My Theory of Everything

I decided to bundle up these posts into one place. Some are better than others but they make for a good starting place if you wish to know the mind of the person behind this blog. The titles are intended to be a bit tongue and cheek, but the topics are serious, perhaps even a bit dull. Even though they are numbered, I have no order in mind for the topics. They were posted in the order in which I felt like writing them.

My Theory of Everything: Part I: This post is what got this series started. The two modes of thought and the dominant mode of thought in America.

My Theory of Everything: Part II: After the first post, which was already too long, I wanted to address an alternative way of viewing life held by a great number of American, just not many in the ruling elite.

My Theory of Everything: Part III:The univeralist mind and the defects of of the ruling elite’s worldview. The same sort of errors keep happening in foreign and domestic policy and the roots are in a universalist worldview.

My Theory of Everything: Part IV: After the great wars in Europe, America became the first money empire in world history. That made us rich, but it came with a price.

My Theory of Everything: Part V: The weaponization of race is probably the most lethal cultural development in American history. It’s a toxin that has poisoned the culture from top top bottom.

My Theory of Everything: Part VI: My Dungeons & Dragons theory of societal evolution. This is a long rejection of reductionism, a popular defect on the Right.

My Theory of Everything: Part VII: The cost of accumulated solutions to the problems facing society.