Casual Corruption

In the fullness of time, the Clintons would be viewed as an inflection point in the history of the nation. These vulgarians lowered the standards for just about everything in American civic life. So much so that we are no longer outraged by even the most egregious acts. Obama is violating the law on an hourly basis and no one seems to care. What we ran Nixon out of office for forty years ago is now considered admirable.

This is a good example of how rot takes hold of a people.

Chelsea Clinton earned an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News before switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year, sources with knowledge of the agreement told POLITICO.

Clinton, who joined NBC News as a “special correspondent” in November 2011, was up for renewal or non-renewal this year. Instead, the sources said, the network decided to keep her on the payroll on a month-to-month basis so that the two parties could sever ties if Clinton’s mother, Hillary, runs for president.

Chelsea Clinton has no skills, other than a famous name. She is homely and quite stupid, even by the standards of the media. That leaves her name as the reason for the job and that makes this nothing more than bribery. NBC gets access to Clinton as long as they pay her daughter 600 large every year. The Clinton crime family is a stench that Washington will never free itself from.

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  1. Hey, if CBS can get a producers brother hired by the WH in exchange for insider info and spin, NBC can pay a simple bribe.

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