Prince Rupert’s Revenge

There was a time when it was possible to have cordial and even friendly relations with people on the Left. I spent many hours debating my lefty friends over drinks, about the defects of various central planning schemes. Anyone my age or older remembers the way these debates would go. One side talked about economic justice for the working class, while the other side talked about the glory of free markets. Usually, the “right-winger” would bring up the Soviets.

Often, one side or the other would get mad, but it was rarely personal. People get hot in political debates, mostly because we are social animals. Conflict with people inside our group vexes us. It makes us uncomfortable. That was the thing. Liberals and non-liberals could operate in the same peer group. The reason is the Left and Right back then, agreed on the goals. Both sides wanted prosperity. The Left believed socialism produced plenty, while the Right believed a rising tide lifted all boats.

Thinking back, a strange thing happened in the 1990’s, with regards to my own debates with lefty friends and acquaintances. The debates in the 90’s were almost all about the peculiar personal lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Right was always scandal mongering and the Left was conjuring novel defenses for the degeneracy of Bill Clinton and the personal corruption of Hillary. These revolved around Red Team/Blue Team scat fights, that had little to do with policy or ideology. It was just ritualized tribal warfare.

That changed instantly with the 2000 election. All of my lefty friends and acquaintances went insane overnight.  They hated Bush with the intensity of a fanatic. The wars made it impossible to have a discussion with the Left. Granted, many of us were naïve about the lunacy of the neocons, but the Left’s opposition was never more than shrieking madness. How does one debate someone who thinks Halliburton controls the weather and attacked New Orleans?

I remember thinking my lefty friends would return to sanity after Bush left office, but that never happened. A few stopped foaming at the mouth, but for the most part, they crossed into a realm from which there is no return. In the Obama years, they went from one peculiar fad to the next. One week it was homosexual marriage, while the next week it was claims about sex being a social construct. There’s simply no discussion, much less debating, these issues with them.

Looking back, it’s useful to think about the fight between the Left and the Right as a set-piece battle on an agreed upon battlefield. At the center of both sides was economics. The Right had religious archers and the constitutional conservatives on the flanks, but the center of the army was formed around economic issues. Similarly, the Left had race hustlers, second and third wave feminists on the flanks, but their main line troops, the center of the line, were economic Utopians.

The collapse of the Soviet Union had an enormous impact on the ruling classes of the West. In America, it meant the center of the Progressive army broke and fled in all directions. The flanks, however, the racial justice warriors, the gender dragoons and exotic identity battalions rushed into the center, forming a new main line of the Left. The Right, despite carrying the day, was too busy setting up battlefield trophies to notice that the Left had reformed around sexual and racial fanatics, so they promptly surrendered.

A curious thing is happening to this new center of the Progressive battle line. Their moral certainty about the innate equality of man and his infinite malleability, is crumbling in the face of scientific reality. The release of David Reich’s book is the latest direct hit on Boasian anthropology. The response from the soft sciences, which has been a key intellectual authority for the blank slate Progressives, looks like a panicked flight from the battle field. They simply have no answer to science.

The tent pole holding up modern Progressivism is the assertion that all humans are essentially the same and that the observable differences are trivial. All of the Left’s arguments spring from that belief. It’s why they insist the magic of white privilege is the reason black crime is so high or rape culture is why girls don’t go into STEM fields at the same rate as boys. In other words, magic is a plausible answer, as long as reality is ruled out as an option. Biological realism explodes the center of Progressive theology.

That’s what we see happening all over the human sciences. Twenty years ago, some guy in a cardigan could claim that racism was learned behavior and their was no biological basis for race. He could be held up as an intellectual authority and therefore, a moral authority. Genetics is undermining the intellectual authority of those preaching cultural anthropology, multiculturalism and the blank slate. The main line of the Progressive army is suddenly looking like a bunch of primitives chanting oogily-boogily.

It’s tempting to say I’m getting ahead of myself, but we have millions of people relying on DNA services to map their ancestry. Genetics is promising new cures for disease and soon, people will be able to get their intellectual destiny for $50. It will not be long before some clever fertility lab begins offering bespoke artificial insemination, using donors with desirable traits, based on their genetics. People are becoming habituated to the idea that humans are different, because of biology, not culture.

The question, of course, is where does the Left go now. In the late 19th and early 20th century, what we call Progressivism was mostly a Protestant crusade. In the 20th century, they shifted to embracing  the economic utopianism of socialism, with racial and sexual politics as side acts. For the last three decades, the dream of sexual and racial utopias has been the dominant theme of the Left. Once the blank slate is broken on the wheel of biological reality, what comes next?

The answer could be nothing. There are many currents to American history, but the dominant one is what John Derbyshire calls the Cold Civil War. It is our inheritance from the mother country. The story of America has been the good whites and bad whites, the Roundheads and Cavaliers, fighting for control of the country. It’s also a conflict of visions, where the Roundheads always embraced extreme egalitarianism, while the Right has embraced the natural hierarchy of man.

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  1. A valid theory should do more than explain past events, or analyze present events. It should also predict future events.
    So in that spirit, allow me to use my “IT’S THE JOOOS” theory to answer the question that the ZMan has put forth: “Once the blank slate is broken on the wheel of biological reality, what comes next?”
    To answer that, I will simply imagine what would most benefit the Jewish families who mandate our intellectual & cultural mores. The Jews who teach at our elite universities & direct our media. Namely, what will give their Jewish children & grandchildren (with perhaps some half Chinese or half WASP mischlings thrown in) a status boost going forward.
    My predictions:
    1) No retreat, no surrender. These people’s entire ethos is to push us under to raise themselves up. That’s not a game that they can simply give up.
    So it’s going to be full speed ahead on the Jewish Poz Express at the elite Universities & Mass Media, until they are replaced.
    Anything white, male, normal, Christian, conservative or even healthy will be increasingly disparaged as stupid, evil & low status.
    2) A shift away from measurable proof of “Racism” & towards subjective & moralistic definitions. IQ differences might explain differences in black vs white income, but do they excuse the MICROAGGRESSIVE HATE that WHITE SUPREMACISTS level at SUFFERING BLACK BODIES EVERY DAY? I didn’t think so, bigot.
    2) A doubling down on love of perverts. In a diverse world, strange & novel sexual identities are the only real “minority”. So Trannies are the new black. And Gay incestuous pedophiles are the next black. I don’t even want to think about what comes after that.
    3) A doubling down on credentialism. Now the Jews run the elite institutions & who gets in them, these are going to count for more than ever. Forget about proving your worth through demonstrated intellect. If you didn’t go to the “right” school, or work at the “right” company after graduation, you are stupid & low status.
    4) A doubling down on signaled virtue as necessary to get into elite institutions. Any brainy Asian or Indian can ace AP classes & cram for the SAT. So “intangibles” like speaking the proper Social Justice codewords of the Current Millisecond will count for more than ever.
    5) A split into two (or more) cultures. It’s going to be increasingly difficult for “normal” guys to go to elite schools & work in high status jobs. The environment will be just too hostile & crazy for them to fake it.
    Either by choice or exile, straight white guys are going to wind up doing our own thing while the Jews, gays, browns & women spin off into their own insane & hysterical orbit.

    • A kind of white man MGTOW. Perhaps even a white balkanization in the country. Eventually, some might come to refer to it as the white ethno-state…hmmm.

  2. Can someone who knows more history than me relate Z Man’s title,”Prince Rupert’s Revenge,” to the content of the piece?

  3. The blank slate on the wheel of reality is already broken for the left. Biological reality will become nonexistent .

  4. Female shooter at YouTube HQ injures three. I guess women shoot as well as they drive…

  5. DNA tests for IQ are coming, but it might not be smart to take one

    MIT in its Tech magazine is telling us up front that we will be able to tell a newborn’s IQ via its DNA. Oh, did I mention it was MIT?

    We are coming to the point where if you don’t believe in DNA differences in the races you more than likely don’t believe there are males and females. (just the two!)

    Progressive ideology is a sickness.

    • Remember the freakout with the search for the gay gene, and fears they might end up aborted?

    • You don’t see the bigger picture. You just see the shiny toy This stuff is begging to be misused and will be.

      The government will of course make those DNA IQ tests illegal in hiring, etc. But they’ll be given other names and applied against if you want a corporate job of any kind.

      They’ll also check for diseases so if you’re prone to cancer, diabetes or your ancestors died of CHF at 45. You don’t get the job.

      Tech is about control.

      That’s how the real world works. Not that fantasy shit a bunch of sociopathic nerds are selling you. Think Zuckerberg and crew or the Google founders who created systems that exist for one reason – to data mine us and keep tabs on us as well. They are so bold they sell us devices to watch and listen to us in our homes, cars and even if you’re alone.(and you are never alone if you have tech on you)

      Orwell would freak to see what we voluntarily subject ourselves too.

      It’s not something to be cheered on.

  6. I’ve always thought there are two kinds of people; those who feel and those who think. The feel types seem to rely on their endocrine systems for inspiration whereas the think types default to the cerebellum. This divide is readily noticeable when listening to everyday speech. Someone who is heard to say “I feel we should …” is, in my experience, almost certainly a lefty. The guy who says “I think we can …” is most likely to operate a good bit further to the right. The lefty can’t help himself because his feelings become the basis for other feelings; he lives in a recursive world, a world of magic. Z’s observation is perfect “… magic is a plausible answer, as long as reality is ruled out as an option”.

    • Your observation is also the root of “if you do not feel as I do about things, you are wrong” and a non-person. Reality is open to modification, feelz are not.

      • More biological reality. Nice, fellas.
        I hope and pray the wrong people don’t get their hands on this.

    • Yeah, I saw that. The Nehlen loons mass reported my account. I don’t care all that much. I was thinking about dropping social media entirely and now I have the excuse. I’m dropping Gab and twitter entirely. It’s not worth the hassle.

        • 10,000,000 troll clones. Nehlen is Emmanuel Goldstein now.

          Zman was on Twitter?! Aww dammit- I discovered twitter last month, thus becoming even more crazed. My hair has gone from ‘on fire’ to ‘full Chernobyl’

      • You’re off gab? I wondered why the gab link disappeared from your list. Oh well, I used you to get to my gab account. Lost my password and can’t even remember my screen name to get gab to send to to me. I guess I’m off social media, in my case, involuntarily. Don’t think I was made for the digital age.

  7. Nightmare : they accept the genetic science and then choose equality anyways, implementing a dysgenics campaign to downwardly equalize races and genders.

  8. They can’t stop, so they won’t. They’ll rig the system, like they always do. They’ll go from their current soft, never-heard-of-him Leninism to the real thing. After all, Vanguard Party is not needing DNA test for create proper revolutionary consciousness, comrade.

  9. What comes next is an embrace of raw power.

    You can already see the signs in all the crap going down with that “March For Our Lives” bullshit.

    In the end – progressive political power has always been about shoving a gun in your face – and your body into a ditch if you didn’t go along. All the rest of it is just the excuse.

    Even a dictator needs an excuse of some sort to be there in the top seat. What you detailed in your second to last paragraph is just the ever evolving set of excuses the progressives have used to justify their seizure and hold on power.

    The problem the right wing has had – is that it has never really been able to convince itself that it had a justifiable excuse to just shoot them. The right wing has fought and fought and fought to retain the tools to shoot them – but it’s never fought all that hard to come up with the excuse.

    Maybe when the progressives finally run out of all the other excuses – and fall back on raw power – and bodies start getting stacked in ditches – the right wing will finally wake up.


    But I’m not counting on it.

  10. The left is immutable. Not many people seem to grasp that fact. Their inability to change or adapt is their defining characteristic. What they will do, is repaint their little protest slogan’s for the cause du jour. Which is akin to you or I changing the clothes we are wearing.

    • No more fighting these cruds as if they were us with a different opinion. Like Sean Connery in Capone, do it the Chicago way.

      How about that hooker or other sluts they tried to hurt Trump with? No more will that effect the way the right leaning people in the U.S. judge our politicians. We have accepted the lack of probity in them now, so no big deal. (sad, I guess, but there we are)

      This is for keeps.

    • “And the world looks just the same
      And history ain’t changed
      ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war”

      “There’s nothing in the streets
      Looks any different to me
      And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye”

      -The Who

  11. I go back to the 1960s and, yes, in those days the debates were almost all about political economy. Discussion about evoultion and such were sideshows. Today, the debates are mostly about theological issues, such things as the nature of man, err, humankind, and history.

  12. Z Man;
    Love your JFC Fuller’s-ideal-battle-formation explanatory framing of our politics for the last 35 years or so. Highly original and very useful, I’d say. And I mean no condescension at all in saying that. There actually can be good ‘social science’ and this is an example.*

    The test is: Once you understand the framing, it’s obvious. But you couldn’t have made sense of the dispirit data points before grasping that pattern nor explained the matter concisely.

    To expand briefly, JFC Fuller was a well educated and highly original UK military theorist who had the rare distinction of being a successful practitioner.** His Platonic ideal military formation was a solid center of loyal, dedicated heavy troops that fixed the enemy and ground them down. Meanwhile there were two wings of lighter, more mobile troops that were to provide fire support, harassment and attack the enemy flanks and communications as battle progressed. Their very existence was a threat to the enemy *so long as the center held*.

    To use your structure: You say the commies at the Prog center fled the field after the USSR collapsed and cut their logistics ($$, propaganda and terrorists). I agree that they fled *temporarily*. But I’d say that the commie troops soon felt safe filtering back onto the field in their new Multi-Culti uniforms from the NGO and Big U forests they fled to and still hide out in.

    The re-badged commies felt comfortable coming back into the center because the Big Biz types at the GOPe center then also felt safe to turn coat and join them. Clinton I created the Uni-Center Cloud by redirecting the tax-money to the Cloud from the defense spending that the Big Biz folks were so used to. It was easy for the Big Biz folks to turn coat since they never actually had any affinity or respect for the SoCon’s and ConCon’s on their flanks. So not much of a ‘hasty defense’ needed to be set up by the Prog army’s furious flanker troops.

    And now, a new center is forming on ‘the Right’ between the SoCon’s & ConCon’s. So, no wonder the Big Biz turncoats and their Multi-Culti Prog. allies in the Uni-Center aren’t happy, now.

    *But to admit that ‘good social science’ is mostly heuristics of limited validity (but high specific utility) based on historical patterns and contemporary observation would be to admit that Cloud Science is mostly a scam

    **Fuller, Clausewitz and Jomini were chiefs of staff of victorious numbered armies (~40k – 60k soldiers) in combat. Sun Tzu was possibly a successful commander too, but not much is known about his own life. Most successful commanders are not systematic theoreticians and vice versa.

  13. Definite thumbs up on your summary history of left-right dialogue. G W Bush era was when the left became nutso. Interesting that *within* the left, at that time peace was largely made after the fact regarding the Gore/Nader split. Lots of acrimony during the election, but everyone united to hate Bush. This isn’t quite true now as there have been more disaffected center-left types who won’t stand for all the identity politics and science-denial regarding trans issues. (Thinking of Sargon, Dave Rubin, etc.)

    I think I’ve said before that I used to be a left-leaning type who instinctively sneered at sociobiology as fake science used to prop up selfish economic policies. But no more. The science is just too strong, and as far as I can see “common sense” supports the biological approach more and more. Right now the lefties can scream about “the majority” of scientists agreeing that gender is a social construct, but that’s because of all the left-wing sociologists and anthropologists who get their hands counted in such things.

  14. I have a different scenario of how the progressive left will respond to the recent developments in genetic science. They will degenerate into a random opposition and hatred of industrial civilization itself. The current intellectual degeneracy of the left mirrors what Ayn Rand predicted in the early 70’s.

    • Rand didn’t predict anything, she was just making observations about what was clearly going on in society (t that time).

      • What Rand said was that the Left will give up their “religion” despite its failure in technology and economics. Since their progressive ideology has failed as a force for economic development and technological innovation, such things are therefor, decreed as ‘evil” by the progressives. Rand believed that the emergence of what used to be called the “New Left” was a direct result of the failure of Salinism and the USSR, It was the need to base leftism on “new values”, due to its failure in the established values of growth and development that drove the emergence of the “New Left”. I believe we are seeing this play out in the way Rand predicted.

      • The things that are going on now – were going on then. Just at a lower intensity.

        It seems that there’s an awful lot of people – especially on the right – who get taken aback by whatever the latest lunacy is coming out of the left.

        Just using the example of some of the feminist craziness where they want to kill men and have somehow convinced themselves that females can do anything a male can do…….. there seems to be some sort of blindness to the fact that this has been floating around in leftist circles for a LONG time. Everybody thinks it just came out of nowhere – it did not.

        When I was in university in the mid 80’s – I spent quite a bit of time reading feminist literature published by the likes of Andrea Dworkin and her ilk. I can tell you for a fact that this kind of talk was out there back then – and it has a longer history than that. It didn’t come out of nowhere – what it did was spread. At the time I would not have predicted this thinking would have spread – I would have figured that sanity would have prevailed and the outer fringes would remain the outer fringes.

        If things are clearly going on in a society at a lower level – and you say ” this is going to get worse over time ” – then what is that if not a prediction?

  15. “….The question, of course, is where does the Left go now……”

    Do not fret, they will invent some other cause to rally the troops.

    The Hitler Stalin Pact did not destroy the CPUSA, nor the left, and neither did the dissolution of the gangster run USSR.

    They have more recently latched onto the LGBT, BLM, Occupy, Women’s, abortion, gender “free” bathrooms, elimination of “he” and “she” from the English lexicon, and elimination of gun rights, free speech, etc. etc. causes to further their agenda.

    You will note that lefties will embrace ANY cause that disrupts (OK; destroys) traditional family culture and individual liberties.

    If genetics proves to be an impediment to their agenda, they will do what they always do; rationalize it away (e.g., the USSR never really had “true” communism), or just move onto something else.

    I have no idea what that something else can be, but their history shows they will find / invent something.

    You can bet your house on that.

  16. It all changed around 2000? Hmmmm…about the same time as proliferation of the Internet as a news source.

    Again, I blame the Internet. To those who disagree, Marshall McLuhan would say ‘you are focused on the content of the medium, and not the general overarching effect of the medium.’

    The upside of the Internet is obvious. It was the death knell of the MSM. The downside is that it gives both credence to loonyness and creates a hive mind.

    • I agree. Once granny could get on-line, the world changed and not all for the good. Sailer has made the point that smart phones have made it much easier for human traffickers. Migrants now use Google maps to evade border security.

      • We can debate the reasons behind it, but there’s no doubt that the year 2000 was an inflection point, just like 1965. The leftist craziness curve suddenly got steeper during both of those years

      • Shows in the NPR comments and others about Good Friday and Easter. Not only does everyone get to tell everyone else what they think, but the ignorant journos get to whip up some imagined reality in their own heads and then sell it as news and “enlightened” commentary. What a bunch of Maroons!

        • NPR has gone from “Leftist but basically sane programming for middling ageing progs” to “Screaming Insane Reality-Distortion field for Maoists” in about two years. The singularity nears…

  17. The grand strategy of the fanatics is to bring in/breed enough of the Third World, so that they, the old bat feminists and the metrosexual ya yas can permanently rule. They may have sunk themselves by too much triumphalism too soon. I hope so.

  18. Another huge fail by ZCuckMan.
    At this point, I only drop by here to watch him deliberately close his eyes as tight as he can & wail about how he can’t see.
    Any discussion of America’s cultural/ideological/political trends that does not mention the role of our Jewish-dominated Universities & Media is empty & worthless.
    The Puritans are not the ones in the Ivy League schools, cooking up the newest ways for the status-hungry to signal intelligence & morality.
    The Roundheads are not the ones filtering every on-air & printed news utterance with an anti-West viewpoint.
    The WASPs are not the ones stuffing every TV show, movie and advertisement full of man-bashing, white-hating, normality-flouting, majority-denigrating propaganda.
    It’s not hard to understand. Follow every step.
    Politics is downstream from Culture.
    By use of money, intelligence, ambition & networking, Jews obtained a disproportionately influential position in our Culture-forming institutions of Universities & Media.
    To greatly simplify, we can say that this process began in the 1920s when the Ivy Leagues dropped their anti-Jew quotas & when Radio & Film made media omnipresent in Americans’ lives.
    In this position of influence, they disparaged ideas that are Jew-unfriendly (Christianity, traditionalism, respect for the majority, recognition of natural hierarchies, race realism, nationalism, etc…) as stupid & low status. At the same time, they promoted Jew-friendly ideas (openness to new people & practices, blank slate, sacralization of the minority, social justice, etc…) as intelligent & high status.

    • All in the frame of reference. Maybe someone can come up with a right wing version of the Lorentz transformations.

      • The almond hindbrain thinkers in that genome- politicians and priests, whose forte is emotional manipulation of people- will try to coerce or coopt the forebrain conservatives. Pamela Gellar is hated (coerce), and Einstein was a marxist member (coopt).

        This is the pattern in all genomes; every society forms two dominant sides.
        Heinlein was right about the minority hated by all right thinking people.

        Perhaps it’s as simple as not one, but two, primary GUI processors. Culture influences traits, and barking monkeys outnumber the planning monkeys.
        Even amongst the Master race, the gods come to earth.

    • He’s bored by it, and doesn’t want to fall in a rut.

      I notice my own mind instinctively sniffing for hints as it seeks factoids to fit the model.

      This patterning is exactly how the religious mechanism works. We seek to verify if our model- our worldview- is accurate, or viable.

      It feels like a peculiar fascination.
      Thank goodness people focus on other subjects, such as wood lice, energy transforms, or Roundhead roots.

  19. If genetics more and more proves intellectual differences in race groups, a very positive impact might be that the left abandons the racial balkanization they have been promoting since the 60s. After all, if you are part of an intellectually inferior race, wouldn’t you want to pretend that races don’t really exist? Forget blaming whitey for the differences. I would want to pretend that there are no races, so my blackness would not be perceived as a scarlet N.

  20. This is what the late Lawrence Auster (yes, I know he was kind of a jerk, and Jewish) said about the liberals’ deeply-held belief about good whites, bad whites and non-Westerners and the Principle of Non-discrimination:

    As I have often written, the liberal order articulates the world through a “script” in which there are three characters: the white liberal, who embodies the non-discriminatory virtue of the liberal regime; the white non-liberal, who discriminates against nonwhites and who must be crushed by the white liberal; and the nonwhite/non-Westerner, who either is discriminated against by the white non-liberal or is non-discriminatorily included by the white liberal. In the script, furthermore, only the white liberal and the white non-liberal are moral actors, with the first representing good and the second representing evil. The nonwhite/non-Westerner is not a moral actor, but is simply the passive recipient of the white liberal’s goodness or of the white non-liberal’s bigotry. The reason that the nonwhite/non-Westerner cannot be a moral actor is that his very function in the script is to be the recipient of either good non-discrimination or evil discrimination. If he were a moral actor, then his own actions would have to be judged; specifically, his bad actions would have to be judged. But to judge his bad actions would be to discriminate against him. And since the central purpose of liberalism is to eliminate all discriminatory treatment of nonwhites/non-Westerners, moral judgement of nonwhites/non-Westerners must also be eliminated. Therefore nonwhites/non-Westerners cannot be seen as responsible moral actors.

    • I noticed that they treat “Others” like cardboard characters.

      The great strength of the Christian culture is the revolutionary idea of forgiveness. It is simple, yet profound. The weighty problem of considering another’s action means you must think deeply on them as a full human being, warts and wants included. (Admittedly, this can become a weakness if overdone.)

      In any other culture- including the Progs- confession leads to even worse punishment.
      The Progs are caught in the Puritan predestination trap, editing their kid’s genes while protesting racism.

  21. Outstanding post and I love the classical battlefield analogy, but a deeper point is in order. We are degenerating as a species because affluence is killing fitness selection. Progressives are the vanguard of this decline. This is not a political battle, it’s a fight to restore robustness (e.g. evolutionary excellence) to our species.

    • Just what I was thinking.
      Without conflict, we stop breeding.
      The pussyhatter’s screech is a mating call to the Dark Triad.

      Prog hysteria is then a response to the imminent death of their civilization, perhaps? If vendetta goes on too long, suitable marriage candidates become in short supply.

  22. Zman – your battle line formation idea is brilliant. What is left is the revenge flanks. If they can’t have the future they will destroy it. But they will fail again, like they always do. They are not God. But they want to be Him ever so badly.

  23. Genius metaphor Z, your order of battle for each side.

    I’ve been thinking that the ultimate goal behind these genetic ancestry firms is to promote the idea that we’re all mongrels–the German guy who’s shocked to find out he’s part Italian and part Irish, with a hint of Aftrican mixed in. If we’re all mongrels, then guess what? Race really is a social construct after all….

    • For a start these ancestry companies are all bogus. Not sure why people are even paying for this nonsense; ignorance I guess.

        • Not sure where I read it, but it was claimed that those companies throw a few % of “African” genes in if customers’ genomes appear too European. Show them racists!

          • That’s an urban legend. It would be too easy to catch and then the credibility of the company would be gone. Basically, 23andme is paying you for a sample. Where they will make their money is in the reliability of their massive database of DNA samples.

            Where the real danger lies in 23andme teaming up with Raj Chetty. The former has millions of American DNA samples. The latter has millions of American tax returns.

        • Z Man;
          I’ve had some fun hereabouts with people whose genetic profiles come up with surprising amounts of Skandi. My answer: The Vikings generously distributed their DNA anywhere in NW Eurasia that was near enough to major bodies of water. Musta happened in your family tree too. 😉

    • It’s a funny thing. The firms advertise on the idea that “we’re all just a genetic stew” even though they know the opposite is true. David Reich is turning himself into a pretzel trying to dismiss his own research that undermines the large chunks of official orthodoxy. Some of it is intentional, but some of it is just fear of the dark. People will swap one moral paradigm for another, if the new one is better or even the same. They tend not to abandon their moral framework for nothing or a vast unknown.

  24. Progs are a lying bunch. They’ll go to gene clinic to design their genetically perfect baby in the morning and protest institutional racism in the afternoon.

    • Yes, they lie like it was an Olympic event. Let’s not forget that, in addition, if it weren’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any, and they have absolutely no sense of irony.

  25. The left has constructed a new religion to fill the void left by the decline of Christianity. Its an intolerant, nihilistic religion, and its becoming the official state religion across the anglosphere. if you have ever dealt with fanatics, you know It doesnt matter what is proven scientifically..this will only make fanatics double down and dig in its heels even more. As long as this religion is useful tot he elites, its power will grow.

    • It need not even come to denial. “Necessary but insufficient,” will be the phrase of choice.

      “Sure, races and real and have significant mean IQ diffirence as well as proclivity to conflict or time preference, but the only way to explain the CURRENT STATE of black poverty is that AND racism.”

      That will be the approximate template going forward if and when the dam breaks on HBD. To allow anything less would be to dissolve the global project.

  26. Too early to tell. One thing you got entirely correct was that the Prog line has collapsed:

    This is the chick that almost lost her job because she exposed a classroom of sexually disturbed millennial snowflakes to ideas they didn’t agree with. The SJW administrators took it up the chute when the whole thing went public. Gory details here:

    Looking into my crystal ball, I am seeing more and more that there is no room on the left for liberals with triple digit IQ’s or the capability of basic critical thought. The movement has fallen to rage heads and outright loons that are driven purely by emotion.

    Gazing into my crystal ball, I see a power struggle on the left where the adults take back control of the party and run the loons out on a rail – or the formation of a new ‘dissident/alt/left’ party that caters to those leftish liberals that have an intellect. Founding members would probably include the likes of Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg and other cucks that have no business on the right side of the political spectrum.

  27. David Hogg says they are changing the world. I see no let down from them or their evil spawn.

    With science going the way it is along with the type of leadership we always get, I predict a Gattaca type world.

    • In Gattaca genetics ruled everything, but wasn’t supposed to, iirc. The laws were against people using the technology, but somehow allowed for blood sampling of everyone so that testing could be done on the sly, only it was an open secret that everyone was doing it, and it wasn’t policed.

      This is equal to the government outsourcing the monitoring and direction of culture and policing of speech to large corporations that we see going on around us today. The amazing thing is that I remember when the left was terrified of this situation coming up in the future when I was young and now we see that the left is complacent with it now while those on the right are the victims of a situation that the libertarians told us would be perfectly OK, and now they sit on the left side of the aisle perfectly happy with their allies on the left.

      So we have “free speech” only our lives will be ruined if we use it, and soon it will be illegal to make use of genetic testing for anything, but everyone will be doing it.

  28. Yes – American politics made sense during the Cold War. The threat of the Soviet block and the obvious brutality and failure of all things communist put a hard stop on how far left anyone in American politics could go.

    I naively thought the collapse of the Soviet Union and it’s satellite states would forever discredit communists. Instead it removed all restraint from the progressives and allowed them to rocket leftward faster than I could have believed.

    • A lot of the blame can be placed on Clinton along with the DLC that abandoned the white blue collars and middle-class in favor of urban professionals and minorities when he promoted NAFTA, PNTR with China, etc.

      See when Clinton did the full tilt corporate boogie – he also had to take almost all economic issues off the table so as not offend his corporate donors and keep the voters from noticing he just raped them economically. So the party focuses on social and sexual issues. Hence the silence from the Left leadership and talking heads on “free trade”, Off-shoring, H-!B’s, the power of Silicon Valley, etc.

      The GOP did the same. They focused on bullshit social issues like abortion, that distracted the white middle-class from the a** raping they were getting from GOP supported corporate policies.

      The point is both parties colluded in distracting the American people from noticing the transition from a republic to a outright oligarchy in the late 90’s. So much so that any talk of “free trade” and the negative effects of globalization vanished from the MSM for over 24 years. Instead we got endless cycles of bullshit wedge issues to wig the population out while they got their pockets picked, drugged and impoverished by the elites.

  29. “where does the Left go now”

    They still control the media, they’re establishing control of information on unofficial outlets like Facebook shares, and you can get fired for telling the truth at work. Relatively few educated Americans are aware that intelligence is so strongly heritable, fewer are aware that other cognitive traits are. This will not change. People know that some believe these things, but beliefs (true or not) that’ll get you fired are low-status. That makes them un-“intellectual” by definition — the current-year definition, not the real one. And remember that in Cult theology, you get extra points for working hard to maintain a virtuous belief that you know to be false, like a Catholic pushing through a crisis of faith.

    People don’t want to fight the power. They want to go along and get along. They want to be the last one thrown off the sled.

    What happens next is they shove all the blacks out into little cities so the Annointed can cultivate their virtue in the big cities untroubled by reality.

    • They control the media. They control the formal educational system from pre-K through graduate school. They control Hollywood (which is to say, the informal/adult education system). They control the permanent government.

      Oh yea, and now Facebook/Twitter/Google too. Hard to get too worked up about that.

      • You’ll get worked up (briefly, until you turn the TV back on) if ZMan can’t find a domain registrar or a hosting company that’ll dare do business with a thought criminal.

        Our thing here is more fragile than you realize. Of course, maybe it amounts to nothing either way if the sane remnant keep each other company online while the lights go out.

        Maybe people will go Covington sooner if they’re stranded in meat space, though if they do, the FBI will only roll them up anyway.

    • Control of the media counts, but what you do with it counts for more. The “fake news” phenomenon has made control of the media less useful.

      • Every thing the left controls is in decline, including the public schools. Once all those olde things die off, the left will be dormant for a generation of two.

        • Your prediction ignores the demographic revolution that has taken place since 1965. The demographics of the young people guarantee the dominance of the left indefinitely, unless we intervene.

  30. Erasing America’s history. Take down statues, repeal the Bill of Rights, redefine the founding and founders as evil.

  31. Except that before Clinton, Judge Bork, then the High Tech Lynching of Claraence Thomas with first unpresented, then unsubstantiated accusations by Anita Hill.
    The boorish words were to have been so horrible – the left said – he shouldn’t be justice.
    Then they elected a known sexual predator to the Presidency.

    • Reality cares little for the hopes and aspirations of stupid people, Clayton. You can no more outlaw science than you can free speech. You can subvert or pervert it for awhile, but eventually it comes back to you.

      • Most research is done in teams now so they can attack the funding & slow down new breakthroughs for awhile.

        This leads to that particular field not making headlines, therefore becoming marginalized, and Progressives able to reassert the narrative.

        Things are already moving in this direction, within the West.

      • You may not be able to outlaw free speech forever, but you can for a real long time. Enough time to totally destroy a nation and exterminate millions of people.
        Think the USSR, N.Korea, Cuba, China, and all the former Eastern European communist nations.

        These nations suspended reality anywhere from 45 years to 70 years, and Cuba, NKorea are still at it.

        Any reality you choose can be “created” if given enough propaganda, terror and mass murder.

    • Or render real science a laughing stock with proliferation of gender/race studies, which we are forced to accept as real sciences. We have Latinx studies, feminist Newton-free physics and now Afrocentric math.

    • Funny how that bridge failure dropped off the news, about 30 seconds after the background diversity circumstances of the engineering were revealed

      • The glowing stories of a walk bridge designed by a Laaaaaatinx and built by her family company that got the job through the “screw whitey” diversity awarding of contracts. How she brought her daughter to work, to show off the bridge, as a testament to what STRONG, BROWN, IMMIGRANT WOMEN WITH STEM DEGREES could accomplish, just days before murdering innocent members of the community.
        It was beautiful. It reminded me of that chick they tried to prop up as the next Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Whatshername, and that Theranos company, before it was revealed that was a complete scamola.
        I was so sure that was going to pan out, too. She was wearing a black turtleneck every single day, after all. How is it possible that she failed?

  32. A lot of people will say that the blank slate began with Locke, but Hobbes in Leviathan says that differences in intelligence must be minimal because men tend to envy what others have that they don’t and he has never seen a man envious of another man’s intelligence. This of course raises the question of what Hobbes himself envied in other men, but that is another matter entirely.

    Since both Hobbes and Locke based their main political works on a supposed state of nature and man’s organizational response to it, and the fact that Hobbes had first crack in the debate, I’d say that Locke probably picked up the idea from Hobbes. On the other hand, it is possible that the blank slate was seen as a necessary foundation both for a society which was to be run by a king as well as one run by the middle class. In a society run by a Leviathan state, the people are seen as a mass of naturally violent, relatively ignorant people who need guidance, and in the political system of Locke it was necessary to equalize people in order to justify deposing kings and to dispose of any fear that society might end up being run by inferior minds.

    Reading Sidney (Discourses Concerning Government) disabuses one of both these conceits. He basically tears up any idea that one kind of government is THE choice to be made, and when pressed, doesn’t name one system, but says that Aristotle was probably right about mixed government (it was originally Plato in The Laws, but he didnt know this).

    Been reading Acton’s lectures on the French Revolution, and when talking about the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen mentions that the French at the time were about to discover that popular power was infected with the same poison as personal power.

    Acton was a brilliant man and understood that it is all about power and that the key to a functioning polity is the distribution thereof. There have been many solutions proposed to the problem and they all seem to carry within them the seeds of their undoing.

    • Indeed and of all the men of the West who have tried and failed to form a just government our founders could have done much worse. It must have been pretty disconcerting for them to watch those hapless French strut around, talking like libertarians while acting like Mugabe’s angry apes.

      Leaving out the federal/state check was a fatal error. The irony of progressives today suddenly discovering and extolling its virtues is incredibly rich. Alas, if only that separation could be applied further still and we be freed from them. I can think of no better outcome.

      • Roulf, can you expound on the “federal/state check?” Didn’t the Civil War and the 14th Amendment kill federalism, not some flaw in the Constitution?

        • That and making the senate a popular election, rather than an appointment by state legislatures. Doing that made senate elections almost totally dependent on out of state money and influence.

          • Briefly spoke with my father this morning about all of this and he brought up the need for legislative term limits again. He told me he has lost all faith in the current electorate. He’s a lifelong Republican/RNC donor. Evidently this data coming in on election fraud has them worried.

          • Term limits will accomplish nothing so long as the donor-oriented political apparatus remains unchanged. The politicians are all replaceable widgets serving a robust, well-oiled machine that’s operated by the jackals of the oligarchs and corporate behemoths. In fact, term limits will offer relief to the Powers That Be by curtailing the length of service by the rare noble politician with scruples whose constituents might benefit from a longer time in office but whose actions displease the powerful.

        • Given what has happened the last 230 years, I do not personally feel that the Constitution provided the safeguards necessary to facilitate an effective division of federal powers. Especially when compared to the hard check expressly written in the earlier AC.

          Just my opinion though. That Article IV was flawed was a matter of heated contention at the time and the attempt to strengthen it with the 10th Amendment clearly failed with the SC ruling that it ‘added nothing’ to the Constitution. But whether by some legislative error or not, your point that our current monolithic state is the cause of men who came later certainly has merit. As the ol’ doc is often quoted, ‘A Republic, if you can keep it’.

    • This is all very easy to suss out when you realize that Hobbes and Locke were coming to the “blank slate” mentality with only white men such as themselves in mind. You can see why, just looking around, without any IQ data, they might think, “Huh, if educated & motivated equally, we’d all be roughly the same.” The weren’t even figuring other races into this equation, only modern liberals did that.

  33. Alas! If only the Regressives were willing to admit intellectual defeat. There are several generations of fully indoctrinated graduates of lefty schools who will never give up the true faith, especially not in the face of right wing “mouth-breathing racists, xenophobes, misogynists etc.”

    • Recall something I read years ago–might have been in one of Robert Ruark’s books on hunting in Africa. Was to the effect that if one merely wounded a Cape Buffalo, the hunter needed to beware that the remaining life in the animal would solely focus on trying to stomp the hunter into a bloody puddle before dying. Living deep behind enemy lines, exactly what I observe here.

      • re: Cape Buffalo OKA “Black Death”
        A newer book than any of Ruark’s and not fiction is the book Death in the Long Grass: A Big Game Hunter’s Adventures in the African Bush by Peter H. Capstick (1978):

        Dan Kurt

      • Excellent sir. Big Capstick fan here. I would propose, with sifter raised, your situation would be best seen too by a double express rifle in a 405 Jeffries or a 416 Rigby.
        I jest, of course, get yourself a nice short kalash or stoner. But think of the bragging rights if you shot your way out of encirclement using an Africa class caliber! Be sure and use warthog ivory for the bead, as it doesn’t yellow.

      • I read all some of Capstick’s books and based on his description going after a wounded leopard is by far the most dangerous task of a for hire, legit big game hunter and guide.

        As he describes, a wounded leopard will crawl into very thick brush – where the visibility is near zero – and wait silently while he had to crawl in on his hands and knees to find and finish off the wounded (and very pissed off) animal . He literally had to put on a sort of armored vest in doing this.

        Check out the books by Peter H. Capstick.
        Before he became a big game hunter, he was a stock broker!
        Maybe he wanted to deal with a different sort of clients.

        • If I recall a short double barreled 12 gauge was the weapon of choice for that. Big hogs in heavy palmetto scrub cover are not much better.

    • Not so. I was brought up and raised by an enlightened family of educated liberals. Powerful, assertive women, check. Token homosexuals, check. Non-stop virtue signalling, check. Rigid thought and speech policing, check.

      Unfortunately for them, there’s any number of hatey, deplorable minds out there. Guys like you and our blog host, for example. They are the worst, the truly evil: they don’t sand bag you with hatey slogans, vile thought crime, or radical right wing propaganda.

      They just notice things. They point them out to you, and ask YOU what you think of it? The questions are the kind where the progressive boilerplate fails. So ya sit and stew about it and ponder it… and come up with squat. So ya do what any young mind does – you go to your proggie elders and peers and ask the question of them.

      And they lose their fuggin minds. You are accused of thought crime, you are threatened with banishment and exile, you are a wart on the ass of society just for asking the question, you stupid white male sonofabitch! Get with the program – or else!!!

      Then, other stuff crops up. It doesn’t make sense to you, or the folks asking you about it, and you can’t discuss it with your peers. THAT is when you become enlightened yourself. You realize you don’t have any peers, you’re on your own, and you start thinking for yourself. Suddenly, untouchable creeps like Z start making sense. 🙂

      When enough people do that, BAD things happen. Guys like Donald Trump get elected. Walls start going up. People start asking blacks why they keep doing stupid things. More inconvenient questions start popping up like popcorn.

      Take heart, boys, for we live in truly deplorable times.

      • Reminds me of Jordan Peterson’s admonition: Don’t lie. Especially to yourself. The horrors of Concentration camps, gulags, and cultural revolutions started when the people lied to themselves, admiring the imaginary clothes the emperor was wearing, even though his evil intentions were laid bare for all to see.

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