Rapacious Vermin

Way back in the olden thymes, I was sitting on a couch at a friend’s house, watching the news while having beers with friends. Bill Clinton had just slithered out from under a rock and was defending himself against pot smoking charges. That’s when he uttered his famous line about never inhaling. My response at the time was that Bill Clinton is a man who really enjoys lying.

In the South, this sort of politician is a part of every states lore. The archetype, of course, is Huey Long, but Southern politics are littered with minor versions of the Kingfish. It’s not just that these guys are crooked or unethical. Their crimes are usually trivial and venal, in the grand scheme of things. It’s that they enjoy the action. They love being on the edge, never quite sure if they will hang on or fall into the pit.

That’s the thing to remember with the Clintons. They really enjoy lying and all the intrigue that goes with it. That’s what gets them off. It’s at the heart of their relationship. They are like two con-men competing with one another as to who can run the most outlandish con. All the analysis of their relationship, it seems to me, has missed the mark because these are not normal people. They are sociopaths.

That’s what makes the coming response to the Clinton Cash book one of the most anticipated events of the summer. I heard the author on the radio detailing his findings and it is a very well thought out case. The author clearly went into it with an understanding of how the Clintons were likely to respond. Like a good bunko cop, he seems to have thought things through a few steps, anticipating how these two tend to play the game.

The thing with the Clintons, in addition to their love of lying, is their Chechen morality. Faulkner described the Snopes clan in his novels as having a vermin-like rapacity. That’s the Clinton way of life. Nothing is ever on the level and they are devoid of anything resembling a moral framework. They are moral nullities. That means they will do anything they need to do to win.

It’s what always baffles their critics. Presented with an ironclad case against them, the Clintons will respond with some lie that is so outlandish, no one can believe anyone would says such a thing. Bill Clinton was out the other day claiming the author of the book was jammed up in some sort of ethics issue over the book. Bill Clinton would call him a child molester if he thought it would work.

The problem as you see in this piece is their adversary this time did his homework on them. There can only be a few ways to defend yourself against corruption charges. One is to dispute the facts. Another is to smear the people. The other is to offer up an alternative explanation that fits the presented facts. This is often the best strategy because it quickly turns into a he said/she said controversy, where the accused looks like the innocent party.

Peter Schweizer let the the big foot liberal media operations vet his data before publication. That inoculated him against claims of shoddy research. He’s also a well respected writer so calling him a nut is unlikely to work. By letting the liberal media have special access to his research, he cut off the usual avenues for team Clinton, which is to make a bunch of bogus claims about the accuracy of the charges.

I don’t think any of it matters. The American media is too morally compromised when it comes to the Clintons to turn on them now. The political class is long past policing themselves. The people bankrolling Hillary don’t care that she is a sociopath. In fact, they prefer it. If your plan is to auction off what remains of the country it’s better to have someone in the White House who is a moral nullity.

At the end, Athens was not undone by a cunning Alcibiades, leading them into a foolish war with Syracuse. Julius Caesar did not defeat a robust and confident Senate on his way to becoming Emperor.  Eventually, a ruling elite loses its capacity to police itself and defend itself. That’s what has happened in America. The people in charge lack the will and moral authority to enforce the rules, which is why Bonnie and Clyde of the Ozarks have been able to flourish in Washington for close to three decades.


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  1. Wow. The fourth comment down and someone managed to try to drag Israel into it…..dirt never sleeps.

  2. Is Clinton Cash really surprising? AIPAC uses American aid money to israel to bribe the Congress, Senate, the Military Industrial Complex and anyone in Washignton.

  3. At this point in the republic’s collapse, it’s almost a sure bet to presume that anyone who is or aspires to be a member of the elite political class is a sociopath. There are and will be exceptions of course, but there are not enough of them to matter. The fact that the Clintons have thrived these many decades is itself a clear signal to other sociopaths that the pickins’ are indeed good in old DC, just as the scent of a rotting carcass attracts hyenas.

  4. It used to amaze me how some people just can’t see what a complete Bullshirt Artist Bill Clinton is. Yes, he *does* enjoy it. Same thing with Obama. There’s another guy that’s just ten pounds of horse puckey in a 5-pound bag. It’s just so OBVIOUS, to anybody who knows what a con man looks like.

    Before BO’s first election, I was discussing him with one of the smartest, most successful men in the country. A one-percenter. A hard-working, serious guy. A capitalist. I explained to him that Barack Obama is the new Music Man. Remember the movie? And yet somehow, this man was so blinkered, he came right back and made the remark that BO would probably be a better president than any of the Republican candidates. I was speechless. What can you say to somebody who can’t see the elephant in the room?

    I guess my friend just comes from a better strata of society where you don’t see grifters and snake-oil salesmen often enough to spot them on sight. Probably he never bought a used car either.

  5. I do not find the Clintoons exceptional in any way save for their ability to be slimy and survive. What is most interesting is the democratic voters. They are willfully ignorant of the issues but good at sloganeering. The cast of malodorous characters they elect to Congress and the Presidency bespeaks not so much of their moral vapidness but of their complete ignorance about issues and individuals. See Hank Johnson, oh heck the whole Congressional Black Caucus, the vile Harry Reid, the evil Chuck Schumer, the clueless Nancy Pelosi, Barny Frank, Keith Ellison, etc. And they are proud of their choices. Heaven help us.

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