The Z-Blog Power Hour: The Bad Podcast

This week, the podcast stinks. For some reason it was just not coming to me and I struggled getting it done. Hence the title. That’s the thing you have to learn in all endeavors is that sometimes, good enough is good enough. On the other hand, you will always be your harshest critic, which means you can easily make things hard on yourself by trying to hard. Figuring out when to put down the tools and call it a day is part of the process.

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and some new graphics to distinguish the bits from the full show. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can now listen to me on their Hitler phones.You’ll also a note I have renamed this thing, which is explained in the podcast.

I will be streaming this to GabTV at some point, but I have some wrenches to turn before I can get that working. I’ll update the site when that is working, if I’m able to do it.

This Week’s Show

  • 00:00: Perfunctory Opening Comments
  • 03:30: AmRen
  • 13:00: Detroit (Link)
  • 23:30: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Link)
  • 33:15: Cat Lady Science (Link) (Link)
  • 38:30: The Blank Slate (Link)
  • 44:00: Cucks (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 49:00: Dinesh D’Souza (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 54:00: Colin Kapernich (Link)
  • 59:00: Closing

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The iTunes Page

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Dupont Circle

I got the part about blacks having a separate America. Sure, but you gotta take care of ’em or it’s Haiti 2.0. Then, they’re gonna wanna emigrate ‘cuz white guilt or what have you.

Sam J.
I’m not sure why you have problems with your podcast. Seemed fine to me. A lot of it is a summary of a lot stuff that a few of us know but not every one knows this stuff. I think you’re being overly critical of yourself for no reason. The reason no one is making a deal about Debbie Wasserman Schultz is there’s a LOT of them being blackmailed. I’ve read at least 30%. I of course don’t know but there’s a huge amount of evidence that it’s a lot. Now this may be good for the Spaths running the… Read more »
james wilson

All very good. Several were great. Loved the Schultz in particular. Would it be possible in the future to copy a link for individual segments? I would be lobbing segments like bombs at individual targets who wouldn’t listen to an hour, which is why they need targeting in the first place.


I agree.

Audacious Epigone
We should start placing bets on which minute mark you’re going to mention your age! Regarding blacks exploding into gleeful destruction after a steady build up of tension, what’s the potential for the same thing happening among whites, or some subset of whites? I’m thinking of the shouts during the after party or the way our 20-somethings looked like hunting dogs waiting to be released on an antifa chase. The upcoming Unite the Right event is shaping up to be a “Battle of Berkeley” street scuffle. Are these ritualistic combat displays good, bad, or indifferent? Don’t feel obligated to formulate… Read more »

I think it is Amazon coming with a new series ,Black America.

The aftermath of the Civil War played out differently: “Black America,”set in a contemporary society, envisions a timeline in which freed black Americans formed a sovereign nation out of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as post-Reconstruction reparations for slavery.

Should be interesting how well they are portrayed.
Next up, the true history of the people of a certain color, “We wuz Kangs!”

Joey Junger

Regarding the quality of the cast, they had an old saying in the Army: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Sometimes people tinker trying to get perfection and rather than spending six months to make a B- album, book, or movie, they spend a decade to produce something that’s still only a B-. I call it the Chinese Democracy phenomenon.


Pro tip, I’d only do Perfunctory Opening Comments as blog text.

Why? Because it becomes immediately outdated, those first three minutes, and irrelevant to people who will listen to the z cast backlog in the future.

It will irrelevant to hear that you are now on itunes, to someone who will listen in two months on itunes. As someone who listened to many pod’ backlogs, stuff like that always bothered me, but maybe it’s just me.


You are too hard on yourself. Always relevant and on point. Nice. The only complaint I would have is that when I listen on your blog I can’t pause you to hit the gents room. W-Schultz should be/ hopefully will be in prison soon.

You brought up two good points but failed to link them, Z. You discussed how people came to the mountain top of the dissident right; and you discussed cucks. I was a cuck once, or even a zeta male. My family life was shit because mine was an extended family with the in laws involved in everything we did. My mother in law was a loud, domineering bitch. My father in law was a beaten down beta male that drank too much and spent his sober moments signalling his virtue. I put up with them for 30 years because I… Read more »
Pimpkin\'s nephew

I was a cuckservative, I just didn’t know it, until Kevin Wiliamson’s attack piece on people like me. That’s when I knew that Trump was my guy. From then on, the expression “principled conservative” made me sick. I’m not a conservative; I’m just a person who hates Leftists and those who “service” them.

As for Trump, well, he is what he is. He’s just a guy who ISN’T a cypher of the global masters.

Sam J.

What you have said is really, I believe, a metaphor for what Males have done in this country for decades. I think there is coming a time where we just won’t play anymore by their rules.


Dear lord. You have the patience of Job. I’m glad your wife stayed by your side, and I hope your daughter eventually comes to her senses regarding appropriate boundaries. As for the in laws….well played sir.


Jeez, Z-man, you’re too hard on yourself. What you have to say is interesting, and you’re an important guy on the team. Great show!

BTW nobody mentions audio quality anymore, so you can tell that’s dialed-in too.


Radio Derb is back as well! New post amren episode:
Immigration Policy-Derbian Minimalism And The RAISE Act


Please just include the MP3 file directly on your blog page.
Itunes refuses to load on my machine for some reason.


I enjoyed your podcast, it was a good podcast.

Kudzu Bob

Well, I listened to the podcast and thought it was an hour of my time well-spent. Keep up the good work.


Enjoy the podcast although still like reading the blog.
Things would run a lot more smoother in this country without the forced integration.

However don’t see how that’s possible since they are forces in play that seem hell-bent on spreading diversity in every corner of the world.

Watched the TV for five minutes today ( trying to catch the weather ) and some show was on gushing about a black pop band coming out of Norway.


Re: Detroit: In the fifties, federal housing projects were huge money-makers for northern politicians via kickbacks from contractors. As a biproduct northern cities were ghettoized. They will never, as you say, be un-ghettoized. Prison is home.
Re: Cat Lady Professors: when student loans come to an end this craziness will come to an end. Prozac sales will go off the charts.
Re: DWS: I think those Pakistani guys were helping her undermine Sanders.
Re: Cucks: They wait until it’s safe to enter the fray.

Saml Adams
Well, shit, if that is “bad”, will take it over good in about every other podcast all day long. On Detroit. Did a tour of Detroit during the Coleman Young years (“he be the mayor, king of all in Detroit town, he’s always on the social scene, drivin’ up in his limousine, he’ll meet, eat, talk and chat and cut deals behind the council’s back…”—went the radio jingle). Worked with a fair number of black finance guys–to a person, all were kids of blue collar auto workers who originally lived in Detroit and were the black middle class. And to… Read more »
Pimpkin\'s nephew

I don’t know why you disparage this podcast, Z man. I thought it was terrific.

Saml Adams, Liked the number 6 FO reference, I could quibble technically, but why ruin the fun. On talent, John McEnroe, himself prodigiously talented, had nothing but bad mouthing for Ivan Lendl. However, Lendl could reportedly solve Rubik’s cube in less than one minute from any initial position. His tennis reflected that understanding – the man could really hit the angles on the court. But he still had to work very hard. Z, Nice ‘cast, your best yet. On race in college admissions, some of us old farts can remember the magic year when race was not on the admissions… Read more »
Concerned American


Smart. Funny, dry, good choice on segment runtime.

Will recommend to the folks tonight at my place.

Keep bashing on.

Kentucky Headhunter

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the podcasts, including this one.

Tired of the savages

I have worked in the ghetto, as a cop for over 20 years. I appreciate your blog ZMan.

It’s funny how expecting blacks to be more like whites, AKA civilized, is somehow a bad thing.

By and large, at this particular time in history, most of the creatures I come in contact with have the constitution of an Orc.

They’re animals.

That’s not going to change in our lifetime.