The week started out as a million frustrations, but then ended like the first warm day after a rotten winter. First the pistol packing Persian reminded us of the importance of keeping our skills up by going to the range once a month. Then the fates handed Sloppy Williamson a little bit of payback for being a colossal douche. It is a good reminder that there  is always some good news around the corner.

The funny thing is the best bit of news this week was getting hurled into the void by the social media police. Not looking at this stuff for a couple of days has been a real boost to morale. I remember reading somewhere that Facebook users report being less happy than non-Facebook users. Maybe there is something to it. Staring at the reality of your fellow man for too long may be like looking into the Ark of the Covenant.

This week I have the usual variety of items. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening (Music)
  • 02:00: The Baltimore Riots (Link) (Link) (Music)
  • 12:00: Move To Iowa (Link) (Music)
  • 22:00: The Morality Business (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Suburban White Boy Astrology (Link)
  • 37:00: Democracy On Mars (Link)
  • 42:00: Decolonizing Perverts (Link)
  • 47:00: College Debt (Link)
  • 52:00: Greek Bondage (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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70 thoughts on “Baltimore

  1. Memorial Stadium, late 70s – early 80s. I was and remain a small-town kid who trusted people. I was an Oriole fan back then – and I mean a serious Oriole fan. When I lived in DC for a few years, when the imperial city had no baseball team, I drove – several times, alone – to Baltimore and caught night games at the old stadium. Back then they just parked everyone in a giant phalanx of cars end-to-end. If you happened to have your car in the middle of said phalanx, you just waited until people peeled off; the advantage was that you stuck around and watched the whole game, since leaving early just meant sitting on the hood of your car smoking cigarettes and drinking beer, if you thought ahead and brought some.

    One time, I think it was the last time I saw a game at Memorial, at any rate at night, I paid a black homeowner $5 to park in his driveway. He was a great guy; we talked Orioles baseball, I met his wife, we drank two or three beers; it was nice – something you remember.

    Anyway, like I said, I was a small town kid, but I assumed that everyone were “just people”. In hindsight I was probably setting myself up for disaster – a twenty-year-old kid from hicktown, beered up and entirely virgin regarding crime and violence. I may not have even bothered to lock my car – that’s what life was like for me back then.

    But all my experience of Memorial Stadium was delightful.

    I love and honor those days, and I’ll always love Baltimore – the idea, if not the hard reality Z man gives us.

  2. As a fan of classic American literature, I can’t let the “Baddass Martian Warlord” quip go without some art.

    Always use to be amused by that shady huckster Musk making coy statements about Mars early settlers needing to be ‘brave’. Now he just comes out and admits the truth – they’re all going to die. But I tend to agree with you Zman, you and I will most likely never bash green-headed monsters or shag princesses on Barsoom, not while the insane run this asylum.

    A few years back I purchased what I thought would be a nice hardcover edition of Burroughs first volume in the series, only to discover Schoonover’s colored plates missing and a 50-page introduction by some foreign born, white obsessed nut named Junot Diaz, stating that I not only had permission from the social justice cult to read this novel, but that I could still find ways to enjoy it ‘in spite of the racism’.

    That progressives could be so petty, so relentless in their quest to seek out this old book to target white American culture is just another reminder of Tolken talking through Strider, “…at all times they smell the blood of living things, desiring and hating it.”

    When faced with such an enemy, becoming a warlord doesn’t sound so farfetched after all.

  3. There is a shock poll that shows the GOP down by 10 points in Tennessee.

    We are doomed, indeed.

    If a Dem Congress is seated in November, we should refuse to recognize it as legitimate.

    • Tennessee will be fine. The GOP holds more than 20-point leads in all areas but Memphis and Nashville. Bredesen is in his 70s and has recently received the endorsement of Joe Biden. If he was trying to run as someone who would work with Trump, that just killed it. What Tennessee DOES need to do is rid the state of its NeverTrumpers and RINOs. Thankfully, Corker is quitting and Haslam is term-limited.

  4. (Move to Iowa) I totally agree with the moving/immigrant angle. Another factor I see affecting the more skilled is the rise in state-specific occupational licensing. You can spend hundreds a year and mountains of time just to buy/earn/acquire a state occupational license for a profession that you are already trained for and successful at. Try moving to another state where your previous license is meaningless, now you get to start over with the new state’s shakedown.

    I have bachelor and master degrees in engineering from prestigious universities and have had a successful 35 year career. I retired from Florida to Oregon. In Oregon if I want to work as or call myself an engineer I have to study for, pay for, and pass two state-level exams. Essentially I need to buy the state’s permission to work, despite my long and successful history in my field. Employers of course are too stupid to judge for themselves whether they should hire me without the state’s stamp of approval.

    Some guy in Oregon successfully fought his red light camera ticket by analyzing the intersection dimensions and light timing, proving that state traffic laws were violated by the whole scheme. For his efforts on his own behalf he was subsequently charged with practicing engineering without a state license.

  5. Okay Zman, time to “fess up” and disclose why you REALLY continue to “reside” in such a “Schiff-hole”.

  6. (Move to Iowa) I like to say that the 3rd world immigrants are just here to do the jobs that Americans aren’t willing to do for 3rd world wages.

  7. The POC will always ensure that the LGBTQBLT community will never be anything but a circular firing squad. As you pointed out at the beginning of the podcast, blacks burn down their own neighborhood, so if you invite them into your thing, they will do what they can to burn that down, too. Awhile back I went with my girlfriend to a late show at the local movie-house, where, for some reason, almost everyone in the audience was black. The house goes dark, and a trailer for “The Danish Girl” comes on. “The Danish Girl” is supposed to be a poignant, touching tale about one of the first men to receive sex reassignment surgery. The black people in the crowd did not find the trailer to be moving, and they started cracking up and shouting and clowning like the black kids I remember from high-school when a substitute teacher was in the room. One black guy even stood up and said, “Oh, hell nah, nigga! The Danish Girl! Fuck outta here with that!”

    • A couple thoughts:

      1. I have unfortunately spent some time in a Walmart in the part of Houston that is very heavily populated by Arabs, Pakistanis and low caste Indians. I remember thinking wow black people have never seemed so incredibly normal. I’m sure that if a race war breaks out we’d be on the same side, at least initially.

      2. Leninism worked because the people they put in charge of the system were all peasant mud farmers before communism gave them wealth and status. It was a mass of random ethnic and religious minorities, but they all had come from the same shitty place and would go back to the same shitty place if communism ever failed. Bioleninism can’t work because the coalition of the fringes doesn’t like each other, and each has their own special view of the shitty place they’re in. The oppression Olympics is just not consistent with a unified totalitarian government.

  8. Those pics were of Zucker picking up after his wife crapped on the lawn — as is customary in her home country.

  9. The midwest sucks, it sucks hard, it sucks long. Nothing against the people there, just super shitty weather, and super boring landscape. Well, the people are kind of boring and cliquish, but they seem to like it there so god bless them 🙂

    • It’s true that the weather is bad and the landscape is – let’s say – uniform. It’s true that in large parts of Iowa, Illinois and western Ohio, the only “distinguishing features” of the landscape are the water-towers of nearby towns.

      By the way, southern Ontario is even worse. It’s the bleakest agro-region I’ve ever seen. They have no sense of style and they don’t care; they just grow stuff. Telephone poles are their sacrifice to “style”.

      Doesn’t mean it sucks. You want suckdom, consider Norilsk in northern Siberia, where the landscape is flat, frozen, and dead – thanks to the mining of nickel that our cars may be equipped with catalytic converters – or Bangkok, where it is always 95 in the shade and peasants sell dried fish along the pavement, where it’s 110, and they get to retire after 14-hour days to tin-roofed shacks in abandoned lots. I’ve seen it; that’s their life.

      That sucks, it sucks hard, it sucks long.

    • Apple is missing out on a huge opportunity here. If they are serious about privacy, I will go from “meh” about my iPhone to excited about it, and trade in the old one for a “privacy protected” one. Get with it, Tim Cook. You are in the middle of a smartphone changing moment. Bring the manufacturing home while you are at it, to inhibit the Chinese “back door” moves on privacy.

      I would love to see Facebook and Google burn down, it would make my day.

        • There is saying you are serious about it, and being serious about it. But at this point he isn’t even talking serious, he and Zuck are just having a little gay guy slap fight.

          • I am waiting for them to oil up and start wrestling — classic style (if you know what i mean).

    • The Mexican sewer explosion always conjured an image of poor Jose, one minute reading the paper enjoy a privy moment, the next minute he is on the street with a toilet seat around his neck.

  10. Zman, did you ever see John Waters’ movie “Hairspray”? Seems to capture Baltimore circa early 1960’s pretty nicely.

    What is your connection to Baltimore, seems from comments you have made that your family is from elsewhere?

      • Tin Men – fun picture. There is another Baltimore movie, a romantic comedy from 1984 called ‘Finnegan Begin Again’, that captures some of the decline of Baltimore into chaos, though with a light touch. My wife and I saw this in, of all places, a London pub, on our honeymoon; I’ll always treasure it for that, for the fact that I love Mary Tyler Moore and Robert Preston, and that it’s clever and touching.

        Check it out.

  11. I’m pretty libertarianish and think we would be better off with a lot less government. I cringe when you mention Reason – you are correct to honk the clown horn for them. They are not serious people and seem incapable of working out the consequences of their ideas.

    The whole place took a pretty hard turn to the left about 2 years ago and lost what little credibility they ever had.

    • Is the desire for small and limited government inherently white, allowing for a small number of outliers? Can non-whites be persuaded in large numbers or is it an inborn disposition?

          • Pardon me, I will type more plainly. The only fans of small government appear to be white people. Those of a duskier hue seem to generally prefer stuff that once belonged to others and big government is the most efficient means of confiscation and redistribution.

  12. When you described Baltimore society in the 50’s, I thought of India and Sri Lanka – where I spent time.

    As a percent of population in some areas, they have even more Muslims than Western Europe. But the Muslims generally stay out of trouble and don’t hassle the majority ethnic and religious groups.

    When the Muslims do piss off the locals, the Hindus or Buddhists get together a big mob and burn the Muslim neighborhood to the ground.

    • Myanmar is a good example of the third world strategy for keeping the Muslims in line. Not nice, but the folks there can read the same news we do, draw their own conclusions about what they want the future to look like and act accordingly, using such resources as they have.

      • Yep. I don’t know any of the backstory but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Muslims tried to act on ideas about sharia law and kaffis being their slaves or whatever. The local Buddhists stomped it down hard.

  13. Jeez, Z-man .

    You really do live in the ghetto !

    That last piece was complete with sirens in the background 🙂

    P,S. Tried listening to Scott Adams podcast and it was tough work. Enjoy his commentary but it’s obvious he doesn’t really put much effort into it.

    You have a way better product ! Keep up the good work.

    • What I find impossible to watch are Adams video podcasts. The dude looks like a human vulture!

      • Thank you. I always noticed something wrong with how he looked and you’ve finally explained it.

  14. If you’re having a rough week it sure isn’t showing. It’s nice to have a few good therapeutic laughs because lately I need them.

    • I had a feeling that Z man would shake off the blues and deliver. Since his black-pilling we’ve enjoyed the usual outburst of blogposts and anothet tip-top podcast.

      Not to put pressure on you, Z man, but without your podcasts and Radio Derb, I’d have to hang myself.

      A life is at stake here, sir.

    • Nothing will change as long a “white flight” is possible. The progs have long whined about “highways to the suburbs”, while they now resent gentrification. This pattern has now appeared in Europe, and it will continue unless we can get our identity politics legitimized.

      We are now talking about evacuating 4 million whites out of South Africa. It would be logistically easier for the CIA to simply purchase AK-47s on the black market and arm the Boers.

      • It would be logistically easier for the CIA to simply purchase AK-47s on the black market and arm the Boers.

        >implying the CIA would side with the Boers

        • Why don’t the Boers buy the AK047’s themselves? And where is the SA Army in all of this, are they still mostly white or have they nigged up?

          • SA can not afford a large standing army, The SA economy is earmarked for Gibs.

  15. “Staring at the reality of your fellow man for too long may be like looking into the Ark of the Covenant.”

    More like “Gazing long into the abyss.”

  16. Libertarians are simply another group in love with extremism. Like liberals have to continually push the envelop in one direction, libertarians push it in the other direction. Extremists never reach the end. There is always another step to be taken.

    • If libertarians really hated the state as much as they hate the nation, they might actually be good for something. But they don’t, and they aren’t.

    • Thomas Sowell called it “the vision of the anointed”. The standard-bearers of purity.

      The Christian churches of late antiquity suppressed the fad for theatrical and narcissistic forms of asceticism, such as living in holes dug out of the sands of Egypt, or sitting on top of poles in rags, fed – if at all – by passersby tossing them bits of bread or meat; we know that men and women lived naked in common quarters, to wrestle with and triumph over the sexual urge, no doubt feeding on snakes, beetles and grass.

      The Church put a stop to all this nonsense, because it was neither virtuous nor human: It was insanity, decked out as what we today call “virtue-signalling”.

      Sterner times, weren’t they? Instead of half-starved men living in trees or caves, our “pure ones” are the likes of Nick Gillespie, in his leather jacket, pounding out “thoughts” on a laptop, or Glenn Reynolds, bragging about his guitars, his jacked performance in the weight-room, his latest column about something or other in USA Today, and crying “Faster Please!” to some pharmaceutical breakthrough that might give men erect dicks until they are 110.

      Marie Antoinette played at being a milkmaid in her little ‘peasant town’ built on the edge of her estate at Versailles.

      I’d be eager to ask Nick, Glen, or for that matter any “SJW” how their life behavior differs from Marie Antoinette’s.

  17. I quit Facebook recently. It was starting to creep me out in ways I didn’t care to analyze. A gut thing. Your staring at your fellow man comment got me thinking. Too much looking at what others want you to see of them is not a good thing. Depressing and alienating, as are all co-dependent relationships.

    • I think that’s part of it. It is a performance by people who like to perform, but maybe shouldn’t be on stage. Every once in a while I look at one of the video bloggers and I find the whole thing weird and unsettling. It’s just not normal and I don’t want it to feel normal.

    • Familiarity or repetition breed contempt. It almost has nothing to do with the object. Loved classic rock growing up. But if I hear Back in Black one more time I’m going to stab myself.

          • Springsteen’s “Born to Run” – in fact all of Springsteen.

            Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” needs a long hiatus.

            The Outlaws’ “Green Grass and High Tides Forever” should be declared ‘racist’, then we never have to hear it again.

            There are others, The real tragedy of what passes for “classic rock radio” is that they only play crap. They don’t dig deep, they’ll play Pink Floyd’s “Money” or “Another Brick in the Wall” a thousand times, but never “Careful With that Axe Eugene” or “Wish You Were Here Part II”.

            Nope, just crap, crap and more crap. It’s what the paymasters want, I guess. A “classic rock” ‘top 40’ frozen in time, for ever and ever. This way our masters can teach the young that all their parents did was get drunk in rural bars and listen to ‘Free Bird’ over and over like retards.

          • I always wonder why they do that too. Makes no sense. I just chalk it up to general incompetence.

      • Stab yourself on a YouTube video while extolling the soul cleansing colonic reactions of an all vegan kabob diet?


      • “Stairway to Heaven” is an impressive composition (excluding the lyrics) but the last time I wanted to hear it was 1995.

        • For me, 1980 was the year I officially decided that ‘Stairway to Heaven’ had to be given a rest.

          One thing you have to say about the early seventies; there were several excellent songs that ran well beyond the standard length of radio pop and rock, and they were played full length on top 40 radio: Stairway, of course, Nilsson’s ‘Jump into the Fire’, Clapton’s ‘Layla’, Grand Funk Railroad’s “Getting Closer to My Home”, Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’. Before that, ‘Hey Jude’, and the Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.

          Jimmy Page admitted that ‘Stairway’ was somewhat of a rip-off of a song by Spirit, the California band that gave us (I’m all but certain) the world’s oldest rock-and-roller; their drummer was 44 when the group formed in 1968; that would make him Jimmy Carter’s age.

      • Contemplating human beings is best done from middle-distance, in short bursts. I don’t know if it’s like peering into the Ark of the Covenant; it’s more like thinking too much about food – where it comes from, what it objectively is, what happens to it after it goes down the throat.

        Like many readers of the Z blog, I enjoy a well-cooked porterhouse steak. But I enjoy it far less if I contemplate its back-story, from ‘on the hoof’ to on my plate. Even more disgusting is the after-story. So; in the “life of a steak” I dwell on one shining moment.

        People are like that; it’s why we put attractive photographs of them on our refrigerators. These are not pictures that carry us into the depths of the people we care about – no pictures of them grunting like pigs taking a shite, for example, no pictures of them clipping their toe-nails, or expressing their asinine opinions.

        It was Remy de Gourmont who compared the contents of the everyday human mind to the contents of the everyday human stomach: A foul and revolting glop, half-digested fragments of misunderstood ideas, outright lies, self-serving delusions, a vomitus of pure degradation.

        No, as Hoffer said, if you love life, if you love your fellow man, you must moderate your expectations.

  18. Stop right there, Z.

    What’s this horse puckey about ‘hit the range once a month’? That’s how our cops end up ‘spraying and praying’ that they hit the perp and not some bystanders. That’s why the Persian Pistol Princess didn’t successfully kill anyone when she flipped out!

    TWICE a week!

    After ya buy the gun and a holster, your next purchase should be a reloader. Spit the expenses on that with friends and get a top of the line progressive, or cheap out and get a single stage. Get them shooting too ASAP!

    Oh- and get a rifle too. AR15, and stock up on high cap mags. (Alright, AK’s and other sport utility rifles are optional – but the type is mandatory – if they won’t make an idiot like Feinstein or Hogg crap their pants in fright – you’re looking at the wrong gun!)

    Do this NOW. Yesterday is better – that’s an order. It’s not time to panic yet – but start prepping too.

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