Is Germany the Source of All Evil?

I think if you are going to try and find the worst country on earth, Germany is a good option to support. I suppose picking a country is a bit unfair as countries are made of people. Those people often belong to more than one country. Jews, for example, are everywhere. In some countries they run everything (Israeli, United States) and in others they have little influence (Iran and Iraq). Germans are decedents of the Franks, but so are most French and the people in the low countries.

But, let’s keep it simple. I think if you were making a list of the world most horrible countries, Germany is a good choice. Think about what sent the civilized world into the Dark Ages. It was Germanic tribes sacking Rome. In 410 AD, Alaric I led the Visigoths into the Italian peninsula and sacked Rome. Granted, Rome was falling apart at the time and the capital of the empire had been moved from the city. Still, the Eternal City was extinguished by Germans and what followed was a thousand years of barbarism.

At the other end of the Medieval period we have the collapse of the one uplifting and unifying force in Europe. That was done by, you guessed it, Germans. The Protestant Reformation was driven by a crap-eating German lunatic. That led to the next great devastation of Europe. The Thirty Years War reduced much of Europe to rubble. Parts of central Europe were reduced to cannibalism. I can make a strong argument that this was the end of Christianity as the organizing force in Europe.  Instead, nationalism became the religion of the elites.

Nationalism, you’ll recall, is considered the main cause of the next great devastation of Europe. That would be The Great War. It was started by, your guessed it, Germany! As Peter Hitchens notes in his great column on it in the Spectator, it permanently altered the landscape of civilization, leading to all that plagues us today.

To say that that the First World War was the greatest cataclysm in human history since the fall of the Roman Empire is to put it mildly. The war destroyed so many good things and killed so many good people that civilization has not recovered and probably never will. Long after it officially ended, it continued to cause millions of deaths and tragedies, most obviously during its encore performance of 1939-45. But it did not stop even then. Many of its worst consequences came during official periods of peace and are unknown or forgotten, or remain unconnected with it in the public mind.

The loss cannot be measured in cash because it was paid in the more elusive coin of faith, morals, trust, hope, and civility. The war is the reason why Europe is no longer a Christian continent, because too many churches supported it. Pointing to the poverty and scientific backwardness of the pre-1914 world is a false comparison. Who is to say that we could not have grown just as rich as we are now, and made just as many technological and medical advances, had we not slain the flower of Europe’s young men before they could win Nobel Prizes, or even beget and raise children?

The astonishing thing is that so many conservative, Christian, and patriotic people have yet to understand the damage this event did to their causes. It is at least partly because we can barely begin to imagine the world that we lost.

Stefan Zweig’s ambiguous description of a “Golden Age of Security” in his curious memoir of Austria-Hungarian twilight, The World of Yesterday, is one of the few attempts. But the civilization that Zweig portrays as stifling and repressed seemed to many who lived in it to be safe, calm, and free. His own mixed feelings, as he describes the woebegone departure of the Imperial Habsburgs from their domains, and the shocking sense of pain which beset him at the sight, are the truest thing in the book—a realization, far too late, of what has been lost forever and of what was now coming: unthinkable inflation, turning the modest life savings of the gentle into dust, along with the destruction of every known landmark and of all customs and manners, ending in the pit of tyranny, racial mass murder, and yet more war.

Of course, there’s no doubt why the war started.

Germany started the war because she wanted and hoped to gain enormous prizes through a swift victory, first over France and then over Russia. She encouraged Austria to be inflexible toward Serbia in the hope that this would happen, and the plan worked. It was not the first time that a country had carefully fostered a pretext for war, and it will certainly not be the last. Most readers in Britain and the U.S. will be able to think of recent examples.

There is a strong argument for saying that it was reasonable for Germany to want what she wanted, and that it was and is a great pity that no peaceful way could be found of reaching a sensible compromise over her legitimate demands.

There is an equally strong argument for wondering why the main critics of the Great War have been those of the anti-capitalist or socially liberal Left, while conservatives have tended to defend it, even to stand up for its dreadful generals and its unspeakable carnage, as some kind of necessity or patriotic duty.

The opposite should be the case. Those on the Left should defend it and rejoice over it. It was the fulfillment of their dreams. No single event has done more to advance the power of the state and of state socialism. Britain barely had a state before 1914. By 1918 it was one of the most tightly governed and bureaucratized patches of soil in the world. The Russian revolution would never have happened had there been no war in 1914. The great Christian and conservative empires of the world would probably all still exist. War also brought about the sexual, social, and cultural revolutions that are still convulsing what used to be Christendom.

The whole article is worth reading. He goes on to point out that it was Germany that financed Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The Germans, of course, gave us Marxism as well as Fascism. Those two account for 100 million deaths worldwide. They also gave us Critical Theory, otherwise known as Cultural Marxism. Who knows what the body count will be from that in the end. The EU is a German invention and is now run by Germans.

The damage done by Germans is not limited to Europe. The World Cup final is tomorrow. The Germans are on one side and Argentina, the vacation land for Nazis, is on the other. The United States, of course, has been greatly influenced by Germans. The largest ethnic group in the country are Germans and they turned the former British colonies from a Classical Liberal country into a big fat social democracy. Obama, America’s worst president, went to Berlin to give a speech once he secured the nomination. Coincidence?

In the worst country contest, I think my vote goes to the Germans.


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Sure is a lot of shoulda, coulda, woulda, in there. Solely from the excerpts chosen to be shown above, this “thesis” gets MY “no need to pursue further” discrimination.
SOME (allegedly)college level “papers”, repackaged as “intellectual discourse” is simply unworthy of MY precious time to “challenge”.
“But..but…if you don’t take the time to read every word and “idea” then you can’t comment!”
Kinda’ like judges without vaginas can’t opine on women’s behavior or “special exceptions”? (Pelosi/Reid et al.)

Take 90% of HuffPo/MSNBC “journalism”…


That The United States’ largest ethnic group is German has always puzzled me. How could this be so in an English speaking, Eastern Protestant former British colony? In fact I am calling bullshit.

Of the ten most common surnames in The United States we have Smith, Williams, Johnson, Brown, Jones, Miller, Davis and Wilson. Not far behind are Anderson, Taylor and Thomas. All of these names are of British origin.

A few more common Hispanic names litter the list.


Western Protestant.

Blame vodka. Me not Russia.


According to the Census Bureau by way of Wikipedia:

The ten largest ancestries of American Whites are: German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.0%), Italian Americans (5.7%), Mexican Americans (5.4%), French Americans (4%), Polish Americans (3%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%), and Norwegian Americans (1.5%).[8][9]

Most American blacks have English surnames so that would skew an ethnic survey based on surnames.

Bye Tong

Why do you separate Irish Americans, Scottish Americans and English Americans? Apply that to the German Americans that came from Austria and other independent German speaking Kingdoms during that time and the statistic looks different.


Well, OK. But their beer makes up for a lot of warfare…


Bill Bryson in one of his books pointed out that the fledgeling US nation almost voted for German as the national language.

Had they done so, there would have been a quite different outcome to the two world wars.

Dutch 1960

The English Americans established the American political institutions and culture, and the German Americans assimilated into the existing culture when many of them arrived later. The German Americans also largely settled in the Midwest, and New York and Washington have always dominated the social and political institutions. The politics of Minnesota and Wisconsin give one a good flavor of the German love of socialism, and the blind passion by which they will pursue the establishment of a socialist culture.

Devin Finbarr
The Germans do not deserve primary blame for the catastrophe of World War I. From what I have read, all sides deserve about equal blame. Serbia deserves blame for their wink-and-nod sponsoring of terrorism against Austria (Read Sidney Fay’s exhaustive account – ). Russia deserves blame for sponsoring Serbia’s rogue behavior. Germany and Austria deserve blame for being so reckless and aggressive in their response to the assassination. Russia deserves blame for mobilizing first, thus forcing Germany’s hand. France and England deserve blame for first declaring war on Germany (The Kaiser had no wish to fight either country). England… Read more »

> . In some countries they run everything (Israeli, United States)

Nutcase. Bye.


The Gothic sack of Rome did little to alter the political economy of the Empire. The northern European economy was crushed in the seventh century, not the fifth, and the cause was the end of Mediterranean trade and the devastation of North Africa wreaked by Arab Muslim invaders, not German Goths. The Belgian historian Henri Pirenne wrote the book about it.


And of course the boxheads have just won the world cup of chavball – so double plus evil.

james wilson
Many German immigrants or their children Anglicized their names, especially during WW1, but those were the more recent immigrants. There was a flood of German immigrants already coming to America in the latter half of the 18th century. Pennsylvania was one third German at that time. In Henry Adams day Germany was thought to be perhaps the most civilized country in the world–scientifically, industrially, intellectually, and artistically. It also found itself locked into an unfortunate geopolitical location, quite unlike the natural advantages given to Britain, America, or even France. Germany did not even exist until Bismark formed both it and… Read more »

“> . In some countries they run everything (Israeli, United States)

Nutcase. Bye.”

I second that.

Auf Wiedersehen. But it won’t be anytime soon.

Val Erie

Z Man, Since you say up at the top that your site is about “Sports, Culture and other stuff”, I gotta say this is the finniest soccer satire, pretending to be a pseudo-intellectual bigot desperately rationalizing his naked hatred for an entire people.

Oh, wait. You are serious. You utter JERK.

On the matter of soccer, however, Germany worked 8 hard years for this. In the final, they were against not only Argentinians who played very, very dirty, but also against referees who were wilfully blind to 90% of Argentina’s fouls. AND THEY STILL WON.

Shame on you.

james wilson

The Jewish political culture is, to be kind, insane. For each Milton Friedman and Mark Levin there are ten of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers. This is an evil which is effective exactly in proportion to the degree of intelligence which propagates it, and that is very intelligent indeed. It is an intellectual barbarism for which society has no defense. The favorite weapon of the barbarians is the use of shaming, a crucial emotion of which they themselves are incapable.

They are the Horror of mankind. Greed lust filth and Godlessness. You would think they would change their name because it’s synonymous with wickedness. Start fresh. All the demons are dead. There’s no reason why a child born there should carry the burden of something they had no part in. How bout this.. …be the best, give to the poor, serve your neighbor. Let’s not forget Japan killed 20 million Chinese and although they have not embraced forgiveness through Christ(none), which might show a sinister heart lurking beneath the smiles, they are not arrogant –a trait Germans carry in abundance.
Bye Tong

The Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) was fought primarily in what is now Germany, and at various points involved most countries in Europe. It was one of the longest and most destructive conflicts in European history. The conflict lasted, unceasing, for 30 years, making it the longest continuous war in modern history.The European armies fought it out on German soil and the population their suffered with estimates that 50% of it departing this world (about 8 million) – so we might call it a small holocaust for the German people at that time.


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