All Fagged Out

Way back in the olden thymes, I hired a homosexual. Of course, this was the olden thymes so there was no mention of it. If anyone discovered a homosexual, they were required to report them to the authorities. The homosexual was then shipped off to one of the rehabilitation centers run by Pat Robertson. If that did not “take” then they were shipped to the lavender plantations in the South, operated by Oral Roberts, ironically enough. As a result no one ever spoke of homosexuals.

That’s nonsense, but not too far from the official narrative being developed by the usual suspects. The airbrushing of history with regards to this topic is not going to end until the past fits the fantasy. In my case the guy was flaming, so it was obvious he preferred the company of men. That and he mentioned it in his interview. He wanted to make sure it was not going to be an issue. I told him he’d have to figure that out for himself, but as long as he did his job I did not care.

That was the last time I had any reason to discuss the matter with him. Some of the guys gave him grief, but he was used to it and handled it well. As is always the case, he fell into a role that suited him and everyone else. The point being that in the olden thymes, homosexuals had to put up with some mild inconveniences, but nothing significant. More important, normal people did not go crazy around them. Other than some mild discomfort, normal people got along just fine with homosexuals because we were indifferent towards them.

Today, people all over the world are going insane over homosexuals. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, otherwise normal people are going berserk and attacking homosexuals. Uganda just passed harsh laws against homosexuality. They did it despite stern warnings from Obama. Of course, we all know how countries in the Middle East have gone bonkers over this. Iran was driven to such madness as to bring back stoning.

OK, I’m kidding around again.

Sort of.

I wanted to check in on the sports world and I see this on ESPN. David Tyree is against gay marriage, like most everyone. Big deal. Who cares? Every damned week the sporting press is running with a homosexual story. You just know they will make a fetish of Michael Sam this fall. They made fools of themselves hounding the gay basketball player last summer so you know they will go crazy over this. ESPN is the worst offender, but even sports radio can’t stop obsessing over gays. There’s nowhere to hide from the constant chatter about homosexuals.

I’m all fagged out.

I want “the love that dared not speak its name” to go back to the time honored tradition of not speaking its name. Instead, it is the love that won’t shut the hell up and leave the rest of alone. You can’t escape it. If you watch TV, every show now must feature a homosexual, despite the fact only 3.4% of the population claim to be homosexual. There are more “little people” in this world than “trans” people, yet every newspaper in the country is running at least one tranny tale a week. If I were a midget, I’d feel like I was getting the short end…well…nevermind.

It is getting to the point where it is impossible to engage with popular culture. The preaching is unbearable. Preaching about homosexuals is even worse, given that no one, including most homosexuals, cares about homosexuals. Circling back (or reaching around if you prefer) to my story at the top, I remember a time when no one cared about the topic and they were generally decent enough to keep their feelings about it to themselves. Let’s go back to that.

But, that’s not how cultural genocide works. The lunatics give you two choices. One is you embrace their insane, ever shifting set of codes, or, else. ISIS is telling Iraqi Christians they must convert or die. The Greater American Lunatic is telling normals they must embrace and exult homosexuality or else. Well, nuts to that, as it were. I’ve had enough of the gays. I’m all fagged out and I don’t want to hear any more about  the gays.

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  2. Gays wanted tolerance, then understanding, then acceptance, then special treatment, and now they want admiration. What’s next?

    • “In my grandfather’s time, homosexuality was a capital offense. When I was a young man you could get jail time for it. Now it’s accepted. I hope I die before they make it compulsory.”

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  4. Modern liberalism uses homosexuals and homosexualism to help destroy the traditional watermarks of Western societies. Like Muslims, the more “extreme” homosexuals may be a minority but the remainder do not protest, do they?

    It is the non-homosexual cheerleaders who are the most intolerant and who do the most damage. They are the ones who will ruin your life for a careless comment about gays.

  5. Hetero-men, imagine if you could go to a bar tonight and be just about sure to bang not one or two but three women cost-free and commitment-free. Sounds great, right! What a lifestyle! The thing is, you just have to keep this whole deal on the sly because people might consider it repugnant. Don’t go running around telling people about what you do and trying to get people to accept your lifestyle and you can carry on like this for years. Easy huh?

  6. I work for a big corporation. If I wear a shirt that “honors” the gay lifestyle, it is totally OK. If I wear a shirt mentioning the NRA or any Christian references, I will be sent home and it is grounds for termination (“I should have known better”). So who is the oppressed party these days?

  7. ESPN is a ratings whore, which is why they are obsessed with homosexuals. I like to watch ESPN’s “Around the Horn” show every day, but each time they go PC and focus on homosexuals in sports, I know they will tow the liberal line. How could they do otherwise with so many viewers and bystanders ready to take offense? The sad truth is they have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said (oftentimes better) by other people. So, these days, when the topic on ATH leaves the playing field, I just switch the channel. No sense wasting my time.

  8. Mr. C was a great eighth grade algebra teacher. We all “knew” about him, or thought we did. He and another man shared a house in our neighborhood that had the best lawn and gardens of anybody. They lived quietly, we were taught to respect them and no speculative commentary was allowed. Mr. C was just a little odd, that was all. Like yourself, Z, I am wishing the gay “community” would just go back to being a little odd.

  9. 1. Big difference between homosexual and “gay”. (ie) “…the guy was flaming, so it was obvious he preferred the company of men.” No, it was obvious that he opted for outrageous behavior to get attention. NOT a “condition” limited to “gay” folk.
    2. In my career peripheral to the “entertainment” industry (everything except “the talent”, and makeup), most of the behavior by “flaming” gay folk is considered “hostile workplace, sexual harassment”. Sure there a LOT of skilled, artistic,homosexual folk who did their jobs professionally. THEY were amongst the folks that tended to get merit based recognition, “awards”, and appropriate commensurate salaries.
    The “faggots”, homo and hetero, that brought ALL progress to a screaming halt to stage frequent personal drama scenes, seemed to be otherwise “unskilled” quota/nepotism/”someone’s” otherwise unemployable sex toy.
    IMHO, based on experience, 1.7%, (NOT the imaginary 3.7% “data point”) is a reasonable estimate for “flaming”(drama) queens that were coincidentally talented productive professionals, very efficiently pulling their weight toward the final product.

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