So, you want to be a shitlord?

The other day, someone sent me an e-mail in which they asked, “How long have you been a shitlord?” I had to laugh as I have not heard the term for a while. Just in case, I looked it up to make sure it had not morphed into something other than what I remembered. I’m assuming my correspondent was being complimentary. The term has gone through an own-the-insult transition where fringe weirdos use it to mock social justice warriors.

I’ve never really considered myself a provocateur, but I have no qualms about unloading on someone on-line. I got started on the interwebs in the days of Hayes modems and dial-up bulletin boards. In the olden thymes, the internet was much nastier and aggressive. Strategic use of personal attacks was a common way to unhorse someone in a debate. It’s why the Hitler card was so popular. No one likes being compared to Hitler. As a result, I can post some horrible things on occasion in comment sections.

Of course, terms like shitlord are following the same road as alt-right. The Overton Window has swung so far to the left that the space to the right is something close to a majority. Public debate is so narrowly confined that vast stores of human knowledge, as well as most of observable reality, have been deemed heretical. What some are calling alt-right is what we used to call normal. Noticing stuff now makes you a shit-poster.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend the alt-right is a thing that has definable contours and limits, with a set of unifying concepts holding all the parts inside. As a proud member of the alt-right, you want to be a shitlord. Offending people has some value, but in order to win converts, you have be something more than offensive. That’s the thing to keep in mind. Simply being a dick just makes you a dick. What freaks out the squares is someone that is both offensive and convincing.

The big thing the fringe-right has going for it is humor. Red pill types are smart and take pleasure in making sport of the people running the media. The fringe-right is probably making progress mostly because some of the prominent agitators on-line are hilarious. Watching a guy like John Rivers troll progs on twitter is about as much fun as you can have on twitter. Conservative Pundit has turned mocking Buckley Conservatives into an art form. Donald Trump is on the road to the White House because his zingers make people laugh.

Another bit of advice is to never complain and never explain. Vox Day, for example, is correct that “white genocide” is a non-starter. Fair or not, the narrative of white supremacy is etched into the DNA of modern Americans. Complaining about how the dusky folk are being mean to the honkies is always going to sound like whining and nobody respects a whiner. Mass movements win converts when they are cocky and confident and no one sounds cocky when they are pissing and moaning about the unfairness of it all.

The other half of this is never explain. There are more than a few crazy people hanging around the fringe. That’s always the way. The defenders of the status quo will seek out these people and try to make them the face of the movement in order to discredit you. The #nevertrump loons love this gag. The other day, one of them tried hard to get me to agree that some Trump voters are anti-Semites. I called the guy a bigot for claiming all Jews stick together. I was not going to waste time explaining Ricky Vaughn to anyone.

That’s the other thing. Always be on attack. In a culture war, there are two modes, offense and defense. That’s why the Left is always pushing into increasingly bizarre causes. They have to be on offense. Otherwise, they have to go on defense. If you take the red pill and decide to go shitlord, attack, attack, attack. David Horowitz is a veteran at this and he just dropped an anvil on Bill Kristol’s head. He is doing to Kristol what Kristol did to Buchanan. That’s how you go on offense.

Horowitz is a good guy to read as he spent a lot of time in radical politics so he knows how to play hardball. What he understands and what comes through in his column, is there can be no enemies to your Right. The Left perfected this strategy. They never spent a second defending or explaining the extremists on their Left. Instead they focused attention on their enemy, forcing him to complain and explain. The radicals these days are on the Right and the same tactics apply. No enemies to the Right.

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  1. I am a newcomer to The Z Blog, but have encouraged people to begin reading it. Found this article from the June 2017 Diary. Never heard of shitlord before. Looked it up and this article was sixth in the google search list. Also, tried to follow John Rivers on Twitter (never heard of him before today) but his account has been suspended by Twitter. Go figure. The leftist thought police and ardent defenders of free speech strike again.

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  5. I learned early, and earned early, many a righteous badge in the heat of conflict long before there was anything “social” about media. I love the fray and miss the flame wars of old. *sigh* Nowadays it’s hard to find someone who’ll debate honestly and give an opponent their due –or the back of their verbal hand. It was not made for SJWs who needed fainting couches. You learned fast or you got out of the way.

    • Fark, Reddit, Chans, and so many other sites allowed us to explore our Universe.
      Also the Fart Jokes, and ASCII pron.
      Dang, I follow at least 3 JOA’s, one of them may be you.

  6. Great! Having spent most of my working career in utilities, most of that in water and waste water (Glossing over the years I spent in coal fired power plants personally causing global warming.) I can crybully the Zman for if not cultural, at least for vocational appropriation: You sir, are not a shitlord, I was a REAL shitlord! 😉

    & speaking as a professional ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶l̶o̶a̶d̶ shitlord, I’m quite impressed by the shitstorm building up around the Horowitz/Kristol thingy, especially the antisemitism charges aimed at Horiwitz.

    • Well, he used what is essentially the ‘uncle Tom’ argument. No different from racist blacks calling black conservatives ‘uncle Tom’ or from London’s new mayor’s calling truly moderate Muslims (who abhor Islamism) ‘Uncle Toms’.

  7. Well, Ben Shapiro has talked about how the left is always on the attack and that one has to hit back twice as hard.
    That was his method when he faced Piers Morgan.
    There’s no point, he said, trying to have an intellectual discussion with someone who sticks to insults. If the right lets the left say it’s mean and immoral without striking back, then the right will get clobbered.
    The way I see it, the issue of transformative mass-Muslim immigration offers the perfect platform for pointing out the leftists are taking an immoral position, preening their feathers at no personal cost while others in the West end up paying. Those in favor of this immigration will not even bother learning the names of women raped and molested as a result of this immigration, nor will they learn the names of those killed in the West by Jihadists let into the West.

    It used to be that if you wanted to propose self-sacrificed, you sacrificed your own comfort, not that of others.
    So if someone wants to help Muslims in the middle-east (and I certainly do not), he is welcome to move there for a while, teach them medicine, or he can stay in the West and give as much of his own money to them as he wishes.

    Having said which, the left needs to acknowledge they host extremists and the right can also keep what are known (rightly or wrong) as ‘right wing extremists’ at arms length. That would be best. Just don’t let them conflate you with extremists. Churchil and De Gaule would certainly have been opposed to mass Muslim immigration, had anyone been unhinged enough to suggest it.

    • Ben Shapiro is nothing but a neocon operative burrowed into the heart of the right wing, the type of individuals Jefferson called sappers and miners. They throw the dogs enough bones to make them grateful.

  8. “The big thing the fringe-right has going for it is humor.”
    Some of the best comedy today is being produced on the Alt-right. Anybody who listens to The Daily Shoah knows that Morrakiu is funnier than just about anything you will find in the mainstream media today. His “Merchant Minute” segments are red-pill comedy gold, and his song parodies are sublime.

  9. I agree, the left never criticizes its extreme voices, whereas the right has tried so hard for so long to curry favor with the left that it’s melded with it.

    • What’s defined Buckle Conservatism over the years is a war on the Right and groveling to their Left. The example I like to use is talk radio in the 80’s. Liberals hated guys like Limbaugh with a passion. Good conservative therefore avoided talk radio for a long stretch, because it was not who they were. Yet, they would gladly sit on a TV chat show and be assaulted by three liberals who called them Hitler.

      Even today the prestige conservatives avoid talk radio and mixing it up on-line. The NR writers have more people blocked than followers on twitter.

      • I’ve never understood this “we’re above all that, old sport” posture. Poison gas attacks stopped in WWI because each side knew the other would retaliate in kind. Same thing with nukes – the only reason they haven’t been used yet is the iron-clad certainty of nuclear retaliation. These people are trying to take your job, turf out your family, and make you a social pariah, all while calling you worse than Hitler, and you…. wag your finger at them? Make a frowny face? What kind of “principle” is that? (That’s another big benefit of the Trump phenomenon — it’s not a “principle” at all, of course; the NR types are just playing their assigned role in the kabuki show, and now it’s so clear nobody can miss it).

        • It’s because so many in the conservative movement were actually controlled opposition. You see them now in the “neverTrump!” movement. They’ve yapped for decades about conservatism, and talked about how Hillary is the embodiment of evil who will take away guns, internet freedom, etc. etc. And they are right. And now they are going to sabotage Trump to give the election to Hillary? Why? Because Trump (and to be fair, Bernie) are the only candidates that aren’t for sale to those who really run things.

        • Trump chose Savage as his radio voice, and the rest came running to get Trump on their shows. Major score for Savage. He proved that backing Trump was a winner. Yes, he supported Trump from the start, to the cheers of this listener.

        • The savage heart of Michael Weiner beats Prog hot and often escapes through his mouth to be recaptured within the space of thirty seconds. To borrow from Chesterton, his politics are bonded to conservatism as polished steel is to rust.

  10. “What freaks out the squares is someone that is both offensive and convincing.”
    Hmmmm…I say, it’s the danger of being convincing, or even simply engaging, that makes one offensive
    to the Dunning Kruger folk.

  11. I tough you’re smarter than this Z, Horowitz is just trying to save the Neocon movement from its rightful obliteration, if the Neocons are smarter they could just work with Trump instead of going bananas and sabotaging the Republican Party like they’re doing now.

    There is nothing special about Horowitz “former radical” background, this is the standard life story of pretty much Jewish Neocons who are still Trotskyists in their way of thinking.

    • If you don’t think there’s anything special about Howorwitz’s “radical background” you don’t know much about it, Ramparts, Scanlon’s, the FSM, the VDC, SNCC, SLATE, the Black Panthers and their multiple murders, Free Huey, the drug scene in Berkeley/Oakland late 60s early 70s, Bettina Aptheker, People’s Park, Pacifica Raido, American communism or much of anything. As an associate and eyewitness I can assure you that your are just talking out of your ass.

    • I wonder why neocohens are going crazy over Trump too. The logical course of action would be to buddy up to him, sabotage his term, then say “I told you so!” and get back to running stooges. Unless there is something that is happening or needs to happen in the next few years.

  12. One advantage on our side is that you don’t have to deal with the cognitive dissonance thing, as you take it to the other side. Things are what they are, which can be invigorating.

  13. Ah yes… Hayes Modems and BBS stuff. Loved that sound it made. Like “jacking in” in Neuromancer. Much too quiet these days. The the BBS listings in the back of, what, Computerworld? Big thick mag printed on newsprint. That and The Source and Compuserve at a mere $12 per hour. Fidonet! Good times.

  14. Alynski’s rules for radicals are like tracers, they work both ways. He was right about ridicule being a powerful weapon. Been a lot of fantastic agitprop from the right of late, some is brilliant work.
    Cultural marxists are really their own worst enemy, they make enemies out of the worst people you don’t want to make enemies out of too. They also run out of people to Kulak like they run out of other peoples money also.

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