The Personal Is Political

The defining characterization of second-wave feminism, according to feminists, is that the “personal is political.” The phrase comes from an essay by feminist Carol Hanisch with the title “The Personal is Political.” Hilariously, she claimed the phrase was something all women knew and said, but was a secret until the late 1960’s. The most likely reason for her refusal to claim ownership is that she stole the idea from someone else, but feminists have always been nutty, so there is no way to know.

The argument is that personal experience is intertwined with larger social and political structures. One’s personal choices reveal one’s politics. Consequently, one should make personal choices that are consistent with one’s politics. Put another way, your life is your politics, so therefore politics defines your life. This was a roundabout way of attacking normal family life and traditional female roles, but it did not stop there. Defining people by their politics, and only their politics, meant that there is no escape from politics.

The irony of this is that this is perfectly consistent with how men have always understood women. Women compete with one another to establish their status in relation to men. That means for women, it is an endless competition. Therefore, politics is all consuming. Men, on the other hand, establish their status among one another. Once the pecking order is set, that is the end of the competition. Politics is for when it is time to reset the pecking order. Otherwise, men define themselves by their role in society and their deeds.

As our society has become feminized, everything is drenched in politics. You see it with the NFL protest debacle. Men watch sports to enjoy seeing men compete with one another in ritualized combat. Men do not care about what the combatants think about anything, including the combat. Interviews with coaches are to be focused on the strategy of the game, not the guy’s feelings about life. Player interviews are only interesting because most players are black now, so they say wacky and stupid things.

Of course, the zeal of NFL owners to include the girls is due to the understanding that their sport is never going to be popular with girls or sissies. Like boxing, it takes guts to play football. Anyone who played the game knows the risks, as they saw teammates carted off with broken bones or on backboards. Girls do not like seeing that and they really do not want their children doing it. The pinking of sports like football is an effort to distract the girls from the reality of the game so they do not shut it down.

In a feminine society like ours, it is just a matter of time before masculine things like sports are either made girlish or relegated to the fringe. Boxing, for example, still exists, but only as a fringe sport done by foreigners. UFC has managed to gain an audience, but again, it is as a renegade activity, done underground and on pay-per-view. White mothers will never be taking their sons to UFC camp. They can tolerate martial arts, just as long as it is white boys in bathrobes, safely pretending to be Jackie Chan.

This is why football is so much trouble. Peak professional football was probably a dozen years ago. It was around then that white mothers, especially divorced middle-class mothers, started turning against youth football. They did not want their little baby being run over by black kids. That is why the concussion hysteria gained traction. It is a ready made excuse for pulling the white kids out of football, which lets white women pretend it is not racism driving their decision. After all, they loved Will Smith in the concussion movie!

It is why the NFL’s decision to let their blacks kneel during the anthem is going to be a disaster for them. The owners signed off on it thinking it added drama and would therefore draw in girls, because girls and girly-men like drama. Instead, those kneeling black players are a stark reminder to white women that the sport of football is for violent black men, not nice suburban white boys. Youth participation in football is collapsing and this will only serve to accelerate it. The NFL has now made football anti-white and un-American.

The root cause is not the inherent danger of playing sports like football. The root is the same as it is for everything in the current crisis. The feminization of the West is turning politics into a never ending soap opera for no purpose than the perpetuation of petty gripes among the participants. Nothing gets done, because girls do not care about deeds. They care about attention. Swedish women have turned their country into rape land, in order to get the attention of their men, who have been feminized to the point of no return.

Aristophanes wrote The Assemblywomen in 391 BC. it is a comedic play about what would happen if women assumed control. The women immediately ban private wealth and enforce sexual equality for the unattractive. It reads like an inter-sectional co-convening of the feminist study department at any university. The play was intended to use humor to criticize the Athenian ruling class. It relied on the basic understanding of the female mind and on the widely held understanding that you can never put women in charge.

For thousands of years, people understood the different roles of the sexes. Human societies, for good and ill, were organized on this understanding. Then all of a sudden, the West went crazy. Men stopped playing their role and instead handed off authority to the women. The women have set about politicizing everything and feminizing everything, including the men. They are now forcing their boys to dress as girls and pretend to be women. Everything is political, even the biology of their children

This will not end well.

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  1. Re: “For thousands of year, people understood the different roles of the sexes. Human societies, for good and ill, were organized on this understanding. Then all of a sudden, the West went crazy. Men stopped playing their role and instead handed off authority to the women. The women have set about politicizing everything and feminizing everything, including the men. They are now forcing their boys to dress as girls and pretend to be women. Everything is political, even the biology of their children. This will not end well.”

    In terms of karma, the rapidly-advancing Islamization of the West is payback for feminism. Why? One of the consequences of the unmanning of a civilization is that it ceases to be able to defend itself – which is what we are now seeing unfold across western Europe and Scandinavia.

    H.L. Mencken once said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Well, if his observation was true, and there is no reason to believe that it isn’t – then the feminists are setting the consequences for getting it good-and-hard, only not in the manner that they might think.

    Well, looking for the silver lining in that dark cloud, if the Muslims do in fact take over, western feminist women will well-and-truly learn what “real” oppression is. A comeuppance they have certainly earned. Actually, I am probably gloating too soon; many of these feminist harpies are simply converting to Islam now, while prices on burkas are still low. The others will soon follow suit, the female quest for hypergamy being what it is.

    If it comes to that, some western men may fight to save their civilization – if not for what it is now, then for what it once was and once might be again – and of course on behalf of their loved ones and communities. However, if western civilization can be saved and – if by some miracle – can be made functional again, then there will need to be some very serious changes and shakeups in how things are run – or we will find ourselves right back in this same situation fifty or one-hundred years hence.

  2. Swedish women have not turned their country into rape land! The Islamic jihad invasion has turned Sweden into a hellhole and rape is just one of the tools Islam uses to conquer and to enslave the population.

    • The Swedish women who run the country invited them in. No way they thought it would go smoothly. They did it for the drama and the excitement.

  3. What!?

    Eff that. Not all women are like this. I loved football as it was and I hate politics. I like my men to be male and decent; neither man-ban girly nor neanderthal.

    This is happening partly because blacks now dominate the game. Something like 75% I read. Everything they run they screw up, or so it seems. That sounds racist but regrettably it’s based on a lifetime of observation.

  4. That makes a great deal of sense. White suburban woman allow their sons to play hockey which is every bit as physical as football but with fighting once the kids hit about 15. Hockey is seen as very white and also is too expensive for blacks in the USA. Well to do African immigrants in Canada tend to sign their kids up for hockey at a surprisingly high rate in my experience.

    That said hockey moms will tear each other’s hearts out in the stands.

  5. “Harrumph” harrumphed the fat old harrumphers.
    These kids today! These negroes today! These women today! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

    Fine. Identifying the problems is a good start. Perhaps even a fair bit of chewing it over & checking your perceptions with others. Let’s consider that part complete.

    But more is required.

    Once you have identified alll these negative trends… socialism, feminism, 3rd world-ism, anti-white-ism… you must ask yourself: Is there a common thread among them all? Who benefits from them all? Is there any common factor among those who push these movements the hardest?

    Then you must ask yourself how you can possibly stop these trends, and roll back their effects. And create a new society that will not allow those who push these poisons to do so in it.

    Then you must begin assisting those who are attempting to do those things.

    Do you think these people are just going to give us our society back because we harrumphed at them?

  6. This all just reminds me of another facet in the (paraphrasing) “Civilizations rise in hob-nailed boots and decline in silk slippers” observation of those before us.

  7. My gosh the Z-Man and you commenters are really good. I’ve had a hard time finding people who will engage on the “femininization hypothesis” and you hit it right on the head. Look at what goes on in the ‘fatherless’ community- the young males run out of control for example…

    • The first I ever heard of “the feminization of the American male” was by Dr. Savage back in ’07 on the radio. I thought about those patterns showing itself in the younger generations but didn’t understand it’s origins until he pointed it out. Then a few years later Mark Belling on WISN out of Milwaukee touched on it too regarding a Hollywood awards show. Cannot specifically recall if it was for…must’ve been the Oscars as there no strong male actors in lead roles nominated?

      My sons are in their early to mid 20’s and to a certain degree I too see a decline in the amount of masculinity. (Never took their bicycles apart, never went creek walking on a hot summer day, never biked 6 miles one way to swim in a mill pond, never played “smear the queer” under that label and they grew up in the same small town I did. I attribute a lot of the “non” activities to their social media though. WE kids had to meet up. It’s how we socialized back then. ((Born in ’69)) I learned from the older kids of course cause I ran with kids as old as 6 years my senior to kids 4 years my junior. ) I honestly believe it is the culture they’ve been forced to grow up in. Try as some dads might to ensure very little PC influence is exerted on them but I guess ultimately they are going to believe what they want to believe. They turned out alright though. No law. No drugs. Nobody pregnant. My oldest, who like me disliked school is a “Badger” currently attending Ohio State. My youngest the 4.0 er is on the railroad with me. So, eh no real complaints.

  8. “Albion’s Seed” documented the very long tradition of football in England that was later translated/transferred into America. In Perfidious Albion, men and women participated but because of the drunken Puritans, the game was restricted to men and so it is no surprise the left came for football because the left hates America and masculinity and it is a totalitarian impulse that cannot be controlled.

    O, and there can be no doubt that blacks hate America but one also has to remember the left educated them to hate.

    About the bitching blacks; they are doomed to play a game invented by European Whites but wouldn’t it be great if they pooled all of the money they have made from Music and Sports and created their own sport and left us the hell alone?

    Yeah, it would be great but it won’t happen because, other than peanut butter and the super blaster, blacks haven’t invented anything ever since European gunned them down while they were flying in circles over the pyramids under their own power.

    • When Whitey shot down the “pyramid flyers” it was an innocent mistake, they thought they were shooting crows.

  9. Men, reclaim your roles as leaders and teach all the women around you, wives, girlfriends, friends, sisters, and mothers, right-think, one by one. Many women will listen. For those who aren’t receptive right away, at least your words have entered their brains and one day may resonate. All educational tools (media, schools, govt) have been used to brainwash women against their best (white) men and this propaganda has led us to where we are now. Men, do not believe that you don’t have power over women. On the contrary, almost nothing else is important to women as men, and we will do anything for our men and for love and affection. But you men must step up and reclaim your rightful place and tell us, one by one. For the harpies that reject your mindset, cut them loose to deal with their own sorry feminist fate. If they’re smart, one day they’ll wake up and reject the propaganda that’s destroying western civilization.

    • It took me the longest time to figure out what Heartiste meant by “sh*t-test”.

      (His crudity is language for men, by men, and can be rather offputting.)

      A man doesn’t need to be an assh*le, or cold, or cocksure stupid, or loud with braggadocio.

      What the women are testing for is one thing:
      They want a man who is *not afraid of them*

      Confidence, as Bill Whittle proclaimed in his classic article. Not that you will always succeed, but that you can always go ahead and try.

      • Or, as a wise old Mormon told me,
        “You believe a marriage is an equal partnership? No.
        A ship has one captain. One.
        It’s his job to to point out the direction the ship is going.
        Then he turns to his first mate and the crew and says, ‘Well, how are you going to get us there?'”

      • Go to Youtube and lookup some MGTOW videos. They explain it pretty well. Sandman and Howard Dare are two that I have listened to that go pretty in depth into their take on female behavior and the male – female dynamic.

  10. I went to see live armature boxing this weekend. Being old , it still moves me. It was Detroit vs Ireland . And all the boxers displayed sportsmanship and class . The exposure to the rigorous training and the principled disciplined men who train and coach them does good things for them.
    My point is that all men make the most of their potential when influenced by and in a masculine setting. It is an annual event ,this year Ireland won.
    No ” homer refs” here .

    My sons did wrestling and football. I think it was good for them .

    If you are younger and have a son, these sports are worth considering.

    • Mike Tyson credited his trainer, Cus D’Amato, with saving his life and putting him on the straight and narrow. When D’Amato died, Tyson’s career began to take a turn for the worse.

  11. Z, I fully agree that the NFL is killing itself. The entire sport is dying.
    But from all I read, the CTE/concussion threat is quite real. It changed my thinking from concussions being a risk to the accumulated damage from the head collisions being a certainty. Maybe there is evidence contradicting the claims, but I have not seen any.

    Ironically, the same is true for higher level soccer–that ball is coming at heads awfully fast.

    • soccer has been played longer than American football, and I haven’t heard of *any* top level (or at any level) players showing signs of CTE. a couple of soccer players have expired on the field do to heart failure though…

      • The left should love football, their pets are 73% of the players. Why put the shiv to a nice pet?

      • Can they make a helmet that will halt the sudden internal deceleration of the brain within a fixed cavity? I doubt it. They can get the external physics to improve. They can’t do much on the internal side.

        • Good point. The only serious concussion I’ve ever suffered involved no outside impact on my head. It was that internal deceleration you describe; my head was jerked so fast that the brain hit the skull and got bruised.

    • Yes, from what I hear, the concussion issue is real, and will have to be dealt with. But that’s not why the Left hates it, nor why the NFL is going to die.

        • I’d like to believe that this is true, but it sure doesn’t look like it to me. Do you have any evidence of this, Bill? I once loved football, and would like to again, someday…

        • Take it from a woman who’s had 7 concussions-lasting effects of bad head trauma are real. I’m not saying this because I hate football and am scared of injury, (I would bring back Roman coliseums, if I could), it’s just a fact.
          When you take 85 IQ blacks and give them serious head injuries, you’ve basically created this unstable, roided out, hulking monster with tapioca pudding brains. Seems like a bad idea, IMHO, but I’m no doc.

  12. I dunno, Z. You could be right – who knows what stupid people are thinking and how they arrive at their opinions?

    I think it was all a simple marketing gaffe. SJW’s have convinced elderly owners and managers that the fans want to see this crap. The first non-apologies are already coming out: “Oh, we weren’t protesting the flag or disrespecting the nation, we were doing something else and we’re SO sorry if you misunderstood us…”

    I won’t be surprised at all if this is the end of blatant political displays and virtue signalling. There’s too many $$$$ on the line, and one only needs to look at what happened to the media when the SJW’s took over.

    • On Monday and Tuesday, our office Bloomberg business TV feed showed two guys kissing each other on the NFL stadium cam, in some sort of “public service” announcement, every few minutes, all day. Instead of once or so per day in weeks past. Today, that sucker is nowhere to be seen. The NFL doubled down, blew themselves up, and they are now trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Expect special introductions for returned wounded veterans at the opening ceremonies of the ball games next weekend. The turnaround is gonna be awesome to watch, but they Ben Rothelisbergered the whole thing. Too late now for it to be anything but obvious hypocritical butt-kissing of their pissed-off fan base.

    • The SJW’s took over Kamen’s breast cancer org- the one that invented the ribbon- kicked the founder out, and turned it to incessant money-grubbing because that’s what communists do.

      Especially lesbian SJW communists, as they are the greediest, most selfish creatures on earth. They don’t give a damn about other women, or people, or families, or nation. Pirahnas, viscious, crazed, and hungry.

      So now they pink everything up.
      The NFL! Truckstops, for gob’s sake!

      Their insatiable greed and blind stupidity wrecks all that they touch.
      Their name is Ruin!

  13. Girls don’t like seeing that and they really don’t want their children doing it. The pinking of sports like football is an effort to distract the girls from the reality of the game so they don’t shut it down.

    And right on cue, a woman in the U.K. with a history of trying to ban rugby in schools (because her son got injured) is having another go.

  14. Girls don’t like seeing that and they really don’t want their children doing it. The pinking of sports like football is an effort to distract the girls from the reality of the game so they don’t shut it down.

    And right on cue, a woman in the U.K. with a history of trying to ban rugby in schools (because her son got injured) is <a href=""having another go.

  15. The good news is that the insanity is accelerating, and therefore hastening the day of reckoning and the start of redemption. For several generations now, the shrinking cohort of normal people (who still actually work for a living) has been singularly focused on slowing the rate of decline in hopes that sanity will return and we will miraculously do an about-face. But biting your tongue and stewing on the inside is neither a solution nor good for one’s mental health. It’s high time to opt out of the insanity. If the NFL wants to fully feminize and become pussies; let them have at it. Just don’t join them by giving your time or your dollars.

    • Years ago, an article listed “Career busters” that included drugs, alcohol, womanizing, golf, and television. I always thought watching Professional sports (except woman’s beach volleyball) was a boring waste of time. I did attend high school games, and occasionally follow the Oregon Ducks football on TV, but now I regret not being able to quit watching the NFL in protest, because I never did watch in the first place. Did I miss anything? Grown men (sort of) playing a child’s game as a career?
      “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”

  16. I was watching a boxing match with my brother the other night, and like a smug idiot I turned to him and said, “They’re never gonna cuck this.” Then, literally five seconds later, Jim Lampley starts talking about how we should all stay tuned until after the fight to learn about the triumph and struggles (re: stupidity and insanity) of the first transgender boxer. Look up this man-woman-thing (Pat Manuel) and you’ll notice it has unseemly scars where its breasts used to be. It’s gross and no one is going to want to fight it, because a loss means you got your ass kicked by a girl, and a win means you’re a woman beater.

    The real feminization of sports (and of everything) lies in the fact that words are given so much greater weight than deeds (since, as you pointed out, deeds are for men). Journalists focus on the fact that Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather say mean things. Every child knows the “sticks and stones” rhyme, but we’re supposed to believe that a guy calling another guy a “faggot” at a press conference carries more weight than a guy punching another guy til his brain bleeds.

    • “Look up this man-woman-thing (Pat Manuel) and you’ll notice it has unseemly scars where its breasts used to be. It’s gross and no one is going to want to fight it, because a loss means you got your ass kicked by a girl, and a win means you’re a woman beater.”

      Eeew! EEK! “It’s Pat!” God help us. Isn’t it a lousy thing to do to men that want to professional box men? Really messing with their careers.

  17. Matt Labash over at NeverTrump HQ has an eye roller about the NFL stuff. I linked to it from Drudge, and was immediately reminded why I don’t read The Weekly Standard any more.

    When election 2018 rolls around, do you know what people are going to remember? Trump’s ace response to the hurricanes, that he slapped the NFL upside the head to get them to stop screwing with the institutions of the country*, that the wall really is getting built, and that illegals are being sent home. (*News out of New England this morning is that ALL of the Patriots will stand on Sunday. Was that so f**king hard, Mr. Kraft???)

    They’re going to remember that the US Senate was handed to the GOP on a silver platter to repeal Obamacare, that a very good compromise was developed (block grants, let the states decide), and that Republicans who voted in 2015 for full repeal (vetoed by Obama) couldn’t pass a thing…and that Trump got sandbagged by his own party.

    They’re not going to remember the NeverTrumpers.

    • The GOP will now search around for an easy win. That’s why they are shifting gears to taxes. In theory, this is the easiest thing to pass. It can be both a Solstice Tree for the Swamp and a chance for Conservatives™ to safely crow about an issue. The Solstice Tree, formerly called a Christmas Tree, is a bill that lets every member hang favors to their donors, like ornaments on a Solstice Tree. Dicking around with marginal rates is the safest thing to do in Washington as they are meaningless to most of us.

      My bet is they screw it up and 2018 is about populist challenges to GOP incumbents. We’ll also see a bunch of retirements.

      • oh yeah, ryan is going to be loved again after some meaningless tax vote. guffaw. there is not anything the gope can do that will change people’s determination to remove them all from office. like the team owners, they had their moment to choose, and they chose to be our enemy. retirements are already in full swing…

      • I think there’s a very good chance that the GOP screws up taxes as well. Remember, a lot of the tax problems are tied up in Obamacare, and they could neither repeal Obamacare nor the Obamacare taxes.

        In other words, the biggest tax in America – mandatory purchases of health insurance at Government-dictated rates – will remain.

        But hey, at least we get to hear a month of both sides screaming at each other about “tax cuts for the rich”!

        The big news yesterday was Moore’s win. GOPe is playing full-defense now. Right now, we can pick off the empty seats, but I think this will encourage full-on primary challenges (Flake being the obvious example, but others too).

        • Of course they will “screw up” taxes! That’s the GOPe’s job. It is Trump vs. the Swamp, and the Swamp does not seem to understand that quite a few people know that. They sell out to the Chamber of Commerce, and try to blame stasis on Trump. That dog won’t hunt any more. If the GOPe were smart, they would give Trump all he wants, and then blame him when the Left complains that there are not enough unicorns and glitter being delivered (which they will do, every time).

      • PDJT should double down immediamente on TERM LIMITS. Especially retroactively.

        Jesus almighty, all these years I’ve written checks for “smaller gubmimt” and “repeal of Capital Gainz” and “Repeal ObamaCare” and “tax reform” and Gahd knows how many more BULLSCHITT promises!

        I would LOVE to hear that Mitch McCuckell had a grabber while his mail order bride filled him in on what really happens at a Colon Powell sponsored “Bohemian Grove” weekend.

        It’s time for some reckoning. It’s time for us to start up our fans cause the schitz coming.

        I, for one, want to see what’s on the Other Side. Because this side sucks.

    • it’s way too late for kraft (or jones, or rooney) to unsay what they said, undo what they did. their moment to declare for America has come and gone. all they can do now is piss off more and more people, as their equity burns up.

      • I think sheer boredom will get a lot of people’s eyeballs back in front of the tube. So many people don’t go to church or spend time with family/friends on Sunday outside of football games. What are they gonna do, read a book? bahahahaha!

        I’m out for the season after pulling back quite a bit last year. I already told my family the NFL is banned from our house the rest of this year. I’m usually snowboarding on Sundays from Nov-Feb anyway. I actually missed that Patriots/Seahawks crazy Super Bowl because my favorite ski area got a foot of powder, and I got home so late that I just went to bed!

        One of the high points of all of this is my realization today that Colin Kaepernick is Officially Radioactive. There will be no rehabilitation of “Captain Pig Socks and the Runaway Slave Patrol”. Good riddance.

  18. The Wimmin and weak men in the UK have started banging on about banning rugby again. They are doing everything they can to stop men being men and doing manly things.
    In times like this, I always remind myself that wimmin should be obscene and not heard.

  19. Swedish men (and Western men in general) have little incentive to protect their women from the rape hoardes for the simple reason they have no prospect of ever owning them. You protect your property, what is rightfully yours. Men are just not that going to go battle in the streets on behalf of feminism and the liberal order that supports it. These are strong, independent, empowered women, remember? They shouldn’t need our help, right? Otherwise you’re calling for a revolution and revolutions are hard to bring about when those with the ability to fight and secure order is alread well fed, dumb and happy. There’s just no skin in the game there.

  20. Z Man;
    Can’t gainsay a thing you wrote. But there *might* be a way out for pro football. They’d have to lead in de-escalating the ‘violence’ and set up a farm-team system like baseball. That way they could enforce de-escalation and also immunize themselves from the obviously pending SJW attack in big U (the rest of the Prog’s there hate, hate, hate that a jr. assistant position coach makes more than a tenure track ___ studies prof).

    I think the folks are right who say that one good way to de-escalate would be to reduce padding and helmet strength so hits hurt both the hitter as well as the hittee. Another way would be to restore the ban on summer training camp at the high school and college level: Also, maybe mandatory drug testing for steroids.

    I say this because I played myself in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s* and am astounded by how big somebody has to be now just to play high-school football. Our starting all conference QB was ~170 lb. and one could hope to play line at ~185 lb. Now HS line have to be 250 – 300 lb. to be competitive. And, so far as I know, actual average stature and bone density has not increased for HS boys, even if average weight has. It takes a lot of time in the weight room (and maybe juice) to get that big in HS.**

    Bottom line: If you reduce the mass in F = ma you reduce the potential for damage from that force: Less force against same bone density = less breaks, etc.

    *Played not very well, that is. I was one of those guys who had to take the mud off my cleats and rub it on my pants so it looked like I’d had more game time than I actually did when we got off the bus to the (we hoped) adoring gaze of the cheerleading squads.

    ** State AA rules were, no more than two-weeks pre-season practice. Your summer job *was* your summer conditioning program.

    • There have been several studies that show if you get rid of the hard plastic helmets and shoulder pads along with the face mask, injuries go way down. Allegedly, the owners have also run studies that show if you get rid of the cracking and crunching noises that the hard pads and helmets cause, attendance and viewership go way down as well. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

      Pro football lost me during the taunting wave during the early 90’s. There needs to be a certain degree of stoicism in ritual combat for it to be… ritual.

      I think that a lot of the mid-sized white kids who would have played the game when we were younger have drifted into lacrosse in high school and club rugby in college. I have proposed here before that more colleges (and high schools for that matter) should look into Sprint Football if they want to save the game. Two, maybe three weight classes would open the sport to more young men and probably align the sport along more ethnic/racial lines.

      I believe that football is one of the things that made America great. That it is in decline, under attack, and inaccessible to so many young Americans says a lot of things about our future.

      • Take a look at Australian Rules Football. A real good game played without equipment by normal fit men or all sizes, except fat. Fast and plenty rough but not a thug”s game like Rugby. It took awhile but I like it better than anything else now.

    • One of my gigs is in “higher” “”””education”””” and what you say is true — coaches make way more than profs, most programs don’t make money, etc., the eggheads have been singing this tune for 40 years. The administration knows, however, that if you take away football, American “higher ed” becomes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the local junior college. Football will be the third-last thing to go, just in front of the “diversity outreach coordinators” and the admin themselves.

      • Disagree. Intercollegiate sport is a driving force and cover for Utopian equality injected through Title IX and functionally retarded students playing football. I like sportsball but not what it does to colleges. Six generations ago eleven guys from Harvard met with eleven from Yale, and the next year they thought to bring extra bodies and ambulances. That should define the limit of intercollegiate sportsball.

        • I didn’t say “college football is great.” I said college football is the way most colleges get their name out there, and lots of undergrads choose their schools that way — there’s been studies and everything. Thus, the administration will never cut football, because the administration — unlike the professors — actually knows where their money comes from. Most American colleges would effectively cease to exist if their big-league football programs folded.

      • There is a map of the US listing the highest paid public employees in each State at

        Care to guess who are the highest paid public employees? In 26 States it is Football Coach. In 12 States it is Basketball Coach. In 1 State it is Hockey Coach. There is one State in which it is a tossup between Football Coach and Basketball Coach. There are 10 States whose highest paid public employees are jobs like College President or Med School Chancellor or Dean. If you want anything to point out the absurdity of our current social values, this is it. How did we become such useless creatures?

      • Like that Commie, MLK, Jr, I also have a dream-my dream is that progressives and feral nogs burn down every higher education joint in the entire damn country. I’d love to see it come to fruition before I die.

    • I don’t watch football, but every now and then catch glimpses of pro football games. Each time I note that increasingly these big players look more fat than muscular, and in an unhealthy way. And with more and more tattoos to boot. Yuck.

    • Players should have to play both ways. No platooning. That brings the size down because the big boys don’t have the stamina. Average weight of the four horsemen at Notre Dame was 155 lbs.

  21. It is a stupid move for NFL. The left is now supporting NFL players because they hate trump, white nationalism, nationalism, etc. They’d be happier if American football was eliminated – as they’ve been bashing football as violent & barbaric and have eliminated it from many high schools programs in the North East. Once American Patriots boycott it, they won’t have any fans. Maybe that’s part of the plan. I’m not turning it on again unless they change the political agenda.

    Check the best rated comments of the daily mail article.

  22. Reminds me of the old joke where the preacher tells his congregation “I notice some women take general statements personally” and every woman in the pews jumps up and yells “no I don’t!” Seriously, though, that’s another lesson we could learn from Silly Mustache Guy. The Bund Deutscher Madel was a fantastic idea — let them fight it out among themselves in their very own political club. Just make sure to schedule lots of joint rallies with hunky Brownshirts; problem solved.

  23. Some will advocate ‘taking the vote away from women.’

    They forget that women depend on men for most essentials- light, heat, shelter, transit.

    Women don’t have the power, really, to take anything away from men, either, not even their kids or house.
    For that, they also depend on men.

    Feminism was funded by divorce lawyers and courts, ultimately backed up by men with guns and handcuffs.

  24. I read stuff like this, and all I can think is, I make a terrible woman and why the heck am I so much more aggressive & violent than my son? I tried to raise him not to be a pussy, and he’s not a total pussy, but no one will mistake him for a pillar of manly strength, either.
    I blame all the estrogen in the drinking water and shit like Barney the Dinosaur.
    Why would anyone in their right mind put a woman in charge of anything? You are just asking for your own doom.

    • When I was a boy, my grandfather would say that in his generation it was wooden ships and iron men. My generation would be iron ships and wooden men. He was right. I’m in my 50’s and I have lived a much softer life than my father and grandfather. Compared to my peers, I’m John Wayne. But, the younger men of today are remarkably feminine. I find it a bit unnerving. I have no answer for it, but when you look at the Nordic countries, the end point of this process is not going to be pleasant.

      • The boys who become men are the exception now. I went to a party at a neighbor’s house a couple of weeks ago. Their son was an English Major and a very smart kid. Smart enough to recognize the emptiness of getting that degree and becoming an English teacher.

        So he quit school, enlisted in the Marines and volunteered for an Infantry slot. He’s the fittest, happiest, most confident young man I’ve met in a long time. Maybe that’s why we’re shipping him to the Middle East in a couple of months.

        • That’s a terrible story. You just described why there’s no great white men in America, anymore, just foppish boys. They’ve all, (at one war time or another), joined our military to go fight and die in proxy ZOG wars, all for naught. I have ancestors that fought and died in large numbers in every single war of this country’s history-until this generation. I’d shoot one of my precious grandson’s right in his foot first, before I’d send even one of them to go die for feral negroes, greedy Jews, Mestizo hordes, and shitlib progressives.

      • Raised my son as I would have liked to have been raised. Private Catholic boys school and survival of the fittest even though it was in Australia where the left roams far and wide. He’s now 23, 6’3″ geologist and all male. All his many “mates” are the same. Sometimes you get lucky.

      • I find it well beyond “unnerving,” frankly. It equally disgusts me and depresses me. Sometimes when I am around a handful of these young men I start to feel so angry and frustrated, that I want to just punch each one of them, as hard as I can, right in the mouth. Why? Because, believe it or not, most of them have never taken a punch. You can’t make men out of boys who’ve never had to learn to fight with their peers. The saddest part to me, is I have 6 grandsons, and I just want to take them all with me to live somewhere in the woods, to make them real men, away from all of this destructive garbage, but I can’t.

    • I think a spine and a rational mind go quite well together with heels and a manicure. My husband says one of the reasons he married me is because I think more like a man.

  25. should have turned the hoses and dogs on the anti-alcohol marchers and never given the XX’s the vote. funny enough, Islam may just be the cure for feminism (and feministic societies). how does the American Sandwich Party sound; candidates would say at every campaign stop “women of America, make us a sandwich country!”

    • “Looking back, we had, in the person of Teddy Roosevelt, the finest President in the history of this country. He had the spirit and determination that matched the times and the land. Then the women got the vote, and everything went to hell. While our boys was overseas fighting the Kaiser, the women got Prohibition put in. Drinking and gambling and whoring were declared unlawful. All those things which come natural to men became crimes.”

      –Judge Roy Bean

      I used to post that in comments all over the interwebs. I was often banned for it.

      • The guys did overturn prohibition. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an Indian Casino. Pretty smart move by the White Eyes. If you can afford it, you can get an Escort every day of the week. Don’t count the guys out just yet.

    • Islam is also the cure for having an IQ above 85 and a functional civilization since they are without exception dysgenic mongrels who fuck their cousins or anything they can sexually enslave if they happen to be so lucky in the current generation.

      It’s not just a religion, you are going to get a lot of really bad things with it including miscegenation.

      • and your point is?

        it all comes down to darwinian fitness; last man standing is by definition the most fit. and that last man will not be european…

        • Most fit for what, exactly? The only reason these disgusting animals exist in our territory at all is jews and treason. Most of them couldn’t even survive in northern climes without supplements that you see in our foods.

        • Karl’s right. History belongs to those who show up, and at this point, white people aren’t making much effort to show up. The Muzzies, the yellow ant people, the Africans-they are all animated to produce and invade. The white race is in decline, seemingly exhausted, willingly committing suicide in the West.
          I don’t like it, that’s why I fight it, but to not accept it as a reality…

          • The civilizational ennui we see in places like western Europe and Scandinavia and the seeming apathy of many of their people towards existence is indeed very real. However, if it in fact occurs, the death of old Europe – what was once termed Christendom and is now called the West – will have been a premeditated murder, not a suicide.

            The culprits will have been the globalists who comprise the ruling class of the west, who have absolutely no loyalty to the civilization which made their very lives possible. In the biggest betrayal in human history, they have sold out their own nations, communities and people in the interest of their dystopian dream of a new world order.

            Twenty-first century Quislings like George Soros, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have thrown open the gates of their own civilization to the invading hordes, Muslims who mean to conquer their oldest enemy in the name of Allah. The bloodshed, violence and chaos of jihad follow Muslims wherever they go. For this crime, these traitors have the blood of countless innocents on their hands. They are as guilty of the rape, murder, arson and kidnapping as any of the believers themselves.

    • There was an aphorism going around awhile back that men only wanted two things, food and sex. “If he doesn’t have an erection, make him a sandwich”. A lady friend responded “If he doesn’t have an erection, he can make his own damn sandwich!”

        • Earl Buttz, one of Jimmy Carter’s Cabinet made the mistake of quoting that on an airplane. Never heard of him ever again!

          • Butz was in Nixon’s Cabinet, not Carter’s. He retired to become Dean Emeritus of Purdue’s ag school.

  26. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air has put forward his hot take that this is not about racism or black issues at all.
    The Left is using the black players and their issues to drive supporters away from the NFL and kill the league because feminists and beta males of the Left hate football.

    Everything the Left touches, they try to control.
    and when they get control, they kill it.
    To them, its ‘progress’ !

    • @iowahawkblog

      1. Identify a respected institution.
      2. kill it.
      3. gut it.
      4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

    • If the Left really is trying to kill football, they will deeply regret it. Football plays the same role in the modern United States as vodka played in the old Soviet Union – it is the enormous distraction that keeps men (especially white, middle-aged men) from looking around and actually seeing what is happening to their country; it is, quite literally the opium of the people these days, as “Paul Kersey’ has noted over at SBPDL. Take that away, and you are going to have a lot of pissed white guys who are suddenly seeing the world as it is.

      Channelling the loyalty and aggressive team spirit of men into sports was one of the great successes of the managerial state in the second half of the twentieth century, and one could argue that it has been one of the few things keeping the whole shaky show on the road. This i9s ending now.

      Sad, but necessary. There will be plenty of time for games after the victory is won…

    • Surely they’d be happier if we’d take interest in hipsters carving wood blocks of the Brooklyn. I think a lot of this overt destruction of American institutions stems from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

      • Oh, there’s no doubt that the Left hates football and everything that it stands for. But an older, less emotional Left was content to see the white working and middle classes drug themselves with football, porn, and cheap beer while their country was slowly stolen out from under them. The new Millennial SJW Left can’t stand that, though, because the white devils are enjoying themselves on the way to the grave. Anything that makes a white man happy by definition must be stamped out. Hence the wars on football, drinking, and attractive, feminine women. It’s not enough for whites to lose, they must suffer..

        And of course, by doing this, they are doing us the best favor that they possibly could, weaning us from the drugs that blinded us, making us look around, take stock, and really seeing what this country has become.

        Thanks, SJW’s, for waking up the white race. Who says that God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

    • you talk about the negro players like they are training weights, lying around on the gym floor and all of a sudden leftists come in and animate them magically. it bears repeating that a significant percentage of the negro community is virulently anti-American. these are the folks who skedaddled over to the CCCP in the 1920’s to participate in the worker’s paradise there. no coincidence that communism is the true religion of the dindu nation — lots of free stuff.

      the word must have gone out that this anthem protest was super toxic to the brand because all of a sudden it’s gone very quiet on the pozzed sports pages. lots of owners pulling back on the controls real hard, to no avail i am afraid.

      • ” a significant percentage of the negro community is virulently anti-American. these are the folks who skedaddled over to the CCCP in the 1920’s to participate in the worker’s paradise there”

        Paul Robeson ?

        And no, blacks aren’t zombies awaiting animation. But the Left carefully directs black animus at the desired targets and AWAY from where it would rightly be focused e.g. the policies of the ‘Great Society’ that have created 80% out of wedlock rates and cities like Detroit, Camden and Baltimore.

        • there you go again, trying to separate the left and negroes like they were two distinct groups. “Negroes are the left!!” <= charlton heston voice

        • Detroit, Camden, and Baltimore were not caused by Great Society policies, rather negroes live this way everywhere negroes reach critical mass. If there is an exception, please advise me.

    • God I miss the days when I could put on a football game, and not sit there and cringe at the political commentary, the on/off field antics, or the commercials.

      • God I miss the days when I could read a book, watch t.v., go to the store, or merely go for a drive without cringing at the foreign, the alien, the ugly, the haranguing political commentary or the dysfunctional and hyper-sexualized antics.

        I miss White European America.

        • My fiction purchases have gone to about zero because practically everything the publishers put out is unreadable. (Not just the SJW tropes. Editing has gone to crap, too.)

          Instead, I read a bunch of stories put up for free online, and if they’re any good I hit the authors’ tipjars or buy their self-pub Kindle books if they have them.

          I never did watch many movies, or any TV or sports, so I can’t cut consumption of them. (But I would if I could, just to send a message.)

      • The amount of raw Nationalism: Love of the State – which is different from Patriotism, love of the land, its people and their customs, was increased by an order of magnitude by the Bush Regime and has not been allowed to abate.

    • If that’s the case then this whole thing is going to turn out to be a (yet another) case of the left slitting it’s own throat. The NFL is just a modern day version of the bread and circuses. It serves an important purpose of keeping men glued to the tube instead of paying attention to the world outside – and getting pissed off about it. All the jet fighter overflights, big flags carried across the fields, parachutists, etc…… are all just “love the USA and love the government” theatre.

      What happens when the theatre is gone? The commies might succeed in making people hate the government – I mean a good many of them already do. But do they REALLY think they’re going to get people to go down the commie road – instead of going down some other road?

      There’s already a pretty sizable contigent of men making comments in other blogs and forums I visit saying stuff like: ” get away from the NFL and the tube and go out and shoot a gun “.

      I don’t think (if this theory is correct) – all those beta males and feminists are really going to like the end result that much if they succeed in this little project.

    • It’s because Jazz is a quivering oatmeal bowl of Republicanism who, like most people on the right, desperately want to continue their egalitarian, Civic Nationalism lie, so they can go back to watching football w/o negroes making them feel uncomfortable.
      “Please just stop disrespecting America during the game, I want to believeeee!”
      I cannot wait until these same negroes come out and say they aren’t Americans. It’s coming, any day now.

  27. As Heartiste put it so well,
    “Feminism, from the beginning was civilizational-scale shit test that women, at some level, wanted men to overcome. They wanted a firm hand, and instead they got: “Whatever will make you happy, honey” The men of our civilization failed this colossal shit test. And that was when our civilization started to fall apart.”

    • Women are testing men on a constant basis. Wives test their husbands and girls test their boyfriends on a daily basis, nearly hourly basis if they have the chance. Some tests are small and some are bigger, but ALL of them are indirect with a hidden component and degree of subtlety. If it was open, direct, honest and obvious, then it wouldn’t be a test. Then there is the civilizations test that is feminism.

      If you test someone enough, they will eventually fail. That normally would be fine, to occasionally fail, but in these tests that women are putting men through all the time, one single failure is seen as sufficient justification to react in pretty much any way the woman desires. For the small tests, usually the man gets disrespected in some way that the woman would NEVER stand for if it was done to her. Silent treatment, overspending on some frivolous purchase, neglecting a vital duty for the day, etc.

      In the case of failing the feminism test, the “justified” reaction of the women is to destroy modern western civilization.

      Also, note… Some, most, of the tests are designed in such a way that the unwitting test taker is meant to fail. Seeing as feminism was likely designed by foreign communists, men were generally doomed to fail in AT LEAST high enough numbers that ALL men could be blamed for the failure and suffer the consequences.

      • This explains so much, very insightful and helpful.
        Since it’s so late to post, please repeat it in the future. Thanks!

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