Understanding The War On Whitey

It is tempting to think that the war on white people we see today is some sort of weird incoherent spasm of Progressivism. As Steve Sailer likes to believe, it is part of an electoral strategy to keep the coalition of non-whites from killing each other. If they are focused on how much they hate white people, white men in particular, then they won’t fall into slaughtering one another. That’s a tempting belief, because it suggests it will abate on its own, once the various tribes of the Left have exhausted themselves.

While there may be some truth to that assertion, at least in the narrow confines of electoral politics, the truth is we are simply seeing the next phase of a war that started not long after the end of the Second World War. It was not an explicit war on whitey, as we see today, but rather a war on white ideas about how best to organize a society. One front was the war on institutions, by overrunning them and turning them into pillboxes, from which the Left could attack white society. The academy is the most obvious example.

Another front in this war has been the attack on the basic concepts that whites in America have accepted as the foundation of order. In the 1960’s, the Left managed to outlaw freedom of association, with civil rights legislation. The long held view that you are free to associate with whom you like was banned, in favor of a system of permissions, administered by the courts. Like in a prison, white people now need to seek permission to associate or disassociate. You’ll note that non-whites are free to organize as they please.

Another white concept that has been under attack for generations is the notion of free inquiry. A peculiar feature of the West has always been a curiosity about the world and a willingness to consider new ideas. Openness predates the Enlightenment and is the reason the Enlightenment happened where it did. There’s no analog in Mesopotamia or Asia, and certainly nothing similar in Africa. Free inquiry, the willingness to reconsider old ideas and debate new ideas is a quintessentially white concept.

Of course, the only way you can have free inquiry is to have the freedom to challenge accepted notions in public. Free speech, as a political concept, is just the implementation of free inquiry in the realm of current affairs. The war on speech that we see today, actually started generations ago, as part of the general war on whiteness. In the 1970’s, neoconservative thinker Walter Berns successfully argued that free speech was limited to “good speech” by which he meant speech that served the interest of his team.

This quickly became neoconservative dogma. In the 1980’s, for example, neocons attacked Ronald Reagan’s choice of M.E. Bradford to be chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, on the grounds that he was insufficiently worshipful of Abraham Lincoln. An essential element of the neoconservative persuasion is a deification of Lincoln as the true founder of the Republic. Questioning that questions the neocon role in the American narrative, so that sort of speech can never be tolerated.

Later on, the odious carbuncle Bill Kristol used a similar tactic to drive off the paleocons, particularly Pat Buchanan. The charge this time was that the paleos were not sufficiently worshipful of Israel and Judaism. Of course, the neocon analogs on the Left were more than happy to lock arms with their brothers in making war on Buchanan. This is something we see happening again as Jewish intellectuals and commentators across the political spectrum lock yarmulkes to fight the menace that is Donald Trump.

That’s why we see the overturning of basic contract law and property concepts by the finance and technology giants. De-platforming is part of the war on whiteness, specifically the rule of law. When a registrar steals the domain name of a site they don’t like, that is no different than government agents busting up their property. It’s state sponsored terrorism by proxy. The rule of law and the orderly administration of the law are white concepts, so overturning them is as important as attacking white people directly.

This war on whiteness, that has now become an explicit war on white people, is an accident of history. Some paleocons used to call it Hitler’s revenge, because it grew out of a response to the holocaust. Jewish intellectuals after the war struggled to understand why the Jews of Europe did not fight back. The Warsaw ghetto uprising, for example, is interesting only because of its uniqueness. Instead of this puzzle resulting in self-examination, the response was an obsession with antisemitism and fascism.

The Frankfurt School, for example, started as a project to apply Marxist concepts to the culture. That’s where we get the term “cultural Marxism.” The project quickly curdled into an obsession with antisemitism and fascism, culminating in The Authoritarian Personality, a model for evaluating the morality of white people. Inevitably, that moral code was based on what the authors thought was good for the Jews. Anything that was exclusive or excessively curious about the role of Jews was deemed to be fascist or proto-fascist.

In a strange way, Hitler’s real revenge was the curdling of diaspora culture into a war on Western civilization and a self-defeating war on white people. Of course, the defeat of the Nazis also unleashed American Progressivism as a global firestorm of cultural destructiveness. The Nazis could not hold a candle to the viciousness of the modern human resource department staffed by left-wing harpies. The popularity of Man in the High Castle is that it seems benign in comparison to today’s cultural environment.

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  1. One of the things that keeps me intrigued about Man in the High Castle is that Nazi occupied America (NOA) is not all that different (for example, although what qualifies as good or bad speech may differ, strongly enforced speech and conduct codes exist), and in some ways, life seems better. Life appears to have purpose and direction in NOA, and order exists. Should I be concerned that I find NOA intriguing?

  2. It’s always the same…..I am in agreement with everything I’m reading, and boom, it’s the Jooos once again. I am the first to say that leftist/liberal (in the new definition of the word) Jews are a bane on the world, whether that be in America or in Israel, but why throw the whole People under the bus? Is it because we don’t accept Jesus as our savior, as the much awaited Messiah? What is the matter with you people? I am a Conservative in the true neaning of the word, and also believe STRONGLY in our right to reconstitute (for the third time) an independant JEWISH state in our homeland. We have either been accused of leading communism….or capitalism. Which is it?
    I guess I would just attribute it to the same ‘ole same ‘ole….classic Jew-hatred simple for the sake of Jew-hatred.
    Disappointing to say the least, but I am never surpised by it anymore.

    • You are putting your fingers in your ears and refusing to look at history. Hint: Most J@ws prefer a multiracial and socially fragmented country so that they feel concealed. Their history and their voting record demonstrate this incontrovertibly.

      Proclaiming yourself a “true conservative” is like wearing a “Kick me” sign on your back. You are proudly announcing that you refuse to recognize how the world actually works.

      • I disagree. True conservative principles resemble nothing that we are seeing today, and probably never will again, if indeed we’ve ever really seen them. And as for history, somehow this People that constitutes a minute barely perceptable percentage of the world continues to outlive the many great empires that throughout HISTORY have tried to destroy it.
        Where are they now? Can you say dustbin of history? And where are we….thriving nicely and continuing to create things that make up a huge part of YOUR life, and you probably don’t even know it.
        We as a People will survive. Will you?

    • Sure, NAJALT and all that.

      But it sure seems that the Tribe is over-represented in many corridors of power, not to mention involved in destructive ideas such as Communism and neoconservativism. Based on Unz’s research and the stats he has provided, they are very over-represented in law, politics, media, “think tanks”, entertainment and academia, not so much STEM or the military (at least not US military). The difference between Harvard/Yale and MIT/CalTech admissions was eye-opening. I would be curious to see stats on Reform Jews and the over-representation identified above.

  3. And I, a Jew, stand firmly WITH President Trump in what I view as a last-gasp possibility of saving America. And to those Jews who oppose him, are you meshugga???

  4. I have read most of the comments with great interest, and have another view.
    Follow the money, which is POWER.
    When all the minorities , and the folks sympathetic to their real or imagined plight, look at all the members of power, they are naturally mostly all older whites. That is who built the country and thus evolved into the existing power struggle.
    IMHO the Democrats rabid attacks on the current administration are for the primary reason of recovering the stealing rights. Obama gave the Iranians $150 Billion.
    $100 Billion to the Paris climate deal scam, the Clinton foundation hundreds of Billions, AND a rumor that Obama got his own Billion dollar slush fund, and the now disclosed $21 TRILLION of disappeared money. Skim to those involved?
    Need I say more.

    • Obama, in a rare moment of honesty, returned money stolen from the Iranians. He gave them nothing that was not theirs.

      • Wrong. That money belonged to the Shah. You could even say it belonged to the Iranian People. It definitely did not belong to the fanatics that overthrew the Shah and have continued to abuse the population. Obama will rot in hell for many reasons, giving those bastards the money that the People will never see but instead helps to enable their support of their Islamic terrorist proxies around the world, is but one of them.

  5. The Z man is trounced in his “girls just wanna have fun” pieces by this
    “The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power. (Bad Writing Contest for 1998)”

    Here at Unz.com

    And it nicely ties into the oh so true “our enemy, the hebes” theme of this post.

    • You might read this recent post on Unz


      “As philosopher John Caputo puts it, “the idea behind deconstruction is to deconstruct the workings of strong nation-states with powerful immigration policies, to deconstruct the rhetoric of nationalism, the politics of place, the metaphysics of native land and native tongue” (here, p. 200). In other words, it is a philosophy which is useful in subverting the traditional peoples and cultures of the West, a common theme in Jewish intellectual activism in the diaspora.”

  6. I appreciate Zman being circumspect because one can’t blame merely the JQ. Why not?

    Because even they don’t know their monster faction is lying to them.

    We fell for it, why shouldn’t normal Jews. And, everyone, including us, has monsters of their own.

    This is why lies, whether decades old, or centuries, or millenia, must not become sacred. They incentivize the broken ones, who further incentivize and attract other broken factions.

    Zman (and Severian) do well to point out the real problem, the lack of free inquiry. We cannot eliminate germs, but we only can and must mitigate them.

    • So odd, because I’m finally watching The Man In The High Castle now.
      What an excellent series, truly one for adults.

      (I laughed out loud at the hospital ash scene. This is such good stuff.)

      • Really, it’s good? I watched the first episode a year or so ago. I’ll have to continue watching. Of course, will view it from the perspective I’m not supposed to. But besides that, hopefully, it has some overarching truths.

        • Early on, ash is floating like snow.
          “That’s the hospital. They do the crippled on Tuesdays and the mental defectives on Wednesdays.”

          Z warned us, the third season is a bit more pozzed.

      • Thanks, I enjoy the little twists:
        The Japanese officer says, “I was here when they liberated the camps, in 1945.”

        He’s talking about the American internment camps in the Southwest.

        • I meant your first comment. Especially: “This is why lies, whether decades old, or centuries, or millennia, must not become sacred. “

  7. Here is a novel idea for consideration. Progressives are neither misguided nor evil. Rather, they are simply human parasites that have arisen as a result of the extraordinary affluence and abundance of this modern technological era. All of their behaviors and actions are directed at assuring access to sustenance derived by feeding upon a productive host. In the context of current civilization, this means controlling the power of government, which for them is a life-or-death issue. Productive people tend to view government as merely a nuisance and consequently underestimate the nature of the conflict. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s a death match.

    • OK. I can credit that affluence rooted in modern tech signalled that the host was ripe for parasitic invasion, but where did the baby-eating lizards come from. Not the blacks. They were well under control until we let them off the leash and gave them the “hope” of equality. As a Californian, I am tempted to conclude that the parasitic hordes were invited here. Our forebears, weary of two grinding wars and the memory of economic depression, greeted the affluence with capitulation to luxury, ease and indolence. They eagerly sought low-intelligence browns who would be only too willing to pick fruit and dig ditches and clean buildings for rock-bottom wages. And breed us out of hegemony into servility in our own land. Those lazy fools sold the birthright of their grandchildren for a mess of pottage.

      • Maus, don’t forget that the coastal upper class Californians love the illegal brown help to maintain the house and garden. Employing illegals allows low, low cash wages, the constant threat of deportation if they get uppity, and all sorts of sexual and emotional abuse, without much danger of legal or violent consequences. Not only have Californians sold out, but they are operating at a truly disgusting and manipulative level of the leverage of unequal relationships.

    • I was a progressive, although it was back before the anti-white sentiment really set in so my era of progressivism may be slightly different than what we currently have. However, I would say that we were true believers. We really did think that throwing ourselves on the altar of social justice was better than doing nothing. Ultimately I wanted infrastructure, transparency in government, better health care and education, and no pointless wars in the Middle East. At the time these were considered progressive values.

      In 2018, progressivism has evolved to be the regressive left but I don’t doubt that for the rank and file, they believe every word they are saying. They might not be able to articulate it without melting down but they still believe it. At least in my era, the anti-white rhetoric was almost unheard of; I remember a girl who I was seeing who was a feminist and had tattoos of women’s symbols laughing at the idea of white privilege when we saw it mentioned on a crappy zine that was being handed out on campus. This wasn’t even more than 10 years ago. Things have really changed but I still think modern day progressives haven’t changed.

  8. “Whiteness” is any conditioned preference for the rule of law, for common decency, for the proper use of language, for humility, for common courage, for caring about the future, etc.

    In other words “whiteness” means self-awareness and self-agency. Our potentates – with the instinct of Egyptian pharaohs – see the colored man as useful, building pyramids and drawing water.

    it’s all this atavistic obsession with “rights” and whatnot that annoys them about us unrecalicitrant whites, formerly known as “everyday American citizens”. If white people are ready to pull barges and have their tongues cut out, then the “race war” ends.

    It’s all about the elimination of the bourgeoisie, that annoying ‘third element’ that perturbed the normal state of human affairs in all places and ages for a few centuries in Europe and its child-societies from 1500 to 2000; our rulers are re-asserting the natural order.

    Can it be that a more severe ‘biological realism’ is working itself out, and we are its grunted-out excrementa?

  9. I’m a true believer in the JQ. It’s hard not to be. The explanation for how they got so many goyim to go along is easy: taking full advantage of high trust societies and altruism that has dated back millennia. Mostly these attributes were needed for our survival but in the post-industrial age, it’s more than forming villages where the town blacksmith couldn’t screw over the town cobbler and so on. Now with so much power solidified, it’s following their playbook or else lose your way to earn a living.

    The question I care more about these days is how to get us out of it. Even if whites become “J-Wise”, what will that really change? The levantines have spent the last decades consolidating power where each day they get further entrenched which makes it harder to back out of. In my mind, the cause is settled, now it’s time for the solution.

  10. The, “…self-defeating war on white people,” is not demonstrably so. The dissident right frequently assumes as much, but the diaspora has more power than ever. Assuming they will suddenly lose it all because Hispanics poll 5% more antisemitic is wishful thinking.

  11. I believe you are 100% wrong on this one Zman.

    First, the problem is global in nature — every place outside Africa or with lots of Africans where there is lots of urbanism, increasing female income, and easy availability of the pill and condom, women go on baby strikes. TFR in Algeria, Tunsia, Iran, and Japan, all outside any possible Jewish diaspora influence is below replacement level. Once women gained control over their own fertility and did not need beta male provisioning, birth rates went dramatically down. Which in turn was a function of women delaying child birth. A girl starting to have kids at 16, often the case in much of Latin America, has more kids than a woman starting at age 35. [Note even Mexico has seen with urbanism and increasing income a decline in TFR because delayed fertility is decreased fertility. To have lots of kids starting at age 16 means female dependency at the minimum.]

    TLDR summary: A subset of Jewish grifters and politicians and writing hacks are surfing the wave of hate White Men, but they are not the storm causing the wave. Instead that is the confluence of true female independence, and the insatiable desire of capital for income growth.

    What makes Japan, Iran, Algeria, and Tunisia different from the White West is the fundamental driver of economic growth — female led consumerism. Eastern Europe has not had courtesy of the Soviets 60+ years of this consumerism. Hence their relatively more healthy attitudes towards White men. Russian dominance remains a threat also — so their men are needed as a potential to avoid more Russian Colonialism. Oligarchs in places like Hungary and Poland and Slovakia and the Czech Republic know that Russian dominance means seizure of their property. There is no such threat in the West.

    Capital wants growth. This was moderated in the 1950s by real fear of Soviet aggression, subversion, and dominance. The managers of Ford, GM, GE, major investment firms, etc. feared for their positions and power and wealth and so needed White men. Apple, Facebook, Twitter, the empires of Buffett, Soros, Dimon, etc. are global, secure, and dependent on female and non-White media and consumerist consumption.

    The War on Whitey is both emotional — White women acting like the Lioness pack that killed the beta male Lion, there is nothing women despise more than a beta male — and economic. The latter just as important as the former. Buffett’s consumer empire of potato chips and diapers can’t find growth in Latin America? Bring them all here so they can buy more Doritos and Diapers. The female demographic despises Joe Average in the cubicle next to them for aspirations “beyond their status” and as they age grows to hate hate hate all those Alpha males who would not wife up an average looking “sloot.”

    Pander to their worst instincts to sell everything. All those ads portraying White dudes as complete doofuses and wastes of space? White women eat that up. Look at the most feminized nations in Europe: Sweden, Germany, France, and the UK. Of course they are over-run with high levels of non-Whites with abundant MAO-A warrior genes. That’s women being women and getting their way of inviting dudes with high levels of violent aggression and low levels of intellect [IQ and violent aggression are inversely correlated] in societies run on female consumerism. [Women are estimated to make or influence 85% of all consumer purchases]

    [An interesting case is Israel. Its deeply and profoundly feminized — the most popular TV series was “the Ex List” where some hot chick gets told by a fortune teller that she will marry her ex after sleeping with him again, as she nears the wall, and proceeds to sleep with over 100 dudes again before marrying her pining beta male early lover. It has seen an increase in fertility among secular Jews unique in the world. That a lot of them have served in the military and killed people of course has no relation at all to the fertility because women of course abhor dudes who’ve killed people as the father of their children. Of course.]

    The decline in manufacturing [no more Soviet threat, no need to make stuff any more, the importation of cheap votes for the managerial class and cheap consumers for Buffett and Company is not driven by Billy Kristol or Chucky Schemer. Indeed if you look at Jewish politicians they have failed fundamentally in their dynastic ambitions. The Senator who replaces Chucky Schemer will not even be White, let alone Jewish. And anti-Semitism is baked into Democratic politics as people like Louis Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour, various Minnesota Somalis, and Ocassio-Cortez dominate and replace the Pelosis, Kennedys, Clintons, and Schemers. The favorite for the next Democratic Nomination is not Hillary! but Kamala Harris. Harris of the “no ICE, no borders, no America at all.” The Jewish intellectual and political class in the West has succeeded in a short term grift — at the expense of catastrophic out-marriage and fertility, and replacing themselves not with their descendants but people who hate them on a genetic level.

    There is a small, highly vocal, very visible set of Jewish grifters and hacks, the equivalent of Benny Steinmetz*, in American politics and culture. However they just exploit but did not create the twin driving forces: the lack of any real connection and interdependency between White women and their men due to the pill, condom, anonymous urban living, and rising female income; and the lack of fear by capital restraining their desire for more and more growth and the White US population has the birth dearth akin to other places.

    [Obviously African women even when urbanized and with rising income do not go on baby strikes. This is likely a function of the extreme personal violence and “keeping it real” genetically driven behavior of most African men.]

    Jews in the hack/grifter class are not the fundamental problem. The real issue is that most White women neither need nor desire most White men, and the oligarchic capitalists do not fear an external enemy who might seize their wealth and/or managerial positions. Hence White men are no longer needed for defense and productivity.

    Absent a lengthy war with a real dangerous competitor (China) that scares the hell out of the Oligarchs and creates wartime rationing, military build up, and national security trumping the War on Whitey by Oligarchs at the top end and White women on the bottom, I don’t see much changing. And that in turn would have huge risks — we might well lose, with all that entails. We might escalate into full scale nuclear war and see 200 Million plus dead on our side alone. We would see at the minimum Soviet WWII levels of casualties — around 20 to 50 million US war dead.

    *Benny Steinmetz is the Swiss based, Israeli national who has an African empire of being the middle man for Big Resource companies to bribe African dictators to switch out concessions. Hence Rio Tinto and some other big mining company suing each other over one using Steinmetz to bribe the dictator, since deposed and deceased, of Guinea to switch out the mining concession for a mountain of near pure iron. Steinmetz is not the real problem, he’s the cheap cut out grifter used by the big companies to bribe the African Dictators who are the real problem in a group of people who tribal warriors and nothing more.

    • ZIO-CRITICS: It’s a floor wax!
      WHISKEY: It’s a dessert topping!
      ZION-CRITICS: No, it’s a floor wax!
      WHISKEY: No, it’s a dessert topping!

      ME: It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping.

    • If TFR and rampant feminism are the roots of the problem, maybe it’s time to take a page from the early Roman playbook: the rape of the Sabine women. It would hardly be beta to subjug… er acquire some wives and forc… um enthusiastically encourage them to bear children. Note: the goal is clearly distinct from that of either the Rotherham grooming gangs or the American so-called PUAs, i.e. white mothers for the next generation of our civilation’s children and not mere notches in our belts. Vivat America Alba!

    • The US empire is a diaspora influence machine and it impacts every nation. Our very own Israeli TFR was down because of it until recent years. I have no doubt it is only ineffective with the truly dim bulbs of Africa because they can’t comprehend neither birth nor impulse control.

    • Whiskey, women were *led* to these ideas via indoctrination in schools, media, government, etc. Who is behind that indoctrination? We all know. Our men have been replaced with the dysfunctional authority of our feminist and multicultural civic religion. While women were being brainwashed to be harpies, our men were simultaneously being brainwashed to be cucks. The problem is that our men need to step forward and reclaim their authority over their women and their society. The problem is the pussification of western men. We desperately need our men back. Real men, not the arrested-development-man-child we see so commonly today, but men raised on solid traditions and mindset.

  12. “In the 1960’s, the Left managed to outlaw freedom of association, with civil rights legislation.”

    This is very true but also understates something, which is the extent to which the public (which is to say the mostly White America of the time) went along with this. The general public is not exactly a powerless thing and I always get the feeling when the conversation swings to how the country changed back in the sixties that the role of how ordinary people were happy more or less to go along with it is underestimated. Even today its an issue; Trump was an infinitely better choice than Hillary but if the left had run Bernie or Joe Biden, how much of the public would have swung to them?

    “Later on, the odious carbuncle Bill Kristol used a similar tactic to drive off the paleocons, particularly Pat Buchanan.”

    Wasn’t it WF Buckley who led the change on that? Didn’t Bill Kristol do what he always does which is stand around while other people do the work?

    “The Warsaw ghetto uprising, for example, is interesting only because of its uniqueness.”

    It wasn’t the only uprising, it just happened to be the biggest.

    “Instead of this puzzle resulting in self-examination, the response was an obsession with antisemitism and fascism.”

    There was plenty of self-examination; the problem is that there was basically a split among the intellectuals in question. The Jews who remained deeply interested in the fate of Jews and Judaism specifically moved one way while the the ones who remained committed to the left (regardless of what you call it – communism or socialism or globalism) moved the other way. Its a split that has been papered over for most of the late 20th century but has been becoming more public in the last ten or fifteen years.

    “Inevitably, that moral code was based on what the authors thought was good for the Jews. Anything that was exclusive or excessively curious about the role of Jews was deemed to be fascist or proto-fascist.”

    You haven’t been paying attention to the Progressive Jewish side of the divide. They’re already laying in the intellectual foundations to dump most of the rightwing/religious part of Jewry under the bus. The latest talk that has started popping up is the phrase “Jews of Color” as well as “I’m Jewish because I feel Jewish” (that was the actual position of a NYC political candidate a few months back). Thats how they hope to remain on top of the multicultural beast in an age when your skin color is your uniform. And thats how Chelsea Clinton’s kids are going to be able to claim being on the right side of the divide even though they aren’t actually Jewish. “Ignore your lying eyes! I’m as colorful as you are! My brother’s sisters cousins uncle had a Jewish roomate so I’m a Jew of Color! Those Black Hats over there, that’s your enemy! White Jews! He voted for Trump!”

    • …Pat Buchanan.”

      Wasn’t it WF Buckley who led the change on that? Didn’t Bill Kristol do what he always does which is stand around while other people do the work?

      Buckley was the visible lead–but it was the Bush family’s operatives who pushed the crap in the first place. Buckley was even more vicious vis-a-vis Joe Sobran, but that’s because Buckley was his employer.

      • From WaPo, Dec ’91:

        Two days after Patrick Buchanan announced his challenge to President Bush, the nation’s leading conservative voice, William F. Buckley Jr., has called on Buchanan to renounce past statements that Buckley, among many others, deems antisemitic…”I’m in favor of 95 percent of what he’s doing and saying,” Buckley said in an interview. “We think a protest movement {against Bush} is desirable. On the other hand we think it’s incorrect to say that Patrick Buchanan has, as of this moment, a Delphic right to describe the dimensions of conservatism when he’s carrying this much baggage: … protectionism, nativism and isolationism, plus his additional insensitivity on this particular issue {antisemitism}, which he’s never backed off from. I hope he changes his mind, and then proceeds to do it.”

        Sometimes I forget just what a piece of garbage Buckley was. The truest conservative candidate in the modern era and Buckley cuts him off at the knees.


        • I’m not changing my statement: Buckley was the mouth, the Bush Boyzzz were the cause. Buckley “distanced himself” from Bush with that statement, but it’s what Bush wanted said.

          You said it: Buckley was a piece of garbage; why couldn’t he have been playing for the Bush team?

          • Dad29, I should have made it clear that I wasn’t contesting you. I just posted that article as a reminder of how crummy Buckley was. Anyway, the odd inclusion of “nativism” was surely at the insistence of the Neo-Con, Kristol, Podhoretz camp.

  13. You can associate with whom you please in the confines of prison and have visitors. What we are experiencing is more akin to a Supermax facility.

    • Anti-Semitism does not exist. What does exist is “bigotry.” Insofar as Jewish people experience discrimination or other persecution simply and exclusively for being Jewish, what they are experiencing is called bigotry, and it is a very very common human experience, one which virtually every discretely identifiable human group in all history has experienced.

      Bigotry at its base is irrational, but not all persecution is irrational, viz. has no basis in reality. When the Elk Tribe living on This Side of the Watering Hole hates and fears the Dog Tribe who live on the Far Side of the Watering Hole, that is not necessarily bigotry, it might be part of a perfectly rational competition for scarce resources, ie, the watering hole. When the G’Tukka tribe who worship the Sun God upon the sun’s rising, persecute the T’Gukka Tribe, because they worship the Sun God at sunset instead, that is something closer to bigotry.

      “Anti-Semitism” as a discrete term is in fact a racist concept because it attempts to mark off the Jewish experience of bigotry as somehow more special or worthy of notice than the experiences of others; Jewish suffering is held to be somehow more tragic and important than Armenian or Irish or Korean suffering. Why? Because Special! Because reasons!

      Or perhaps it’s a smokescreen. If the local villagers burn down your village because your people wear prayer shawls and kippes instead of crucifixes and scapulars, that’s bigotry. If they do it because you’ve inflicted upon them tax extortion and crushing usury and you hold them in sneering contempt and you’ve sold their women and children into slavery to be rape-toys for the Arabs and the Turks, well that’s not exactly… bigotry.

      Insofar as the charge of “anti-Semitism” is used as a cudgel to deflect justifiable criticism of quite very real wrongs, it is both racist and cynical. But ya gotta admit, it has acquired a certain Pavlovian effectiveness.

      JEWS: Why on Earth do they hate us so much? WHY?!!

      GENTILES: Funny you should ask. (LOOKS AT WATCH). You got about nineteen hours?

      • Seriously, I don’t think anti Jewish bias exists presently or has existed in our lifetime. On the contrary to be known Jewish or part Jewish is a palpable advantage, and I don’t just mean their innate IQ advantage. One can tell by the way half Jews are so militant in asserting their Jewish identity, I’ve noticed. There was this girl in my professional school, apparently Irish in name and look, but supposedly of a Jewish mother. I think she asserted a Jewish identity virtually every time I saw her, yelling shalom! on stage in front of everyone and all. They understand the advantages of nepotism. Nor is the nepotism only from Jews and their family members. Nonjewish administrators seem desperate to promote and favor them. I don’t know if it’s a fear of retribution or a deference to their glamor or what. Does anyone else observe this, or am I a bitter anti Semite?

        • Bwahahaha…..you guys are truly pathic. It’s good comedic relief, but pathetic nonetheless.
          Did I mention how pathetic you are?

      • There are such things as group characteristics, good and bad. Stereotypes may be exaggerated, but they are generally accurate. That’s what anthropology is all about.

        Liberals have said for I don’t know how long that “prejudice is ignorance.” Sure, sometimes that’s true. On the other hand, “familiarity breeds contempt.” You may justified in feelings of concern, fear, contempt and even hate for another group. To know, know, them them is to loathe, loathe, loathe them.

        One of the justifications for the various civil rights movements is the idea that people are alike all over and discrimination is irrational. The truth is that people are not alike all over and it’s often perfectly justifiable to discriminate. It may be a matter of survival, as an individual and society.

  14. I am not sure that The Left was the only “team” to weaponize their NGOs. The Corporate Right (“business”) did much the same. And the latter was busy globalizing its operations (off–shoring what it could), so they were anti-American (White) too, in their way.

    • Quite so, if it wasn’t for the WASP businessman a**raping the country the country to increase his profit share we wouldn’t have the problems we have.

      The Jews did not force Mr. WASP to monetize our society to milk every cent they could out of it. They didn’t force them off-shore industry off kinds.

      It was the good old white American Conservative businessman who led the charge for wiping out heritage America. And to this day they are the strident opponents of secure borders and immigration enforcement.

      IMO the vast majority of damage was done by our own elites and corporate class in the pursuit of ever greater wealth.

  15. “The popularity of Man in the High Castle is that it seems benign in comparison to today’s cultural environment.”

    I have often wondered whether The Man in the High Castle has managed an Archie Bunker. That is to say, the Jewish writers intended for us to despise the gentile bigot Archie, but it often backfired. Archie was popular amongst many of us gentile deplorables since we found him far less bigoted than the elites as represented by his SIL Michael Stivic. Similarly on TMITHC “the resistance” to the Nazis seem to be modeled after Antifa while the Nazis themselves have the distinct advantage of not hating whites. I have to wonder whether the Jewish creators of TMITHC have underestimated how much white America despises being despised, even to the point of preferring the Nazis to the anti-white, open borders Globalists.

      • What if the Universe has played a gigantic joke on the White Race: your choice shall be one of Nazism or extinction. You shall be despised for your xenophobia or despised for your suicidal stupidity. Your choice.

  16. Fascinating to watch the Z Man being torn by his desire not to notice the Jewish influence in the destruction of white societies and the difficulty in explaining reality without noticing that influence. The Alt Lite is finding that trying to be a good goy doesn’t shield you from Big Jew so time for the Z Man to deal with the JQ

    • Maybe he’s applied the lesson from yesterday’s article about Gavin McInnes. Even if you try to be nice, they try to destroy you anyway.

      • To be fair to McInnes, he wasn’t exactly nice to liberals. Playing “nice” is Dave Rubin, Shapiro style, dignified gate-keepery.

    • Suppose you are correct. Isn’t there value in Z being circumspect? He appeals to older successful white guys in a way that even Taylor, Derbyshire, and Brimelow do not (probably because he’s 20 years younger as evidenced by the Black Sabbath opening to his podcast). We could use more older successful white guys. If Z goes fourteen eighty eight, he loses his ability to persuade this important group.

      • That is a fair point. And an interesting one: the tension between truth and the practical requirements of our movement. Tough issue, granted.

      • IIRC, this blog has readership outside of the US. Attracting the wrong notoriety could see it blocked in Germany, UK, France, etc. Most people, including myself, have no clue how a VPN works.

      • It’s not that hard to grasp, Rod from way back in 1963. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

  17. In some ways, I think it’s even simpler than that — it’s taedium vitae. Leftists lack the grace — and I’m increasingly coming to think it IS a grace — of being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy what they have. Their atomistic, materialist philosophy has systematically denied them everything that makes life worth living — family, religion, community, hobbies. They themselves are the apotheosis of what they preach, and they know it… and if they’re bored, even for one second, that knowledge comes rushing in. So they’d rather burn the world down than live with the still small voice in their heads, because all the stuff you list — property rights, free expression, etc. — are what make that still small voice audible.

    • Sometimes I think that the revolutionary temperament precedes the revolutionary philosophy and program. Some people just need upheaval, mayhem, and to harass and oppress others; so they seize on whatever the moment offers. Unfortunately we have become the current target of the Permanent Revolution. We’ve got to keep our heads, or lose them.

      • Babe, that’s what a lot of Sovietologists said. The most pithy version I remember is “Lenin et al didn’t become revolutionaries because they were Marxists; they became Marxists because they were revolutionaries.” They just *can’t* be happy. Their brains are broken. They just get into radical politics, whereas your Aunt Sally gets into the white wine and ruins everyone’s Thanksgiving with her BS. Same personality type; different circumstances.

        • With one difference that needs explanation: Tsarist Rusisia was intolerant of dissent, to the point of paranoia. This is quite aside from the fact that the majority of Russians lived as brute beasts. Lenin and his ilk weren’t just playing at revolution the way bored and pointless aunt Sally does. Russia was a failed state; the modern USA has nothing whatsoever in common with the chaotic and dying Russia of 1917 – except for being a failed state as well, for entirely different reasons,

          • LOL. Your comment gives me the idea to infiltrate a Lefty protest march by donning a pink wig while holding a sign reading, “Bored and pointless aunt Sally.”

          • speaking with Russian relatives, 80y old, about Tsarist Russia. The were not treated the way you say. Could it be the books are written by the victors. I got my intel by speaking with people who fathers and mothers lived thru it.

    • There is a local Progressive group whose motto (I shit you not) is “Activism is the antidote to despair”. Stuck right on the top of all the policy papers and advocacy pieces for gun control, sanctuary towns etc. Tells you all you need to know.

      • Their activism is juiced by a stream of foundation money. Ours is run by aging retirees that are tone-deaf to concerns of anyone younger and outside of the Fox News bubble. The best our people have come up with is “Turning Point USA”, which does nothing but cringe.

    • Great post Severian, it shows the difference between knowing something logically, and having a philosophical revelation that can accompany knowledge. Revelations speak beyond the words, but ultimately it’s still a question of whether normies will only hear, or will they listen

      • I wish I knew. I wish I knew how to convey it…. but actually, I’m coming to think it *can’t* be taught. My highly unscientific view is that we all have the Seven Deadly Sins in our personalities, and they get rolled up like characters in an old Dungeons and Dragons game. Personally, I got very low Envy — I can’t be a revolutionary, because it doesn’t bother me that people have more than I do… but since I got low envy, I got doubled up on Gluttony and Lust.

    • That’s it. I just sat through a guest minister’s sermon, about how climate change needs government intervention, or we are ALL GONNA DIE! No grace, no thankfulness. The fetishization of protest and of screaming about all the injustices.

      • @ Dutch: ” I just sat through a guest minister’s sermon, about how climate change needs government intervention, or we are ALL GONNA DIE!”

        Why on earth didn’t you walk out? Why subject yourself to a political lecture by a SJW masquerading as a minister? Churchianity is POISON.

        • 3g4me, not to worry. I have kryptonite in my pocket. Sometimes you need to engage in what the people around you are doing, if for no other reason than to reconnoiter the situation. Just as Z-man chooses to live in Lagos on the Chesapeake.

        • Why did you just sit there and listen to the BS? You should have stood up and challenged him.
          I have done it before.

    • Good thoughtful write, Severian. Are some of us hardwired toward conservatism? I’m a lousy rebellious radical….as I just want to be left alone “to sit back, relax, and enjoy” what I have! Being left alone on both macro and micro levels is a big part of who I am. When govmint screws with my being left aloneness, I get really pissy. Maybe that will make me a radical! Also, being personally left alone for one’s own downtime is vital to grow the ability to watch one’s self think, and learn to be still. Be still and smell the flowers. Most people have never learned to be still. This is learned and cultivated behavior (am sitting quietly with no distractions at all to write this, except a beautiful view out the window). TV and Tech everywhere all the time keep people distracted, addicted and depressed. No wonder ADHD became a malady du jour. Couple that with the destruction of the family, religion and community. People really aren’t bored. They have no meaning! Man’s search for meaning. What has given man meaning for most of human existence is almost gone in Western Civilization. No wonder Antifa takes over the streets of Portland.

      • Ooops…forgot “the destruction of the family, religion and community” specifically GOD. There goes your cultural capital. In the past dominant Christian culture, there was room for the atheist, the poets, artists, freethinkers, and the crazy Brit hermit who lived in a cave and wobbled his eyes. The structure of a Christian society afforded them safety. The culture was strong enough to allow many different expressions of people. Not now!

        • I think we’re more or less hardwired for conservatism, but just in case we’re not, I made a point of asking every kid I taught, “Who ever told you life was supposed to be fair?” Maybe if they hear it 1,000 times it’ll stick — life ain’t fair, never was, never gonna be.

          • There’s a big difference between, “Who ever told you life is fair?” / “Life isn’t fair”. And “Who ever told you life was supposed to be fair?” The “supposed to be” changes everything.

          • Spot on! I laughed so loud the cats startled. My Commie dad did not teach me life is not fair. This diamond had to get roughed up by life a lot to learn life is not fair. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for own life. By the time Dad had a granddaughter he had learned and frequently told her Life is not Fair. She got it. Now the third generation is getting a frequent health dose of Life is not Fair! 1,000X’s!

    • Perhaps I’m paranoid, but I detect the attitude of the bourgeoisie in what you’ve written. Our problem is not that the Left is insufficiently bourgeois, our problem is that the Right has become entirely bourgeois. I do not read this attitude in the men who shaped history. The saints and warriors of the Middle Ages would have agreed with Nietzsche: “Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?” Either Colin Wilson’s Outsiders are going to intoxicate a critical mass of whites with visions of new world and self-sacrificial heroic striving for it, or we shall go under: “They affirm that man can be greater than he realizes by launching himself into the sea of chaos. They affirm that by turning his back on ‘worldly values’, by summoning an apparently suicidal courage, man can achieve a new plane of the heroic, a further step toward the god-like. This is the lesson of the Outsiders- a lesson of deliberate loneliness and reactions against the values of the mass. A revolt against the mob-conditioned desire for security.”

      • Yes, I see it, the hero’s adventure, a man sacrifices himself for an idea or a people. He takes up the journey, often initially seems to fail, but the failure is his initiation, that gives him what he needs to then go on and accomplish his mission.

        There is another motif often a part of the hero’s adventure. He returns a triumphant hero with his bounty of gold, only to see it turn to ashes, because his people fail to realize what has been accomplished.

  18. Another white concept that has been under attack for generations is the notion of free inquiry. A peculiar feature of the West has always been a curiosity about the world and a willingness to consider new ideas. Openness predates the Enlightenment and is the reason the Enlightenment happened where it did. …

    You have a problem here. This ‘free inquiry’ of which you speak was first formally set into motion by Luther; his action later resulted in the “Enlightenment,” which was simply a continuation of Luther’s action.

    The problem? That “Enlightenment” led directly to the kulturkampf we see today in the West. One may protest that Luther would not approve, and that is likely the case. However, his twist on theology–and subsequently, on philosophy–paved the way for today’s assault on family and nature.

    And it’s not only “whites” which are under assault. Ask any black of Hispanic (intact) family.

    • I mean, there’s a thousand ways to look at it. Luther, Jews, Hitler, Frankfurt School, Lincoln, Jews, Derrida, WW1, French Rev, etc. The bottom line is they’re coming for us because we live in a palace and they live in shacks.

      • The leaders of those who live in shacks live in the most palatial of palaces. If our only problem was those who live in shacks, then our only real problem would be the pathological compassion of Nordics and Anglos exacerbated by affluence. But that is our second biggest problem.

      • Lumping Abe Lincoln with this crowd makes me laugh; it’s like one of those IQ test questions that ask: identify the one thing that doesn’t fit: (a) elephant, (b) rattlesnake; (c) turtle; (d) alarm-clock; (e) salamander.

        But here at the Z-blog we have to pretend we don’t know the answer, because we don’t want to get thrown into the z-void. If we hate Lincoln for seeing his duty as preservation of a nation-state, then it is only simple decency to cast our minds further back still, to the evil ones who crafted the Treaty of Westphalia. Maybe THEY are to blame for our current crisis. Certainly WE bear no blame!

  19. It’s easy to be pessimistic but as a Christian… I’ve read the ending of the book. In the end, we win.

      • This is ignorance unmasked. The Bible is a collection of short texts; it has no beginning or end.

        But snark must snark, and it’s part of the difficulty we face, we “white people”.

        • The Bible absolutely has a beginning and an end. And that was not snark. In literary terms, comedies have happy endings and tragedies have sad endings. Like the person I was responding too, I also believe we win in the end

          • OK, I won’t argue that. There is a beginning and end, if read in the right order and with the right frame of mind.

          • The secret political messages coded as parables from Patmos, an island for political prisoners, came true.

            Israel was destroyed after the defeat at Har Megiddo. The Jews started so much sh*t they lost their own prosperous nation, and then blamed the Romans for it.

            I should hope “we”- Roman Christian Europeans, the West- win in the end. Our gods don’t live for revenge, the dream of ruling a “perfected” world.
            Or base our history on lies.

    • as a Christian ?

      Is this some kinds of Joke?

      Christianity is a father of crusade and inquisition
      Christianity is a father of communism and Fascism
      Communist learn “rightful Government will save everybody” from Jesus
      Fascist learn master race theory from christian’s chosen people theory

      In Jesus, Every body can be saved
      In Greek philosophy, certain people might not be saved

      Its obviously you read “Bible” instead of “Iliad”
      Because “Bible and Jesus” more popular than Aristotle, Socrates

      Fucking shame…..

      • No guarentees. None. Regardless of neolithic tribal boasting- “their God is the Highest!” Sure, pal, so is everybody’s.

        My example would be the buffalo and the Australian aborigines.

        The buffalo were nearly exterminated by a parastic worm, not by Winchesters or Indian drives over the cliff.

        The abos may have been the dominant phenotype in Southeast Asia before the Ice Age. Their unique mutation, sensitivity to geomagnetic ley lines, may have proved a vulnerability as well. Some infection or influence led them to becoming a remnant of cannibalistic paleolithics hiding in a hostile, isolated desert on an island continent, as far as they could run.

        I suspect that the source of evil- to relish causing pain- is more akin to a bacteriological infection, one we have described as an archtype, a Satan or demons.
        Our models are deficient.

      • @Yellowish
        The Crusades were European Christianity’s reluctant effort to rescue their Middle Eastern Christian brethren, who had been Christian for a thousand years by that time, from 475 years of Islamic occupation and oppression. Which began circa 624 AD through about the mid eighth century.

        The inquisition was mainly one Christian interrogating another.

        You have no idea the oppression, the tyranny Islam wrecks upon the rest of the world, but Christianity is “uniquely evul” is it?

        Your ignorance of the facts of the Crusades has intelligent people doubting the veracity of your other claims.

        Someone correct me if I’m wrong but it’s the Jews, not the Christians, who believe they are “God’s chosen people.”

        • Yellowish is responding to Cartoon Christianity which, thanks to the Protestant Deformation, is the dominant strain.

          Guess he never heard of “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” and “many are those who pass through the wide gate,” not to mention “he who does not work, nor shall he eat.” Come to think of it, the parable of the talents strikes me as quite capitalist.

  20. The subversion of education is one of the more important issues here. Lincoln as Jehovah, and his son, the Messiah, Martin Luther King Jr. Never ending Hollow Cost tear-jerkers. The notion that you could organize your society around anything but “anti-racism” becomes a monstrous idea implanted in childhood. “Free Association” might as well be code for lynching Negroes who ogle White women. Questioning the tribal ownership of media is only a hop, skip, and a jump to Dr. Mengele.

    The inherent decency and fairness of Whites is weaponized against us. What other race is so susceptible? The lower races don’t have the grey matter to care. The Orientals have a confidence in their culture that even with a high IQ they seem immune to the moralistic BS. It seems the farther north you go the worse it gets. I would be tempted to trade our German and Swedish stock for Italians and Greeks. At least they still have some fight left in them.

    • “The inherent decency and fairness of Whites is weaponized against us. What other race is so susceptible? The lower races don’t have the grey matter to care.”

      sorry, this is long, but this is the right context for getting it off my chest.

      TLDR version, western culture’s success depends on a moral foundation – loosely – trust. it is being trashed, and continuing to abide by the moral precept makes me a sucker, but discarding it is corroding me and us from the inside.

      lately this topic has occupied me to nearly the point of obsession. as often happens, personal life events have been the catalyst – raising a good hearted but pozzed from every side daughter. what we’ve been through… suffice to say, the intellectual world of abstractions re: the death of our culture holds nothing in comparison to living it and seeing the conflict and damage it does daily. but on to the insight that comes out of living it.

      for as long as i can remember, i’ve felt compelled to co-exist and occasionally fight with my fellow humans under the western cultural marquis of queensbury rules i’m sure most here are familiar with – even to my own disadvantage – but i retained the luxury of looking myself in the mirror with few reservations. in contrast, the unwelcome memories of and self flagellation for my failures are the easiest to call to mind, usually accompanied by a reflexive quiet groan. yes, raised catholic…

      but seeing my (beautiful white) kids learning to hate themselves has broken something in me.

      it occurs to me that the mores bequeathed to me by my family and culture are now no longer functional. they seem to cause disadvantage with no end on sight, and the net effect broadly is trust and relations among people are truly going to shit.

      it was not supposed to be this way. i’ve listened to pachalbel’s canon or the moody blues with tears in my eyes more times than i can count. i occasionally enjoy romances with my wife, and quietly keep her on a pedestal. i am still a sucker for jimmy stewart movies, i believed we all had a good chance at enlightenment, and still believe the teachings of the wise ones. but…

      people i’ve known for years no longer talk, because nobody is meeting the new virtue signaled standards, which i, the asshole, have actively rejected; forgiveness and contrition among friends is becoming rarer. merit is laughable as a standard – go to a job interview to find i’m the only token white guy to make the final round, and watch the position filled by the diversity hire.

      they say insanity is hereditary, you acquire it from you kids – all too true. but i suspect the kids are just carriers, and the infection comes from the ballooning raft of degeneracy for which they have no immunity, and learning to reject any offered by us, the elders. so i constantly ask myself just how broadly is this insanity i perceive infecting all of us? every day i have to struggle to keep from screaming at at least a dozen manifestations of it in my home, and keep my own equanimity in the face of it.

      in other words, the anglo saxon has learned to hate, but with his hands tied and his heart in knots, its killing him.

      • Bravo promethius, bravo!

        Thanks for speaking for me and, I’m certain, millions of white fathers and husbands.

        The antidote to that conscience which is binding the righteous hatred, is the love of family and of all that you know to be right and good.

        Our enemies have no such qualms and they are seriously insane by those standards we hold true. They do not deserve, indeed openly mock and destroy, the very essence of our decency and restraint.

        When a man assaults you with malice and evil intent, he has forfeited his human rights as he has already ignored/denied your right to life or property. You owe him neither restraint in your own defense, nor respect for his now self forsaken humanity.

        All of that applies thoroughly and broadly to those who are destroying western civ and the nations which birthed and nurtured it.

        We will either kill the beast or be destroyed.

        • thanks brother. you have no idea how good it is just to be heard. i’ve anticipated the same end for a while; i don’t know what scares me more – that it comes to pass or it doesn’t. i’d prefer, even in my mid fiftys, to battle this one rather than leave it to my son – and i know he’d be one of the ones. i didn’t mention him, but at 12, he’s seen what his sister has gone thru, cried in despair right along with me, and decided no way he’s going there. we have to be there for these young men on deck.

          meet generation z, my friends.

      • You just said it all. I experience the same thing. Problem is that once you realize what has been done you become filled with hatred and burned up with anger. I can find no escape from that. Friends are now no more and even indirect family members make me fume. I now find myself yelling at the televison news broadcasts. They have really done a job on us, the bastards.

        • Senhorbotero you have a friend and brother in me. i share your burden, and will not let that burden break me, or us. know this.

          i’ve concluded that we must be warriors and endure, or die. my best moments are when i just accept the understanding of what this is. every one of us is needed, and for that reason we must not hate ourselves and be ruled by that. my vision of a true warrior is a state of ready equanimity, holding the moral high ground, and never forgetting that all that is true and holy must survive. We must be brave.

  21. Excuse me for noticing that a certain group that’s 2 percent of the population sure seems to be vastly disproportionately involved in this war against whitey.

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