A Racket, A Cult And A Corporation

In the fullness of time, future historians will write books on their theories about why liberal democracy came to behave so much like Soviet communism. The hallmark of Bolshevism was its intolerance of dissent. It was willing to sacrifice everything in order to prevent individuals or groups from questioning orthodoxy. This is becoming the defining feature of liberal democracy. In the name of individual rights and dignity, western governments are methodically turning into police states.

Take for example this story out of Germany. State media, with a reassuring confidence, has reported that a citizen is under surveillance by the state for holding unapproved ideas and positions. Götz Kubitschek has been labeled “the whisperer of AfD right wing Björn Höcke” so he is officially on a list of people good citizens should avoid. The point of the story and the government action is to anathematize the man in such a way that regular Germans will be afraid to be in his presence.

Notice the language. “The Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified him and his institute as extremists.” If anyone’s is curious, here is the German constitution. It is 74 pages long. Article five reads in part, “Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures, and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources.” As is true all over the West, this part of the constitution was destroyed to “save” the rest.

Of course, harassing citizens is not about protecting anything. The Right often makes the mistake conservatives have made for generations in assuming the Left has a practical reason behind their actions. Ideologues do not need a practical motive like money or power. In fact, worldly goods are not motives for ideologues. Rather, they are means to an end. The ideologue seeks power and influence in order to advance his agenda, which often just means crushing his opponents.

That was a feature of communist societies. The people at the top of the party apparatus could count on fanatics and zealots down the ranks to enforce party discipline. It’s why the military had ideological officers in the ranks. this was an innovation discovered by the radicals in the French Revolution. One fanatic willing to report a close friend for unapproved thoughts is worth ten thousand police. Once no one could be sure of even their closest relationships, no one dares speak out.

This is what we see with the West. When the state, in the case of Europe, or Big Tech, in the case of America, declares someone a heretic, it is with the assumption that the auxiliary volunteer army of fanatics will take over the policing. You can be sure that Götz Kubitschek will get the treatment. Germany’s version of Antifa will stalk him, his family and acquaintances. Radical media will use him as an example for endless scare stories about extreme right-wing extremist. AfD will be expected to purge him.

Another feature of the modern liberal democracy and the communist states is in the role of official media. Let’s assume Herr Kubitschek is a potentially bad guy and the state has a legitimate interest in him. Why would they inform the media? They would not do this if he was smuggling women or running a heroin ring. They would do the opposite and not say a word to the media. In the case of ideological offenses, however, the media and the state become partners in policing.

This was a feature of communist societies that has been forgotten. What little is remembered about the Soviet Union, is jammed into the Orwellian narrative of the police state. In reality, the communists figured out that it was cheaper to use soft power than hard power. Sure, they still arrested people and sent them off to camps, but their most effective weapon was the control of official truth. Fear of falling outside of official truth was more than enough to control most people.

As an aside, notice how that whole period is now officially forgotten? Even people offended by the sorts of things happening to Herr Kubitschek will not make a reference to the communist systems? Instead, they may reference you know who, but never the people who perfected the use of terror in an ideological state. The official narrative has slowly removed all references to the Cold War and the role of ideological fanatics from the collective consciousness of the West.

Something that ties the amnesia about communism and the increasing emulation of it by liberal democracy is something Eric Hoffer observed. Ideologies can get along just fine without a Utopian vision, but they must always have an opponent. In the Cold War, liberal democracy could justify its many compromises by pointing to communism. Once communism died, it served no purpose. The new devil is populism and nationalism, so liberal democrats are willing to ape the communist to beat them.

Hoffer also observed, “Up to now, America has not been a good milieu for the rise of a mass movement. What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.” That was in 1967, so he can be forgiven for not imagining something that was all three of those things. That is what we see in America. Liberal democracy is a racket, a cult and a corporation. The political class operates a racket, the media runs a cult and woke capital systematizes the whole thing.

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172 thoughts on “A Racket, A Cult And A Corporation

  1. One problem in Germany vs here in the U.S. is that unlike here, in Germany rights are given by the state. The German constitution has no equivalent to our 9th and 10th amendments. All rights in Germany are bestowed by the state and as such are subject to modification or even rescission if the state decides to do so. IMS, the German constitution is also easier to amend than ours. I suspect that the biggest result of an Article V “Convention of States” would be a much longer, much less tightly worded document with many more “rights” enumerated but without anything like the 9th or 10th amendments. The new constitution would grant rights not guard/secure them. But I’m old so I don’t have to worry about actually living under ta constitution which resulted from an Article V convention.

  2. As long as wipypo continue with their suicide cult of law – from which all our sorrows flow – an endless trail of degradation and ruin we subsidize is the path we frog march ourselves along.

    Its like working class whites who still vote democrat; until the spell is broken by horror and sorrow – but more importantly a leader – this will continue. There is great evidence that Communism did not lose its deep spiritual meaning for the Russian people and Communists all over the world until Khrushchev’s speech denouncing Stalin.

    What must we do?
    Denounce the fraud of the Rule of Law, which is in truth the rule of evil, insane lawyers at every chance.

    The law is the real intersectionality, its the teeth and head, nervous system and claws of the enemy. At any cost leges delendo est.

  3. I’m not American, but is comedy gold what is happening there .From Great Rambo ,and Brave Delta force and Dirty Harry to today mostly rubbish super hero movies of people with special powers, who fight all evil in the world, what happened now ??? They submitted to near slavery conditions to any left wing snowflake and administration without pipsquiq. For God sake they give their basic rights to even homos and transgeder majors in some places. We in Europe are gone .You was our only chance .That absolute surrender to this scum is clear sign that the war is lost .We disgraced the memories of our grandfathers who built this civilization for us. I’m ashamed for first time to be from European descent. Osama bin Laden was absolutely right .We are on the wrong side of history. If wasn’t so tragic is laughable.Actualy how the old Greeks will say ,it’s tragicomedy. What is the worst thing ever .Tragicomedy actually translates stupidity, cowardnes, foolishness of the highest order, something or someone ,who is not worthy fighting for .

  4. excellent.
    would add that liberal democracy has the most dangerous utopian vision of all, actually.
    it’s “your utopia can be any way you want, just trust us, we will help you believe in yourself and reach your full potential”.
    the utopian self. hand in hand with the collectivized tech worship.

  5. Interesting blog. ” You become what you hate ” or ” absolute power corrupts absolutely ” ? One positive thing to take away from this unconstitutional shut down is lots of white families enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Let’s hope young whites use this free time to do other things . . . . 🙂

  6. Some small input on Mr. Kubitschek: He is not a politician and not even an AfD member, but the founder and owner of the small but influential Antaios publishing house. For over a decade now, Antaios has served as an essential platform for Germanophone right wing intellectuals, with a strong focus on (revisionist) history and political theory (of the serious kind, in the Aristoteles-de Tocqueville-Schmitt-Huntington tradition, so to speak). By now, its impact has become strong enough to make Kubitschek a target for the authorities.

    Before he founded Antaios roundabout fifteen years ago, Kubitschek served as an officer — low-ranking, but still — in the Bundeswehr. It appears that his experiences in the Balkans, in the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars of the 90s, were transformative for him.

    Kubitschek has also written himself, as well as been an effective (and eminently reasonable) public speaker, at Pegida gatherings for instance.

    Also, he appears to be on close personal terms with Björn Höcke, whom the establishment in trying to make into the dark icon and scarecrow of “Neo-nazism.” Some argue the Kubitschek is the intellectual force behind Höcke, but in my view that’s simplistic. Höcke, though not quite Kubitschek’s match intellectually, is too much of his own man for that to be the case. But certainly the two exchange views, and pretty regularly so, I assume.

    Kubitschek is married, with six or so children (not sure whether they are all his, or whether his highly attractive wife, who used to very much flaunt her fertility, already brought some into their marriage). He lives in one of the remotest corners of crowded Germany, in a small village in our equivalent of Nebraska / Kansas / South Dakota.

    About thrice a year, low-threshold informal gatherings of “New Right” sympathizers are being held there, perhaps with all who ever ordered a book from Antaios being informed via mail. In any case that’s how I learn about them, and twice I went. Essentially, I found confirmed what I had already surmised from the sezession.de website Kubitschek and his team also maintain: Namely, that he is a fine, thoughtful, and courageous man.

    Antifa also showed up in the village a few times, but from Kubitschek’s understated remarks about such events, it seems the villagers let them know in no uncertain terms they were not welcome. <

    • Herzog – Thank you for a very informative and valuable comment, helping readers see Kubitschek as a real person rather than merely the media’s latest hate target.

    • “About thrice a year, low-threshold informal gatherings of “New Right” sympathizers are being held there.” A pilgrimage to Rightreuth to hear the ring cycle?

  7. A Racket, A Cult And A Corporation walk into a bar…. Sounds like a joke right?

    Except it’s not funny “because’ it’s too true…..

  8. From the Zman above, “They would not do this if he was smuggling women or running a heroin ring.”

    Correct. German media only gives the first name and last name initials of such offenders. Had he been other than a thought criminal, Herr Kubitschek would have been reported as Götz K.

  9. It’s embarrassing. But Osama Bin Laden’s public statements about the United States encapsulated what we are nearly perfectly.

  10. The system is evil and illegitimate and realizing that is a bit of a hurdle to get through. My normalcy bias creates a fuss over this every now and then. I wonder if revolt is harder or easier today. I suspect harder, b/c of all the surveillance and b/c ppl are softer today.

  11. Might have something to do with a certain small hatted tribe that did and does make up the core of the ruling class of both systems. You don’t get kicked out of 109 countries because you are a great people who act benevolently.

    • But Fash, names of the small-hat-wearers adorn all the kewlest “charity” organizations. Even Michigan’s football coach, Jim Harbaugh, appears under the banner as “The Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach At The University Of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh.” They are incredibly charitable. Incredibly. Ira and Nicki musta played a lot of football.

    • It sounds like it might be fun to infiltrate the counter-protectors with some signs saying things like “we love our chains”, “the government knows what’s best for you”, or just “freedom is slavery”.

      • This takes Conservatives too far out of the comfort zone. Most of them including many DR people can’t adapt to this kind of thinking and still try to reason with Cthulhu.

        Politics isn’t about reason but the most base rhetoric best to concentrate on that and save dialectic for those already on your side or the rare reasonable liberal.

        President Trump with his NYC Democrat leanings gets this. Banksy gets this .Its incumbent on the of the DR to do so.

        Muh feelz is 100x stronger than a lecture about Hayek or whatever dog food you are serving up.

        Get normie to feel what your society will be like in his bones, that Hallmark Channel world and you’ll have a solid chance of victory.

        Otherwise you keep on losing.

        If you want an example of gut punch rhetoric , Try this one on abortion,


        Make the feel it.

        • Some people think more than others, but most people feel more than they think, which is why advertisers, movie makers, and politicians use rhetoric and lies. So if you want to persuade someone, you must first figure out where they are on the spectrum. How much thinking do they do? Little more reason or little more rhetoric? On the other hand, if they are a better thinker than you, It’s hard, but you may have to be a little more devious. Also, don’t confuse verbal skill with logical excellence.

  12. The founding myths and structure of the US government, plus the need to conquer a continent gave the people some protection for several generations. But, unfortunately, the system slowly became corporatism and not laissez-faire capitalism. The great trick was to convince people that the economic system was still capitalism.

    Corporatism (the fascist economic system) is the fusion of the corporation and the State. A revolving door as so many talk about these days.

    What so many miss is that corporatism is left-wing just as socialism, only it can be much more efficient. Can be. But sooner or later the crazies will worry more about the ideology rather than the goodies. We are at that point now.

    The bastards running the parties now are so damn dangerous because they are following their ideology and bringing heaven to this earth. They are controlling you for your own good just as any good mother would do with a immature little child. They are playing God.

    We are in a mixture of “Brave New World” and “1984”. We can not vote ourselves out of this mess. Voting got us here for God’s sake.

    • There wasn’t any need to “conquer a continent” but there was an opportunity, afforded principally by a real pandemic that killed off very nearly the entire indigenous population of that continent. The self-righteous Puritans, inspired by the example of Oliver Cromwell and his destruction of the English Catholics and the Irish, used their Bunyanesque theology to justify genocide and invasion. This line of thinking remains an integral part of the American psyche. Believe what we believe, do as we tell you, or we’ll kill you.

      • “There wasn’t any need to “conquer a continent” but there was an opportunity …”

        Had there been no humans on the continent at all, one could still say they had to conquer a continent. For the longest time, they were preoccupied with making a Europe out of a vast woodland. Well, except my people who were the southern mountains with the natives.

        Never the less, for a long time the economic system was pretty much laissez-faire capitalism, and I say out of some necessity.

    • Mark – It matters not a whit if corporatism is as “left wing” as socialism. The issue is not left and right, nor socialism versus capitalism, nor protectionism versus theoretically free markets, nor any other classic ism or black/white debate of the past. The only thing that matters now is “What is best for White people?” Where you see ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984’ (both excellent books) I would suggest it’s more a merging of ‘Idiocracy’ and ‘Harrison Bergeron.’ Get the demographics right first, and worry about economics/magic papers/economic systems later.

      • But what if corporatism plus full democracy is the very thing keeping you from getting the demographics right in the first place? Remember, I am old enough to have watched corporatism demolish the white majority demographics in my lifetime.

        What then? Perhaps we need to get the system right. Even a King would beat the hell out of what we have now.

    • There’s the saying about the bank being in trouble if it lent you too much. Who gets scapegoated in the end? The recklessly ambitious always end up undoing themselves.

      Potentially it’s a weird cutthroat symbiosis. The more the puritans retreat from the scene, the less American things look, the more the narrative breaks— then freedom. After all, there is a place called America that isn’t an idea. Could be masterful puppeteering going on. Making lemonade.

  13. America for all her freedoms, harassed, ostracized and sometimes imprisoned people just for their speech (anti-war, socialism, communism) well into 20th century. WW II era laws against such are still on the books but (hopefully) unenforceable. Sometimes that is lamentable, like the racially restrictive covenant on your house’s deed, if your home is very old. 😀

    I love Germany, even lived there two years (does Army count?) 🙂 For all its freedoms of speech, I dare you to go there and wear Nazi imagery, speak or publish Nazi propaganda, and please report back how the authorities treat you!

    Now based on their history, perhaps that is a valid limitation. Certainly it is their right to set rules on their own citizenry. There’s probably a term for this, but I suspect the very effort to suppress BadThink will just lead to its popularity, or at least cult following. The rest of the West as Z has often noted, is well on the way down that road.

    Rewriting history: (story from a college world history class). No big surprise the Soviets would censor their own books. Even overseas editions of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia: Overseas owners received a package containing a pair of scissors, a replacement page and instructions. The instructions were to remove the entry on Trotsky and replace it with something that met current dogma.

  14. I suggest everyone watch the movie “Brazil.” So pertinent, right down to the “we’re all in this together” line by one of the characters in the film.

  15. Want to weaken their hold then play their game, at least for awhile.

    Fill out every gov form you can, eligible or not.

    Demand a cut in property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes.

    Demand banks, insurance and associated companies cut their fees and interest payments.

    Demand more and more nationalization of industries that continually work against our interests.

    Apply for gov work. Have a crappy job? Retired? Want to muddle the works? Get your foot in the door.

    Since we are unable to organize and reorder things let us do it from the inside. Tie them up in 1 million knots. We still have the numbers to raise the costs to disruptive levels.

    Do this while maintaining and building our community. At some point we will be organized enough and our enemies will have been weakened enough so that more direct and decisive actions can be taken.

    Fake it ’til we break it.

  16. Mike Enoch has been saying the system wont go totalitarian because they prefer us to just buy product and then get us excited for next product and not waste a bunch of time and energy with the iron fist. He may ultimately end up correct, but for now it appears that our glorious leaders do in fact want more control.

    So why was he probably wrong? I think even he, despite his laser like focus on certain elements of them, underestimated the neurosis and paranoia of our ruling class. Theyve spent millions of dollars 1000s of hours at least and untold energy to keep a small minority of whites under control. This clampdown is just a minor uptick.

    Selling product and making next product are under threat, who we are or our way of life, so why would it be out of the question to tighten down? If enough people understood the extent of the evil thats currently ongoing, that could be disastrous potentially…oh and we also have guns for now. Theyd be stupid not to react this way.

    Perhaps this is a temporary measure, or maybe it has nothing to do with European Americans (sigh) waking up a bit and threatening the system. But if im right then we are going to see this sort of reaction and these new powers flexed to do all sorts of relevant things to secure our leaders position more fully: climate change restrictions, gun control, speech restrictions.

    Some of these are easy to predict but ill say in the next 5 years we will see further crackdowns and limitations and isolation for climate change which will just so happen to benefit big multinationals and other billionaires. Gun control attacked as a corrolary to these restrictions since the mass shootings havent worked. They will tie gun control to public health or climate safety somehow. And severe freedom of speech restrictions although thats not exactly stepping out on a limb.

    Given the lack of meaningful opposition from the so called right wing, this is probably the most pivotal and dangerous time for us. If you can do anything to fight back, no matter how small, now is the time to act. Legally mind you. No movement exists to do it for us so we need to start the lawsuits if possible, we need to try to organize our local communities to push back against these lockdowns or at least join in, we need to help each other get into and rise the ranks inside of organizations to change them from within, call our local politicians…whatever something lame is better than nothing at all.

    Trolling and memes are great but all theyve done is draw battle lines, if no one actually shows up then those drawn lines arent actually useful.

    The time for trolling and racism for the sake of racism is over imo. We are in a struggle and its time to actually do something thats going to make a difference. While trolling and memeing of course.

    Ultimately we need to take control of something, anything. We are guaranteed to lose 100% barring a miracle while the media, academy, political parties etc sre controlled by our enemies. We are just trolling in the wind until that changes somehow.

    • It’s been discussed here before, I know, but taking over organisations like the Masons should not be hard. They would provide excellent cover for activities and the infrastructure already exists.

      • Its a possibility. I know nothing about them except they seem to have little power influence anymore. Since time is short we would ideally find the best bang for our buck. Anything media related is good, part of the legal system, academia are ideal. But given a lack of resources local fraternities are a start, church organizations, school organizations. Once you reach a critical mass, which requires warm bodies, you can turn your efforts in any organization towards some positive effect no matter how small. Masons could easily create scholarships that just so happen to always go to the “right people”, or charity that associates our cause with a higher morality.

        Ultimately this will be won or lost on moral grounds, and we are decades behind so anything that turns the tide on that front is a big win. The moment we make the ruling class look immoral and ourselves moral, to the average person, is the moment we will look back on as the turning point. But we need our people to be in the right places when that happens or the opportunity could be lost.

        • The fact that they little power influence makes them the perfect camouflage. That means they are not in the crosshairs of the Cathedral.

          Right now, we don’t need influence. We’ve lost. We need a place to gather together our forces and rally.

          • “Right now, we don’t need influence. We’ve lost. We need a place to gather together our forces and rally.”

            I have to disagree a bit on this score. We lost but alk we lost was the liberal dream of a tolerant, open society. It was always going to end poorly, and there was no hope to win.

            We will be a minority if we arent already. I can think of at least one tenacious and energetic minority that relentlessly worked to turn the tables in their favor. What we should learn is there is no defeat. Defeat is an opportunity to shame morally your enemies, and it doesnt mean “game over”, it means “try again later”.

            We didnt lose, liberals lost against the people they welcomed in. Now it’s our turn. Let’s get to it.

      • Masons in the U.S. are nothing more than a decrepit fraternity and they have no influence yet alone power today. Fifty years ago that wasn’t the case and two hundred years ago Masonry was, in fact, a powerful community.

        I’ve already memorized the ridiculously expansive Sigma Chi ritual. I am not jumping through hoops again to enter “an order,” so for me Masonry is a non-starter. I’ll not be dressing up in costumes going forward.

        You want me involved then the secret buried bunkers are constructed, the air-gapped computers calculate and teach The Plan, we rehearse on private ranges, and then we actually go out in teams and liquidate our opposition and snuff out their bloodlines. As for my awareness of or leadership in such an organization, yes we have no bananas. Nada, zilch, jack squat. Even GloboHomo with its resources just barely manages the clowns at CIA and FBI for their hits.

        Nothing shy of executing The Plan could work but despite our imminent erasure none of us can or will take the necessary actions. So, we wait and hope our enemies implode and we and our loved ones will be free to rebuild a new society in the aftermath. Good luck with that, there’s too much gorgeous, available land to be stolen by GloboHomo and used for their base.

    • There are huge protest movements full of Normie Whites with zero political experience in almost every state. Join up!

      • Have you seen how fat and unattractive majority of those protestors appear? They scare away the other convertible normies. Find them plate carriers that fit them and teach them not to bend over because disco scivvies expose their arsecracks when they do manage to bend over without tipping over.

        • I think you’re confusing regular NormieCons with Hunter Wallace & Matt Heimbach’s plastic Stahlhelmed retards.

          • I’m looking at the recent Michigan protestors, armed and I am a man who carries arms, as proxies for comparable events.

          • So they are a bit people of Walmart. What of it? They can always get hard

            You fight with the men you have not the ones you want and motivated and loyal slobs beat backstabbers by any measure.

            Yes optics matter but so long as you avoid excess Nazi symbolism , it matters little.

            The other side lies anyway, uses agent provocateurs and cheats at every opportunity. That can be managed . So long as a little self policing is managed and good sense is exercised, another C.Ville can be avoided.

          • So step up and lead if you don’t like what you see. If that is a no go , find someone else.

            Beggars can’t be choosers.

  17. Several good reminders here today, Z, thanks.

    The Soviets and the East Bloc nations enjoyed fairly widespread support. Their citizens were jaded and cynical and knew their governments routinely lied, but as long as there was relative peace and prosperity no one really complained. Dissidents were easily put down because Cucks and Karens were in place to do what the State generally didn’t have to do. The propaganda outlets were not expected to actually report news.

    All of which, of course, is the same as Lock Down America, with a very important exception. There may not be relative peace and prosperity after the current insanity ends. Look for protest giving way to outright nihilism as people decide the State isn’t worth it any longer. If you want to know why Jerome Powell is terrified (in addition to protecting his friends in the Tribe that dominates his), it’s for this very reason.

  18. Another truth about democracy is that it goes bankrupt. Power can only be projected to the individual level when the state pays a salary for someone to knock on the door of the suspected violator, and put that violator through some expensive punitive system. When the salaries aren’t paid, no one shows up, and you’re left with a true believing cat lady from next door screaming at you with no back up. This is where liberal democracy is going. Thousands of draconian laws that are only lightly policed, and when they are only people who make headlines are put through the mill. Another soviet similarity.

    • One bright spot is this: there are limitations to government power. Bureaucrats are human too, with the same strengths and weaknesses as us. While bravery and courage have their place, caution and inaction are the rule. Faced with the prospect of injury or death, many a government employee will adhere to the dictum “It is easier to write reports for a living, with the emphasis on living.” (Credit to Gary North).

    • They need merely put a few publicly “through the mill” or the one minute hate, or destroy their livelihood and family reputation, por encourager les autres. The cat lady next door works just as well, if not better, than an army of police. Why use hard force when the people will do it for you, or even better, police themselves?

      • It works both ways though and in many parts of the world, snitches and collaborators pay a terrible price. “No snitching” and “snitches get stitches” was and still is a thing in many , probably most poorer parts of the US.

        As for Mexico the less said about how cartels settle that problem the better.

        This is why the Right dissident and otherwise sold work to make sure society works properly without going down that route. While effective, its ugly and destabilizing.

  19. In a country that is rapidly losing its racial homogeneity and increasingly turning into a mega-system of diverse and contradictory ethnic, racial and economic interests with competing narratives, there is a distinct possibility of the country’s break-up. An incipient civil war in America will become a reality when a state of emergency is declared, following some major racial riot or catastrophic terrorist attack. This is the scenario American and pro-American elites in Europe fear most. At that moment American post-democracy, similar to the proverbial clothes-less emperor, will have difficulty trying to hide its nudity. “A democratic society is a society which contains no real principle of unity. It does not even merit the name of society. In democracy, there can be no citizens; there are only private citizens whose occasional civic behavior does not even indicate the will to be citizens,” writes Polin. In atomized postmodern America, the nature of the social contract makes everybody suspicious of everybody and always on guard against fellow citizens.

    Furthermore, the dynamics of the omnipotent market forces have everybody trying to outsmart and deceive everybody. Led by an unquenchable desire that he must exclusively act on his physical environment and improve his earthly lot, Homo Americanus must come to the conclusion that the only possible way to realize his happiness is by placing hhis material welfare and his individual well being above all other goals. He is less and less prone to abide by common values of his racial or ethnic community. Instead, he focuses his attention on no being left out of the economic battle, always thinking of his fellow citizens and of the entire system as agents wishing to cheat and rob him.

    Tomaslav Sunic, Homo Americanus, Child of the Postmodern Age

  20. Trial by ordeal. Be willing to lose everything, and you pass the test. You’ll lose a lot (not all) but gain your freedom. Speaking from experience in my small life. Your fear is the weapon used against you.

    Take the notion to a societal level. That’s what we face and what has to happen. It sucks but I promise I’m speaking truth here. Freedom is worth it, and everything will be lost by being ruled by fear.

    The best thing is, there’s no violence on your part. All that’s needed is to not give an inch.

  21. Z says, “Liberal democracy is a racket, a cult and a corporation. The political class operates a racket, the media runs a cult and woke capital systematizes the whole thing.” Previously he noted that the targets of liberal democracy are “populism and nationalism.” I submit that those targets are actually fig leafs for the true target, which is the white race. Hence, we now have the government, the media and corporations collaborating to destroy, by hook or by crook, the white race. How, pray tell, is this not fascism?

  22. “In the case of ideological offenses, however, the media and the state become partners in policing”

    Good line.

  23. Up here in the Great White North, our national “conservative” party has been infiltrated by liberal co-opting. I had occasion to attend a small meet and greet with a leading candidate (E. O’T) for the CPC party leadership and asked him how he planned to keep the fake conservatives out of his version of the party. “Anyone can run under the conservative banner because nobody would ever do that”….
    It has really been something how the newly created conservative PPC (peoples party of Canada) has been completely blocked by the mainstream media. The newly created $600M fund to bail out the msm has been highly effective. We are also hearing that the wuflu bailout has significant sjw language that must be adopted to gain access to the monies. Whadda shit-show.

    • CPC is full of homos, grifters, and liberals. Its a total disaster.

      Yes, the media acts like the PPC doesn’t exist.

      Unless O’Toole runs on a platform of immigration reduction and a complete repeal of Trudeau’s gun grab I will be voting PPC again.

  24. It really is amazing how cult-ish the left has become. Groupthink & hive mindedness squared – no original thoughts. Like constantly describing black crime as being perpetrated by teens, youths and now “children” in the case of a North Carolina auto theft ring. Limbaugh has used many examples of various press idiots using the exact same descriptive terms. A famous one being Bush the younger having “gravitas” for one reason or another and it’s use over and over among many reporter clowns. They’re so freaking moronic, they probably don’t even realize it.

    • No, it wasn’t “W” who had gravitas, it was his choice for Vice President, Dick Cheney, that give the Republican ticket gravitas. Sort of the way that Sen. Joe Lieberman gave his and Al Gore’s ticket the same quality.

    • A major trouble is we get jaded and callous. For example, I was briefly (few weeks) a fan of Colin Flaherty’s podcasts. But there are only so many ways you can report on black crime way out of proportion and the media cover-up. Before long all the stories sound alike. If he makes money reporting it, good on him, but I better uses for my time (like posting here, much to the dismay of you guys!) 🤪

      The focus of the authorities and the media is always wrong. For example, in response to a USA-style mass shooting, Trudeau has banned “assault rifles.” But I’m sure even Canada has trouble from the Melanic Hominids®: They must murder a few dozen at least in a year but I doubt we’ll see them banning immigration from the mother countries.

    • Find me a Limbaugh broadcast from 30 years ago and find me one today and show me precisely how there is any difference in what he is condemning or praising. I will admit to listening to him back in 2007, but all I see now is very well remunerated gatekeeper who just keeps on guarding his gate (and his $).

  25. “Ideologies can get along just fine without a Utopian vision, but they must always have an opponent.”

    Sounds like “negative identity” might just be useful to dissidents after all.

    Revolutions are oppositional movements. Positive identity is necessary to build a replacement society but negative identity is necessary to first gain the power to build it. There is no political action without reaction – no movement toward something new that isn’t a step away from an existing option.

    We criticize conservatives here all the time for being all disposition, no destination. The main reason they fail to conserve anything is their lack of negative identity.

    There is nothing they hate quite enough to make them take a stand.

    “The political class operates a racket, the media runs a cult and woke capital systematizes the whole thing.”

    Unless you first hate this System’s racketeering cult, you’re not going to want the power to build an alternative society, much less be willing to fight for it — to say nothing of actually winning.

    Changing public opinion is about defining what you hate as much as what you love.

    • My one significant area of disagreement with Z is over the whole “negative identity” thing.

      He likes to reference the Blecks as why it doesn’t work; I say an average IQ of 85 will do that to you

    • Especially since they really are out to get us.

      They want to wipe us off the face of the earth. If that’s not an “opponent,” I don’t know what is.

      You’re supposed to be anti-enemy!

    • At the university where I earn my daily crust, a t-shirt commonly seen on students–before the campus was human racially cleansed–states, “There is no room for hate here.”

    • Hate is underappreciated. We need not merely define what we stand for and present the future we envision; that future needs to be shown in clear opposition to the present or the future the other side claims to have on offer. Yet another reason looking to the past (as in the ’50s) gets us nowhere – since the approved ‘hates’ were communism and nazism. Since we are in the demographic age, both the positive and negative aspects of identity need to be based on demographics. We can both show what we hate as well as whom and what we love.

    • Most of the so-called conservative movement is little more than controlled opposition and has been since Buckley’s time.

      And BTW the Left does have a opponent contrary to what Z writes and this is the White race whom the Left wants to genocide and makes it quite clear in writings and speeches.

  26. Related:
    at Kunstler’s, “Slouching Toward Resolution”

    “Perhaps (Flynn) knew a thing or two about the activities of the Clinton Foundation. Perhaps he also knew what Jeffrey Epstein was up to. Then Mr. Trump shocked the world and won the election. Gen. Flynn was soon appointed incoming National Security Advisor.
    One can imagine the anxiety crackling through a Democrat-controlled Deep State on the verge of surrendering power to its enemies. The alarm bells that went off through the vast US Intel underground must have been deafening.”

    As a racket, a cult, and a corporation, the Democrat’s enemy had surprised everyone- and now had its hand on the tools they had built.

    What was that old saw along the lines of, “if you do it to them, they might get a chance to do it to you”?
    So now both sides end up Soviets.

  27. On my way to taking the red-pill, I drifted away from the lolbertarians. I finally jumped ship when I realised that they had thrown freedom of speech and freedom of association under the bus in order to save muh open borders.

    • The lolberts who actually cared about freedom and issues like free association, gun rights, and free speech have mostly drifted over to our side or are heading that way. The ones who were mainly about muh weed still call themselves libertarians but have mostly been co-opted by the globalists and the Left. Once the mainstream Democrats got on the legal weed wagon it was possible to see just how shallow the political philosophy of the typical libertarian was. They are now fully integrated into the Establishment while pretending opposition to it. Z’s segment in this week’s podcast about Amash was a good window on what these guys are now about which is being a stalking horse for the Never Trumpers.

  28. Notice how in practice there is really about zero free speech now–that you can’t significantly deviate from the totalitarian J-left line on anything without the Thought Police trying to ruin your life.

    It’s hard to see how to remedy the situation short of Hans-Hermann’s physicalremovalcopters.

    • They’ve removed us straight, white, Christian males from power. You saw what they did to Kavanaugh, Flynn and Trump. Consider globalization, equal pay, affirmative action and diversity since the Soviet Union imploded combined with the destruction of white history and permanent attachment of the holocaust and grievance industries. Toss in feminism and abortion.

      We have lost without firing a shot, the rest is mopping up operations and triumphalism.

    • The average person won’t rise up until they’re broken and hungry.

      Oh wait….

      • Broke, broken and nutrition-weakened. They just don’t know it yet or care because they are immersed in media that tells them how great they are united while diverse.

  29. Left-wing totalitarianism is the best argument for right-wing authoritarianism.

    In the long run it’s going to be one or the other. The center literally cannot hold. Either it’s their boot on our neck or our boot on their neck.

    Right-wing authoritarianism will be better for its advocates, sure, but also almost infinitely better for regular people, being a program much more consistent with human nature.

    • Babe – authoritarianism is exclusively on the Left side of the political spectrum; the far right are anarchists who want no govt controls whatsoever. “Right wing” authoritarianism” doesn’t exist. You’re falling into the trap the Left concocted in the 1940’s labeling Hitler “right wing” after he attacked the Soviet Union. Nazism is only “right wing” to the full blooded communist BC it has a nationalist bent. As heard/seen in Germany during that time, “We don’t want high bread prices, we don’t want low bread prices, we want National Socialist bread prices!”

      Communism/Nazism are/have always been two sides of the same coin; under Communism the State owns the means of production, under Fascism (Nazism) the State dictates the means of production while leaving industry nominally in private hands. Witness how China morphed from a communist state thru the 1950’s/60’s/70’s/80’s to the fascist state it is today. It’s called “Communist China”, but it’s communist in name only. Same thing with North Korea, they’ve both gone “CINO”.They chucked true communism long ago.

      • Left or Right is what people obsess over, but isn’t the main issue the total amount of government force, intervention, etc. the deciding factor? I’d much rather live under a small, orderly, even if somewhat left-wing government than in an authoritarian right-wing State (early Franco Spain is a good example.)

        • No, that’s not the issue. A “small, orderly” government isn’t going to last for long. Sooner or later either the right or left will roll it up. The key point is that we roll it up, not them.

          But from your posts it seems that you are not us. You just seem to be a leftist trying to gatekeep us back into powerless libertarianism.

  30. You have to wonder what took these mini despots so long to find the emergency powers angle. Works better than any radical could have hoped for . Still probably unconstitutional for states and U.S., but so what, no court is going to shut it down.

    Those brave businesses like the restaurant/brewery in Maine said they were going to defy their Karen governor and made it national on Tucker’s show. Yesterday I heard the health dept. and licensing dept. either shut them down or worse.

    Anyways, right now I see three kids playing in the neighbors driveway, got to do my duty.,

    • The Michigan shut-down has already been approved by the Michigan courts. The courts are going to rubber-stamp these powers until this is over. Then, magically, the courts will “reverse” after it’s too late to matter.

    • I thought I saw they had their liquor license pulled. That was always the leverage the state had: “we can’t tell you that you can’t conduct business, but we can take away your permission slip that enables you to do so without being jailed”.

  31. > Ideologies can get along just fine without a Utopian vision, but they must always have an opponent.

    Ok, since we must always have an opponent, who is ours?

  32. A perfect description of the west in 2020 by the Z Man.
    Can’t really say it much better

    “The political class operates a racket, the media runs a cult and woke capital systematizes the whole thing.”

  33. Thanks for a good article. I would make a small observation about one sentence in it.

    “As an aside, notice how that whole period is now officially forgotten?”

    Not so much forgotten as addled by schizophrenia.

    On one hand there is an elaborate project documenting as much of the Stasi activities as possible. There are museums and “interpretive centers” displaying all manner of Stasi artifacts. People can see the files the government kept on them if they request it. Germans saved everything they could from the Stasi archives, including a warehouse full of bagged shredded paper documents which historians are painstakingly putting back together like a huge number of jigsaw puzzles. They will be at this for years.

    On the other hand, there is the treatment of Götz Kubitschek and hundreds like him.

    The irony escapes them but, excepting Nietzsche, Germans have never appreciated irony.

  34. I predict that future historians will estimate that the tipping point was passed sometime in the 1990s or early 2000s. That was when affluence-driven parasitic behaviors began a vicious cycle expansion to majority status. From that point on, all else became inevitable. You cannot talk a parasite into changing his/her need to feed. Observe, analyze, predict, and prepare. The reality freight train is coming down the track.

    • I’ve often placed the inflection point as the 1992 election. Ideology always makes room for the vulgar and crude, as long as it furthers the cause. The Left saw Clinton as closing the door on the past, so they were unwilling to consider the massive personal corruption and deviant behavior.

      • My father made the comment in AD2000 that we were never going to recover from the corrupt changes Clinton normalized. I thought the system was more resilient than that. My father was right

      • Bush the Elder was the last president from the Greatest Generation©. Lefty wanted to make sure the transition occurred on their watch. And you’re right…the flood gates opened and lefty got his revenge for the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. They’ve been on a tear ever since.

      • 1992 is as good a place as any and better than most.

        It did not seem so to me at the time but I think now this was the great Zig when we should have Zagged: end of the Cold War (and History) with a (now clear) win for the PRC, the electoral defeat of a fighter pilot by a draftdodging boomer rapist, the party of FDR becoming the party of Goldman Sachs, the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, etc.

        • Bush Sr. destroyed himself. Bubba was just the guy who cashed in on Bush’s broken promises and spineless statism.

        • Vegetius – ” . . . the party of FDR which was always the party of Goldman Sachs . .. ” FIFY.

      • I agree, furthermore it was Clinton who fully ushered in globalization and free-trade that devastated our industrial base and began the destruction of the white blue collars and middle-class.

        Overall the damage he did to the country is beyond belief.

      • I was a kid then, not paying attention to politics, but things definitely changed in the early 90s.

        Kid me remembers GI Joe turning into Captain Planet. They started telling us to wear bike helmets. No more riding in the bed of the truck. You got into trouble for solving disputes by fighting, etc. Life wasn’t as much fun or as exciting.

    • It was round 1998, during the Lewinsky scandal. That’s when info became infotainment and politicians started acting like Latin ballplayers.

    • The beginning of the end came with the rise of the New Left (Frankfurt School, critical theorists) in the 1960s. The publication of the Port Huron Statement in 1962 is a good terminus ante quem. Soon thereafter we got Hart-Cellar and the Civil Rights Acts. It was all over but the crying at that point, although we can certainly point to Bush’s “kinder, gentler” conservatism as a torpedo amidships the U.S.S. Manhood and conservatism in general. Having said that, Coronageddon is America’s death knell. This country is finished. America no longer exists. We live in a polity that continues calling itself the USA, no more and no less. Future historians will point to the present as America’s vanishing point.

      • I agree, in that I have gotten way too blackpilled in the last couple months. As a result, I’ve quit flying my US flag, will no longer engage in any discussions about muh Constitution, etc. The country is dead and there is no longer any point in considering it.

        Now, the only real questions are: What is next? How do we prepare for it? How can we survive the changes? How do we protect our families?

        • I’ve mentioned this before, but I place US flag stamps on the envelopes upside down to signal my contempt for what’s become of this country and those who engineered its demise. As to the future, I believe our only hope lies in secessionist movements and I will direct my energies into helping secession transpire in the manner most advantageous to our people.

        • Perhaps Canada will export their now-banned “assault rifles” to us at a good price 🙂

      • Have to agree. Others claim the USA’s turning point was on November 22, 1963. Even a half century later, there are people who apparently believe it WASN’T a conspiracy, perhaps because to allow a conspiracy calls into question cherished world-views about how our country, the world, is supposed to operate. I’m no conspiracy nut, but the Deep State is nothing new, and there probably always have been powerful interests working in the shadows.

    • Whenever someone dares to use the term “light at the end of the tunnel” in conversation, I like to add the pessimist joke that it sometimes is an oncoming freight train 🙂

    • Early 90’s things ratcheted up another level. Acceptance of public vulgarity jumped. You started seeing and hearing things on TV and movies that weren’t acceptable before. Howard Stern was looked up to as the heroic vulgarian ripping through traditional airwave norms. There was a movie hailing Larry Flynt and Hustler as free speech idols. There was Clinton. It’s one thing to have a side-thing while President. It’s another to stick a cigar in an intern in the oval office. What a tacky scuz. On the political side, this is when Buckley ruined the chances of a Buchanon presidency. A chance for a true conservative, and true patriot…and who of all people crush it? The nominally “Mr. Conservative” himself, Buckley. This is also the period where the longstanding Zionist Neo-Cons vs. Paleocon battle at National Review boiled to the surface publically. And Neo-Con was allowed to win. On the race side, you had with Rodney King the weaponization of all the Rodney Kings after him. On the gay issue, the movie Philadelphia came out around ’94. Setting the tone on the issue forevermore. Stand with the gays and you’re good. Against the gays, and you’re bad. Cult of Diversity hit 5th gear in early 90’s. This was the first time where college presidents’ welcome speeches were dominated by diversity talk / tolerance demands / no free speech here threats.

  35. The first line in the German Constitution: “Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar.” Basically, “The Rights of People are inviolable.” The other day I saw some commissar fielding questions on Tagesschau news about if people’s rights would have to be abridged to fight the Corona Pox. His first sentence: “Das Menschenrecht ist unantastbar, aber…” In other words, literally, “The Right of the People are inviolable, but…” That “but” in the name of safety pretty much finished off what was left of the USA in October 2001. And they’re stupid to harass AfD. Even the most ossified Prussian chancellor knew that kabarettists and dissidents had to be allowed to shout for steam to get blown off. Otherwise the pressure builds til something bigger gets blown.

    • Especially on an issue where one can notice by simply walking down the street, and seeing gangs of hostile Arabs and Africans everywhere. It’s not some obscure tax offshoring heist. *Everyone* knows what’s going on (liberals too, they just can’t bring themselves to admit it).

      Unless modern whites are absolutely the most pathetic group in all of human history, it’s logical to expect some kind of blowback a some point.

      • Unless modern whites are absolutely the most pathetic group in all of human history

        We’re the first modern demographic with fully empowered females. A majority of these hormonally-affected persons do not make logical decisions, intead, they decide with their “feelings” and impulses.

        Our women are truly fat, drunk and stupid. This should be our new American slogan, fat drunk and stupid! replacing liberté, égalité, fraternité from an analogous time.

        Let them eat cake, and society will continue to deteriorate, and they shall grow fatter than migrating land whales until the gulags.

        • Women submit to conquerors for their own survival and that of their children. Within their own lifetimes the conquered females will become the social enforcers for the conquerors.

          Conquered men get the yoke or the rope.

          Evolution’s a bitch. Winning is the only option for us.

          • There’s a story from one of the first Norse voyages to America, where the guys are out doing guy stuff and the girls are alone at the homestead, when they’re attacked by the Redskins. So one girl disrobes and lifts up her titties on a sword blade, whereupon the Indians flee.

            Muh feminist history teacher loved that story, she thought it was badass. I suspect the Indians misunderstood something: she was basically saying: “Okay, guys, you’ve won fair and square. Come get it!”

          • She didn’t cut off her boobs first I hope! A not-entirely-apocryphal story I once was told: Vlad the Impaler (look him up), facing an invasion, impaled some of his own subjects, just to set an example to would-be invaders, who thought better of it and went back home.

          • I heard another, possibly apocryphal, anecdote about Uncle Vlad.

            He was saddened by all the hungry people in his country, so one day he announced his desire to eradicate poverty in his country and to that end, he invited all the paupers to a feast in one of his castles.

            As they were filling their lazy guts with his meat and his wine, he blocked the gates from the outside and burned the castle to the ground.

            Hey, presto! No more poverty!

          • Heh. Kind of like the American Psychiatric Association getting together and suddenly declaring that heauxmeauxsexuality is not a mental illness. Hey, presto! A huge swathe of mental illness no longer exists.

          • I was thinking the other day that “Stockholm Syndrome” is specific to females and an evolutionary adaption to taking wives the old fashioned way.

          • No, it won’t work for us in the U.S. We cannot reproduce rapidly enough to overtake the imports and irresponsible or enemy breeders if the means to support fecund numbers are jerked out from under us by our own females. When you are a solid engineer but cost too much and so 2-3 pahjeets replace you and bring their families here. When a hypocritical negress locks you in your own home and you agree to stay there but 2.5k hymies can gather together in tight places unopposed except for rhetoric.

            Game over. And, no, that’s not despair it’s moving on to the acceptance of the facts stage.

            Follow up: I initially interpreted your link to mean you want us to make more white babies and by doing so this will reinstall us to the seat of power in our former nation. You were only attempting to show how we got here. Wups.

          • Here’s an example: english canada experienced a massive Irish immigration in the 1800s. French canada had almost none. Terrified of being overrun by the english speaking people they had extreme fertility: an average French woman was having 7 or 8 babies.

            They STILL lost demographic ground to the english, though kept enough to stay relevant politically.

            Right now whites have a fertility of 1.4 and are experience mass non white immigration.

      • “History is the oppression of the weak by the strong”. It has always been thus. We are weak now and those roving gangs of rheumy-eyed Africans and Arabs sense it.

  36. Americans are not Euros, Z. In NYFC they set up a site where you could write in and rat out your friends and neighbours breaking quarantine and not social-distancing correctly. The thing got taken down when it filled up with rude jokes, dink pics and insults for the leaders. NYFC is the heartland and bastion of neoliberal fuckery… and if such tactics won’t work there, I don’t think they’ll work anywhere else. I think it was California (another neoliberal bastion) where they filled up the skateboard parks so that zit faced teens wouldn’t ride their skateboards and spread the fake plague. The locals came back and shredded the park with dirt bikes, and then dug all the sand out and it was business as usual.

    Sometimes that black pill wears off, and you still see elements of Old America crop up.

    • Though in the Sacramento protest yesterday, Gauleiter Newsom called out Reserve Battalion 101, who faithfully hauled off three dozen protesters for “not social distancing”. Not assaulting officers, not vandalizing property…just standing there. That’s more peaceful people in one day than they’ve racked up in all the anti-fa nonsense.

    • Well, don’t forget that the NYC rat line was piled on from people all over the country or even world.

    • Yes, even in CA many people are defying Gov. Noisome 😛 and going to the beaches anyway.

      • There are sizable protests in at least twenty states which given that like 20 states are not locked down is really quite a lot.

        Also somebody in St. Louis leaked the snitch line in that city and given the type of place that is, some snitches are going to get stitches.

    • Thanks, I was just about to write a similar post but I will just riff off what you wrote.

      Interestingly, I have been more white pilled in the last 2 weeks than anything else. We all knew that the Junior Stasi League and the Informer Brigade would rise to the occasion of ratting neighbors and becoming petty tyrant scolds. What we did NOT know was that Joe Normie would get off the couch in such large numbers and push back.

      Apparently, unemployed, frustrated (and soon hungry) is enough to light a fire under even the most apathetic. I saw protests across the entire country and in Michigan I saw very serious looking heavily armed white males standing inside a government building while very anxious state police looked on. Probably for the first time in a long time being reminded that the ‘mountain of guns’ is out there and can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

      I was beaming with pride like a proud papa seeing Michigan folks armed to the teeth in public. Fear and pain, these are our God-given educational tools. Armed men are stark reminders that we can dispense both en masse at a moment’s notice if we summon the will.

      The other knock-on effect is that the mask has now slipped completely on what the end game and attitude of the radical left is. They have shown they want to build a Soviet style state with great enthusiasm. So you either continue to support this knowingly or you don’t. The battle lines are becoming much more clear. Some related articles:



    • Don’t split the white world like that. Europeans have their issues here but so do Americans. Besides, for a Canuck to root on Americans like that is terribly beta, ie low-status, low-testo male. It’s like the chickenshit standing behind the street fighter, tooting his horn. Don’t do that, if Europe dies America, not to mention very unimpressive Canada, probably will too.

      • LOL! I’ll take it under advisement, MYS.

        But no promises – I’ve never really cared what the cool kids think and I’ve never taken any crap off them. If anything I say doesn’t sit well with the self proclaimed alphas and other poseurs I am good with that too. Truth to tell… I am not that impressed by you either. 😁

        • Also beta to get so defensive so fast. Besides I didn’t say I was an alpha, I don’t need to.

          • That’s wasn’t defensiveness, that was indifference. But now I’m curious… which greek letter do you identify as? And what is your preferred pronoun?

  37. Lefty targeted the military at an early stage after WW2. By the fifties, it had become racially integrated. By the eighties, women were being brought in. By the nineties, homosexuals began to make noises in the ranks. By the Obama regime, sexual perverts were fully protected and served openly. Our military was subjected to modern cult-Marx techniques to assure there could never be a military revolt. Today, our military bases around the world spread the disease to every corner of the planet.

    • Nobody is a better fanatic than the freak who believes that if I tolerate other freaks, they will have to tolerate me.

        • IMO and STEM exempted (at least till we get STEM academies instead of colleges and universities) no one with a university education should have any office of import and all officers should be promoted from enlisted ranks only.

          That way you get a fighting focused force and an officer core that is less detached from regular folks.

          This won’t stop all the nonsense, Bill Gates like many techies was a college dropout but its a start.

          The solution for bigger problems is an income cap. One hundred percent tax on any income stocks included over 100x the minimum wage no inflation adjustment

          This is roughly the 1950’s era taxation without loopholes.

          Its generous, my personal preferjnece would be 500k per year (25x) so essentially there is no upper class but that is probably too low.

          Policy like this ensures you no longer have mega rich people and its harder to espouse policies and run away from the consequences.

          • I have an extensive STEM pedigree in electrical and computer engineering. Most of my colleagues have no interest in participating with politics, they simply accept the popular, easy line and get about building useful things and tweaking their home robots, cars and airplanes. We need vocational training for both scientists and engineers beginning with separate academies at age 14, when the effects of puberty on a kid start exhibiting. Puberty is a real game changer, and those who tend to succeed in hard STEM disciplines typically experience delayed puberty. Not all, but most.

          • good idea. that would shield them somewhat from bullying and make them less SJW down the road.

            also/or, teach boys how to fight again.

          • Good luck raising capital to create businesses and wealth when nobody has it. 90% tax rates and no loopholes to keep people from getting rich, and sending the receipts to HUD and the UN? Brilliant. Why work? And what exactly did Bloomberg buy with his 500 million? Massive capital destruction. On a previous post you spoke of morality. The only moral economic system is capitalism. It just needs to be controlled to protect the air, water, and soil. You can’t have a safety net for the truly helpless without wealth creation.

          • Big business, including China Inc., Israel LLC, London Finance, Chtd and Saudi PLLC, has bought our entire political class almost to a worm. Unrestrained capitalism, a/k/a capitalist cronyism, has led us here. We need actual governance of the people, for the people and by the people. We need a Mussolini.

          • The US had a top marginal rate of 92% in 1952 on roughly 2 million in modern terms.

            we seemed to have a pretty good economy too. low immigration, 90% White and a TFR of 3.2

            It is as if taxes in the super rich don’t matter all that much.

          • Nobody paid 92%. No matter the tax rate over time, the receipts are flat, around 20%. There was comparatively very little innovation in the 50’s because capital was parked and innovation wasn’t worth it.

          • besides you had the military industrial complex giving out a bunch of jobs. and strong unions, tariffs, sound currency. women at home, not asking for nearly as much either. there was a lot more than just tax rates at work.

            there was a lot of innovation for the time, save again military tech; however smaller innovations became widespread, like the washing machine and typewriter. thus the lesser taxed 60s did spur more prosperity and even more tech, however they also spurred more decadence. seems like a pattern we have to control, the manly need to go further with the fatherly need to protect and preserve.

          • you could just cut today’s loopholes, specially concerning stocks, that’s where the main multiplying and hoarding is. heck even lower business tax even more and hike tariffs. bust trusts in some areas, specially media. offer a public health insurance option, forbid college loan usury, destroy most liberal arts departments, unpaid family leave of a month at least, allow more public housing and infrastructure but lower zoning regulations and allow segregation (so they can be cheap for business and unions to collaborate and for families to acquire safe homes). build keystone xl and get America energy independent. get the same results without putting out millions of small businesses – yeah blame it on Reaganomics, but when God smote the Tower of Babel He reminded us there’s too many people for too few institutions to exist – so there must be some traditionalist decentralization to counter so much globalized cephalization…

            besides back in the 50s you had the military industrial complex giving out a bunch of jobs. and strong unions (made up for the small amount of business-owners), already-mentioned tariffs, sound currency. women at home, not asking for nearly as much either. wasp-majority population used to working tons, and no immigration. the economy is a lot more than just moving around tax rate levers.

          • Wouldn’t it be better to have laws that advantage smaller, more local businesses, and disadvantage larger, global businesses? I don’t understand the focus on limiting *personal* wealth.

  38. Bit of a long read, but this does a good job of framing how classical leftism has adapted to the peculiarities of US society. Explains to me how the local Proggies, whose husbands draw 6 and 7 figure paychecks from Goldman et al, can, without shame, also be the enforcers of the new social norms. And relentlessly swarm on anyone that dares voice any dissent. The old working class, the former stronghold of leftism, can be abandoned with no guilt and the “self-actualization” of the 32 genders can be embraced–with the good old hetero-cis white males as the new boogeymen. https://lawliberty.org/forum/the-strange-rise-of-bourgeois-bolshevism/

  39. I was about to say something deep & profound….but its Sunday and i have yardwork so……..

  40. Racist nationalism leads to… Nazis!
    White worker’s socialism leads to… Nazis!

    Our political spectrum is all about preventing the rise of…

    • Aside from the imposed agenda, the right becomes emotionally tied to ‘social issues’ for the same instinct as the left:

      Opportunities for virtue signaling.

      We sort and rank ourselves in the group by display. The sounds we make are a status and loyalty competition.

      What branch in the tree are you on?
      Above or below?
      Bark, monkeys, bark!

      Update (I read to the end)

      “Liberal democracy is a racket, a cult and a corporation. ”
      Opportunities. The offer of opportunity is the key to organizing.
      Want to be useful, to find a place for yourself?

      • Das rite!

        Abortion evil! Abortion bad! We need more Black babies born to single mothers!

        Abortion is wrong but in the USA it certainly is one of the last things on my list that should be banned. Abortion in Canada, however… where untold millions of white babies were aborted through the 70s, 80s, 90s… is just sickening to think of. Now that we are getting more “diverse”, we’re finding that our mud people have even more issues using contraception than whites (just like USA – could there be a pattern???)

        I HEART my adopted Black children! Natural conservative!

        • I’m pro abortion for the most part but without social issues like abortion, marriage and all the rest there is no purpose for the Right.

          Why bother existing if you don’t stand for some kind of moral creed? The supposed Rights unwillingness to do that puts them at a huge disadvantage vs the Left who as whack as it is, has a distinct moral system,

          All the Right does is debate economic systems . Fine when the alternative was actual Communism but there days its just a debate on how much oligarchy and how much social democracy.

          Its a Potemkin argument full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

          Other than some Maoist or other totalitarian nonsense, economics is unimportant , fertility especially White fertility and a moral system and yes economic one hat encourages stable families is what matters.

          Any political system that doesn’t lead to 2.2 White TFR is utterly useless.

          • yep.
            besides, in the old days, you just made the excess kids celibate academics and/or social workers and/or whatever that kept them out of the machinery of society. you didn’t need to damage half the white women and get 1.1 kids per couple, while giving black women 2-3 babies instead of 5 (and damage them even more). for that matter just bring back the malthusian trap in a soft form and/or segregation.

          • The Black TFR is only a tiny bit higher than the White TFR and well below replacement.

            With higher homicide , infant mortality and incarceration rates, its probably lower than Whites overall.

            Also in the old days most people grew up on farms and barring economic issues, there was a steady demand for labor

            This is not the case in 2020.

            Fundamentally any right wing solution will have to take current situations into account and will largely have to lock out older solutions.

            Be here now, current year whatever mantra you like but make sure you are ware of the situations.

            Its not only not 1920 its not even like 1970.

    • Dare I say it?


      “Our political spectrum is all about the prevention of the only political ideology capable of thwarting eeeeeeeeeevil jooooooooooos…”

      Post of the day, I am sure you’ll agree…😆

      • I get it that you are making fun of people who think that our only problem is jewish ethnocentric power, but do you deny that it is one of our major problems?

        Some want to say that the main problem is just liberalism. But liberals are not a monolith. Peter Brimelow recently said, I’m paraphrasing, “In the 1960s white radicals were rebelling against their parents but jewish radicals were carrying on their parents’ work.”

        • Cheap shot was all it was. I acknowledge that we may have a Jewish Problem… and that if they don’t do something about it soon, others might.

    • Yes, but only post-Soviet communism. I grew up during the cold war when the political paradigm was about either advancing or blocking Soviet communism.

      With the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new enemy had to be found: Nazis!! I do agree with zman that it really is about preventing the rise of competing ideologies.

    • An alternate form of Leftism?

      The entire educational edifice around “Fascism” and the modern definitions of “The Right” exists so that variations of Democratic Workers Socialism can be called Right Wing

      Its a false dichotomy of course. There hasn’t been an actual Right wing government in the West in living memory.

      • Generalisimo Franco was probably the last one, and even then he compromised a lot to not be ignored by the West, such as allying with neocon Opus Dei while lowering Falange’s visibility, and letting the neocon Bourbon line return to the throne and install “parliamentary democracy” instead of the traditionalist-populist Carlist line that would have continued the Caudillo’s work.

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