Essential Knowledge

This is an ongoing series of posts that are the result of a discussion about books and essential reading lists. Instead of generating a book list, these posts are about the topics, concepts and skills that modern educated person should know. Given the age in which we live, books are no longer the only source of knowledge so podcasts, blog posts and other internet resources are included in the source material linked in these posts.

Essential Knowledge: Part I

Essential Knowledge: Part II

Essential Knowledge: Part III

Essential Knowledge: IV

Essential Knowledge: Part V

Essential Knowledge: Part VI

Essential Knowledge: Part VII

Essential Knowledge: Part VIII

Essential Knowledge: Part IX

Essential Knowledge: Part X

14 thoughts on “Essential Knowledge

  1. Americans,
    sadly you are doomed. Too many and too much of everything. Excess is degenerative. For example: If you have birthday cake every day of the week, how will you know it is a special celebration once a year on your birthday?

    Why on Earth was Zion allowed to take control? No. That is incorrect: Why on Earth was Zion given control? I would very much like a real American to explain this. Particularly in light of the events of 1945, Operation Paperclip and the like.
    Everything that Israel does no matter how loony or even immoral, is acceptable to America.

    There seems to be some hope for you, though. Someone, embedded somewhere fairly high up in the rarefied elements of controlling government, loves you. That entity appears to be redirecting efforts to root out countrywide militias, groups & organisations fighting back against the ZOG in which they themselves tread water. It matters not who they are but, for goodness sake, help them to help you. Take care with your Internet travels. Clear up before and after yourselves. Leave no trace. Remember that there are dedicated units in the FBI, whose sole purpose is to bring you down – by gathering information & evidence. Naturally, if there is no evidence then …
    This goes for Real Life meetings, phone calls, letters, et al. It is not paranoid to protect yourselves and any movement/s you may be a part of, by practicing common sense. Not leading those who are watching straight to the entrance of the bat cave. In Cold War times this was known as Dry Cleaning. Look it up. It may well be of enormous help.

    Best of luck, America. It is deeply ironic that 246 years ago you fought a war against Britain to free America from some notion of servitude to the British. What a pity. Imagine how great the world would be today had 1776 not happened the way it did. America & Britain could have continued to civilise the world. Instead, in the last 76 years (the lifespan of an average northern hemisphere human incidentally) the world has had a variety of different influences –from the East in particular and consequently, begun to go to Hell in a hand cart.

  2. Hi Zman, I notice that the last item on this list reads “11 THOUGHTS ON “ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE” will that be a link/further reading too?

  3. “Alistar Cooke’s America” is the America that many Boomers were taught in school.
    The video documentary is worth the effort to watch 🙂

    • I think the Bible is essential reading….i dont like the modern versions…too many different versions and translations that make it almost useless….the closer you get to the original language it was written in the better.

    • We live in a self-absorbed ‘I know it all’ culture. Leaning on wisdom of the ancients has been shunned for so long most people are not even aware of their ignorance or even the need of relief from themselves. Sad.


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