Who’s In Charge

The alt-right boys are fond of talking about the various red pills and how their issue is the “ultimate red pill.” They are not entirely wrong. People are willing to accept some things more than others. All of us bob around in an ocean of agit-prop, pumped out by the people that rule over us. That is, though, the ultimate red pill. All the stuff we believe about democracy, our political order and the intentions of the people who rule over us, is mostly nonsense. Our ruling class is no different than any other in human history.

Steve Sailer is fond of talking about the Deep State, mostly as a way to explain how the people in the ruling class collude with one another against the interests of the voters and their elected officials. It is not a conspiracy, with Ernst Blofeld controlling the world from his secret lair. It is more like a community of like minded people, who exist within the high ground of the society. They hire one another, they socialize, their kids marry each other and they try to keep elected officials from screwing up their grand designs.

A good recent example is Alexei Navalny. He is the latest Russian opposition leader to cause trouble for Putin. He was recently arrested for trying to stage a protest of Putin’s run for another term in office. Navalny was just another guy until he spent time at Yale in the World Fellows Program. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, he became a crusader against financial corruption in Russia. It is not like any important people in America have connections to Yale. It is probably just a massive coincidence.

Putin, of course, is enemy number one for the Washington political elite. That means Mr. Navalny will be celebrated in the American media, while reliable politicians are sent out to tell us how Putin is the next Hitler. No one voted for this and no one in the elected class gives a damn about Alexei Navalny, but the people who were there before the politicians showed up, and will be there after they are gone, do care so everyone cares. It all sounds conspiratorial, but it is just the way countries run, even America.

Another example of this is this story about John Forbes Kerry causing trouble in the Middle East. He is telling the Palestinians to not cooperate with Trump as he expects a new president within a year. It’s totally a coincidence that Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor, was in the same prep school as John Forbes Kerry. In fact, they were on the lacrosse team together. Now, only a conspiracy nut would think there is any connection here. What are the odds that these two classmates talk about politics?

Again, it is not some wide ranging, multi-generational conspiracy. Every society has its elites and those elites control the state. For example, twenty-two families have controlled Guatemala since 1531. Another twenty-six families have married into this core group of elite families. The result is one percent of the population, the descendants of the Conquistadors, has controlled the country for over 450 years. It is why their political elites tend to look like Old World Spaniards, rather than the indigenous Indian tribes.

In the case of America, year after year our elite colleges turn out a new crop of boys and girls from the best families. Many go into government, some go into media, others go into finance. Most go onto live self-actualizing lives in the top floors of American society. Their parents and friend’s parents help them along wherever they land. If it is government, they bounce from assignment to assignment, eventually landing in one of the Senior Executive Service positions. Or even better, a presidential appointment.

What does this all mean?

It means elections do not matter all that much. Sure, getting Trump rather than Clinton is important, but that is just an exception to the rule. Clinton, Bush and Obama were pretty much the same guy. Their administrations were stocked with the same cronies that stocked the other administrations. Maybe they had slightly different ideas on how to sacrifice white Americans in the service of Israel, but otherwise they were on the same page on the big stuff. The people voted and then the people in charge ignored them.

Of course, this means those super-Progressive women are crazier than you think. These women, walking around thinking they are revolting against the patriarchy, are actually the vanguard of its defense. The proof that liberalism is a cult is that the members are sure they are a revolutionary vanguard, defending the status quo against the general public. That is a degree of madness that exists only in mental hospitals and revivals. It is why there is no reasoning with a Progressive. They have descended into madness.

It also means changing the current trajectory of the nation is not happening at the ballot box. As Steve Sailer noted today, the people in charge have gone insane. The orgy of anti-Americanism, particularity the hatred for whites, is a group psychosis. Fixing this is not going to happen with elections. It changes when the ruling class changes and that probably means the swankier parts of Cloud Country will experience car bombs, IED’s and assassinations. One Arthur Bremmer is worth an election full of ballots.

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  1. I think and believe that things are about to change. The plan 3 years in the making that included Donald Trump and our military commanders led by Admiral Rogers/NSA will change how business is done in this country. This plan is directed at those having committed treason. It involves members in both parties although the main focus is directed at foreign agent and traitor Barry Soetero. Being placed into the white house via forged BC created by Strzok as well as placing other foreign agents throughout government and into national security position brought about DT as president.
    Following Q and posting of intel drops/crumbs informs, validate and expose treason within our government is coming as one of the worst scandal ever in this country. There are various entities involved that stretches like a spider web into government and outside entities.
    The DT presidency was a military decision that also involved stopping the rigging of Soros voting machines programmed to engineer a Hillary win.
    All of it was based on “The 16 year plan to destroy America”.
    Hussein contributed the first act – his 8 yrs. Hillary suppose to perform the final act. It involved WWIII and a planned large de-population among a host of other calamities designed to force the remaining Americans into their long designed NWO.
    They worked under the premise based on their hubris thinking Hillary would not lose ergo the current scandal of the weaponized FBI, DOJ and CIA.
    As soon as the FISA memo is made public by DT all hell will break lose and we’ll see military ops arresting those involved in treason and transferred to GITMO facing military tribunals.
    Q continues to red pill us by intend. Shit is about to hit he fan although you would know since the media remains silent.

    • Interesting forecast. I was pretty much with you till I read “when the memo is released”…since it’s been a few days past that, and we’re still waiting…still, information is starting to leak out so fast that things are changing hour by hour.

  2. “Maybe they had slightly different ideas on how to sacrifice white Americans in the service of Israel” — chimp-signal.

  3. You are talking about lawbreaking that has been allowed to fester. That has made them DRUNK with power, not madness.

    Not one of them has been arrested for HIGH TREASON. NOT ONE!

  4. Is it any wonder the South tried to leave this system before it closed it’s fist on us. Damned Yankees have infected the whole damn system. It will require a deep excising maybe to deep to keep the Corporation together now. Dream of the Republic still drives.

  5. When woman are bullies, it’s an emotional weapon they wield. They are good at using gossip innuendo and emotional blackmail as weapons of choice. Hard to nail down with evidence and always subject to the defense of, woman are under represented and victims of the “glass ceiling”. They often then go after men or simply people they don’t like. It never hits the press other than some sort of wrongful dismissal lawsuit which nobody cares about any more. Men hating woman and vise versa, opens the convenient door of letting the state plan births, as a seeding operation. Of course with all the genetic and DNA “evidence”, the state would be the best planner. This would be some sort of “ultimate red pill”, or in the interests of political correctness,rainbow coloured. God’s speed all.

    • Women go after women using the same methods. Working in an environment with nothing but women (and I am one) is like being in a snakepit. Absolutely right about “gossip innuendo and emotional blackmail.” Even on the net, on some female-oriented sites, there is a “we” against “you” attitude if you vary from the party line. Try expressing conservative, pro-male views on a fansite — Whew! They gang up, they do.

  6. “That’s a degree of madness that exists only in mental hospitals and revivals.”

    Christians are NOT equivalent to the prisoners of mental hospitals, and to make such a monstrous charge alienates a large group of decent Americans who might normally agree with you on many things, including race realism.

    I thought it was Progressives who despised Christians so much they seek to portray us as insane in the fake news media. Apparently, there is an element of that in the atheist alt-right as well.

    • I take your point, and upvoted your observation, though to be fair to Zman his comment doesn’t mean he despises Christians — he writes quickly and was maybe thinking about the scene in Elmer Gantry when one of Elmer’s audience started howling like a dog. THAT’s madness.

  7. Make all political positions voluntarily and term limits to only four years. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

  8. True, this is not just a ballot-box issue. However, this is not just a matter of the “in-crowd” that goes to the same schools and summers together on Martha’s Vineyard. Laws have been broken and the U.S. Constitution is at stake, as are the lives of U.S. citizens.

  9. Wait a minute.
    Our ruling families used to be Mayflower Society and Daughters of the American Revolution debutantes.

    Who are our ruling families now?

  10. This one’s a keeper- another top notch observation. Gets to the real mechanics of society.

    I wish to gosh Zman was being studied instead of Alinsky.

  11. It shows the power of the elites to define what is socially acceptably when one must explain how the elites are NOT engaged in a conspiracy… they are merely acting in harmony toward a common end. They may do this in secret at times, and at times do so in ways that are against the law and/or intentional harmful to others. But it is NOT a conspiracy. The use of that word is out of bounds for anyone who wishes to be taken seriously. We really need to get our dictionaries updated. Maybe words like “conspire” and “treason” could be denoted as “usage considered vulgar”.

  12. In this vein, I’m fond of pointing out that Trump not only expects incompetent people to be fired…he’s more than willing to fire them himself. It’s not talked about very much, because for the Elites, it’s like acknowledging your worst and deepest fears: getting fired is NOT something that happens.

    Transfered, maybe, demoted possibly, “early retirement with full benefits” the most likely, but they they always live to fight another day. It’s like that “retired” Admiral who keeps running for Senate in Pennsylvania who has never directly or indirectly answered the question, “Why did you lose a star before you ‘retired’?” He basically makes his living running for office at this point. It’s good money.

    I’m not quite a cynical about things as Zman is. I think a good round of firings is long past due. It’s easier to drain the swamp if you trap and kill all the alligators first. In this way, Trump is taking the advice I offered early on in his administration: use the rules of the bureaucracy against them…

    …and in the next few days the GOP will declassify a summary of (potentially) the abuse of power by the FBI in service to a specific political candidate, in addition to withholding information from a Federal judge, and then expecting the whole thing to be stamped “Top Secret” and locked away from the public forever. You fight the bureaucracy by using their own rules against them…declassify it…and let’s see what happens.

    Today, they claimed their first scalp – Andrew McCabe – who is no longer retiring in March (when the IG report gets released). He is stepping down “today” – the day after his boss read the memo Nunes and Gowdy are about to release.

    That is how you drain the swamp.

    • Jamie Gorelick, the most disastrous civil “servant” in American history was promoted three times and made several tens of millions of dollars at each train wreck. That is a signal to the hive that yes, we have your back always. She’s now Trumps lawyer. Anyone should feel free to explain that to me.

      • It’s crazy how the system works. Nobody was fired after 9/11, after 3,000 people died. NOBODY. Benghazi? I think a military General got fired, but nobody at State Dept. I remember there was a terrible wildfire years ago that killed a bunch of firefighters. They died because some bureaucrats wouldn’t let the tankers take water from a protected lake (“endanged species”). They were “reassigned”. That guy who sent the text and the Governor who couldn’t remember his Twitter password in Hawaii recently? The former was reassigned, and the latter is still Governor. All those IRS employees who were using their official office to persecute conservative groups? And destroy evidence? “Retired”.

        That’s what makes the firings of Flynn, Comey, Yates, Price (technically, he “resigned”, but it was one of those “You’re fired, but you’re going to shoot yourself” things), etc. so brutal to the Government Party. It’s a good start, but Trump hasn’t gone nearly far enough.

        If this memo comes out tomorrow and lays out a compelling case that the FBI and DOJ used a political hit-piece document as grounds for FISA wiretaps of an opponent’s political campaign, Trump should just walk out to the press room and notify the public that Bob Mueller and the entire “Russia” investigation is officially over. Then, wait for the DOJ IG report this March (which is looking at other things, not just the Clinton emails and the Strzok/Page texts), and then another round of firings.

        Pretty much ALL the people telling him not to fire Mueller are inbred government party types.

        He needs to gut the pig.

  13. I’d like to use that poor Nasser guy as an illustration to the unbridled insanity.

    The grandstanding MeToo judge violated “cruel and unusual” and turned sentencing into an extended struggle session. C’mon, girls, mug for the camera! The Matriarchy rises!

    So what did he actually do?
    Offensive ogling? Touching during exams? Did he ask them to cough?

    It wasn’t like he had his member out and buried up a ten-year-old’s behind in the gym showers, as Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky did for twenty years.

    The Ruling Families are as recessive and hemophiliac as ever. Now theses mad bastards are openly hostile.

  14. Can’t remember who said “whoever you vote for the government always gets in” but its true.

    We now have a stalemate where there is no chance of change with the votes pretty much split 50-50 between the main parties. I live in England and this is equally applied to the US.

    The party system is a charade.
    Until those that work in the civil service and their controllers are removed, things will never change.

    Those who work in public sector and consume our taxes are approx 49% of the voters and vote left.
    The tax generators vote right but there are not enough of us to vote the changes necessary.
    We need a cull of idle public sector workers to allow the votes to actually make a difference.

    • Democracy under universal suffrage is the perfect system for manipulation by manipulative people. Restricting suffrage to government employees of any kind including public school teachers, and women, keeps a volatile and difficult system sane enough for adults to negotiate. Since this is certainly not going to happen we should not be expecting pigs to fly. When a thing cannot be fixed it has to first break before you can build something else. Bless Brexit and Trump, but they can’t fix this and in Britain, where it is illegal to speak, they are not going to even let you loose to try are they?.

  15. I’m not alone but I’ve been saying for quite sometime that the only thing that really slows Leviathan down is a series of targetted assassinations. Once the cult members know some of them may be turned into pink mist machines the bullshit starts to recede.

    • History proves that. But to whom do we pray to see the right person made into pink mist in our lifetime, Satan, or the one who cast him out?

        • Risk – of their own lives, or fortunes – is the one thing our corrupt blue bloods fear the most. Fear can also make their underlings – like Donna Brazile – start talking.

    • Unfortunately it will probably come down to what you say, not now of course, we’re too fat and comfortable. This is why you can even get blacks to riot on a massive scale.

      People either need to feel serious financial pain such as a stock market implosion/welfare state collapse(which the elites will do everything to keep it going for obvious reasons) Or political where the Progs win in 2020(say Kamalal Harris and Biden)and go hog wild with their war against whites.

      It’s not hard to infer what they’ll do to us with control of all three houses. It will be all out war. Our side could easily respond wit versions of Anders Breivek, Beltway snipers and IED’s tageting those posh exclusive neighborhoods, targeting of MSM personalities, etc.

  16. Guatemala is a good analogy. We are used to seeing the upper class, the ivy league and other elite groups as simply the successful part of one society. As a bunch of local boys who made good.

    Instead we can see that the character of this group has degraded to the point where it is entirely parasitic and exploitative in every way.

    The worst part isn’t the economic exploitation. It’s bad but it’s the constant state of man and in some sense we can survive with it. The worst part is the social and cultural destruction that is their deliberate policy. This can be bundled into the category of “attacks on the family”; that is, the attacks on sobriety, self control (to the point where vices of all kinds are actually encouraged), relationships and religion which undermine people’s ability to live a meaningful life where they are connected with and important to people around them.

    Because of their deliberate destruction of our culture we can see that the American/Western elite are uniquely evil. (Ironically they see themselves as uniquely good.)

  17. The French Revolution will have to come to America before anything changes. Our Civil War simply destroyed one half of the ruling caste. The other half needs to go now.

      • At least they got a Napolean after the new ruling class murdered themselves.
        If disease in Haiti hadn’t wiped out their forces, they might’ve gotten Louisiana back.
        Quebec on the Mississippi, to recoup their Revolutionary investment.
        (Mexico didn’t work out so well, either.)

        Says something for the underlying durabilty of Severian’s noblility.
        I’d rather blood-and-soil Families (Guatemala) than rootless pirates (Poppy Bush in Guatemala- who never recovered from Bush’s murderous Honduran Contra mercs.)

      • Not in the least but the French Revolution was about putting in modernity and the sans culottes were basically SJW’s of the era not about real reform as we would see it.

        That said we are many many years away from Monarchy . Imposing that won’t be plausible with an much higher degree of collapse and an end to private small arms

        Fundamentally guns don’t make people equal but they do make them more equal and downgrade the protection benefits Feudalism offers

        Instead of needing highly trained, expensively equipped knights for defense firearms allow common people plenty of firepower to handle bandits and the like and as such a king becomes just another leech

        Future dark Age till the the ability to make ammo runs out probably won’t be medieval but far more Anglo Saxon Fyrd

        As to our problems at hand, before anyone can get replace of the current leaders they have to an idea that’s measurably better or at least people think it was

        The ideas of the French Revolution were terrible in many respects but they seemed at the time preferable to Versailles

        Thus far the actual Right barely has ideas at all and thus far few of them seem better than pathetically trying to reform the Cathedral

        That has to be fixed.

        Let me caveat that, in areas with a strong ethnic and cultural identity foreigners go home is enough. This is why Europe panics at its Right and spends so much effort suppressing speech and ideas . They fear them

        Our elite does too but its more timidity than real fear as the actual Right isn’t ready to sell ideas and many factions of it are passive (NrX) lazy (the militia Right) stuck in the past (several factions) or far more religious than the common folks

        The new thing can’t assume “muh Constitution” in the minarchy sense the founding fathers wanted, Christendom (huge swathes of the nation are not religious) or likely more than a few other things that they seems to want will happen.

        In that sense both the Real Right and the Cathedral are stuck on the same stupid paradigms

        How the Real Right gets past that and past its own blinkers is the real challenge they face. Until they figure out how or enough people are willing to let go of the current boundaries the best we can hope for is Trump’s soft boiled populism

        as trite as it is, the real revolution is inside and we aren’t there yet.

    • Neither Karl Marx, Yankee Puritans, Presidents from Wilson to Obama, or every Jew born since Spinoza had anything on the French Revolution and the 18th century French intelligencia which caused it.

  18. I’ve been saying for a long time now – not entirely tongue-in-cheek – that we could’ve saved ourselves much grief by repealing the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution. Let these people anoint themselves the Duc and Duchesse d’Arkansas, give them some hounds to run and a butler to say “you rang, sir?” and a coach-and-four and they’d be out of our hair forever. If that means I end up as Victoria Nuland’s serf , well, so be it — she thinks of me (and all of you) as a serf anyway; I’ll tip my cap and “m’lady” her in the street if it means she’ll quit trying to start a war with Russia…

    • Profound- moreso than at first glance.
      Maybe nature and history are trying to tell us something?

      For king and country!
      May God save the Queen!

  19. Yes, realism matters. We cannot talk our way out of the problems that we are in (that’s not how the real world works). We can, and should, use our brains to assess and predict, then plan and respond. You have correctly identified the focus of the problem. There are many solution options. Seek out the ones that work the best. That is evolutionary progress.

  20. Fake and gay.
    Any article discussing who is in charge that does not mention the Jews is a fail.
    Even if we do have a non-Jew hereditary elite, their behavior is kept within parameters established by the Jews.
    Their enterprises rely on access to capital from the Jewish dominated financial system. Their children’s status depends on passing through the Jewish dominated educational system. Their social standing depends on staying in the good graces of the Jewish dominated mass media.
    Think I’m lying? Try this mental experiment.
    Imagine that a member of one of these prominent blue blood families begins to even mildly take up the JQ in public.
    By saying something so simple as “The 2% of Jews in America have a disproportionate influence & they often use it in ways that benefit themselves but harm our nation.”
    The media would universally swarm him as an antisemite & whatever status markers he had would be immediately stripped.
    If he were a college student, he would be expelled. If he were in business, he would be pressured to leave by the Board. If he were a politician, he would be disowned by either party.
    Having power is not just getting a position, or knowing people who have them. It is the ability to make others do what you want & not do what you don’t want.
    No other group in America can do that like the Jews.

    • Ridiculous. Everyone knows the Jews have been kept out of the best golf clubs. How can they be in charge of anything?

      Crazy talk.

      • I see Israel as a corral where the liberal ones can force their patriotic kin into, as target and hostage.

        (…leaving the radical diasporas to open ground, unimpeded colonization… )

  21. Indeed, I went to school with these people…Even at the college level, the real in-groupers like Kerry, Bush and Mueller, and even more so people connected with the really powerful families, generally midwits at best, had little or no contact with the rest of us. They distrust very intelligent people..They are conditioned to believe that, no matter what they do, there will be absolutely no negative consequences. E.g. Ted Kennedy

    • This is the case with nearly all ruling classes in a developed world and often through history and broadly no one trusts truly intelligent people

      The only people in the West who’d proved otherwise that the elite can be touched at least recently was Anders Brehvik

      The later was able to take the fight home to the future elite, eliminating many of them and forcefully shift the Overton window in his nation his way,

      I can’t advocate for that obviously but in his case and context it was pretty effective.

      As for a longer term solution, if the US survives the mess, we might consider simply drafting politicians instead of electing them. All persons House and Senate and President serving are by random lot with a second term and no others decided by reelection as desired . One draft, one office that’s it

      The only thing that can disqualify you is a capital felony (of which child molestation will be added) or previous to drafting mental health issues

      and yes this means if a felon is doing time, gets drafted, well he’s out till his term is up and in fact, the time he does in office counts against his time in prison.

      This will get us some really weird people but they won’t be much worse than say Maxine Waters

      As for the permanent offices, they are limited in size and scope by the Constitution and leave with the person who appointed them.

      This won’t stop lobbying naive people to put whoever the elite wants on say the Appellate Court but its time and life limited so the harm will be mitigated

      Its highly unorthodox to say the least but I suspect it wouldn’t give us worse results and would have the salutatory effect of making the elite stay away from politics and where possible making private sector and local government actions to better assimilate the lower classes since that poor bum might end up your representative

      we won’t do this of course though and ultimately we either purge the elite by elections which is unlikely or in a few more years its bullets or Brazil

      • The U.S. won’t survive much more of this insanity unless we push back and make it clear to the elites there is a cost involved, a steep one if they persist on the course they’ve chosen.

        You don’t push a entire people into a corner when they are armed to the teeth.

        I don’t want it to come to that, but the elites are making it abundantly clear “white man! Get into that mass grave now!” which what their collective message to us amounts to.

        Reasoning with them is impossible, they just scream and babble – just watch Tucker Carlson when he interviews progressives on his show. We’re dealing with suicidal cultists.

    • My father who served at a nuclear missile site during the 70’s echoed that. One of his commanding officers was from a prominent East coast family – during one conversation he had with the captain, my father mentioned to him “aren’t you proud you have all these intelligent men under your command”(back then only the top IQ types got assigned to the high tech nuclear missile program)The captain snarled and said “these men know too much for their own good”.

      John Taylor Gatto in his books makes the same assertions. Our elites from the late 1800’s with formation of the command economy never wanted a informed, educated electorate that could think on it’s own. All they wanted were docile factory workers that just knew enough to do their jobs. Look at all the attempts over the decades of the elites at dumbing down our public schools and letting them become little more minimum security prisons where they drug boys for being boys and smart kids for being bored with the garbage they are being taught.

  22. I see it as a vector, not a conspiracy. The more little arrows you can pry away, the smaller the big arrow becomes.

    I haven’t checked in many years, but Costa Rica had a five or ten year limit on government service. Some used to claim that’s why it was the most stable of the Latin nations.

    I think the last time we had this much sameness in national politics was during the era of the GAR Republicans (credit to tea party doc). Maybe what we’re seeing now are the death throes of the 68’er fusion party. Based on the reign of the GAR Republicans , we still have another decade or so to go.

  23. Here’s the one thing that might be the last bastion that proves to be the crucial counterweight- the praetorians. The Cloud People don’t send their kids into the armed forces anymore. McCain and Kerry being the last of a dying breed. Mattis didn’t attend an elite university, he went through OCS and rose commanding infantry units. The field officers are quite conscious of what the elites are doing and the contempt most of that incestuous circle has for them. The rank and file of the combat units are still majority white and male, and are of course disproportionately drawn from families and regions that are the core of the populist America that created Trump.

    Where do they fit into the equation of the balance of power if we tilt into 1859 again?

    • Correct. Is Trump an exception to the rule, Z? Or is he the first pebble to go skipping down the slope with the avalanche roaring after? I am asking because I don’t know.
      To get elected, any candidate has to appeal to the political centre. America’s political centre has been having non-stop red pill suppositories for the last 15~20 years and they are getting sick and tired of them. If their system still worked, Hillary would have wiped the mat with Trump in the last election.
      The tools and useful fools are failing the Cloud People too: the mass media can’t sell a newspaper or subscription for love or money. They are openly mocked by the public as fakes and worse. The schools that shelter the little Cloudlets are coming under heavy scrutiny too. Consider also, that areas that vote for corruption are now getting what they voted for – good and hard.
      I think it’s too soon to refer to the Trump Administration as a fluke or an exception to the rule – we may be seeing a tectonic political shift here.

      • It’s always hard to know what this moment will mean in the larger context. In the 1980’s, I was sure the tide was turning and the great rollback was upon us. It turned out that Reagan was just the closing chapter in the long struggle against communism. He had no impact on the great culture war within America. He also inadvertently unleashed the great neocon take over of foreign policy.

        The parallels between Trump and Nixon are not hard to see. Nixon was able to attract traditionally Democrat voters (southern whites) by obliquely appealing to them on racial grounds. Reagan ran up bigger numbers with these voters and added northern ethnics, despite appealing to blacks. Simply being opposed to liberalism’s overt anti-white thrust was enough. The point here is we could be seeing a replay of Nixon or maybe Reagan. In both cases, the ruling elite remained in charge, but went through a period of reform.

        America was still 80% white then. We are well on our way to becoming majority minority, so our own history will no longer be able to offer lessons that are relevant to our age.

    • -Where do they fit into the equation of the balance of power if we tilt into 1859 again?

      There is a reason you guys keep your soldiers playing pretend war all over the place. Soldiers at home would notice these things and might say things that make your moral superiors anxious. Best to send them off to die fighting cave people instead.

      • The fact that a lot of guys like me went overseas makes “The Noticing” that much stronger than if we had stayed home. Seeing what we did has radicalized many to the dangers our effete elites pose to Traditional America.

        Secondarily, we don’t get sent off to die. We get sent to kill.

    • Tam;
      You are right that the elite don’t send their kids into the military. This started with Vietnam and was one of the drivers of the protests then.

      When I was job hunting after first getting off active duty in the ’70s, I was basically told I had been a chump. It was almost as though you had demonstrated that you were *not* elite material by serving in their wars. You can imagine what feelings that caused.

      The crazy thing is, that they suppose that there will be no long-term consequences from their shifting all risks from their adventurous foreign policies to others. It is yet another sign of their stupidity and incompetence that they thoughtlessly store up future trouble for themselves.

      • Military stints used to be a mandatory proving ground for the ruling class.
        They have lost the Art of Manliness.

        Trump didn’t serve, but he certainly fought and bested many government Family mafiosi- in multiple countries!

        And he didn’t have to resort to abuse, skulduggery, and murder to get things done, either.

      • That’s what the problem is with our “leaders”. Previously in Western military history, the elites were obligated to prove their worth to lead by risking their own lives and in maturity, the lives of their sons. Every single one of Robert E. Lee’s sons served in combat. Joe Kennedy’s kids volunteered. One died and JFK almost got killed too. James Roosevelt made the Makin Raid with Carlson in 1942, while his father sat in the White House.

        Foreign adventures lose their appeal when its your kids in a fighting hole with the grunts too. And if blood has to be shed, you can be sure that if Chip has to leave Harvard Yard to lead a rifle platoon, it won’t drag on for 17 fucking years. There’s importance in John Kelly as Trump’s Chief of Staff. He knows war firsthand and his son got killed. Every time some neocon cooks up a little intervention, Kelly and Mattis are there to remind Trump what war is.

        • The US hasn’t been truly threated since 1812

          The US hasn’t needed to fight a real war since World War 2. and that war was entirely our fault cause by Wilson , the forerunner of the modern Neo Con Globalist and his inability to let the US stay neutral and let Europe fight Europe’s battles

          Even so we don’t face any enemies that we can’t beat in a fight or that cant go nuclear if they lose. The only enemy is within

          This suggest a long term stalemate and a real need for the US to demilitarize a lot.

          The things is we refuse to accept the fact that the world has changed, other than MENA movements of people we don’t face a real risk of war, we need to conserve resources for the long term not squander them and there is no frontier anywhere and baring a miracle there never will be

          Amusingly if they weren’t so filled with self loathing and run by globalists Europe would be well ahead of the curve in dealing with a much smaller world. Alas they aren’t and the US is a mess and so I suspect will the world be.

      • The one thing I find “noble” about Robert Mueller is that he signed up for the Marines following the path of a fellow Princetonian who had done so a year earlier. The guy was killed in Vietnam. Mueller received a Bronze Star for his service there. These were not passed out like candy back then. Looks like he is visibly uncomfortable with what’s going on. He’s a real rail. Losing weight. Not a young man. The situation is eating him up.

        Actually, the other decent thing about him is that he is married to his first wife, from a similar elite background, but not quite the moneybags that Mrs. Kerry #1 and #2 were/are. BTW, what has happened to Theresa Heinz Kerry? Is she in a nursing home? Notice how the left manages not to report stuff like this; same for the details of Al and Tipper Gore’s marital split. Wha’ hoppen there? I can think of some other political types like these.

        • I cannot figure out why, if this is true, he picked a team of corrupt Clinton donors for the “investigation” — or why it is going off in all directions except in the one direction all the evidence points to — the o-bama administration.

  24. ‘Maybe they had slightly different ideas on how to sacrifice white Americans in the service of Israel’ -By this kind of silly remark, you put yourself in their service.

  25. I’d say that the stretch from Bush 41 through Obama (28 yrs) was the longest time since Hoover/FDR/Truman (34 yrs) that we’ve essentially had the same people in charge, not counting the financial system (1913-present). I think some of it has to do with the fact that senatorial races are no longer state but national contests due to the fact of popular elections of senators vs appointment by state legislatures. That was how “favorite son” candidates were generated. Losing this aspect of regionalism affecting the conversation at the national level increased the ability of East Coast Elites to control things.

    We are happy to have Trump, but he is basically a renegade Tribune, like one of the Gracchi. We’re just lucky he hasn’t been assassinated yet. Keep in mind, when the Roman elites murdered them, they took out a ton of their followers as well.

    For a while it looked like California might be an answer to this with Nixon and Reagan, but they fixed that with Mexico being so conveniently located.

    • I’ve long said that a useful fix to America would be a ten year limit on collecting a government check. Maybe make it 15 years. That forces a turnover of people in the bureaucracy. When most people were too old to work by 65 and people often died from common diseases, Mother Nature did a pretty good job supplying fresh blood to the ruling class. Often too good. Today, a man can be productive into his late 70’s so we have these old geezers hanging on well past their expiry dates. Limiting the time you can collect a check in any capacity forces turnover.

      • Some of our Ancient and most Heroic Senators have been getting a government paycheck since they were teenagers, back at the Academy. At least they fought our freedom…

        • We could make it illegal for campaign money to flow across election boundaries. No money from outside the state for statewide elections. no money form outside the county for county elections, and so forth. Money from outside the US is already (supposedly) prohibited from flowing into the US for election purposes.

          But it’s true that if voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it.

          • Stop all political donations and give them a limited taxpayer fund to spend on elections. I don’t like the government spending my taxes but those with the money control the politicians. Ban lobbying by big tax avoiding corporations as well.

          • So, you’d have … incumbent legislators … the people with the most interest in the elections, write a *new* set of laws about how money gets used in elections?

            Yeah, that’ll work.

            What’s that about trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

            The only solution is to repeal ALL campaign finance laws (which, of course, we can’t get our incumbent legislators to do, because they benefit from the existing system).

          • But the fundamental premise is that money equals speech, and there is no denying that fundamental concept. As SCOTUS ruled in Citizens United, denying money in campaigns is denying free speech. You can, as I do, disagree with the basis of the argument but the underlying principle is true. It has always seemed to me the federal bureaucracy, via the FCC. already has within its purview the ability to change elections by requiring free airtime for all political candidates–remember the airwaves are considered public domain– and neither the congress nor judicial branch could interfere with that authority barring special, possibly even constitutional, legislation. It is a bitter pill to swallow but I must support the principle more money equals more speech.

      • Part of the reason I retired early was because I was honest with myself about whether I would be happy continuing and not being at the top of my game. Skills deteriorate. Age is as real as it gets. In professions that require little or no motor skills and stamina it may be easier to fake it, but it is still a fact. One of my most vivid memories is of a guy who told me that the physician that referred him to me had fallen asleep during his visit. I never wanted to be that doc.

        • TPD: Yes, me too. Never fell asleep on a patient, but opted out of hospital rounds, and nursing home rounds, etc. just because it took up too much time and paid zippo. Retired at 66 after wife divorced me. Happy in PH with lovely new wife(43y/o). Not a sexpat or pedo, just aging IM, ex military/PP burned out due to age, and ‘Ocare’, EHR, Medicaid, etc. etc.

      • Have to make the limit on serving in the government instead of receiving a paycheck – Some of the perverse bastards would stay on without pay just for the ego and control.

      • Not Only Term Limits – But Their Pensions Too.

        They draw a pension after serving only 1 or 2 terms – While everyone else has to work 20 – 30 years to draw a pension.

        Pensions have been in the News lately – Where the Politician’s Pensions are almost Fully Funded, While the Public’s Pensions are swirling the Toilet Bowl.!!!!

  26. This 100%. I grew up in a family that attended many of these schools and the alumni mags that would come in the mailbox got me laughing out loud after a while. “Mr. Haughty van Snooty is engaged to be married to Miss Barbara (Babs) Moneybags. A graduate of Groton and Yale University, he is currently a VP at Morgan Stanley. The bride, daughter of Senator Harrumph Moneybags, is a graduate of Smith College and is currently working at the Ford Foundation as a associate researcher in Bantu ethnography…”

    The names have changed over the years (more Steinbergs and McSweeneys now, with the odd Patel thrown in) but the power relationships have not.

  27. One of the funnier things about the Resist movement is that a number of them resigned their government jobs in protest. It’s amazing when you think about it because otherwise these people were essentially impossible to fire.

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