced a lot to contemplate, so thank you for that. The daily dose of The Z Blog will be missed.

  61. Z Man, if this is where it ends, I want to say thanks. I enjoyed your content and personality, learned a lot, and had a blast in discussion with your knowledgeable commenters. I hope to meet you at AmRen.

  62. I am having exactly the same experience with sports. I used to care a lot, not so much any more. After years of sitting in a crappy stadium watching a crappy team, I had my ultimate sports moment when the Patriots won the Superbowl in 2002. While I was pissed when the lost a couple months ago it was because the coach threw the game for petty vindictive reasons rather than they didn’t get another trophy.

    I find myself more interested in college sports and my son’s high school sports – even the ones he doesn’t play. Watching them play well, learn, and try is more entertaining than watching 30-year-old millionaires these days.

  63. You got old

    Happens to everyone

    Also, the alt right can never be a thing because it lacks diversity

  64. I’ve noticed the same thing at Camden Yards. Baseball is white.

    I think the loss of interest in sportsball is natural as one ages, but I think the times also come into it. We live in highly political times, and it feels like there is a lot riding on what direction USG takes in the next few years. Will it be mass immigration and Brazilification? Or can some sort of populist reaction hold the line on immigration? With such high stakes, whether the Orioles or Red Sox get a home run seems unimportant.

    One other factor worth mentioning is the implicit contract between athletes and fans that has been broken. Athletes used to be apolitical. You could be a fan of a guy secure in the idea that he wouldn’t get in your face to tell you how much he hates America and finds you deplorable. Increasingly this is not true. Your team needs to be all on your side, at least in the imagination, because modern sports are designed to stimulate our mannerbund circuits. Fill a mannerbund with traitors and it’s no longer enjoyable; the top priority becomes to find and expel the traitors. This feels like losing, not winning.

    • Athletes stopped commenting on politics after the Nixon-era backlash to the black militants. Michael Jordan once said “Republicans buy shoes, too”.

      Those days are long gone. Marketers only care about the 18-34 group, as they presume brand loyalty is fixed after that. That demographic is full of people that hate conservatives.

      The Boomers of Germany are what kept Angela Merkel in power, because of muh pension. Our Boomers are keeping MegaCorpSocJus in power.

  65. I’ve thought about this too as my tolerance for the MSM bullshit has dropped inversely to the length of Trump’s presidency. I think my definition of a Prog Loon is someone who has the endurance for the non-stop shit stream that is modern culture, and someone who actually thrives in it.
    It all just gives me a headache. I hope you don’t go anywhere too son. I really enjoy reading you and the different people/concepts you’ve introduced to me have helped me think about things in better ways.

  66. Change is good. Try some different approaches. Keep what works and throw away the rest. Life’s too short to do otherwise.

  67. I’ve been noticing that lots of alt-rightish personalities on YouTube have been doing less and less stuff. The whole bloodsports thing seems to be waning, too. I think a lot of people are just sitting around wondering what to do now. I turn off a lot of videos after a couple of minutes once I realize I’m not going to learn anything new. I’ve been pretty black-pilled myself. If there’s a future for the dissident right (or whatever label) it isn’t going to be the TRS guys cutting out the N-word and rebranding themselves. It’s going to have to be fresh faces who stake out a place between the alt-lite and alt-right. One of the mistakes of the hardcore alt-right was to say “they’re gonna call us Nazis no matter what!” and then use that to justify LARPing as Nazis. Some have said the missteps of the alt-right prove that “Jared Taylor was right”–that you have to watch your language, project a middle-American image, go easy on the JQ. I think that is right, but then again AmRen and Vdare aren’t exactly going to set the stage for the future of the GOP. Too small a presence. We need something with the web traffic of Breitbart, but a bit further to the right. How that happens, I can’t say.

    • Here’s a different take on the same experiences: the Alt-Right tried to extend its success in the online world to the real world and discovered that we literally do not have the right to assemble and petition. Instead, the governments and police conspire to get us assaulted. That’s some harsh reality to absorb, but we’ve still got more truth-per-capita than any other movement. That same Aryan creativity is searching for a path forward on a constricted and dangerous chessboard.

      • I agree that the alt-right has truth on its side. The problem is getting things done in a “democratic” society with a distracted and emotional populace that is afraid of a lot of those truths. And so we have to play around with all the Sarah Palin/Trump populist stuff of MAGA hats to get the voters out, and this is just to tread water while looking for something better. Still, beats the alternative.

    • The people saying “they’re going to call you that anyway,” were bad actors and still are. The hopelessly antagonistic anti-anti-white shtick never worked and always galvanized the left. Taylor and others have spent much time learning how to be pro-white in public. People should learn those lessons and apply them.

  68. Would very much like to read some posts/essays on other historical times and places.

  69. I am approximately the same age, going through approximately the same issues. I have no kids. could this be a common feature.

    • The unmarried and/or unmarried & no kids is a big discriminator. I went through Z’s “culling of the trivialities” in college. My major was so tough I could not afford sports fandom, time-wise.

      But now I watch more sports than I ever did. Mostly, my kids’ games, but also pro/college/etc. My kids are mild fans and interested in watching masters at their craft (to learn from). So I watch, too, when I can afford the time.

  70. Yes, I feel like having pancakes today.

    Sports is something that a decent size segment lose their exuberance for, at least as a fan as they age. Of course the professionals are doing their best to push us away and I don’t just mean the political stuff. My god it’s awful to sit in the stands between innings with the kissing cams, animated donut racing, and quizzes for prizes.

    Z, I do cringe when you use the term anti-semites. It’s like being called racist nowadays when all it means is that you are a bad white. Of course,I have read you long enough to possibly get the nuance.

  71. Is the alt-right supposed to replace the Republican party with some new actually conservative party? Or get them to nominate decent candidates and drop the Rinos? Either way, I don’t have much hope.

    • According to Google Search it’s Maya Angelou, and it’s even an animated .gif of one of her poems, if your into that.

    • A little splash of 89, some matches and an old bald snow tire and progress will be had! They thought they had a bad day yesterday at YouTube, well they ain’t seen shit until Winnie and crew showed up at google hq

      That or it’s The acclaimed Maya Angelou. She wrote the famous “man from Nantucket” poem that I’m sure you’ve all read

    • I’m not, but I used to follow him. Maybe there was a purge of anyone associated with me. That would be interesting.

  72. Maybe instead of forcing yourself to find material for the podcasts, just accumulate segments as you come across interesting/weird/crazy stories. Then put out a podcast when you have a handful of accumulated segments.

    I am all in favor of the switch to fewer — but longer — posts!

    The alt-right are not ever going to be more than they are now. But the herd is moving again, and it is away from the progs, so things will get better on their own.

    My interest in sports has followed a similar trajectory to your own. For me it is the over commercialization of sports that has killed my interest. Once they started pausing game play to have commercial breaks, it all turned to shit. The only sport I actually enjoy watching is European soccer. You can get into a nice reverie watching the game flow up and down the field; 45 minutes of uninterrupted play.

  73. I feel the same about sports. Lost interest. In my case I think its that I no longer find any of the players (drivers in racing) likable. They are arrogant, uppity and not anyone I would like to hangout with or even meet. Just a thought.

  74. With regard to sports, I’ve found the same thing happening to me as I get older. I still like the mechanics of baseball and hockey, and horse racing is still a fun way to spend an afternoon, but as for actual fandom, like in my 20’s and 30’s – not so much. I noticed the same thing happening to my Dad years ago, as he got older.

    Maybe we just lose our zest for life as we get older – or maybe, finally, we learn to put away childish things…

    • Sport is not childish. It is how man practices for war in times of peace and gives men a way to put to measure all the shit-talking so that hierarchy and respect have a substrate to exist upon in local communities.

      Americans are confused because they were brainwashed to believe that tall-man hoopball and handoval were proper competitions for this ancient practice.

      Apparently the last play of the superbowl was technically an illegal play. And there have been at least three rule changes since then. That should tell you something about the purpose of that sport.

      Baseball might be iconically American but is really just a rebellious form of cricket and also happens to be a sport where steroid usage matters more than technical ability.

      • Sitting in front of a screen watching grown overpaid men play children’s games does not prepare men for war.

        ACTUAL sport might do that – but in modern day America that’s not what we’re talking about.

        IMHO probably the only sport played in modern America that prepares it’s players for war – is lacrosse. A true “American” game if ever there was one.

        • Martial Arts are a real sport as is tactical shooting and a lot of people do those things

          Heck paintball is very popular and with good training a tolerable way to teach rudimentary tactics and teamwork

          Football, Basketball and Baseball have none of these advantages and frankly little remaining civic value.

  75. You may be forgetting about sports – because you have other things to do.

    Most people in “today’s society” – have absolutely no idea of how much time they waste on a daily basis. And there’s nothing in their lives that forces them to come to this realization. A good many of them – will get really really upset if something crops up in their lives to take them away from their diversions.

    Going on 15 years ago now – I decided to take on the project of adding a second floor to my house – pretty much by myself (had *some* help from friends and family – but in the end – it was all on my shoulders). Along the way I’ve worked at a startup company that demanded far more of my time than the usual 40 hour work week, my mother got cancer, various cats got sick – etc. This was all on top of the usual BS that pops up in daily life that must be taken care of. When that was mostly finished – I then built myself a large barn.

    What’s the point of this little story? Simple: The only way I found to make progress – was that things that wasted time needed to be relentlessly cut from my life. No sports, no TV, no going out, if the car broke it became a matter of ‘will it still get me to work’ , no long lunches at work, no screwing around at the water cooler, no 8 hours of sleep every night – etc.

    I’ve run across VERY few people in my life who have ever gone thru an exercise like this – and even fewer who undertook it willingly.

    The end result of doing this – is that there’s a lot of things I simply don’t give a shit about any more. And sports is definitely one of them.

    • We are increasingly a “work to play” society where your play is periodically interrupted by the need to get a little bit of productive work done. As George Carlin once noticed, employers pay people just enough to keep them from quitting, and people work just hard enough to not get fired.

      That equilibrium – most of the jobs in this country really aren’t all that hard, and technology has sped up the pace at which those jobs can get done – has allowed the balance to shift in favor of liesure time.

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