My Shadow Grows

A bit I’m stealing from Steve Sailer is pointing out whenever people on the big stage “borrow” my material. I think it is funny how fringe material eventually finds its way into the hands of the more buttoned down types. Anyway, Jonah Goldberg has borrowed one of my lines for his latest column. If you put “pale penis people” into a google machine, I turn up a lot. It’s a line I started using on a mailing list back in the 80’s. The best bits are the ones that make a point and make you laugh.

This blog gets 20,000 unique visitors a month now. It is a small crowd compared the big sites, but I’ve been at it for just a year. Plus, I’m anonymous and have done little to promote the site. That’s a good number under the circumstances. I’ve been linked to some popular sites and a couple of famous people have mentioned the blog. I’m not in it for any reason other than my own entertainment so organic growth is fine by me.

I installed some tools last month to analyze my traffic. One of the strange things is the number of UK-based readers I have. Someone e-mailed me a while back and said something to the effect that my brand of content is not permitted in the UK so people go on-line to find it elsewhere. Apparently, the UK polices their part of the Internet. I don’t have anyway of know if that is true, but it makes some sense. I read the British tabs for the same reason. American papers don’t cover the stuff people find interesting. Instead they proselytize.

Of course, now that the maniacs from the Cult have discovered me, I may get unwanted attention. Kooks like the #stoprush crowd have been known to stalk bloggers. Many years ago when I had a blog (before there were bloggers) I had a stalker. The guy was a harmless nut, but you never know. The guy I just linked to is the type that ends up in the police blotter or the morgue. But, we’ll take that as it comes. Giving these crazies the heckler’s veto was always a mistake and one I would never go along with under any circumstances.

For now, a specter is haunting the ‘Net— the specter of the z-blog.


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5 years ago

I found your blog through the comments section at Marginal Revolution, and find half of your writing excellent and interesting. The rest — while I might disagree on the tone or substance — is good to read. Finding well-written opinions which challenge your own is often hard, and very necessary.

One thing that I find striking about your blog is the lack of coherent commenting from other readers.