A Salty Mix

This week I was feeling a bit salty. I think it is due to feeling the need to watch the news about the Vegas shooting. My Lord, our mass media is terrible. When I am ruler of these lands, once per month we will celebrate my reign by hurling a randomly selected media person into the void. Perhaps for variety, I’ll have some fed to wild beasts.

Anyway, this week I have the usual variety of items, but I’m not my easy-going self so be prepared for a little bit of edge at points. This week I have a bonus track on Gab. I’m going to use that platform for my edgy stuff, I think. It seems like a good place for it. If you are not on Gab, you should be, despite their flaws. They are the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show It appears they are not censoring me yet. Last week was some sort of mysterious technical issue.  I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Great Questions (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Demographics is Destiny (Link)
  • 22:00: Custodial Disorder
  • 32:00: Autoethnography (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Professor Slave (Link)
  • 47:00: Inflation (Link)
  • 52:00: The Jew Among You (Link)
  • 57:00: The Closing (Link)

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37 thoughts on “A Salty Mix

    • “It occurs to me that liberals are to the Constitution what an ivory hunter is to a jungle god in one of those old stories: he doesn’t believe in the god himself, but the natives do, and so he hides behind the statue of the god and gives the natives orders through a speaking trumpet.” – Taras Wolansky

  1. Eeeeeeevil Joooooos and science: The reason the science of genetics works for joos is the same reason why it doesn’t work for blacks: because RACISM!

    The other day I was on a forum where we were talking about the NFL knee benders and I brought up the racial IQ gap and was soundly slapped and shouted down by my intellectual superiors: IQ measurement and any genetic science that supports it – is junk science! So I asked the question: why is it that stupid people do poorly on those IQ tests while intelligent people do well?

    My moral and intellectual superiors replied, “Fuggoff, racist!!!!” I now stand before you corrected and enlightened! Now that I yam morally and intellectually superior thanks to my spanking – I can safely say Z and all you fellas here are anti-semites and probly homophobes, mysoganists and other forms of deplorable scum of the earth!

    Really enjoyed the show, Z, and joined Gab as per your request. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • Well, Glen, now that you’ve been properly rehabilitated, I imagine Hillary will be needing campaign volunteers soon. 8>)

      I’ve been discussing issues of the day with an old friend who happens to be a prog. It’s always polite and friendly, unlike the reaction you got online. But we seem to be completely immune to the things the other says. Impervious. Him: Trump is mean to women. Me: Get a sense of proportion. Me: Color of crime. Him: Yes, but discrimination.

      I really wonder what, if anything, causes people to ever jump from one end of the political spectrum to the other. In my friend’s case, I think he gets a lot of reinforcement and camaraderie from the people in his more-progressive-than-thou church. He’s probably not ready to abandon that.

      David Horowitz is an example of a big reversal. He switched from being a famous-y new leftist to being a big conservative. That happened in the seventies when the black panthers murdered a friend and colleague of his who knew too much. I think he said it took him years of depression to finally admit to his old friends that he’d changed sides. And then the friendships evaporated.

      What would it take for a large-scale abandonment of the prog viewpoint by people you’d expect to know better?

      • Unlike your experience, my family problem with proggies solved itself when we all pretty much rejected each other and our differing values.
        My daughter came back from university a changed woman: where my daughter used to be, I had a militant lesbian SJW who announced that she and her creepy girlfriend would be in charge of what was said and thought in my family. My elderly proggie in-laws got behind her 100% and they jumped into our family feud, took sides against me and told me to accept them as my leaders and superiors or hit the bricks.
        I chose the bricks and told the wife she could come with me or go with them…but she couldn’t do both. I think everyone was shocked when she went with me. Haven’t seen any of those a-holes in 7 years now, and don’t miss them a bit.
        Progs like yours, IMO, that are smart and mature enough to accept a differing viewpoint… are few and far between. The vast majority of them are intolerant morons for the most part.

      • “What would it take for a large-scale abandonment of the prog viewpoint by people you’d expect to know better?” <= the death of about 40% of them.

    • If you said to a prog that the earth is scientifically proven to be 6.000 years old as well as flat, you would be dismissed with a snort or a laugh. It is when they become unhinged that you know they really don’t want that onion peeled. Evidence of biologically based inequality horrifies the prog because it would offend their god if they had one.

  2. There’s a great book on the hunt for and capture of Andrei Chikatilo: Hunting the Devil. The Soviets actually caught, beat confessions from, and executed two men before they actually got the right one. It’s worth a read.

    • There’s a small budget movie on the subject as well. I recall it was well done. No explosions or car chases.

      There is some debate as to whether this sort of crime began to accelerate in the post-war years or was always there, but ignored. There’s no doubt though, that serial killers/rapists rely on unfamiliarity. Their victims are unknown to them and people that would know them. In a society where strangers are noticed, this sort of crime is vastly more difficult. Therefore, it follows, a society where strangers are the norm, this sort of crime is easier.

      • From memory, Chikatilo worked on the railways so had a good excuse for turning up in strange places. And he targeted troubled and homeless kids, who nobody much cared about anyway.

    • Would that require extracting them from the depths they already inhabit and throwing them back into the same hole or a different and deeper void? Would they notice anything had happened?

  3. No way Hitler had a 39″ waist, the man got gypped!

    And by the way, if Christian bakers have to make cakes for people they don’t agree with, why is this underwear auctioneer allowed to be discriminating? Spencer should have had a shot at it.

  4. this site talks about things from a white-nation perspective, but the same forces and challenges are present for all groups. the underlying problem driving a lot of turmoil in the world is surplus population. the white underclass participating in the opioid picnic is in fact surplus — but so is the black and brown underclass.

    the parts of the white nation doing well financially now are having 3 or more kids. so if you want a larger birth rate for the rest of the whites, make an economy and society where family formation is a priority. the mormon model is actually pretty decent in this regard.

    • “so if you want a larger birth rate for the rest of the whites, make an economy and society where family formation is a priority.”

      This needs to be said more often.

    • The opposite will happen. Automation is reducing the need for large populations of humans. Better healthcare means survival past adolescence. Hence the falling birth rates. If wealthier people are indeed having more kids, it’s a function of being able to actually afford it, and leisure time.

      I fully expect countries like China to just start killing people off once they no longer generate sufficient economic growth (jobs) to sustain them. They’re a lot less picky about stuff like that. Asian efficiency.

      I expect my grandchildren someday to grow up in a world with a LOT more available land, where a robot is paid and taxed to work on their behalf. They’ll largely be able to spend their time pursuing leisure activities. Things that used to be done for survival (like farming) will become more commonplace. Vast tracts of urban sprawl will be plowed under.

      • Hok;
        Nobody expects the robot liberation movement_!

        Seriously, people will have to *own* the robots in order to have any claim on their economic output, i.e. sorta like they’d be slaves. And since almost nobody could hope to make a robot on their own (unlike babies), sociao-economic incentive will have to be provided to those who can do so. Or coercion: One would have to be naive indeed to bet against coercion in robot formation.

        Unless, of course, there is robot communism 😉

        Then it would be back to the plow, since socialism ruins anything it touches.

        *This* will be one of those potentially wrenching adjustments of socio-economic arrangements that our esteemed proprietor talks about.

        • I think the government is going to start taxing robotic “labor hours” to make up for payroll tax shortfalls not unlike taxing vehicles based on annual miles instead of tolls and gas taxes as EVs become more prevalent.

  5. I agree that Meghan Quinlan is easy on the eye; she’s a peach. She’d make a great mother and housekeeper.

  6. “Lecturer Mindy Percival’s mobile home in Stuart, Florida. Her oven, shower and water heater don’t work.”

    If her oven worked, so would her water heater!

  7. Kudos, Z man.

    I like your conclusion on Gab.

    The effort to arrive at a pacific and successful solution to the negro problem has failed and whitey is on longer willing to take blame for the failure

  8. Fukiyama had the expressed sentiments of the Anglo-Jewish ruling class pegged. Liberal Social Democracy Capitalism was what they decided was “good enough,” for the rest of the century at the very least. What was never taken into account was precisely what you mentioned, that this ruling class was either high on it’s own supply or completely dishonest about their intentions. Due to the reality of demographics going forward, Social Democracy is utterly untenable and indeed, the EU in particular seems to be preparing to completely dissolve Democracy in order to salvage Liberalism.

    • The reason Social Democracy has failed is that it spent down the human capital from the past and monetized the human capital of the future in the form of debt. At some point ‘the future’ will decline the credit card. That’s when things will get interesting.

      In the bad old days the king could wipe out his creditors and get away with it because he controlled the military forces and kept them paid (at least the leaders). I have no doubt that the Cloud Progs., who despise the military and make no bones about it, expect to enforce collection against ‘the future’ by issuing judicial opinions. Interesting times ahead.

      • While I share skepticism of American monetary policy, I don’t think that’s the root cause. Mortgaging human capital in the present is perhaps immoral, but not an unsustainable endeavor if your population grows and your influence, technology, and resource extraction spread commensurately. The great mistake of the western elite was believing their machine could run just as efficiently on any humans they could import as with the Europeans they had conditioned for blunted tribalism, cooperation, and passivity.

        The western elite forgot their first asset was centuries of hard-won eugenic breeding in their own people. They have since not just abandoned the rules and laws which made this possible, but thrown the whole empire into hard-reverse by importing the genetic material of the most naked violent and brutal tribalism possible and then nursing their numbers with the most generous welfare system in human history.

  9. OT having a lot of trouble accessing blog last 2 days. 2 browsers. Tried all the usual, clear cache etc.. Finally the “contact this blog” link worked this time. This is the only blog with any issues. Maybe blocked?

  10. https://www.counter-currents.com/2017/10/female-entitlement-and-academic-corruption-on-trial-the-regime-and-the-amy-bishop-murders-a-case-study/

    You weren’t salty enough. Amy Bishop. Harvard graduate, professor of biology at U of Alabama. Denied tenure, shoots six in department, three dead. Not even her first homicide–shotgunned her brother in a dispute, Total psycho. Much else. Article details how and why women are passed along and up (and out?), become professors. And wannabe Presidents.

    • Quote below is from the cited article. This is a hard concept for us free-speechers, but maybe it is necessary.

      “As numerous reactionaries have mentioned, free speech is the characteristic cause of a losing faction. The powerful have no need for protections from state censorship either in its direct form or indirectly through social harassment and violence. The first lesson that reactionaries should take from this is that free speech rhetoric and activism is pointless. It is the whining of the losers as they are being punched in the face by the winners.”

        • They’re not exactly sure what the term “winning” means, other than it is probably something that hurts and should be avoided at all costs.

      • The free-speech argument is one of the major tactics the Left used as they advanced in America during last century. But our current lefty rulers are probably not as susceptible to it as 20th-century mid-America was. I doubt today’s rulers intend to make the same mistakes their enemies did previously.

        • Just my impression–attacking the first and second amendment at the same time is diluting the effect against either. As bad as Republican leaders are, they simply didn’t have one for the most recent eight years, public or private, and it showed. The Democrats are experiencing that state now, and some panic that things are not simply falling into place as before for the we are who we have been waiting for.

      • In typical lefty fashion, progressives are now swinging from the rope they fashioned from their tacky propaganda. If the quoted thorn on the rose was designed to spur thoughtful debate, it fulfilled its function.

        Navigating the maze of ironies that is driven by the eros obsessed progs can’t be done by one of their own, logos is required to articulate the blueprint. I appreciate the perspective articulated by Arthur Gordian, as it reveals an ending to a story I am weary of.

  11. I certainly enjoyed the high sodium variety of this weeks installment. Dug the added bonus material over at Gab especially. The bonus material got me thinking about a lecture that was given at the US Army War College. It was entitled “Why The Civil Rights Movement Was an Insurgency and Why It Matters”. Your observation about King being the “Good Cop” was dead on.
    Here’s the link:

  12. You’re wrong to think that teaching in the public schools is a good gig, for anybody but a time-serving fool. Been there, done that. Under the current rules, your job there is to “motivate” the lowest quintile – i.e., to keep them more or less entertained, while the smart kids play video games on their smart phones.

  13. The Gab was terrific. I favor Florida, minus the panhandle.
    Nearly one acre for each BP. Let them sort it out how they will.
    Unambiguous borders
    Sub-tropical climate. No heat or air necessary for tropical people.
    Lakes, rivers, seas. Hell of a deal.
    Expensive, as you say, but paradise beckons.
    It wouldn’t last ten years before becoming Liberia.
    Maybe George’s model will work best–segregation forever. When the rich called free association segregation it became exclusive and expensive, so they called theirs free will. Make it free again. May BP be free to exclude me from their neighborhoods, or not, their lunch counters, their schools. Either that, or buy me Florida.

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