Unitary Cult Theory

Steve Sailer has been wondering why the Left is obsessing over Ferguson. We keep seeing non-stories getting more coverage than stories one would assume have greater public interest. The increasingly dangerous situation in Ukraine, for example, generates little coverage, for example, despite the ugly showdown with Russia. The domestic economy, staggering along in ways not seen in a generation, generates no news coverage, because Obama, of course.

Then we have this berserk obsession with some football player who hit his old lady. Everyone knew when the story first hit the wires that the player punched his old lady in the elevator. Unless you’re missing a chromosome, you could figure out how the women ended up unconscious. That and the player’s confession solved that mystery months ago. Now, a video comes out showing the incident, as the normally inert US Senate is moved to get involved in what the state prosecutor thought was a nothing incident.

The lunatic sporting press has been treating this like Watergate for two weeks now. Meanwhile, real scandals like the IRS systematically harassing citizen on behalf of the White House goes unmentioned. The White House attempt to declare Obama dictator so he rewrite laws as he sees fit is treated like a zoning board hearing in Poughkeepsie. Whenever this is pointed out, the lunatic press claims they merely chase the stories of interest to the public.

But, public reaction to the Rice story looks more like mockery of the lunatics than real interest. Last night the Ravens played Pittsburgh and the Baltimore fans were wearing Ray Rice jerseys. It seems clear they were not doing this to support wide beating. Most of the people wearing the jerseys were women. They were doing it to protest the lunacy they see from the Cult on this issue.

Music blared from the purple bus, and Baltimore Ravens fan Racquel Bailey stood with drink in hand amid her usual tailgate buddies while making a bold fashion statement: a black, rhinestone-decorated jersey with the white No. 27.

A Ray Rice jersey.

“There’s two sides to every story,” said the 23-year-old waitress from Baltimore. “I saw the video. That’s their personal business, and it shouldn’t have affected his career. I don’t agree with domestic violence, but she’s still with him, so obviously it wasn’t that big of a deal. Everyone should just drop it.”

Ravens fans male and female, young and old, arrived for Thursday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers debating the events that have affected their team over the last few days. Their once beloved running back has been kicked off the team and banned by the NFL after a video surfaced that showed him punching his then-fiancee — and now wife — inside an Atlantic City hotel elevator.

All condemned Rice’s actions, but there was little consensus as to what his punishment should be. The NFL did the right thing by suspending him, some said, but the Ravens shouldn’t have terminated his contract as well. Or maybe the suspension should have remained at two games, where it stood before the punch video became public.

The question is why does the Cult become obsessed on nothing stories like this or hoax stories like the Ferguson riots?

My offering is the Unitary Cult Theory. This is when members of a mass movement, always jostling with one another for status within the movement, close the information loop, excluding information from people outside the movement regarding a topic. The result is a piety contest where members of the movement stand up and commit increasingly extreme acts of public piety.  As more and more members jump into the ring, the contest quickly spirals out of control resulting in these absurd public displays.

Because the country is run by the Cult of Modern Liberalism, these piety wheels get maximum attention. The public is often sucked into the the false drama in the same way people get caught up in a TV serial. That’s gasoline on the fire. With Ferguson, the public has seen that drama too many times to stay interested for very long. The Gay Gayington story is too disgusting. This Ray Rice story gets more interest because the NFL is so popular and everyone can relate the story at the center of it.

The other piece of this, of course, is why the focus on trivia and hoaxes? We’ve had so many race hoaxes, the default assumption now is the next one will be a hoax as well. Part of it is how the mind of the fanatic operates. They see only that which confirms their fanaticism. When a white cop shoots a black giant, the fanatics in the Cult process that as yet another bit of data confirming the narrative. When a black cop shoots a white guy, it is filtered out and ignored.

At the macro level, the Cult, like any mass movement, will collectively focus away from dis-confirmation. The Cult has been in charge of American cities for 70 years. The problems of the black ghetto are the responsibility of the Cult. They cannot admit it or even acknowledge it, so they look to places like Ferguson. Given the times, the Cult is desperate to focus on news stories that have nothing to do with politics because then they have to face up to the failings of their idol, Barry Obama.

Finally, this story has something extra for the Cult. They love to destroy that which is popular with normal people. The NFL is very popular with typical white people. It is the typical white person sport. That means the Cult must hate it with all their worth. The Ray Rice story gives them a chance to land some blows on what is for the Cult, a proxy for middle America.

5 thoughts on “Unitary Cult Theory

  1. In the black community this thing is seen quite differently than the white libs think it was seen, or should be. Many see it as more opression from the white man. Too bad they don’t place the blame where it belongs – they look at team owners and see republicans.

  2. A small part of my consciousness believes that there is something else going on with this Ray Rice thing, that it is consciously pushing gender relations to the forefront. It is holding up an example of a women standing up for herself and getting persecuted for it. Since every last bleepin’ thing is political now, could this be a set-up for a certain politician’s wife or a fake Indian to take center stage for the next couple of years? Part of the media/political game is to dictate the landscape surrounding the discussion. I sense a picked-on-but-tough-woman landscaping session going on. Taking down football makes it a twofer.

  3. What makes the Ray Rice saga difficult for The Cult is that it is as much about race as about gender. Not every man hits women, even if justified in self-defense. Some do, but that’s no reason to indict all men as so many of the PC Cult members are doing. The statistics are unequivocal that violence against women is more common among African-American men than those of other racial groups, in line with the general statistics on crime of almost every kind. The Cult has to make the Ray Rice story one about the violence of MEN so it does not become a story about the criminality of BLACKS. Of course, this puts the NFL between a rock and a hard place because of the racial divide that exists between the League’s white owners and its predominately black players.

    My personal view is that what went on in the elevator between Rice and his then girlfriend is a private affair between them and/or a criminal affair for the police and the courts to deal with. In the absence of any proven criminality NO employer—the NFL included—should be able to fire an employee because of what he does “off the field.” I have no sympathy for the NFL, however. What’s going on is a mess of their own making, the result of a collective bargaining agreement to which both the League and the Players Association signed on. Both sides agreed to a PC provision in the labor contract that allows the League to punish players for their off the field infractions. Now they have to live with it. Tough.

    And BTW, it’s not obvious to me from watching the video clip shown on TMZ, even in slow motion, who started the fight in the elevator and who hit first. Rice’s girlfriend (now wife) is certainly no tiny wallflower. She’s looks like in flats she’s every bit as tall as he is and maybe even taller than him in heels. The fact is, violence by women against men is widely ignored and greatly underreported. Lots of women start fights with men, beginning with verbal abuse and then progressing to actual hitting, expecting NOT to be struck back. I will always walk away from verbal abuse, but if someone strikes me first, I will damn well strike back, regardless of my attacker’s gender. It’s a policy of deterrence I believe in.

  4. Anything that shows Obama’s incompetence is swept under the rug. The liberal media is trying to fan a race war. Reporting the news comes secondary, and don’t dare implicate Muslims or blacks ever.

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