The Civil War

America is a land that bans books, has political prisoners and condemns people to a form of internal exile where they cannot have a job or maintain a normal life. Ten years ago, if someone said Americans would lose their jobs because they liked something on social media, only the aluminum foil hat types would have believed it. Such things were considered impossible just a decade ago. In the 1980’s, these were the sorts of things that happened in the Soviet Union, which was why communism was considered evil.

Yet, here we are, seeing things we thought impossible not so long ago. This is a clip from a television show aired on one of the legacy networks. The video is a naked call for violence against whites. Even after all of the outrageous behavior we have seen from the ruling class the last few years, no reasonable person would have thought this was possible even a year ago. Even the Soviets at the worst were not exhorting people to commit acts of violence against enemies of the revolution.

Up until now, it was reasonable to think that the paleocons were right. The Left was using excited language in an effort to keep their coalition of non-white tribes focused on white men, rather than their many grievances with one another. That sounded logical and let’s face it, it is what most normal white people want to believe. After all, the implication of this line of reasoning is that the Left is struggling to keep it together. We don’t have to worry about facing them in a fight, as they will splinter and abandon the field.

The travelling partner to this line of thought comes from the principled conservatives, who are always ready to create a new set of conservative principles to excuse the excesses of the Left. Without acknowledging the paleocons, they implicitly accept the argument, but add on that the more sober minded on the Left will see the folly of their actions and begin to rein in their crazies, before anything serious happens. This is when they accuse the dissident right of harming civility and appeal to the Left for bipartisanship.

It’s not hard to see why normal middle-class white people find this appealing. They live ordered lives and just want to be left to live those ordered lives in peace. What they don’t want to see is violence in the streets and they certainly don’t want to be asked to confront those violent crazies on their streets. The Danegeld gets a bad reputation, but it is easy to understand the appeal in the moment. The current version is the Prog-geld, where the civilized concede a little bit of civilization, in order to avoid fighting the Prog.

This cycle where the Left commits outrages against civility and the white middle-class accommodates it, has led to where we are now. The people calling themselves the defenders of democracy tried to subvert the last Presidential election. The so-called social justice warriors celebrate a black movie star walking free after perpetrating a blood libel against white people. The defenders of open debate on the college campus, rush to suppress any opinion not on the increasingly narrow list of approved opinions.

That is an important clue. Spend time on social media and you see the people claiming to be the vanguard of the proletariat celebrating trillion dollar corporations stomping on poor guys holding the wrong opinions. The pampered Progressives in the ruling class imagine themselves to be the resistance against oppression. This justifies them using any means necessary to defeat their enemy. That video is a justification of preemptive violence, because they believe people like you are a threat to their well-being.

It’s why it is time think about what is impossible today, in terms of social breakdown, as it will most likely happen tomorrow. The blood lust of the ruling class for whites not obediently walking into the void, is now undeniable. Their response to the 2016 election was to declare war on white America. In their minds, it is a defensive war and they are fully justified to use any means necessary to win. There will be no point where they pull back, fearing they have gone too far. Instead they will always seek to go further.

Again, America is a land where books are banned, people are given long prison terms for holding unpopular opinions and the livelihoods of contrarians are destroyed. This is a land where gangs of roving mobs, financed by billionaires, commit violence against citizens without consequence. Now we have a major television network calling for violence against whites and celebrating violent acts against a specific person. All of this was thought to be impossible ten years ago. What impossible thing will tomorrow bring?

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  1. We live in a cultural soviet union ameliorated (for now) by an economy living off its western civ capital.

  2. If the US falls to totalitarianism there will be no one to come save her; very, very few would have the resources to help and even fewer would have the inclination

    A technologically advanced society makes it extremely hard to foment a rebellion if the State is ruthless enough to stop you. Imagine what our technology today can do in the hands of Stalin, especially when backed by the economic clout we enjoy

    Think of what China is doing with four times our population, 2/3 our wealth, and about a decade behind in widespread tech (they may catch us in the next five years)

    So if we get our own Mao or Stalin with the running start our current tech gives him and you’re looking at a Soylent Green society (hopefully without the canabalism). All they need is to disarm us and we’ll be under jack-boots until we drown in blood

  3. Spot on. We are in our own Spanish Civil War it is almost exactly the same with the political hatred and the outrages of the left. Except for the present marxists think they are more clever; and also they have the cover of the mass media/pop culture idiot brigade and their captive zombie audience of drug-addled bobbleheadz. The big difference is so far only one side is fighting in our war; and unfortunately all civilized people in general and white people in particular must walk the streets knowing that they are seen as an enemy by a large segment of a deranged, violent, and soulless population of miscreants and gimmedats. And meanwhile 1000 more of these racist parasites break in every day and are released to society in an obvious colonization pattern.

  4. > “This is a clip from a television show aired on one of the legacy networks. The video is a naked call for violence against whites” [CBS:The Good Fight]
    Establishment elites are desperately trying to brand Trump supporters as racist and fascist. They are also trying to discredit Infowars here by insinuation, for that is who was talking about the “overton window” in terms of what the left is trying to make us accept as normal. (Like “trans” men in schoolgirls bathrooms, for example.) There is also a cabal which has tried many times to provoke a race war in order to justify martial law. If they ever succeed in suspending due process, they will then use this power against their political opponents. The people behind that provocatory video clip are the real fascists, and they represent a far greater threat than the token neo-nazi (which are actually few in number and frequently unwitting pawns in an ongoing government mind control project.)

  5. ‘Progressives in the ruling class imagine themselves to be the resistance against the oppressor.’

    Indeed they do. The mainstream left rail against the right, not understanding that the establishment is only right wing on economic issues. The conservative right rails against the establishment left, not accepting that the establishment is only left on social issues.

    The New Consensus is the iron fist of neo-classical economics wrapped in a rainbow coloured, velvet glove of ‘progressive’ (sic) social issues.

    The real New Opposition is socialist economics paired with traditional, right wing values. Roll on National Revolution.

  6. The Florian Geyer Lied (English lyrics circa 2010)

    White Men clad in black are we,
    Heia o-ho!
    We’ll stamp out ZOG tyranny!
    Heia o-ho!!!

    White Men go! Revolt ho!
    On the city roofs let the Red Cock crow.
    White Men go! Civil War ho!
    On the korthouse lawns let Red blood flow!

    When Adam delved and Eve did span,
    Who was then the ruling man?
    Kyr-ie-le-is !!!

    White Men go! Revolt ho!
    On the city roofs let the Red Cock crow.
    White Men go! Civil War ho!
    On the korthouse lawns let Red blood flow!

    Bold White Men their rifles shoot,
    The jews are laid low.
    On ZOGling necks we stomp our boot,
    To stamp out God’s foe!!!

    White Men go! Revolt ho!
    On the city roofs let the Red Cock crow.
    White Men go! Civil War ho!
    On the korthouse lawns let Red blood flow!

    The regimeist’s only love is greed,
    Heia o-ho!
    The love of God our only need!!!
    Heia o-ho!!!

    White Men go! Revolt ho!
    On the city roofs let the Red Cock crow.
    White Men go! Civil War ho!
    On the korthouse lawns let Red blood flow!

    We’ll conquer for our cause is right.
    Heia o-ho!
    Our sons won’t have to go and fight!!!
    Heia o-ho!!!

    White Men go! Revolt ho!
    On the city roofs let the Red Cock crow.
    White Men go! Civil War ho!
    On the korthouse lawns let the Red blood flow!

  7. I think that ‘they’, meaning the ‘left’, have convinced themselves that white people will not come together, shoot dead anyone that even hints at threatening them and burn the continent down…we may be given the chance to see.

  8. Eh, since I believe employers ought to be able to fire employees for any reason they please (just like employees should quit for any reason they please), I am unconcerned at what reason is given for a firing. People have no obligation to associate with others. That’s what the free market is about.

    On the other hand, I think Americans have been political prisoners for decades. There are 2.3 million Americans in jail; that should be a clue. Jails are used for torture and rape. It’s been a long time since that was not the case.

    But, do I think a war is approaching? Yes. There are enough signs out there; they are hard to ignore.

    • Stock:
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      -Water of course and fire-wood
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      – Funny jokes, calm, and care for your kin.

  9. Z-Man is still dealing in euphemisms: “billionaires”; “the Left”; “progressives”; “ruling class”; “TV network”; when he means:


    When, in a 1967 issue of the Trotskyite communist rag Partisan Review,

    the Jewess Susan Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag wrote:

    “the White Race is the cancer of human history”, that Jewess

    meant every word of it. And so has every one of the hundreds of prominent Jews – Soros, Ignatiev, Wise, Wattenberg, Potok, etc. – who have expressed similar anti-White genocidal sentiments. And the Jews and their ethnic orc enforcers

    are now enforcing. That’s not remarkable.

    What is remarkable:

    90% of the Whites still haven’t noticed.

  10. Lots of well justified angst here, and some great comments. Just remember the blaring inference of the essay’s title. I hope all the angst spurs some to develop the necessary skills for conflict, marksmanship and reloading being two of them. (Has anyone noticed how cheap AR’s are right now? And the availability of mags, powder, primer? Those things were hard to come by in the Obama era. This availability will NOT be there for long.) It’s also time for everyone to observe their area’s demographics and, if need be, relocate their families to more accommodating states/counties.

    Words are necessary to communicate and inspire. But words are not a defense for what’s coming.

  11. Yes, it’s getting worse at an accelerating pace. Yes, the crazies are acting out even more crazy with each passing day. Yes, the threat of physical harm from these crazies is tangible and real. What to do about it?

    Keep a low profile. Learn to practice situational awareness when out in public. Get a CC license, practice at the range, never leave home unarmed. Use your idle time to contemplate worse case scenarios and imagine reasonable response actions. However, don’t plan on the police being quick or helpful.

  12. “What impossible thing will tomorrow bring?” Nothing but a new level of
    wailing and belching queefs will emanate from GOP cucking boomers
    and trads. Their craven pearl clutching and gnashing of teeth will continue to put the tantrums of spoiled children to shame.

  13. “Even the Soviets at the worst were not exhorting people to commit acts of violence against enemies of the revolution.”

    What about the so-called Kulaks?

    As I see it, there are unmistakable echoes of the methods used against the Kulaks in the campaign underway against us, including propaganda that encourages violence.

  14. The cycle will probably end for this country about 2030 to 2035. The Saxon has already began to hate. However he still believes he has something to lose. When that is no longer the case I suspect things will get really sporty.

  15. I think the perspective that identifies a potential US civil war as a borderless civil war is the correct one. If civil war comes to America, and I don’t discount the possibility, the reality is going to be far different than many on both sides expect.

    I am afraid what we will see is something similar to what we have seen in Latin American revolutions but on a much grander and impactful scale. We will not see front lines and organized combat between opposing forces. What we will see is death squads on both sides sent to the homes of the opposition to exterminate everyone who is there. Innocents will invariably get caught in the crossfire, the economy will grind to a halt, and shortages of every kind of good and service will become real. Famine will become real.

    Governmentally it could go several ways and none of them are good. It would not be long before the Constitutional Republic was abandoned and replaced with a totalitarian model. We would most likely end up with a centralized militarized martial law state. The government might say this is temporary but regardless, a return to a Constitutional Republic is highly unlikely. The scope of power of this new government could vary widely depending on the resources they could effectively manage. This means the central government, from a practical standpoint, might only control military assets and a small amount of territory and the rest would fall into anarchy. Alternatively, you could see a full blow Soviet style rule complete with internal checkpoint and the like. It is very hard to say which is more likely. There is a third alternative that involves complete societal collapse and while I think the self preservation instinct of the government would mean that some level of government would survive, however, there is no assurance that those areas would a safe or even survivable place unless you were a non-expendable part of the “new” government.

    The last thing to consider is that in any of the above scenarios, the US would be a highly vulnerable target for foreign powers. This could come in many forms and would include everything from becoming the target of a nuclear first strike, to an invasion, all the way down to just becoming a vassal state to a foreign power who would “fund” the new government.

    I am well aware of the mindless reactionary and irrational behavior of the left, however, I think we need to find a way to defeat these subversives short of civil war. As I have outlined above, I don’t see any outcome coming out of another civil war that anyone could objectively call “desirable”.

      • Bracken refuses to mention race as a causal factor and continues to champion immigration of what he terms “assimilable” immigrants. Assimilation is a canard, and when dealing with other races it still ultimately means White genocide, just a bit slower and gentler. No immigration, no assimilation – only repatriation!!!!!!

    • Once things get going, it will start as a conventional militia-based revolution (which the government is prepared for and will crush rather quickly). Then in true evolutionary fashion, things will morph into various forms of adaption (on both sides) and there will be lots of misery and over-reaction. Eventually, a strategy will come to the fore that tyranny is not well equipped to beat. The fish rots from the head. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous.

  16. Among the many reasons why the Left reviles us of the Working Class, is that initial iteration of their theology postulated the Working Class as the horse on which the Intellectuals would ride to State power. They never in the first place really loved, even liked, us; Intellectuals are class-bigoted. Too, those who rose on their own hook from humble origins seem often to be try-too-hard assimilators, despising their origins. And, yes, they do hate us for our liberties: They conceptualize themselves aspirant aristocrats, and they see us commoners having rights that by their lights should be restricted aristocratic privilege. Too, many of them seem actually afraid of us armed, as if they know they are traducing our interests in a manner calling for vengeance.

    • One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that Marxist operate on idolatry. That is, a Marxist will find a group of people and declare them always Good. For classical Marxists, it’s the Workers. They dont mean the actual working class, but the Working Class. It’s all in their head, so they dont actually have to help anybody or inconvenience themselves. We all know someone who loves Humanity but wouldn’t spare a dime to help their brother. Our social justice friends have merely changed their idolatry to Blacks. They truly believe that if Blacks were in charge, everything would be better. Not actual blacks, but their ideal Blacks, like in the TV ads.

  17. All this is reason that the upper echelons of the left will be facing military tribunals for treason. (GITMO baby) I, for one, believe in the “Q” phenom. Anyone who could predict John McCains death one month to the minute……… not a bullshit artist.

  18. “What impossible thing will tomorrow bring…”


    All I wanted to do when I saw that linked vid with the black baboon was to leave a reply with ‘f’ and ‘n’ bombs.

    Instead I’ll go clean my guns and strop my bayonet. Stay focused, boys – because it’s coming.

  19. Z – you mentioned the good fight on October 26, 2017 where you said “Shows like The Good Fight and Madame Secretary are obviously aimed at cat ladies.”

    As for civil war – whenever I hear the mention of it – I think of the guns n roses song.

  20. “Such things were considered impossible just a decade ago.”

    Back in the 90s, when the Booby was in university, packs of feminists would routinely enter classes – with permission from faculty – to give talks imploring students to support their movement.

    What was their movement, you ask? Why, they were advocating that men accused of sexual assault should be presumed guilty by the law until proven innocent. When some oddball asked what that might mean for men who were falsely accused, the answer was “Womyn wouldn’t do that.”

    Well over half of the class applauded these feminists, including many of the little boys (don’t call them “young men”). Those of us who were appalled by the notion didn’t believe that it could ever happen legally.

    Fast forward to today, and we have the “#BelieveWomen” movement which has actually gone mainstream. Whether it ever gains legal acceptance is irrelevant. In the court of the mainstream media and pop culture it’s already law.

    You want to know what kind of madness will be unfolding 10-20 years from now, just look at what’s going on in modern campuses. Right now it’s Antifa and talk of “white genocide”.

    • Seriously….move to a western medium-small town where most people own guns. These folks will rile much quicker than cosmopolitan city folks. We just had drinks last night with the neighbors close by. He was CHP Sacramento retired now. Showed us his gun collection, including a Dirty Harry Ruger 44 Magnum. Have a cop, wife (she showed me the firearm she keeps on her bedside and the kids are trained to not jackass with the guns) and he’s no joke. Two blocks away is a guy who guides game hunting for a living and writes/publishes a national game hunting magazine. Everyone around has a year of food and survival stuff and AMMO. Include a few old family Mormons when the shit hits the fan and these people know how to organize, work together, get stuff done and get real stiff backs when threatened. Pushback will organize quickly back here. Lots of ex-military. No telling how many women go to church with a conceal carry purse.

      • I’m with RFF. Its going to take a ton for most law abiding folks to push back. Most vets will be horrified to be forced to take up arms or confront cops if things go badly…but we will. I’m in Texas. I’ll wait to see what the Republic does before things really kick off. Nobody wants this and if it comes..there will no going back, at least in my lifetime. My pension and VA benefits will be worthless anyway. The Left will never pay whats owed should they win if the worst happens. As for the concealed carry purse comment. My gf’s has never been searched…..never once ever in any sports venue, movie’s, concerts…..they look in the main compartment and we move on.

  21. We aren’t to the tipping point yet. Most normal white people want to worry about sports and whether Tiger wins the Masters, they want to mow their lawn and work their butts off so they can save enough money to send their ungrateful kid to a college where they will be indoctrinated in Marxism. Nothing is more important than ensuring their kids can be “middle class”. They don’t want to get in trouble or rock the boat because the creature comforts are still too valuable to them. There is lots of dark, ominous muttering on the internet (and I do my fair share) about the looming conflict and I am preparing for it but right now no one wants to take that first step. If there is anything you can count on as a right-wing American it is that you can’t count on your fellow right-wing Americans, at least not now. If you could James Fields wouldn’t be rotting in jail.

    Should Trump lose in 2020, which seems very likely, and the Left starts a campaign of vengeance where Joe Six-Pack can’t just hide in his suburban enclave and complain about stuff that doesn’t really impact him, then you might see things start to roll. For all the talk about the danger of “violent white supremacy”, there are an awful lot of loud mouth non-whites who screech and instigate non-stop without the slightest fear of someone doing something about it.

    • Human nature doesn’t work that way. People will defend their ever diminishing pile of rocks like penguins until every last rock is gone. Then they go nuts. Human nature is very volcanic. It steams and churns, but it doesn’t blow until after you’ve lost everything. The only exception to this is religious people who believe they are dong something for God. They can throw away great comforts to act that way.

      The economy isn’t going to muddle around like this for the next 10 or 20 years. There will be a breaking point where our sovereign bankruptcy catches up with us, and many millions of once middle class people will be thrown into poverty. It will be 2008 but without the currency stability.

      • I’m not sure about that. The American revolution wasn’t started by people with nothing to lose. It’s been pointed out our current Government is far more tyrannical than the one the revolutionaries rebelled against.

        Revolutions seem to typically require something more than divisiveness. We have plenty of that. If the two sides were geographically separated we might already have a war. That could be why it took so little to start the American Revolution. Separate populations and institutions already existed. Drawing battle lines when we are mixed together makes organizing difficult.

        There needs to be an event to separate the sides geographically. It can be small at first. There also has to be a breaking of political norms. The genesis of the outbreak could be something like a state refusing to take immigrants from the federal government. Then the Army gets sent in on one side and the national guard on the other. That’s would begin creating the organization necessary for a revolution or a civil war.

        Breaking a political norm like imprisoning Trump when he’s out of office for some made up charge could also do it. If imprisoning people when they leave office is done then the next candidate will ensure they never leave office.

    • “If there is anything you can count on as a right-wing American it is that you can’t count on your fellow right-wing Americans, at least not now. If you could James Fields wouldn’t be rotting in jail.”


    • It isn’t about doing or not doing something, no one wants to fire on Ft Sumter. That is the right COA.

  22. I just read Between the World and Me by MacArthur genius Ta-Nehisi Coates (most stupid name this side of Shitavious) and he blames white people, whom he always refers to as people who think they are white, for absolutely everything. He denies blacks who murder other blacks are responsible for their actions. They only do it because white society makes them, according to him. I hope lots of whites read the book so they know exactly what the Democrats think of them.

    • I couldn’t imagine reading that. It would be like trying to watch a cat paint. Only for amusement.

  23. I’m not sure it is good news or not to mention that the clip has not aired in the millions of homes it would normally be expected to because the tv show is only available on the CBS All Access subscription service. That CBS would put such content on anything which bears their trademark is telling, but it is important to remember that that the most watched tv broadcasts are still sports.

  24. ZMan, surely you must realize that at some point they’re going to come for you and this blog. Digital samizdat like this cannot be tolerated by the tyranny and this place is chock full of it right out in the open. Not only that, but it’s extremely cogent, well-presented, and provocative stuff. I really hope you have a plan to keep up your efforts because I’ll just say what everyone on here already knows: yours is a very important voice in this thing we find ourselves in. You are becoming a significant intellectual leader in this struggle and you should be under no illusions about that. Things are rapidly shaping up to get bloody and dire, and the ideas you articulate light the way for more than a few people. If you go silent, that snuffs out a very real vector for “redpilling” people who could help us in the dark times to come.

    It would certainly be unwise to remark on anything openly, since you have no control over who sees this, but give serious consideration to more tangible organization and real-world operating. That is also addressed to anyone who might be reading this comments section. There is no deus ex machina coming to save us. All we have is ourselves, and if we’re atomized over great distances, we’re toast.

  25. Well, the left should be careful what it wishes for. Beta males in masks and porker women with purple hair wilt quickly in the heat. We need to give them a hotter civil war.

    • The problem is you won’t be facing the blue-haired land whales and the soyboys; you’ll be up against the cops the soldiers that the government will send to protect them.

      • Exactly, everybody fantasizing about a civil war is more angry and confused than thoughtful. It’s Underpants Gnomes Insurgency Step 1 Violence Step 2 Step 3 Victorious Ethnostate!

        Remember when it was fashionable a while back to praise Breivik? A white man murdering defenseless white teenagers.

        You don’t want a civil war and you don’t want to kill innocent people of whatever stripe. It’s gets nasty fast and the part you play in that little production isn’t going to be Conan it’s going to be slaughtered villager no. 5.

        • The Booby agrees, with King Tut and Hoyos. The modern state can bomb weddings in Pakistan from 7000 miles away without an actual human being present. Just imagine what it could do to you from 70 miles away.

          The government may not even have to send cops and soldiers to protect the suburban social justice warriors from the world.

          • And yet with all the air power and drones at our disposal the jihadis run Afghanistan and we’re reduced to hiding inside a handful of forts. I’d call that a major defeat. Same with Iraq.

            The fact we can murder families with drones isn’t impressive, it’s pathetic.

          • @Rod1963

            “The fact we can murder families with drones isn’t impressive, it’s pathetic.”

            And where were you when these wars started? Sucking down lattes and ejaculating anti war slogans?

          • Rod1963

            It’s impressive from a technological standpoint, but the Booby agrees, it’s pathetic from virtually any other standpoint you wish to take.

        • Everyone dies smarty pants. Even you. If i have the option of being curbed stomped to death by Orks or Smurfs or taking some with me in a fight. I know which way I’d choose.

          No one except you is fantasizing about a civil war. No one sane wants it. It’s the ethnics and insane ruling class that is pushing it by demonizing whites to the point we have papers and academics openly calling for whites to be killed off and their culture wiped off the planet.

          The Democratic party today is a anti-white male party and proud of it. Hollywood and the MSM does everything it can to attack whites.

          We are just responding to that. When you have the intellectual elites demanding that whites die. People tend to notice and respond accordingly,

          I have no doubt the elites will push us too far in the not too distant future and set off a chain of events that lead to a full spectrum of violent responses to the ruling class and it’s actors.

      • It sounds like you’re assuming that the America in which any revolution takes place will be like the America of today. I’m not. And I’m not assuming that a massed army of the right will ever fight a massed army of the left. Suspect that the Civil War will just continue to simmer at a low level in the current time and may just continue that way for a few more decades. No idea. But when an economy built on hot money finally falls, and the police and soldiers are being paid with worthless currency, why would they fight? And if they’re not facing a massed army, who are they going to fight?

        • The problem will be the break down in basic services, which means food will not be getting to the cities. Since it is likely the dollar will worthless, that means farmers will not be excited about producing, and transport companies will do less transporting. To keep things moving will require government force, which I am pretty sure the people in charge will be delighted to implement. That is when things will get revolutionary, because the system will have been exposed, and those left with nothing to lose will act accordingly.

      • The cops are basically clerks with M-4’s, in the event of a mass uprising, they will vanish like they did during the King riots in Los Angeles. Their main job is to collect a very fat paycheck and retire at 55 with a six figure tax free pension

        • “…they will vanish like they did during the King riots in Los Angeles.”

          Be quiet. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Cops were spread all over the place dealing with shit. The L.A. riots was one of the most violent and chaotic events to hit California, let alone a city like Los Angeles. Started over something completely preventable.

  26. Sailer has a post – just a link to a youtube video of a CBS series that is openly advocating violence towards whites.

    Sailer says nothing as usual and no one has any idea where he stands on anything. But the CBS video is very jarring.

    The posts are very interesting. Mostly a bunch of bubble whites

    • I love Sailer, but he refuses to give up Citizenism – his version of Civic Nationalism. He’s too smart of a guy to not realize that any hope of that strategy working died long ago.

      My guess is that he doesn’t want to face what’s coming, that the world he grew up in and has known all his life will go away. The same goes for his commentators. I also think that Steve is a debater at heart, and we’re moving past the debate phase so he’s not sure what to do.

      • Maybe he just doesn’t want to present an easy open flank for denunciation to the other side? Anybody with half a brain can himself easily draw the appropriate conclusions from the material Steve presents for discussion.

    • He got the video from me. It’s linked in this post.

      And yeah, that whole scene is stuck in yesteryear.

      • 10 years ago I thought the iSteve commenters were too extreme. Now I think they’re f@gs.

      • Sailer et al are goodwhites who think they’re baaaaad because most of them acknowledge some portion of HBD (the Jewish commenters are confident their intellectual superiority has been confirmed, the Orientals are smugly certain their civilization is superior, the Whites generally accept Negro dysfunction is genetic but feel really terrible about it). And they all confidently proclaim they’re the real dissident right, and only evil notsees advocate for separate and distinct ethnic nation states, whereas they just know that Whites, Orientals, and special (((Whites))) can live happily ever after in Murrica just like the Statue of Liberty proclaims.

        • The Statue of Liberty proclaims no such thing, although thanks to (((propagandists))) many Americans believe it is a monument to immigration. Some years after France bequeathed us the statue, originally called “Liberty Enlightening the World,” Emma Lazerus’s doggerel graffiti was allowed to disfigure it.

      • Well i just posted the CBS video in powerline comments. It’s in moderation, but John Hind lets my stuff through sometimes so we will see. I think i may have stirred up a IQ discussion at powerline. Some (((commentators))) are working hard to suppress it.

        • Of course the commenters are talking about IQ. That is a completely logical response to a black man talking about committing violence towards white people. I know when I am about to be robbed, raped, or killed by some vibrant, the first thing I do is show them my SAT results.

          • no you’re wrong. It is a huge step if normie whites clue into race realism. Especially if they can bring themselves to do so openly. In any case the topic id about that police that shot the Australian women. The spook got spooked in the dark.

  27. Did a quick search to see if anyone else had noticed the video clip gleefully advocating violence against bad whites, i.e. Nazis. Not much, but I did see a milktoast response from Rod Dreher at the American Conservative. I don’t read Dreher or the American Conservative, but I was curious about comments. They were typical head-in-the-sand boomers, but this one caught my eye and says it all:

    “With all respect Rod (because I do have a grest deal of respect for you and your opinions, and would never want to see you punched in the face for expressing them), you aren’t Jewish.

    Richard Spencer is objectively different from a pro-life protestor because his words lead to a gas chamber for me and my family. No one can say it won’t happen because it did, and Spencer makes no secret of the fact that it is his express intention to see it happen again. Even when he isn’t addressing a crowd with the words, “Onward, my death squads” (as he has actually done), his speech isn’t political expression–it’s incitement, which is not protected by the First Amendment. Krav Maga was quite literally invented for people like Richard Spencer.

    When the United States took control of the occupied German territories after the War, it proscribed the Nazi Party and made membership in it, recruitment for it, and dissemination of its literature criminal offenses. That hard stance was not the end of the freedom of the German people. In fact, it was the beginning.”

    This is how the other side views us. Vox Day can be an odd fellow, but he’s right. They hate us and want us dead. Don’t ever forget that.

  28. If things continue at the current pace of leftist insanity, within another generation or so whites will be forbidden to have children with other whites. White embryos will be destroyed if discovered. By the end of the 21st century, any remaining whites will be isolated and destroyed. That’s where the logic is headed. During the Haitian revolution, all white males, prepubescent females, and older white women were killed. White women of child-bearing age were given the choice of taking a black husband or being killed. (Read about it for yourself: ) So you see, it has already happened to us before. Keep your eye on South Africa.

    Personally, I think the leftists will run off the rails before it gets to that point. But you never know. Never underestimate the gullibility of many whites nor the venality of our opponents.

    • Paraguay actually did just that in the early 19th century. It was illegal for a white to marry another white. It was an attempt to destroy the colonial elite.

    • The whole abortion on demand thing has primed the pump for such things. If innocent babies can be slaughtered wholesale, how about the not-so-innocent? Not a big leap to go there.

      • Abortion has coexisted with our societies for a very long time. In many areas it was legal till at least 1800 and up to around 15 weeks was fine under English Common law. It was dangerous but allowed

        Its not historically been murder because its not murder and an acknowledgement of our common historical law does not mean a shift away from sanctity of life

        In any case abortion has been in decline for decades and it is increasingly become safe, legal and rare despite efforts of late term abortion ghouls

        Third, its mostly a Black and Latino thing and even a total ban on the procedure with every child carried to term would not lift White fertility to replacement. It would lift Hispanic and Black fertility though to above replacement .

        Increasing the poor, unwanted pregnancies, making more Leftists and increasing other races above fertility while ours is not seems like bad policy to me.

        Abortion is loathed by of the “its icky /revulsion” reflex many Conservatives have not out of any rational reasons and its a clear tell that I do not want whoever is making hash of it in power.

        They do not belong at the big boys table since they can’t think cause and effect through and are driven by feelz

  29. Big Other’s dependence on youth & fanaticism is an Achilles Heel. Even in my normie-Con days under Obama I said that Team Vibrant was pushing its agenda too overtly & fast, that they’d red pill enough normies to give MAGA an opportunity.

    While Trump’s Con, Inc shuck & jive is proving there’s a lot of blue pill left in Whitemerica, it’s still true that the most effective means of radicalizing Goodwhites is exposing them to the unfiltered id of Michelle Goldberg or Sarah Jeong (thanks, NYT!)

    According to Andrew Breitbart this was his plan in pushing Ariana Huffington to back HuffPo – showing the normies what the fanatics, freaks & foreigners really think about Whitey in their own words.

    There’s no writing off the paranoid ramblings of these vengeance-lusting PoC’s & triumphalist Ashkepaths as policy disagreements. Whitey needs to realize this is personal. Hat tip to the Grey Lady & WaPo for red-pilling more Whites than Spencer et al ever have. Time may yet be on our side, if we can keep buying enough.

  30. The Communists killed 100 million people last century. Does anybody really think that their intellectual (and literal) heirs today won’t do it again, if they get the chance?

    I mean, you could argue that they’ve already started. If you accept fourth generation war ( as a real type of war, and I do, then the war has already started. There have already been plenty of very real casualties.

    • Bill Ayers estimated that forty million (White) Americans, later amended to twenty-five million, would have to die to remake the country. That could be so. On the other side, it wouldn’t take more than a few dozen hangings to bring about a peaceful separation. The original Bolsheviks were unafraid of death but none of the creatures who drive today’s herds are prepared to die, possibly excepting Soros.

      • If it comes to war its probably better to exterminate the Left entin any area you can if you can.

        This prevents them from coming back at some point in a stronger form.

        That said its probably possible to make a Leftist proof society.

        we know for a fact that Left and Right brains are different and it wouldn’t be at all hard to develop a baseline of Right and Left

        At 21 anyone who is found to be a Leftist via brain scan is sent to the camps. They get three tries of six months to a year and they fail all three , they lose civil rights and are sterilized or if we are hard enough euthanized

        If we are willing to allow some leftist DNA would could make any young and attractive healthy Leftist females into Handmaidens and marry them off to our smart outcasts via lottery.

        Given the Left would kill of all us if they could and think we’d are just champing to turn into this Dystopia makes me wonder if we shouldn’t oblige them

        We won’t as our team would regard this as immoral but damn a society without the far left, foreigners and money junkies would much nicer to live in

      • The San Francisco Committee of Vigilance was a vigilante group formed in 1851. It was revived in 1856 in response to rampant crime and corruption. Militias hanged 8 people and forced several elected officials to resign. Each Committee of Vigilance formally relinquished power after three months.
        The Comstock Load/Virginia City Nevada was cleaned up by vigilantes in 2 years.

        • Get rid of law enforcement and see how quickly we can rid ourselves of the criminal elements in our midst.

  31. The line of questions you asked in Turku of Frodi will hopefully begin to turn the thinking in our camp:

    Organizing in ways that lead to effective actions.

    We’re all part of an extensive web in which we interact day in and day out. Many of us are too firmly ensconced in our social comfort zone, overly socialized, myself included. It’s time to in some areas of our lives to make inappropriate overtones and take inappropriate actions. Look at our ancestors and the lives many were forced to live so we could even have a civilization.

    Our communities and extended families have been so fragmented that the initial steps in mustering will be difficult. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible.

    At the very least we should engage some sort of breach of expected behavior as often as we can. Something that would initiate a wider conversation.

    Donning some symbol from our past that would not directly confront the current social milieu but seem anachronistic or confusing. It would identify us to one another. Wear it every certain day of the week. Something like a small pin of the Templar shield as a tie pin or as cuff links. A Masonic symbol, etc.

    Print business cards with examples of anti-white hate and ask if this sort of repeated behavior can be allowed to go unchallenged. Or cards with a pro white passage. There are a lot of great examples of this on the internet. Look up Wrath of Gnon.

    Leave a card here and there. Even 1 thousand people consistently doing this would have an effect. A million would turn things around.

    Maybe, in a place that could be moderated like an Amren article, we could have strategy posts about how to organize and how to monkey wrench the clown world narrative.

    Discussing actions instead of listening our gripes will probably increase the attacks on our communities but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    • Unfortunately, what seems to be coming is like being in the path of a hurricane. You can’t wish it away. Although, Hillary promised civility would return if we made her President.

  32. I wish you were able to convince some of your peers in the blogging community about the realities of where this country is headed. Those guys are good men, but they are still under the impression that, with a few tweaks of policy, the USS US can still be righted from its worsening list.

    Policy can no longer address the demographic shift within the US. The CoF will consume whites before turning upon each other, as the country collapses. Violence will be required to save the republic.

    • Right now, all that matters is the demographic shift and the war on whites. So many good, patriotic folks are being led down the wrong path by the likes of Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, Sean Hannity, who appeal to their USA-USA-USA! mindset by focusing on things like LOCK-HER-UP and “Don’t let the Dems divide us” rhetoric. Kirk, D’Souza and Hannity, and many others never sound the alarm over the rapid demographic shift.

      • FW De Klerk still lives in a mansion, having been well compensated for his treason.

        His opponets stupdily boycotted the negotiations before turning to a brief bout of terrorism, never being heard from again.

        That I fear, is what will happen here.

      • Kirk et al know about the demographics, they’d have to be idiots not to know. If they said anything they would be racists.

  33. To normies, an actual breakup of the US seems impossible, but some of us here, maybe many of us, saw a split coming awhile ago. I started believing it over 20 years ago, figuring around 2025 it would happen based on trends and extrapolating. I certainly didn’t see the banning of wrong-think individuals by corporations and leftist violence going unpunished though. Given what’s been happening, it’s hard to be surprised by anything that might occur. Anything and everything is on the table at this point.

    • When I was a pretty little white girl in High School in the 80s people used to call me the voice of Doom because I saw it all coming. Doesn’t necessarily make me happy but it does make me trust my intuitions.

      • My red-pill moment was the 2004 elections and working GOP volunteers powerwash the swastikas off the campaign office. W was a milquetoast conservative, on a good day, and yet he was McHalliBusHitler to the left. They had (have) no sense of scale.

  34. My perception is that pressure is building behind the dam; a great deal more “dissatisfaction” seems to be getting discussion and attention out in public; we may be on the cusp of a preference cascade. Exactly where all that leads I’m not sure; we may – probably have – passed the Point of No Return in societal disintegration, and pushback against destruction of the Republic is all that’s left.

    It would be nice to believe that the destruction could be reined in – and reversed – by congenial means, but there’s a better than even chance it will have to be accomplished more forcefully. Two years of rabid TDS, the scope of corruption in Washington that’s become obvious and the amount of foreign money sloshing around inside politics says repair may be beyond diplomatic solution.

    I’m really looking forward to all the comments on this post. There’s a chance they might be a good barometer. Maybe.

    • What on earth of value do you find in what you quaintly term “the Republic”? It may be named “America,” but it’s filled with mystery meat multikults, SJWs, landwhales, and churchians. It’s idiocracy plus corporate oligarchy and it’s mob rule that proclaims licentiousness “freedom.”

      Nuke it from orbit – twice just to be sure.

  35. I certainly hope—actually I pray, that an impossible thing today, white people pushing back against the anti-whites, happens soon.

  36. We all want to be left alone. Our parasitic government like the good progressive socialists they are will not have it. We get more of what we tolerate. Sic semper tyrannis. No one wants to have to do what is necessary. Gear up. We have work to do. All things point to the ethnostate. Ruling class my ass.

  37. Just saw the video. I found the black man to be a caricature of an uppity faux-intellectual black man that was created in circa early 80s Hollywood central casting. Like some walk-on character you would see on the Cosby Show in the 80’s, with textbook in his hand. The new, educated black man who still “keeps it real” with shit turds on his head. It’s a very aspirational character for those people, because you get to flap your gums at a coffee shop and do no work. You won’t see this guy rotating tires at a Mobil station. Credit cards so maxed out that he can’t even buy a tall cafe’ mocha.

  38. California is a perfect example of this “non-splintering.” If you asked me 10 or 15 years ago if the blacks in this state would come to their senses and realize that there’s a new minority in town (mostly Mexican) that will be far more abusive to them than whites could ever be, that calls them monkeys in Spanish, and has even meaner gang members that violently gun them down, surely, at some point, they would look around and say, “you know, whitey ain’t so bad.”

    Sadly, this is not the case. Whitey will still be the demon that haunts them at night, as the Mexicans demographically mow them down, to a point where they’re decamping to other states. It goes to show just how solidified anti-white hatred is these days, not to mention just how stupid and easily controlled these people are by their masters.

    • The European man and culture was too successful. No one except, ‘crazies’ can imagine a world without some brand of European on top. The fantasies of the most ardent Hotep are just that, fantasies. They have to have whites to fight against. Without whites they are formless. AIM didn’t really believe they’d throw the white eyes back into the sea. It’s all positioning inside their community. Inside baseball if you will.

      No one outside the odd fabulist or sci-fi author can imagine what’s coming. The world isn’t ready for the post western world. They certainly cannot imagine what it looks like.

      • “Without whites they are formless”.

        I stopped to buy beer at Rite-Aid today, in my still 99% white town, and, as I waited in a line of white people, to be cashed out by white cashier, I looked around the place and noted that every one of the advertising posters had black people in them, every damned one; here and there a white person – an old white guy listening deferentially to his black female doctor, or some white guy with (nonetheless) dark features laughing at the swing set, enjoying a precious moment with a brown child. You know the kind of stuff…

        All lovely people of course, happy, exhibiting white-inspired behavior (walking in parks, serving breakfast to clean and tidy children, poring studiously over textbooks or at chemical experiments, and so on)…

        “Without whites they are formless”.

        In the city nearby, you look at actual people – black and brown people, and you ask yourself, why do none of these people correspond to the beautiful multi-racial images at my drug store? Dangerously overweight men and women waddling about in sweatpants and black hoodies, the only white thing on them being their sneakers, staring at their phones or sucking on a Big Gulp.

        That’s the formlessness. As a Christian, I hate seeing people of any race, color or creed reduced to this level of pointlessness. Ancestrally they might have enjoyed a certain dignity in their homelands, hunting gazelles, accumulating wives, beating ancient rhythms on their drums, digging up cassava, beheading tribal enemies, or whatever.

        • Concur. I live in a 90% white town and almost every advertising poster in every Albertson’s, Target, Walgreen’s, …. is dominated by non-whites. I wonder if this ever strikes the non-racially aware white people as odd.

          • Advertisers know non-whites are more likely to buy if they see other non-whites in the ads. It generally makes no difference to whites. Whites have clearly lost cultural dominance, most just don’t know it. I’m not a black pill type, but I think we’re past the Rubicon and nothing has changed in most minds or maybe they cannot admit it yet to themselves.

          • Advertisers who inundate us with unrealistic images of Negroes 24/7/365 are not advertising to blacks, who account for only 13% of the population — and the poorest 13% at that. They are advertising to wealthy whites who regard themselves as morally superior for their “commitment to diversity.”

            Martin Loofer Kang is the New Jesus of the post-Christian, neo-pagan Religion of Equality and Diversity, and Negro-worship is now the official state religion of the U.S.

          • It generally makes no difference to whites. Whites have clearly lost cultural dominance, most just don’t know it.

            I’m not sure that’s right. In fact, I believe whites don’t care because they have such a superabundance of cultural confidence, that they don’t really care. POC care a lot about ‘representation’ in movies and such because they have a chip on their shoulder the size of an aircraft carrier.

            Granted, there are all kinds of things wrong with white culture, but it still beats every other culture in history into a cocked hat, and even the most demented regressive is aware of this – that’s where their appalling low expectations-racism comes from.

            (Edit: See bilejones’ Sobran-quote below)

          • Went to visit one of the wife’s libtart friends, every picture she had in the house was of black people, not one of whites including family, when I asked about it, she said she hadn’t noticed. By the way, we have not be invited back.

        • And they would be doing it far far away from us which would be a beautiful thing…Both places IQ would increase and maybe beauty would make a comeback here…

      • Sobran got it right 20 years ago.

        “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
        Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
        The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
        The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
        And, superiority excites envy.
        Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
        Joseph Sobran, April 1997

        The underlying, and never to be acknowledged, truth is that blacks demand and assume the right to have access to whites and the creations of whites on their own terms.

        As the first black mayor of Atlanta said, when told that whites would flee the city in response to his policies, “we will follow you”.

        (Some kind chap on Unz once provided me with a good cite for this quote but it is, alas, gone)

      • The Z Man has often explained that black Americans’ identity only exists in its relation to Whites. They have no other source of self-awareness.

      • Blacks will never understand how fortunate they are to be on this continent. They do not have a word for “gratefulness”.

    • IQ and cultural differences between Blacks and Whites are considerable

      I sometimes watch a Black comic on YouTube called Josh Pray. He seems like a genuinely nice middle class American guy without any of the animosity to White people that many Blacks have.

      Much of his shtick is a few minutes long compare and contrast his “bryte’ friends (that’a a YouTube term to avoid censor bots BTW, he’d prefer just to say White) and Black folk

      The one consistent thing I picked up is how mysterious and scary we seem to Blacks on account of the skills gap

      Blacks can be capable people in some areas but Black culture in the US is monolithic , either Rural Southern or City and my takeaway is that Whites seem unpredictable and scary to city blacks . I’d heard his refer to White people as Ninjas , Ringers and a couple of other things meant not in a derogatory term mind but this emphasizes our mysterious nature

      I watched a Black Panthers presentation as well with these guys freaked out that often our little kids can use rifles pretty well , Whites shoot accurately and fast and that we can hit from what seems to a city person, amazing distances routinely

      With envy at our success and capabilities , some old not yet to bed historical grievances , IQ and time preference differences and awful Black leadership , it no wonder the rot persists despite vast efforts on account of the people and the “System” to fix it

      Amusingly White Leftists suffer from the same feelings though magnified since they know they could do the same things if they manned up to do them.

      I haven’t a clue how to fix this mess , I’m not sure it can be.

      Ultimately nothing will get better until sane sober Dissident Right types are in charge but our fatal flaw is an unwillingness to embrace power for good ends

      Cucked to Death by Liberty is a hell of an epitaph for a once proud people if you ask me.

    • Casting our minds forward into the future, one certainty emerges: Black people will never, ever rule anything. They’re such an easy target for power-hungry cynics (including their own ‘leaders’ like Sharpton et al) that I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t such a damn nuisance.

      That said, they’re useful, the way floodwaters and infectious diseases are useful, to wipe out civilized thought and ancient traditions that impede the creation of absolute power.

      Call it God’s joke, but when the New Order is in place, blacks will find themselves on the chopping block next: Even in Hell there will be no escaping these people.

    • I think you’re overthinking this. It’s really two simple facts: First, they envy and hate Whites. They don’t particularly envy latinos or want to be one or think they have the magic White juju that takes all the money and the goods. Second, they notice that Whites don’t particularly like or hang around with lots of squatemalans and so they cheer on the beaners as another thing that pisses off whitey.

      Envy and hate – really what’s behind everything any member of the multikult (even the purportedly ‘almost white’ Orientals) does while squatting and parasiting in White homelands.

    • From having associated/worked with Hispanic people a lot when we lived in the DPRK I know they are unabashedly racist toward black folks who they call mayates (buzzards). The Hispanic racial Weltanschauung consists of Hispanic and Other. I have found Mexican Americans to be honorable hard working people, but I also know where the bear sh!ts in the buckwheat too as to how they see the Gringos and Mayates.
      Maybe some black folks will wake up, most won’t. Same with some whites.

  39. I disagree that things like losing your job over your non PC views were unthinkable a decade ago. It’s been going on for decades.

    I was almost fired from my claim rep job at a large insurance company for refusing to watch a video about AIDS in 1990. It was required to be seen by all as per the Home office’s HR Dept. I raised a stink about it (not work related and was likely politically motivated) and was called into a meeting with my supervisor, the dept. head, and the HR dept. head. I didn’t back down and they threatened to fire me. The meeting ended with them telling me they would decide later. They didn’t fire me only because I didn’t speak to any other co-workers about it.

    I wound up quitting and got another job later in the year. The company went out of business later in the 1990s. I was glad when they did!

    • That’s a different thing, don’t you think, from a guy getting fired because outside of work he liked a tweet from Donald Trump? Yes, it is outrageous that indoctrination is part of corporate culture, but you used to be able to leave work and have a life. That’s not true today.

      • I don’t mean to be running interference for the corporations here, but they aren’t the prime mover. The average unmarried Millennial female is virulently leftist, and they are the main demographic that makes up lower-tier corporate positions in HR and marketing. Leftists are also far more effective at boycotts than the Right is. A company that doesn’t immediately fire a racist employee also sets themselves up for lawsuits.

        The corporations don’t want boycotts, and they definitely don’t want unionization. Woke is a cheap price to pay, and possibly even profitable considering that Boomercon “boycotts” are free advertising.

        • “…they definitely don’t want unionization.”

          I wonder when/if some enterprising young “organizer” will change tack and try to organize on the principle of saving workers from woke HR. I’ve been anti-union my whole life, based mainly on the very obvious criminal scam to which the whole thing had devolved by the time I came of age, but I might be on board for that sort of representation.

          • I agree. I had to belong to a number of unions at different jobs when young and I found them all feckless and corrupt, but a union that really stood by the worker again? I’m for it, too.

      • YUP, the “Gutenberg Galaxy v2.gazillion” [Internet] with ensuing instantaneous 24/7 “social media interaction” has totally destroyed the “old paradigm”. That and the same ‘ol historical decadence of declining empires. Santana’s immortal observation still seems applicable. For the informed, [still] productive, inland, rural, GATHERed, GUNned, GARDENed “Repenteds”, a [hot] CW2 is not only a “Jeffersonian necessity”, but a sooner-than-later “event” to “clean the chaff from the wheat” – with the chaff being “bailed-up” in a FEMA Gulag “dig”. Bring it! Hoo-rah.

        • “We stood before it and began to freeze inside from the exertion. We questioned the painting, berated it, made love to it, prayed to it: We called it mother, called it whore and slut, called it our beloved, called it Abraxas….”

      • It seams to me that a lot of this is just finding a excuse to fire someone that they want to get rid of.

      • It’s NOT different at all! For a man who rhetorically values Cause and Effect analysis you seem oddly blind and obtuse. You have NO idea how often this happens…and HAS BEEN happening all your life and longer. It happened to me. It’s happened to dear friends of mine. To family members.

        You see it in the cowed faces of employees on a daily basis. To NOT see it is to be willfully blind to the suffering of others…which is your right. But please do not pretend to actually care about the problem while simultaneously displaying your own callous indifference and ignorance. That is a spectacle too shabby to behold.

      • Different in degree I suppose. Or simply the next logical step from corporate mandated (how sexist of me, “persondated”?) sensitivity training.

  40. The five year old boy that was thrown off the third story balcony. I can’t get it out of my mind. The mother, the child, the confrontation with pure evil. It’s terrifying

        • STOP playing the DR3/double standard game. Just stop. It’s not hypocrisy and there is NO double standard. There is one standard and one only: If one is White (particularly also if male and even nominally Christian) one is completely expendable.

        • Referring to “cowardly, corporate cucks/clucks” as the “press” is, at the least, very disingenuous. The only thing “press[ed]” is their lips to their corporate owner’s AHs’ . . . whenever they order a “TOSSED SALAD”.

        • The leftist sycophantic media must resort to the disingenuous wording to try and deflect the truth of what happened.

          • This is why a functional understanding of “document analysis” has become critical. You have to recognize the tracks, and prints, of the media useful idiots, in order to see, and understand what they are trying to do. Unfortunately, as the numbers of humans lacking cause and effect genes grow, it will be harder, and harder to counter the onslaught!

        • Does anyone have any ideas about why the press is covering this story and showing the suspect’s photo? Is this story too emotional to be ignored? I assume the press has the power to bury any story whatsoever.

        • Yes, but it is an illustration of the failure of our legal system. Emmanuel Aranda had multiple complaints against him involving behavior at the MOA. Two previous assaults at that location as far back as 2015, yet he was back there after being banned.

          Finding much about him other than his recent actions is not as easy as it would be for just about anyone else, which while not surprising, is indicative of the direction we’re heading.

      • He’s a Somali Muslim who changed his name according to 4Chan. This would explain the enforced silence across the board. Even Fox News does it when Muslims attack. They are usually the last ones to name the fanatic.

        Even looking at his facial structure it’s clear he was no American black.

    • On the same fucking day as the TV spot promoting violence against whites, no less.

      I’m not saying the mall guy saw the TV spot, but I don’t think anyone can deny that, as a matter of our general cultural-political direction, the two things are related.

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