Black versus White

When Barry Soetoro was elevated to Primate of the Cult of Modern Liberalism, many people outside the faith thought it was a good sign. Maybe putting a black guy in the White House would close the books on America’s race history. After all, how could guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get any traction when the leader of the free world was a living rebuke to their agitations? Jacksons discomfort with Obama winning election seemed like proof of the concept.

I was always skeptical of it. I remembered the last Chocolate Jesus to come along and that guy was brighter and more sensible than Obama. If Kurt Schmoke could not resist the call of the past, this jug-eared clodhopper from the academy was not going to do it. I know too many black people to think that most do not harbor a fair number of revenge fantasies. I also know a fair bit about post-colonial African history. If blacks can think that the CIA invented crack, they can certainly believe there is a conspiracy to kill black people.

My hope for Obama was that he would be a dreary scold that largely followed the policies set in place by his predecessors. While not a big fan of the Bush-Clinton policy, I could live with it for another decade. Letting a nitwit like Obama try his hand at public policy sounded like a bad idea, but Obama seemed like a guy perfectly willing to do nothing but give speeches. That and I was sure the Cult knew it was insane to try and start a race war. That failed in the 60’s and nearly ended their cult, making “liberal” an epithet for two decades.

But, here we are. The Cult has black mobs harassing white people at suburban malls. They have members of the Black Guerilla Family “executing pigs” on the streets. The Black Guerilla Family, by the way, is a creation of the New Left forty years ago. Fay Stender, a radial lawyer, helped create the BGF while she was working for the Black Panthers. The BGF rewarded her efforts by shooting her five times in front of her son. That should have been the lesson all of them learned from the last liberal awakening. Radicalizing blacks leads to death and the monster will always destroy its creator.

It’s natural, of course, to look the other way and just hope this is a temporary fit of madness. I suspect that’s why bright guys like Ross Douthat put so much effort into looking away from the truth that is staring them in the face – even while they are writing about it. There’s fear of losing a way to earn a living, but there’s also the hope that things are not what they appear to be, even when the facts are so clear.

For a while the media has assumed that this kind of identity-based politics inevitably favors the left, because 21st-century America is getting less white every day.

But that’s too simplistic, in part because the definitions of “white” and “minority” are historically elastic. If a “white party” seems sufficiently clueless and reactionary, it will lose ground to a multicultural coalition. But as African-Americans know from bitter experience, “whiteness” has sustained itself by the inclusion of immigrants as well as by the exclusion and oppression of blacks. That history suggests that a “multicultural party” may always be at risk of being redefined as a grievance-based “party of minorities” that many minorities would prefer to leave behind. (And leadership matters, too: A protean figure like Barack Obama can put together a genuine rainbow coalition, but it’s not clear how many other politicians can do the same.)

The fact is you can’t built a political party around black identity. Everywhere it has been tried the result has been a bloodbath. If you’re going to build a party out of the dispossessed and disaffected, that party has to preach revolution and it has to promise vengeance. You can pretend otherwise, but the servants will never forgive their masters and the master will never trust their former servants. One side has to win completely, which is why violence is the logical end of what Obama and Democrats are doing.

The fact that the party of opposition, the White Party in Douthat’s parlance, is unwilling to face this reality just guarantees the result. The Black Party may hold delusions about a peaceful revolution of the fringe, but they seem perfectly willing to accept a violent result. The White Party just refuses to accept those choices. To the Black Party, it is a sign of weakness and that’s what guarantees the violent conclusion.

We need someone willing to speak to and for the silent majority or we will end up in the same place we landed the last time this lunacy was allowed to play out.

5 thoughts on “Black versus White

  1. Ooooo, INSTANT rebuttal to those in favor of “common sense” restrictions, to those folks who continue to ignoring the law of the land citing “shall not be infringed”, that cite “there’s no possible NEED for high capacity firearms magazines!
    By the way, pissing on a tree is considered a FELONY in SOME “districts”, generally ones with designated “Gun Free Zone” disaster sites.

  2. I think Barry is a smart guy, but not a very worldly guy. In fact, he strikes me as a strangely naive person. I’ve always been struck by the fact no one notices he does not get much of a say in administration policy. Barry is just the ultimate ornament for the Cult of Modern Liberalism.

    The one true faith says the vanguard gets to run things when the society is a collection of groups jostling with one another for spoils. That’s why the Cult keeps trying to divide up the majority into smaller groups. The trouble they run into is keeping the less behaved from causing the rest to unite against them.

    In a way, the thing that allows the Cult to operate in modern America is what knocks it off its pegs. Picking at the scab of race relations works for a while, but then the blacks go berserk and everyone remembers why it is bad idea to let bitter weirdos gain power.

  3. I suspect a race war will be useful for some people politically. Useful at least so long as it can be contained in areas of low interest and zero natural beauty. Once trouble spills over into more attractive areas then the restraining clamps will be fully engaged.

    The media will then be instructed to make less of the “freedom and justice” angle and more of the “uncontrolled mayhem” coupled with “mindless violence.” Shortly after this the flame-lit ghettos will disappear from TV screens, and the rabble-rousers will lose their place at the table of plenty.

  4. Blacks will fall back to the tribe, I get that, but I think you mistake Barry’s tribe. I don’t sense that Barry likes Blacks. He loves Reds, and Blacks are not very good at juggling five lies in the air at one time into the shape of an immutable truth. Blacks are easy tools for Reds, and that is all they are.

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