Letter To Alt-Right

By all accounts, the alt-right is at a crossroads. The movement that started as an internet phenomenon and blossomed into a full-blown political force in the 2016 election, has stumbled in the past year. Most people peg the start of the trouble at the Charlottesville riots, which were used to paint the alt-right as a bunch of torch wielding Nazis. Others put the blame on the personalities and their endless bickering. Of course, the troubles are exaggerated, but there’s no doubt that the movement is in a difficult patch.

In order for the alt-right to get out of the ditch and become an effective political voice, the leaders of the various groups within the alt-right have to stop screwing up. The number of unforced errors over the last year, by big names in the alt-right, leave people with the impression the movement is not serious. Leaders need to be something more than gags on-line. They have to be a respectable face to a skeptical public. That means being careful and prudent in their public actions. That’s not what has happened over the last year.

The first thing the alt-right needs to do is figure out how it got tangled up with people who turned out to be unstable or unreliable. Starting with Charlottesville, that has been the thread running through all of the stumbles. There’s always a wacko involved. Whether it was a “crying Nazi” at Charlottesville or a tubby cuckold at Michigan, the source of trouble has been people who should never have been given a place at the table. You cannot make up with enthusiasm what you lack in prudence, maturity and intelligence.

Fringe politics can be a lonely place, so it is tempting to welcome everyone, but this is why the Libertarian Party is full of goofballs. The trick is to avoid the temptation to embrace all comers and be skeptical of converts. Some are sincere and full of enthusiasm. These are the foot soldiers that add energy to a movement. Some are attention whores, looking for a cheap stage. Others are unstable loudmouths who like turmoil. A little skepticism about the new converts allows the movement leaders to avoid getting mixed up with nutjobs.

Another way of not inviting the troubles of others into your movement is to not get too close to the other movements. Quiet alliances can be quietly dissolved when they become inconvenient. The alt-right, which largely appeals to college educated suburban males, had no business locking shields with groups like the Traditional Workers Party at public events. Their thing is not your thing and the best way to avoid conflict is to keep a healthy distance. That way, you don’t pay for their mistakes, as has been the case with the TWP.

That’s the other thing that has to be front and center. The groups that have been operating on the fringe for generations have been on the fringe because they are either doing something wrong or they like the fringe. It’s always wise to be cautious of the older groups trying to hitch their wagon to your star. Charlottesville was not about “uniting the right”. It was crabs in the bucket pulling you back down into the bucket with them. A successful mass movement, in this age, will be one that is free of those of the prior age.

Dissident politics, like revolutionary politics, depends upon reliable communication and operational security. In all ages, especially this age, these can come into conflict. Making yourself available to speak to the people, make you vulnerable, and not just physically vulnerable. It makes your message vulnerable to corruption by others beyond your control. Effective communications means controlling the message, which is why the people in charge invest so heavily in monopolizing the media platforms.

Building your own media and supporting the media that supports you is the key. Here is a lesson that can be learned from the New Left. They avoided the mainstream press and instead relied on independent media. They would charge reporters for access to their events. In our age, it means never going on mainstream shows unless they are live, and never agreeing to print interviews. It also means not getting into fights with people on social media. You are the message. Your movement will judged by how you are judged.

This has the added benefit of not inviting attacks from the Left. The last year, from the perspective of an outsider, has looked like the alt-right picking a fight with the people in charge, only to be squashed like a bug. That’s bad optics. When you can’t even hold a luncheon for your people, without being harassed by the Left, it’s time to accept reality and become less public. The alt-right needs to be like an iceberg with a small public face above the water line and large rank and file underneath the water line.

Another thing the alt-right needs to understand is this is not 1920’s Germany or 1960’s America. The people in charge are not weak like the Weimar Republic and they are not complacent like the post-war American ruling class. The Nazis filled the vacuum left from the collapse of German ruling class after the war. The New Left was able to roll to victory because the people in charge at the time, were largely sympathetic and even a bit envious. Today, the people in charge are not weak and they are not sympathetic.

Those movements are not good models for today’s fight. Brawling with state sponsored goons like Antifa is a fool’s errand. Antifa has the backing of the Left and all the money from the billionaires they need. Similarly, demanding to go on campus, on free speech grounds, hoping to shame the Left with their hypocrisy, does nothing but display a fundamental misunderstanding of the opponent. The people running the college campus know that game backward and forward. There’s no beating them at a game they designed.

A better model is something like Irish nationalism. Ultimately, they were effective when they combined a guerrilla movement that operated in the shadows and a political movement that kept its distance from the fighters. We’re not in a world of car bombings and targeted assassinations, but we are in an age when an energetic social media troll can wreak havoc on the prevailing narrative. A guy putting up “It’s OK To Be White” signs around a Progressive hive is the modern version of the car bomb. It does real damage.

That gets to the heart of why the alt-right has stumbled of late. The alt-right had momentum when one wing stuck to making sensible arguments about the demographic reality of our age and what it means for the future. Meanwhile, the other wing took these ideas and used them in the meme war and comment sections of web sites. The reason the people in charge are dumping comment sections and purging social media of anyone with a whiff of heresy is they fear this more than anything. The alt-right needs to get back to what works.

This is a big subject that requires a lot more debate, but effective activism focuses on the effective, not on helping e-celebs get mentioned by Lefty. For dissidents, effective activism makes the strong side look weak and makes the dissidents look smart. If the organizers at Charlottesville had stopped at the Friday night event, and backed out of the rally on Saturday citing safety concerns, the ensuing riot would have been blamed on the other side. You would have effectively used their size against them by being clever.

Of course, the alt-right could only have pulled off such a move at Charlottesville if it was better organized. The overall lack of organization is killing the alt-right. There has to be small local groups of people who trust one another and will cooperate with other local groups, as long as leadership trusts them. This is a basic organizing technique. There should be alt-right clubs all over the country. They should be social clubs that focus on the politics of our age. The alt-right leaders need to focus on this rather than making noise.

Effective organizing means not airing your laundry on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. One reason competent people are not going to want to help the cause is the ridiculous habit of drama queens from the alt-right making grand announcements on social media. When Evan McLaren wants to move on to other things, he should tender his resignation in private like a man, not post it on Twitter like he is Milo promoting some new media scheme. High quality people do not want any part of this. It has to stop.

Finally, the leaders of the alt-right need to understand that in an information war, the message has to be effective against the target. When Mike Enoch says, “no one has a right to be around white people,” that is highly effective, because it states a simple truth in a way that gets the target audience to think of themselves as white. It speaks to people at a personal level.The whole point of the alt-right, allegedly, is to get white people to think of themselves as white. Anything that distracts from that must be avoided.

Way back in the olden thymes, Buckley Conservatism got going because it spoke to the masses of people revolted by what they saw going on with the Left. Bill Buckley never would have amounted to anything if there was not a willing audience, waiting for someone to provide intellectual leadership. Whatever that brand of conservatism became in the long run, it started as a group of smart guys, who took their task seriously. Most important, they exploited an eager market looking for an alternative to what was emerging on the Left.

The alt-right is in a very similar position. There are millions of white people looking around at what is happening in America, wondering why they are doing this to us. Fundamentally, and most importantly, the message of the alt-right is sound. It offers whites a reason to fight for their interests and cheer for their team. What must come next is a class of respectable spokesman and leaders who add weight to this message and organize people as a political force. It’s time for the alt-right leaders to take the next step or step aside.



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  2. I disagree with ZMans ideas here. Not because he’s not right…for him. He’s not the only type of White person in the US and it heartens some Whites to see White people in the streets fighting off the anti-Whites and creating cognitive dissonance trouble for them. I think ANY pressure from any source attacking anti-Whiteness is good.

    Visible violent confrontation with anti-Whites is good for Whites. Win or lose. People see this and even the most genteel of Whites see that some are really pissed about this and they also see the lack of justice people like them receive when they stand up for their rights. It brings to light what they are complaining about.

    Whether they’re your kind of people or articulate is irrelevant to the cause. Better to be damned than ignored.

    I even believe that quite a few of the various Nazi groups are funded by the Jews so that they will look foolish. I think that worked when there was only three TV channels but I don’t believe it works anymore. Even the wackiest Nazi storm-troopers are complaining about the same stuff that you are. Even the most Jewed up, Kosher run, false-flag, organization of Nazis MUST tell a little of the truth to get followers and most of this will be complaints that are the same that concern most Whites.

    Maybe you want a everyone to be convinced by elegant discussions but the reality is people are impressed by violence, or the threat of it, and respond to getting out the crowd and raising hell.

    What’s effective for is not necessarily what works for everyone.

  3. “leaders’ is mentioned 37 times, yet not one name is mentioned. How politically correct can one get? Stop dancing and start communicating.

  4. There were little clues that C’Ville would be a train wreck. Eg. The promotional poster was styled in WW2 German iconography. There is a masochistic faction in the Alt Right who try to tether retconning Naziism w/ the project of saving Western countries from demographic doom. It is unwise, to put it mildly & makes our task infinitly harder. Pretty much everything you write in this Letter is spot on. Great post Z Man !

  5. The ego of Steve Bannon sunk his influence. He should have known he did not possess the persona and marketability of President Trump. He should have remained mostly behind the scenes manipulating the alt-right message instead of trying to rebrand himself as the Face of Change. Charlottesville was going to happen somewhere sooner or later in reality or as a False Flag deception. Stay focused, March on and don’t let the Marxist/Communist rattle you into a bad move.

  6. “Content creator”, “leader/organizer”, “public figure” and “intellectual” are not the same thing. These roles overlap in our thing, to our detriment.

    Sometimes a leader/organizer is also a public figure, but often not.

    A public figure gives a speech to a crowd of normies to convince them vote for him for city council. His speech is informed by the work of intellectuals, and content creators amplify and augment his messaging.

    A leader is usually a guy nobody in the crowd has heard of, who convinced an upstart trash company to underwrite all of this with an implied promise of a city contract, who managed the staff who ensured the crowds of normies knew when to show up and badgered the local media into running the articles made by the content creators and a whole bunch of other thankless bs tasks to actually make stuff happen.

  7. The alt-right may want to decide whether they want to keep going with
    the fascist thing. A distinguishing feature of the white race seems to
    be the F**Y** instinct that is, the innate refusal of not having
    anyone to tell them what to do. I have heard enough of Mike Enoch to
    wonder which side he would be if he really had to make a choice, say
    if he happened to find himself in a situation like Italy 1944. I am
    not sure he would be with the fascists; not all partisans were

    The dissident right will have to insist presenting the revolutionary
    principle demography determines everything’’, until it wins, like
    the left in the 60’s. Since the accusation of racism immediately
    follows after one states the principle, it will also be necessary to
    insist on the differences: racism is the strange idea that a race is
    superior on all dimensions (in specific dimensions the ranking is
    obvious). It brought with it the stupid idea that a race was destined
    to bring civilization to others, colonialism, as well as slavery. In
    retrospect these were some of the causes of the downfall that

  8. The most successful SJW of our time did not come on with the hammer sickle, raised left fist shouting “kill White babies!”
    No, he came on as a decent family man who’s motus operandi was “forsake the radical pose for the radical ends”.
    White stand no chance of achieving anything when they are accompanied by swastika’s, crosses and leather clad skin heads.
    There is a real need for White Advocacy and standing up to those who hate the White race, but if you show up with the above accessories you make it to easy for the SPLC, ADL, BLM, ect. to diminish anything you say.
    “Forsake the radical pose for the radical ends” worked so well for the gay islamocommie he successfully ran for president twice exited the White House with a bank account worth $4 billion dollars and nobody really knows the genocidal hatred he has for White people.
    Do not live down to your stereotype, the enemy has already won if you do.
    Witness 70 years of losing ground.
    Time for a new approach.

    • This is what much of the discord in the past year has been about. It gets complicated because different audiences requires different messages. Nazism is good for triggering the Left into frothing displays that marginalizes them and pushes normies in our direction, and for appealing to a certain segment of the youth that wants to seem edgy. But its not very useful when trying to appeal to normies. But it is useful for shifting the Overton window so that normies will be more receptive to a position that is between nazism and the current republican party.

  9. My problem with the slow and steady building up the grassroots strategy is that it will be too late to save the people.

    The question is the money problem. With money, you can accomplish great goals and get good leaders because no one wants fools handling the finances (and the money attracts better people with skills).

    Some source of greater amounts of money needs to be found. Small businesses that can provide decent incomes for the owners and their employees need to be created so that people don’t have to face having been doxxed and losing everything.

    Also to pay for lawyers to carry on lawfare.


    That said, it seems like we are seeing real impetus for secession and it’s coming from the Left, and so they may be doing exactly what is needed for the Right to flourish and thrive.

  10. Discussions of ‘optics’, organization, etc., is all sonewhat useful, but the most important factor of any nascent movement is the bandwagon factor. What issue will normies & the mostly clueless readily get behind in an organic fashion? As DJT’s election has shown, the clearest, easiest to grasp bandwagon factor is stopping immigration. Stopping all immigration, not just the illegal form. Even the HB2-ish stuff, and similar work-related immigration. Stopping immigration vaulted Trump into the White House.

    If the alt right groups, even the bozos, can coalesce around one issue , stoppng all immigration, then they’ve got a great bandwagon.

    I’m old enough to remember pre-1965, mostly white America. All white faces on TV, in school, on the street. It’s possible to return to something like that again in the future, but it’ll take 40-50 years. But the flood has to be stopped now. And it appears the alt right are the only folks noticing.

    • Thanks for noticing our contribution 🙂

      The trouble is that even with 0% immigration and 100% immigration enforcement our nation’s existing demographics guarantee that we become a 1-party state in the next decade or 2.

      • That’s a pretty bold assertion. Massive, forced deportation, under the current political system, isn’t going to happen. What then? I am sincere in seeking your opinion

        • As you say, it’s impossible to do under our current political and cultural system. This is why we seek to change the culture. If we can get a critical mass of whites to realize we face extinction and that this extinction was intentionally engineered, a solution will present itself. People have theorized what such a solution would look like, but it will depend on many variables such as how many whites agree with us, what opportunities present themselves, how stable the nation is at that time, etc.

  11. The movement just returned to the better place it was before the election: redpilling from the shadow.
    Not the Alt-right, but Alt-right rethoric is everywhere now, Jewish awareness is high and political parties who project the message are also on the rise.
    So, if anything, this slow down of things is more of a consequence of this unending winter, the SJW, Liberals and Petersonians are also quiet, for some months now. Of course, the censorship is there, but things don’t need to be Ultra all the time.

    • Agreed.
      Most public stuff about the Alt-right is nonsense, the real work is done by people in the shadows, not our media-anointed “leaders” creating drama.

  12. “We’re not in a world of car bombings and targeted assassinations”

    The Irish Republicans were at their most effective when they stopped killing people and started using bombs to do massive economic damage. Blowing up a few police or soldiers is one thing, but doing a couple billion in damage to the UK’s financial hub was very much another.

  13. Most of the alt-right appear to many of us to be simpleton Marxists.
    Charlottesville was a complete joke organised by the same assholes that organised Occupy Wall St.

    Most of us aren’t going to “join” an organisation to push an agenda. The way we live and behave with others does that for us. And when the time comes to eradicate the problem, we’re able, ready and willing to execute the task.

    • More people in the alt-right are libertarian than any other ideology, not sure where you are getting your info from. 1 guy had also been involved in Occupy, but it was partially his experiences with those people that drove him away from the Left. The only flaw in cville’s organization was not realizing the cops would conspire with antifa to attack us. It was still a huge victory for us, considering the reaction of people to the media and to Trump’s speech shortly afterwards. The Boston rally which was done in reaction to Cville was also a huge win for us.

      “…when the time comes to eradicate the problem…”

      I see a lot of that from you boomer types. Lots of talk, but no action. You didn’t do squat when the gov outlawed assault weapons, you haven’t done squat when the gov outlawed guns in certain areas, you haven’t done squat when the gov declared a significant chunk of this nation a “constitution-free zone,” and you won’t do squat the next time the government incrementally takes away your rights.

      Except thump your chest and blame those damn kids for not doing anything sooner.

    • You are a fool if you think the same people who organized Occupy organized Cville!

      Cville was a reasonable attempt to move the alt right from the online world to the real world. There was no way to know ahead of time that the authorities would support antifa. Further, if the alt right had been cautious and not attempted Cville, you would be criticizing them for not taking their movement into the real world.

      • Story here:

        Protests are for spoiled children and useful idiots. Grown ups do things differently.
        Tell me, what exactly IS the alt-right movement. I see so many different views on what it is or is supposed to be, but haven’t figured it out yet. There’s no message, no plan and no cohesion.

        Charlottesville was an abortion. Organised by Marxists, and you all fell into the trap like morons. Kessler played y’all like a fiddle.

        • You need to stop getting your info from the MSM, especially re: the alt-right. They aren’t exactly fair in their reporting or diligent in their research.

          People in the alt-right come from many walks of life and past ideologies. Kessler has explained his journey from Occupy to the alt-right, you can find it if you really care. Cville was a victory for the alt-right; the only way we could have lost is if the media didn’t cover it.

          The alt-right is a cultural movement whose end-goal is a white ethnostate. To advance that goal we wake people up to our shared white identity, and we push the Overton window. To put it another way, we point out to people that all non-whites have tribed up to out-compete us in our own nations, and it is time we tribed up as well.

          This is part of why cville was a victory; it was a perfect example of how whites aren’t allowed to give a legal speech they got a permit for, because the government itself will shut us down. This angered many normies, pushing them in our direction. The Boston Free Speech rally was held by cuckservatives in response to cville, and its getting mobbed by hordes of antifa also worked to anger normies, pushing them in our direction.

          We aren’t a political movement, any efforts we put into that arena are a means to spread white nationalism. For example, helping to get Trump elected was to give us 4-8 more years to work before hate speech laws inevitably get passed to shut us down.

  14. LOL at anyone defending fatass goon Heimbach and his army of ugly neckbeards. They were losers who would drag everyone else down.

  15. All sound advice that I believe you can see has already begun to be instituted. The “turtling,” effect of members began immediately after C’ville for most, and the removing of fringe elements and going to ground has continued for most of the rest
    The public drama on social media is just unforgivable, IMO. I do not understand it and find it to be shockingly bad character judgment. Like a bunch of teen drama queens!

  16. As Tocqueville observed, not only is universal suffrage the worst element of democratic government, but also a revolutionary instrument for the disturbers of society. Z writes that it is important not to play on the other guys playing field, but they own the ultimate playing field. If right wing minds worship democracy less than others, and I don’t know that they do, they still worship it. What is the path around or through that?

  17. Zman: you should have thrown in a side reference to the JQ. Then you’d really have these punks foaming at the mouth. (now watch the needle go negative! Bwahahahaha!)

  18. Charlottesville is a great example of what we are up against. All accounts of the “riot” point to a purposeful ambush that was arranged through antifa and police cooperation.

    The death blamed on an alt-right driver was pretty clearly the result of him being chased by an armed antifa nut.

    But the opposition owns the media, so instead we hear about a white supremacy riot that killed an innocent. (And notice we haven’t heard a peep about James Fields’ trial?).

    • The mistake the Buckley Right always made was thinking the double standard could be complained away. The people in charge take pride in maintaining the double standard and they love hearing complaints about it.

      The better path is to just assume the people in charge will lie, cheat and steal. Act accordingly.

      • theZman:

        “Similarly, demanding to go on campus, on free speech grounds, hoping to shame the Left with their hypocrisy, does nothing but display a fundamental misunderstanding of the opponent. The people running the college campus know that game backward and forward. There’s no beating them at a game they designed.”

        “The mistake the Buckley Right always made was thinking the double standard could be complained away. The people in charge take pride in maintaining the double standard and they love hearing complaints about it.”

        Are you saying it’s folly, and even counterproductive, for the Right to do things which will trigger and publically highlight the Left’s hypocrisy? I’d assume it’s one of our better tools.

        I’m not sure if your last sentence quoted above was hyperbole or what. Especially the bit about how they “love hearing complaints about it.”

        So you’re saying current affairs are nothing but a sadistic show trial.

        • Good points, both of you. The Left doesn’t care about double standards; if it wasn’t for double standards, the Left wouldn’t have any standards at all. Conversely, middle of the road normies get very incensed at double standards, so it can be a good way to radicalize them in our direction.

      • Public protest demonstrations are like diamonds: they’re not actually worth anything. They only operate as an audiovisual prompt which permits the Democrat media the pretense of covering a hard news piece when they want to editorialize on a given subject. There is no useful purpose to organizing a protest demonstration if your cause is out of alignment with the Democrat media’s viewpoints.

  19. Zman: “When Mike Enoch says, “no one has a right to be around white people,” that is highly effective, because it states a simple truth in a way that gets the target audience to think of themselves as white.”

    Agree. Enoch’s statement was strategically counterintuitive, but indeed, “highly effective”. It’s the kind of whiplash provocative that can turn heads around (in both the figurative and intellectual sense). Very punk rock. Malcolm McLaren would’ve immediately understood and approved.

    What a gem this entire post was.

  20. keep in mind that many tyrants got their start as stooges and controlled opposition for the societies they later over-threw, pushing an ‘Alt’ movement invites such a fate. The USConst. has the framework for the usurpation of a Criminal Govt. via legal means.
    Have Faith

  21. “The first thing the alt-right needs to do is figure out how it got tangled up with people who turned out to be unstable or unreliable.”

    I’d say the better “first “thing to do is to get a better name. “Alt-Right” is just too flat in affect and unconvincing in subject. I mean, what is alt to the right? Sounds like a muffled military command. “Left shoulder arms! alt-right shoulder arms!”

    Eliminate the negative and muddled effects of having to say “Alt-Right” i.e. “Was that ‘Halt Right’?”

  22. What the alt-right, new right, has right now is the people who show up before a real movement happens. Everyone standing around in that space waiting for a movement to happen is as much a leader as a follower. The stumbles we’ve seen are what it looks like when Enrico Palatzo doesn’t show up to the ballgame and the crowd tries their best to sing the anthem.

    That’s why it doesn’t seem particularly useful to scold the people who are doing stuff badly. Nobody seems to have a clear idea of what doing it well might look like. What is “organizing”? What does organizing on a national level look like? Ask any ten people from across the spectrum of the right and I bet most would suggest it would have something to do with having “chapters”, coming up with a cool logo and getting matching teeshirts or something.

    The suggestion that a smart movement would have pulled out of the Saturday of the UTR rally is a good one. It’s probably also true that a strategic move like that could not have been executed given the composition of the participating groups.

    But the groups who organized and participated in UTR were not thinking about things going sideways. It hadn’t happened before. In the months prior, every time the extreme left attacked a target, it was followed by a growing public distaste for them. In several of these incidents, the left experienced embarrassing defeats. It seemed as if it were a good moment for these disconnected parts of the right to come out into the light to demonstrate national solidarity while connecting with the community around a local issue.

    All that can be done is to look at what happened and come up with constructive criticism which can be applied going forward. Instead, so much of the criticism of the right of recent weeks is written as if it were an epitaph. As if it were that in a year what Paul Nehlen did or what those two other guys fought over or NPI’s unforced errors will be relevant. The only way these will have relevance a year from now is if nothing useful is taken from them. How does a well-formed movement cooperate between its strata while each maintaining their distinctness and effectiveness? How do we intervene when there is a break in solidarity? Why do righties often betray one another in the flagrant manner Nehlan did and how do we address it when it happens? How could UTR have been structured differently to avoid a similar outcome? Where do these questions get discussed and how are the recommendations which come from those discussions transmitted to everyone else?

    • Yes!!! Exactly. Any real movement to preserve and re-invogorate America is now poised at that awkward point where either effectively moving forward, or passing from the stage stand opposed in the lists.

  23. Timely comment Z-Man. Many excellent thoughts in the comment section also.

    I came to this discussion some years back as one who subscribed to National Review and Weekly Standard. I read their articles, followed Jonah Goldberg, William Chrystal and all the rest. I eagerly consumed their analysis and prescriptions. I began to wander a bit, however, as I realized they were doing something I didn’t understand, and I began reading farther afield. I don’t profess to grasp this particular movement well, but I did come to see that there had to be something besides the good old GOP.

    So, A few thoughts:

    Without a formal organization, we’re going to just have to hang it up, and either hide out in some corner of America as it all falls down, or put on a cheap suit and start going to Republican party meetings (knowing, of course, that they are part of the problem).

    Yes (nod to Tea Party Doc), it’s got to be kept private. Nothing should be worked out on social media or on line. It’s just foolish, and exposes your own weaknesses, internal working conflicts and plans to your enemies, and also to those you seek to organize, along with those who don’t know yet that they are your friends.

    I try not to be too preachy (one of my shortcomings) on this or any other public forum, but …

    Discipline — These things cannot be done without a large measure of individual and collective discipline. Seems to my “outsider” perspective” that this movement is really more of a mob. I’m a retired soldier who spend decades planning and running operations, to include very sensitive ones. I can tell you that you have to ruthlessly purge those who can’t or won’t get with the program. I don’t see it happening here (here meaning generally, not specifically this blog)..

    Organization — There must be a formal organization, worked out by key people, as welll as widely dispersed and more formal local supporting arms. The right people are just going to have to meet, and start putting this thing together. And after you put something together, THEN you roll it out to your selected 2nd-tier participants. It has to have a clear mission statement, a statement of principles (objectives), a well-defined (initial) organizational structure etc. And it’s got to ID functional areas and requirements that must be manned.

    Leadership — I’ve yet to see real leadership in this movement. Perhaps this is because when anyone demonstrating that shows up, the LEFT is smart enough to know they have to execute their immediate action drills to take that person out. And the LEFT is trained, coordinated and experienced: media on board, fiscal branch energized, formal groups activated, howling mobs receive warning orders, and they swing into action. Crazy and offensive as they are, they do have leaders, we’re just at times too repelled by them to recognize them as such.

    Anyway, as to leadership … some among “our” group speak well, or are good at spectacle, and some write with clarity, honesty and conviction, but those things do not necessarily a leader make.

    We also must acknowledge that charisma (while important in those few transcendent leaders) does not alone make a leader … just someone who can get people’s attention. Same is true with clearly seeing the problem and capturing things in words — essential, but not sufficient for real leaders.

    Aside — I worked with many “leaders” over 25+ years in the military. I planned and oversaw countless operations — preparing units for overseas operations, supporting domestic missions etc etc. And while neither Patton or Grant are in danger of me edging them from their spot in the heirarchy of military leaders, I did learn a few things. One of these is that, often, not the best, but the worst and most incompetent, make it to the top, that the basest of human drives often consume those in leadership roles, and that … contrary to what one service says … you can’t train people to be good leaders, there is some inborn component that most just don’t have. We have to ID and empower real leaders, and we likely won’t know who they are until we have something well underway.

    There’s always going to be rat-f#cks in your organization. The successful organizations are the ones that figure out quickly who those guys are, and either get rid of them, or put them to work on something on which their caustic skills are needed.

    There must be specialization — a division of labor — and it must be clearly apportioned and acknowledged by all actors. We would need to have:

    — legal battery
    — fiscal operations
    — public relations
    — operations
    — planning
    — communications and networking
    — field organization
    et cetera

    It should be broad, based, volunteer, and diffused across our landscape. With a structure in place, clear goals and a plan, many would climb aboard.

    And to get moving toward those and other goals, people are going to have to get together.

    Also (nod to Wolf Blarney and Spud Boy, as well as your current and previous comments), this can’t be primarily about RACE. That’s got to be be dumped. First of all, there are plenty of minorities — to include blacks and Mexicans, who AGREE with the premise common there that something is terribly wrong; that we are being pressed by a vile and implacable foe, and that America was and is essentially good.

    How do I know this? I worked with them for decades. 20% of the highest-functioning organization I ran (for 10 years) was ethnically Mexican. Every one of them a true American patriot who freely expressed dis-satisfaction with what was going on. They were just as appalled, just as “American”; and just as desirous of recovering what we had as any white traditionalist. One common theme is that we should treat people with courtesy, fairness and respect …. when it is warranted, and race itself must not disqualify them from that consideration.

    Now, certainly, I do believe that “stereotypes” do have some meaning or utility in human intercourse … they stand as mental and behavioral shortcuts to ensure survival, and are very useful in dangerous or threatening situations. If my car broke down at night in that expansive and hostile white-exclusion belt that surrounded Philly, and I saw a group of young black guys coming toward me, I’d cross to the other side of Route 30, and be prepared to run. It only made sense there. But I always told my people that you have to try to take your people one at a time. We’ve got to do this, or any movement is doomed.

    As to the Jews …. yes, there IS something different about them, and there seems to have been and yet to be a significant percentage of them involved in those activities that have so effectively worked to plow under our culture. But there are those among that ethnic / religious group who do NOT support what’s going on or been done — read the Bookwormroom Blog. Yep, she’s a Jew ….. but I want her on my side, as I do David Horowitz. We will need the dedication and intellectual horsepower. For God’s sake, one can support defending Israel and still fight to turn back what’s destroying us.

    NOTE: I’ll probably get slammed for that comment by some, but come on folks, we’re losing this fight. I’ve watched this thing unfold since the Beatles first album hit our shores (and can even recall before that unfortunate event). We need all the allies we can muster in our camp. We need to know who really IS our enemy … and news-flash, most of the ones who hate America and us are …. WHITE.

    I don’t have the answer on the race thing. I just found it to be the case that, while there are real and persistent problems in the (for instance) black communities, there are among them those who are on our side, and we need to make this thing open to those who step up, demonstrate a genuine belief in the cause, and put their toes on the line with the rest of us. If not, we will fail.

    I better close this “comment” out … apologies to our host …. but I would add one last point that some above have proposed things that are tactics. And those are appropriate to discuss. But without an organization, strategic and operational-level structures, and a myth, an ideal or story for people to attach to, we cannot move ahead. The organization, and planning structures are simple in concept, and yet hard to get in place. The latter — the myth, the story, the idea needed to rally people, is already there, in the original and traditional idea of America. I’ll put the soapbox away. Thanks.

    PS: We gotta get the terminology down — one of the LEFT’s strongest assets and most effective tools against us is their facility with words. They can weaponize them faster than we can track. We have to firm up and enforce our own lexicon.

    • Nice & cogent comments, but there must be a racial component or your propsed org. Is just a different version of the GOP.

      • Thank you. I do firmly believe critical characteristics that animate(d) our culture, nation and people do track back to those Europeans who originally set Western culture on this continent, and who structured our independence. I certainly don’t see myself as capable of pronouncing finally on to what degree that’s racially driven, though I do believe there is some (likely significant) connection — the English and Scots-irish certainly are key to what distilled out.

        Is there a biological component — probably so. But there’s also a socialization aspect, and that is critical too to our survival.

        I am inclined to believe that notions of individual sovereignty, profound personal responsibility, a desire to be left alone and to mind one’s own business in that combination unique to America are most strongly situated in those who migrated from those specific and particular areas peopled by what we call Whites. So yes, honoring and adhering to that tradition must be a critical part of any real movement to recover and preserve America.

        Of course, what we call the LEFT might just be defined by the fact that they do NOT want to recover and preserve, so Whiteness would have to be expunged, under their model. And, they are doing just that.

        However, we are now where we are. We’re just about 61% white now as a nation, as opposed to, what, 90% in 1950?? Just how do we do this? A white Ethno-state? Perhaps an attractive idea, but that’s not going to happen through “normal” legal or political processes. Yes, perhaps all like minded could move to, say, Wyoming (I simplify, of course, here). But to do this would take a level of organization, coordination and cooperation, as well as self-sacrifice, that this side just doesn’t seem to possess. And the Republlican party itself would proudly stand foremost in opposition, to say nothing of their allies on the LEFT.

        Likewise with separation (not advocating here) — a thing that may be the only option to preserve in some form the wonder that was our nation prior to 1960 (+/-). It may happen … I see this as more likely than some Ethno-State. But the challenges, and the prerequisite physical conflict, would be punishing.

        And by the way, I hold that such a move would not be one of these traditionalists or “normies” distancing themselves from America, but one of ejecting from the original nation those who hate what America was and is, and who seek to “transform” us. We remain; our Constitution, history and traditions remain with us; they — these “other” — get to go away. It’s a huge price, but the normies complacently let this thing birth, then let it grow and metastasize. There will be a price to be paid to cut it out of our polity.

        But as to my comment on non-whites (likely the position for which I was down-voted) — I yet contend that there are those among them who would want to stay with us, who believe deeply in America, who feel a profound love and connection with our MAINSTREAM tradition, and who would fight and die to preserve traditional America (and who have done so freely) — our history, our traditions, our mythology, the Constitution and our govt (though not necessarily the political class that currently animates it).

        Certainly, there are risks of rival group affinities, agendas and the naked desire to destroy what is different from them and what they now hate. But tell me what else we do??

        I worked for over 30 years professionally with black, brown and …. (gasp) Asian peoples who were as fine of Americans as any white ones I’ve known. Dare we cast them aside? Whether they came to those characteristics by biology, or socialization, I can’t say. But I do know the reality of my Sergeant whose father in the 1960s escaped China on his second attempt by spending 10 hours swimming to freedom, after being imprisoned for three years for his failed first try, and who is a fierce American patriot. I can say that those people do to have some part to play.

        They are here now; they believe, and they do have something in common with us whose ancestors harken back to remote areas of Great Britain — a desire to be free, to be left alone, and to live their lives within a tradition they love.

        Yes, there is a danger when out-groups and cultures incompatible with American originalism gain a foothold and reach critical mass. I acknowledge that that is a very real threat, and one we failed to address starting in the 2nd half of the 20th Century. I just believe it’s counterproductive to stake it all on pure, 100%, unadulterated Whiteness … as I said above, it’s the white intelligensia that founded this attack against America; it’s the (still) largely white leftist footsoldiers who prosecute the daily war against America.

        Best I can do. Thanks.

        • Actually it was the jewish intelligentsia that founded the attack on America. Look into the Frankfurt School. White intelligentsia are just playing along to get tenure and to be seen as part of the ‘smart set’. Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” series of books is also excellent.

          “Perhaps an attractive idea, but that’s not going to happen through “normal” legal or political processes.”

          I address this in my reply to you above. Short summary: the “normal legal & political processes” inevitably leads to the Democratic party having total power within 10-15 years due to demographic change. No amount of allying with sympathetic non-whites or politicking will change this. Either we look for radical solutions or we kiss American values as well as the white race good bye.

        • Primi Pilus, your commentaries here are the best I have read on the subject since poking my head in the tent so few years ago. They articulate what I have seen and believe throughout my own experience but fail to express properly for lack of my own articulation.
          You have much to teach. Please stay on board, keep your nom de guerre the same wherever you travel, and live long.

    • A lot of great ideas, I really appreciate the effort that went into this post. I disagree with you on a few key areas, however.


      “…this can’t be primarily about RACE.”

      “The latter — the myth, the story, the idea needed to rally people, is already there, in the original and traditional idea of America.”

      The 1st is wrong, and is contradicted by the 2nd quote. The founding myth of the alt-right is an ethnostate made up by and for white people; this was also the founding myth of our nation. The original immigration act restricted citizenship to ‘free whites of good character,’ and every immigration law up to but not including the 1965 Hart-Cellar act was explicitly created to preserve America as a white nation. Hart-Cellar still had to be sold by the politicians as a law that wouldn’t change the demographic makeup of America:



      Culture is downstream from race, and most members of other races just don’t ‘get’ white culture and government. I’m sure there are a few like those you mention who do, but there is a thing in biology called “regression to the mean.” Basically, exceptional members of a population group will tend to have unexceptional offspring; they regress to the average of their population.

      These non-whites you want to include will be a small problem, and their non-white children will be a bigger problem. And for what? You are probably saying “well we can separate the good from the bad!” How? More importantly, why? There is no positive benefit, only cost.
      [continued below]

  24. Subtlety and stealth have their purposes. James Watson’s great book on DNA includes an anecdote about a dauschund who snuck up on a sleeping Great Dane and created a
    Litter of great dauschhunds. We could do worse than emulating the “doughty dauschund” as Watson calls him.

  25. Alt-right may be in the position of the non-absolutists after Waterloo. The current regimen is the French Bourbons after restoration. They have learned nothing and forget nothing. They are committed to suppression of opposing views, the weakness is that progressives are not good for running an economy. It will take a new generation to overcome. Mocking them does seem to be the best way to push back.

  26. “Today, the people in charge are not weak and they are not sympathetic.”

    This succinctly puts a point on the issue. Dissident movements without upper class components don’t go anywhere. Every revolution or reform from left to right has this and that class always plays the pivotal (if not largest or most visible) role in producing a means by which insurmountable institutions become vulnerable.

    The right has nothing until it has upper class patronage. The most important question is now “how monolithic is the upper class?” If no members of it are persuaded, the right will need to accept globalism as inevitable and work towards a diaspora strategy to ensure their future.

    • It’s why it is smart to assume that anyone advocating the use extreme language or extreme action is not looking out for your best interests. They could just be dumb, but they could also be trying to ghettoize you.

      • It is difficult to tell the diffirence between malign and simply ineffective or incompetent people. The optics debate is, in my opinion, tangential to the problem. Extreme language or banners is just one way of being grossly ineffective. Any forms of ineffective behavior should be a red flag. Ghettos aren’t entirely without a purpose, but if what is discussed within said ghetto is obviously ineffective, one should find a new place to stay.

  27. A clandestine cell structure/organization (preferably fault-tolerant) is necessary for the majority of supporters who would like to be active, as anything less secure will lead to the SJWs and deep staters destroying any who come on their radar. Not just for marxists anymore. I don’t see any alt-right figure with the background or stony resolve to execute such. It is drudgery relative to video interviews, blogging, podcasts, and the like.

    Part of the alt-right’s problem is that they thought the old rules were still in effect: law & order, fair play, gov’t a neutral arbiter and enforcer of laws. This was best exemplified by Richard Spencer’s combined disbelief and outrage that C-ville & VA state cops came down on the peaceful folks and not the rioters. I don’t hold him in contempt or think him foolish for this, he just had never tasted illegitimate power being used against him so personally. He should know better now. Rules matter only as much as they can be used against the alt-right and any who threaten the deep state rice bowls. If the rules impede the deep state and their pawns (antifa, etc.) they are disregarded.

    • “he just had never tasted illegitimate power being used against him so personally”

      His mother was harassed by a jewish real estate agent in Whitefish. Spencer himself was dinged from a ski club before that.

      Come to think of it, he was thrown out of fitness club in Alexandria, VA, by a crazy female Georgetown professor. Actually, she got him thrown out from the black-owned gym. This was right after the 2016 election.

      On top of all this there were obsessives protesting his presence in an office in old town Alexandria. Every day outside his office, for months, yelling and carrying signs.

  28. “The alt-right, which largely appeals to college educated suburban males”

    Really? They all seem to be either hipsters or wiggers around here. Either they’ve given up on masculinity or they over-embrace it in the wrong way. The alt-right lacks appeal to young men for the same reason modern Christianity is bereft of male youth. Young men are looking for someone to teach them how to be men. Boomers and GenX have failed miserably at this, 40+ year old boys cannot teach you how to be a man.

    Islam is advancing because of its appeal to raw masculinity. Mosques are overflowing with young men eager to learn how to use violence to get women, land, wealth, even paradise. Rap music has a large, persistent audience because it embraces violence as a means to satisfy desires. Hell, even the Parkland shooter was bombarded with nude selfies from hot young women because he used violence.

    If we really want to get young men off the war simulating video games and war simulating action movies, we have to offer them something they want. Every alt-right club should be a fight club, ideally sponsored by a church. Get their attention, speak their language and teach them to control their passions. Alt-right politics will catch on like wildfire in such an environment and you’d be systematically improving the quality of each recruit.

    • I’ve found a fair amount of success in getting the young guys outside with the dads for camping/hiking events that include shooting sports, riding the ATVS and some basic martial arts/self-defense. Sometimes fishing or frisbee golf or something, weather permitting. Those activities coupled with BBQ and some short life lessons and stories from some of the dads. Depending on the group, we incorporate some wisdom from the good book without going overboard. Phones are put away for the most part and most of the feedback we get is very positive.

      This used to be called the “Boy Scouts” but now we’re just doing it on our own, given that organization seems intent on committing suicide.

  29. “Small local groups” are just what are needed. But where are they? I live in the Chicago suburbs. In comment sections, I occasionally encounter commenters (using pseudonyms, as do I) who reveal that they are also in the area. I have never met any of these people and very likely never will. How do we create these face-to-face networks? Once you’re no longer in school the opportunities to meet like-minded people for political (especially dissident political) ends are very limited.

    • MBlanc46, I live in downtown Chicago. Suburban gun ranges and Republican meet ups usually attract a few of us. It’s a challenge. My wife and I hold lucrative positions and we need the income. If doxxed, we would lose our livelihoods here, so I even utilize pseudonyms, burner phones and proxies when attempting to connect with the like-minded locally. Quite a number of purported dissident right are law enforcement types — do we let them know us or do we exclude them necessarily?

      • I would exclude law enforcement types. When push comes to shove they will always defend their pensions first. In that regard they are informants for the state.

        Take the Second City Cop blog, the two guys that run that blog seem like fairly realistic men of the right, until 1 of 2 topics come up: Pensions; then you may as well be reading the rantings of a blue haired land whale screeching for free birth control, or police shootings; where it’s “The police are always justified in shooting unarmed, whimpering men lying prone in a motel hallway after having conflicting instructions shouted at them for over 5 minutes.”

        • Like any other category of people, you have to pick and choose. Not every cop is a good guy, but some of them likely share our views.

      • I find the Repub Party to be too despicable to associate with (and I say that as someone who grew up in a DuPage County Repub family). Gun ranges are a pretty good suggestion, though. I’ve been thinking of going to the local range just to have some fun. Possibly meeting sympatico folks is another reason for doing it. Thanks.

  30. The problem with conservatism as a whole is that it is about leading your own life in a manner that benefits you and your family. Hopefully out of that you make a strong community and nation. When you are busy trying to carve out something significant in your life, activism is extremely difficult. When I got into this, there was only and still is, a few hot-button topics that I really care about, immigration, post-modernism, global entanglements. Conservatism now means, cheap labor, war on the world, open borders, and supporting (((allies))) that have their own agenda.

  31. Read your essays quite often & reaction can run the gamut. This is a pretty damned good – and timely – piece of writing. Thanks for taking the time to pen that.

  32. Oh great.
    More anonymous faggots on the sidelines giving strategic & tactical advice to the people out playing the game.

  33. “When Mike Enoch says, “no one has a right to be around white people,” that is highly effective,…”

    No it’s not. It sounds like racial superiority, and you’ll be tagged as a Nazi. It’s not whiteness that needs to be preserved, it’s Western (and American) culture that needs to be preserved. Often they are synonymous; confusing the two is counterproductive.

    • No! The avoid conflict and sneak up on the opponent does not work. We have the cucked, or chameleon, GOP and ‘conservatives’. What exactly is being ‘conserved’ by these respectable people? It is gone. It has been taken. Nazi, Racist, Southener, et.al., will be used because the terms work on the so called ‘leaders’.

      • Stating that the leaders of a particular movement have been ineffective is not a persuasive argument against the underlying philosophy.

      • A 40 year old pervert can proclaim he is a little girl and use the same bathroom as a 4 year old girl. If you object to this, you can lose your job.

        Conservatism has conserved nothing. Nothing at all. Conservatives fight for the insane BS the left installed ten years prior to the given moment. Conservatism is controlled opposition being assigned to guard the flank.

        I prefer the label Traditionalism, at least for now. Those are at least fixed values, not just whatever is slightly to the right of the far left. Sodom is at this point slightly to the right of the far left.

      • Who do you consider white? If you listen to nutbags like Vox Day, unless you can trace your ancestry to the Welsh or some such bullshit, you’re not white. Even southern Europeans, like the Greeks, yes the Greeks who invented democracy, are not white. Good luck attracting followers to that nonsense.

    • You can’t have Western (and American) culture without a dominant white majority. The failure to grasp this is why civic nationalism, libertarianism and Buckley conservatism have been utter failures.

      Again, the great chain of causality is Biology->Culture->Institutions->Economics.

      • Not just white, but English white. This country was founded by the English, with English principles in law. Not even British, much less Spanish, French, Italian, whatever.

        Uruguay is a mostly white country in South America and yet it is culturally different because its motherland is Spain.

        • “…with English principles in law.”

          The democratic principles upon which America was founded can be traced back to the Greeks. Are Greeks white?

          • America was explicitly founded in opposition to “democratic principles.” The Founders looked at the Greek experiment with democracy as a cautionary tale.

            Popular government is an explicitly European concept, that originated in Britain.

        • Argentina is the most bountiful land on earth, is nearly 100% white, but whose people have proven they cannot get out of their own way. The Spanish Catholic heritage is especially indisposed to the progress afforded by what, it turns out, is the very peculiar Anglo makeup. Add the democratic diseases and that cake will bake itself flat every time. The Renaissance was not Anglo, was Catholic, but not democratic. Galileo would find our deep state more hostile to him than the Church ever was.

          • “Argentina… is nearly 100% white…” Not any more. All countries with majority white populations are being flooded with dusky immigrant invaders. ICYMI:

            Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future
            “Very little is left today of that Argentina. It began to fade during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Many historians blame the closing of international markets after the Wall Street Crash—that was certainly a factor—but there was another cause: European immigration stopped. Instead, there was migration of Mestizos and Amerindians, both from the country to the city and from neighboring Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. These new arrivals were prolific and ringed the main cities—Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza—with belts of poverty. Unlike the Europeans, whose arrival was planned and encouraged, Amerindian migration was uncontrolled. White Argentina looked the other way. …

            “In light of immigration over the last 80 years, my own calculation is that 18 million inhabitants—nearly 40 percent of the population—are not white. There are very few genetic studies, but the foremost one [2] comes close to confirming my estimate. The results probably inflate the figure for whites, with an estimate of 65 percent. The estimate for Mestizos or Amerindians is 31 percent, and for Africans, 4 percent. It is undeniable that Argentina has declined; I believe it is at least in part a consequence of the decline in the number of whites.

            “Unlike the European influx, there has been no planning for recent immigration. All these newcomers occupy space in an irregular way, overloading public services and infrastructure. Fifty percent of the suburban area of Buenos Aires lacks running water or sewers, and many people drink contaminated water. Public hospitals have declined badly, as have schools and the justice system. Judges prefer not to send delinquents to prison, because they know minor criminals will live in sub-human conditions, where they will learn from professional criminals. Inmates are overwhelmingly non-white.

            “The white middle class pays taxes for public schools but almost never uses them, preferring to pay a second time for private schools. Many whites also avoid public hospitals because of poor treatment. Absurdly, tourism agencies organize “medical tours” to bring sick foreigners to Buenos Aires, where they enjoy free treatment of a quality not found in their own countries. Just two months ago, a senator complained to the media that a major hospital was fully booked for an entire month by people coming from Paraguay.

            “Argentina’s ranking in international PISA testing continues to decline. In 2012 we were in 60th place, behind Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil. In 2015, test-takers were limited to Buenos Aires, which is largely European. That year, our rank rose to 39th, closer to the countries of original immigration such as Italy, Spain, and France. Education has declined to the point that only 50 percent of children can finish secondary school.

            “Like other institutions, our public universities are groaning under an influx of foreigners who are studying free of charge. Over the last 20 years, enrollment of foreigners increased 482 percent.”

      • “A mostly white country for mostly white people.”

        As American as apple pie.

        If you “self-identify” as white, if you act white, if you agree to play by white, mostly Anglo-Saxon rules, you can be white. Or you may qualify as one of the deserving minorities who desire to live in a sane, prosperous, temperate society that respects the rights of its citizens. If those rules aren’t appealing, if those parameters seem “repressive,” then it’s time to get out.

        • “If you “self-identify” as white, if you act white, if you agree to play by white, mostly Anglo-Saxon rules, you can be white.”

          In other words, if you conform to white culture, which is my whole point. Thanks for agreeing with me.

          • Spud Boy, I’m not so sure that will work. Political preferences like intelligence seem to most be genetic

            Its also not a White thing, its Anglo Saxon.

            The White race is like this

            Anglo Saxons, West Folk if your forgive the Tolkienish bit (European people mostly West of the Hajinal Line) Whites (all other European peoples and htose of the diaspora) and Caucasians which include light skin Iranians, slightly mixed race Euro folk and the like

            These groups don’t belong lumped together and there are differences enough that they are borderline or absolutely in the case of Caucasians different races

            The only group that is consistently interested in the old American ideal are White Anglo Saxons Protestants and a smattering of others

            That said , removing some Euro immigrants (Russians are a poor fit for example) and most others but keeping the say 20% of Mestizos and 10% of Blacks and 25% of Asians that seem to get our ways would be a small groups, 5-10% of so and so long as future immigration as strictly limited to cultural Anglos and in tiny numbers we’d be fine

            No one wants to admit that the way to save the US is mass deportation and a Right wing authoritarian state though.

            You get a lot of “If this what my ancestors fought for.” the correct answer is of course, no but our Constitution was made for a moral homogeneous people with one language and culture

            worse with ease of moving state to state, its harder for States to buttress local customs . Its effortless for people to change the nature of a state over a few decades and until some way can be made to fix that so that Federalism will work, its going to require a bigger central authority

            In essence you become the deep state

            No one likes that either.

            Really you can’t have a Libertarian revolution with our technology and culture. You have to give good orders and make people obey them

    • Dude, the Left already tags anyone who is a Trump supporter as a Nazi or racist to begin with.

    • Re: “When Mike Enoch says, “no one has a right to be around white people,” that is highly effective,…”

      “No it’s not. It sounds like racial superiority, and you’ll be tagged as a Nazi. It’s not whiteness that needs to be preserved, it’s Western (and American) culture that needs to be preserved. Often they are synonymous; confusing the two is counterproductive.”

      The issue needs to be framed properly, but the fact that people of European ancestry – white people, if you will – are now de facto second-class citizens in a nation that their ancestors founded, is worthy of debate and is a legitimate topic of discussion.

      The proper way to frame the subject is via the imposition of identity politics – a form of cultural Marxism – upon our culture.

      The Cultural Marxists are attempting to have their ideological cake and eat it, too – by fostering identity politics as the “new normal” where protected groups are concerned, but denying whites the ability to organize and participate politically on the same basis. The result is de facto a form of apartheid, except that this time, whites are the second-class citizens.

      Obviously, the hypocrisy and rank intellectual and moral dishonesty of such a position needs to be pointed out – but moreover, discussing this leads naturally to a discussion of what end-state our opponents are trying to achieve – i.e., a society in which whites (people of European ancestry/origin) are unwelcome, and are to be harassed, persecuted, shunned, stigmatized and otherwise punished. It needs to be made abundantly clear that the Cultural Marxists are, in fact, setting the conditions for genocide.

      Skeptics will scoff at the notion that genocide or other form of mass killing can happen in the U.S.A. – but in principle there is nothing – save perhaps the Second Amendment – that sets America apart or otherwise protects it from the forces of history which have affected other nations and peoples down through the centuries. It certainly begs the question: If our radical political opponents mean ordinary Americans no harm, as they claim, then why are they trying so desperately to disarm them? “Gun control laws” = “victim disarmament laws”

      • There is no avoiding the fact that whites wanting to be left alone will sound like white supremacy. I can’t tell if you’re disavowing identity politics or not but the only way out is to embrace identity politics. Agree and amplify.

  34. “…people who should never have been given a place at the table.”

    That’s the problem, no one was given anything, they just stepped in & the media declared them to be our leaders. Those the media deem our “leaders” cannot be made to step down & cannot be fired. And trying to do so is counter-productive; a big part of the problem with WN 1.0 was due to wasting massive amounts of time on denouncing each other for being fags, jews, feds, ineffectual, etc. etc.

    Some in the A-R are currently making this same mistake by trying to denounce the ‘crying nazi’ as a fed/ineffectual, while supporters of him are accusing Weev & Anglin of being jews. A counter-productive waste of time.

    “The alt-right needs to be like an iceberg…”

    To a large extent we are, you only see the bullshit drama the media likes to report on. Amidst all the bullshit drama, those of us who haven’t been deemed “leaders” have continued to do what has worked.

    “There should be alt-right clubs all over the country.”

    There are many. TRS pool parties & Daily Stormer book clubs have been a thing for a couple years or more.

  35. Big Topic. First, recognize that a lot of the stated problems are a direct result of covert subversion by the Left (psyops). Second, whining dependent behaviors are at the root of most personal dysfunction, and that is manifesting in an ever-growing cohort of all races including Caucasians. Third, the quality of leadership is a reflection of the underlying quality of the population. We have to stop the root rot before we can grow and follow better leaders.

  36. NSA monitors everything and the FBI is willfully attempting to choose presidential candidates. Any political group rising in popularity has already been placed under the microscope. You are as free as the PTB allow you to be. Even AZTLAN dreams of getting their piece of the USA when this nation falls apart. Armed Americans willing to die for what they believe in are the “wild card”. Who will benefit from your ultimate sacrifice ? The hope will be those who share your beliefs with the ability to keep them.

  37. I think this column is about the Fake Right, which does have a lot of publicity hounds, and ties to the deep state.
    The real alt-right is nationalist and pragmatic, as exemplified in SJWs Always Lie, by Vox Day.

  38. The Alt Right should have a guerilla mindset. Note the lack of an ‘O’.

    Hit them with a big spontaneous stunt and then vanish. The idea is to never let the enemy forget that he is surrounded but not let him personalize the target. The use of symbols within the Overton window is paramount. It can only be as edgy as an infowars sticker on a stop sign.

    Another trick is to HIDE within, but not join, more innocuous groups. Free speech rallies, anti-PC rallies, Ben Shapiro college talks, as long as another group is organizing, use it to QUIETLY meet up after words.

  39. I pass the time with some alt right shows and have found few that are serious movement types. Mike Enoch has a few more brain cells than most and pretty boy Spencer should stay behind the scenes.

    Derbyshire refers to himself as dissident right and I like that. That includes him, Jared Taylor, and some other oldies who give serious heft for opposition.

    Honestly if Pat Buchanan was younger he still would be the best front man. Even today his writings are good opposition to the craziness with us. Bring most of the troops home, even from Nato countries, moratorium on immigration, tariffs, and his stance on Israel. When he gave a copy of his book to E. Michael Jones, he included a note that we white people have to stick together. Of course that fell on deaf ears.

    • Your short list of who should be the leader of the alt-right is a list of people who have failed. What is it with you oldfags valuing respectability over winning?

      Respectable people forming political groups to beg the Left to slow down the pace at which whites are genocided has not worked in the past & now it is impossible. We have at most 10 years before the Dems get a permanent lock on the presidency due to demographic change; the only way to stop that is if we deport legal citizens for the color of their skin alone. That will not happen in our political system.

      summary chart pg 35

      “…few that are serious movement types.”

      Perhaps because we aren’t a political movement.

      • I’m still waiting for you young fags to grow up and quit broadcasting from your bedrooms. Those old guys wrote books, ran political campaigns and even worked in the system for change. Yeah, we still ain’t got nuttin but what has vaping alt boys given us? Tiki marches and internet blood sports.

        • You admit you “got nuttin” yet still think its a valid strategy. How does that make sense?

          Broadcasting from our bedrooms, as you call it, has lead to ~15% of whites to agree with us, in spite of being a group that openly advocates for extremely unpleasant solutions. This when we’ve only been public for 2-3 years.

          We are also the only group that has enough nuts to advocate for those unpleasant solutions, which are the only solutions that will save whites, western culture, & conservatism. No other group even bothers to try to figure out what needs to be done, much less start moving to implement the steps required.

      • First off, you need credibility and respectability to win over people. Show boating fools like Spencer and his clown car posse ain’t it. Nor is tangling with Anti-fa, etc.

        We need men who have real life organizational and PR skills in charge. Not 20 somethings who never have done squat or understand people.

        I’d love to have men like Roger Stone, Pat Caddell or Buchanan advising us. Fora front man, someone like Jordan Peterson who is personable, intelligent and can handle himself in a debate.

        As it is, the alt-right can’t even organize bake sale at the moment.

        • “you need credibility and respectability to win over people.”

          This is why cuckservatives saying “muh respectabilitai” in a Rush Limbaugh voice is a meme in the alt-right.

          Its amazing just how innocent many of you boomers are about the real world. Many successful politicians lack either of those things. Trump isn’t respectable, and many don’t think he is credible yet he won. How much credibility & respectability did HRC have, yet she won the Dem primary & almost won the general.

          The alt-right isn’t a political movement, we are a cultural movement. That requires more than just kissing ass to win a vote, it requires kicking ass to wake people up.

        • The failure rate of respectability over the last 100 years is 100%. Jared Taylor should be President but after 30 years of activism he can only host a furtive conference. (And I greatly admire Taylor and will be at his conference.) If you think Jordan Peterson or anyone else you mentioned will further our emancipation, you are in a dogmatic slumber and I don’t want to be the one to wake you, although I do grant that it takes guts to risk prison to call a tranny a man.

          • There is a technology that we are raised to think of as dirty and immoral, but everyone else uses it. Jordan Peterson poo-poos it at every turn, but not using this technology when everyone else marinates in it is pure suicide. It’s like playing soccer and not touching the ball with our hands when everyone else can and does use their hands.

            This technology is called tribalism.

    • Spencer is personable and should have settled into the role of Dissident Talking Head. His main problem, to put it kindly, is that he lacks self-knowledge. He sees himself as a “natural leader”, which he really is not. He surrounds himself with 20-something Yes Men who will not challenge him and are not up to the task of acting independently of him. If he were a real leader, he would be surrounding himself with a higher caliber of person.

  40. Is the alt-right a political movement already, or is it more a descriptor of people who generally feel the same way/have similar thoughts about what is happening currently that may eventually get to qualify as a “movement”? Are there really leaders (never heard of Mike Enoch), or are there people who are just louder than others in saying those things?

    Maybe I’m just not paying that much attention to it, though I read the Z-man and a couple others everyday.

    • Before Charlottesville, and during the election season, a lot more identified as alt-right. It was more of a big umbrella term, and described those of us who opposed mass immigration, global free trade, and never-ending foreign entanglements, along with an acknowledgment of racial differences.

      Now, after C-ville, it’s a narrower group, with lots of talk of a future ethno-state and the JQ, which probably isn’t the best way to win over normies. This group includes Mike Enoch, and the Right Stuff group, along with Richard Spencer, and some others. Enoch and Spencer are really smart guys, but leading rallies isn’t their strength.

      At one time during the election, even Bill Mitchell (pretty much a bland Trump cheerleader) considered himself alt-right. He thought it was simply a term that meant an alternative to the Republican Party. He was horrified to find out the alt-right was teeming with racists!

      I like Z’s plan of action. It’s time to enact those ideas and get the big umbrella back, minus the weirdos, and start appealing to patriotic Americans by opposing “invade the world, invite the world” policies. Whatever the name is, alt-right, dissident right, or paleo-cons, or whatever, a coherent movement needs to happen before demographic change swallows us.

      • Wolf, “get the big umbrella back, minus the weirdos” is a contradiction in terms, I think. For a long time now the Left has understood that to have a big umbrella one must include the weirdos, and it has only helped them in the long run. In a few years the demographic writing will be on the wall for all the white folks to see, and their response on the whole will be to drop pretenses and do what is necessary to change the game in their favor. The Big Event is coming, and the current ruckus in the “alt-right” is simply the various players jockeying for position. Like all political endeavors, it’s a horse race.

    • The alt-right is a cultural movement that will pave the way for another group to be the political force. Our mission is to wake people up to their white identity in order to defend ourselves against the ongoing attempt to genocide our race, our culture, and our heritage. It is also to shift the Overton Window, in part so that it becomes permissible to discuss such things openly.

      We have self-appointed media personalities that the media hails as our leaders. Mike Enoch is one of those who also has a lot of sway within the alt-right as a thought leader.

  41. Any thoughts on the hipster racist concept?

    Hipsterdom seems the best cover for pro whites.

    • That’s the sort of thing that falls into the category of subversive activism. Taking the Prog anti-white message to its logical extreme, or taking Prog fears to their logical extreme can be effective satire. It’s just not what people in leadership positions should be doing.

    • That’s the sound of a thousand soy lattes spilling on manicured beards and buffalo plaid shirts in unison.

  42. Excellent post – hopefully will be considered and acted upon by those who either put themselves under the spotlight, or are put under the spotlight by circumstances.

  43. I think that the process of deciding on a leadership is something that should be done in private and not on social media. There is a mob mentality there that has burned many people and driven them into the shadows. Forming a core group that can meet periodically and decide on messaging in a low key manner would be very helpful. Prominent people could be a part of this, but would have to keep quiet about it publicly, as well as in their own media. Sure, they can say what they think generally, but should never direct an outside message to the core group explicitly.

    Once this core has been active for a few years without hiccups it can begin to get more active and involved in local things. Institutional stability is an attractive thing to people. They seek it out instinctively. Keeping it simple and as nonconfrontational as possible in the beginning is important.

    • You assume we should have leadership at all. Leadership has always been the main point of failure in white nationalism. Part of COINTELPRO is to promote feds or unstable people to positions of leadership; its not a coincidence that the more messed-up a person is the more the media hails them as our leader. Rockwell was the only WN leader that wasn’t a nutjob, a jew, a fag, or a fed. This is why the gov assassinated him.

      The alt-right has always discussed messaging & tactics in our forums, then people decided what was the best idea and most doable for themselves. This leaderless resistance is what has worked for us, and its hard to imagine any other system that is practical.

      • Re: ” Part of COINTELPRO is to promote feds or unstable people to positions of leadership; its not a coincidence that the more messed-up a person is the more the media hails them as our leader.”

        The use of morally-compromised people by the powers-that-be is one means by which the ruling elites in the shadows control the political puppets hanging on the end of their strings.

        Specifically, if politician X has an affinity for a certain sexual or other vice, that vice can provide the leverage necessary to get him/her to fall into line and play ball with the elites and their goals – or else face having their private vices/sins smeared all over the front page.

        This method isn’t at all new. Totalitarian regimes and their leaders have long-used such methods to control not only their enemies, but those within their ranks, as well.

        SS-Gestapo head Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler was one of the most-powerful men in Nazi Germany in part because he and his associates maintained comprehensive dossiers not only on all of his opponents, but his associates as well.

        Perhaps Himmler learned the method from observing American J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI. Hoover ruled his fiefdom for decades, unchallenged and feared, because of the files he was alleged to have kept on anyone who was anyone in official Washington. You didn’t cross Hoover – unless you wanted your most-private secrets on the network news and front page the next day

        The internet age and the networking of modern life has super-charged such methods. The national data center out in Utah collects everything an individual does or sees on the internet. Modern digital tech – Photoshop and too many other technologies to list – allow modern would-be blackmailers the ability fabricate crimes where none exist – and in a manner that would have made earlier strongmen green with envy.

        Control of pols and other functionaries by the deep-state is a carrot-and-stick affair, to be sure. The stick only comes out when the carrot fails. And if the “stick” of potential exposure isn’t enough to bring someone in line, there’s always the wet work specialists – of the kind the Clintons have always liked, to name one example.

        • That really is some scary stuff, especially when you remember that the FBI et al, were monitoring Trump for compromising info for Obama. Is anyone so naive as to think that our security apparatus just now suddenly realized they could do this, that Trump is the only politician with illicitly gained files in a deep state vault?

  44. “That means being careful and prudent in their public actions.”

    If they did this in their private lives everything would resolve itself. Character is Destiny.

    • That’s a good point. From what I gather, the insiders knew all along about the craziness inside TWP, yet they still hung around them. They had to know it would eventually be made public.

      • Personal shortcomings aside, Matt Heimbach was actually an extremely articulate and effective speaker who had a pretty good grasp of white working class concerns. TWP took a losing approach to addressing them, but when you’re stuck on the fringe, sometimes you have to take your allies where you can find them.

        Also, it’s easy to criticize from the outside. Try actually being a part of this movement and you’ll find out pretty quickly, in very practical and obvious ways, just how much Jews control the media, banking, Internet infrastructure, and government at all levels when you feel the full brunt of their power drop down on you.

        • I actually thought the TWP had an excellent idea, but it was pretty clear to me that the people executing had serious flaws. An iron law of life is that a good idea poorly implemented will turn out to be a bigger disaster than a bad idea well executed.

          • TWP is a done deal now anyway on account of its leader being busted for domestic violence and the attendant lack of discipline in ranks.

            And while Heimback was respectable for a Nazi, he is still after all Nazi, a creature of the Left

            All NDSAP themed groups have been purged from the .alt right over the last year or so in any case from issues with Gab slander, Charlottesville and the fact they don’t fit very well.

            The pro White stance from these guys was and is appreciated but they hven’t been welcome for a while

            As for others Spencer is the new David Duke, if he wasn’t a willing media tool, they’d have to invent him

            That said the .Alt Right is not a conventional movement, for good or bad it has no specific ideology, agreed upon goals or leaders. Its a guerrilla movement designed to weaken the Left and empower more organized but unconventional Right wingers.

            Redpilling the Militia Right and the Kurt Schlichter’s of this world is a great value

            Consider that one of its more influential thought leaders Vox Day is an Expatiated American Indian living in Italy. Its not a normal organization at all/

            A roughly analogy, if the .Alt Right are the IRA , the paleoconservatives are its Sinn Féin

            In the end though, like most guerrilla movements, its a last ditch thing, in this case to prevent either collapse of the US or a genocidal civil war

            It probably can’t succeed in that goal but anything that weaken the other side saves your guys lives and anyone will sleep better knowing they tried

          • No, the most scandalous personal
            details of TWP were not public knowledge. However, they never were “Alt right” per se, to begin with, more aligned w/WN 1.0 and your crab analogy is somewhat apt, in this instance.
            There was only a brief & tenuous connection with them, for the most part, as there was much disagreement between their group and the newer dissident right. I think they meant well with their group, and I personally liked several members quite well.

          • You do realize there are small groups that meet regularly all over the country, right? Some of them have tri-state meet ups and the like, all of the time. This is kept fairly privately. At least for now, I guess…there are no guarantees with the SPLC & ADL on your tail 24/7.

          • I’ve actually done some research on this over the last few months. There are a few groups that meet regularly. Most of the pool parties and book clubs exist in theory only. Maybe a few people get together once in a while.

          • Maybe more than you think, but nowhere near enough is the correct answer. I am intimately aware of some of the numbers, and there’s no doubt those numbers for IRL events dropped dramatically, but online numbers are doing well. That’s why I fully support the low profile angle going forward, in fact, see it as the only means to preservere.

          • How exactly do you do any “research” on Stormer Book Clubs? You certainly didn’t contact me, and I’m the only guy you can talk to about them. Not to mention, I am very easy to contact.
            As far as them existing “in theory only,” that is just more evidence that your research consisted of sitting around thinking about it with no actual research being done. We have chapters nationwide, and they are quite active.


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