The Soros Army Gets a Human Sacrifice

I predicted after Ferguson that the rational response of small cities being attacked by Soros Inc. will be human sacrifice and tribute. The city leaders will hang a few cops, preferably white ones, so everyone knows they will do what it takes to pacify the rent-a-mob Soros has gathered at the city gates. Once those ceremonies are over, the city will quietly pay money to the “community organizers” so they will shut up and go away.

The Soros Army rampaging through America right now is not all that different from pirates in the age of sail or swords-for-hire in the medieval period. Eventually, civilized men will have to crush them, but for now cities and towns will have to make due. Baltimore has decided to hang six cops today.

The state’s attorney of Baltimore, in an unexpected announcement, said Friday that she had probable cause to file homicide, manslaughter and misconduct charges against the police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who died after sustaining a spinal cord injury while in police custody.

In a news conference Friday, the state’s attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby, said that the death of Mr. Gray had been ruled a homicide and that the police had been negligent in his death.

“We have probable cause to file criminal charges,” Ms. Mosby said. As she spoke outside the War Memorial here, dozens of police officers dressed in riot gear stood nearby.

Ms. Mosby described repeated mistreatment of Mr. Gray. She said that time and again police officers had mistreated him . She said they had arrested him with no grounds, violating police procedure by putting him in cuffs and leg cuffs in the van without seat belting him and then repeatedly failing to get him medical attention.

She said that when he was removed from the wagon, “Mr. Gray was no longer breathing at all.”

The death, Ms. Mosby said, is believed to be the result of a fatal injury to Mr. Gray while he was riding in the van without a seatbelt.

The announcement came a day after the Police Department completed its initial investigation into Mr. Gray’s death and also handed its findings to Ms Mosby’s office.

The Police Department completed its initial investigation into Mr. Gray’s death and also handed its findings to Ms Mosby’s office, on Thursday. Prosecutors added the police work to their own investigation, and Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said his department will now take direction from them about what leads to pursue.

The people in charge of the city clearly think this will get the Soros Army off their back. If the cops are white then it give the megaphone holders something to rant about for while thus shifting the focus from the chaos on the streets. With the tourist trade at grave risk, the city has to try something so they are going with a human sacrifice.

The trouble, of course, is that the cops are probably innocent. When they are not convicted, then the whole things starts over and they will be right back to having the National Guard on the streets. That’s been the lesson of Ferguson. You can only buy off the besieging hordes for so long. At some point you have to destroy them.

At some point, someone is going to realize that only when the head of George Soros is on a stake will this madness come to end.

5 thoughts on “The Soros Army Gets a Human Sacrifice

  1. I have no sympathy for the mobs, but it does seem a bit much to assume the cops innocent when spinal cords are broken on a man in custody & in cuffs. As a kid long, long ago raised in a well off white hood we kinda of thought of the police as big brothers & I have funny tales to tell of my group being caught & street punished without arrest or notification of parents. My biggest grief was when they caught us parking they shined their flashlights way too long on our gf’s, especially those undressed, and even there I understood if not forgave them cuz our teen girls were really cute.

    I’ve a 30 yr old son also raised in the well off white hood, same hood, & when I told them my stories, they had none similar to tell and said the cops have changed and none liked them nor trusted them and some of these young men, better behaved than my crew have been roughly treated and sprayed.

    • That’s what everyone expects. It will be a silent strike. The cops will go back into their barracks and let the natives run wild.

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  3. You left out the part where she admitted that her opinion was formed by the mob. “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No Peace,’ your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man,” Mosby added.

    Might be a graduate of the Bull Connor school of law enforcement.

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