Message From Derb

John has left the island:

Yes, I have departed from Taki’s Magazine rather abruptly. The departure was *my* choice, the result of some deliberations about better managing my time and workload, with no ill feelings towards TakiMag. The abruptness was *their* choice: I would have preferred a more graceful leave-taking, with proper notice to subscribers, but they decided otherwise.

My weekly column at the magazine will *not* be resurfacing elsewhere; that is part of my workload reorganization.

Radio Derb, however, *will* be back on the air August 1st, hosted by (but I believe there’ll be a dedicated tab at the top of the VDARE page).

If we get all technical wrinkles worked out over these few days, the sound file will be available via iTunes and possibly also via YouTube, as well as on-site. As before, it will be archived, with a full transcript, at my own website after a

two- or three-day interval.

Further information will be posted on my home page as things get sorted out.

I apologize for the disruption. I hope you will continue to tune in to Radio Derb at the new host site. I hope too that you will continue to read Taki’s Magazine, for whose hospitality and support I am for ever grateful.

I gather that John is scaling back his work. He is 70 now and probably thinking about how to best use the time he has remaining. He is still physically able to do the things he enjoys but at 70 you can never be sure that will be the case much longer so it is wise to knock as much off the list as quickly as you can.