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I was a little stumped on what to do with the show this week, so I figured something on current events might work. My day job keeps me busy this time of year, so I am pressed for time. A “review of and comment upon the news” type of show is easy to put together compared to some of the other stuff I like to do. I just need to find a handful of news items that are interesting to me. The show writes itself. I have not been following the news much lately, so it meant scanning the main news sites.

I’ve made this point about cutting the cord, but it applies to following current events as well. When you step away from this stuff for a while, coming back feels like you are entering a strange new world. Like Hollywood, the people engaged in politics have always been weird and alien. When you see it every day it is a familiar weirdness that you just accept. Go away for a while then come back to it and you see that our ruling class is foreign and deranged.

A great example of the strangeness is this video from yesterday. I first saw it on Tucker after I put the show together. My goodness. Look at those eyes. That’s the result of lots of pills washed down by lots of chardonnay. If that face popped out of the darkness, you would die of fright. Then there are the facial tics. I kept waiting for smoke to start coming out of her and then her face to fall off. Those ticks reminded me of this scene from the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

The thing that keeps coming to my mind is that there was a meeting in Pelosi’s office discussing this ridiculous stunt. The heads of the mass media operations, her staff and assorted party operatives all decided that was a good plan. Sending that dilapidated old bag out to slur through that speech was their plan. Maybe they are stuck with her, but who in their right mind would sign off on that speech? The greatest thespian on earth could not perform those lines without making the audience wince.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson, he did a segment last night on this story about Conservative Inc. taking bribes to peddle opioids. The story itself is shocking for its cravenness, even to cynics on our side of the great divide. American Enterprise was trying to kill white people, for just a few grand a year from Purdue Pharma. It really goes to the heart of things. These freaks and weirdos ruling over us hate us. They hate us so much they will partner with a mass murderer to poison us.

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  2. The way I look at “the Media” is as follows. In France, you know a person’s politics based on what newspaper they read. If you read Le Figaro, you are a conservative. If you read Le Monde, you are a leftist. No Frenchman kids himself about the politics of the two newspapers and thinks they are anything other than advocates for their parties.

    In the U.S., if you watch CNNABCNBCCBSNPR, then you are a leftist. No thoughtful conservative pays any attention to them because they are newsheimers. They lie in the service of the Democrat Party and the Ruling Class. Of course, their lying is despicable, but their hypocritical pose that they are somehow unbiased arbiters of the truth and proper opinion is merely laughable.

    • All true Steve, and it makes you wonder. What is it about our minds that makes it resistant to the overwhelming left wing propaganda attack? We really are intellectual heretics. Like that ink blot test where you see a tree whereas everyone is trying to tell you it’s an elephant.

      • Deep. Another good one, lfrank.
        If I could bottle that…

        Oh, and Greensboro- what’d’ya bet every lefty decries, “but journalism is supposed to be objective!…”

  3. Let’s not forget Joe Biden.

    In his lifetime he must surely remember that the political candidate never insulted, abused, or attacked The Voter. The Voter was to be respected; the candidate asked for his vote and attempted to sway him, gently, or baffling him with bullshit–but never attacking the citizen voter.

    Joe shows us what the future looks like. The tyrant ruler who punishes those who disagree with him. In my lifetime, I have seen the transition.

    All the more reason for Barr’s promise to investigate the roots of the coup must result in indictments, trials, sentencing, and punishment.

    Nothing short of it will prevent the transition for Biden’s abuse to dictatorship.

    • Barr’s part of the scam. He’s 2019’s version of Issa or Gowdy. More gInning up the plan-trusters to “lock her/them up” that will cease the day after the 2020 election.

      Who has been taken down for the IRS scandal? Benghazi? Granny Capone’s emails? DNC election-rigging? Uranium One? Seth Rich?

    • If I was to place a bet, I’d bet with Exile. Barr represents a little sliver of hope. He fails, we pass another milestone on the road to perdition, after which, I’m afraid there is no turning back.

  4. Consider: the crazy cat ladies are vying for the attention of the most dominant male in sight, that being Orange Man. Orange Man Bad because he ignores them rather than ravishing them.

  5. I wish Z-man had emphasized more the DC Republican – Conservative Inc. part in this Impeachment clown show. McConnell and his gang are treating this as a serious impeachment which it isn’t – and Conservative media should be mocking and laughing at this travesty and Joke. But they aren’t. The impeachment is a partisan, unheard of, against all precedent abuse of power. The American people don’t want it and don’t like it. But McConnell and National Review refuse to say so.

    • McConnell and the NR are among those who are in on it, but need to calibrate their actions, very finely, to not blow their cover. They are part of the “tsk, tsk, couldn’t be helped, let’s make the best of it” brigade, after the fact, as they quietly cash their checks.

      The rule of thumb on all of this is, as bad as you can imagine it to be, it is actually worse.

    • I like a lot of what JHK has to say but we’re at least 20 years short of any kind of “collapse” in the Dem party.

      Partly it’s a generational thing. He’s so utterly shocked at the mendacity and ham-fistedness of the Dems, so different from his idea of liberal counter-culture and legit dissent, that he thinks reality will be his divine avenger – “this cannot stand.”

      It has, and it will.

      We can’t count on divine intervention to right this “cosmic injustice.” So far as we can tell right now from where we’re standing, it’s a long walk out of this and no one is going to make it but us, the hard way.

      • Jim’s seen all he sees as being right around the corner since the 80s. You can’t blame them for rushing the timetable. A man really wants to find out if he’s right before he dies.

  6. “I was a little stumped on what to do with the show this week, so I figured something on current events might work. My day job keeps me busy this time of year, so I am pressed for time.” — Z-man

    I think that one day you should do a post on topics that your blog readers would like you to do. We could do a whole thread on people offering suggestions for blog post topics. With that “on-topic” we could even argue over various suggestions and so forth. It might be fun.

  7. Biden has always been a freaky individual, even as a young man, but it’s sad that his family isn’t leading him off of the stage at this point. He’s genuinely offended that anyone question his proximity to the influence peddling pipeline – a lot like Hillary in this regard. Surprisingly, the clapping seals in his audience agree that he has every right to hook his entire family to the influence peddling spigot.

    One senses the mob was about to pounce on the elderly Dem ‘Groyper’ who dared question the propriety of such an arrangement. They are not bothered by it in the least. In fact, they somehow conflate Joe’s well-being with their own, internalizing Joe’s abuse of the government as some type of greater good that is vaguely in their interest as well.

    It’s like when Dianna died and the nation found itself suddenly on a first name basis with her. No amount of maudlin water-works, roses, or teddy bears could express the enmeshed and misplaced grief that consumed the irrelevant peasants. The UK came to a standstill for an entire week to accommodate the street exercises where others now regularly make a show of praying. At a time when Palace antics were coming under heavy scrutiny, the Crown shrewdly bought more time for itself by milking a personal tragedy to the max, thanks to Blair’s PR eye. And to think – the Queen almost overlooked the opportunity – what if she hadn’t taken Blair’s advice? Perhaps another consultation with Blair is in order. Maybe our should also consult with Blair!

    So while Biden picks fights with senior citizens, and Nancy barks at the moon, the hen-pecked Harry can’t properly manage his hand in his photo-op with Melania. He’s so thoroughly insulated from reality that he doesn’t appreciate his antics are performed on the borrowed time that Grandmother leased with the exploitation of his mother’s death. Yet he claims some vague “paparazi” excuse for his wife’s bad behavior.

    Yes folks, these are the best Compromised Candidates the Deep State has to offer! Is it any wonder that Adam Schiff resembles David Ferrie more each day?

    • Biden is supposed to somehow get elected, then keel over dead or otherwise promptly exit stage left, so the radical VP, whoever that might be, who would never, ever get elected on xis/xer/zits own right, can take the helm and steer us to never-never land. Slow Joe is blowing his role.

    • I see hints that ol’ Joe is a cut-out, priming a possible grand sweep by Michelle O. onto the stage after the debates are over.

  8. Okay, I wanted to hear about impeachment b/c of the news yesterday. But the characterization of the Dem candidates cracked me up completely lol Please do a whole show describing the ‘honorable’ opposition lol

  9. AEI works for cheap! Only $4 for every man, women, or child killed by Sackler opiates.


    Something common among all these folks involved in the Sackler opiate Hillbilly Heroin Holocaust.

    • Just like

      Feldman – this guy is a fucking prick

      I said before – I was not one of those Muh Jooz people. But lately I am really starting to “Notice” – even in daily life. The Tribe now stands apart from the Gentiles to me.

      One thing you can try with normiecons is this: tell them that if every impeacher was a Muslim, they would be outraged at the Muslim coup taking place. They really hate Muslims, but are oblivious to Jews. It might help.

      • Wherever anti-Whites are at work, you will find them in grossly disproportionate numbers. They aren’t the authors of all evil, they aren’t all-powerful or magic, and NAJALT, but it’s impossible to make an honest appraisal of their net impact on the White race today without Noticing that this 1-2% seems to be up to a lot of (((tricks))) for such a small group of people.

        • It’s that whole “The gateway leads to a crowd which changes the culture” thing. Our culture is changed, due to a certain group at the top. The new group’s dynamics now prevail. Noticing is recognizing the reality of it.

          Lileks, a nice little midwestern CivNat, had a fascinating old cartoon piece on his blog page today. It was from about a century ago, something about “Mr. True”, who gave a fist beating to everyone who crossed him wrong. It was hugely popular in the day, and has been completely scrubbed from history. Mr. True was the heritage white manner of dealing with things, which has been bred, coached, and lawyered out of us. Mr. True was a badwhite of sorts. He was built and dressed like DJT, come to think of it.

      • It’s hard not to notice when a congressional committee headed by Jew, and whose lead counsel is a Jew, takes testimony from several Jews (see list above) and then passes on the findings to another committee headed by a Jew with a lead counsel that is also a Jew, and the first panel features three Jewish law professors who all want Trump impeached. In short, the “big reveal” in House judiciary committee was essentially five Jews discussing how much they despise Trump and how he must be impeached. Clown World with clowns in small hats.

    • The fact that Satel, a psychologist, was speaking on the issue at all is just disgusting. Psychologists are scam artists who destroy lives, marriages, and families. I remember while dating an ex, she had issues due to past life events. She started talking with a psychologist. Suddenly, she figured out that it was actually *me* who was the “root cause” of her issues. Things went downhill from there.

      I also tried talking to a psychologist during my less redpilled days. Absolutely useless. It’s a fake and transactional situation. I tell her my problems, she gets paid to “listen”.

      The solutions to most mental issues are as follows:
      – Prayer
      – Community
      – Exercise, sleep
      – Staying busy (purpose)

      Obviously in severe cases a psychologist and medication may be necessary. But many, many cases can be solved without them.

  10. I can’t stress this enough. Stay abreast of the mass media; it tells you what your enemies are thinking – and that is crucial in defeating them. Hillary and her lickspittles dismissed 2/3 of the nation as deplorable racists and ignorant kadiddlehoppers – and was stunned when she lost the election. There is something to be learned from that.

    • And that same public turned right around and made the ‘Rats the majority in the House. Which of course crippled Trump’s agenda and brought us to impeachment. What I learned is that the American voter is an idiot and the vote itself likely meaningless.

      • Hmpfffff! Correct. Good point, Carl. How to account for that…?

        Perhaps our esteemed blog host accounted for that when he noted that there is a sexual vector in all this lunacy, and that it is driven by women?

        Other thoughts: are women born crazy – or are changing times instilling it in them? Consider: electrical machines made much of ‘women’s work’ unnecessary by the end of the 1950’s – when the first lunatic symptoms started to occur. Feminism arose and women started parachuting into more and more jobs they couldn’t do. Even with fierce speech and thought control, women have botched most of those and continue to do so today, despite the fact it is illegal to say so. That has to be thoroughly demeaning and soul crushing too. They’ve demonized motherhood – which is the basis of their gender, and that in turn has driven all kinds of other lunatic and hysterical positions.

        It’s obvious now that they don’t belong in authority or in positions of power. But… what to do with them if we do indeed manage to displace them from such positions? They need something to do and a reason to exist. How to engage them and to give them that?

        • Great question, and I suspect it’s the key to our salvation.

          I want them to yearn for us and the place we make for them, and for no other.

      • Trump did it to himself, he took his base for granted and blew his political capital on crap like the tax cuts which no one wanted except the monied class for billionaires instead of securing the border and deporting illegals.

        His refusal to veto spending bills that tied his hands on immigration showed just how clueless and gutless he was.

      • The American voter votes his tribe. Demographics. Our tribe is getting smaller, while other tribes are getting larger. It’s as simple as that. The Left tries to create and populate as many tribes as possible, so that they can present a united front in opposition to that once dominate tribe. Us.

    • Trump hasn’t got much accomplished. Partly because of his faults, and partly because of the opposition.

      I think impeachment would probably be good. He would be replaced by VP Milquetoast so nothing would change. But it would make the right angry and might focus them.

      The look of three Jewish lawyers trying to overthrow an election this week is bad optics. They only get away with it because people aren’t angry enough to mention it. That must change.

  11. Last night on Tucker as he was chatting with Mark Stein over the fake outrage Pelosi displayed when asked if she hated Trump. Stein can paralyze Carlson with his wit. Regarding herself praying for Trump he said something like, “Yeah yeah, The morning I wake up, put on my Botox make-up, I say a little prayer for you.”

  12. Israel is welcome to enforce and defend their tenuous Biblical claim on their new homeland – with their own blood and treasure, not ours.

    Let Paul Singer, Sheldon Adelson, et al spend their billions directly on Israel’s defense rather than on subverting my country to serve as Jewish Janissaries.

    • Yes. And no.

      I get that many here hate Jews both for reasons founded and not. I thank the dissidents for the red pill on Jews, even though it was mightily bitter to take.

      But: dissidents are dangerously naïve about moslems and most do not understand them or the threat they pose. You cannot take your ball and go home with moslems. They have blood feuds that go back centuries, they’re tribal as hell, and will instinctively rebel against any authority that should present itself. Historically they are capable of temporary alliances and when they manage it – they topple powerful empires wherever they choose. The situation we have is this – we can engage them over there or over here. At the rate things are going, it will probably be both, sooner rather than later. As far as they are concerned, we are no different than the Jew.

      Israel is the only ally we have in the theatre. And, they are a powerful ally against a much worse threat. Using them as a lever and lightning rod against the moslems makes good sense.

      Dissidents may not be interested in geopolitics, but geopolitics IS interested in you.

      • We HAD no enemies in the Middle East.
        Islam was near dead from modernity.

        Even Abrahamic Messianism had had to adopt a secular facade as “communism”.

        (‘Ideology’ is just another word for ‘religion’.
        A nicey-nice masking word. Buckley was a cleric.)

        The Messianic Abrahams invented Islam to kill the Arab Christians, then Egyptian, Levantine, Mesopotamian, and Persian Mithraic Christians, and then Roman Christians.
        The Messianics have resurrected Donmeh Wahabbism and jihad to do their dirty work today- they’re the generals behind the curtain.

        It’s all Semitic to me, anyhoo.

        • Al;
          You are simply mistaken. The West had plenty of enemies in the ME. Recall Jeffersons 1803 wars against the Barbary Pirates. The difference is that they were powerless to harm us until after the 1970’s or so. Why was this_?

          Because FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, etc. insisted on dissolving the European empires’ holdings therein. Perhaps the ‘Greatest Generation’s’ so-called statesmen thought that the Arabs would be grateful. More likely, because they expected to (and did) greatly profit from the redirected cash flows from their streets to Wall Street.

          And also because the ME couldn’t get at us until the Arabs, etc., were able to reverse colonize us after the 1965 immigration ‘reform’. The Kennedy’s thought this was all about getting more Irish voters into Boston. Cloud stupidity isn’t actually new, it’s just having it’s costs piling up now that the easy money is done.

      • The idea that Muzzies are itching to conquer the West, or are capable of it, is goy feed for the “common enemy, Greatest Ally” shuffle.

        Europe had no Muslim problem until it imported them. America had no Muslim problem until it started meddling in ME politics with the Shah, Camp David and especially after the neo-con ascendency in the 80’s to today.

        Let them bag their wahmens, stone the gheys when they aren’t shtupping them on the down-low, and do whatever else they like in their own lands. Buy oil from whichever despot is sitting atop the spigot at the moment. Leave Israel to determine its own fate. Stop involving ourselves in Semitic blood feuds.

        The only forces capable of forcing the Muslims to organize and integrate on a truly dangerous level are Israeli and US interventions. See Iraq and ISIS for examples.

        • I think of it as the modern Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. The Progs import Muslims to disrupt and outbreed white normals. Once the normals are an insignificant minority, the Progs will turn on the Muslims with the kind of viciousness only they can muster.

          • Neo-liberalism will also work its black magic on Muslims. They’re already selling branded, ad-festooned burqas and other trad Muslima garb. Brit Muslims are finding out that ghey trumps Muslim. Trad-Muslim patriarchs cannot restrain their sons and daughters for long in the heart of Porntopia.

            Corporate Consumerist Capitalism may be the closest thing to capital-C Chaos on Earth today. Where it spreads, order dissolves and civilizations crumble.

        • I think what JS might be getting at is the demographic issue. So of course that’s a threat but not one that a few machine gun towers along the borders wouldn’t deal with. We don’t have those towers because we’ve got our heads up asses about many other things that will destroy us before the Saracen come pouring in.

          Exile is right. Muslims are numerous but not well organized or especially smart. They are imports, not immigrants. We all know who the importers are, here and in Europe.

        • You’re simply wrong about that, and dangerously so. As our blog host says – there are far worse things to be than an anti Semite. But the problem with haters is that they can only think in one dimension. Jews and muzzies know this and hw to exploit it in their enemies. Often their enemies mistakenly see their tactics as 4D chess when they are nothing more than critical thinking and common sense.

          You need some remedial instruction in both history and viewing it dispassionately and objectively. I strongly recommend ‘The Fate Of Empires’ by John Glubb.

          Dissidents have to understand that they WILL live either as subjects or citizens of empire when this one falls. Human beings will not tolerate a power vacuum and from what I have seen so far, the dissidents have no real plan to fill it. That means that somebody else will… To me that implies a population that is highly motivated, unafraid of bloodshed, and will do whatever needs to be done to vanquish their enemies. Other than the muzzies I don’t see many other candidates.

          • J. S.
            I agree with you. What a lot of people here are missing is that Islam is *also* a ‘Hive Mind’ in the sense of Z’s excellent exposition on that subject a week or so ago with regards to the Prog/Borg Hive Mind.

            IOW, a charismatic leader can and does occasionally arise to unite the Ummah for some project of rape and pillage upon their ‘impious’ neighbors. He thus aggrandizes himself and creates upward mobility for his followers so long as lip service is given to Islam. So it is a Hive Mind much more aligned with and respectful of the ‘useful’ aspects of human depravity than the Prog/Borg Hive Mind which must constantly lie about the obvious.

            Sudden aggression justified by invoking Islamic piety has been a consistent theme throughout Islam’s bloody 1400 year history. It was (and is) a great misfortune to have a Moslem nation as a neighbor. You must constantly be on watch if your nation is to survive intact. Just look at the history of Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution’s making it possible for European nations to subdue the Mid-East and N Africa.

            So to deliberately make Moslems your neighbors when you didn’t have to is an unforced error of the greatest magnitude. And yet this is but *one* of the features of our current day Cloud Ruler’s program.

          • Correct. Dissident historians and archeologists are now reversing the Hive narrative on the Crusades. They were not driven by Christian greed or bloodlust, they were acts of self defense against endless moslem raids and attacks on their lands.

        • Living under Islam sounds straight up delightful compared to being crushed by the neoliberal globohomo state at this point

      • I make a distinction between Jews and Zionists. I can make a realpolitik alliance with the former but the latter is a diabolical enemy. A realpolitik America-first foreign policy would expose and destroy the Zionists.

        As for Islam … Deep State globalists – and Zionists but I repeat myself – remain hopeful that Islamists can be wielded as a tool against the West in general, the nation-state specifically. Our CIA keeps the extremist groups armed and funded for black ops around the world.

        • And the CIA is an East India Company with the (((same))) designers and owners as the British, Dutch, and French East India Companies. Thus, J.Smith and Al d’Nort are also correct.

          Nailed it it one, Cap’n; I’ve had elderly expats describe to me how Riyadh, Beirut, and Tehran were like Vegas or Paris, and we had thousands of American teenagers working a summer in Iran’s bazaars in 1974.

  13. Before clicking on the link to Pelosi’s speech, I thought Z-man was referring to the congressional testimony from that harridan law professor earlier in the week. But my gut response to both presentations is the same as Z’s, namely: Who the hell ever thought this would be a good look for their side?!

    Stuff like this kindles a faint glimmer of hope in me. Our opponents really suck at what they do. They are so buffered in their alien world that they are utterly clueless about what real people are like. They are powerful and hold the upper hand in every institutional way, which we must never forget. But they really are living on another planet, and that should be a strength for our side–and an avenue to exploit against the cloud folk.

    BTW, this is not just an observation about the Democrats: it applies to the whole “ruling class.” Back in 2016, as I was cheering on Trump in the primaries, I was astonished when the GOPe floated weirdos like French and McMullin as plausible presidential candidates (after all their other approved alternatives had been humiliated). Then it dawned on me: these obvious losers are what our elites imagine will appeal to traditionalist, gentile America. In other words, those candidacies were evidence of the GOPe’s contempt towards the “stupid, simpleminded” people who had loyally supported them for all those years.

    It’s still that way in the broader Republican party, of course. Who the hell ever decided that Lindsay Graham should be its number one spokesman? Whatever–the whole ruling class has got to go.

    • “… the whole ruling class has got to go.”

      Yep. There is nothing salvageable. I like to think of it as a story. Our ruling elites are the officers on the Titanic. They are on deck having a big party, drinking and dancing. Donald Trump jumps up on the band’s stage, quieting their instruments and exclaims “Guys! We are heading to an iceberg. We need to change course 5 degrees to the right and then we’ll be ok.”

      Jeffrey Epstein drunkenly staggers a bit and whines “Calm down, Donald! Have another drink and underage whore!”

      Trump looks at him and responds “Shut up, Epstein, you little freak!”

      Trump turns to crowd of inebriated officers. “Seriously guys, if we hit this iceberg we ARE going to sink and we did not build enough lifeboats for everyone. If we hit, the proles are going to boil up from below decks and take all the lifeboats and there will be none for us and our children. They are going to blame us for hitting the iceberg and rightly so. They have the guns to take the lifeboats. We cannot stop them, but we can make a slight course correction to the right and miss the iceberg.”

      Trump turns to Tucker Carlson and a few like minds of old
      American aristocracy at a corner table. “Maggots like Epstein WANT us to hit the iceberg. Do you?”

      So here we are, with ruling elites comprised of two factions: one WANTS to hit the iceberg and the second is either unable or unwilling to stop the first. Either way, their fitness to rule and any sense of their legitimacy is gone. They have turned my country into an open-air market with no social, moral, or spiritual value placed above love of money and the single thread of their legitimacy is that they run the market well, and they have failed at even that. I would vastly prefer a Francisco Franco-style solution, but that isn’t in the cards because our institutional right-wing was destroyed (by Cuckservatives, NOT by the left) before I was born, so I say let the Communists and diversity cannibals feast upon their flesh.

  14. Dutton’s speech was the highlight of another weird day with Antifa in Oslo (after Copenhagen’s attempted riot). The lighting was the result of some kind of issue we had all evening with the power – not sure whether the building owner was doing his bit for Diversity by shutting off the power or some other madness was at work.

    In Clown World, the normal people have to meet in darkness to plot conspiracies to re-establish wholesome sane society while purple-haired nose-ringed mobs out of The Purge or Prince of Darkness strut in the public square to the adulation and applause of TV audiences all over Cuck-ropa.

  15. Feeling less constrained by psychological ethics than even its degenerate scions, I have no qualms with subjecting these snake-heads to the mirror of righteous reflection.

    What sort of personality leads one to be a crooked shrink? One need read no further than the Freud-debunking works of Frederick Crews (e.g.

    Crews provides a great overview of the flaws of Freud & cites the truly deep and detailed thinkers who’ve dismantled Freudianism to the degree that it’s been almost entirely replaced by more modern medically-grounded theories like CBT.

    Spoiler Alert: it’s projection, all the way down. Every abberation Freud identified could be found in his own anxiety closet.

    A pervert, liar, swindler and plagiarist on his better days, there is little to distinguish the Father of Psychology from the Father of Lies.

    At least the Devil was a man of wealth AND taste, and one for whom you could have some sympathy.

    As in National Lampoon’s famous cartoon “Roy Cohn in Hell,” I suspect the Devil walks among us today largely because perverted megalomaniacs like Sigmund & Roy have made Hell unbearable. And Epstein just showed up.

    Because of shysters like McAdams, psychology today is largely regarded by legitimate scientists as a foetid back-alley populated with mouth-foaming mongrel curs who spend their days snarling for pecking order, sniffing each others farts or chasing their own tails.

    Head doctors, shrink thyselves.

    • “ Spoiler Alert: it’s projection, all the way down.”

      And yet, you quote a psychological concept first described in publication by Doctor “Fraud”. Oh the irony…. 😉

      • Freud also described breakfast. Doesn’t invalidate breakfast or suggest Freud discovered breakfast.

        Projection is something we all see on a common-sense level – I have no problem believing it’s for real. In the (((wrong hands))), any concept can be misused.

        • And there you’ve made my point. Freud described most all of his observations from a logical (his logic) perspective. His “findings”—mostly unverified theories—were typical for publications in the field for when he published (100 years ago). He did not wake up every morning and think, “what can I put over on the rubes today?” Nor do I remember anyone claiming he plagiarized ideas or other’s work.

          His concepts and descriptions were often right on and intuitively obvious. Indeed, so obvious that he became world famous in his own time and more so after he died. One can see in film and novels, particularly from the 50’s, his concepts of psychopathology used in plots—with little to *no* explanation required for the audience to understand what was going on with the character(s).

          One of my favorite movies as a youngster was “Forbidden Planet” with the comely Anne Francis. One of the central concepts of Freudian psychological theory, the “ID”, was central the plot of the movie (grade B movie stock). Such was the grip of Freudian psychology at that time.

          So what if Freud was a victim himself of many of his pathologies? To paraphrase a recent comment, “they (pathology descriptions) are obvious to the discerning mind and therefore are validly used.“

          • Projection is a concept as old as the Bible, at least. Read Crews and the Freud debunkers he relies on – Freud did plagiarize, falsify and sensationalize.

            Those who disagree are welcome to read the sources.

            You’re welcome to choose Freud Hill to die on if you like, but with the entire field of psychotherapy having left him behind, you’re going to die alone.

          • Not really, revisionists are a dime a dozen. Grifters all—as you so like to call others who don’t toe your particular flavor of dissident rightism. Just another example of Post Modernism.

            Surprised you fell for such.

          • Identifying patterns is one thing but the demon within psychology is inventing the underlying reasons for those patterns. Once you accept the hocus pocus basis for human motivation you can accept “unconscious bias” or the idea that rightwing thought is objectively evil. It provides an unearned legitimacy for all kinds of insane theories.
            Remember: the best lies always contain truth.

            Freud borrowed from Schopenhauer’s theory that reality is fundamentally evil and used this to justify the idea that the ID is evil.This idea is a key part of the justification for totalitarian government, the idea that the plebs left free of extremely coercive government will rampage.

            Freud admitted to being a fraud in correspondence and on more than one occasion fretted that patients might improve whilst he was on holiday and realize that he was useless.

          • That a doctor in his time admitted he had no cure for a psychological disease is refreshing and not necessarily indicative of fraud. That does not detract from the good doctor describing and categorizing symptoms of neurosis and psychological reaction, which is what we were primarily discussing.

      • Takes one to know one.

        The Left accuses us haters of projection daily.
        I listen to them, thinking, “how do you tell a projector he’s projecting?” Because they do, it’s obvious, they hate their caricature of us.

        That said, I defend Freud, a brain surgeon, for bringing up the idea that since the brain has a structure, the mind does too- no matter the accuracy of his pioneering “id, ego, superego” abstract.

        Never read his stuff; it’s a bit dated, the twisty old perv. At least he had the sense to use premium quality cocaine.

        • For those wishing to read “the best of” Freud, one of his popular writings is the monograph, “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life”. Should be available on the net for free.

          Let’s not let weird/outlandish concepts/theories like “Penis Envy” and “Oedipus Complex” cause one to toss the baby out with the bath water. As to being weird, remember that most medicine of the times was little more than quackery anyway—with peers giving the gentile ladies of the era organisms in the treatment room to cure their hysteria.

          • Was that really as widespread as feminists want you to believe? Do you seriously think that our great-great-grandgathers who were on average more manly than any man today were somehow incapable of properly fucking their women?

          • I don’t know what sex was like 100 years ago, but have read no shortage of complaints from modern women wrt men acting badly in the bedroom. Couple that with Victorian age hang ups and Freudian silliness wrt to all psychological ailments related to sex, and I could image such treatments.

        • Interesting, Alzaebo, “They hate their caricature of us”. They do, and they need that caricature to remain in place. Can’t have us talking some sense and blowing their caricatures all to hell. I’m going to need to give this little thing some thought over the weekend.

    • Over the last 40 years the Left has memory holed its former love of Dr. Freud. Even as late as the early 60’s they were hailing him as the great scientific genius and making movies about him. Of course, like Marx, most of his “Theories” have been proven wrong. So, the Left is in process of whitewashing him from History. 30 years ago, my Library had Crews book, and 50 Pro-freud books. Today, they have 5 books on Freud – and no Crews.

      • Freud’s theories failed the test wrt psychological/behavioral cures. Talking violent psychotics down via couch sessions to revisit long repressed psychological traumas just didn’t work for them. Neurosis was perhaps a bit easier, but still limited. In school the standing joke was that a psychoanalyst was a person who upon graduation, set up a practice with a dozen patients and lived off them forever.

        In the sixties and seventies, psychotropics were introduced and the asylum gates were opened. Behaviorists took care of the rest. And so ended the love affair with psychoanalytic treatment—it was simply not as effective as competing treatments.

  16. I never the news or politicians so maybe Pelosi’s speech was typical of today’s rhetoric, but she seemed to be going beyond saying Trump did something illegal. She basically said that he was trying to become a monarch or a tyrant, which is far more than just breaking one law. It seemed more like a declaration of war than an indictment.

    But, again, I don’t watch this stuff so maybe the rhetoric was normal.

    • On one side of the argument, that is the everyday rhetoric. On the other side, every last thing, such as clothing choices, word choices, gestures and facial expressions, are all carefully parsed for possible indications of, well, something maybe slightly untoward.

      Self-awareness is not something lefties do.

    • Related on the same website at the bottom:

      Read that VERY carefully. A woman was arrested for… wait for it… wait for it. Talking. She was arrested for saying words. That is where we are today, the 1st amendment is DEAD. You can be arrested for saying words that someone else declares to be ‘badthink’. The FUSA is a shambling corpse.

      • Yep. If she can be arrest for harassment for this, why can’t someone be arrested for stating that blacks on average have lower IQs. Or that you don’t like blacks. Or that you don’t feel safe in a black neighborhood.

        If your opinion or even facts make other groups feel bad, you are harassing them. Would love to hear Joe Normie or some CivNat explain that away. Always remember that what you once thought was the United States is terminal. Sure, it looks normal some day and in some places, but it’s terminal. It’s not your country anymore. On that, the Left is correct.

      • Geez, it’s a computer lab. Take that shit somewhere else.
        Geez it’s our country, take that shit back to your own country…There fixed it for you😉

        • I’m with Vizzini. It’s as deliberate a provocation as loud prayers blocking the airport aisle or the Parisian street.
          Talk about a civilizational sh*t-test.

          I’ve always thought that if I got pancreatic cancer, I’d go skydiving and forget to pull the chute. Spend my last few minutes flying.

          But now… I imagine I might go looking for a street-sweeper.

  17. That woman that interviewed Lisa Page betrayed herself and the whole elite class by stating that she rarely interviews someone that doesn’t want to be famous. That just shows you the vacuity of this entire intellectual class, they’re not doing anything that’s worthwhile on its own that might propel them briefly into an unwanted public eye all they want is fame and it’s accoutrements. Pathetic.

  18. Holy Moses I wish I hadn’t hit that link to Pelosi’s speech. I don’t normally watch pols in action anymore; can’t stand it. That thing is full of pills and wine…and botox. China, Russia, and Iran must be thanking the gods for their good fortune. What a disgrace.

    • I got 10 secs into it and had to stop. Watching these clowns in front of a microphone sends my optimism-meter from amber to red.

        • She was mocking what the party sees as the typical Trump voter. She was rubbing their nose in it. The party can do as it pleases.

          • You know, you’ve hit on something. Capitalize Party to make it more obvious. We might have two parties in our politics but there’s only one Party in government: the Party of the Government.

            Trump has been plunged into their midst, courtesy of a few tens of thousands of upper Midwest voters, and they are reacting like the immune system to a lethal (to them) bacillus: with everything they’ve got.

            It’s do or die for picture-of-Dorian-Gray Pelosi.

          • I’d mentioned to an acquaintance (one that knows better than to talk politics with me) that politics is dead, and they mentioned something like “yeah both sides are..” something or other, I can’t recall, but I retorted, there aren’t two sides, unless you mean “them” and “us”.

      • And the Commie Pope called Trump a modern-day “King Herod.” As Charlton Heston said: “It’s a madhouse!”

        • Francis for all his obsession with worldly affairs is about as sophisticated as the average SJW getting “destroyed” at a Ben Shapiro speech. Cheap knock-off analogies to Biblical figures are appeals to the lowest common denominator among cucked Christians – something I expect from Sam Harris atheists, not the head of the Church.

          This is what happens when a gaggle of pederasts and wanna-be-Episcopalians elect a Pope.

          I hope Luther’s ghost is raging to be re-born. It’s starting to feel like that time again. I’d settle for one of the Borgias again – at least they had some learning and gravitas amid the degeneracy.

          • Exile, my joke is that my fondest wish is the next pope is concerned only with his mistresses and bastard children.

    • Is it just me, or does it appear that the left side of her mouth is not functioning correctly, almost like she’s had a minor stroke?

      • First thing I thought too, that she’d had a stroke. I haven’t watched the news in quite some time and my consumption of talk radio/conservative blogs has diminished noticeably as well. As Z-Man mentioned, when I revisit current events I’m jarred by how alien it all seems. But that performance was particularly startling to me. The woman is not well, yet someone (who’s actually running the show) thought it would show good judgment to trot her out for that speech? Gott in Himmel.

        • The entire crop of them- Pelosi, Hilary, Biden, Warren, Sanders as well as the money men like Soros reminds me of the Soviet Politburo of the late 1980s- elderly Party hacks who see the impending collapse but can’t do anything new to stave off their disaster. They totter out to the podium and mumble the Party line, and when faced with a question that should not happen from the lapdogs in the media (the impudence of asking such a question of Party Leader Pelosi! Off to the gulag!)
          she blew a fuse.
          We should be optimistic that our enemies are old and slow, and their youngsters are impatient and stupid.

    • The saner backroom oligarchs still need Trump. The more realistic ones understand this need. They are still getting what they want: more and more non-whites flooding into the country while the left remains amped up. 90% of whites stay on the reservation in the hope Trump will finally…this time…for real…absolutely definitely this time…will do something.

      If he goes whites may become a lot more volatile and a lot more difficult to keep bamboozled and corralled. That is the oligarchs’ biggest worry. 4 more years of Trump and his empty promises is 4 more years to find an effective way to deball and suck enough mojo out of white men.

      A Trump victory will energize anti-whites to up their attacks while tranquilizing whites who will interpret a Trump victory as a win keeping us on the right path.

      The D field is a freak show because the single most important issue, as seen by the people who actually manipulate and use power, is the control of whites. Trump is their man. He has always been their man. He’s thrown us a few crumbs to keep us satisfied…at least the economy is doing okay…while replacement migration still rules the day.

      With whom has he spent his entire adult life wheeln’ and dealn’ with? Feeding us hope is feeding us false hope and provides an excuse for most of our brethren to, despite a growing sense of foreboding, do zilch.

      They got way ahead of themselves with Obama. They won’t make that mistake again.

      • You’ve nailed the “Thatcher Effect” of Trump and the GOP in general. If we had put the time, effort and money we’ve spent on the Tea Party and MAGA in the past 10 years into building our infrastructure instead, we might be 20 years ahead of where we are now. The organized “Resistance” wasn’t there yet, but now we’re sailing into a hard, cold wind. The GOP, Trumped or Anti-Trump, is an anchor we need to cut loose from.

  19. After Tucker’s segments on Paul Singer and Purdue Pharma/AEI, is there anyone on our side who still has doubts about him? If so, why?

      • Nuts are generally (and somewhat evenly) distributed throughout all elements of society. We have nuts, they have nuts, there are nuts on the sidelines. There are always crazy people, and also somewhat-sane people who are so emotionally fragile that they are functionally indistinguishable from crazy people. There are also erstwhile-sane people who for some reason believe ridiculous things, despite being rational and competent in all other aspects of their lives. Talk calmly and rationally and factually to a climate change nut for five minutes, and watch them wind into a frothing seething frenzy of rage and hatred. Then you find out that this same nutcase is a successful orthodontist.

        It’s how it gets highlighted that is a concern. For instance, there are child molesters and child predators present all across the institutional spectrum, they are in public schools, private schools, Catholic schools, Jewish schools, boarding schools, Protestant churches, the Boy Scouts, the local little league and Pop Warner football leagues… But the Catholic Church (and now the Boy Scouts) just happen to be centralized entities who own a LOT of real estate and plunderable assets, so they get the laser-focused legal and media scrutiny. There’s not much sofa-cushion change to pry loose from a decentralized local Baptist church or a local synagogue. Plus the legal and media institutions are heavily Jewish, and Jews have an eternal vendetta against the RC Church, so the stories and the torts write themselves.

      • The other side’s nuts are roped and controlled, and have a media that covers for them (see Yaniv, “Jessica”).

        Our side’s nuts go full Christopher Cantwell and do us irreparable harm.

      • “We have a lot of people on our side who are nuts.”

        We have a lot of people on the other side who are nuts.

        All the nuts think everyone else is nuts.

        Is there any room left for the not nuts?

    • Tucker will not openly embrace White Nationalism. But he seems to be embracing “third position” Civic Nationalism. You could even describe him as pro-West.

      The next candidate I vote for will be explicitly pro-white. Until someone is ready to come out unashamed I am not going to be strung along again.

      I like Tucker. Watch him every chance I get, but he is not an identitarian.

      • Carlson is a paleocon. People forget that paleos were basically race realist civic nationalists. They thought it perfectly consistent to be for free association, private discrimination and oppose racism.

        • Ok, but to have those beliefs requires that you put a wall around your society. Unlike a libertarian fantasy, civic nationalism could work but only in a country 80%+ white. A race realist CivNat should know that and acknowledge that racial reality.

          The paleos didn’t want to be racist, but they were fooling themselves. You have to be racist, i.e. government discrimination against other races in the form of not allowing them into your country, to protect your civic nationalism and, ironically, to avoid racism within your borders.

          • I really don’t think it matters. Even if Tucker were a full own white nationalist he would be gone the moment he hinted at that belief.

            He is as far right as you can be on network television, and always punches left.

        • Paleocons didn’t disappear but many embraced what we would call the present dissident right positions. As far as race and racism things are different now. We’ve grown. (of course by today’s woke standards I would have always been considered a racist. As Andrew Breitbart used to say. So?

          • If you’re not racist under today’s definition then you hate yourself, your family, and anyone like you…That would be a good reply to anyone calling you racist…

      • Tucker running for cracker-in-chief ain’t gonna happen, if that’s what you’re implying. I like the guy for the most part, but his views and demeanor are from a bygone era circa 25 years ago when the Paleocons had a decent shot. I live overseas and don’t have access to Fox News, so I could be completely off about him; but I have sped-read his book and he just reminds me too much of Pat Buchanan.

        • Pat has been on our side and shouting the truth about the subversion of the U.S. for 50 years. He is 80 now, and I’d still vote for him. You put Tucker in fine company.

          • I came to this from the other direction but watching Pat get smeared onstage by those usual suspects back in 1992 made a powerful impression on me.

            If I had been a little quicker on the uptake and a little less loyal to the family tradition, I would have gotten here about ten years before I did.


          • Buchanan is a major reason I made the jump between Con, Inc. and Our Thing, among millions he’s red-pilled. At his age I can’t fault him for not making it all the way to where we are. Almost all of Tucker’s audience are Buchananites whether they know it or not.

            Pat started from a pre-WWII mindset & mainstream Conservative values (for the 1960’s-70’s) but still managed to get every major question in Our Thing right – the race question, the economy question, the intervention question, the culture question and the Jewish question. His only failings, if you want to call them that, were having too much faith in the electoral system and giving his enemies too much credit. As Sam Francis noted, Pat, a devout Catholic, was too damned nice to a lot of really horrible people.

            He could have stayed safe and let Shlomo butter his bread – he was an insider. But he gave all that up because he’s one of the last living statesmen and a true patriot. He did it for his country in the best and truest sense.

      • I still wonder: How do you become “pro-white” when the White race has shown so often and so well that it hates itself? Given that at least half, if not more, of the Whites out there wish death on the other half how does one say they are “pro-white?” Honest question.

        • Speaking for myself, I see it as love for family, for what my extended family has accomplished.

          However, I do understand that part of what made Europeans great – the loss of clanishness and turning over their loyalty to govt leaders rather than tribal leaders – in one environment (1500 to 1914) is hurting us now.

          Many whites lost the tribal gene too much. Couple that with wealth, having no competition for 500 years and an insidious 5th column minority extremely adept at using the media, and you get what we have.

          I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t view anti-white whites as part of my tribe. They are genetic dead-ends and will die out as they should. I understand that at least half of whites are my enemy and see them as such. I stand with tribal whites. The others are a mistake.

          • Hubris. Hubris was our stumbling block. We thought in our greatness that we could transform other non-European people and nations into us. We could flood our own nations with drastically different Others and they would bask in our achievements and institutions and become a darker shade of us. Failing to want to, or being able to be us, we blindly refused to believe they would not resent us. We curtailed our own opportunities and siphoned off the fruits of our labors to provide the others with systems of support and advancement thinking there would always be enough to go around… because in our hubris we thought the abundance we’d built wasn’t subject to scarcity. Hubris lead us to entertain obscene and destructive ideas that poisoned our culture because we thought our virtues and traditions did not have to be nurtured and guarded. We thought them impervious because we built them and that alone should make them inviolable. As we become an increasingly hated group in the nations our ancestors built we still arrogantly believe the others will come around and rally to glory in what we are. Because we would not be so awful as to be resentful of a race that let us into their lands, rescued us and gave us equal rights… that others could be so ungrateful. In our hubris, we refused to see that each tribe is loyal above all to its own. So much so that when faced with that oldest of truths, we would rather blind ourselves to the fact that we are a people and a race and shout to the heavens we are not. That is hubris and our tragic flaw.

            It doesn’t have to be our swan song. We can learn humility in our failures. We can begin to see each other and the reality we’ve allowed to fester. We can shake off the fleas on our hide and expel the cancerous from within our own body. We can rekindle our traditions and our pride of ancestors and our culture. We can learn our lessons from failure. Nothing will look as it once was but we can build afresh in solidarity as a people and the wisdom our predecessors knew. We can never again be so arrogant as to believe our lands lie beyond invasion, our way of life inviolable, our successes infinite, nor the aggression of Others inconsequential.

            Sorry about the spleen venting. Auto-Cathartic exercise here.

          • Penitent,

            Well said. I’ve argued for years that hubris lies at the heart of where we are now. But I’ve never said it so eloquently.

            Well done, sir.

        • I disagree with your premise that the white race hates itself. That is a huge overgeneralization.

          • It’s pretty much common knowledge that every race engages in wars against others within their own race. Same deal with rulers. So by your logic every race hates itself…

          • I met a (((fellow))) I haven’t forgotten in college. I was visiting my girlfriend at another college in the days when boys couldn’t enter girls’ dorms, and this at a state university, so I stayed with this guy one night. We watched Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow show. The guest was David Duke, then the Grand Exalted Cyclops or whatever the Klan called its leaders.

            Duke didn’t pull any punches. He railed about Catholics and foreigners as well as blacks. My host for the night agreed with everything Duke said, I said, “He feels the same way about Jews.”

            And he said, “So do I. I would never date a Jewish girl.”

            Anybody else ever met a ethnomasochistic Jew?

          • Certainly. I have a good friend who takes the “would never date a Jewish girl” thing even one step further, to “I won’t date white girls, because they MIGHT be Jewish, you never know.” Of course I accused him of yellow fever, but he denies it. Yet he keeps kosher. Go figure.

            This fellow also loathes Israelis, “Rude, entitled, and condescending,” says he. But he always looks extremely uncomfortable when someone else criticizes Israel or Israelis. Funny thing is that *I* get along better with Israelis than he does. (Yes, the everything is a negotiation – or flat out confrontation – thing people were talking about the other day is generally true, as is the condescension and entitlement, but I go into the interaction expecting that, with plans to deal with it. For me this is mostly controlling my own temper and emotions, and taking it as a challenge, a game almost, rather than personally. Mostly works, so far.)

          • It might be more accurate to say that half the white race believes its history is evil, and it therefore owes brown people a huge transfer of wealth. Not their own personal wealth, of course. And they don’t actually care if this happens. They just want to feel good about themselves and superior to other whites for taking this position. Doesn’t really change the point.

          • It changes the point alot. I believe most of the people you describe are so brainwashed and indoctrinated they don’t know which way is up. That is something that can be reversed and because it can be reversed, it is totally different than if white people hated themselves simply for being white.

        • Dude, whatever. And I mean that in the most dismissive, disrespectful way. They’re my people, warts and all. I don’t have to justify myself to you.

        • Just because some dogs are mad doesn’t mean I hate dogs.

          You can either love your own race that’s responsible for well over 90% of significant human achievements, or one of the Others. Or opt for muh individualism and have no legacy to either inhereit or pass on.

          The right choice seems pretty clear.

        • Actually it’s a minority of whites but politically it looks like half of the white race thanks to the MSM. It’s a well known the fact Lefty whites would be out of power if were not for the black vote and now the hispanic vote. There are simply not enough lefty whites to be anything near half of the white population.

        • This is the thing that I don’t understand about this blog. Tucker isn’t going to follow Murray or Taylor. It would be suicide. He does not blog anonymously; he is a public figure. And, my guess is he probably thinks that declaring himself to be a white nationalist is senseless. That dog won’t hunt. To answer your dilemma about the self-hating white population: they don’t hate themselves as much as they hate what they were taught to hate. They read Zinn or they heard a different history than you and I heard and read. That, will never leave them and it will continue far into the future because we do not control the UN’s role in our K-12 system, we do not control NGO’s, we do not control Bill Ayers’ legacy. We’ll see, but the last few years I worked with students, they seemed to be catching on.

        • You look at the places filled with white people. Even when one half hated the other half they were better places to live than the non-white world.

      • This is why I get a little black-pill(ish). The left is an assortment of grifters, loons, homos, shlomos, shitlibs, blue-hairs, soys and vibrants who have nothing in common and no reason to coalesce except for the fact that they have a common strategic enemy. They don’t need to agree with each other or like each other.

        But the people on our side have a tendency to fall-out with each other over competing visions of the future or perceived lack of purity.

        The upshot is that there is always a united front against whitey but never a united front for whitey.

        • And those on the right have a huge problem with trying to learn from the enemy that is defeating them…

          • Yes, that too. Somehow we have to prevail with honest arguments, reason, logic and constant whining about the unfairness of it all.

          • The honest arguments must be done in the setting of community…people being together and living around like-minded to support, teach and defend. Just knowing the arguments really means unfortunately squat, and using the media, what little we have, is fairly useless unless we are tribal eyeball to eyeball.

            This is the time to begin to experiment with organizational schemes as like-minded yet different white groups/tribes come together for defensive planning and protection. I’m just about to the point of viewing….yes, my few friends and small family in California and LDS friends in Utah…as carrying a heavy genetic mutational overload. They refuse to see the end game on whitey. As for me, I saw the end game after working in downtown Oakland and moved heaven and earth to plan-plan-plan to get the hell successfully out. Why was I able to see and they weren’t? Experience? My ability to carry cognitive dissonance is low. I was scared. And I acted on it. When trapped, look for options to be un-trapped. I’m looking to tribal up.

          • I’m not scared I just want to win so my family’s future has life as well as those like me…Oh and RFF your welcome at my fire anytime…

          • I’m a girl and I’m scared. A tainted word “scared” but true for me. Fear is a great motivator and does not paralyze me. Thank you Fear the Mind Killer for kicking me in the arse and not freezing my brain.
            Lineman……Thanks for the offer! Who knows….life is capricious.

          • I learn from history. We are not the first to move into a defensive pose and tribal up:

            “A few centuries of generally good weather had resulted in vigorous crop growth, which had made for more populous settlements, stimulating trade and expansion. Only now this higher ground was supporting more settlements than ever before, people of complex and disparate ancestry all gathering around the most well-watered and seasonable territories, their numbers heavy on the land.

            Entire villages of tens of thousands of people and towns were abandoned during a debilitating drought in the 13th century as people moved into defensible positions and to the last places of water. This happened not only at Mesa Verde but also all across the Colorado Plateau. Populations that had been enjoying centuries of growth and prosperity were now driven up in elevation finally forced into the crags and sharp places in the land where they could defend their last resources.

            The Anasazi, accustomed to sprawling communities and open skies, now lived in defensive towers and packed cliff dwellings breathing one another’s breath, inhaling the smoke of winter fires. They began to experiment with elaborate organizational schemes in their living arrangements that showed in their floor plans to keep order. The Montagues were now living just downstairs from the Capulets.

            Floor plans of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings were built on social engineering, designed to regulate contact between groups of people. Mesa Verde was a federation of settlements, different canyons and drainages having their own interrelated alliances.” House of Rain by Craig Childs

            We are not the first to live during a disintegrating civilisation. Add in the influences of a descending solar minimum. We can learn from previous peoples.

          • They’re still finding hill-forts in the Greek Isles from the Bronze Age Collapse of the Minoans. No reason to believe that some of their descendants aren’t fishing and farming and hunting on that same land today.

            Lots of Our Guys want to fight, now, I get it, but there’s a reason why the 300 were selected from men who had already sired sons. First you survive, second you provide for the future, and only then do you have the luxury of making some kind of stand. For individuals, YMMV, but as a group, this has to be our priority list if we’re really planning for the future instead of Whitey’s Last Stand.

          • Astute observation, Exile. The Planning and Organizing has begun. There is no turning back. No Whitey’s Last Stand for us. Best to you!

          • RFF,

            You are a rare specimen RFF. A lady who didn’t play dumb-girl in history class. Impressed, and as ever I enjoy reading your posts.

            Zman made a reference to the defense in depth/walled city tactic of the late Roman Empire. If you haven’t tried it already, the History of Rome Podcast is outstanding and I think you might enjoy it.


          • History is fascinating. The account of just what the Italian villages did trying to avoid Muslim raiders in the book “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters” made quite an impression on me. There’s a reason so many of the towns were built on hills, with two different layers of walls.

          • 3g4me,

            Looks like a good read. I’ll add it to my “acquire list”. Thank you. Someone here ought to put together a recommended reading list for commenters. I’m sure there is an offsite easy app for that but I’m a techno-luddite.

        • The upshot is that there is always a united front against whitey but never a united front for whitey…
          Which is why I’ve been advocating for Community for a long damn time now…I’m glad others have started thinking that way also and have started actively seeking others out to do so…

        • Tut, we may struggle with a unified front but there’s a difference between a conflict of interests and a congruence of interests. We need to avoid conflict and let each of Our subcultures work in their own way.

          Z talked about this in his apperance on FTN over the summer. The Left is really a group of little terror-cells with congruent goals and shared enemies, not a top-down monolithic conspiracy. I used the DSA convo from the summer as an example earlier this week. They’re not as unified as they’d like us to think.

          As Z also pointed out, a big reason why they preserve their unity is that we’re not good at splitting them. Using the example of bureaucrats subverting Trump’s agenda, Z pointed out that Trump’s people should have made massive personnel re-shuffling a Day One priority. If you can’t fire them, at least you can break up their Commie coffee klatches and shatter their existing grass-roots organization.

          Even Our Guys are so used to being the side of Right and Order that the Arts of Chaos don’t come naturally. We’re dissidents now. I

          We first have tp disrupt and derail the existing order before we start fighting over what to replace it with.

        • Is cuz, King, cuz we analyze and pick, and think too much. The other side says, he’s not heavy, he’s my brother. Our side says, I know he’s my brother, but he’s too heavy.

    • Allies folks – we need them. How many commenters here agree with one another 100%? Answer – probably 0%. We’re looking for like-minded, which is a very different thing from same-minded. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Tucker is on our side.

      • Exactly. Tucker is 90% on our side. Works for me. Hell, I’ll even work with AOC or that Muslim rep from MN when it hurts (TPTB). Push the ball forward.

        • It’s true as Flair said that Tucker is not an identitarian. But Tucker does expose normies who at least have the right instincts to the fact that the elites hate them and the system is rigged. Normies who are conservative by nature are mostly exposed only to “yay free markets; socialism sucks; the US is the greatest country on Earth.” A lot of the people in Sidney, Nebraska probably thought this way. Normie needs to hear about Purdue Pharma and see how jobs and whole towns are destroyed to make a buck for some hedge fund asshole, etc.

          • That’s the distinction: Gatekeeper vs Ferryman.

            Shapiro is obviously a gatekeeper. Tucker is a ferryman helping Normie come to our side. He takes them partially across the river until they can see our side and hear what we have to say. After that, they decide whether to finish the trip.

          • I don’t watch TV, so I am not familiar with Tucker, but I imagine that if he, or any other prominent media person, went clearly and fully into the language of white identity, his tenure in the media would last about six more seconds, at most. We have the luxury here (for now) of openly discussing matters that would have one quickly purged from most arenas. There are public persons out there who are simply being more effective as ferrymen rather than getting themselves purged, playing to opportunities to monkey-wrench from within the Borg.

          • Before Tucker there was Lou Dobbs when he had his own show on CNN did pretty much what Tucker did and ripped Conservative Inc a new one every night. He got fired for that, later Fox hired him and he had to tone down his criticisms.

          • Tucker is increasingly “coming out” on our side. But I completely agree that he is too smart to say everything he might think. Not necessarily out of cowardice, but because he’s smart enough to understand that he’s more effective with a platform than without.


          • Citizen – well said. I like your definition. We need to identify more Ferrymen. (FWIW, I actually browsed Sailer yesterday and he’s got post #189234 about Asian skin whitening and black hair. Dead end gatekeeper.)

          • Really? You’re going to bag on Sailer, a guy who’s been at the forefront of the fight since before Nick Fuentes was born? Who has been chased out of every respectable publication on the right because he *wouldn’t* kow-tow to Conservatism Inc.? This is exactly what CAPT S was talking about.

          • Look, I wish Sailer would be more explicit about whites organizing and pushing back rather as opposed to just pointing out what the other side is doing.

            That said, Sailer was a lonely – and brave – voice of sanity for decades. Steve is the quintessential ferryman. That’s his role, and he does as well as anyone. Joe Normie needs Steve’s soothing voice as he wakes up. Once awake, Joe needs to see the Z.

          • Sailer is perceptive and appears to have some research help beyond his readers. He is one of the sentinels on approaching issues, some of which don’t seem to arise through conventional channels. Intriguing.

          • Respectability has some value as well. You can link people to a report on something like academic scores from Sailer. You can find the same information on Amren- but nobody will read it from there.

            Hopefully in a more advanced age the DR will have think tanks pumping out research of the type Sailer does, that organizations can pump into the world. Right now very few people serve that purpose.

          • Mea culpa. I do understand his years of work and the personal cost to him and his family. I think what irks me so about Sailer is more his commenters – for someone you label a ferryman, I see stasis. For every one of you (i.e. citizen) who has made the move to Zman, there appear to be dozens who’ve parked themselves at Sailer for a decade and never moved past “Negro crime and dysfunction 1.0.” Plus he appears to allow unlimited space to his various ethnic activists.

          • His story on Singer had the libertarians raging like loons about how Singer was making us wealthier and what he does is good for us.

            This of course makes libertarians look like lunatics to normal people. Tucker puts big holes in the castle walls of Conservative inc. people may or may not walk through those holes but I consider him a big asset for our side.

        • This is a topic that needs serious discussion. We’ll never quantify beliefs but we still need to have a way to reasonably measure one’s commitment to a minimum of core principles while leaving room for natural differences of opinion. I wince whenever I see signs of purity tests.

          • Like you said, you can’t quantify it. It’s a judgment call. Too many nuances and variables to draw up rules.

          • It should probably be a sliding scale. If the culture moved right of Tucker and he remained the same he may be a nuisance. Until then anyone in the far right 10% or so isn’t an enemy. Or if they are, they probably aren’t worth fighting right now.

        • AOC, Tlaib, and especially Omar the alleged ‘Qatari asset’ all have my support. They are enemies, but they are lesser enemies who are an opportunistic infection so when they openly challenge the primary infection, they get my support. Omar openly challenged the fundamental operational design of the Democratic Party (Jews fund goy, goy obeys) with her “It’s all about the benjamins!” thus more magically than dirt there appears a story about her being a Qatari spy. It was a classic ’emperor has no clothes’ moment, followed by a classic smear ‘she is disloyal!’ that simply doesn’t work anymore.

          What exactly would Omar be disloyal to? The government? Our country is an empire now, filled with many nations. Loyalty is to nation. When we were substantively a nation-state, loyalty extended from the nation to the state. Now that we are an empire, we Americans who serve the machinery of empire are simply mercenaries like the diversities who serve the empire have always been.

          • Omar is a white-hating idiot – and the best thing to happen to the Dissident Right in a long time. She’s caused Jews more problems in a year than any Dem or Republican has in a decade or more.

            She and others like her will force Jews to show their hand. American Jews are used to whites and blacks, whom they can control through various means. Muslims, Asians and Indians will not be so easily cowed.

      • Yeah, self destructing by coming out as (fill in the blank) only serves to make Lefties happy because then they won’t have to organize a campaign to boycott his sponsors. He’d be finished and we’d lose his influence.

      • Herr Kapitän;

        Your excellent comment reminds me of your late enemy ADM Gorishikov (?)’s famed comment to ‘…not let the perfect be the enemy of the good enough…’ as the philosophy of the Russian Navy.

        Attribution may be off, core idea not.

    • Look at his background. He’s another ‘slow road’ to the same destination. We should put Miles Mathis on the trail.
      I know you don’t want to hear it, but…
      They will just go from a non-politician business guy with a reality show to an all out media/actor figure.
      And I don’t have TDS. I vote the slow route, hoping for a miracle.

  20. Anyone that expects the IG report to be anything earth shattering is a fool. Have a few decades of responding to internal audit and regulatory audit reports under the belt Even when significant issues are present, these are buried in dry bureaucrat-ese that has to be closely parsed for the real significance.

    • It will be a bureaucratic white wash. The party cannot investigate itself, beyond looking for threats to party power and control. The whole point of the IG is to prevent any investigation of the party. This report will be used to thwart Durham by allowing the party to claim he is conducting a witch hunt.

      • No kidding! Why does Internal Affairs exist? To assure people that everything is on the up and up, and, if the lid is entirely off the pot, to produce a scapegoat.

      • The DOJ IG Horowitz already whitewashed Comey and McCabe. Why would he behave differently this Time? I noticed that Hannity is no longer talking about the upcoming report, but has moved on to Job Numbers.

    • You are correct Mr. Adams. If and when someone is fired or hauled off to prison, then one will know that the investigation was real. Till then, it’s all a dog and pony show.
      I’m gonna go way out on a limb here and say;
      1) The whole “shampeachment” saga (Scott Adams’ word), is simply content to fill the endless hours of programming that is needed by the MSM.
      2) Said MSM WANTS Orange Man to be re-elected because, ratings! If T-Rump was off the stage, what the hell would fill the time?

      • >Said MSM WANTS Orange Man to be re-elected because, ratings! If T-Rump >was off the stage, what the hell would fill the time?

        I don’t know, the glorious struggles of the resistance against the evil white supremists amidst the backdrop of continuous fake hate crimes and false flag terrorist attacks? If current attitudes towards the impeachment proceedings are any indication, Trump has been a massive blood infusion rather than a boon.

      • Our host and others here have often made this very important point: don’t ever be the fool who thinks the progressive left will someday be satisfied and done. There is no end. There is always ‘progression’. Therefore, once Orange Man Bad is out of the picture, they can move on to more glorious causes. Imagine being the Jew in Warsaw saying to himself, “It can’t possibly get any worse.” That sir, is a fatal failure of imagination.

        The MSM is not an independent entity. They are heavily integrated with the Democrat Party and progressive left. Obviously, the are the ‘propoganda arm’. I also like to think of them as half of the ‘enforcement arm’ of the DP. That mission is to make sure the appropriate outrage is directed at the appropriate targets, as well as providing public justification and cover for the police half of the enforcement arm.

    • I agree the IG report by will be the bland work product of a bureaucrat. IG (((Horowitz))) took office in the Obama administration, is almost certainly a Democrat, and is the same IG who whitewashed the fact that Comey leaked classified information to a law professor with instructions to share it with the New York Times. He’s going to whitewash this as well.

      I do not believe that AG Barr is going to let this slide. He’s already publicly disagreed with the assertion by IG (((Horowitz))) that the FBI had adequate information to justify opening an investigation into Trump. Barr didn’t fly all the way to Italy to meet with intelligence officers for kicks and giggles. I expect the AG will use the (((Horowitz))) report and the results of the Durham investigation to provide the foundation for appointing a Special Counsel.

      • Guest;
        I certainly hope you are right. What we have here is highly divergent theories of outcome. ‘More of the same from the swamp’ is the ordinarily the ‘other things equal, tomorrow will be very much like today’ prediction. This is the likely bet knowing nothing else. But, like with local weather predictions, this is only true given no interruptions from powerful external, wide-scale systematic movements.

        And there is *some* evidence of external systematic movements. The real question is whether there are some of the Cloud who can realize that their happy world is at high risk.

        As you say, there are powerful factors which *might* yield a very different outcome. The only wise course right now is to wait upon events in this particular question.

    • Being the eternal, hopeful, optimist, I am distraught. You mean there will be no pressure on a lower level conspirator to rat on a more senior culprit?

      I’m the fool, clinging to hope. I hope and want them all to hang.

      So, the impeachment sham is attempting to manufacture a crime based on opinions about Trump’s motives as well as what he was probably thinking even though he cleverly covered his tracks. Yeah, Trump may have been nudging Zelensky, but he committed no crime.

      Now, we expect the Obama Administration to get off Scott-free on the same basis. Gutless men in DC twist the law by claiming that all the guilty actors were just doing their jobs, following procedures based on a real threat (Russia) or a real violation of presidential powers (Ukraine).

      I do not expect partisans to sit and do nothing if the real criminals escape punishment. No, I do not. They know what that will mean for the future.

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