Happy Homelands

I will be on the Happy Homelands show hosted by RamZPaul and Tiina Wiik. The other guest will be Junes Lokka, a Finnish activist. The show will be in English, not Finnish, in case you were wondering. The show is a censor-friendly operation, which means the language and topics are what you would find on television. The format is current events, with an emphasis on topics related to nationalism and populism. You can post questions in the chat window. It is a one hour show and it is archived for later viewing.

Update: I had a great time. Thank you to Paul and Tiina for having me. It was very interesting hearing Junes talk about politics in Finland and the challenges they are facing with immigration. We tend to think that our issues are peculiar to our situation, but their deluded globalists are just as deluded as our deluded globalists. At the same time, it is invigorating to hear nationalists from other countries say the same stuff we say here in America. I also had my best NPR voice going so if you need help falling asleep…

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  1. US immigration laws were changed drastically in 1965. One could make the argument that by the end of the Jimmy Carter presidency, the majority of the electorate was asking for basically two things from their federal politicians; stop spending so much money, and curtail immigration. And you could argue that every President who won since fooled the electorate the best, although Obama is perhaps an exception because we needed to elect a black guy.

    So one argument is that especially with the MSM going full barking libtard, the next election will be a 1 issue vote on immigration. Which it should be, and should have been some decades ago.

  2. Why is it comforting to learn Finland has the same issues with the globalists we have here? I guess the same reason i was comforted attending the first Tea Party gathering on our local court house steps. Seeing half the town there sharing my opinions i guess enforces the adage “Misery loves company”. Good broadcast, thought provoking. Maybe a bit too long.

  3. Ram cautioned against virtue spirals on the Right. At 49:25, re. mixed marriage. It’s good that he did. Being so confident of being right, many on this side become ideological and narrowly moralistic and don’t even realize it. The preacher womanizes and thinks he couldn’t have sinned, because he’s a preacher. The Dissident Rightist gets ideological, and thinks he couldn’t have, because he’s Dissident Right. The Left’s ideology is the Future. The Right’s is the Past. If I hear one more Rightist say gay marriage is wrong because History, I’m going to use a very effective wrestling move on him.

    • There is some law of nature that people will not wrestle with their own opinions with the same zeal before they wrestle with others. Gay marriage is not wrong because HIstory. Gay marriage is wrong for all the reasons history did not record otherwise for several thousand years, including Greek pederast societies. Homosexual marriage, like open immigration, is only another invention to destroy the old culture by getting in your head. It’s working.

      • The gays haven’t done anything to my head. Until well into my adulthood I’d just assumed gays could get married since this was a free country, but they just didn’t, out of embarrassment or social pressure. Anyway, the gays won on the marriage issue. It’s done. You’re not going to unring that bell. The D-Right needs to focus on things they can still prevent while there’s time.

  4. For years there have been headlines like the following (in today’s context): “Critics agree Merkel is doing everything she can to promote peace and harmony in Germany – but mysteriously rape, murder, crime continue to skyrocket”. Upon reading conservative commentary of the day it was clear conservatives believed that. What? Believing obviously planted propaganda? Did conservatives actually believe Merkel was promoting peace and harmony? Are conservatives that dumb? Yes, they are! Hell, maybe I was one of the first people in the free world to notice. Years later, conservatives began whispering about maybe we should begin looking into immigration. Most conservatives believed that if the Nigerian immigrants would just get jobs and join country clubs the rapes of their daughters and murders of their sons might be reduced. Could that be possible? Yeah – today, anybody promoting an agenda that clearly results in more rapes and murders is participant to the rapes and murders…. people like Merkel – guilty. The globalists are holding a gun to the head of Western civilization and they’re pulling the trigger. You might not believe you’re at war with them, but they are fully at war with you.

  5. Kiitos Z !!!

    My wife is from Finland and have been visiting my cousin’s there for many years. Finland aka Suomi was something of a paradise before they joined the EU..

    Clean, white, impeccable manners and everything worked efficiently. In regards to Oulu there has been one priest pumping in africans for many yearrs. He brags about getting the natives to build churches in Africa ,but obviously helps them to seek asylum in Finland.

    We obviously have the same government stooges here in the US and need some sort of legal machine to go after them.

    P,S. The EU is trying to disarm the Finns even though they have a very active and popular gun culture. So unchecked immigration and disarmament seems to be the order of the day over there as well.

  6. Zman – you wrote,”…deluded globalists…” Deluded about what? I hear this all the time. Deluded? The globalists/Marxists are proactively working specifically to destroy peoples/countries. So where’s the delusion? They’re not out to “save the refugees” – they’re out to end your existence. The globalists wake up every morning reaffirming that the people who hold Western ideals are mortal enemies and wondering if they can hear the good news of the time and place of their deaths. The delusion is right here. This pervasive pretension that the globalists are just…not well informed… plays their game and gives them victory.

  7. I thought it went very well,great points made. I’m thinking Z has new plans for his next vacation, just need to get rid of the pesky Moroccan.

    I hate to push my match making luck here but you on Luke Ford’s podcast would be a good fit for his Friday night lounge in. Kevin Michael Grace and you together again is good listening as well informative.

    • I thought I saw something about Kevin Michael Grace working with Ford. That’s a regular thing now? Kevin’s old podcast was my first interview. That’s where I got the idea of doing a podcast.

  8. The Z in place of your image is a bit off putting. Maybe a pic of the four year old Zboy, or a grandfather that favors you. Loved the Finns. Crazy world out there.

    • I have no idea where the image comes from. Probably my gmail profile. If these sorts of things become more common, I’ll invest in a camera and all that comes with it. I tend not to watch these things, preferring to listen, so I just assumed most people do the same. The interesting thing about doing video is you don’t talk over people as much, because you can see when they are ready to talk and/or stop talking.

  9. “had my best NPR voice going” I’ve begun to suspect that ZMan has a face made for radio! The woman was getting impatient with the guy’s english. It was sorta funny.

  10. Watching the ‘Z’ symbol in the YouTube frame made me think what an awesome armband that would make. Half joking, but I wonder how many you could move through Zazzle or Cafe Press? T-shirts, definitely, the symbol alone, or maybe combined with the header image.

    You’re good live, interesting and engaging. A “Z-Man” livestream in your future?

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