A recurring theme outside the fever swamps is the growing collection of things that everyone knows, but we’re not allowed to discuss. I think a lot of it is simply due to the emerging religion of the post-national West trying to work out the orthodoxy. It’s hard to hail the triumph of egalitarianism when clearly most people are not equal. While that’s being hammered out, you’ll not notice it – or else.

On the other hand, every human society has things it carefully places in its blind spot. Reality is simply too big and complicated to be anything other than messy for self-aware mammals. Religion used to solve this by blaming the gods, but now we just politely refuse to talk about those intractable or inconvenient aspects of human existence. Just for fun I thought I’d make a post of some of them.

Black people commit a lot of crime: The recent unrest in American ghettos has been great material for the TV news channels. The only thing better than burning buildings is seeing people loot the building first then set it ablaze. If they are doing it during the day it is even better as you can then get great closeups of the rioters.

The trouble is all the people doing this are black. In America, everyone knows black people commit an outlandish amount of crime. If you see black males on the street, everyone, including black people, assume they are up to no good. It is something everyone knows, but we choose not to discuss. When we are forced to talk about it, some other unrelated issue is brought into the discussion so we can talk about that, rather than the crime figures.

No one wants their kid to be gay. All parents say they are just happy if their kids are healthy. That’s mostly true, but no parent wants their kid to turn out to be a happy healthy homosexual. All of those pious Progressives haranguing us about the gays privately hope they never have to be in the same room with a gay, much less have one in the family. There’s a reason for all of the gay ghettos in places like New York, Boston and San Francisco.

Gay men are mostly assholes. Life for homosexuals is not a lot of fun. Unlike everyone else, their pool of potential mates is infinitesimally small. A normal man makes a pass at a women and it is not big deal if she is offended. A man makes a pass at a man and it is big trouble if the other guy is not into dudes. Life for gay people is not a lot of fun and that’s what makes them so unpleasant. We all know this, but what’s the point of saying anything about it? They are what they are and that’s punishment enough.

Lesbians are surly and unattractive. The pornography industry has convinced a lot of men that lesbians are hot super models or the girls down the hall, if you can just get them drunk. Of course, lesbians in the press avoid the normal kit as they know how TV works. Viewers want to see attractive people. That means lantern-jawed men and model quality women.

In real life, lesbians look like the guy who paved your driveway. They have bad haircuts and wear men’s clothes. For some reason, they like wearing men’s jeans and flannel shirts. Younger ones will have a face full of fishing tackle and tattoos. To add to the unpleasant visage, they are surly and miserable people. I’ve trod this earth a long time and I have yet to meet a sunny, bubbly lesbian.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Education policy and all of our debates about crime, poverty and the underclass are all based on something we know is nonsense. That thing is the belief that the kid will grow up to be something different than his parents. The fact we all know is that almost all kids turn out to be, more or less, like their parents.

Public policy is based on the belief that the right teacher, the right program, the right social worker will magically overcome biology. We all know this is nonsense, but we go along with it because it beats the alternatives. The rare exception of the kid overcoming bad parents makes us feel good so we go along with the lie, even though everyone suspects it is a mistake.

Men are not all that interested in what women have to say. Here’s another biology issue. Males are programmed to seek mating opportunities. We fight one another, fight strangers, perform in public and do all sorts of things to increase our chances of mating. Whatever it takes to bag a female we will do. That includes pretending to care about what a woman has to say on most subjects.

The hard cold truth is women are bred for having and raising children. Men are bred for battling other males for the chance to reproduce. It’s why we used to say that men will trade money for sex and women will trade sex for money. The biological ends of men and women are the same, but the means are vastly different and neither side can offer much in the way of advice to the other, with regards to the means.

My guess is women don’t care what men have to say either, but most men assume that anyway. Women seem to think we are supposed to care what they have to say so we have all of these rituals where men pretend to care what the hot women in the office is saying about sales, but he is really just thinking about banging her.

The most bigoted people in America are black. In fact, blacks are actively encouraged to wear their prejudices on their sleeve. Every black comic does bits on white people. Famous black people put a lot of effort into “keeping it real” so they can be clear that they are not down with the blue-eyed devil. How many times have you heard a black guy say something like, “It is a black thing, you wouldn’t understand”?

What makes this most absurd is we also pretend that blacks are biologically incapable of being racist or prejudiced. No one, for example, ever says that Al Sharpton is a racist, because that’s not permitted. We all know that he is a hate-filled carbuncle of a man, but he’s black so we don’t say he is a racist.

Jews do run things. If you look around, it is not hard to notice that men of the tribe occupy a disproportionate amount of the nation’s high ground. Hollywood is run by Jews. The media is all run by Jews. Finance, obviously. Look at the list of richest 1000 and you see that 30% are Jews. It’s not a conspiracy or part of some master plan run from a secret location in Israel. Jews are just a wildly successful people.

Western societies reward intelligence and Jews are the smartest group of humans on earth. That means more of them will be equipped to succeed in a modern society, relative to their numbers, than we’ll see with other groups. Having smart people in charge of your country is a good idea so everyone goes along with it and never mentions it. The last time people noticed the Jews were in charge, a lot of bad things followed so we pretend not to notice.

Most people should not be allowed to vote. Paying attention to public affairs is tough stuff. First off, it’s boring. Thinking about the big game is a lot more fun than thinking about tax policy or abortion policy. Even if you have an interest in it, there’s so much bravo sierra in the media it is hard to keep track of things. Even smart people fall into lazy habits of rooting for Red Team or Blue Team without thinking about it.

Most people are not smart. In fact, most people are average to below average. We’re a country that lets retarded people vote. We all know this is a terrible idea, but we go along with it anyway. We hope that when it matters the serious people who know the right answers will also have the ability to convince the dumb people to pull the right lever. But, most of us suspect it would be better to just let the smart people vote, but we keep that to ourselves.

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  1. Okay, I started to think that this was an over-the-top (or maybe under-the-bottom) parody when I got to the line about not listening to “the hot woman in the office talk about sales”… someone in the workplace talking about work would be the worst possible example of a woman men have no reason to listen to.

    Then I got to the end and the bit about how most people are average to below average, and I knew it.

    For those who aren’t in on the joke: Obviously most people are average to below average. That’s the way an average works. But the statement “most people are average to above average” also works. Since roughly half the population will be below average and roughly half will be above it, whichever side you attach the actual average range to will make up the majority.

    For playing out the ridiculousness of the positions to a hilt, I give you an A+, but as useful satire, I can’t give you more than a C-. Good satire does more than hold up shoddy thinking to show how shoddy it is. It must say something new.

    • Imagine ten people. One of them has a thousand dollars in his wallet; the other nine have a hundred each. What’s the average value of the money in their pockets? $190. That means 90% of them, in economic terms, are below average.

      That’s how averages work.

      This wasn’t satire. It wasn’t even over-the-top. Just obvious, hence the title.

      • That’s not how average intelligence works in large populations. There is no random outlier who can tilt the average. The mean and the median are the same here. So not only is your satire bad, but your understanding of how math works is well below average.

    • The vast majority of blacks and hispanics don’t have the “cause and effect” gene required for “productive” evolution.

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  3. Mokita – my wife and I refer to it as a nonservation, as in a non-observation. Those things which the average person observes but is better off pretending they don’t.

    My wife has taught public elementary school for 20 years, with classes ranging from 30% to 50% black. With a nod to the exceptions (which are, after all, exceptions) the black children are minimally cared for, uninterested, incurious, intractable, hostile, lacking in respect, fatherless, and frequently have combative mothers possessing giant chips on their shoulders. Additionally, they have little to no hope for the future. The standard elementary school exercise on fantasizing and talking about “what you want to be when you grow up” is missing in many of the black children. They live in communities where the grown ups don’t really do anything.

    And these are kindergartners to 3rd graders. Talk to any recently retired kindergarten or 1st grade teacher about the steady decline of abilities in incoming students and it is almost impossible to stay hopeful for the future.

    But nobody can talk about it. It is an anecdotal nonservation. Instead lets spend obscene amounts of money closing the “digital divide”, because if they all had high speed internet and free ipads we could turn the whole thing around.

  4. Jews are Scam artists — always have been and always will be.

    Were they “Wildly Successful” in their ghettos? No, they had no one to scam but themselves. Banking and Loans…Jewish? The Fed…Jewish? Are Jewish created loans, bonds, stocks good for a non-Kosher “White Society”? Like the hot chick in the office…. 90% of non-Jews don’t give a crap about the current Jew “whine” over White people or Multi-Culturalism.

    Here on this blog, name all the good Jews that are demonstrably helping non-Kosher “Whites” in Finance, Media, Science, etc. I bet you cannot get a list of even 100 scam-artist, er…Jews showing good faith. They’ll B.S. about it all day though. Jews are the eternal parasite. Without them around, non-Kosher White Lives demonstrably improve.

    • What a brilliant observation by an obvious sad, jealous and possibly impotent schmuck who probably blames others such as Jews for his/her sad life.

      • Yes that’s it. People who don’t like to be victimized by crime are just jealous of the jews. If only we could all be so ugly!

    • 30% Jews in a list of rich people means 70% non-Jews in that same list. How can 30% control the other 70% who are equally strong? Jews: disproportionately successful, yes; run things, no.

    • If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way. Properly the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also way out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous fight in this world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself and be excused for it. The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmity of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind.

      Mark Twain

    • Jews (and Asians) seem to be demonstrably smarter than us poor Caucasians..but they are also cohesive. Try competing with a Mormon in Salt Lake City and you will understand. My small community has just a handful of Jews, but they studiously patronize each other in employment and commerce. It’s like playing against a partnership. But it is a successful strategy. Just ask the Masons.

    • JACKPOT! you win the prize, sir. Talmud-zios are the harbinger of ruin in all things they come in contact with — look around since the flood of eastern euros back in the early part of the 20th century.

  5. Another mokita: All gun control advocates must parasitically rely on other law-abiding citizens, aside from police, bearing firearms for their own personal safety.
    That’s why you never see even the most staunch gun control/gun confiscation advocate post a “GUN FREE ZONE” sing on their house.
    Gotta keep the bad guys guessing and that means you’re relying on others to actually be armed.

    • Amazing how pretty much every country but the US of A manages without an armed (and delusional) populace who think that they are “good guys with guns”. Yes, pacifists rely on (trained) and armed folk to defend them and can reasonably be accused of hypocrisy.
      Gun nuts? You are 99% delusional and wouldn’t know a gun fight from a hole in the head. Which is what youd get / create in an innocent if you were dumb enough to get involved.

      • The Soviet Union also “managed” for 70 years “without an armed (and delusional) populace”. Would you have liked to be part of that populace?

        Just managing is not all it’s cracked up to be.

        BTW, the first thing the Soviet hierarchy did was confiscate all the guns of their delusional populace.

      • 60% of all gun deaths in the U.S. are suicides. America has lots of guns, but it is not among the nations with the highesrt suicide rates. People will kill themselves with or without guns.
        Second, compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. has a pretty low homicide rate. Go to to see the homicide rates around the world. At 4.88 per 100,000 population America ranks pretty low.
        Also, America’s rate of homicide by firearms is the same as Europe’s low rates if you break it out by race. Firearm deaths by European Americans is about the same as European Europeans. America’s numbers are so high because the rate of homicide by firearm by African Americans is multiples of that of whites. This derived from the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control. See
        It is not the Second Amendment nor the number of guns in America. It is the makeup of its people.

  6. Man, you’ve been reading my mind! What you’ve written is exactly what I, and perhaps another 100 million middle-age white males have been thinking for 30 or 40 years. Very good work my man. As a matter of fact, President Thomas Jefferson originally only wanted land-holders to be able to vote. That way, they would vote their best interests as opposed to the moron Negros who are bused to the polls these days, handed 10 bucks and told to vote for number 3. It sickens me to think where we’re going as a country.

  7. Most countries, cultures, and societies are way below average. For example, only one in ten thousand literates read this blog. Sad.

  8. O.M.G.
    Just about perfectly spot on. I could only add one little observation – the underlying operating system in this era, as it spirals into anarchy, is self-righteousness on steroids. Those who have risen to power over us, are deluded to believe they are right and because they are right and thus the dirt people are just wrong, they will bring about the final Utopia so that all can partake in the ultimate rightness of being whether anyone else likes it or not!

    I’m gonna bookmark this blog.

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  10. Has anyone read “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift? Many readers in that era took him seriously and screeched out their condemnation, when all he wanted to do was draw attention to the gorilla in their national “living room” – the horrific treatment of the Irish by the British government. And it worked too, though the Brits failed to act, a benefit to the U.S. since many of those same suffering Irish came to the U.S. instead, making us the better for it… But make no mistake, Swift’s really vicious satire was intended to outrage and shock people because that was the only way to force them to rethink their deeply held utterly bankrupt preconceived biases… Kinda like now…

  11. Mokita: Our two party system is a facade, the words “Republican” and “Democrat” carry no valid definition. Instead of describing two parties, the words have come to characterize two costumes worn by members of the same party that hold meaningless elections.

  12. Your hatred of blacks is sickening. Comparing a freaking comedian to actual bigots in authoritative positions is actually laughable. Nevertheless, we all need a scapegoat.
    My goal for this great country is that the “Arabs” and/or Hispanics/Mestizos/Latinos, or whatever you want to call them, treat you anglo’s and jews with the same compassion as blacks have been treated though out this nations prodigious history.
    Why the disgust towards black people? Have any harmed you in anyway? Because I could give countless examples of harm released against me by the Caucasoid population.

    • Stop whining. Anyone with eyes and common sense can see that something is terribly wrong in black communities. Can’t keep blaming it on whites all your life.

    • anti galleta’s comment is very instructive – but in the manner of a specimen display, not for its content.

      Rather than engage the points made, a.g. cries “hatred” and “disgust”, then tries to make the issue about personal harm to one individual rather than societal observations, while simultaneously having the cheek to wish pain on millions of other people. This is very poor sportsmanship. Not at all rational discourse.

  13. Excellent article. The only thing I’d disagree w/ is some of what you said about the jews. There are 2 problems w/ jews being in charge. 1 is that they aren’t just random people who percolate to the top; they are a self-recognizing interest group that consciously advances their group at the expense of others. Whites actually outperform jews in Harvard, yet jews still get admitted in vastly greater numbers, because they know its a shortcut to riches and influence. (check out “Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald for more info on jewish cooperation as a survival trait)
    Example: SCOTUS Elena Kagan hired almost all jews when she worked at Harvard.
    Example: Jews control the Fed Reserve. Jews are ~15 of top 20 hedge fund managers, who rely on Fed Reserve info. Academics have proven that the Fed leaks information on such a regular basis that it can be tracked from market reaction. The jew-run media doesn’t report on any of this.

    Furthermore, their high IQ tends to favor the verbal rather than the rational, which is the opposite of whites. Jews use their high verbal IQ to fluster and flummox people to get into power, but then they don’t have the rational IQ to make logical decisions (even if they wanted to, rather than just to help their co-ethnics.)

    A great example of this is almost every episode of Tucker Carlson. Virtually all of his guests are high verbal IQ jews who babble utter nonsense, and are incapable of understanding Tucker’s nuanced questions.

  14. No one, for example, ever says that Al Sharpton is a racist, because that’s not permitted. We all know that he is a hate-filled carbuncle of a man, but he’s black so we don’t say he is a racist.

    I do. I routinely call Al Sharpton an infected pimple on the ass of life. He’d have to seriously up his game to be merely useless.

  15. Jews aren’t THAT smart. Average mean IQ is… what? 111? Since they make up about 5% of the total population, there still are nowhere near as many +1 and +2 and +3 and above standard deviation over mean IQ Jews in America as there are whites. The math and probability simply don’t add up to them being what you claim that they are.

    The reason that they’re so successful is because they are cultural incompatible with Anglo-Saxon culture–they don’t have the same values, and their culture is not a high trust culture like ours. Plus, they tend to seek out rent-seeker occupations, and use their tribalism and nepotistic tendencies to put more of their own in place in said positions, and then change the rules to favor themselves. And because Anglo-Saxon culture is relatively naive, we let them, because if they were Anglo-Saxons, we’d know what to expect from them. But they aren’t.

    We’re not OK with letting them run things because they’re smart. We’ve been kinda suckered into letting them run things because they act like they’re one of us.

    There’s a reason that the Jews eventually get tossed out of most societies in Western civilization. If you listen to them, since they’ve taken over much of academia and have literally written the histories to suit themselves, it’s because of bigotry or jealousy or something like that.

    They never mention the fact that they tend to be very poor guests and wear out their welcome with the hosts. Read about the Jews during the Reconquista sometime. The reason they were expelled from Spain was because they were spies and informers on the side of the caliphate.

    • “Average mean” IQ is redundant. And it’s not 111. Average IQ is 100. By definition.

      Have you hosted many Jews? What do you normally do when they wear out their welcome?

      Nice shades.

  16. Mokita is as ancient as it is new. If it is true that life forms have dormant DNA that is activated with time and condition, could there be a relationship between brain activity and awakening genetic properties. When this process is better understood, it could be used in the advancement of human evolution. Problems are the spurs of evolution, and evolution is the crux of the problems you describe. The more evolved are Chinese handcuffed to the less evolved in the leminiscate of life, as they are cursed with the crime of noticing.

  17. “As a matter of fact, President Thomas Jefferson originally only wanted land-holders to be able to vote.” — Old Smokey


    Ok, and then when the Jew war starts, all the “moron negroes” and landless whites with no firm stake in the nation would gladly march off to die in it?

    I don’t think so.

    They would turn their weapons on the land holding white men.

    Just sayin

  18. Lordy ZMan,
    To judge by the comments, you are playing with some heavy hitters (mostly). You deserve no less. Your writing is mountain air to my city lungs.
    I do not like negroes because, almost universally, they will not engage in their own defense (assuming they have any). Their entire game is the bitch. Without the bitch, they got nothin’. It is a constant amazement to me that so many still pay attention to their noise.
    Consolidate your musings in book form. Please. I’d buy copies for family and friends.

  19. Women aren’t usually interested in what other women have to say. I used to listen to a talk radio show hosted by two men. When one of the men was replaced by a woman, I turned it off. She detracted from the conversation.

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