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It has been dark and dreary here in Lagos, so I decided to go a little lighter this week and do a show on Valentine’s Day. The original plan was to just do a segment on it, but it turned out to be a good jumping off point for other related topics. It’s one of those topics that naturally leads to other things related to dissident politics. After all, the whole point of the celebration is to encourage romance, which presumably leads to marriage and baby making, something in short supply in the West.

Like a lot of the topics I do, this is one I could easily do much more on, but I try to stick to the format, which means not getting too deep in the weeds. The history of marriage, for example, could easily be a few hours of time. Plotting marriage patterns in the West from before the Romans to today makes a good case for how the West has been regressing over the last century. It is another one of those areas that suggests our cultural views are growing more primitive.

The marriage topic also underscores just how much of our history has been anathematized by our cultural rulers. The evolution of romance and courting in the medieval period, for example, is something that should be counted as a great innovation of the West and Christianity. It had an enormous impact on the trajectory of the European people. Instead, all we get are harangues about how women are still suffering under the yoke of male supremacy.

The evolution of marriage in Europe is also a great example of how elites can change the culture if they so choose. The prohibitions on consanguinity, for example, altered European society for the better. The Romans then the Church saw the civilizing consequences of banning cousin marriage, even if they did not understand the mechanism behind it. The Occident is not an accident of nature. It is the product of many conscious decisions made over the centuries.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Valentine’s Day
  • 12:00: Ancient Views On Love & Marriage
  • 22:00: Christian Role In Romance And Marriage
  • 32:00: Sex And Fertility
  • 42:00: The War On Family
  • 52:00: Porn Talk
  • 57:00: Closing

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152 thoughts on “The Lovecast

  1. What always surprises me about younger people having less sex is that no one mentions the obvious: Millenials are fat. It’s amazing how hairy and smelly you can be and still get laid, but no one, not even the obese want to fuck fat people.

    • There’s definitely been a steady decline in simple friendship and socializing over the past 50 years. That’s one of reasons for the decline in the abortion rate, as well. Society has atomized and people are more alone then ever.

  2. It’s always good to hear expert analysis on modern relationships from the people least likely to experience love and sex — the Right Wing.

    • Even left wing Acadamy data contradict your assertion 180. But when a millennial’s gotta shit he’s gotta shit.

    • Three trolls today. Good.

      What man isn’t proud to proclaim that the wicked, the cowardly, and the petty despise him?

      We wear your aspersions as a badge of honor.

      We are doing something right here. Please continue.

    • Modern Left Wing Relationships: Hookups. Homosexuals. Friends with “benefits”. Facebook. emojis. FaceTime. Nervous time spent in diverse, safe spaces, with neurotic childless feminists, feminine men, confused trans, and other misfits. Thanks for sharing, Rap.

  3. Thanks, Zman, for saying that men should protect women. Of course, we can debate what exactly that entails, but you are not one of the misogynists that mar the Dissident Right. There is a degree of contempt, even hatred of women among some and a desire to reduce women to the level of property as if we were in Yemen. These men also offer tips on preying upon women sexually and then condemn loose women and abortion. My guess is that their “pro-life” stance is simply another opportunity to bash women. I admit that I am touchy about the denigration of women. These guys are the mirror image of the radical feminists who blame men for all the ills of the world. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Good that you stand up for morality, as well. We haven’t heard much of that since the 1980s and the days of the Moral Majority. The only cause that involves discussions of morality is pro-life and Right-to-Lifers are fine with spawning bastards and living off of the taxpayer. Another example of what a bad joke “conservatism” is and what it hasn’t conserved.

    A Happy Valentine’s day to one and all and a special big kiss to Zman through cyberspace for all he has done creating our cyber sanctuary here and for being him.

    • I was about to like your comment, but right-to-lifers aren’t really in favor of spawning bastards. It’s just that spawning them is not as bad as killing them. Also, Zman once said that he had rather see women wearing burqas than voting, so I’m not really sure how far you can trust him regarding protecting women. After all, Islam is pretty wicked in the way they treat women. Some guy upthread mentioned-well, I can’t even say it-slicing off a part of our anatomy. That sounds really painful! He used a vulgar word for it, too. Some men are so cruel. A lot of them comment here, you’re right, you said the God’s honest truth. That’s why I would never willingly give up the right to vote. We need to have some sort of political redress. Some of them love Pinochet, too. He was not a nice man, no, not at all. So I really wonder about these people sometimes. My motto is do no harm, but take no sh*t, so I will defend white people. As for the rest, I don’t much care for it. I don’t want an ethnostate. On the other hand, we never asked for this massive influx of people or agreed to become a minority in our own home. What to do? It’s giving me a headache. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. Stay sweet!

      • I can’t speak for the Z man but I can say many men on the right stand for the respect of womanhood and we love and honor our wives and daughters and do not violate our marriage vows.
        However the modern feminist movement has driven womanhood so far out of bounds and away from traditional motherhood and a virtuous woman that it feels like we may never return to that past world.
        As an example.
        It’s hard not to notice the Super Bowl.
        halftime show and not fear for our daughters future.
        This blog has a lot of right wing guys on it expressing some ideas that are out of bounds in normal conversations but in those conversations we can find nuggets of truth for a way forward for men and women that preserves civilization. And women play an equal role in all this.

        • I remember back in the 1970s feminists complained about women being treated as sex objects. It’s been suggested that one of the reasons for the birth of the feminist movement was the natural female outrage at being looked upon and treated like whores due to the advent of The Pill. Now, feminists celebrate women acting and dressing like whores, then scream when men treat them as whores. What do you expect? In the next breath, they declare that the Moslem hijab is liberating and are silent about female genital mutilation. There is a middle ground between the whore and the burqa babe, as there is between the ragehead feminist and beaten, subjugated household drudge.

      • It is not that you will give voting up, very few people have the moral strength to give up power. It will be taken when men start acting like men. Equality is evil.

      • Dorcas – We live in such a polarized age, filled with resentment and outright hate; in this case, between men and women. I read the griping about women, but as a woman, I hear griping about men and the griping isn’t about the inability of men to put their soiled clothes in the hamper.
        There are so many a**holes out in the world today.

        Men and women are equal, but different. Each sex has its strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, they complement each other and work together for a common goal. I don’t want to give up the right to vote, either, but don’t favor universal suffrage. We could discuss who should have the right to vote and hold public office and who shouldn’t. The long march of equality has “progressed” to the point of felons and illegal aliens gaining the right to vote.

        Thanks so much for your kind words.

    • Abortion is why sexuality is so liberal and there are so many bastards around. Without modern contraception, bastards would be treated like rare freaks, as is most of history.

  4. For the romantics:

    “Woman would be more charming if one could fall into her arms without falling into her hands.”
    — Ambrose Bierce

    “Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder. This disease is prevalent only among civilized races living under artificial conditions; barbarous nations breathing pure air and eating simple food enjoy immunity from its ravages. It is sometimes fatal, but more frequently to the physician than to the patient.”
    — The Devil’s Dictionary (1911), Ambrose Bierce

    Some podcast notes:

    Agape love is understood by Christian thinkers as selfless, sacrificial love, with Christ’s acquiescence to his own crucifixion being its ultimate expression.

    According the professor of religion, E. P. Sanders (from “The Historical Figure of Jesus”), in the Graeco-Roman world, “preferably intercourse [between a man and a young male] only took place between the thighs, with no penetration. Further, the taboo held that the boy should not enjoy the physical aspect… [N]ote the reservation about penetration. The general view was that it was shameful for a male to be the passive partner.” This is some disgusting sh_t, but what homosexuals are involved in today is way more degenerate. It ain’t Graeco-Roman. It’s Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Disclaimer: this is going to be explicit.

      To the Bierce quote, it’s what women get out of the deal, but it’s not all bad. What’s so sexy about a vagina? They’re actually weird looking, right? But they have the bait. Men get a feeling of power, status, immortality (children) through sex. Women get penetrated. But something alchemical happens in the act and she ends up possessing you, staying on your mind and all of that. That gives her a feeling of security and connection. Men and women go together. They balance out our aggression. And then it goes wrong for some reason you can never quite figure out, or it’s right. That’s the mystery of it.

      Homosexuality makes no sense. Buttholes don’t have what vaginas have, at all, and two men aren’t going to balance each other out. It has to be a flameout.

  5. Gen X was the first casualty of the sexual revolution.

    Even those whose parents did not get divorced grew up with the sense that their own family could be broken apart at any time. This was new in the American experience.

    When you watch a close friend get torn apart in place or have to move away because his or her parents split up, it leaves a mark. And cynicism, irony and bitterness turned out not to be much of a defense. But all this did render much of a demographic walking wounded for life.

    Mills and Zoomers who have a hard time understanding why a generation that grew up during the supposedly awesome 80s is so nihilistic and disengaged might want to take a peek at Kramer Versus Kramer (1979) with the Borzoi specs on.

    Billy Kramer? He’s still alive: that is where grunge came from.

    And the pound dog that pisses the floor when a door slams? He’s the spirit animal of an entire generation.

    • Barr is swampy, always remember that. No getting around it, no matter how hopes get built up around him.

  6. Was listening to the podcast, specifically the part about declining white birthrates. It seems to coincide with industrialization and the entrance of women into the labor market. You could say that’s the culprit.

    To put my theory (admittedly influenced by Marx) out there, I think capitalism converts human labor, productivity, and eventually life itself into technology. This causes malaise, boredom, stupidity, navel gazing, and eventually the loss of the will to live, as people are spending themselves to create the matrix (to use a pop metaphor). Thus you end up with socialism, socialism being the terminal stage of capitalism, not the answer to it.

    Marx’s labor theory of value comes from the common unspoken sense people have that they aren’t spending themselves or their lives well. He came up with a theory of communism to hijack this trend for power by convincing people something good could come out of it if we just followed him and his ilk. This obviously has been proven a lie, but it persists because capitalism and its conditions persist. I think we should dump the whole thing and start over.

    To take it out there, biology is God’s technology. He created carbon-based life, put His energy into it. Then we declared Him dead, started thinking of ourselves as gods, and got to work creating silicon-based life. The servant becomes the master, and the cycle repeats. Maybe our silicon creation will someday make life out of lead.

    Personally I’m content with being God’s servant. Let’s leave it at that. Rant over!

    • I suspect it’s a lot of things. The price of housing, health care, education and commuting make staying at home really difficult for your average wage-slave. And if you’ve got two people working just to pay for those things child-care is another huge added expense.

      • Yes absolutely. I’d say they’re stones in the pyramid. It’s as if labor is the foundation, commerce the next level, finance the next, etc., this whole system building up to produce the capstone of autonomous high tech. All because people wanted to not work, to not feel pain, to not get sick, to live forever. To be gods, in other words. And it sure looks like it won’t end well. Who could’ve seen that coming? 🙂

        • The trade off of endorphin hits for things and clicks has overwhelmed the survival benefits of intact families and many children. We are selling things a lot of people have no interest in buying any more.

          • Only because they’re addicts. They’ll hit bottom or that’s it. It’s only worth worrying about the remnant at this point.

    • Chivalry toward your kinswomen and those rare deserving Ladies is one thing. I have to agree, the rest is poison. Courtesy will suffice for most.

  7. Okay, that was really, really well done. I have only one comment where I think there should be slightly different emphasis and that is on romantic love, women’s choice and marriage. These should not be emphasized or considered too critical b/c if they are, you get into female hypergami dynamics where 90% of women will be chasing most attracctive (by status above all, money, looks, family etc) 10% men. And, equally important b/c people now have the dysfunctional idea that if they do not feel ‘very in love with’ their spouse, well, the marriage is probably at a dead end. In other words, chasing a romantic high can be as disruptive to the core functions of marriage as chasing sexual highs. With that said, Z really did well on this one.

    • People used to understand the romantic feelings and good sex were things to be enjoyed early in a marriage, but not the most important things that would allow it to endure.

  8. It is almost always a mistake to extrapolate current trends far into the future. Saying that the Germans will basically disappear in 2 centuries because of current trends is not sound reasoning.

    The worst part about modern porn is that probably more than 1/2 is amateur. A good portion is husband and wife. It is really surprising to me just how much porn is out there where the woman is not wearing make-up and is in their 30s and 40s and are obviously in their own bedroom and obviously produced by people who aren’t professionals. It is also shocking just how much is labeled as incest. The porn that was around when I was a young guy in the late 80s and early 90s is absolutely comical compared to what is out there today. Another disturbing thing is better than 95% of current porn is women completely hairless. The only female naturally hairless is 11 year old girls and younger. This is very disturbing to me.

    There was always a small number of women willing to sell themselves for money. Whether it was at a strip club or making porn, these women existed. But there wasn’t that many of them. Today there are hundreds of thousands if not millions when you include “amateur” porn and it is not uncommon to find college girls in the strip clubs trying to “work” their way through college. Today, the girls in the strip clubs have to PAY the strip club owner for the privilege of working there. It has become legalized pimping.

    • The “amateur porn” thing is a sad convergence of economics and cultural degeneracy. The stigma has lessened and the (seemingly) easy money has increased.

      We see a lot of this in California (yes, thank you Captain Obvious). “Swinger” couples with a dynamic more like pimp-ho than husband-wife. The good looking girls you meet outside church are camming or hitting Tinder so hard they might as well get paid for it. Some less than good looking, too. Progress!!!

      I cannot imagine what it’s like to know your parents are engaging in crap like this. How do you grow up with that?

      I do know some of the damage from a number of girlfriends. If you’re hard enough inside to shrug off the psychological damage from whoring out, you’re likely lost. For all that we righteously mock our fallen women for “daddy issues,” the ones without issues are the ones to watch out for.

    • I was glad Zman touched on the pornography/sex worker thing. Much more succinctly than I have. Yes, I have spiritual objections to those things but, the main point I’ve always tried to make is that it is bad for Our people, male and female.

      I have been accused of wanting to turn the DR into a future theocracy, not understanding human biology, and derailing on-ramps for other whites. Honestly, I’ve received so much pushback I want to ask, “Can you show me on the doll where the priest touched you and how many times exactly have you binge watched Footloose?”

      Seriously, if we can’t sell, “We don’t want to see Our daughters, sisters and mothers swinging naked from a pole or forever caught inflagrato on camera in an orgy” then what can we sell?

      The subject shouldn’t be the center of the movement, but it’s pretty damned important.

  9. Home and Garden TV had on House Hunters it’s very first Throuple. To acclamation every where. So there is that.

    Love lost. To Lust. The smart way to bet every time.

    Oh Augustine Pinochet where have you gone? A lonely nation turns its eyes to you!

    • If your only exposure to television was HGTV, you’d think America was about 35-40% gay, all of them in a long-term monogamous relationship.

      • Indeed. When my mother was still living, she used to watch several HGTV programs fervently. If I were visiting, I’d politely excuse myself to read in a back room. When she asked “Why?” I’d reply that I didn’t find How Gay TV edifying or entertaining. She’d allow that there were a lot of homosexuals; but she just liked the designs.

    • Here at chez RoBG we call House Hunters/House Hunters International the “thirty minute hate.” (Whoever lasts longest without saying “I hate these people” wins.) 😉 It’s usually the sense of entitlement that gets to me. People from SF, NYC or BOS want their every housing wish fulfilled on a budget that wouldn’t get you space on a park bench in their home cities.

      • Hahaha! You’re classier over at Chateau RoBG. These parts we just say to HHI, “Whatta pair of assholes!”

  10. Think I read a study that something like 25% of males in their 20’s have ED due to pornography. If it was anything but porn it would be a public health crisis and all of it would be banned.

  11. Z gave the following birth rates: France – 1.92; Sweden – 1.85; Ireland – 1.81; Denmark and UK – 1.79; Poland – 1.39; Spain and Italy -1.34 Greece – 1.38; Portugal – 1.36.

    Does anyone know why they vary so much? Is it mostly the higher national birth rates being due to having more immigrants with higher birthrates?

    • Probably has something to do with men from the south and east migrating to northern and western europe to find work.

    • High migrant populations. Southern Europe has been ravaged by the Euro. So much so that they have a fun acronym: PIGS (if you add Ireland you get the more common PIIGS), so blacks just move on North. That extra .5 TFR is all blacks. The Europeans have a remarkably close TFR across the continent.

  12. I continue to be amazed that the Muslim rape gangs operating in the UK have not been properly lynched by an angry mob of Englishmen.

    • I’ve been asking this question for a while now. If a society allows (sorry, invites) outsiders to come to their homeland, violate their young girls with absolute abandon, and does nothing about it… Well, that is clearly a “society” that is no longer worthy of surviving. The sooner it gets erased, the better.

      Could the collapse of the once great British Empire get any more pathetic?

    • I’m not surprised at all. The only thing modern Englishmen might have done about it would have been to climb up on a soapbox somewhere and openly complain. So the authorities outlawed exactly that.

      IIRC, the guy who fought off the Muslim attacker on the bridge with a pike was actually a Polish guy, not English, for whatever that’s worth.

    • There are too few truly angry Englishmen. They’re suffering American levels of diversity dilution. The other Euro countries may be able to roll back the tide but England’s so swamped and pozzed that based WASP’s need separation from GoodBrits as badly as we do here.

      • This is very true. I personally know some Englishmen I would be pleased to fight along side of. But very few. You don’t have to love Hitler in order to loathe Churchill. The vast majority of Englishmen can’t seem to figure this out.

        England : Churchill :: America : Lincoln

        God help us.

  13. Great show. One thought I have is that technology of the current age also makes thinks different for our age. Technology is an accelerant. Think of birth control as technology just as the technology of I phones and the internet can spread pornography across the world the technology of the birth control pill allows fewer humans. Except for those societies either to low IQ to understand the need or those societies whom reject its use.
    Nothing evil about the technology itself just the abuse of its use.
    Liberal divorce courts and the anti family bias of our current age is accelerated by technology.
    We have had these factors before in history but not with the power of the new accelerants.

    • I was surprised he didn’t mention birth control also. I think we’ve been so inculcated to its normalcy that we have forgotten that having children is not a choice, it is a byproduct of having sex, of Eros. I think removing reproduction from the sex act has been absolutely disastrous spiritually and is a prime agent in killing the sex drive.

  14. Has Valentine’s Day been Cancelled? It’s the one synthetic consumer holiday that seems to have failed. I’ve been anti-VD for so long I’m insensitive to the usual advertising run-up, but it seems to have lost steam in the post-Boomer generations. Blame simple lack of $$$ to blow on Shlomo’s rock collection, lack of monogamy or lack of desire in general, but it looks like St. Valentine has been Shoah’d from the Moloch cult.

    • Who hates Valentine’s Day? Islamists, feminists, and totalitarians, that’s who.

      “This day reminds us that we have a weapon, the most powerful arsenal on the face of the earth, in front of which despots and terrorists quiver and shake, and sprint from in horror into the shadows of darkness, desperately avoiding its piercing light.

      That arsenal is love.

      And no Maoist Red Guard or Saudi Islamo-Fascist cop ever stamped it out — no matter how much they beat and tortured their victims. And no ISIS Jihadist or Feminazi will ever succeed in suffocating it, no matter how ferociously they lust to disinfect man of who and what he is.

      Love will prevail.

      Long live Valentine’s Day!”

      • Bernie,

        Are you saying “Love wins!” ?.

        I would refer to Exile’s “rock collection” comment above to see who also wins.

        I despise Valentines Day but use the occasion to take Mrs. Penitent out for dinner, which I enjoy and has perks that go with it. Mrs. Penitent can be a sensible woman at times and we NEVER do the dinner or small token gift on V day. Bad service from overworked wait staff, overpriced hurried food, and ridiculous “must have if you love her!” gifts.

        Nope, eschew the damn $$$ event. “Love Wins!” is their slogan in all things for getting you to go along with stupid crap you know is a bad idea.

          • Yup, Bernie, we’re both afflicted with monogamy. You and Penitent probably don’t, but I darn-sure cry at Kodak commercials, too.

            Phantom of the Opera? The Titanic song?
            I’m a blubbering mess.

        • I just finished up a stint of jury duty where the heavily rhetorical (((lawyers))) were insisting “love” be used to define a purely sexual/transactional relationship between an old White man and a viciously greedy yellow woman. Thank heavens enough other jurors agreed with me that she must now plead her “luv wins” case to a higher court. I will pass on Valentine’s Day, thanks anyhow.

      • Valentine’s Day is about shekels, not love.

        Muslims wouldn’t care about Valentine’s Day and we wouldn’t care about Muslims if it weren’t for immigration and our Forever Wars (and yes, those things are related).

        Flying the flag of Love when the totalitarians are clubbing your people with it is self-defeating.

        What’s good for Hallmark, Tiffanys or Nestle isn’t good for America.

        • Exile, so we even let them co-opt love? Yeah, yeah, Christmas is about shekels, too, all good things and celebrations can be reduced to shekels by the shekel-minded. Even if Valentine’s is about shekels to Hallmark, it might mean something altogether different to lovers.

          Nobody’s going to march under the hate banner except people who get their kicks from being perverse. I suppose in some circumstances, hate might be oddly satisfying, but it won’t ever have the broad appeal of love. Why should totalitarians be the ones to define love and fly her flag?

          What’s good for husband and wife is what’s good for children and family is what’s good for America. Valentine’s Day? Not a problem, can’t hurt, might help.

    • Valentine’s Day and Halloween. The two days where the younger folks could cut loose and socialize. They aren’t much interested in that sort of thing any more. Two dead holidays.

      Along those lines, I have always been a big fan of the local level circle track racing (yeah, I know, think of it as a cross between Roman chariot races and medieval jousting—brutal circuses for the fans), and there is no one in the stands any more. The Saturday night crowds in the stands were part of the dynamic, and in town the drivers and teams were part of the fabric of the place. Well, that’s over too, now, the competitors still go tooth-and-nail at it, but they do it in empty forums. No one cares any more. Social events are so done.

      • Dutch, can confirm. We had a dirt track near my hometown in OH. In the 70s-80s motorsports were still king & we went probably once a month or more.

        That social scene is a casualty of the internet and cell phones. This is a cautionary tale for those of us (like me) who aren’t “anti-tech.”

        We need to make “extremely online” a stigma more on a level with alcoholism than nerdiness. The usual suspects have managed to make nerdiness cool, so we have to find another scourge to whip the geeks away from their screens.

        • Ah OH. Exile, reminds me of your comment about young Amish leaving a while ago. Question: are OH Amish more liberal? Here in PA they stay pretty close to the land. I think that helps them keep their traditions.

          • I used to love Halloween. There were gaggles of us neighborhood kids running around. It was spooky and I think I felt those pagan roots in a Jungian sort of way even back then.

            Now it seems to be kids from out of the neighborhood (whose parents are from out of the country more often than not) and a competition for the local women to see who can dress like the biggest prostitute.

          • Halloween was our version of Carnival, the one time a year you could let your hair down and blow off some necessary steam.

            To reveal the inner fantasy, just a bit.
            Plus, kids could get a fun scare. Kids day!

          • Has been since the homos took it over back when I was in college in the late ’70s. Before that it was a holiday for children to dress up, get candy, and have unsupervised fun – in suburban America, at least. Between the homos and the wahmen who all want to dress up like sex kittens on one side and the anti-evil-pagan Churchian mothers on the other, Halloween has been destroyed like so many of our other holidays.

      • ” Social events are so done.”

        This is a serious problem. Not only are we atomized in how and where we live…but we no longer even have social spaces. If one does spring up it is soon overrun with diversity. Even county fairs in rural areas have to deal with chimpouts. Churches and their related functions are now SJW’ed, family entertainment centers are closed down or ghettoized, malls are no longer a hangout for teens, county parks are full of tent cities, and on and on. The young have fewer friends, fewer siblings, little or no extended family, too many unhealthy distractions, no heroes worthy of the role and a diet designed for a eunuch.

        Z’s topic today is of greater importance than all the talk of ideology and the accompanying politics. Politics does affect the social fabric, but a dying social fabric allowed to continue to degrade will make overturning the political milieu that much more difficult.

        Reading Suggestion:The History of Private Life.

        We talk a lot about community. Our age is unlike any other in recorded history. No grouping of peoples without a firm foundation of family – extended family – community(parish), can achieve something worthy of being called a civilization or sustain one.

        • YV, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to grab a few people who live in your area and who post on this site to get together face to face. It does not solve anything, but it is a necessary first step to getting somewhere. When the next administration takes down the internet “for our own good”, those f2f contacts and off-line ways to reach them are going to be so important. Real world communities, with trust enough to make and keep contact, are the start of a path from here to there. VXXC is all on about “power”, but IMHO this is how you take the next step to building it.

        • Last summer, while out for a Sunday drive, we stopped at a beach/park along the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania. Very laid back, with people lounging on blankets and chairs, staring at the water, and taking swims. My wife said to me, “there’s no black people here.” I had to look around, but she was right. And you could just sense it. The vibe was so different, as if everyone had exhaled simultaneously. After about a half hour, a black family arrived and, maybe I’m just imagining this, but the park was transformed. Even if they don’t start blaring their music (a rarity) or screaming while they play, you know that things have changed. Zman referred to it as ‘the tax”

          When we talk about building communities, we ought to put a premium on creating social settings on our terms. One way to bring people to the DR point of view is to instill in them a sense of how different things can be. Give them a taste of what life is like when the tax is no longer due.

    • Exile,

      “…simple lack of $$$ to blow on Shlomo’s rock collection…”

      Don’t know if you made that up on the fly or ripped it but made me chuckle. Thanks.

      • Hey, it’s the thought that counts. There are many ways to express appreciation for your loved ones. Hopefully, it’s not just one day a year, but V Day is a good excuse. 😁 ❤

        • I know I’ll have pile of cards waiting.
          Only happens twice a year, and it’s a sweet reminder.

          C’mon, they’re a buck apiece. Girls Day!

    • Agreed. It seems like the run-up this year was very low key. Maybe a public celebration of erotic love is too gauche in the Epstein/#metoo era. Though the CVS near me was doing a brisk business in St. V-themed candy yesterday. Or maybe it’s that the under-30s don’t date or “go steady” as we used to say; they just hook-up for a bit of transactional friction.

      • I’d also note that February is half over but there’s been much less blackety black black history crammed down our throats this year compared to recent years. It’s almost as if stoking racial awareness from any perspective other than anti-whiteness is now seen as counterproductive by TPTB. Strange times.

  15. I’ve read somewhere that, due to the eugenic nature of England with royalty and the more educated having more surviving offspring, that a large portion of the English are closely related to royalty (even among the working classes). That might not be a problem if a genuine ruling monarchy were still in place and these people were all titled and part of a functioning royal system. As it stands now, though, maybe it accounts for the crazy nature of so many progressives in England, especially the female cohort. It’s the usual Disney Princess complex you see here, except on steroids, and it might explain why single box-wine type women are obsessed with Harry Potter and fantasy in general (Game of Thrones, etc.). They support mass immigration of barbaric Saracens to the Island in the hopes that some knight will come to rescue them.

  16. I’d really like the DR to address morals and ethics.

    Gay marriage broke my family up for good too. My daughter came home with a new love partner, announced that they would be telling the rest of us what we could say and think, and that we’d all be progs and shitlibs from here on out..

    I didn’t screw around, I pulled the rip cord and bailed out, and haven’t seen them since. I did the manosphere, the NRx, and the Alt Right on my way here. None seemed to fit me well. I DID find a fit in a small country chapel that practices traditional Christianity as set out by the Bible… and something of a fit amongst the dissidents as well, where I seem to be tolerated as a well meaning Yesterday Man. (I am a big fan of Z terminology! 🙂 )

    There are conflicts unresolved in my personal journey. My faith is utterly incompatible with the views of say, Chateau Heartiste. And yet I love the guy too – he accepts the modern woman for what she is, and proceeds accordingly. He says a lot of things that others won’t, and he needs to be heard. My fellow Christians reject the New Woman utterly. It has produced some angry discussions among men that can agree on the diagnosis of the disease, but can’t agree on the cure when we talk about subjects like this.

    In your opinion, Z – is there a mutual happy middle ground between the dissidents and the old world Christians?

    Great show as usual – hope you guys have a great weekend lined up.

    • From the dissident perspective I welcome Christians so long as they don’t demand a theocratic veto over community policy. Our communities will always be the safest places for Christians but until we sort out the problems with modern Cucktianity, a political separation of church and Volk will need to be respected.

      I cringe when i hear Our Guys trying to lawyer permission out of scripture to do what needs doing. Abrahamic religions create a priest-caste bottleneck in their cultures that will cause us problems if the priests aren’t brought to heel. The Byzantines did this right, giving the Emperor an express and largely dominant role over the Church.

      Early on, we’re going to resemble the situation of colonial Pennsylvania – settled by pacifist Quakers and other Scandi-German Prots, unwilling to fight the Indians, they imported the Scotch-Irish who settled Appalachia to do their fighting for them.

      Christians of gentle disposition will be able to raise their kids in safety thanks to their local pagan biker vanguardists and a few muscular Christians learning how to Charlemagne on-the-job. Ultimately our communities would separate on religious lines once we’d sorted the anti-Whites. It’s a wartime alliance that benefits both groups up to that point.

        • BTP, this isn’t about separating the people from the church or culture – it’s about separating a self-appointed priestly caste from politics. Christians need to understand that our decisions will be made based on group interests, not religious rhetoric or lobbying from the pulpit.

          I’m singling Christians out because most paganism isn’t monotheistic/exclusive and atheists mostly don’t care. FWIW, I would object to exclusivist atheists or pagans to the extent they’re around.

          Religion-first communities can do their own thing and be allies or adjacent, depending on their cuck levels. I would push back against hard theocrats who demand religion-first governance. A lot of Us are atheists and pagans, etc… and there are too few uncucked Christians at this point.

          • It’s also about the authentic culture and not the churchianity that exists all over the Western world. It is difficult to respect sects that have redefined Christianity into progressive globohomo.

          • It’s comical when a Christian discusses, say, immigration and looks to the OT Jews for guidance. What they did in a particular time, place and situation is be imitated in our modern time, place and situation? Fundie Moslems want to drag the world back to the 7th Century AD. There are Christians who want to drag us back to the 7th Century BC.

          • I don’t see why not. I’d rather ancient Israel immigration than ours – meaning that it was incredibly limited and tied to very harsh means of proving oneself a member of the tribe.

            Ancient Israel Law had a very specific purpose – preservation and flourishing of Israel. It seems fitting that we should look at the laws they had (that they didn’t follow) to see if there’s anything useful there for our goal of preservation and flourishing.

          • I agree about the Cuckstians, they need to go or revise their understanding of scripture – like a whole lot. A lot of what’s ailing the West is basically ancient “bugs” in our evolved character (nature) and religions (nurture) that various other tribes and especially a particular (((tribe))) learned to exploit.

            Christianity always had a lot of stuff, particularly in the New Testament, that was quite easily molded into modern Prog doctrine. In fact I would even go as far as to say that it WAS modern Prog doctrine but fortunately none of our ancestors were stupid enough (or felt invincibly comfortable enough) to pay attention to those parts of the religion. When you add that cultural bug to the evolved altruism of a lot of Northern Europeans and the idiocy of their women you’ve got a society that’s basically asking for someone to come in and plunder it.

            Can we fix the bugs in time? I still don’t know. There are really two barriers to be overcome. You can’t alter the genetic proclivities or women’s tendencies but our ancestors had those characteristics too and still managed to maintain strong societies that practiced a sensible and masculine variety of Christianity.

            I have some speculations about what might happen to the more cucked Evangelicals and whites in general but I need to go for now.

          • @pozymandias – the way the Church managed female hypergamy and other bad habits was simple: you’ll be a virgin when you marry, you’ll submit yourself to your husband, you will find fulfillment in your children, you will never divorce, focus on the transcendent. Culture advances, women are happy.

            Which is to say, the exact reverse opposite of what this particular culture believes. We either return to that culture, or we’ll find ourselves cutting clits.

          • Some will recall the time-honored name for white people: Christendom. That’s us, like it or not.

            I’m a praying man, and every day I pray for forgiveness and mercy for us turning our backs on Him.

            Many of the things our well-meaning (I’m being generous) forebears did will have to be undone. The church was often invoked in the destruction of Western civ.

            That was wrong – it was the church that helped enable Europe to run ahead in the first place, the idea of progress baked into the story of salvation. Not all religions encourage progress, nor all traditions and cultures.

            I’m more than happy to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. So you guys can have my vote and my support until I draw my last breath. Then my concerns will be elsewhere.

          • Without a cultural focus on the transcendent, there won’t be any “us.” Sure, we were Rome, but we were also a gaggle of backward tribes that never amounted to much. What makes you so sure we build the Republic and not the mud huts of the Teutons?

            There isn’t an us that isn’t also the faith. If you’re looking for an explanation for why we’re in the mess we’re in, a considerable part of the explanation is that we cut the roots or the tree a long time ago. If you think we can recover by making our people in to an idol, you’re wrong.

      • We can’t work with Christians who want to import non-whites, no matter how pious or deserving those non-whites are. Race > religious devotion. Regression to the mean and tribalism are real.

        I hope that the Jared Taylor versus E. Michael Jones debate at the next Scandza directly addresses these issues.

        • Christians, forgive my half-ass theology. I’m sure there are all kinds of theological errors in the following. We are all God’s children and so are all equal. I should love my neighbor (meaning everyone) as myself. In reality, I’m going to love my own children more. I can give to charity to benefit everyone but when it comes down to it, I’m going to provide for my own family first and foremost. It’s the same with non-whites around the world. They are equal to us spiritually in that their souls are of equal worth. Jesus died for them as much as for us. In the perfection of heaven, we will all be equal. But in this imperfect world that we live in now, we can pray for them and do what we can to help them, but we simply cannot let them come here and destroy our society.

          • Aquinas said much the same thing in the Summa regarding kin, neighbors, strangers and the “order of charity.”

            The hardest question for modern Christians in Our Thing is the “created equal” hurdle. It didn’t bother imperial-minded Christians 100 years ago. There are a million ways to lawyer the theology and you can cite scripture to support a wide range of approaches. I think we can re-orient Christianity to work better for Our People. Ultimately it’s up to the believers to put in that work.

          • Quick analogy: I can forgive you for an act and still accede to the law punishing you, even testify in furtherance thereof.

            I can consider you my equal in a teleological sense and still not want to live around you or your kind if we are not compatible on this vale of tears.

          • I’m down with loving your neighbor. You know, the people next door? Who look/act/speak/share traditions/common interests with?

            Western Christianity fell off the rails when “neighbor” suddenly meant every one of seven billion people on the planet. Most of whom don’t give a tinkers damn about you and yours, if they’re no outright hostile.

            That’s just insane.

          • First love God (which includes smiting His enemies), and THEN love your neighbor as yourself. Liberals cut off the first part and ultimately invert the meaning.

          • We are not all God’s children, we are all his creation, made in his divine image. So we do not get to do whatever we want to other people just because we can.

            We were, however, made to be God’s children. That is our proper end. We become His children via adoption, and so, yes, you have a familial duty to your brothers in Christ, as do they to you.

            Which is why events like barn-raising among biologically unrelated neighbors are a Christian thing only.

        • As a Christian, who believes in God Almighty – I think we have to face facts on that and go a step further – we need to start actively throwing them out. These people will not respect us, our laws, our faith or our God. We can’t look after our own poor and needy as it is. At some point, those hordes have to sort themselves out too and I think our faith is compatible with that. Enabling sin is the same as promoting it and no bones about it; the bible is not a suicide pact.

          I can’t speak for Christians, but I can’t work or abide cuck Christianity either.

          • God, through whatever means you like, established the tribes of people. Christian charity should apply to your “household” first and foremost (ref: Timothy).

            Christ at first refused the gentile woman her plea for blessing. He was concerned for his people then relented (or tested her depending on your reading) and allowed the “scraps” of the feast table to nourish her soul.

            Where there is excess, after taking care of you and yours, mercy and charity can be provided. I would say defending and preventing the decay and intentional dismantling of Our People supersedes improving the lot of foreign tribes.

          • Jesus’ message was to the lost sheep of the house of Israel – his fellow Jews, the majority of whom lived outside of Israel itself. Gentile converts had to become Jews, as well, except that they believed Jesus was the Messiah. It was Paul who created a brand of Christianity palatable to Gentiles.

        • One example that might help with these kinds of Christians is asking them if they would invite people in from Wuhan China, knowing that a high number of them probably have or carry the Corona* virus. Regression to mean IQ and character is really the same question – are you willing to deliberately introduce a harmful organism among your people? Is that what Jesus would be doing?

          * Corona virus: another example of media idiocy. This is actually a whole class of viruses that our science illiterate media has now convinced people is a particular virus. This will inevitably lead to hilarious amounts of stupidity and panic when another, but harmless, such virus appears.

          • We don’t want to introduce ‘invasive species of flora and fauna, but ‘Diversity is our strength’. . . . That way madness lies . . .

      • I would like to see us iron out something better than just being temporary allies, E. There’s a lot of good guys on this side of the divide, and not all of them are Christians and dissidents. Yet I fear that would be the issue too – when the two groups start to compete for control. I hate to say it – but when it comes to the stern adult that forces the fighting kids apart, and orders them to smarten up and keep their hands to themselves and play nice… these days I’d trust the dissidents before the church.

        You have to remember that when Leftie declared war on the family – he went after the church first and largely destroyed it. The ones he couldn’t destroy, he infiltrated. Forgive the vulgarity – but the first thing we need to do after unf***ing our women and families … is unf*** the church. This is why I think the conversation about morals and ethics needs to be had – there was a time men like us could rely on the church to keep the morals and apply them fairly … but we just can’t anymore.

        • John we’re in similar territory. Until we see more Christians who can withstand attack from the kumbaya angle, let the pagans and atheists man the front lines and keep our sharp side facing outward.

        • I’ll say it again. I’d rather stand shoulder to shoulder with a like-minded agnostic or pagan who wears the same epidermal uniform than a Churchianite. The former defends Our shared heritage and kinship. The later preens for approval of his fellow Churchians and casually throws his own to the wolves. The enemy of my enemy is my Brother. The facilitator of Our doom is Judas.

          • I think one of the existential questions to get answered here is:

            What are you in the end REALLY looking to defend?

            White men – or “Western civilization” ?

            Because the answer to that is potentially two very different things.

            Last time I checked the white man Vikings weren’t driven to extend their influence because of their Christianity – but rather came into contact with Christianity as a result of their adventures to extend their influence.

          • I see them as immutable and inseperable though not interchangeable. Let’s first grow identitarianism then worry about the fine tuning later.

        • Unfucking the women is probably going to be a much easier task than unfucking the churches.

          I can’t seem to find the articles now – but last year I read some articles written by a man who claimed to be a pastor in the Catholic church. He was writing in response to the pedo scandals within the church – as well as the pedo scandals that were bubbling up connected to Epstein et al.

          What he basically said was that the Church was corrupted – top to bottom. And it was corrupted in such a way as to immune to unfucking. His description made it sound very familiar to the way the power structure in the US has been corrupted top to bottom – with corrupt gatekeepers holding all the levers of power – and actively working to keep OUT people who might seek reform.

          Basically what he said happens – is that when new people come into the power structure – they are “tested” . In this case – they’re basically offered up the flesh of young boys. If they refuse – they’re sidelined and/or driven out.

          There’s no way you’re going to “fix” that – without some pretty severe measures. By severe I mean violent insurrection with church leaders heads mounted pikes on the front lawn of parishes all over the country – just to make the point that a new regime has taken over.

          At least the women can be unfucked on a one by one basis – and the unfucking can be the personal project of an enlightened man.

          Unfucking the church is going to require organization and numbers – something that is actively prevented and cock-blocked by the power structure currently.

          You might notice I said “churches” – because there are some similar problems over on the protestant side of things. Quite frankly I don’t see the same level of kiddy diddling coming out the Prot churches as has been seen from the Catholics though.

          I know a lot of Catholics like to claim that “the Church” is Western civilization , but they seem to want to ignore the fact that the Protestants have been around since the 1600s. In the US – it also started off as a distinctly Protestant project (many denominations) – and there was quite a bit of objection to the surge of Catholics coming into the country during the 1800s.

          Those Scotch Irish were Protestants – not Catholics.

          • I think the larger organizations will only be unfucked when enough of the top people/gatekeepers are treated in the way human society has always treated them, when that society has finally reached its limits: they will be taken out by their feet and strung up for all to see.

            It is only through public and clear messages like that that will cause enough of the rest to get the message and either straighten up their act, or go into hiding.

            That type of critical mass hasn’t yet been reached. We can hope that soon…

          • IMO the lower-downs in the church and denominational hierarchies are generally beholden to the higher-ups who defend all of this crap, or, worse, have been groomed for believing all the same stuff themselves. The top-down self-selecting for shared values, or at least the intimidation out of expressing different values, runs very deep in many churches. Most church officials get tax breaks and pay deals the rest of us don’t see (pay earmarked for housing is tax-free to them, for example), and many of them are unqualified to do much other work in the first place. They are born and bred to defend the house values, except for the rare ones that don’t give a damn any more.

      • Really?

        “ Early on, we’re going to resemble the situation of colonial Pennsylvania – settled by pacifist Quakers and other Scandi-German Prots, unwilling to fight the Indians, they imported the Scotch-Irish who settled Appalachia to do their fighting for them.”

        This is pure fantasy. Where is this place gonna be again? Because for starters the Indians are gone, and the scotch irish live there now.

        Good thing I have some scotch irish brahs, good thing I’m their fellow wolf.

        Early on…this is as late as it’s gonna get.

        This isn’t snark, its man talk.
        You get nothing in life waiting on anything to fall into your lap.

        • vx, you’re another “tough-talking realist” who has no alternative plan to offer but is very concerned that we do something, anything, now except plan for a future that includes families, child-rearing and a semblance of normalcy.

          We’re not going to win this in some twilight struggle in the next 10 years.

          For the 100th time, what is your plan? How do we fight, who, when, where?

      • Early Christianity would have not been as successful if it was the modern cucked version. The Tribes of Gaul were not told to import the tribes of Germany in order to be a “good” Christian. Tribes and nations were allowed to keep their identity.
        Progressivism whether it is was a built in bug fault of Christianity from the beginning or not has ruined a lot of modern Christianity.
        Christianity in the proper setting is beneficial to civilization.

      • Well, Christian society defeated all its external enemies (or perceived enemies) during the 20th century civil wars. But it proved helpless against its internal enemy…modernism. Modernism is crafty. It knows how to appeal to Christianity’s weakness for egalitarianism and social justice. And I would point out that it was the men of Earl Warren’s generation who were part and parcel of the problem. (A more ignorant, arrogant, uninformed group of lawyers have never existed.) They unleashed the race wars, abortion, and pornography. And Christians among the ruling classes have done little or nothing to roll it back. The man on the street sees this. And he reacts accordingly by pulling in his horns and seeking out communities of interest online or physically. That rumbling you hear is a volcano stirring to life.

      • Christianity isn’t as rule bound as Judaism or, worse yet, Islam, which micromanages a believer’s life right down to the proper Islamic way to relieve oneself. Jesus probably was an end-of-the world prophet, along with John the Baptist and Paul (at least at first) and focused on believers getting right with God. He didn’t discuss public issues (e.g., slavery) because the world was coming to an end very soon and God and His Messiah on earth would make things right.

        Early Christians advocated pacifism, although many believers served in the Roman military. This changed after Christianity took control of the Roman Empire. James Russell wrote a book, “The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity” about how Christianity was reinterpreted as a warrior faith in order to appeal to the warrior Germanic peoples. The idea was to baptize them first, then teach them what to believe and how to live. I think that there was another, obvious, reason why Christianity was reinterpreted.

        I love to quote Louis Veuillot: “When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because that is your principle; but when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because that is my principle.” It was easy for Christians to advocate tolerance and pacifism when they were a small, weak minority. When they took control of the Empire, they had a vested interest in defending their turf, so to speak. Mohammed (piss be upon him) did the same thing. He advocated peace, love and understanding when Moslems were a small, weak minority, but grew steadily more bellicose as Moslems grew in numbers and power.

      • Speaking of pure fantasy.

        Muh POWER sounds nice, especially in caps, but how do we get some? How do we exercise it?

        This isn’t some anime story where the hero gets really-really emo and kicks everyone’s ass to win the day b/c MUH CAPS.

        Will to Power isn’t enough. What’s the Way to Power?

        • Since we don’t have sanction, and our overlords are sniffing out any hints of it, we’re like Okinawans under Japan.
          (They turned farm tools and hands into weaponless fighting, called karate.)

          So what do our masters do?

          Culture war- total war without weapons.
          Storytelling. A hack or redirect of the social status coding.

          Plus nepotism (natural organizing), virtual currency (backed by nothing but promises) that buys political and mercantile influence, etc.

          But storytelling is the most potent way to reach the gut.

          Exile and Smith grabbed me by the guts above, so lets offer some relief, an alternate vision. Plus, we offer truth.

          The Zman and yourselves are going the right way, be patient, hold steady.

          Now, after we’ve remembered who we are… then is the time to go all WWII on their azz. We’ve already proven we can make the world tremble. Dads once said “We were gods after the War, anywhere we went” as the Navy man he was.

          • Vxxc, the unions, the cartels, the minorities, the jihadis- they all have sanction.
            They are all useful to our Masters.

            Now, we did used to organize, naturally, with the secular Elks, Moose, Boy Scouts- but the feminists were ganged and loosed to break those boys clubs.

            The Constitution even provided for human-scale organizing. One Representative for every 30,000 people. There should be 10,000 Reps now, parliamentary coalitions would form yet none could dominate because of the normal backstabbing.

            My vote means nothing in an ocean of 120 million voters. It would mean a lot more once the 30,000 had sorted themselves into the inevitable sub-groups.

        • By the way, I use all caps meself, Exile.
          I’ll get to that cool *italics* and *bold* thingie someday.

          So impatient! Practical organizing takes so damm much time, don’t it? Seems like we’re just churning in place, but no. This is the way. Keep going.

          • Alzaebo,

            You are spot on. Ten years ago a solid civ-nat. Five years ago still tinkering with libertarianism. Two years ago awakening to the idea of Our people, but felt alone in the wilderness. Today, I see more of us stirring from the slumber. Hope and patience are good watchwords to carry with you.

      • Thinking about both organizing and power: the key to both is the willingness AND sanction- to do physical violence.

        That sanction thingie is gonna be a problem.
        No, it *is* a problem.

    • One thing that really needs to be pressed upon is just how much Christianity has changed in the Occident in the last 50 years and especially the last 30 years.
      Modern Christianity from this era is progressivism dressed up in religious terminology and iconography. EVERY major denomination has been completely SJW converged. There are some good churches within some denominations, but the national denominations are all cucked. I think this is the underlying reason why dissidents sperg about Christianity. When all of the rituals and moral authority of the church is used to push globohomo, it just comes off as cringe and not authentic. There are women “priests” performing gay wedding ceremonies with tranny children thrown in for good measure. They are wearing Christianity like a cheap skin suit and the inauthenticity of it all is just off putting

      If you have a good authentic Christian church, you need to defend that church from the churchians who no doubt are in your congregation just dying to “expand” the congregation by being more “tolerant” and “accepting.” In my humble opinion, dissident politics and authentic Christianity are not at odds, but they are not natural allies either. You need to be way more defensive of your church from the sheep-clothed wolves than any need to try and merge dissident politics and your church. And also be understanding that when dissidents give you shit about being a Christian, they are largely thinking of the churchian progressives and not authentic Christianity.

      • Women in the clergy has destroyed the Protestant church in my lifetime. The Catholics are wise to resist it.

        The Mormons are testing the waters now…I expect them to be fully converged in 30-40 years.

        They just turn churches into hyper-liberal arts college type spaces in no time. Real men check out quick.

      • They are women, trying to buy favor and be accepted in the household of heaven, offering to bring more domestic servants, rather than men, willing to defend the Gates.

    • Curious to hear more about the ultimatum from your daughter. What was the conversation there? My stepdaughter is recently out (though married to a man) and heavy into the LGBT virtue-signaling online. Just sort of wondering what to maybe look out for, since me and my wife are moving back to her state later this year and she isn’t exactly a pleasant person.

      Dave O’Connell

    • It’s Catholic or bust for me at this point, and as traditional as possible. I theorize that abolishing belief in purgatory leads to abandoning thoughts (and certainly prayers) for the ancestors, which degrades nationalism and encourages globalism. Getting rid of purgatory was a powerful meme for a long time, from the age of exploration to our current hangover of globalization. Also, no indulgences allows for more money to be utilized by the usury business, also associated with the prots.

      Only Septuagint derived Bibles are trustworthy for Christians. The Masoretic Jewish branch ends badly unless paired with the Talmud.

    • Don’t know how or why but the comments section on this blog increasingly feels like a small cyber-community or something. We are living in strange times indeed…

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