My Shadow Grows

I’ve always found it entertaining when some big foot chattering skull borrows from a crime thinker on the fringe, always without attribution, and pretends he is edgy and bold. Steve Sailer is the most abused fringe guy out there because all the big shots read him and act like they never heard of him. There are plenty of others, but I spot his work in the mouths of others most often.

When you blog like I do, you never really know who is reading you because this is not a blog that will generate a lot of comments. It’s more of an essay site than a blog. I’m not fond of posting graphics or graphical representations of data so I don’t make for popular links. But, I am casting a shadow and you see it here in this Red State post. Clearly, the writer was inspired by me.

I’ve noticed my work popping up in comments sections more and more so I guess it is just the nature of things. Blog like this long enough and you get a steady readership, many of whom will post on other sites. Some will be paid to produce content. I’ve noticed a few times where professionally produce content reads a lot like my postings, but you never know if it is accident or deliberate so I don’t think much about it.

Important people noticing you is rarely a good thing. The Chinese curse, “May the government become aware of you” is the most vicious thing one can say to a person. Most fringe writers end up on the proscribed list the Cult keeps at the Southern Poverty Law Center so I should probably lay low. The last thing I need right now is to be called for Morris Dees to explain myself.

Still, it is flattering to see my shadow grow.

21 thoughts on “My Shadow Grows

  1. “I’m not fond of posting graphics or graphical representations of data so I don’t make for popular links.”

    Have to disagree here. I’ve been posting you on my Facebook page using quotes from your essays to grab attention. To the post, not to me. You have some good stuff here. Some great quotes I’m thinking of turning into memes.

  2. I prefer the essay format, because I don’t always have the time to keep up with comment threads. You are one of the premier sites for the medium form essay, which is not at all easy, as I’m sure you are aware. Some of the others I enjoyed have disappeared, or run down, or been folded into sites which have become less enjoyable (Hot Air, e.g.). Keep up the good work cranking out the free ice cream.

  3. Your essays and insights are original, thought provoking and many times laugh out loud hilarious. You are a daily read for me. The occassional days when I log in and find you have not posted something bring a twinge of disappointment. (I guess we all need a day off now and then…) Keep fighting the good fight, Z.

  4. Just curious, have you been able to maintain your anonymity? As your shadow grows the truths you tell are like a flashing signal to SJW types to out you on the internet. I hope you are in a situation in life where you can withstand the fallout from being outed.

    I never thought I would type something like that. What happened to my country?

  5. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!

    Thank you for the thought-provoking and funny essays.

  6. What’s that old saw about imitation and flattery? I think we all get infected by ideas / phrases that ring true to us. Being a Boston guy, I pick up some Howie Carr in your terminology from time to time– 3 on one is moonbat fun for example, but good turns of phrase are useful. My own pointless discourse with weirdos at work are sprinkled with stuff I read or hear from you and others, it’s a shortcut to drive home a point efficiently by us less creative sorts.

  7. Francis Bacon made an observation to the effect that adoration by the multitudes has a limiting effect upon the qualities that made the man in the first place. Limbaugh confirmed that axiom early in his career. Even being hated by multitudes did not balance out being adored by multitudes.

    And anyway, what could be more satisfying than occasionally spreading panic among a multitude of Hypocrites?

  8. Daily reader for more than six months. Was feedback editor for a site on Pentagon watch list, but Col. H. died and the organization lost focus. How do I get on the SPLC watch list?

  9. You cast a shadow, Z, because you tie together and re-frame the dog’s breakfast of insanity that swirls around us better than just about anyone. CML, for one. Progressives as the modern-day Puritans, for another. Certainly no one in the main stream media even attempts to make the connections.

  10. I found your site through a link from American Digest. You are now the first site I visit every day. You’ve moved up the list because most other sites are full of fluff and mainstream BS. You cut to the heart of the matter. I must also admit I have borrowed your “Cult” line when having discussions with Libs. You have the best essay site on the internet. Thanks…Z.

  11. Recently i commented:

    “Doomsday cultists used to wait for the mothership hidden away, now they are running the show, and one of them is even the president! ”

    Which reads like i stole it directly from The Z Man, thanks for the inspiration!
    Is talking about piety and the cult of modern liberalism already half plagiarism?

  12. The reason you cast a shadow, my friend, is that you dare to stand up when all others crouch down. Naturally, your shadow is longer…

    Keep up the essays. There is a lot of water between my side of the west and yours but I enjoy reading it all.

  13. Some pedantry: “May you come to the attention of those in authority” – it’s said – comes from the mouth of Ernest Bramah’s (d. 1942) immortal creation, Kai Lung.

    • I suspect there is some version of it going back to the dawn of time. I recall reading something similar dated to the bronze age that went something like “may the gods never take an interest in you.”

  14. Interesting you should point out Red State. I was banned as a poster by “streiff” about a year ago, apparently with extreme prejudice and in a sea of illiteracy and pigheadedness, for pointing out — with the support of several other commenters — that the US Military is being sorrily misused, and is in fact *not* defending the rights and freedoms of Americans, because they are not focused on the prime threat to the rights and freedoms of Americans. He apparently thought I was the type to have spat on Nam vets as they returned in ’72, because his reading comprehension skills were nearly nil that day.

    I’m done with Red State anyway — Erickson’s ridiculous behaviour with regard to Trump a few months ago was surrender in the face of the vandals, and I’ve got no patience for that sort of cowardice.

  15. Z,
    Your shadow is growing because you cleverly and succinctly cut the wind out of the moonbat armada with an intuitive optic of a surgeon’s scalpel…keep up the good work!


  16. Well, I wish you wrote even more essays, Z. I check your site frequently, greedy bahstid that I am, and pounce on new posts. I am not much of a commenter, inasmuch as I don’t feel I have that much to add to advance the discussion, but as you say, your blog is more about essay and less about dialog.

    Thanks for the essays, and God yes, keep your head down.

  17. “The Chinese curse, “May the government become aware of you” is the most viscous thing …”

    I think you meant “vicious”.

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