Simple Madness

This is the first podcast of the year and my first podcast with any serious audio editing. I decided over the holidays that I needed to tighten things up a bit and that means learning how to edit the podcast after recording. I believe this is what the professionals call post-production. That’s when things are cleaned and unnecessary pauses and weird background noises are edited out of the show.

Until now, I have just made some notes for each segment and rambled on for about ten minutes or five minutes, depending upon the bit. I would then edit out the obvious stuff, but that was it. One of the strange side effects of doing a podcast is you spend a lot of time listening yourself. My gross lack of professionalism and all too frequent hemming and hawing have started to bug me so I’m determined to up my game this year.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

This Week’s Show


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Full Show On Spreaker

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That bit about being seen by the guy in the ER fresh off the boat is real, and not new. But it is the result of having too much government and bad ideas in medicine. Affirmative action is a white woman’s jobs program. Take a look at the participants in you college biology department. Daddy’s little princess is going to go to med school, take up time doing a residency in a competitive field, and then drop out of the job or work part time in order to have it all (beta hubby and kids via IVF). The ones who… Read more »

Oh. And if you want to hate boomers, this is as good a reason as any.


Well I was thinking about getting my teeth whitened but may now expand this to other areas thanks to you Zman.

Didn’t get a Hitler phone for Christmas. Come to find out that is for our betters or as you put it , Cloud people.


“Mountaineer… two men skilled in the climbing of mountains… jolly good!”


Zman – just wanted to say that I love your podcasts. I listen to a lot of different ones, and yours are among the best out there. No homo.


Regarding ethnic surfing, hasn’t the author seen Apocalypse Now? “Charlie don’t surf!”

Even The Clash sing about this. Where has this guy been?

Din C. Nuffin

Poor me. Deaf as a post, can’t appreciate the podcasts.


I turn it up as high as I can and still have trouble. Too many shotgun blasts without earplugs.

You’re a funny guy, Zman. Not “What am I, a clown?” funny, but yes, you amuse me. The show is getting better. Your casual dismissal of the mentally insane progressives is genuinely funny. I was introduced to the “Bro Science” you tube channel about 3 years ago, and the guy is hilarious, although that schtick has run its course and become tiresome. Mike (the guy who plays The Brofessor) and his partner Gian have been putting out youtube videos for about 10 years under multiple channels. Their previous channel, “Dom vs” or some such, is a collection of clever shorts… Read more »

Z-man I’ve been using Reaper for audio mixing and editing and it is excellent. Free eval download you can extend indefinitely. I use a Mackie 400f mixer but a lot of others will do.

Tax Slave

Just want to say that I look forward to the weekly podcast. Definitely a fan now.


It’s like the experts say ” We’ve upped our game. So up yours.” Seriously tho. I love the podcasts. Keep them coming.

Tim Newman
I don’t know why people are protesting in Iran or whether the CIA is behind it all, but the idea that it’s all over pipelines supplying oil and she to Europe is nonsense. Wars over pipeline routes don’t make sense economically, technically, or politically and the theory falls apart at the slightest inspection. But I admit, it’s a resilient theory, which is why I write about it here: Whenever the US gets involved in a conflict somewhere in the world there is always, always somebody on the American Right who will come out with some bizarre conspiracy theory involving a… Read more »

Not only on the right.


I’m sorry, i don’t listen to podcasts, I read while listening to music. I wait to read the transcripts of Derb ‘s podcasts. I regret the columns which don’t appear because of promoting podcasts.


Great podcast this week. Love the Bro Science and Xirl Science segments

paul scott

Remember Z, your people listen to the podcasts for content, and you do not need to over edit. post-production. I could lead you to shocking >>>” umm, ahh wait on I am thinking” podcasts, and yours is not that.
Content, content, content
I would say you retain a high level of podcast interest, nice clean segments, so best to retain winning formula all the best for 2018.