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A famous line from the movie The Usual Suspects is “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Even after all these years, it turns up in comment sections and social media. It is a good line to bear in mind when thinking about who is actually ruling over us. In America, our elites have spent a long time convincing us that there are no elites. The fact is though, every society has an elite and it is usually a stable, semi-permanent one. The people in charge tend to stay in charge.

Here is an interesting bit of data that underscores the stability of a nation’s elites. In the 16th century, the Spanish conquered the area that is now Guatemala. The Spanish were not settlers like the English, so a local Spanish elite came into rule over the conquered people, who were often used as slaves in mining and agriculture. Since 1531, 22 families have controlled Guatemala’s economy, politics and culture. Another twenty-six families have served as a secondary elite, often marrying into the core elite.

The result is one percent of the population, descendants of the Conquistadors, has controlled the country for over four hundred years. This dominance has been locked in by a set of marriage rules, which created a self-perpetuating marriage strategy. For example, both the bride and groom had to bring a certain amount of wealth into the marriage. The result was both families would negotiate marriages much in the same way it was done in medieval Europe. These rules have their roots in the Siete Partidas, that dates to the 13th century.

Of course, elite families marrying one another is not a new idea, but it is more than just wealthy families using marriage to solidify alliances. There is a biological factor to it. The people in the elite got there originally by having elite cognitive skills. Modern elites like to throw around the term meritocracy, but they know biology counts for a lot. It is why you do not often see a member of the elite marrying one of the servants. Arnold learned that lesson. The one on the left is from the house cleaner, while those on the right are with a Kennedy.


Another thing about elites is they tend to get what they want. One of the benefits of being in charge is you get to shape the institutions you control. A great example is the Fabian Society. This was not some program hatched by mill workers in their free time. It was a hobby for British elites in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Fabians managed to get most of what they wanted pushed through over time. The reason for that is they convinced their fellow elites it was a good program.

An interesting bit from the Fabian program, which they called the “True Radical Programme” was intended to be far more radical than the other reform efforts. They wanted it to be seen as way-out on the fringe. Yet, things like women’s suffrage, paying MPs a salary and public education eventually became normal. It is something to keep in mind when thinking about the war on men or the waves of anti-white agitation we see in the media. Today’s crazy elite culture is tomorrow’s new normal.

Of course, the real reason elites tend to get what they want is they are better than the rest of us. They are smarter, better socialized and they have greater access to the stock of knowledge relevant to being in charge. Americans despise the idea of a ruling elite, so the people in charge spend a lot of time pretending they do not exist. It is why our form of democracy works so well. The people keep voting for different candidates, but the people in charge never change. That is what we are seeing with Donald Trump right now.

That is probably why the global elite is so worried about the rising tide of nationalism through the West. The constant moaning about “threats to our democracy” really do not mean the people in charge care about actual democracy. The game of bad cop/worse cop we see in our politics is not a bug. It is a feature. The process of voting has been rigged by the ruling class such that the results are fixed. No matter which candidate you choose, you get the same results, because the same people own all of the candidates.

What nationalism does is tie the candidate to a group of people. The politicians of Germany care only for the interests of Germans, not migrants and refugees. Once “them” is no longer as important as “us”, the definitions get more granular. Each pol them looks at his district or province as “us” and the rest of the country as “them.” This makes it exceedingly hard for a national elite, much less a global elite, to corrupt the political system with cash, favors and access to elite society. That is bad for global elites.

This is another reminder that civic nationalism is a sucker’s play. The rules we have in place today are designed to lock in the status quo. No challenge to the status quo, therefore, can be based on assiduously adhering to the rules. In fact, the goal is to turn adherence to the rules into a destabilizing force. When the people in charge no longer trust the rules to protect their position, they change the rules. It’s why Progressives are campaigning to end freedom of speech. The truth is their enemy.

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  1. “The rules we have in place today are designed to lock in the status quo. No challenge to the status quo, therefore, can be based on assiduously adhering to the rules. In fact, the goal is to turn adherence to the rules into a destabilizing force”

    That’s why we all need to vote Democrat from here on out until the system implodes. Use political judo to turn the force of the status quo back on itself.

  2. “Of course the real reason elites tend to get what they want is they are better than the rest of us. They are smarter, better socialized and they have greater access to the stock of knowledge relevant to being in charge. ”

    OK, you’re just trolling us again, I’m convinced.

    But there’s a sense in which that passage is accurate. As a rule, they’re more sociopathic than the rest of us. Now is that nature or nurture, or a bit of both? Doesn’t matter. Most of the rest of us have had the pure unbridled self interest bred out of us with religion or the culture that the religion created.

  3. At the time, it seemed obvious to me that Dana Perino would make a better president than W. The only trait she lacked was hubris, the defining characteristic of the elites. Best example is the Pope, thinking he is God’s representative on earth.

  4. OT: Zman, you have talked of the lack of wealth in your family, when you were growing up. Seems like your personal ascension into the ranks of technocratic America, gives you an interesting perspective on the topic of class in America. The contrast between the world you grew up in, is fairly strong with the world you now live in. Non-sequitor: white trash America has to be a rich vein of material, for your pod casts!

  5. both candidates for Prez in 2016 married their daughters to Wall Street banksters of the Jewish persuasion. Since Jews are 2% of the population, the odds against this being a random distribution are 2,500/1.

    that tells you who rules ‘Murka today. And (((they))) will keep on ruling ‘Murka until the $100 trillion glob of debt (((they))) use to buy consent blows up.

    then: we go to politics by other means. Cf. Spain, 1936-1939.

  6. It’s also why, for the first time in quite a long time (perhaps ever) in my life, the Progs are out there telling everybody what great institutions the courts, DOJ, FBI, etc. are. Suddenly, Democrats l.o.v.e. love the “Intelligence Community”.

    One of the things I wrote here maybe a year or more ago, is that Trump and those in the GOP loyal to the country not the Government Party should take away one of the primary weapons of the Elites: security classifications. This is how they hide their various lies.

    For example, there was great gnashing and wailing of teeth that declassifying the Nunes memo would reveal sources and methods and that “people would die” if that information were declassified. Then, it was declassified, and it contained nothing of the sort. What it DID contain was “classified” information that several FBI/DOJ agents were engaged in unlawful efforts to undermine a US Presidential Election.

    Similarly, declassifying the Comey/McCabe testimony that nobody in the FBI felt that Flynn had lied to them didn’t reveal any classified information…despite being redacted by FBI/DOJ. What revealing it DID do was reveal that James Comey is lying when he claims he never said Flynn hadn’t lied. Declassifying that memo lays waste to the entire Flynn guilty plea. Yes, there might be transcripts of the wire taps which contradict Flynn’s statements to the FBI, but that does not mean he lied to the FBI. He had no reason to lie to them (motive) and nothing to gain because absolutely NOBODY has claimed that anything he said on that phone call was illegal.

    Trump and GOP loyalists – those loyal to the American people not to the Government Party – should continue to declassify things that are only declassified to protect government bureaucracies from embarrassment. That’s how you beat the Deep State, and by extension, the Elites.

    • Absolutely. The Manhatten Project has been over for a while. There is nothing, NOTHING, they should be allowed to hide except weapons specs.
      If the people decide we need to go kill someone, that someone needs to know it.

      And I wanted a detailed prospectus, with names!

  7. I have to call foul on you Z. You picked a picture of Mexican Conan from his awkward teen years to cast him in a bad light. This is a more recent photo.

    Genetics are powerful, but a belly full of hate, resentment, and desire is more powerful. I’m willing to bet that Mexican Conan will achieve more than his step siblings.

  8. Related: it’s so bad, one guy said he calls up his sister, whispers “Trump” into the phone, and then hangs up before the phone explodes

  9. The info about the history of the (communist) Fabian Society is worth reading. Link is in the paragraph below Ahnuld’s kid’s photos.

    From that link: “… A small group of idealists, thinking strategically and acting with discipline, moved democratic socialism from the lunatic fringe to the halls of intellectual power. If aspiring generals study Alexander the Great and Napoleon, surely aspiring intellectual movements should study the neoliberals and the Fabians. … ”

    I did a few minutes research on the original founders of the Fabian Society. Most of them seem to have been from middle-class backgrounds — not elites.

    From Wikipedia: ” … The Fabian Society was named — at the suggestion of Frank Podmore — in honour of the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus (nicknamed “Cunctator”, meaning the “Delayer”).[7] His Fabian strategy sought gradual victory against the superior Carthaginian army under the renowned general Hannibal through persistence, harassment, and wearing the enemy down by attrition rather than pitched, climactic battles. … ”

    From the same Wikipedia article: ” …According to author Jon Perdue, “The logo of the Fabian Society, a tortoise, represented the group’s predilection for a slow, imperceptible transition to socialism, while its coat of arms, a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, represented its preferred methodology for achieving its goal.”[9] The wolf in sheep’s clothing symbolism was later abandoned, due to its obvious negative connotations. …”

  10. I’ve never met an Alt-Righter. If we all met up for a giant picnic in the park would it be fun or lots of fighting? Should it be a non-alcohol event?

    • Depends if.the astroturf shows up in regards to fighting.

      As for alcohol, at most BYOB cans-only. Check the specific park regulations on alcohol. In the lovely PRMd, the local parks restrict alcohol to the pavilions and a radius around them. Frankly alcohol would be an unnecessary risk for an initial event. I’d suggest making it very family oriented. It’s actually a great idea.

      • I’d want it to include all farther Right groups, including White Nationalists. I’d like to see what our groups are like in person. The White Nationalists sound like mean absolutists in the comments. I just wonder if they’re normal/nice guys in real life.

        I’ve only met one in person. It was in a holding cell. The guards were being authoritarian a-holes. So I said out loud, “What are they, stormtroopers?” The word just popped into my head for no reason. And this big Neo Nazi looking guy at the end of the bench says, “you gotta problem with that?” I said, “no, I don’t have a problem with it.” A couple of the other guys slowly shook their heads at me like saying, “Dude, do you realize where you are? You can’t say that shit here.”

  11. “The politicians of Germany care only for the interests of Germans, not migrants and refugees.”

    What? Merkel caring about Germans? Have you lost your mind??

  12. Interesting. Pointedly, zman omits to speculate about the precise identity of the United States elite, but gives tantalizing allusions to iq and genetics. Perhaps I am being obtuse as to the point here, but whom would the author consider to be this “elite.”

    • Republics are historically just as vulnerable to control by families and money. The medicis dominated the republic of Florence with an iron grip until they finally just declared them nobility.

    • I don’t mean name specific names, but to characterize. I would hypothesize it as a vague Anglo/Jewish amalgam elite, as typified by the mixed marriages in elite families, with a definite ideological soul forged mainly of specifically Jewish interests and values. Perhaps a few sops to Anglo and Christian interests of a purely symbolic and transitory nature, to let them think that they are playing the game too.

  13. Dovetails with the alt right is dead post.

    “Alt right” as an IRL “political movement” that’s holds marches and rallies does not offer anything to anybody, especially not any part of the elite.

    Populist politics is fake news. You have to offer somebody who matters something he wants. Unfortunately, all the elites seem to want at this point is just lower labor costs. So, it’s hard to offer them anything.

    But there is always petty interpersonal crap. Find an elite who has beef with another elite, then demand his support of xyz policy that benefits your group, in exchange for helping him get one over on his rival.

  14. By the end of the 19th century a significant part of the British aristocracy inter-married into German-Jewish banking families that became dominant in the City of London after Waterloo.

    Former Prime Minister David Cameron came from this type of family:

    The same happened to America, elite gentiles like Joe Biden, Trump, Clinton have married their progeny with wealthy Jews.

  15. Yeah, but … names, man! Names! If these guys exist, who are they?

    Say what you want about Trump – he’s talking about issues the rest of them don’t even want to acknowledge. If you were awake during the last election, you could tell that the Usual Suspects were in the bag for Hillary and that Trump was not supposed to win.

    To me, the growing waves of national resentment are the writing on the wall. The wheels are coming off the progressive bus, and the elites in charge of it better have a viable exit plan.

    I despise the conspiracy theory of an all powerful secret shadow cabal. It would require competence and dedication to maintain. Can you see any of that in Hillary Clinton? That cunned stunt couldn’t even keep state secrets. Now her fellow swamp creatures are being shaken out of the woodwork too.

    I think our elites are largely who they appear to be.

    • “Yeah, but … names, man!”

      That’s the problem, isn’t it? If we knew their names they could be targeted. The elite have descended from elites that descended from elites….for centuries. They learned a long time ago that fronts are necessary to protect their anonymity. I constantly try to point out that if you know a major player’s name…..well, you don’t. You know minor players, bagmen, and “celebrities”. The major players realize that holding the reigns of power requires not being associated with the power. Stooges, like soon to be cadaver Juan McCain or the gay mulatto, get a sinecure, a nice income, and celebrity status. But, they still wait for instructions from their masters before they pose for the cameras. We don’t know who rules us. Except for Lucifer.

      • Perhaps if I framed this as a religious issue it may make more sense. The true elites, the Hidden Hand so to speak, are generational Luciferians. Occult doesn’t even begin to cover it. They truly believe in “Do as thou wilt.” They despise Christianity for declaring Man as more than merely a beast with intellect.

        On a side note, the Israelites were initially compromised by Ba’al and Astarte worship but the Babylonian Talmud gave their apostasy a particularly Jewish character and validates them as gods amongst chattel that are to be used as needed by the Chosen. Various sects such as Chabad and the Frankists were even more extreme. A little intermarriage and investment give the elites the perfect patsy group.

        All of the visible puppets are compromised and many buy into their ideology in its various iterations. People are often groomed in college and led into a situation at some point that will create leverage for their masters. Why do you think Epstein’s “fantasy island” was wired for sound and video? Look into Jimmy Savile for another sick tool of the elites. How is it that all of the MSM march in lockstep with academia, corporations, and government? Yep the “Long March” explains most of the operatives as ideologues but who provides the funds to push the narrative and agenda to atomize society? Someone built the Georgia Guidestones and outlined their belief system for the rest of us.

        • Identifying birds and seasonal wildflowers is the opiate of the masses.

          – Kayla Marx, great-great-grandxirl of Karl Marx (2019), in xir ‘Against Beauty – Social Justice, Patriarchal Hegemony, and the Myth of ‘Natural Variety’.

          Abstract –

          In this essay we expose the variety of disguises that ‘cis-normative’ gender-based elements of contemporary society use, to mask those racial-imperial ‘elocutions’ of power [see K Rabanisi, iv. 29] in “passive pursuits”, such as bird-watching, “identifying” wild flowers, “planting” vegetables [Obumba G, v., 148].

          Using a non-quantitative, self-interviewing hermeneutic ((see M. Chapchunk, in (iii; 1971), A. Pimpkin et al, in (2-s, abstract ii, 2012)) our research demonstrates the ‘retreative’ paradigm of the “bird-watcher” – or the “stamp” “collector”, or the “gardener”, the “do-it-yourselfer” (cf. Astranovíc-O’Mally, 1988, in her seminal ‘Self-reliance as holocaust’, n.b.) as defensive “self-concepts” among inheritors of genocide ((cf Obama, B., “if we massacre each other, blame whitey” (JAAI 10. 2005), and Struik D., “All white people must die – except me” (TWAP, xvii, 1995)).

          With the cooperation of the reader, we’ll show that taking interest in the world beyond yourself is not just evil – but racist.

          end of abstract.

    • Agree — They do seem to be as prone to human weakness and folly as the rest of us. But that is the danger. More refined intellect; access to real power; occupation of our key leadership, cultural, social and political positions; control of our economy. They can and do exercise real and immediate power in our lives. Marry that with the baseness and self-interest inherent in every human, and there’s a real problem.

      I almost feel that we should have some means of licensing them so as to control and at least be able to track what they are doing, given their ability to do us harm.

      Not sure about the all-powerful cabal thing … though they are clannish; they do all continue to show up in the same places and organizations, and once they begin to move from the social circuit into institutional control, we see the same names again and again, over many decades. So something is going on out there, and we really need to know what that is.

      Is it intentional, and controlled formally be some defined group? Who of us out here knows. Or is it more structured by their behaviors … informally … and by their collective interests alloyed with human drives for “money-power-sex”?

      So yes, they do seem to be a refined and high-priced clown show at times. However, I do think that the system they’ve built is itseld defining, supporting of their class interests, and tremendously powerful.

    • Hillary is not part of the elite. She serves the elite, and is awarded all the perks and exceptions to accountability as reward. While the elite still remain nameless and faceless, their servants, the political class, have really deteriorated lately. The Ivy League vetting process seems to have produced a group of brittle and not-very-smart people. Blind allegiance to the inane trendy movements of the day, rather than the timeless pursuit of knowledge and the nurturing of the intellect, will do that to you.

    • Bill Clinton, President, ‘the most powerful man in the world’, was at some global conference, chatting away.
      He saw some unpreposessing gnome across the room, cut off in midsentence, and made a hasty beeline to him.

  16. That is why we cannot be conservatives. Conservatives defend the institutions. But the institutions are controlled by our enemy. In conserving the institutions, you help your opponents. Thus conservatives are the Vichy Right..controlled opposition.

    Only in radicalism can we oppose the left. We must transgress their norms, deconstruct their narratives and oppose the institutions.

  17. Once “them” is no longer as important as “us”, the definitions get more granular. Each pol them looks at his district or province as “us” and the rest of the country as “them.”

    Yes. That’s why the 14th and 16th Amendments were jammed through; the intent of the 14th was to neuter the 9th, and the 16th was to neuter State governors.

    Damned successful, too!

  18. Depending on the situation, local or regional groupings can be gamed by elites as well. If you watch the school situation in the Harry Potter movies (I’ve only seen one and assume the kept it the same) the school is divided into houses where the loyalty of the kids is directed and their general animus is kept amongst themselves and used in constructive ways, mostly. In my school in Rhodesia the same British system was used and we were divided into two houses. However, in this case the only time I was aware of what house anyone was in was on field day when we had various sporting competitions. It had such little impact on me I don’t even remember which house I was in. In this case deciding who your friends were had nothing to do with how the system was set up, and it didn’t work at all like in the movies, or perhaps elsewhere.

    I guess the lesson here is that for a system to work there has to be something to make it click. Just because you set something up doesn’t mean it’s going to do what you think it will.

    • Every time I see the name Harry Potter now, I’m reduced to the giggles, having read a few weeks back what must be simultaineously the best and worst book review in the history of literature;
      Karl Mchungus-“I tried to read that woman’s first book, but I just couldn’t finish it. But I’d do her. ”
      The world needs more Karl. 😂😂😂

      • And less Harry Potter.

        ‘Harry Potter in the S&M Dungeon’ is a post-copyright story board I’d like to see. Hell, the Boy Scouts are gone, so why not Harry?

    • Damn, Rhodesia. Now there’s a country that got beat with the globalist “bad whites” stick. If only the RSA had listened when warned that the Boers were next. Another case of shame, divide, conquer, and pillage.

      Oh the elites definitely play as many groups off of one another as possible. Look at sportsball fans: people will literally despise and even attack someone for being a fan of a rival team. Whites are another example where we’re shamed, doxxed, deplatformed, etc. for defending anything related to our culture, advocating solidarity, or just observing reality. Its all accomplished through the fact that one or two motivated people can disrupt just about any organization. The Alphabet Soup loves informants and undercover operations; would the patrons of those who ostensibly run the country be any different? Comey, McCabe, et al. have done a masterful job of sidetracking Trump’s agenda and those are just the visible pawns.

      On a side note, the truly rich and powerful have much of their fortunes hidden. The Clinton Foundation was just Bill and Hillary imitating their betters.

      • We should be flattered. The elites only attack the biggest threats, and it appears that an assertive white western style culture continues to be the biggest threat to them. They do not seem to fear the rest of it, and actually seem to encourage the introduction of other racial and cultural elements into the mix, to the detriment of all.

        • Theyll just recite the Shahadah and continue on their merry way as the elites have done for centuries. Destroy and interbreed the local populace while maintaining their power. Mohammedanism is just as effective for controlling the dirt as Communism. Different faces, same underlying agenda of control.

  19. Ambrose Bierce quaintly characterized my business as “an ingenious modern game of chance, where the player is permitted the comfortable notion that he is beating the man who keeps the table”. So it goes with the notion of free speech. The communications singularity of the internet suddenly gave infinite potential reach to the individual. People are figuring out they ain’t beating the house. Witness the shitshow in Washington as the deep state gets peeled open for public view. Thus free speech and other civil liberties, are simply becoming what Erdogan characterized as “a streetcar you ride until you reach your stop”

  20. “No matter which candidate you choose, you get the same results, because the candidates are owned by the same people.”

    If voting were really all that important, they wouldn’t let us do it. Trump has exposed their game. What now?

    • Well, what kind of Saxon vikings are we?
      They own this, they stole that, eight families own the Federal Reserve?

      TAKE IT!

      It was ours, we built it, we paid for every brick, every scrap of carpet, every oversized desk and limousine, they sold our house to strangers and want us to pay rent?
      We owe them- nothing!

  21. “The Spanish were not settlers like the English,”

    Is settler another word for land-thief? The spanish at least integrated the locals into the future state, and didn’t push them into the ocean or desert of something. Say what you will about which system worked better but the “land”, she doesn’t forget and now we are seeing the consequences of those decisions.

    • Integrated? That’s what you call it? The Spanish and English could not have been more different. The North American Indians were also quite dissimilar to the South American natives. Got your message though. We Bad! Two million quarreling, warring, Injuns occupying five or six million square miles, what could go wrong?

    • Sort of overlooks whose choice it was not to integrate into the new system of individual ownership with strict legal definitions, rather than communal, vague, ever shifting boundaries that were the source of constant conflict, either between other family tribes or the Anglo-Americans.

      The term “Indian giver” doesn’t exactly come from nowhere.

      The other commenter is right. Constant war and that involving ritual mutilation of enemies and even cannibalism, just like in Africa. Savages are savages, no matter where you meet them.

    • They were integrated into the future state all right; they were for example tossed en masse into the silver pits of Potosí to be worked to death. Does the Land – sorry, “She” – forget that?

      And no, “settler” is not another word for land-thief. Land isn’t stolen, the way a watch or a horse is stolen; land belongs to those who can take it, develop it, and work out a rule of law that pacifies the ‘transfer of property’ into a coherent system of titles, deeds, etc.

      Thus the Spanish you admire: They didn’t “steal” half the western hemisphere, they just took it, and it was theirs until someone took it from them. The US conquest of northern Mexico was not the victory of “evil whites” against a helpless native population, but a claim of suzerainty by one branch of European might against another, decaying one, and it’s more than unlikely that anyone native to these areas regretted the transfer of suzerainty.

      That’s how it works. Thus “the system which worked better” becomes the ONLY criterion by which these events can be judged.

    • The spanish at least integrated the locals into the future state

      Dude they were essentially serfs. Now they’re just emancipated serfs without a pot to piss in. The (white) elites down there disdain them to the point of open contempt.

  22. An iinteresting aspect of the American Elites is just how they differ from that type you highlight in the Guatemala example. There, it is connected to birth and class. Here, we seem to have a large component that falls outside of that system of inherited membership.

    We have in place now our own sort of Cursus Honorum, that old education and career template that held in the Roman Republic and into Imperial times. Following early education, those destined to position, leadership and power tracked a certain path up through public postings, military offices and civilian magistracies. It seems to me that our elite cadre does the same now. And in our culture, we don’t restrict that route simply to the well-born. Those with the right talent, motivation and potential can slip into the process that prepares them to assume a position in the auxillary democratic wing of our own Elite classes. Eventually, they can be totally absorbed.

    Do the right thing in high school — student council, Honor Societies, community service at the women’s shelter, organizing a student-led climate change or anti-gun march — and you can gain entry to one of our better universities. If you’re lucky, and have the right secondary physical characteristics, you might even make it into the Ivy League. From there, you’re meeting the right people, and you’re on your way.

    Interestingly, the whole process now serves as a vetting mechanism designed to make sure that only those holding the approved views, and enjoying the same behaviors, are granted entry. I think this is what’s happening to American education. It now serves now more to indoctrinate and screen, than to educate in the older sense (yes, I know the same thing happened in the past at the more prestegious institutions).

    In the immediately prior post, our host talked about the future of the Alt-Right movement. Not sure I’m an “Alt-right” guy, or even what label might be appropriate. But I do think that those interested in the topics discussed on this and on other sites might want to focus some effort on building a clear picture of just who these people are, how they affiliate and organize, and what motivates them — a formal study of them, that is.

    One thing that strikes me is just how little we really know about those we face across the ideological spectrum. Has there been any recent, in-depth analysis of this class and its constituents? (Yes, Horowitz has addressed the LEFT in his recently completed 8-volume work, but that group and the Elites are not exactly the same.) We really need to look closely at what this thing is that’s driving rapid execution of this “fundamental transformation;” we should know who these people are, and where, what and how they think, and what they are doing. If we don’t do this, we can’t possibly hope to counter them, and retain some part of this unique project the founders set down in this new world.

    Doing this should be one of the essential tasks of any movement to control and defuse the efforts of our Elites to impose their reality, and delusions, on the rest of us. Might be something the morphing movement might want to undertake to occupy some of its more restless members.

    • “One thing that strikes me is just how little we really know about those we face across the ideological spectrum. Has there been any recent, in-depth analysis of this class and its constituents? ”

      Because the ruling class went out of it’s way to isolate itself from the general population starting in the mid 19th century. They worked hard to cover their tracks for a variety of reasons. Heck most people don’t even know about the exclusive private schools they send their children like Groton or the role they played in setting up public schooling.

      A starting point for investigation would be Podesta’s emails that were put out by Wikileaks. They are a who’s who of back room power players and work from there. If you noticed none of the right wing sites looked too closely at them. Oh yeah Breitbart is run by a billionaire who part of the club.

      Look at all the members of Trump’s business councils that resigned after his comments on Cville.

      Or look at the meeting of elite anti-Trumpers at a Sea Island..

      Why do they hide? Because they are quite killable by irate Americans sickened by the insane shit forced on them by the elites.

      • Sometimes I worry that even talking about this stuff in the clear can put one on their radar, and that’s a bad thing. Because they are powerful — whoever they really are (no tinfoil hat here; I do think there is a “they”; I’ve seen the edges of it, and looked over into their private yard). They are also at once dismissive of us, yet jealous of their position and prerogative, and they get peeved when we question their actions and right to rule.

        Of course, I’m not of any real interest to them, as I have no power and am not meddling in their affairs. And I think that first, they tend to take out any heresy growing among their own in-group. They seem to weed their own garden first, then focus on any disorder and threat from without.

        Given the advances in technology, though, they can automatically sweep up all the little nattering discontents, dump them into an electronic repository they control, and turn their gaze on them later, if needed. If Trump’s trouble with the entrenched interests has done anything, it’s exposed just how they use the system ostensibly set up for our protection and good as an extension of their quest for control.

        But we have to know who these people are. Because they are powerful, and they bend everything they find useful to their ends. And those ends support the desires, goals and practices of their in-group, and they now fully stand against our own … which in my book, is the preservation of individual sovereignty.

        The first step in any contest is to know just who is arrayed against you, and to find out all you can about them. I think we took for granted that the fight (to simplify) was between Dems and Repubs — that they represented the forces contending in our public sphere (when we weren’t fighting the Germans, Russians, Japanese etc). But really (stupid me), it’s become apparent to me in my advancing years that the struggle is not horizontal, as I always assumed, but vertical — overlords versus the common man. And they are winning. So the question is, who are they, and what do we do? (rhetorical, at this point)

        Oh … yes to your notions about them isolating themselves. I’m sure this began immediately following the establishment of our Republic (human nature, and all that). I peeked into their world in the decade or so I had to brief their kind in our host’s “imperial city.” And I lived for a year many decades ago on the outskirts of the social world at one of their Seven Sisters colleges … watching the upper crust mingle with the commoners who were invited to join in.

        • Don’t worry about being put on some hit list. They aren’t that fastidious or competent. Now if you’re like that NYC madame who provided escorts to a who’s who of D.C. and NYC you will end up dead, she was found hanging in a garden shed.

          “But we have to know who these people are. ”
          Identifying them is not difficult if you start looking for them. First off the elites are totalitarians albeit impeccably educated and groomed people who believe by virtue of their wealth and standing they see themselves as the natural rulers of mankind.

          Are they smarter than us? In some cases yes. But if you’re smart enough to attend the Navy’s nuke school or become a EE. Your mental chops are on par with theirs and may surpass theirs despite attending the finest schools in the country. What they do have is a much higher quality general education and social skills to work the system. The social skills are learned from their parents and the Ivies which serve as a finishing school. They can read all the social cues the lower classes wouldn’t notice.

          Still it doesn’t stop them from being insufferable assholes to the hired help. Like I said, they don’t like us and that includes the help.

          Now some elites are quite outstanding. Erik Prince(his sister is Betsey DeVos) is one of them. Read his wiki, it reeks of grooming.

          What to do about them? They’ve already set events in motion and it will end in a massive blood bath that will make CW 1.0 look like a ice cream social.

  23. My knowledge of genetics is limited, but elite interbreeding can sometimes border on in-breeding, can’t it? Jewish rates of Tay-Sachs are off the charts, and would be even worse except that Jews with a likelihood of this disease take pre-screening seriously (whereas blacks with sickle cell don’t seem to care). I think we’ve reached the Ferdinand the First level of elite nepotism turned on itself ( We don’t have an emperor literally masturbating in his royal court and shouting “I want noodles!” but Weinstein (and hell, Bill Cllnton and Anthony Weiner) seem close.

    • Maybe. I married a polack, since the a dozen generations of Anglo-Scot interbreeding, while still producing high IQ, also had a tendency towards depression and alcoholism….

    • Look at the fate of poor Charles II of spain. He was so inbred that his level of Homozygosity exceeded that of a child of two siblings.

    • Maria’s kids look pretty, but dim-witted. Arnold’s boy, Joe, looks like a young man with some of his father’s lust for life.

      Damn it though, Arnie has been saying and doing some dumb shit lately. I used to get a big kick out of his larger-than life persona.

      • Could be that the virtue signalling about oil and global warming is his way of getting back into politics in swpl California. Ironically taking into account long term trends banging the spic housemaid may be the better play.

      • That one kid of Arnie & Maria’s, Patrick, is a closet homo. Good looking kid, too.


    • As an addendum, I neglected to mention that I have a friend who met Maria on numerous occasions in the capacity of providing a (very) high end service to her. My friend characterized her as insufferable–an absolute raging bitch who treated everyone around her like a steaming pile of dog doo.

      In the end it looks like maybe Arnold made a good play by banging the maid. He got what appears to be a pretty awesome son and got rid of what appears to be a pretty awful wife. Well played, Arnold!

      • If I accidentally had a kid with a squatemalan — like Arnold did — it wouldn’t be “awesome”.

        • This is why Karl is in my top 3 fave commenters-we both used the word “Squatemalan,” independently in the comment section and he usually agrees w/me.

      • For me the photo of Ahnold and Joseph at Oktoberfest together was a bit of a clincher, and the one with Heather Milligan. Vino Veritas. You get the impression informally which is the natural family, and which involved a degree of politicking. With Oktoberfest from personnal experience you want to be celebrate with the people whose company you enjoy. You never know. If Alex Jones is correct, and collapse is immient, who knows. Maybe Joseph Baena will rise to the challenge, take up his fathers sword, slay the usurper Patrick the false, reclaim the title of House Schwarzenegger and rule the Kingdom of Kalifornia, with his sage advisor Mencius of Moldbug, the eminence grise, guiding the throne.

      • Too bad he’s the biggest cuck rino in the universe. Manly making his living whining about trump and pushing global warming indulgences. He’s got the politics of Gavin newsom but with muscles.

    • Are you kidding me? That 56%er bastard
      child Arnie sired w/the Squatemalan maid looks like what you’d get if you bred a Neanderthal cave dweller w/an Aztec witch doctor.

  24. “In fact, the goal is to turn adherence to the rules into a destabilizing force. When the people in charge no longer trust the rules to protect their position, they seek to change the rules.”

    That’s important. Supremely important.

    How to exploit this?
    The elites seem as far removed as the gods on Olympus.

    • Alzaebo, your post changed just now. Did you do that? I thought you had an excellent question.

      • Why, thanks. Trying to not be such a distraction, as I am already wildly out of the mainstream.
        Mindful of Z’s Jesuitical focus too- cut, then cut some more.

        If I may, the question was:
        Why are the elites so bent on revenge?
        What for?
        For giving the Cloud a life we Dirts can only dream of?

        Battle Beagle twitter has been showing bizarre, hideous architectecture added onto wonderful old buildings.
        Hideous sculptures and art while they’re tearing down statues.
        Even Nature’s original works of art, the most gorgeous creatures in the universe- young women- are being turned into hideous freaks as they’re “redefining sexy”.
        Trannys in girl’s rooms. Queer adoption.
        Crazy cat ladies celebrating miscegenation in advertising.
        Euro politicians pushing immigration of the most alien of peoples down their native’s racist throats.
        Banning or punishing traditional notions.

        All of this is to break our minds and will.

        Taki mentioned how people with real money are almost invariably kind to the help, yet-
        Our elites have have become, or been taken over by, an over-elite that is clinically, psychotically insane.

        • “Why are the elites so bent on revenge?” There are two groups of elites that must be understood separately. One elite is seething with resentment for being kicked out of 100+ countries for subversion and perversion and the second elite is sociopathically selfish. Together, these elites use their control of the media to manipulate the pathological compassion that is unique to whites to steer the whites towards dispossession.

        • “Why are the elites so bent on revenge?
          What for?
          For giving the Cloud a life we Dirts can only dream of?”

          The oligarchy isn’t bent on revenge, save perhaps for a fee exceptions. They are gripped with a desire to expand their role and secure their positons. An oligarchy of the current sort is simply lashing out because it’s positon is insecure and, contra absolutist thinkers, this is not due to their being more than one “ruler,” as there are always more power centers than one family or one man.

          The oligarchy is insecure because they have reached beyond their capacity to govern. They have lost the narrative to rank fiction. They have lost their global economy to their former pet China. They have lost order to the ideological cancers they used to undermine competing orders. All that they have left is an unceasing din of new voices. Clamour continues unabated for more gibs, more privlidge for the minority, more undermining the foundation to keep the roof water-tight.

          And so it looks like revenge, a bludgeon against the white western man, but it is not. It is simply the wimpering of a sick, possibly mortally wounded, oligarchy which sees no way out. Either some of them will be reminded of what happens to homes without foundations or a new house will be designed by their competitors.

          • The elites seek the maintenance of their status quo, such as it is, above all else. That’s why they support policies that protect the status quo at the high end. Unfortunately, they have extended such an outlook by seeking to destabilize the middle class, which is what directly threatens them, not the lower classes.

            So we get a wealth tax (property tax) on real estate, which the middle class holds in disproportionate fashion relative to everyone else, a tax break for real estate mortgage debt, which encourages the middle class to go deeply into debt to buy real estate (the debt is the chains), and an income tax on middle class incomes, not on retained upper class wealth or “carried interest”.

          • Not really. The wealth would undoubtedly be spent on things contrary to your interest.

        • Euro elites have different visions and one of them includes north Africa and Levant as European. Recreation of the Roman empire as it were

  25. The elites are not well socialized at all. They’re badly socialized such that they have a relative advantage in living vicariously through power. This is why sexual perversion is so common with them. They’re unbelievably awkward if you’ve ever met one in person, even when it isn’t a personal private conversation.

    Meritocracy is the rule of cheaters, while elitism is the rule of damaged goods who have burned so many bridges to a happy, ordinary life that they turn to politics instead.

    Representative democracy doesn’t work because it’s so much stupidly easier for a leftist to impersonate a conservative than the other way around that they always have a majority of elected officials. Most Republicans are RINO’s and no Democrats are DINO’s. This is such an inherent structural feature of our democracy that election rigging isn’t even necessary, but leftists do it anyway just to demonstrate their power.

    This is why monarchy is the right way and the right way. Seems to be working really great for Islam, and China is getting back its heritage too as it develops. The liberal West is getting cucked harder every generation.

    Conservatives have to figure out that America was a frontier civilization run by low church Protestantism for centuries before it ever started taking its democracy remotely seriously. After it started doing so, the poz crept in.

    • Monarchy is no more real than Democracy. The iron law is that of Oligarchy. The pressure release valve isn’t a mass riot and it isn’t a lone man on a white horse. It is a dissident faction of the oligarchy itself or an outside oligarchy with more power or aptitude. None but these two has ever laid low an unworthy elite.

        • No, oligarchy is not one family. As in Zman’s example: An oligarchy is many families, usually a dozen or more, and no single one of them has the kind of dominance theorized by absolutism. Monarchy as a memetic enterprise might be of use, but it is no more true in the natural sense than Democracy. Neither should be literally sought for as they are both veils behind which an oligarchy lurks. A good oligarchy is one which is visible, not hidden, and as-such bearing more directly the burden of their responsibilities.

      • The genius of monarchy is that you have a central figure, the king, who has the moral authority to protect the people (the many) from exploitation by the aristocrats (the few).

        Our system is set up like an elected monarchy, but when this goes wrong and the “monarch” becomes a representative of the few (like the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas) the system breaks down into exploitation.

        • What do you do if your monarch is someone like Prince Charles of Wales? I see him as the living refutation of monarchism.

          • Mock him and laugh at him every chance you get. Encourage others to do so as well. He would really hate that (as would Barack, Hillary, Kerry, McStain, Mueller, and so on).

            The thought of a rodeo clown with an Obama mask makes me smile, every time I think of it.

          • Constitutional monarchs are hereditary jesters. Their job is to make a mockery of monarchy. The “meta” lesson of this, however, is that they paradoxically fail at this because they are so good at their job. One wonders how good they would be if they had to take it seriously. Just wrap your mind around that.

    • Switzerland, a polity near and dear to my heart, is well governed. I cannot think of a comparable polity which is better at representing the interests and taking care of the welfare of its citizens. I will never support a monarchy. A loose confederation, with some American nuances, is the superior model as basis.

      • FellowDissident the nation of Switzerland has the population of New York (just the city, not the whole state) and are 99% white. How difficult can it be to govern about 8 million Caucasians predisposed to obey the law, are of Christian heritage and respect property rights? We have about 320 million “residents”. The elites lie to us and tell us whites compose 76% or 243 million with 77 million “other” and more arriving daily. The way things seem to be timed America should be a dictatorship simultaneously with whites becoming a minority. The elites have doomed us to save themselves.

        • You might be missing the point. Switzerland is mot even governed at the state level, but county and borough. Rather than the US being too large to be governed that way, it is too large to be governed any other way. No Civil War, no Great War, no New Deal, no open illegal immigration, no 1-12 indoctrination centers, no glut of narcissist politicians gaming a system which has been freed from limitation. America is what Carlyle said, all chains, no anchor. The anchor is the distinctive place in which your life was formed. The chains are pledged each morning by school kids.

    • Looking at this and the replies I sit here wondering why, when I post about having a system like that of the Republic of Venice I don’t get a million upvotes every time. The executive serves for life under good behavior, but the position is barred to inheritance. He is chosen in a complicated system of voting by his own peers, but when he becomes doge he is no longer one of them because he leads the entire people. Most of them threw away their money to the crowds after being elected because it no longer meant anything to them. The Doge’s palace is rent-free for life.

      Sure, this is rule by elites, but it forces the elites to have skin in the game because they hold the offices themselves and not through proxies. Having a system where some “nobody” gets elected means that that “nobody” is always owned.

      Forcing the elites to hold the offices themselves makes it such that they are subject to the true scritiny of their own enemies. A note dropped into a lion’s mouth means an investigation, and possibly a beheading on the molo.

      That. Is having skin in the game.

      That republic lasted from 600 AD to 1790. Didn’t fail at all. Got weak from geopolitical events, but still worked fine. Conquered by Napoleon. Best political track record in history.

      And no one cares to learn a damn thing from it.

      • Very interesting. Dovetails with Talib’s Skin in the game.
        Do you have any recommendations for learning more about this system of governance?

    • Indeed..As Lord Acton observed, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…At least half the British Elites are pedophiles, and the other half winks at their activities.I doubt that it is different in the US…

      • That’s one of the stupidest and most subversive quotes in history. People seeking power are most obviously different from people born into power in the first place. Power itself doesn’t change the nature of a man at all, which is shown most hilariously/tragically in the case of blue collar lottery winners.

        And based on our public schools these days, I would guess that most ordinary Americans don’t really care much about pedophilia either. It’s just a small minority of religious people who have kept it illegal for now, but the trend is clearly in favor of the left. It always will be until legitimacy is restored.

        • I am just guessing, but ordinary Americans passionately despise pedophilia. This attitude comes naturally to anyone who is a parent, or wants to be one someday. It is is also widely considered to still be beyond the pale of casual discussion as well (one of the few things that still is), so the subject doesn’t come up. To bring up the subject in polite company is to be branded as a pervert and a weirdo. But what do I know…

          • You’re spot on. I’ve noticed the vast majority of people are unable to discuss children and sex rationally. Admittedly, many people can’t discuss anything rationally but child sex takes the prize.

          • You don’t know how bad things are. Ordinary Americans, especially the youngest generations, have no problem with homosexuals adopting children or children being taught LGBTWTF in Kindergarten. In Europe, sex with children is already a part of the culture of the “New Europeans.”

            It truly is a fanatical minority, mostly Catholic Christians, who are why sex with children is still illegal. It won’t always be this way because the left always wins in the rigged system of democracy.

          • We forget that a married 12 year old was common 2 generations ago, and that 15 year olds were common in the 60s, that 16 year olds were marrying in the late 80s.

            Now people gasp and moan at 24 year olds as “children having children.”

        • It has nothing to do with power instincts in people. Lord Acton was talking about how our retrospective evaluations of peoples character and morals (especially leaders, Popes, etc) are perverted by their proximity to power. So horrible crimes that no citizen could ever be forgiven suddenly become ok if the person was a “great man” with political power. His example was napeleon. It’s the central theme essentially of crime and punishment.

          The rest of the post, rather than just being factually wrong, is borderline insane.

    • “The elites are not well socialized at all…They’re unbelievably awkward if you’ve ever met one in person, even when it isn’t a personal private conversation.”

      That’s pretty silly. Sounds like you tried to talk to a rich guy once who simply didn’t feel like talking.

      • The rich tend to treat conversations with others, that they don’t know well, as strictly transactional relationships.

        • Generally speaking, when people from any class level are approached by someone from a lower level there will be a degree of discomfort or even suspicion.

  26. There was a New Yorker “Financial Page” article, early on in the 2016 election cycle, noting that Wall Street was perfectly fine with either Clinton or Bush. That’s how it’s supposed to work. After Trump was elected they all closed ranks against him and got busy. And here we are.

  27. It is not only truth but history that is their enemy. Just look at what the chattering classes are saying about the traitor from Arizona. He has so much dirt under his fingernails, going back well before the Keating Five. He has been bought and paid for since day one. It is said hind sight is 20/20. It is better than that. Anyone that honestly looks back at the election of 2008 can see that is was all for show. The elites spend money on “their” candidate, knowing that no matter who wins they will still make out. What truly scares the elites is if the general masses start to figure it out, it will be ugly.

    • When they ran McCain against Obama, that was my “A Ha” moment. I realized then that it was all fixed, a big set up.

      Crusty, treasonous McCain was the best the GOP could find? I knew right then that the election was being thrown. It is all window dressing for the masses. Maintaining the illusion that there is choice.

    • Yes. I watched the first debate and realized that McCain disagreed with Obama… on nothing really. And, McCain seemed to be trying his best to lose with class. He was criticized most harshly in that campaign for choosing a running mate who was not from the elite.

      • Palin was chosen by Bill Kristol, McCain too probably.

        Kristol late remarked that Obama had become a “Born again Neocon”.

    • I have thought McCain was a low class piece of shit for a long time. His last gasp antics this week mark him as an incredibly petty and unhinged man.

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