The Mind of a Nutter

I read Karl Denninger daily. He’s crazy as an outhouse rat, but he makes a good point once in a while. His bizarre fascination with Blackberry is hilarious to me. His threats to ban posters who disagree with him are great theater. Some poor sap thinks he is dealing with a sane blogger and then Karl goes crazy on him for posting something Karl does not like. Most of all he is a great example of how conspiracy nuts think.

The decision was “no bill” which isn’t all that surprising — but I maintain that this case had to go to a petit jury and be heard in public — not in the “privacy” of a Grand Jury room.  The reason is this:

Wilson then fired another round of shots as Brown approached Wilson as if he was going to tackle the officer.

“Just coming straight at me like he was going to run right through me,” Wilson said. “And when he gets about … 8 to 10 feet away … all I see is his head and that’s what I shot.”

I cannot square that with the forensics — specifically, if Brown was coming straight at Wilson at a full charge, and he was shot in the process of that charge, being killed instantly as we know occurred from the forensics where is the damage to his knees, legs, arms and/or other body parts from falling forward onto pavement while at said full charge?

This is the problem that I cannot resolve between the testimony and the physical evidence and it deserves to be heard in public and resolved.

I believed and still do believe that only an indictment would lead to the exposition and determination of these facts, and thus whether Brown was lawfully stopped in the middle of his assault or was killed in an act of manslaughter or worse.

However, like it or not you have to respect the process.  If it’s broken (and I believe it is in circumstances such as this) we need to change that rather than looting and burning the town.

His bizarre use of bold and italics leads me to imagine someone banging away on their keyboard in a manic fit. His whole site reminds me of the early days of the Interwebs when people were first learning how to use HTML. If you could do it, you did it and the results were seedy and garish.

To the point. The conspiracy nut  is never satisfied. Karl spent a lot of time noodling over how the Gentle Giant was shot in the top of the head. Now we know. It was never that great of a mystery, but the conspiracy minded latch onto little inconsistencies like this and then build their grand theories from them. Originally, Karl was sure the autopsy contradicted the cops version of events. It  turns out that the evidence and witnesses back the cop’s version.

But, that’s not how the mind of a nutter works. They keep moving the goal posts whenever new evidence throws their theory for a loop. Now he says the grand jury should have charged someone they did not think committed a crime. That way the nutters can spend a year analyzing the evidence for signs the Illuminati are behind the whole thing. They just can’t except things for what they are. In this case, a cop shot a guy who was attacking him.

The wicked part of this line of argument we’re getting from the libertarian cult is that they reject the notion that their fellow citizens can figure out this stuff on their own. Good or ill, civil societies base their criminal justice system on the notion that common citizens can look at the evidence and judge the guilt or innocence of another citizen. It’s not perfect, but it is the best we can do. Rejecting the grand jury system is a rejection of the liberal model of criminal justice.

Therein lies the fundamental difference between the Old Right an everyone else. The Old Right was willing to accept bad outcomes, as long as the law is followed. All of these other guys will trample the law in order to get their desired result. As soon as you say the ends justifies the means, you’re on your way to the death chamber.

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James LePore
5 years ago

That the ends never justifiy the means is the basis of all morality. Great column.

5 years ago

ya the aspergers is strong with that one. I think with the blackberry thing he’s just egotistical enough to think he can pump a stock like the big boys on cnbc do. did he ever go ape shit about a company like he has with blackberry before he “founded the tea party movement”.

5 years ago

I swear I remember him saying he made a contract with some woman and that’s how he got his kid. just an all around strange guy.