Ezra Klein is an Idiot

Way back when Jonah Goldberg was a regular at NRO, he would promote the blogger Ezra Klein. He would go back and forth with Klein in blog posts and he did some podcasts with him. Jonah Goldberg is often fairly sensible, but he is not a guy without a certain agenda.. For example, he regularly reads Steve Sailer and Peter Brimelow, but he says otherwise. Being a government approved chattering skull means punching Right, but that does not make it right.

That explains his affinity for Klein. Klein is a person with a mediocre IQ. Like most bourgeois millennials, he is good at dressing himself up as an intellectual, but like most bourgeois millennials he lacks self-awareness and lacks any curiosity about the limits of his knowledge. Instead he does what all these guys did in college and that’s suck up to the teacher by repeating the lecture with enthusiasm. This latest letter from Ezra is getting lots of run.

We’ve finally heard from Officer Darren Wilson.

Wilson had been publicly silent since the events of August 9, when he shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. And, even as the grand jury announced its decision not to indict him, he remained silent. He had his attorneys release a statement on his behalf.

But on Monday night, St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch released the evidence given to the grand jury, including the interview police did with Wilson in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. And so we got to read, for the first time, Wilson’s full, immediate account of his altercation with Brown.

And it is unbelievable.

I mean that in the literal sense of the term: “difficult or impossible to believe.” But I want to be clear here. I’m not saying Wilson is lying. I’m not saying his testimony is false. I am saying that the events, as he describes them, are simply bizarre. His story is difficult to believe.

The unintentional comedy here is great. The always earnest Ezra is saying he was so committed to the narrative peddled by his people that he is now sitting in stunned amazement to learn it was all nonsense. Of course, what he really means is he is devastated that he can no longer virtue signal on the issue. He’s not interested in the truth or that good people were harmed by the Big Lie. Those are bad people and they got what they deserved.

What happens next is the most unbelievable moment in the narrative. And so it’s probably best that I just quote Wilson’s account at length on it.

I was doing the, just scrambling, trying to get his arms out of my face and him from grabbing me and everything else. He turned to his…if he’s at my vehicle, he turned to his left and handed the first subject. He said, “here, take these.” He was holding a pack of — several packs of cigarillos which was just, what was stolen from the Market Store was several packs of cigarillos. He said, “here, hold these” and when he did that I grabbed his right arm trying just to control something at that point. Um, as I was holding it, and he came around, he came around with his arm extended, fist made, and went like that straight at my face with his…a full swing from his left hand.

So Brown is punching inside the car. Wilson is scrambling to deflect the blows, to protect his face, to regain control of the situation. And then Brown stops, turns to his left, says to his friend, “Here, hold these,” and hands him the cigarillos stolen from Ferguson Market. Then he turns back to Wilson and, with his left hand now freed from holding the contraband goods, throws a haymaker at Wilson.

Every bullshit detector in me went off when I read that passage. Which doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen exactly the way Wilson describes. But it is, again, hard to imagine. Brown, an 18-year-old kid holding stolen goods, decides to attack a cop and, while attacking him, stops, hands his stolen goods to his friend, and then returns to the beatdown. It reads less like something a human would do and more like a moment meant to connect Brown to the robbery.

Ezra Klein went to one of the safest public high schools on the planet. It may have the lowest NAM population outside of Reykjavik High. He grew up in the sort of neighborhood that has such a public school. He went to a safe white college and then into the media, which is run by his people. In other words, Ezra has no experience with the diverse.

Why did Michael Brown, an 18-year-old kid headed to college, refuse to move from the middle of the street to the sidewalk? Why would he curse out a police officer? Why would he attack a police officer? Why would he dare a police officer to shoot him? Why would he charge a police officer holding a gun? Why would he put his hand in his waistband while charging, even though he was unarmed?

None of this fits with what we know of Michael Brown. Brown wasn’t a hardened felon. He didn’t have a death wish. And while he might have been stoned, this isn’t how stoned people act. The toxicology report did not indicate he was on PCP or something that would’ve led to suicidal aggression.

By “we” he means the people who are paid to lie to us from their posts in the mainstream media. The rest of us knew the truth right away. Around blacks, you can never relax, which is why everyone tries to avoid being around blacks. It’s why Ezra’s parents made sure he was never around blacks, especially underclass blacks. It is a simply reality of life that everyone knows, except the dainty flowers in the media, apparently. Even there, they may simply be lying, because they are paid to lie.

8 thoughts on “Ezra Klein is an Idiot

  1. I live near Uni HS;my kids go/went there. Here’s the kind of NAM you see there: Kobe Bryant rents the stadium/playing field for his daughter’s soccer team to use. My son has seen Mr Bryant there on several occasions. No shots were exchanged…

  2. Ezra Klein is the epitome of glib, articulate and stupid. Bullshit flows out of his brain at an alarming pace..

    I notice you didn’t quote Ezra on the superiority of the Dorian Johnson narrative to the Darren Wilson testimony. If I were ever close enough to Klein I think I would puke on him.

  3. Ezra Klein is an asshole. Not the jerk kind of asshole. The kind lacking in a sense of self-awareness and their place in the world.

    I listened to one of his vox videos once. Could watch more than 30 secs. He is loves the sound of his voice. He is the epitome of mental masturbation.

    When you see him voxsplaining something you are watching someone take a completely asinine position and back flip and somersault towards some sense of reason. And when you thinks he sticks the landing its as if you can see himself say to himself. Ez, that was truly amazing what you did.

  4. It is likely true that perhaps all of Klein’s circle of friends become less violent when stoned, but then again they never had much capacity for violence in the first place. A second element of behavior which the drug acts upon is impulse control, of which that same group possesses an abundance and for the same reason that it lacks in violence.

    Now when a person has a great capacity for violence the effect of THC may be to reduce the great capacity for violence somewhat but while at the same time reducing impulse control, of which there was never very much to begin with. It is also very unhelpful that a huge male of very limited intellectual capacities is encouraged to believe that his shit does not stink and that certain others are conspiring to keep him down, when what they are conspiring to do is bag his shit.

    None of this would have happened if Ezra Klein had not hired armed men to expropriate my earnings to pay Michael Browns retarded mother to raise (for want of a better term) nine retarded kids in an environment that is so unnatural that it boggles the mind and thumbs it’s nose at the god of it’s creators–evolution.

  5. Professor Revilo Oliver who parcipated in the creation of National Review and the John Birch Society said that they have been created to distract Patriotic Americans from the reality of Jewish domination.

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