The Sedition Lobby

I take some pride in the fact that I sniffed out the FBI scandal long before the media had any idea what was happening. The whole Russian hacking thing was such nonsense, that it had to be a cover for soemthing else. The subsequent machinations of the FBI and DOJ made it clear that they were hiding something. Of course, we now know that some members of the FBI and DOJ were engaged in domestic spying on the Trump campaign, for purely political reasons. We are now starting to get a sense of who is really behind it.

This post from Conservative Tree House is a bit meandering, the guy really does need someone to organize his thoughts, but it reveals an important fact about this case that has not been made public. That is, the root of the scandal is not the FBI, but the CIA. The guy who got this thing going was former CIA Director John Brennan. He’s been an anti-Trump rage head for a long time. It appears that he is the guy who initiated the surveillance of the Trump campaign and set off the FBI conspiracy to get Trump.

What appears to have happened is Brennan, or his people, contacted a trusted friend of the neocon family for some help. Stefan Halper is the guy fingered by the Tree House guys as the most likely candidate for the job. He is a good candidate, as he did meet with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. If you look at the career of Halper, he has been in these fever swamps¹ for a long time, so it is not unreasonable to think he was working for the anti-Trump loons. It’s also possible there were others used in this caper.

The way it works is he reaches out to these guys and gets them thinking they have been spotted as men on the come. Low-level types with big ambition are always looking for a chance to talk with the big shots, so Page and Papadopoulos were easy marks and they took the bait. Then he engages them in discussions that he can then claim were initiated by them. He passes it along to his friends in the CIA, but the CIA cannot spy on citizens in the US, so they pass it along to the FBI as a friendly bit of inter-agency cooperation.

At this point, no one knows what was passed on from the CIA to the FBI. That’s the crux of the ongoing battle between Congress and the FBI/DOJ. It is well-established now that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign and Trump Tower. Their explanation for why they did this is laughable nonsense, so the question is why did they do it and what was the pretext. Most likely, they used what the CIA manufactured, along with the phony dossier and possibly an FBI plant in the campaign, to get the FISA warrant and spy on Trump.

Since the mass media has been instructed to give this story a good leaving alone, it does not get the attention it deserves. What started out as maybe some bungling and perhaps petty malfeasance among middling FBI people, has now progressed up to include the former CIA Director, former Attorney General and Former FBI Director. Those are some pretty big fish. They are also the sorts of people who meet with the President and his top aids on a regular basis. This is looking like what the Left says Watergate was about.

What makes this more serious than Watergate is that the crimes committed here reveal a malice of forethought. The people caught trying to cover-up Watergate and other campaign shenanigans did so after the fact and mostly as non-participants. The people involved in this caper acted with a clear intent. They set out to trap some Trump people so they could then spy on the Trump campaign, including Trump himself, with the goal of ending his campaign. When that failed, they decided to try and remove him from office.

In what is turning out to be the proof of this post from five years ago, there was Russian meddling in the last election. The trouble is, the Russians were working with US intelligence to undermine the campaign of Donald Trump. That meddling may not have stopped at the election, but may be continuing to this day. In fact, according to that linked article in The Hill, the FBI was trying to enlist Oleg Derispaska in their scheme to link the Trump campaign with Russian espionage. You cannot make this stuff up.

There is another element here. The NeverTrump operations was a purely neoconservative operation, led by the current pope of the neocons, Bill Kristol. John McCain has confessed to having played a role in the phony dossier. Stefan Halper is a neocon fellow traveler¹. Bill Kristol’s son-in-law, Matthew Continetti, helped finance the dossier. Everywhere you look in this scandal, you find neocons. It’s almost as if these people have some sort of hidden agenda, that they were willing to do anything to promote, even if it meant sedition.

¹A reader (lars hemmer) pointed out that my short-hand description of Halper as a neocon was inaccurate. He’s more of a intel community insider, who has been a some time neocon fellow traveler, when convenient and hostile, when convenient. I changed the original post to reflect that correction. Thank you lars hemmer.

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  1. Do you know, with Biblical certainty, that Brennan is NOT a Communist?

    I doubt it. I suspect he’s been a member of the Party for quite some time, just like the guy who appointed him, Obama.

    Now then: show me why I should NOT believe that. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

  2. The Trump-Russia connection made no sense from the very beginning: Why would Putin want someone in power who was going to expand US oil/gas production, demand higher NATO defense spending, and take on Iran, all policies that Putin would see as to Russia’s detriment, as opposed to Hillary, who would continue with Obama’s policies, which were far more favorable to Putin/Russia? While I still believe that there is more going on here than we can even guess, I am reminded to “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” (Hanlon’s Razor).

    • I agree. I’ve never heard an argument for why Putin would want Trump to be president.

  3. Is it any surprise that the FBI would turn out to be a “King Maker”–Or “King Breaker”— in this case, akin to the Praetorian guards of Rome? Look at the legacy of John Edgar Hoover, who used the agency as his own personal blackmailing instrument. He conditioned the FBI to continued to conform to like a trained dog to the will successive leaders and their private agendas, with no moral spine among the agents to arrest their superiors for abusing their office and the trust of the American people.

    Whereas the CIA never even had a moral code of conduct to begin with, armed with exclusive carte blanc, answering to no one as the covert foreign policy agent of the nation.

    The tools of government designed to serve the people are too easily turned into weapons of oppression when they are left without oversight and accountability by just men.

    • As I read the tea leaves (and this includes Conservative Treehouse mentioned above), it was Brennan who got the ball rolling.

  4. A little OT, but has anyone (Z-man?) come up with a satisfying explanation for why the neo-cons have lost their (singular and collective) minds since Trump’s election? Kristol/Boot/Peters/Rubin/Ioffe, etc.,: to read any of them now provokes feelings of embarrassment *for* them. What is it they lost? What is it they wanted to happen? Their writings and mouth-noises are the stuff of insane people. I get why I, as a supporter of Candidate Trump, am a little disappointed, but what exactly is their beef?

    • They were comfortable with the DC Swampy status quo and had found a comfortable and profitable place in it. Their bread and butter is being threatened.

      Just think of them as the Washington Generals basketball team, whose job it is, is to play the Harlem Globetrotters in exhibition matches and lose to them. Trump wants to cancel the exhibitions.

      • The swamp hasn’t stopped or even been in the least disrupted yet. Why them? Why so unhinged? Why now?

        • The best reason is that Trump is an ass hole, has been one for years. I like much of what he is doing, but he remains, an…..But so is Kristol etc.

        • I think the globalist/open borders thing plays into all this much more deeply than we know. The de facto “world government”, with its focus on a rental economy via migrations, remittances, Climate cult Carbon $$$, mandatory birth control, UN Sustainable Development Goals, etc., has been making good headway especially since GWB’s election (yes I know it started long before, but the World Bank’s working papers on making it happen started showing up around the turn of the century), Obama did not interfere and even enjoyed helping it along. Putting Bill Clinton back in the White House with Hillary’s “belated” presidency would have let the Globalists wrap everything up once and for all.

  5. Halper is an odd duck. Check out his Wikipedia. He’s clearly connected with intelligence agencies and GOP types like the Bush family. Then all of a sudden he’s chairman of a GOP related bank used to funnel money in the Iran Contra deal. How many banks do you own? Now he’s a Cambridge professor getting awards from Atlanticist organizations. Total establishment cut out.

  6. Speaking as someone who has trouble keeping track of all these swampy names, and as someone who doesn’t often bother reading the NYT or WaPo version of events, for fear of having to constantly reconstruct the true narrative from bits and bobs of fact strewn across space-time, I must thank Z for doing a great service with this post.

    “It’s almost as if these people have some sort of hidden agenda, that they were willing to do anything to promote, even if it meant sedition.” — caused me to shout “HA!” involuntarily.

    • The amazing thing to me is that Trump could operate in sleazy environments (NYC real estate circles and as a novice in DC campaign infrastructure-building) and not have more dirt stuck to him. The latest info suggests that false information was fed to small-fry hangers-on in his campaign, and that the false info was then used as an excuse to initiate spying and wiretapping. If that is as close as they could get to anything real being done wrong, Trump has clean hands, indeed. Never would have expected that.

  7. Many, many people voted for Trump precisely because he seemed to be on the outside of the Clinton/Bush/Obama/Uniparty swamp. People are figuring out that the Swamp is real.

    Does this crapfest get properly sorted and the bad guys get their comeuppance? No idea. But, in the meantime, Trump’s tenure as President has made clear to anyone paying attention that the Uniparty/Deep State/Swamp exists. The mask is off, the elites and their allies are on the march, and everyone knows it. Interesting times.

    The Conservative Treehouse (“CTH”) is a must-read for understanding the players and the game. There are so many players, so entwined with each other in a web of relationships and shared operations, and so many aspects to this Trump smear game, that it can be overwhelming. CTH takes a granular approach that can be frustrating to follow at times, but it all adds up to a big picture that is easy to see if you are a long time reader. Coming cold to the site, even in the last six months, can be an exercise in confusion and overwhelming detail. The author, who calls himself “Sundance”, seems to recognize the complexity and granularity issue, and frequently tries to convey the “big picture” in some of his posts. Unfortunately, the complexity and breadth of the wrongdoing is hard to convey in a big picture exercise. The details inside of the details are what makes the case against all of these people (and there are so many, distributed throughout the government and the population) so compelling. To catalogue it all and make a narrative out of the entire story (as we know it so far) would be an epic production, that would go on and on. CTH simply provides the story a piece of a chapter at a time. I know of no other place where all of this wrongdoing is so meticulously catalogued.

    • Dutch, as a long-time CTH reader, I share your opinion of that site. I agree with you about how hard it is to understand either the big picture or the details. I agree also that a full accounting would be an epic production.

      However, I also believe that someone in possession of all the facts could make a compelling cliffs-notes (or classics comics) version: accurate, brief, clear, and emphatic. Maybe that will happen at some point, maybe not.

      But I know that my acquaintances who are Trump haters — who seem otherwise to be intelligent and well-educated people — will refuse to believe anything that puts Trump in a favorable or sympathetic light, no matter how clearly stated.

      For me, discovering this about my acquaintances has been a bigger shock than seeing the mask of the deep state slip a bit.

      • Cerulean, to your last statement, “me too”.

        The difficulty that Sundance at CTH has is that as each element of the multiple conspiracies becomes known, he has to chase it down. There is no full accounting of what has been going on yet. Piece by piece, the complexion of things is being assembled. Sundance seems to be very skilled at taking details and building a coherent picture out of them. New details keep emerging.

        It is also astonishing to think that if Hillary had won, all of this would be under the radar and covered up. How much has gone on in recent decades that we know nothing about?

        • Sundance is one of the most astute people out there. Nailed the establishment strategy to get !Jeb! the nomination by flooding the primaries with candidates so he could win with low percentages early on.

          I think this had a lot to do with Trump getting early right wing support.

          • “Nailed the establishment strategy …”

            Yes, nailed it.

            That strategy was complicated in cast and detail but breathtakingly simple in purpose and design. Good on Sundance!

            I’m guessing the russiagate hoax will turn out to have been similar.

    • I just want to know who was on the other end of those short wave radio conversations with Nelly Ohr. No sense in trying to figure out the transmission contents… the one time pads have been burned.

  8. An off topic continued from yesterday:

    The author is a fairly prominent leftist white columnist in South Africa. According to him, Julius Malema isn’t the problem, the real problem is racist whites who “won’t be pampered any longer”. Leftist whites are apparently “demonized”.

    We don’t have an effective way to deal with our traitors, who get rewarded with media sinecures. Kayne West says a few centrist things and his own community disowns him. Black movements normally tire of “white allies”, as leftist whites rarely have the courage of their convictions to renounce their middle class lifestyle.

  9. In retrospect, it had to be the neocons behind this stuff. Conventional liberal-left types are way too disorganized and mostly personality disordered to be able to carry out any kind of organized conspiracy. As you say, the question is why. What do the neocons want that Trump posses such a threat to their agenda? It can’t be about supporting Israel. Trump has done more for Israel, in a non-neocon manner, than the past 4 presidents. It has to be something else.

    • What do the Neo-C’s want that they fear Pres. Trump will not be willing to provide? A re-newed “Cold War” with Russia, or more likely, a shooting war with fill-in-your-favorite-middle-eastern-nation-here, are my best guesses. What are yours?

      • That’s what I don’t know. The only thing I can think of is that they are all in the employ of the defense contractors. Having lots of enemies and a shooting war now and then (providing there is never a threat to the homeland itself) provides lots of contracts and therefor profits to the military contractors. The only other explanation I can come up with is that its some kind of ideological crusade on the part of the neocons. There may be other explanations I can not think of right off the bat.

  10. What sort of background checks does one need to go through to be President? When and how is it done, and what agency does it? I’m not saying that’s what this was, I’m just wondering…

    • President do not get a background check or a security clearance. Their fitness is determined by the voters.

      • “Their fitness is determined by the voters.”

        Half of whom are of below average intelligence. Obama probably could not have gotten a basic security clearance.

        • Back in the 1990s, it was pointed out that the Clintons could not have gotten security clearance.

  11. Krystol was saying even before the election that the plan, if Trump were to be elected, was to get him out of office in 6 months. I had no small number of friends saying, “He won’t last 6 months before he’s impeached.” The idea being that they could vote for Trump and get Pence, and all would be okay. A lot of people bought into Plan D once Plans A through C failed.

    So, here we are almost 2 years later…

    The leaks lately coming out of Congress are very much in tune with how people think the IG Report is going to play out…and that’s not an accident. Much of what Congress knows is due to stuff the DOJ IG has been giving them either directly or indirectly. I don’t think it’s a coincidence or that Congress just happens to be finding out things at the same time as the IG. McCabe is a good example of this. He was on his way out the door mid-way through 2017. That process was accelerated as drafts of the DOJ IG report started circulating. Then McCabe was told to hit the bricks. Then, as the report was finalized, he was fired.

    More heads will roll.

    • I think McCabe will be charged with something. He’s being taken care of, so unless he is facing serious time, he will not fink on his partners. Page and Strzok will get charged with something and agree to testify against McCabe. That’s going to be the extent of it. Horowitz will issue a grand report that hints around at all sorts of things, but no big fish will be indicted or even directly accused. Instead, it will be lots of blather about the culture of the FBI.

      • Just the fact that the IG referred criminal charges on McCabe hints that more is coming. Yeah, I think they will fry some of the small fish. Comey’s 15 minutes of fame is going to come to an ignominious end as the complete botching of the email investigation – based on political considerations, Comey’s own words – becomes a big part of the report.

        The other piece of this, and I think this is coming out of the IG Report not Congress, is the mole the FBI placed inside the Trump campaign. It’ll get papered over in a lot of technocratic jargon that makes it look like the FBI was pursuing some sort of legitimate lead, but the IG Report will cast a lot of doubt on that but stop short of actually accusing Comey and Lynch of running a spy operation on behalf of the Clinton Campaign.

        People won’t get their wish for heads in nooses over trying to execute a coup d’etat after the election. But, enough will be in the IG Report for Trump to put an end to the Mueller investigation because the IG Report so far has gutted most of the people responsible for the Hillary email debacle…the same people working so hard to trump up these Russia-conspiracy charges against Trump. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that with one hand they were protecting Hillary while with the other hand they were trying to take out Trump.

        Probably enough in it for the Congress to impeach and remove Rosenstein. Trump doesn’t have to do it by himself. More evidence will come forth that Trump was right to fire Comey, even if Trump didn’t have all the facts last year when he did it. At least a half dozen more FBI/DOJ employees get the axe as the swamp loses several more alligators.

        IG Report = political cover for Trump and the GOP. Also, pretty motivating heading into the fall elections.

      • Heh. In U.S. National politics, from the Bill Clinton 1990s onwards, at least as regards scandal/corruption on the part of officialdom, the final outcome being only a few indictments but with “lots of blather” is always the smart way to bet!

        The political class takes care of its own.

        • Smart money is always on the status quo. I don’t think we can discount that the rage spiral the Left is currently wallowing in will implode them.

          If nothing else, the swamp will be minus a bunch of alligators.

      • disagree with your predictions. Trump is going to “shoot the moon” with this one…

        • I’m not seeing it. I think some added people will go down. Mueller is out there trying to stay alive through the Fall elections. If the Dems don’t take at least the House, he probably closes up shop.

          DOJ IG certainly appears to be rolling up a nice little body count over there. Worst case, several more heads roll. Best case, IG shows that partisans in the FBI launched the Russia investigation because they wanted to counter the damage done by Hillary to herself.

          • The crew over at Conservative Treehouse have been pretty good at laying out the intricacies of the FBI/DOJ “insurance policy” to take out Trump. If the IG report is as comprehensive at they think it will be, many heads will roll.


    • Yes I have a friend who views himself as an “insider” in the Imperial City, a minor minor Mandarin of the Clouds, who swore up and down DJT would be out by beginning of 2017. He’s now shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot when I ask him about that prediction.

  12. Fairly old news really. Kay Griggs said in 1997 “half the White House press corp is c i a” The press is under-rated, they are the handlers, the elected are the operatives. John Brennen and the clowns are evil. We have a uni-party system. That’s the primary reason for voting for DJT. If he hadn’t run I would have done a write in for the Devil to not have HRC. Trump was the only person that could defeat her. Trump was and is a third party candidate and President.
    “It’s almost as if these people have some sort of hidden agenda,” You almost stumbled upon it, there is an agenda and it’s not hidden. Think the worst then double it, bigger than you think. This is a coup that fired it’s opening shot(s) in 1963 the same groups are involved. It’s not conspiracy if it’s true.

  13. Start with this:
    John Brennan is a MOSLEM.
    This is NOT a secret–just never discussed or reported at all.
    He-(a moslem)-was placed in charge of the defeated Iraq nation by our Bushtheidiot.
    His First Iraqi rule; “nothing in the new constitution outside of SHARIA LAW. Put All their army into the ranks of the unemployed UNPAID. Power vacuum. Two years to a complete well (Iranian)–funded rebellion and thousands of US dead.
    Now Brennan was in the FBI? IN CHARGE???? The DI-RECTOR??? HELLO???
    (Now he’s with NBC! FYI ????)
    Ya think he would like Trump?
    Help Trump??
    Just blow lunch?
    …………or serve his REAL masters??

    This time there are so many different enemies you need a score card just to sort them all out.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you, Alex, but I have to admit that I do find it strange that the John Brennan moslem conversion thing spills close to zero ink in the MSM (or even such right-leaning outlets as there are.) After all, if Gen. MacArthur started regularly attending Shinto temples in the late 1940s, or if Ike or even that nutter Patton* started making offerings to Thor and Wotan in the aftermath of the War in Europe, can you imagine such an event NOT making “page one” headlines everywhere?

        *Yes, George Patton was the USA’s most brilliant general of the 1940s, and a great patriot. I am not denying that. But he was also a nut.

    • There is no conclusive evidence that Brennan converted to Islam. But I dug this out of the Wikipedia article on him:

      “In 1976, he voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall in the presidential election; he later said that he viewed it as a way ‘of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change’.”

      • “There is NO CONCLUSIVE evidence” that the sun will rise in the east, tomorrow morning either.
        Until it does.
        Still, if “it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, gets sworn in on a Koran, waddles like a duck, swims and has greasy feathers”………………………………..

  14. What’s interesting to me his how much of the NeoCon platform has been advanced in spite of all this over the past 18 months…

    • I probably should have spent more time on that topic. Yeah, he has seemed to be anti-neocon at times, but he also turns up in the same ponds as them more often than not. Maybe not a full-on neocon, but more of a fellow traveler when convenient.

      Thanks for the correction.

        • I updated the post. I would not go so far as to call him a “conservative insider” since there are no conservatives in government, at least not at this layer. Those guys were run off in the 1980’s. Of course, it is entirely possible he is a dupe here too. But, none of this has much to do with the point of the post. Harper could be a rabid anarcho-syndicalist and it does not change his role in this drama. All of these guys, on the surface at least, appear to have been willing to engage in a scheme to destabilize the normal functioning of the state.

          • Dunno, I regard him as a Brit, so it’s hard for me to place him in a neocon frame since neoconism is, for the most part, a domestic political cult here in the US. But certain Brits, particularly those involved with the transatlantic intel bureaucracy, hate Brexit. Really hate it. Hence they’re not gonna be Trump fans. It’s that simple if you’re looking for Halper’s motive. Anti-Trump is a fairly broad coalition, not just neocons, and I’m pretty sure guys like Brennan, Comey, Simpson, and Steele aren’t merely careerist Obamaites. (edited to insert “not” before “Trump fans”)

          • Could be. He is an American and he worked for Nixon, Ford and Reagan. His book America Alone: The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order was a critical analysis of neoconservatives, but lots of neoconservatives liked it.

            As is true with most of our political labels, they don’t really work well now. It’s not as if there is an alternative to neocon thought on the right side of the political class. The neocons are the right side of the political class. Any criticism of them either comes from outside the political class or from friendly voices inside the political class.

  15. The only time I watch “mainstream” news is at the gym. It stuns me that CNN isn’t covering this as the biggest and worst scandal in American history. Instead, they are actively participating in it.

  16. In order for there to be a deep state there has to be a melding of the fake right, the nasty left and the fake media, which is what we have now. I think Nunes and a few others in and out of government are trying their best, but this is not Star Wars, this is real life. Will Comey, Brennan, et al be indicted? I doubt it, but I am hoping they’ve flown too close to the sun.

    • As it stands, the available data says Brennan gave Comey information the FBI could use as a pretext for a warrant on Page. Now, what was the nature of the information and what was its origin. Based on testimony in front of Congress, it appears the information was not from conventional channels. What that means is hard to know, but I would assume they mean the CIA did not pick up this stuff from signal intelligence or their own investigations. That’s not a crime and Brennan may have been shrewd enough to insulate himself in case this blew up, so he used Comey as a dupe. “I was just passing along information as per procedure. What Comey did with it is not my concern.”

      If I had to bet, the game now is between Comey and Lynch as to who gets blamed for setting this whole thing in motion, but I doubt anything serious comes of any of it. The political class is simply too weak and corrupt to clean this up.

      • You can bet the farm that Mueller’s final report will find Trump egregiously guilty (think of the prosecutorial ham sandwich analogy), and the media hordes will act as his firing squad. There are enough RINOs in CONgress to put the final nail in the POTUS coffin. To all of us in the know it will be an obvious lie of biblical proportions. But to the rest of the unwashed and ignorant masses, the propaganda campaign will be a spectacular sight of justice reared indeed. Trump has allies, but the Deep State has far more corrupt horses, whose very existence depends on The Don going down hard. Wish it wasn’t so. But if you want an antecedent to Civil War II, you get it here in spades.

  17. One meme I came across recently was a guy saying that Everybody says Israel is our only friend in the middle east among many enemies, but he adds that before Israel we had no enemies in the middle east.

    Sometimes simple insights really do say it best.

    That said, before Israel we didn’t have neocons, but we had their direct forebears: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

    • Before Israel, the British ran the Middle East. On the other hand, our first foreign war was against Sea Jihadist in North Africa, for whatever that’s worth.

  18. I wonder what the military makes of all this. Apparently elected civilian control of the national police force is on the wane. How long before the generals start telling congress and the POTUS to shove it? Not to mention the judges with their increasingly arbitrary nonsense.

    • I’ve really been curious about that. They say it was a benign condition, but it required an embolization. No details. I’m wondering if it could’ve been an arteriovenous malformation causing hypertension, or a kind of reninoma, a renin producing tumor.

    • Putin took down Khodorkovsky. Trump would need to take down the Koch Brothers.

      • No one voted for the Koch brothers, and a fair number of voters hate them. They can go fukk themselves.

      • George Soros and Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg in addition to the Koch brothers!

      • The Koch bros are one thing, but NeoCohen Sheldon “everything I do is for Israel” Adelson & that homo Heeb criminal, Paul “Gay ass sex is a Conservative value” Singer, are quite another.
        Is there not a single right wing, billionaire goy, in this entire country?!?

  19. I was pointing out to a friend that it isn’t some graphical stochastic that whenever Trump tries (or tried) to even make overtures about either not invading the world or not inviting the world, that the pressure on his private life and his person was stepped up, and “scandals” involving Trump were all the rage. Then as soon as he backs any Israeli expansion of power or talks about “doors in his Wall” (which still hasn’t been built) or passing “any immigration bill,” the tenor of the articles changes to “Trump is finally being presidential.” Explain to me again why the neocons are trying to thwart Trump now? He’s the Jewiest (sic) president of the modern era, abrasive New Yorker, hangs out with black sleazebag entertainers, molests every Shiksa not nailed down, has a demonic Jew son-in-law and a convert for a daughter, and now he deliberately tries to foment another neocon war-of- choice in the Middle East. Okay, Paul Krugman and the “New Yorkers” think he’s an anti-semite, but that’s only because he meets Joseph Sobran’s definition of an anti-semite as someone whom Jews hate.

    • Missing the point entirely. Trump is about gas under $5 a gallon and the Iran deal is about gas at st least ten. Iran and Russia benefit as do “green” insiders who have deals in place.

      The Middle East has been a place of war since 2300 bc. This is all about the money. Obama and cronies making billions off high gas prices.

      • Whiskey, you’ve descended into talk radio talking points since you’ve stopped writing your blog. The same dumbasses pushing the line you’re pushing were talking about our imminent energy independence and our ability to no longer import foreign oil anymore a couple of years ago. People who lie constantly depend on the people they lie to having incredibly short memories. Of course the Middle East has a long history of war; human beings have a long history of war, and human beings inhabited that region for a very long time. But weapons technologically and a couple other logistic factors differed in 2300 b.c. I’ve never understood your nigh-on religious dick-riding/interference-running on behalf of Jews (your saccharine eulogy to Laurence Auster churned my stomach, and I was actually friends with the guy). Your average alt-right person would accuse you of being a crypto-Jew or Jewish yourself, but I won’t do that, merely because I’ve seen too many evangelicals (in my own family) fawn over God’s chosen people. But you’re not religious, so it’s hard to speculate on your motivation.

        • Joey, how did you become friends with Auster? Any final thoughts on the man? He was very influential on me back in the day.

          • I met him in New Hope (small town in Pennsylvania) when I think he was getting some medical treatment in West Chester or recovering there. He did not have a very high opinion of his famous cousin Paul’s latest book at the time. We corresponded for awhile, but he was totally irascible and I’m somewhat contentious, so it ended like pretty much every friendship he had. Auster is like the J.D. Salinger of the dissident right; very large footprint based on a very small but instrumental body of work. My guess is, if he were alive, he would be closer to David Horowitz than to Bill Kristol in his assessment of Trump: the relocation of the capital in Israel, the bellicosity in the Middle East, etc, he would have loved it all. He would ignore the cucking on the Wall and spend a lot of time chastising people like Anne Coulter for not understanding that the point and purpose of America is to protect Israel.

      • Rubbish, Iran deal lowered the price of oil and obliterated our shale oil industry. Increasing supply lowers price. You sound like some neocon.

  20. Fuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk. There are going to be a few sudden deaths before this lit fuse reaches the powder keg. Stupid ass obama crossed the ole Rubicon, if you ask me. Trump will play this hand all the way to forcing the Dem party to be banned as a criminal organization. Kind of curious how many names are at the top of this org-chart.

    • No, trump is getting in line and attacking the Middle East against his campaign promises now.

      Our side: no wall, no exit of trade agreements, no immigration restriction, some vague tax bill which helped me zip

      Them: capital to Jerusalem, attacking Syria, scrapped Iran deal

      How’s that balance for you?

      • You sound like a small child that is unhappy about not getting a piece of candy..

      • karl, you must be young . trump is one man in the midst of a great corruption. the GOPe establishment made sure Nobody not on their team would get confirmation or security clearance.
        that is why swamp creatures like McMaster,kelly, rince prebis for Christ sake , are running the show. Perceptor is 100 % correct.

        • Agree, it’s not trumps “fault”, per se, but there are hidden forces which we can probably not imagine. Trump likely had good intentions but is alas out of his depth(and perhaps of any individual).

      • To quote another theory by a certain hipster:

        “The Deep State – the CIA – hates Trump because Trump is working for the Mossad. CIA likes to think of Mossad as their annoying kid brother. Sure, they are annoyed by him, and he is always doing shit that pisses them off (see the last half of the W. administration, or the entire Obama administration) but he’s still family. But now? Now the President of the United States is literally a foreign agent. Jared Kushner, literally a Prince of the Mossad through his father, is now calling the shots. Israel is ruining the American imperial plans for the oil regions and even making side deals with Russia. It’s intolerable for the CIA.”

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