Wimps and Lotto Winners

I did not spend a lot of time following the Mark Zuckerberg morality play put on by our “representatives” on Tuesday. These shows are highly choreographed and amount to nothing. The alleged victim is given the questions a week in advance and he prepares with professional acting coaches so he can deliver the scripted answers with the right amount of emotion. Given that Faceberg donated to 85% of the people questioning him, the whole thing was really just a chance for the Senate to meet their boss and polish his apple.

What’s interesting to me though is that Zuckerberg is a wimp. Look at the pics of him coming into the event and sitting for the show, and he looks nothing like what one would expect from a captain of industry. The joke on social media is that he is actually a lizard or maybe a robot, bit in reality he is just a middle-aged teenager, more worried he will get a zit on his nose than about conquering mankind. He’s not an exception. Look around at the oligarchy and you don’t find many tough guys. We are ruled by girly-men.

The other thing that’s true about our over-class is they have all hit the lottery. Facebook is a crappy platform that was a slight improvement over MySpace. It just happened to get the right investors at the right time and the miracle of the credit economy took over. They say, and this is most certainly not true, that Facebook has 2.2 billion users. Many of them are cats and inanimate objects, for sure, but that’s still a big number. Somehow that translates to a $479 billion market cap, making young Zuckerberg one of the richest men on earth.

The thing is though, ruling elites of the past were mostly stocked with tough guys who out-competed other tough guys in order to get the top spot. In fact, up until very recent, you had to be a ruthless badass with unlimited amounts of personal courage to get to the top of society. Harald Bluetooth did not get to be king of Denmark and Norway because he was socially awkward and struggled with the ladies. Today, our oligarchs are the sort of men who get woozy from a paper cut. They may be ruthless, but they are not tough guys.

In fact, few of them have ever experienced anything resembling adversity. Zuckerberg was born into a nice upper-class life, went to Harvard and then rode the warm thermals of the credit economy to Silicon Valley. The noodle-armed CEO of twitter, Jack Dorsey, is another guy who basically hit the lottery. Under normal circumstances, he would have ended up as the IT manager at a successful mid-market company. Instead, he is worth $4 billion and is one of the people who capriciously regulates the public square.

This probably explains why the big tech companies are actually run by domineering women, skilled at pushing around beta males. Zuckerberg pretty much does what Sheryl Sandberg tells him to do. It would surprise no one if she made him wear a gimp suit at the office. The Slim Jim salesman is led around by Susan Wojcicki. She forced him to fire James Damore. Jack Dorsey actually created a council of cat ladies to take turns telling him what to do. Our ruling class is bitter feminists and billionaire beta males.

The one place where this is not the case is finance. The world of global banking and deal making is still a world dominated by men. You don’t have barren spinsters from human resources, flying through the halls of Goldman Sachs, terrorizing the traders because of their toxic masculinity. There’s plenty of PC nonsense, but it is just for decoration, to say they are doing their part. Success is still defined by results and that means it is a world of men willing to rip the lungs out of the next guy to cut a deal and get ahead.

Wall Street is not Main Street and that especially applies to the culture. The world of global finance can effect daily life for Americans, but only in a material way. It’s also indirect, effecting things like interest rates and mortgage lending. The vinegar drinking scolds running the culture do have a direct impact on daily life. They now control what you read and what you can say in public. As a result, America is now a daycare center run by sadist, connected to a thriving bank. It’s Goldman Sachs on Sesame Street.

It’s fun to assume this can’t last and that it will end in tears. There are no examples of a society run by women, which is why female historians are busy conjuring examples from the mythical past. The way to bet is that old Aristophanes was correct. On the other hand, the present condition did not spring from nothing. Maybe the glorious future is a version of what Wells imagined. The great bulk of society will live as children, ruled over by a class of schoolmarms. On occasion, someone gets hurled into the void as a lesson to the rest.

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  1. How much of a personal non-entity is Jack Dorsey

    Both he and I graduated from high school in 1995 in the city of St. Louis, but not the same school. However, his school and my school often mixed it up at various events, so I’m all but 100% sure that we crossed paths quite a few times between 1991 and 1995. Yet, for someone who is so rich and famous today, I do not remember him at all.

  2. >The Slim Jim salesman is led around by Susan Wojcicki.

    We would be in *much* better shape if Macho Man Randy Savage was running Google.

  3. The reality is that since the end of the Civil War and the destruction of the last Indian tribes posing a real physical and violent threat to settled American society, American society has been marked by continuous peace. We have no real threats to our physical safety unless it be civil unrest or the threat of a foreign power’s nuclear arsenal. Once the Cold War ended, the latter threat diminished in our consciousness. In short, our society rewards the geek, nerd, whatever and rarely awards the brave in the same degree.

    Hence, our society is one where the successful members are those with a talent for using their brains to make money. They do not need to demonstrate physical bravery in their lives. Instead, they and the rest of society actually applaud those who actually display physical courage in our wars while getting on with making their fortunes. Put another way, nerdiness combined with luck, family connections, and access to OPM (other people’s money) was and is what makes you successful in our society. The average American cannot name the SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden but they probably can name Zuckerberg and any of a number of tech tycoons with little assistance. Such elite personalities and their fans know nothing of real hardship and don’t care to experience it.

    And don’t kid yourselves that the people leading the largest financial institutions are not beta males, one and all; I practiced law with a downtown Manhattan law firm servicing clients like Goldman Sachs, Lehman, etc. ALL of the male client representatives I met would never have made it through the USMC officer program at Quantico that I passed through years before. The young guys were all “wannabe alpha males” sending tweets to each other between deals rating girls in the office and bragging on how much they were making and spending. the older, successful guys were smart but had no real moral compass beyond that necessary to keep themselves out of jail, and sometime not even then. They were usually overweight, out of shape and had all sorts of dirty secrets as they sought to profit from their hard won wealth. Never mind none of these guys being remotely tough enough to actually fight and win wars against tough opponents.

    The modern reality is that America is relying on a relatively small cadre of warriors to do the real fighting and machines. That works fine against non-state actors with limited financial resources. But the first time we fight against a nation-state with any real wealth and a capable military and the requisite political will to win at all costs, e.g. China or Russia, we are going to have our ass handed to us.

    • Why are you convinced that Russia and China aren’t filled with the same type of guys you are complaining about. In a chaotic alpha male dominated world, Putin and Xi would have been usurped by another alpha already.

      it’s the way of the world, humans have figured out how to eat and mate without the need to fight like animals. Since survival is no longer dependent on being a violent bully, those traits will be bred out. Evolution 101- Look at the elephants!

  4. Just read it again. man, what a great post! Imma gonna read it out to the fam tonight. Education time! (Comments are a hoot too)

  5. Zman, what is wrong with the people of S. Carolina? and Kentucky? Why do they keep sending these shit weasels to the senate?! You are a son of the south, so I was hoping you could lend us some insight on this peculiar situation…

  6. Doea Trump pose a threat to silicon valley elite? likely not, but it will be interesting to see what happens. One would think that a ruling class of ‘girly men’ would be easy to topple, but apparently not. the mandarins of China ruled for over 2,000 years.

  7. “There are no examples of a society run by women, which is why female historians are busy conjuring examples from the mythical past.”

    I know of one. (Source: “Savage Africa”,W. Winwood Reade, 1864.)

    “Tembanduma, the Amazonian and cannibal queen of the Congo, commanded that all male children, all twins, and all infants whose upper teeth appeared before their lower ones, should be killed by their own mothers. From their bodies an ointment should be made in the way which she would show. The female children should be reared and instructed in war; and male prisoners, before being killed and eaten, should be used for purposes of procreation.

    Having concluded her harangue, with the publication of other laws of minor importance, this young woman seized her child which was feeding at her breast, flung him into a mortar, and pounded him to a pulp. She flung this into a large earthen pot, adding roots, leaves, and oils, and made the whole into an ointment, with which she rubbed herself before them all, telling them that this would render her invulnerable, and that now she could subdue the universe. Immediately her subjects, seized with a savage enthusiasm, massacred all their male children, and immense quantities of this human ointment were made…

    It is clear enough that Tembandumba wished to found an empire of Amazons, such as we read of as existing among the Scythians, in the forests of South America, and in Central Africa. She not only enjoined the massacre of male children ; she forbade the eating of woman’s flesh. But she had to conquer an instinct in order to carry out her views; she fought against nature, and in time she was subdued.”

    • There are societies run by females. In response to the toxic feminism of Hyenas the male lion has evolved almost solely as a Hyena killer, so unlike all other cats he is easily distinguishable from females.

  8. It seems that the only type of woman who is fit for running a corporation is one who has a masculine mindset. By that I mean they sort of have a “everything is earned, take nothing for granted” mentality, similar to that of a coach or what not.

    A lot of women in the halls of power seem to have some sort of entitlement

  9. Our society currently seems to be promoting the social status of men who have a weird mixture of effeminacy & aggressiveness, plus women who have a weird mixture of masculinity & hysteria.
    And demoting the social status of men who act traditionally masculine & females who act traditionally feminine.
    That’s so odd.
    Thats not how traditional Anglo-American society worked when run by its founding stock. For most of our history, we have prized masculine men & feminine women and promoted them above others.
    It’s almost like there is another group of people who tend to exhibit this odd sexual dimorphism — a unique society of physically wimpy but socially ruthless men & overbearing, pushy women.
    And that this group has put themselves into a position to influence the standards of masculinity & femininity of our broader culture.
    It’s almost like this group has inserted themselves into our academic and media institutions and uses these platforms to continually disparage traditionally masculine behavior as low-status & evil for men, but high-status and admirable in women. Because doing that would enhance their social status while pushing down the social status of the other groups of people who still prize traditional sex roles.
    But nothing like that could happen, could it?

    • How do you think George W. Bush would have fared against Saddam Hussein in the octagon?

      How do you think his daddy would have fared against Saddam Hussein in the octagon?

      How do you think Dishonest Abe would have fared against Sitting Bull in a bare knuckles, no-holds barred fight to the death?

      • The Bushes both displayed physical courage in their youth and are bad examples. I have no idea what their brawling skills were but they both piloted extremely dangerous aircraft.

        But I cannot think of a current top Republican politician who has displayed any similar feats of bravery or athleticism.

        • What display of physical courage do you speak?

          41 was shot down flying a plane and later lied about the matter.

          41 was generally regarded as a wimp. Do you recall how he handled the debate in New Hampshire in 1980?

          Do you recall 41 prevaricating about how many brews he had quaffed during the first interview of him after being picked by Ronald Reagan at the GOP convention in Detroit?

          Do you remember the 1987 Newsweek cover, “The Wimp Factor” to describe such a typical craven white Anglo-Saxon Ivy League piece of garbage?

          43? Do you mean his efforts to avoid Viet Nam? Like Trump, he used Daddy’s money and influence to avoid being cannon fodder for Leviathan.

          • Well, I don’t mean to defend Dubya, but I can tell you from the experience of a family member that it took absolutely zero money or influence to volunteer for the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam. That’s the truth.

          • I hate to defend the guy too. But he flew the F-102 Delta Dagger – an extremely dangerous plane to land. It was not an aircraft for the feint of heart.

          • Bunny;

            Right you are. This was particularly the case for W because he was pilot qualified. Anybody who was went to the front of the line.

            It also took zero money or influence to get an early release in 1972 as the much slagged Nixon was winding down the war effort. If you had 18 mo. active duty and were not flight rated or an Academy grad all you had to do was put your hand up and you were out, no changing your mind later if you had second thoughts. And if you were flight rated, that restriction could be and was waived if the AF was retiring your aircraft type, for example the F 102. It was being replaced by the F 106 at that time.

            I personally had a role in administering that program, so I know all the details. So voila, Dan Rather et al lied: No favoritism involved in W getting in or out. Blanket disparagement is no more a mark of educated thinking than blanket praise.

            In this case it was all just more Prog projection of their own moral deficiencies. One example was WF Clinton’s well-documented duplicitous draft dodging. Another was W’s opponent at the time (2004), the (hopefully) finally gone JF Kerrey and his many self-produced, unearned medals that he bought copies of to throw over the Whitehouse fence when it later became politically convenient.

          • Unlike LFMayor, I downvoted you because you’re annoying. You drag out all the bromides we’ve all heard a hundred times to make points that have been baked into “conventional thinking” for decades.

            For goodness’ sake, liberate yourself and learn something. It’s why I come here – why do you come here?

          • “How do you think George W. Bush would have fared against Saddam Hussein in the octagon?”

            Yeah, and what if Superman and Batman got into a fight? What then?!?

            For God’s sake, no wonder our side keeps losing.

          • Look at Z’s second paragraph.

            The mindset that produces and echoes that puerile drivel is predisposed to losing.

          • LM, grow up.

            I despise the Bush Clan only slightly less than the Kennedy Clan. I will never again vote for a Bush.

            That said, both GHWB and GWB exhibited courage few men equal nowadays. GHWB flew a dinky prop torpedo bomber vs the Japs and ended up taking a time out in the Pacific for his troubles. GWB flew the aeroplane equivalent of a 1960’s muscle car. F102 or F106 delta-wing interceptors that flew like a bat out of Hades.

            You’d think that a libertarian would approve of GWB’s service. He flew an interceptor designed to defend America from attack by USSR bombers with nukes. He did not drop bombs on commie little brown people overseas.

          • He didn’t drop bombs on little commie brown people but he certainly had no problem putting his hands in your pocket to help finance the bombing of little Arabic boys and girls in an effort to show he wasn’t a wimp like his daddy.

            Why should one be impressed by a scion of wealth and prestige taking steps to avoid being drafted into a war that he enthusiastically supports?

      • I downvoted you because you’re a button pressing cuck today.

        But, to make it a teachable moment: I’ve read an account from the timeframe around Gettysburg where President Lincoln was at some big social event in DC. Even though in his 50s, he lifted a 16 lb sledgehammer with his right hand only by the end of the handle and, straight armed, extended it forward parallel to the ground. He then rotated it back and gently touched his nose with the face of the head before re extending it forward.
        The man split rails and poled a flat boat too. I don’t think your noble savage would have as many advantages as you’d like to believe.
        And in closing I’ll point out that it was dujour at the open air debates of the time to heckle and mime your opponent, Lincoln was good enough at this to reduce stymied opponents to impotent tears on occasion.
        I suspect that like you, they realized the futility of trying to beat him up. Just think of it: You and Sitting Bull could have beaten Iron Eyes Cody to fame!

      • Actually, since you asked, I would put my money on the three guys you disparage. Abe would’ve turned Sitting Bull into a human pretzel; and the Bushes – despite being globalist liars – have always prized fitness.

      • Lincoln fought a mixture of freed slaves and slaves outside Baton Rouge age 19 running logs down the big Muddy. Fought with clubs and axes.

      • Yet these guys charged on horseback at canister firing cannon at places like marston moor…clothes do not maketh the man. Look up Prince Rupert…foppish but a warrior born.

        • Thud;

          Minor Point. Q: That was Prince Rupert of the ______?

          A: Rhein. IOW, he was a manly *German* fop, not one of those degenerate English fops. 😉

          • Prince Rupert had his backside handed to him by Cromwell. Good old Oliver melted the spinelss Irish pretty handily as well.

  10. Spot on Z
    I’ve been showing my wife for years how the most progressive and socialist institutions are run by the female.
    In Canada, good luck sitting down and talking to a male:
    – Healthcare provider –
    – Educator (we homeschool) –
    – Banker, yes banker. Walk into any financial institution here and try to strike up a deal with the Harpy in chief. It ain’t happening –
    – Insurance? Sort of fits the bill but a little off topic –
    Also any government liaison you can finally get to a person to person is either female, foreign born with no language skills, or both.
    I am off the grid as much as humanly possible to avoid the black hole of dealing with any of these.

  11. I think I can help square this circle. Even in the world of new money Internet players you have to distinguish between social media companies and businesses that get real work done.

    The Social Media ecosystem has devolved into platforms for aging harpies and beta boys run by aging harpies and beta boys. Once these platforms are built there’s not a lot in the way of meaningful engineering work to be done on the platform itself–all the interesting work is in the data analysis behind the scenes. The engineers move on to the next project and the blue-haired harpies with English majors stay on to manage the platform, which could be done by a trained monkey.

    By contrast, Amazon has to deliver a real product or service to its customers. When I buy something on Amazon it shows up at my door in 2-5 days. No blue haired harpies or noodle armed beta boys running Amazon. Bezos even scraped the bookworm nerd boy look for an alpha male look:


    • Antitrust law hasn’t been applied to Big Tech, because it is “cool”. No visibly polluting factories to offend liberals, and lots of diversity virtue signalling.

      In the case of Twitter, which is unprofitable, nationalization is a no brainer. Cheaper than running the USPS.

      As Facebook was developed with CIA assistance, the gov’t should reclaim its property. Zuckerberg forfeits his supervoting shares to the feds, in exchange for exile in the PRC or in Israel.

      Google has a beneficial Bell Labs division, so it can exist as a regulated monopoly. Schmidt, Page and Brin should be given the same deal as Zuck.

  12. Fun fact: A THIRD of US Presidents from Washington thru Coolidge were accomplished wrestlers. Since then, only Eisenhower had grappling on his CV, thanks to a stint on the West Point JV team.

    As a wise ancient Greek (allegedly) said:
    “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”

  13. Or Huxley’s future. One logical consequence of this “tranny acceptance” business is, it accustoms us to shooting up kids with behavior-altering hormones. Add in “toxic masculinity,” and the logical conclusion is that we should outlaw testosterone… or, you know, come up with a way to counteract it. With T levels measurably dropping in modern men (cf. that picture of Jack Dorsey), who needs Soma? We used to counteract boys-being-boys with Ritalin, but estrogen works much better…. and it’s permanent. When do they start prescribing it for “acting out” at school?

    • Sometimes it’s better to keep these thoughts to ourselves, Severian. Don’t help them.

  14. ” ” then rode the warm thermals of the credit economy to Silicon Valley ” ”

    My favorite line !

    With all this militant feminism today it’s no wonder social media is being run by mama’s boys. It’s all about feelings.

    Maybe it’s revenge from Colonial Salem Massachusetts Circa1692. 🙂

  15. All of those clowns have a meeting later this week, next month, or next year to negotiate the price of buying all the data that FB lies about protecting. The best part about that whole testimony was when word got out that Zuckerberg would not be put under oath.

    Btw, if you’re keeping up with the whole Mueller thing, I enjoyed this laughably naive suggestion from The New Republic on Drudge today:


    They don’t realize that this would completely exonerate Trump. It should also be noted that a FULL public accounting means that every email and every text message and every page of testimony from Mueller’s team gets released. I bet the public would love to hear how all those Democratic Party donor-lawyers on his team talk to each other, as well as find out why it took Mueller 4 months to acknowledge why Peter Strzok was fired from the investigation…

    Nuclear option, indeed.

  16. This post is yet another example of anti-evolution playing out in our screwed up social environment of the present day. No one would mistake Zuckerberg or Dorsey for “leaders” in the classical definition of that word. No one would follow them into battle or admire their physical or mental prowess as superior archetypes of our species. Rather, they are symptoms of our degeneration and a constant reminder that we are a species that is in pathetic decline.

    • Nature finds a way. I’ve long suspected that some new virus will “solve” a lot of humanity’s problems.

      • If a virus or something else doesn’t solve those problems, we’re headed for a combination of Idiocracy and Sharia Law.

        • At this point, in the face of our terminal decline, I wouldn’t mind a guy like Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, coming in and cleaning house.
          Violently reestablish the patriarchy and bring a sort of traditional order to the realm. Banish the likes of Zuck and Dorsey from the public square, upon pain of death.
          There’s a reason Sailer is so fond of the guy.

        • One doesn’t want to be flippant about suffering, chaos, and death; that said, we all know that the Black Death had a liberating effect on Europe, after the bodies were all buried and people got back to work again; it made Europe serious and thoughtful, wages rose, old feudal manors broke apart, the suzerainty of the Roman see began to crack… don’t take my word for it, read one of the great books of the last century, Huizinga’s ‘The Waning of the Middle Ages’.

          Likewise, it seems at times that what we need is a break – not necessarily permanent, but long enough to re-acquaint people with “life in the raw” – from the power grid; a 5-10 year interregnum, say.

          European life didn’t end in 1350, as whole towns were wiped out by the plague; it was just re-calibrated; we – meaning human society – need this. It would result in the deaths of hundreds of millions, but the sense of life as it is, on the home planet, might get a reprieve.

          For those who survive such a catastrophe, the sun will come out on a world in which all the Schumers, the Clintons, the Sharptons – to say nothing about the millions of cat ladies and trannies that will vanish in the first week or two of the “great crisis” – will have vanished into mass graves, and life can begin again on sounder principles.

          We here at the Z blog claim to respect nature, especially its dependence on adaptivity in the face of changing conditions. I know that we don’t like Stephen J Gould, the old commie, but I still rather like his notion of ‘punctuated equilibrium’, which as I recall – I haven’t looked at one of his books in twenty years – posits that periodic emergencies occur that kill off the majority of organisms, but those with “sleeping adaptations” find themselves alive and well after the crisis has passed, and “all at once” a dramatically different biosphere takes control.

          I want to the world to go on, whether I’m part of it or not. So let’s have the emergency and see how the chips fall – at least we know the freaks will be the first be get tossed into the mass firepits.

      • Yeah, Z, but not necessarily in ways we might like. Some viruses bacterium, possibly plague, knocked out the opposing Christian and Jewish forces in Egypt and the Maghreb in the 600-650 time frame, permitting the Musselmen to conquer much of the Mediterranean littoral.

    • The bloodlines of our elites and upper class whites/Jews look to be exhausted. You can tell when the exclusive private schools like Groton and others that catered to upper class whites now have to take in ethnics. The elite whites are either not having enough kids or their kids are rather dull.

      Look at Zucky and Dorsey – physically they have garbage genetics. Weak parents – though I’m sure they look good when dressed. But churning out pencil neck geeks isn’t a sign of health.

      Usually without a infusion of fresh blood they tend to die out or become irrelevant within a century or less. It’s why the Kennedy’s brought in Schwarzenegger as their bloodline had become so decrepit their males were starting to look and act like something out of a Lovecraft novel.

  17. Better that all men would be more worried about getting a zit on their nose than conquering mankind.

    • That’s some weak ass vain buy the world a coke cuck horseshit right there, Stuart.

      Better it was like NASCAR in 1958. Run what you brung, son and it will sort itself out best. If you’re meant to lead then others will follow.

      • What is weak ass cuck horseshit is sucking the scrotum of the badass or the strong man.

        • Well put! That shows who’s boss around here.

          I’m convinced; sign me up for libertarianism!

    • That’s right – pajama boy or Genghis Khan. Nothing between. Keep teaching us, Libertymike.

      • Did I asseverate that there is only pajama boy or Genghis Khan and nothing in between?

        You alt-righties are far more feelz than reals.

        • Well, yes, you did.

          ‘Asseverate’ and ‘feelz’ in the same comment. Nice mix of register! One minute you’re David Hume, the next, Maya Angelou.

          • Your failure to cite where I claimed that there is only pajama boy or Genghis Khan and nothing else demonstrates that you would be owned by any opponent in formal rules of debate.

  18. Whenever women really make-up the managing coterie of an enterprise (see OKCupid) you have out-and-out misandry enforced in irrational ways, and petty sadism. This is how a sense of power affects the termagants’ minds.

    It has reached the point that “Men can only send messages to women who previously sent them a Like”.

    These are people mad with lust for power, they say “equality” and “equal opportunities” as they could say “toilet paper”.

    The site also, in a very moony way, blocks/bans/shadowbans man accounts for no reasons whatsoever. This is communicated not through an overt “You have been banned” or “You have been reported and your accounst is suspended till we examine the report”. Instead, you get ironical “Whoos, something’s stopped working, you may try later maybe” and other suchlike crap — all designed sadistically.

    There’s no other site besides OKCupid working that way — and OKCupid happens to be the sole site truly run by women.

    • Ever wonder if those witch hunts were actually a good idea? You get too many poisonous harridans in the village and it’s not long before you simply just cannot get a damn thing accomplished.
      So every other generation or so, you canvass the hinterlands, drag them out of their cat infested hovels and cleanse them with fire, lest they poison the impressionable youth and totally fubar your retirement plans.
      Since we can’t Rose Kennedy them any more we might have to go back to the old Luddite standby. Shed dried birch, just like in Ivanhoe.

    • I’m single and always on the prowl for places to meet ladies, so I got on OKCupid. I was shocked and sickened by how much it promoted blue-haired faggotry and miscegenation.

      • You’re right. I just went there and looked at the homepage images. This is seriously seditious stuff.

  19. Well stated. Our current ruling class is a bizarre combination of softness and ruthlessness probably not seen since the later Roman Empire. As always, this will last until the Barbarians show up, which will not be long in coming. They just about have Europe already…

    Our only chance of coming through this with anything like a surviving Western Civilization is for the healthier portions of the West to secede from the Empire, before the rot gets us too. Fortunately, this looks likely to happen, too. Even NormieCons are starting to talk secession.

    As I said about two months back, Trump will probably be the last President of the United States as we know it. And that’s a good thing.

    • I wish that you were right, but I don’t see anybody even remotely mainstream talking secession. Also that word terrifies the left, they know that they need to control the whole world because the most productive people will always flee to wherever they don’t control, hence they need to control it all. To threaten secession is to threaten the r-selected with starvation, and if they want to kill you for disagreeing then them, what are they going to do to you for trying to starve them?

          • I saw that. No way in hell I want my portion of Appalachia stuck in Leftistan. It gives far too much away to the left.

        • Certainly this splt would not work … well. Some states are an easy pick for complete inclusion — Oklahoma, for one, Nebraska and Wyoming for a couple of others.

          Unfortunately, it’s often down to a county by county look now. Pennsylvania, for instance, has trended blue for decades, though it went red this last cycle. However, it’s the Philly/Pittsburg/Scranton-Wilkes Barre clusters that swing the state. (Nearly) everyone else now is red — and really red. The union influence over the whole state has faded since I was a child there.

          Counties near old family enclaves are all holding over 75% red. These are patriotic, traditional Americans. The VFW posts and Legion Halls are often the centers of the community; many of the young men do a tour in the military before returing home to the farm or family business; roots run deep, with cemeteries full of family relatives who fought in all our wars back to the Revolution.

          So we could not just cut these folks loose, and let them fall to the Post-Modern / Marxist madness, should it get that bad. They’ve earned better.

          Nevada, I fear, represents the trend for the formerly sparsely populated states of the West. Once people came here to get away and live as they pleased. After the Post-WWII migration, and John Denver’s paean to the Rockies, the place has steadily filled, first with goat-cheese making hippies, and now with hipsters, wealthy media and tech-types (think Montana), and finally a full slate of social justice warriors. In NV there are not enough regular humans in the cow counties to counter the influx, first to LV, and now to the Reno area. But while the state has flipped politically, the other 14 counties remain red to deep-red. There’s just nothing that can be done to help them state-wide.

          As to other states cut out in this construct — consider the Dakotas … they’d not likely stand being tossed to the Progs. They would probably form their own little entity (maybe with Wyoming), should they be so excluded.

          And the same holds true for West Virginia … all of it, and most of western Virginia, to name just a few. But when wargaming things, you have to start somewhere, and that map is as good as any to start a thought problem.

          As to those states included that might just be squeezed out in a ‘by-state-only’ division ….

          Certainly, Arizona is in a precarious position, as is New Mexico.

          But for sure, there is nothing we could do about New Jersey, and New England. Too many counties there have drunk(?) the blueberry koolaid.

          At any rate, it’s a diverting mental exercise to ponder. And it may have some utility as a strategic tool.

          • I’m sorry to report that Idaho is begging to be raped by refugees. I still can’t believe it after moving here, but it’s true.

          • Boise?? And whatever that county is that went blue where all the Hollywood types have their winter vacation homes?? Blaine??

            Seems to be in the West that wherever there is a ski resort coupled with a leftist indoctrination institute (college or university) then that place is taken over — assiminated, like with the Borg.

            Did some work up in Gooding County a few years back. Normal folk seemed to predominate among those I met. But it seems that the white intellectuals have an irresistable drive toward suicide, wherever they are.

            And any place that attracted the Hemingway clan was likely destined to madness …

          • Conservative Idahoans are falling over themselves to demonstrate how welcoming they are. “We’re not racist!” It is suicidal naivete.

      • These elites aren’t “lefties” per se. They are merely physical degenerates and emotionally stunted males with tremendous wealth and influence. They are the terminal expression of the elite.

        BTW they are going to kill us no matter what we do. We are a threat to them.

        These elites are afraid of their own shadow. Look at Zuckerberg and Dorresy – they are inbred freaks of nature that people are naturally repulsed by. They know it too. Zucky couldn’t get a date in college and Dorssey is pure female repellent. Both still dress themselves like teenagers or children. And they hate normie males.

        • Terrifying and true.

          A few years ago I met a minor version of this type of ‘boy-oligarch’. In his case, he was just a 21-year-old, a junior at Stanford, who’d played the market and won – big. He was living in a three-story house overlooking Lake Tahoe. A good friend of my niece’s future husband – I was only there as a guest of the wedding, and this young man was, to be gracious, hosting an opulent party at his place the day before the wedding.

          Trying to converse with him, though, was like trying to learn – on the fly – how to address an Egyptian pharoah. The kid wore loose-fitting white linen, something out of the bible, no shoes, slopped over a sofa with his 10+ girlfriend… ordinary civil conversation with strangers was beyond his grasp; his scorn for anyone clearly below his ‘class’, or outside his brief experience of the human condition, was obvious; it even exposed a kind of innocence that I found oddly touching. He just didn’t know – nor would he ever have to know – why everyday people exist, why he has to tolerate them.

          The race was won; he didn’t have to pretend to figure out what people are like. Multiply this young lottery-winner by a thousand and you have Zuck – one of our rulers.

      • The South Carolina legislature is talking about talking about secession. A bill was introduced that authorized secession talks if the feds try to confiscate guns. That’s fairly mainstream.

    • Softness and ruthlessness – we’re talking Honorius, who lived clueless amid women, perfumes and eunuchs, ordering the execution of Stilicho. We’re almost there…

  20. If the description you gave of Zuckerberg and Dorsey wasn’t enough, take a look of Zuck sitting on a booster seat at the hearing.

    After reading this I my head is full of images of Elois and Morlocks.

    • Zuckerberg is just the latest guy like Gates, Wozniak, and Jobs. He showed up at the right moment, stole a few ideas and improved them a bit – and bingo – made billions.

      A nerd who won the lottery.

        • Nationalization is for losers who can’t hack it in the private sector. Real men don’t supplicate socialists for succor.

          • You put your trust in a rigged game. Good luck with that. I guess that explains why Libertarians have had so much success in influencing our politics. I encourage you to look at the world as it exists, not at the model of the world “as it should be” that exists only in your mind.

          • Most libertarians are far more cognizant of the world as it is than alt-right fan boys or communists or conservatives or democrats or Fabians or fascists or Leninists or Maoists or nationalists progressives or republicans or socialists or totalitarians or utopians.

            We know that free enterprise produces more broad-based prosperity than nationalization.

            We do not suffer under the delusion that somehow, someway, we will all be better off with central planning conducted by TOP MEN.

          • Give me an example of a free enterprise society that has existed and for how many years it lasted.

          • Look at the construction of the transcontinental railroads in America.

            On the one hand, you had the de facto nationalization projects of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific. They were horribly built, the effort engendered hostility with numerous Indian tribes, land was often just taken from the rightful the workers were treated shabbily, the costs exploded due to the facts that the companies were paid by the miles of track laid which lead to circuitous routes, payoffs to politicians, and the major players of the railroad companies establishing supply companies which constantly raised the prices of the supplies needed to build the lines.

            Of course, the construction of the government lines lead to one of the most infamous scandals in American political history.

            Contrast the above with the Great Northern Pacific which was built by James J. Hill. His railroad was completely privately financed. He actually paid Indians for their land or the use of their land. He also paid others for rights of way. The routes were not circuitous and his lines did not break down like the government lines did.

            Hill also helped to make a lot of farmers prosperous by offering lower freight rates for their products. A number of towns grew right along with his railroad.

          • I agree that laisse faire capitalism can produce the most efficient results in a land that has little government. However, these situations in history are short and end quickly, as your example illustrates. Governments exist in most places, most of the time, and that is where the character of a country is decided. You can’t wish that away.

          • You also can’t wish away the fact that the government we have now – and have had for quite some time – is ruled by progressive leftists and is currently DESTROYING the country and the culture.

            This country’s founding documents setup the government in a very specific way – for reasons that the authors came up with as a response to thousands of years of historical failures of government – and it’s takeover by tyrants.

            The fact of the matter is that THIS country grew the fastest and also was not overrun by leftist meddling – when it had the least amount of government.

            The character of the country is not decided by the government – if that was true we’d all be Jews. It’s decided by the people – or their failure to control that government.

            All you’re doing doing is parroting leftist talking points.

          • I’m not much of a libertarian, but you make an excellent point about James J. Hill’s way of doing business.

          • You don’t have to be a libertarian to recognize the fact that business enterprises run by people who have skin in the game and are subject to the consequences of their failures – are going to be more successful than those run on tax dollars with on accountability.

            What you have to be to believe nationalism works – is a leftist. Nationalizing industries and feeding them tax dollars has been a failure over and over and over again.

            What you have to do is understand human nature – which is (and I repeat myself) – something that left wingers and government dick suckers pretty much NEVER understand.

          • You’ve just made the point that nationalized railroad construction would’ve made sense. You have described the very system of ‘insider’ or ‘crony’ capitalism that makes Zuckerberg, Bezos, Slim, Gates and for that matter the Saudi royal family, our true rulers.

            Key book here: Stuart Holbrook’s ‘The Age of the Moguls’.

            Look, I can’t drill an oil well here on my property in a village. Is that wrong? After all, I “own” my property.

            Are zoning laws a violation of libertarian principle? After all, why should someone who owns 4000 acres have drilling rights and someone with 4 acres be deprived of this right?

            Is it the central planners? You tell me. What are we to make of this “shifting” definition of “private” property? And finally, can it be that the ‘central planners’ – as you would call them – have ‘understandings’ with the 4000 acre guys that they don’t have us, the 4 acre guys?

            And is any of it wrong? Do things like community standards exist, or are they too “central planning”? Is it all based on graft?

            I’m just asking. Can’t work out an attitude until I have heard from the staff libertarian.

          • Yes, crony capitalism is bad. Alas, it is not real capitalism.

            My reference to the construction of the transcontinental railroads illustrates the difference between real free enterprise, i.e., what James J. Hill practiced, and crony-capitalism, what was practiced by the Union Pacific and Central Pacific.

            Abe Lincoln was a big fan of crony-capitalism, also known as the “American System.” In Lincoln’s era, the American System featured politically connected businesses getting government money for so-called internal improvements, big spending, inefficient infrastructure projects, high tariffs, a national bank, and a big, intrusive, meddlesome central government.

            I think we agree about the 4000 acre guys having an understanding with the central planners whereas the 4 acre guys do not have such an understanding.

            The legal history of modern zoning cannot be told without an examination of the arguments advanced by the parties and the rationale employed by the majority in the case of The Village of Euclid v. Amber Realty, 272 U.S. 365 (1926).

            Zoning is a creature of progressivism.

            If you own an oil well on your property, you should be able to drill for black gold. If your drilling activity causes harm to your neighbors or their property, the common law of nuisance is a far better way to resolve matters than surrendering to a Euclidian zoning regime and all of its attendant evils.

          • I get it; if you aren’t a libertarian, you want central planning. Ayn Rand or V.I. Ulyanov. A choice between Russians. Take your pick.

            Not very nuanced, coming from one ‘cognizant of the world as it is’.

          • Nationalization is central planning.

            Ayn Rand is not a libertarian as she vigorously supported the state having a monopoly on the administration of justice.

            You might benefit from a more nuanced understanding of libertarianism and Rand.

          • Boy, you’d never know that by reading Rand. But you’re the boss. Who’s your libertarian hero?

          • “On occasion, someone gets hurled into the void as a lesson to the rest.”

            if enough are put out, it begins to look like galt’s gulch

          • The fact that your responses get so many negatives – is pretty good evidence that there’s a lot of fallen away leftists lurking on these pages – who just can’t give up their programming.

            I’ve noticed this undercurrent over and over again amongst the “alt-right” – and a lot of the “libertarians” that Zman bitches about – are firstly – “libertarians” that I’ve never heard of before even though I’ve been following libertarians for a good two decades now – and secondly are pretty obviously (again) just fallen away leftists who think “libertarianism” is just another excuse to do whatever the fuck you want to do (which is what they probably thought the left was until it started going full Nazi-retard).

            Leftist progressivism has corrupted the minds of an awful lot of people – including a lot of those who want to call themselves right wing or libertarian.

            They’re anything but – and you don’t have to poke at them very hard to discover the truth.

          • I swear to God some people on the right are just farking retarded.

            Nationalizing industries just puts them under the direct control of the government – which is pretty much always controlled by leftists. So yes – Libertymike is correct – nationalization is for losers who can’t hack it in the private sector.

            Seems like there’s a lot of Zman columns (including this one) – that have dealt with the fact that our society and culture have been taken over by women and cuckboys like Zuckerman.

            Real men don’t need the damn government to run things for them. They can take care of their own shit – and run their own companies – and don’t need to be ruled over from above.

            Since “dealing with reality” seems to be an over-riding theme here – then let’s deal with the reality that the left is holding a lot of the power (that’s why they love government) – and women and cuckboys like Zuckerman are ruling over you. As Zman just pointed out. So now you’re getting your panties in a twist because some people don’t want to give them MORE power and control over you?

            LOL. You see – responses like yours illustrate very clearly why conservatism and right wingers are always LOSING. It’s because they utterly refuse to learn – and I have a hard time after watching this crap for a few decades now not coming to the conclusion that a good many of them are just downright retarded.

            Stop feeding the left you goddamn nitwits.

          • Karl, I have been occasionally lurking – enough to read some unflattering posts about you.

            Don’t let them push you around!

          • More than occasionally, if today’s effulgence is anything to go by.

            Nothing says ‘libertarianism’ better than hitting a regular commenter below the belt.

            Were those unflattering posts useful, or true? Or are you just out of ammunition?

          • Mr McHungus, naturellement.

            To quote:

            “Karl, I have been occasionally lurking – enough to read some unflattering posts about you.”

            Or did you forget that you wrote that?

          • First, all I wrote was that I had read some unflattering posts regarding Karl. How does that, pray tell, constitute hitting below the belt?

            Second, do you deny that there have not been unflattering posts about Karl?

            Third, I do agree that hitting below the belt is not the gentlemanly thing to do.

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