The Quest for the Chocolate Savior

Way back in the mists of time, Obama was running for president and the lunatics were fainting in the aisles at the mere mention of his name. I recall being in a party store prior to the election and people were buying all sorts of Obama gear for their Obama election party. I was wondering what sort of nut decides to have a party for Obama’s election and then I thought about my liberal friends. The reason this was all news to me was due to not being invited to the parties.

Such is the life of the outsider.

Back then, a big part of the attraction was the otherness. Obama was an exotic weirdo from a distant land with a Muslim name. He was the antithesis of the great evil plaguing the land, the great evil of the Pale Penis People.  I’m pretty sure that Obama is the perfect opposite of the typical white American male and that’s why the cult fell in love. He was their chocolate savior.

It is a strange form of cuckoldry that has gripped the nation. The lunatics went first, but that’s always the case. Conservative Inc followed on, which is also the norm. Just recall how they gushed over JC Watts from Oklahoma. Nice guy, but he did nothing important other than be a black guy in the GOP. Colin Powell played the race card to a spectacular career in the GOP, finally stabbing everyone in the back on the way to retirement.

After eight years of Obama, the GOP is convinced they must have a non-white at the top of their ticket. So much so Jeb Bush is ready to change his name to Juan Eduardo Arbusto. Since that’s not likely to fly, the GOP has Marco Rubio warming in the bullpen, ready to step in as their man for the nomination. Rubio has the added benefit of the immigrant’s back story. He’s a meat head, but charming with a good narrative to sell.

That’s the thing with Rubio. He’s basically a Cuban Sarah Palin. He’s not stupid, but he is not sitting around working physics problems in his free time either. He’s also a man of pedestrian tastes and sensibilities. Unlike Palin, he has the brown force field around him so no one dare call him stupid or even hint at it, for fear of being called a racist.

While Rubio has a blank resume, at least he has won an election. That says he has some idea how the game is played. That cannot be said of Dr. Ben Carson who is famous in political circles for reasons that elude me. I think he gave a speech somewhere that sounded good. That and he is black and not just black, but a black surgeon! As far as I can tell, that is his only reason to be running for president – he’s black.

Now, I have nothing against any of these people. I don’t think they should be president, but we’re a country that has had a vulgar degenerate, a blockhead and a dimwit in the White House. The last 25 years seem to prove that we could just do away with the office entirely. After all, if the last three idiots could not bring down the nation, the office must hold no power at all, relative to the rest of the country.

What I don’t get is the weird obsession with the foreign, exotic and unconventional. What’s the attraction? Sure, its good to see minorities succeed. The hope is they will be an example for their people to follow. Whether or not that has any impact on their people is open to debate, but the sentiment is at least understandable. If it does work, a successful black guy will drag his people up.

That’s not what we’re seeing. There’s a sacramental quality to the worship of non-whites and foreigners. I hear this from otherwise sensible people regarding Hispanics in California. They believe the state will turn around when a suitably conservative Hispanic wins the governorship. To my ears, this sounds a lot like  ancients believing the right sacrifices could result in a good harvest. It’s magical thinking.

In the case of Americans, my sense is many white people think that their sins can only be scrubbed from their soul if they fully and complete submit to those who their ancestors harmed. Racism has taken up the place of original sin. Christians believe you must completely submit to God. The anti-racists think they can only be cleansed by submitting completely to non-whites.

This madness has a Dorothy Martin vibe to it. Electing Obama was supposed to usher in the perfect era of race relations. Instead, things are worse. Sensible people would look at this experiment and suspect the prophesies may not have been right. To the true believers, the response is to become even more fanatical.

It’s tempting to think that the futile search for the chocolate savior will eventually be overwhelmed by reality. Charles Murray has argued that this impulse will turn 180 degrees and in a generation Progressives will be embracing tribalism. I have no way of knowing if that is true and I will not be around to see it. I do know that this spiritual impulse to right the wrongs of racism has only grown stronger in my life. Failure to please the gods of race is the fuel that drives the quest to please those gods

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When the mother-ship doesn’t arrive cultists are happy to wait some more.

Bob Reed
Bob Reed

I personally think that this impulse to seemingly follow the PC impulse on the starboard side of the political spectrum is driven by several factors. 1) There’s what appears to be a disturbing buy-in on the part of some righties to the notion that you write about in this essay; that by pulling the lever for an official member of the former-victim-of-the-white-patriarchy group will serve to socially expiate the original sin of the white maleness. Either by demonstrative, zealous, support during the election itself or publicly preening about one’s vote after the fact. 2) The conservatives are surrendering to the… Read more »


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