In the Belly of the Beast

On Friday. I went into the lair of the most vile, racist hate filled monsters to ever crawl this earth. That would be The Daily Shoah. When you get around these people, what’s most disconcerting is that they are genuinely nice and honest. Our rulers put so much energy into demonizing dissenters, it is easy to forget that even the most fringe partisans are just decent people with different ideas about the world. Usually, the ideas that come to shape the future start out on the fringe, so it worth engaging with them.

As far as the show itself, it was fun. Mike and Sven are very nice people and extremely generous with guests they have on their show. Unlike the mass media, they don’t see their guests as furniture they can abuse for the amusement of the braying mules in the audience. My only regret is not having used my podcasting setup to do the show. I used my laptop because I could not get Skype working on the other machine. Skype is crappy software and on my laptop the sound quality is terrible, but it came out good enough.

I got a bunch of responses via e-mail. All of them fall into a number of categories. One group wondered why I would go on a show run by anti-Semites, given that I am not an anti-Semite. My view is antisemitism is just an opinion, with the same moral currency as tastes in ice cream. Here’s how I like to explain it. Imagine you move to a new town and learn that one new neighbor is an anti-Semite. Then you learn that another neighbor is a Methamphetamine cooker. Only a liar or a lunatic cares more about the anti-Semite.

More important, the open exchange of ideas and opinions is a base line requirement for a civilized white society. Like any marketplace, the marketplace of ideas does not always produce optimum results. That’s an argument against democracy, not a reason to suppress heretical opinion. In time, bad ideas fail while good ideas eventually succeed, which is the foundation of popular government. That means engaging all comers, as long as they are honest and willing to debate in good faith. It can also be a lot of fun.

Another category of response was to ask why I don’t do more of these things. One main reason is time. My day job, life, the blog and the podcast fill up the dance card. I’m also not a fan of the “blood sports” model that is most popular. Some are OK, but most degenerate quickly into the typical internet purse fight. They should call these things “bum fights” because it’s usually two poorly trained and equipped debaters desperately trying to land a hay-maker. The Daily Shoah format is more to my liking as it fits the medium.

Of course, there were people wondering if Mike Enoch had red-pilled me on the JQ. I’ve come to hate that expression, to be perfectly honest. It implies a soteriological awareness that is only achieved through devotional study. I know the arguments around the JQ as well as anyone can know them. I’ve read the source material and listened to the proselytizers. I’ve done the math. The facts are what they are and there’s no denying Jews wield an enormous amount of influence, in absolute and relative terms.

Where Enoch and I would disagree is in whether or not Jews can be a part of white identity politics. With some exceptions, anti-Semites say no, Jews have their own group and therefore cannot be part of the white group. On the other hand, I would be thrilled if Jews swung our way. Having six million rich smart guys on our side would turn the fight instantly. We’d have a wall on the border that would make Israel envious. Fifty years of multiculturalism would be reversed in no time. The remaining liberals would be in hiding.

In fairness to the anti-Semites, there is zero evidence of this happening. In fact, the most berserk opponents of our remaining liberties are Jewish organization like the ADL and they get zero push back from their fellow tribesman. It is probable that the arrival of alt-Jew will be permanently delayed. I find that disappointing, but I’m used to it. That does not change the essential message, which is that whites in America must come to terms with the realities of being a minority surrounded by hostile minority populations.

This is another area where Mike and I would disagree. If white people in America come to except that they must put their racial interests ahead of all us, in order to contend with the swelling minority populations, the JQ answers itself. Jews either join White Team or join the dark side. Therefore, instead of expending energy on the JQ, a better use of time is to focus on the HQ – Honky Question. There’s a reasonable debate to be had there, which is why it is important for people on our side to have these debates and discussions.

76 thoughts on “In the Belly of the Beast

  1. As a trs listener I would like to give my own answer to the question the Z man asked on the Shoah. What if we can get our countries back by working with the Jews?

    Well, first let me suspend my disbelief. This is not going to happen, and there is absolutely no indication that it will. But for the sake of arguement, lets assume this is possible.

    Do you want to be that people? That race of once proud Aryans who conqueres the worls but in the end are the slave of a highly neurotic, weak, inbread desert tribe of liars? Is that going to be our future? Will our people one day all have to wake up in the morning knowing they do not control their own destiny but hey, we still exist, hooray and such.

    And how does this bode for us finally getting some balls after losing the globe because somebody told us saying nigger is mean? There is in this end no fighting spirit. It is an acceptance of defeat.

    And in the end, how can we be so sure we will survive? After all we will have become disposable middle managers for somebody else. When robots can do our jobs, why not kill us off? Robots don’t rebel.

    When whites become a minority they Jews will indeed have to pick a team, or find another host just like all parasites do. Frankly I could care less about what happens to the east asians but I would prefer that we never get to the point where it really is merchant vs samauri. And if they join team brown? South Africa I suppose. And if they want join team white? Well you would have think at this point the lesson has been learned. If we have a nice little enclave somewhere and the Jews want entry? We give them some of those metals they seem so fond of, although I have never hear of a Leadandcopperberg. First time for everything though.

  2. As I live in middle America-north I have little contact with these joooz of whom you speak. My latest neighbor to the north was, in fact a methcooking slimeball. He was a nice enough guy. Didn’t steal my shit. The people who came to visit him weren’t so stellar. It appears he has lost his house to the bank. Which is fine with me. I guess his retirement age dad has tired of making the payments. He’s gone now. If he comes back I will sell my house and move. Hopefully next to some joooz.

    • Your methhead neighbor probably doesn’t vote. Your Jewish neighbor likely votes against you and contributes money to groups that will try to get you fired.

  3. There are actually a good number of Jews that have tried to join the Alt-right.
    Also, this blind acceptance to their “superior intelligence,” people have is OLD.
    I have a list of 12 people I consider to be “tolerable Jews.” At most, I could expand it to 20-25.
    I’d rather deal w/ Mestizos, Han Chinese, Japs, Brahmin, & Koreans, any day of the week.

  4. Ashkenazi Jews are in a bad place. Their ancestry is about 50% European (northern Italian Lombard, especially). However, the great majority of them identify as non-White, in large part because of the ancient Christian-Jewish split a couple of thousand years ago. They also align themselves with other minorities in White countries (or countries that used to be White).

    And therein lies their tragedy. People of Color universally class Jews with Whites and despise them. Weinstein at Evergreen State typifies the problem. This is nothing new. Blacks have hated Jews forever, and Hispanics have no use for them either.

    The best hope for Jews in the West is to align themselves with Whites and claim their White heritage. I don’t think they can do that, and their future in a country that is becoming dominated by POC’s is grim.

    • “the great majority of them identify as non-White”? No, ONLY the great majority of SINGLE JEWISH women identify as non-White. See my comments above, about Epigone’s detailed demographic breakdown-of 2016 Trump voters, showing that other Jews were all-but identical to their (urban) White counterparts.

    • “… to align themselves with Whites and claim their White heritage. I don’t think they can do that….”
      No, Epigone’s data suggests that (except for the SINGLE women), Jews are well on their way to facing the music, about the mentality of the PoC and their Gentile SINGLE women allies.
      This trend may well be solidified/ spurred, if the Trump / Horowitz / Huber team can nail the PoC, and their Gentile SINGLE women allies (shilled for / represented by the DNC, Pelosi, Maddow, etc.), for conspiring to frame Trump.

    • Agreed. I have been saying for some time the Dissident Right‘s real problem isn’t the JQ, it’s the WQ: the white question. As Derbyshire is fond of saying, what the hell is the matter with white people? If a Jewish rapture happened and all the tribe vanished overnight, an army of white shitlibs would immediately step in and fill their positions with equal zeal for the progressive project.

      • you (george orwell)wrote: ” As Derbyshire is fond of saying, what the hell is the matter with white people?”

        now, I don’t even see why anyone on the dissident right even has to ask that question…yet so many do ask it…but how can they not see the seemingly obvious answer–that white people have been subjected during their childhood years to anti-white propaganda…our educational curriculum has been tainted an anti-white version of history that turns white people against their own race…and you ask that question even though your moniker is george orwell, which implies that you are familiar with his novel 1984. …let me supply a quote from wikipedia describing a tactic by the establishment used against the citizens in 1984:
        “Nineteen Eighty-Four popularised the adjective Orwellian, which describes official deception, secret surveillance, brazenly misleading terminology, and manipulation of recorded history by a totalitarian or authoritarian state.”

        so, the novel 1984 warned us against totalitarian establishment creating propaganda using an educational curriculum that was warped in order to propagandize the populace…that is exactly what has happened to white people…when you are a young and malleable child, and you are subjected to a version of history that shows whites as demon and nonwhites as angels, that propaganda shapes you for life…

        and I really do not understand why this is not obvious to others on the dissident right…the term Honky Question implies that there is some doubt about why white people do not come to their own defense….but I ask, how can anyone even ask this question? The answer should be obvious to us all.

      • The only reason the current “army of white shitlibs” remains nearly completely unopposed by Whites of Compromised Consciences (WUCs) is because the Tribe has sold them/us (and maintains) the lie of “non-judgmental-ism”—the ultimate Love-Cult trifecta of cuckism, miscegenism , and pacifism… Decapitate the Enemy and the philosophy falls apart in one day.

        Return to God’s true Israel people their spiritual and physical weapons, and the enemy within will be annihilated in short order. No more Jews, no more army of white shitlibs above ground.

  5. Tactically, anti-semitism is a disaster.

    A sector of the racialist Right has been promoting anti-semitism since forever, despite this failing to gain traction in the larger White audience.

    Let me give one example:

    I am listening to an Alt Right podcast with a leading White nationalist about the ongoing “refugee” invasion of Europe and its attendant mayhem. The interviewee starts off strong by showing how the invasion is undermining European civilization with crime, cultural destruction, and so forth. And then he goes off about how it is all the fault of the “Zionists.” You know, the “Zionists” who control the EU, the “Zionists” behind all wars in the Middle East, the “Zionists” who are out to take over the world by first putting the boot in on the Palestinians.

    Well, let’s assume for the sake of argument that the “Zionists” do have all this power. At this point the reasonable person will ask: What do you want me to do about it?

    Did our White nationalist provide any information on how people could mobilize to counter the “refugee” invasion? Did he provide some international organization through which Americans could support the defense of Europe, say by sending money? Did he discuss tactics of the various identitarian movements which are defending European cities?


    It was all “Zionists-Zionists-Zionists,” all the time, as if verbally bashing them is a substitute for political action.

    Point is, for a movement to be effective, it has to mobilize people in the real world. Anti-semitism gives the illusion of doing something, not the reality.

    • There’s also the point made by John Derbyshire 20 years ago when reviewing Kevin McDonald. If this tiny population of people is able to subvert, co-opt and control the other 98%, what chance does anyone have against them?

      • My reply to Derb is that yes, a very small minority did subdue us and yes, that is humiliating. There is nothing to be done about the situation except face up to the truth and respond. We have no other choice but to proceed with awareness.

        • If only such awareness included something more actionable than harping on “Jewish power”, e.g. fighting exploitation of the (mostly Single female) buttons pushed by, say, Madison Ave. (Gentiles and Jews).
          If we think about Mad Ave. etc. power, we may be able to actually present reform proposals (e.g. changing copyright laws) which, if they fly, can swiftly make major dents.
          Or is the real point, of harping on the JQ, to distract from assessing such promising reform proposals?

  6. First time I ever saw “comment awaiting moderation” on this site. What’s going on?

  7. Jews are smarter than any other minority, but they are still, like any minority, subject to the sidelines if a robust majority does its damn job and has pride in itself. E. Michael Jones, who is deep into the Jew Question, talks a lot about the Jewish takeover of academia and culture with the preface that the WASP elites/Boston Brahman were generally experiencing a failure of nerve/internal crisis when the Jews started taking out the knives. Jews throughout history have many times lived with restrictions and in societies with whose moral and political framework they didn’t always agree, and they learned to live with it. If they can’t do that again, they have a right-of-return to Israel, where they can get their metaphysical as well as political needs expressed by their own nation-state. If they don’t want to either stop trying to monkey wrench white, Christian countries, and won’t avail themselves of Option 2, then a sane, not-enervated white power structure can expel them (without violence) and forcibly repatriate them. Such edicts were issued before, and can be again. Even FDR believed that when they were admitted to America, their numbers should be small and scattered about.

  8. More so than any other nation on Earth, the USA is a cauldron of peoples with diverse evolutionary history, genetics, physical attributes, intelligence, traditions/habits, biases, loyalties, and tribal affiliation. There was a time when the common denominator that united us was love of liberty, self reliance, and individualistic tenacity. Our success wrought extreme affluence, which wrought parasitic dependence, which wrought the demise of robustness. We cannot talk our way out of this hole. We need a return to desperate hardship in order to reignite fitness selection.

  9. The worst thing than can happen to a serious right wing group or organization is to admit Jews who are seeking a solution to a pressing problem they happen to share with that group. About the time the problem is finally met the organization will have lost it’s way, or worse, joined the enemy. On the other hand, I would embrace all the thousands, or hundreds, or dozens of Jews who would suffer expulsion from their families and from virtuous society to pursue an honest path forward.

    • Hi James!

      I still have nominal familial ties… nominal and prefunctory being the operative terms ever since I “came out” as being to the right of Stalin.

      • Just curios, Nitz… What do you mean then by calling yourself a “Jew”. Specifically, why are you a “Jew”?

  10. “It is easy to forget that even the most fringe partisans are just decent people with different ideas about the world”. I used to believe that. Then I came to understand that it depends on the fringe that one represents. There are those so lathered up with their own sense of righteousness, that they will wish and demand pain and death to those who disagree with them. We all know who I am talking about. They then have the chutzpah, or the mental blinders, to claim that those of us who disagree with them are the real bad fascist types that ruin a peaceful and orderly society. Projection, anyone?

    • Well, let’s talk about projection, by those who are OBSESSED with Jews.
      When these obsessive types pontificate that getting “red pilled” is “ONLY achieved through DEVOTIONal study”, they lead me to prefer being with all but the nastiest Jews, to being with them. These obsessives are all too reminiscent of (esp. Stalin era) Party Line REDS.

      I’ll bet major coin that most Americans instinctively believe that most Jews don’t seek to thug around (like so many People of Color), but that, once the Jew-haters are done with Jews, they’ll turn on the WASPs, Orientals, or whatever other group has caught earned a rep for being “lathered up with their own sense of righteousness.”
      After all, one can always make a speculative case about any number of well-educated groups’ “conniving” to get over.

      I’ll stick to opposing those groups who, official stats show, all but en masse OPENLY glory in their hostility to whites, incl. with fists and guns. (Audacious Epigone’s numbers showed SINGLE Jewish men at c. 36% for Trump, ALL Black men at 13+% for Trump. This gap [36-13 !!] should be speaking for itself.)

      • Interesting point, the obsession by some over the JQ, sort of flipping my point over onto its side. To me, it is the “single woman question“, the “single Jewish woman question”, the “college educated question”, and the “people of color question”. Many of these people coalesce around the Proggie flag, and quite a few of them are not simply well meaning people trying to find answers. They have decided that the culture and society that feeds them well and gives them plenty of opportunity to find their way in the world is an evil thing, and people such as us who extol the virtues of such a place and culture need to be eradicated. Z’s point, indirectly made, and made more direct by you, is that too much obsession and presumption about the JQ is itself a similar and dangerous thing, and feeds the generalized hate-fest, such as it is. I agree. Jews have no lock on being self-serving and self-supporting. There is a lot of it going around, and, frankly, in this joint we are really asking ourselves to do the same for our own part of the culture. This stuff, taken to extremes, is when things get toxic. Both living it to extremes and accusing others in an extreme fashion is what turns something positive into something less do. But we all are getting pushed into extreme positions by the way things are around us today, so hunkering down and knowing who your friends are is the way to go. Doing it individual by individual is the best way.

        • You mention a list of groups that are anti-tradition and anti-white and ask why J*ws are singled out. They are singled out because they are the architects and primary promoters of the anti-white assault. To take one example, feminism would not be nearly as ubiquitous and toxic if it was led by non-J*wish women and if there weren’t a J*wish media to promote it.

        • Thoughtful stuff, Dutch.
          “Doing it individual by individual is the best way.”
          Yeah, much better than theorizing that, because some group (e.g. Jews) SEEMS more likely to Schumer-esque than Gottfried-esque, we should flip off that group, and (in so doing) flip off so many Gentiles, who are getting ever more scared of PoCs, but who are suspicious as hell of folks who harp about the JQ, e.g. (LineInTheSand below) INSISTing that Jews are “primary promoters of the anti-white assault”.
          I’d have hoped that the performance of Kessler etc. at Charlottesville would’ve slowed down this harping.

  11. BestGuest, I quite hear you about Israeli influence on foreign policy, tho I’d say much the same about our bosom pals, the Saudis.
    Until I’m shown important Lefty GENTILES, who’ve stepped up against this “Russian hacking” crap, as have important Lefty Jews (e.g. Greenwald, Chomsky, Dershowitz), I’ll regard most of the Jewish Middle and Left (save for the Single WOMEN) as rather ripe for the Alt-ing, as long as “spokespersons” for People of Color (e.g. Oprah, T. Coates, Jason Johnson, and Michael Eric Dyson) fill our ears (Jew or Gentile) with implicit hatred, because “we” enslaved or lynched them.

    I find the JQ to be a tragic distraction, esp. when compared to, say, Whiskey’s emphasis on studying the impact of technology. I urge holding the People of Color primarily responsible for their violence vs. whites. Whether Jews, WASPS, or other groups, play a role in egging them on is of much less interest, esp. insofar as other Jews (and WASPS?) step up to fight the Obama-ist rapine of the rule of law (be this, in the Broward County school system, or the Lynch-Brennan plot to clear Hillary and frame Trump).

    • The fact that we didn’t go after the Saudis after 9/11 (quite the opposite) was a rude awakening for me. It’s pretty clear that the forces that run America–call it the deep state, or what you will–do so for their own benefit and to the detriment of the citizenry.

  12. That SINGLE Jewish women are so much worse than are OTHER Jews, or other SINGLE White women, really is an important issue for inquiry.

  13. “Imagine you move to a new town and learn that one new neighbor is an anti-Semite. Then you learn that another neighbor is a Methamphetamine cooker. Only a liar or a lunatic cares more about the anti-Semite.”

    If you’re a Jew, you’d better care about both of them.

    • Besides, the asshole hosting the podcast announces that he hates Jews, i.e. me. So, fuck him. I don’t hate him, because he’s a zero. But I’m not going anywhere and if push comes to shove and I need to hate him, that won’t be a problem.

  14. Gripping stuff, Z-man.

    At , see 2016 election demographic results that are of great interest (to this prospect of there being more alt-Jews), in some respects stunningly so.
    It shows that only c. 12% of SINGLE Jewish women supported Trump, vs. 43% of MARRIED Jewish women, and a stunning 59% of MARRIED Jewish men.
    And, his support from MARRIED White men (61%) was only a tiny bit higher than from their Jewish counterparts.

    I’ll bet ranch that, if the MARRIED White men were sorted into URBAN vs. RURAL, the (urban) vote from MARRIED Jewish men would be higher than the total from (URBAN) MARRIED White men (mostly Gentiles).
    Likewise, if the MARRIED White women were sorted into URBAN vs. RURAL, the (urban) vote from MARRIED Jewish women would be only trivially lower than the total from (URBAN) MARRIED White women (mostly Gentiles).

    Insofar as there is a real JQ, it’s really about SINGLE Jewish women. The rest of the Jews (as a group) likely are as open to becoming alt-Jews, as (urban) Whites are to being alt-White.

    And, the prospect for evolution of more Alts (of all kinds) figures to grow soon, if “Jew” Horowitz’s report is anywhere near as devastating to the Dems’ rep (starting with Obama’s tool Comey) as is widely expected, see e.g. . Horowitz could easily end up hereby being regarded as clearly the greatest Jew in US history.

    • The issue is the 19th Amendment and female evolutionary psychology.

      Being a childless, old woman short-circuits they brain. Evolutionarily, it would make sense. Europe is run by childless women.

      Put the defense of your civilization in the hands of childless women or single mothers, and you won’t have a civilization for long.

      • Women only operate on a single X chromosome. Why would they care for the interests of the Y chromosome? While men operate on both X and Y chromosomes. The idiocy of giving women power should be obvious therein.

    • Disagree. Z man proudly rejects spelling and punctuation, as we all know and allow for; throwing words like ‘soteriology’ into his carelessly edited texts harms the ear and, frankly, the mind. You begin to ask yourself: Is this man a scoundrel? A communist?

      ‘Salvific’ means the same as ‘soteriological,’ but contains an etymological clue as to the meaning, while ‘soteriological’ is obscure, unlisted in my online dictionaries; a word for pedants, the kind of word Ezra Pound might have fit into one of his pro-Mussolini cantos.

      • Zman is smarter than you, better educated than you, and far better read than you. He has a deep intellect and an understanding of human nature that far surpasses any you will ever posess. He is indeed at times a pedant. If you think you can do better get your own blog.

  15. Soteriology? Jesus. (heh). Who ever-so-casually drops a word like that?

    That’s exactly why you rock, ZMan. Reading your blog is like reading a non-condescending W.F. Buckley. A dirt-person autodidact polymath, perhaps?

    You make this look easy (it’s not). Keep up the good work.

  16. Sure, theoretically Jews CAN be a part of white identity politics. They have shown themselves masters of disguising themselves as whites, when it suits them.
    But they HAVEN’T been, they AREN’T & they WON’T be a part of white identity politics. Because they see themselves as something besides white.
    Faggots like ZCuckMan think that professing friendship & love for Jews will win them over. He’s wrong.

  17. There is zero chance of Jews coming around to our side or simply that of Western Civ. If you look at Europe,being digested by the Muzzies, the Jews remain silent and when the Muzzie violence quotient gets too high they flee. However they are the first to condemn any movement by the locals to resist Islamic encroachment.

    We just need to view them as the enemy since they are pushing for our demise.

    “That does not change the essential message, which is that whites in America must come to terms with the realities of being a minority surrounded by hostile minority populations.”

    You do realize that such situations are only temporary and that a massive genocidal blood letting eventually follows once the Brownskins have both the numbers and political clout on their side.

    “Honky Question. There’s a reasonable debate to be had there, which is why it is important for people on our side to have these debates and discussions.”

    At this point the Jewish debate is a dead end. The Jews have made choices and we have to deal with it.

    What we need in terms of debates is how to prepare, organize and respond to the eventual shit storm that comes our way when we lose our political clout and protections and become a vilified minority hated by the elites+White Lefties+brownskins. There is no “live and let live” with this unholy crew.

    • What we need in terms of debates is how to prepare, organize and respond to the eventual shit storm that comes our way when we lose our political clout and protections and become a vilified minority hated by the elites+White Lefties+brownskins. There is no “live and let live” with this unholy crew.
      We can debate it until the cows come home but until there is enough pain to get people out of their comfort zone then we are just spinning in place…I wish it was different in that people would start being proactive instead of reactive…

      • The problem is a lot of whites have no idea how badly they are hated by Blacks and to a lesser extent Mexicans and Muslims.

        Here’s just one current example in Nevada

        This should scare the bright green piss out of folks. The cops flat out refuse to help the white locals. This is very bad.

        That being said, our white elites think they can cut a deal with these people and turn the U.S. into Brazil after crushing and vanishing Whitey. Here’s the problem – and this is a best case scenario: First off police will be like what you find South of the border – corrupt, violent and incompetent. You would have the cartels operating openly in the U.S. ; Clean water and power become very rare; food inspection and production drop; safe roads, bridges and, social safety net vanishes. The military just implodes as brownskins have no interest in it nor are capable or maintaining a 1st world military on any scale.

        • Yep I agree which is why I’m trying to build Community and urge others to do the same and if they can’t do that where they are at then to be moving to a place that it is possible…

    • Before there was an Israel to flee to Jews seemed to be much more patriotic. But at the same time a lot of them fled to ideological islands like communism.

      The demographic breakdown they have been bemoaning in Commentary for the last 20 yrs may be to our benefit. A majority of Jews are marrying outside their race and their identity is slowly disintegrating. Their kids even see the hypocrisy of being the smartest, wealthiest family on the block and still being given oppressed minority status when applying to an elite college, or being admitted into a profession or specialty. They see an end to it in their minds regardless as to the success of progressivism.

      At some point those kids are going to identify with the white race over the Jewish one. At that point it is game over.

      • If you’re talking about American Jews, a large majority of them aren’t religious (even if they “celebrate” Passover and Chanukah) and that’s been true for all the generations that grew up here after the pre-1924 mass immigration. Marrying outside Judaism hasn’t made any noticeable political difference. Not even a lukewarm Jew will marry an alt-right person. The couple will just share the supra-religion of progressivism.

        We can welcome the occasional stray Jew who is a committed champion of liberty of thought and speech. But it’s a fool’s errand to try to convert Jews to the alt-right or soften opposition to their cultural Marxism in the hope they’ll see the light.

      • “At that point it is game over.”
        Indeed, that point may arrive very SOON, if Oprah, T. Coates, J. Johnson, Dyson, etc., continue to get more known for spewing Honky Hate.

  18. Zed: I can upload the mp3s of this, your counter currents spot and the 2 Kevins interview somewhere if you need me to, bonus episodes for spreaker perhaps? So it doesn’t get lost.

    Edit: I went ahead and just did it:

    You would do well in a two hosts setup Z, maybe join up with the good Kevin who is now out of a gig, for a second weekly conversational episode.

  19. If by the honky question you mean getting the smartest and most talented white people to take the side of us white people I agree with you completely. Unfortunately I have as much hope for that as I do alt-jews winning over the rest of the jews.

  20. Thanks for the link to the debate between Tariq Nasheed and Jared Taylor – it made my afternoon. It was like “sports-porn”, when you enjoy watching your team beat a D3 team in the pre-season 119-63, with the walk-ons playing the second half.

    • That comment was premature. I’m still listening… call it 129-43, with the walk-ons playing the whole game…

    • That debate frustrated me to no end. Black people don’t understand logic or waiting their turn. A debate is not about talking over someone!

  21. There are alt-Jews and they are hated by their own.They are an extreme minority in that they have begun to think for themselves which is EXTREMELY DISCOURAGED. In that respect they are little better than Muslims who don’t report the extremists in their midst. Because ultimately both groups are tribalist before anything else. Muslims are allowed to kill apostates. Yes, I know, religion not ethnic group but, as with Jews, there is a great deal of overlap. They are both.

    • Better to simply refer to tribalism as such. Semitic people have it in spades. We take the sort of group-think and conformity popular to notice among well-heeled liberals to the nth degree when it comes to talking amongst ourselves and our ethnic leadership caste reflects that about as well as cuckoldry is reflected in the few remaining WASP elites which represents a deep pool of self-abnegation among the Anglo middle and working classes. Religion variously re-enforces this, but that simply produces a chicken and egg problem to dissect and that isn’t useful in the remaining time that white civilization has left.

      Bluntly speaking, I come down between Z and Mike. Mike is correct that the ball is in the diaspora court. There is no question what so ever that the Steven Pinkers of the world will get the last word on whether white societies crumble and jews are violently expelled from both Israel and the West by their new occupants (brown majorities) along with their similarly shaded white neighbors. There is simply nothing a dissident can do to pull the levers of power in the current paradigm, full stop and the diaspora is going to have to use their positon to start pulling if they want to avoid an unnecessary diaster.

      That being said, Mike needs to his own advice and watch for how Zionists treat Christian allies. They are mocked in certain circles, but they also work together and officially speak highly of one another. If anything this calls for the alt-* to speak incredibly well of Jewish alt-* as this applies more pressure on the diaspora to either purge themselves or face the music. You don’t have to even give someone like Frame a platform, much less leadership, but you would be unwise not to take the opportunity to promote him explicitly to other jews.

  22. Behind the paywall. Sad! But to be serious, @FrameGames (Frame Game Radio on various social media platforms) identifies as an Alt-Right Jew. There probably are others. I am also not an anti-semite, but it seems that if you don’t feel like turning cartwheels every time the IDF shoots an unarmed Palestinian in the back you’ll be called one. I do worry that Israel has way too much influence on US foreign policy and that we’re headed for war with Iran.

    • There are, in fact, non-trivial numbers of us. The problem is that people look for what they want to find… and, sadly, there is such close alignment between being “plopping Jews” here in America, and being Democrats / harder-Left, that it’s hard to tease the two apart.

      Speaking as a Zionist Jew, I’d LOVE IT if Israel was weaned from American support… if only to prevent the accusations that we’re secretly running America.

      Lastly, as to Iran, I fear a war is coming with them regardless – unless the regime can be flipped. I’ve been to Persia; wonderful people. I work with such a person – warm, friendly, very civilized. But they don’t currently call America the “Great Satan” for nothing, and Shia Islam calls for a worldwide Armageddon to bring their version of the messiah – to them, that’s not a bug but a feature.

  23. Looks like it’s behind a paywall. Youtuber, Framegames is a good example of a Jewish Right dissident who is good for our side. I know many exist but waiting for reinforcements from the younger ones now.

  24. Therefore, instead of expending energy on the JQ, a better use of time is to focus on the HQ – Honky Question. There’s a reasonable debate to be had there, which is why it is important for people on our side to have these debates and discussions.
    Ahh but then people would have to actually do something rather than complain and blame…We can discuss all we want to also but until effort is made to implement it we will be spinning our wheels…

    • When we turn to the HQ we ask why we as a people hold beliefs that kill our society. A big part of answering that question is asking who puts the propaganda in our heads from birth and why. Of course, we must solve the problem of why we are so susceptible to this propaganda but we can’t escape the question of who put it there and why. Two problems to solve.

      • Agree but you need solutions also that won’t freak the normies out and a way of implementing them…

        • A lot of normies are going to be freaked out regardless of what we say. Some will see the light and come over to our side. If we stay silent, that doesn’t happen.

          • It all depends on how it’s presented to them and how they perceive the person doing the presenting…

      • Because we’re genetically programmed to behave with honor. And to be truthful. And to be kind. All of these are easily turned against us and can cause us to behave in ways not compatible with group survival.

        • THAT is the big issue of ‘The Joo Question’ isn’t it. This thread and the replies. We are not being conquered, we are giving up without firing a shot. Why are we giving away our culture to them? And the moslems? And the Mexicans? And the Somalians? And the cucks? And, and, and…
          We need to rebuild our families and communities first. WE are the big problem as Z says. I think the first thing we have to do is dispense with this idea that anything we do to improve ourselves is politically incorrect and racist towards others.

          • How will you do that while the entire establishment churns out propaganda against it? I suppose as an outward face, ambiguity on the Jewish question works well for some sectors of the right, but in the end if you want to stop acting like a faggotty little slave and actually stand up, you can’t do that while simultaneously begging you master to just let you survive. The only way in which it would become acceptable for a people who wishes to become it’s own master can work with a master that is killing it is to deceive that master first and dispose of him later.

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