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I saw this linked on Drudge this morning. I have never heard of the site so I make no claims about its integrity. The video itself is not all that interesting, other than the fact Sharpton appears to have amnesia. What is interesting is the value of offense in the culture war. Sharpton is a festering carbuncle of a man. A sensible society would have scraped off that bit a filth from the shoe a long time ago. Instead the official religion of the country celebrates the guy. People who style themselves as the opposition, like Sean Hannity, treat the guy with respect.

As soon as you concede ground to these guys, you lose. That’s why you always have to be on offense. If dozens of private guerrilla video makers are ambushing guys like Sharpton and posting their work, the tide begins to turn. If a James O’Keefe type of operation does a 30 minute piece of Chris Mathews whites-only neighborhood, it forces that fat lunatic to go on defense, rather than rant and rave about normal people.  There’s plenty of money in the normalville to finance this stuff.

But, everyone is afraid to upset Lefty.


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Nedd Ludd

Even without Sharpton we lose… The Republicans are beyond parody. Check out this Republican fund raising letter that was forwarded to me by a conservative friend yesterday. (below) (BTW, these should have a little Rhino, rather than an Elephant on them, to go with the nice selection of Third World flag colors – I can’t wait to see our new national flag.) “Begin forwarded message: From: “President George H.W. Bush” Date: May 22, 2014, 2:49:33 PM EDT To: —– Subject: Self-proclaimed: Reply-To: “President George H.W. Bush” Friend, I don’t know what your guilty pleasures are in life, but one… Read more »


If the wild and crazy Surrealists of olden times were to come back to life in Our Times they would soil themselves in horror and give up dope and absinthe.