A recurring theme outside the fever swamps is the growing collection of things that everyone knows, but we’re not allowed to discuss. I think a lot of it is simply due to the emerging religion of the post-national West trying to work out the orthodoxy. It’s hard to hail the triumph of egalitarianism when clearly most people are not equal. While that’s being hammered out, you’ll not notice it – or else.

On the other hand, every human society has things it carefully places in its blind spot. Reality is simply too big and complicated to be anything other than messy for self-aware mammals. Religion used to solve this by blaming the gods, but now we just politely refuse to talk about those intractable or inconvenient aspects of human existence. Just for fun I thought I’d make a post of some of them.

Black people commit a lot of crime: The recent unrest in American ghettos has been great material for the TV news channels. The only thing better than burning buildings is seeing people loot the building first then set it ablaze. If they are doing it during the day it is even better as you can then get great closeups of the rioters.

The trouble is all the people doing this are black. In America, everyone knows black people commit an outlandish amount of crime. If you see black males on the street, everyone, including black people, assume they are up to no good. It is something everyone knows, but we choose not to discuss. When we are forced to talk about it, some other unrelated issue is brought into the discussion so we can talk about that, rather than the crime figures.

No one wants their kid to be gay. All parents say they are just happy if their kids are healthy. That’s mostly true, but no parent wants their kid to turn out to be a happy healthy homosexual. All of those pious Progressives haranguing us about the gays privately hope they never have to be in the same room with a gay, much less have one in the family. There’s a reason for all of the gay ghettos in places like New York, Boston and San Francisco.

Gay men are mostly assholes. Life for homosexuals is not a lot of fun. Unlike everyone else, their pool of potential mates is infinitesimally small. A normal man makes a pass at a women and it is not big deal if she is offended. A man makes a pass at a man and it is big trouble if the other guy is not into dudes. Life for gay people is not a lot of fun and that’s what makes them so unpleasant. We all know this, but what’s the point of saying anything about it? They are what they are and that’s punishment enough.

Lesbians are surly and unattractive. The pornography industry has convinced a lot of men that lesbians are hot super models or the girls down the hall, if you can just get them drunk. Of course, lesbians in the press avoid the normal kit as they know how TV works. Viewers want to see attractive people. That means lantern-jawed men and model quality women.

In real life, lesbians look like the guy who paved your driveway. They have bad haircuts and wear men’s clothes. For some reason, they like wearing men’s jeans and flannel shirts. Younger ones will have a face full of fishing tackle and tattoos. To add to the unpleasant visage, they are surly and miserable people. I’ve trod this earth a long time and I have yet to meet a sunny, bubbly lesbian.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Education policy and all of our debates about crime, poverty and the underclass are all based on something we know is nonsense. That thing is the belief that the kid will grow up to be something different than his parents. The fact we all know is that almost all kids turn out to be, more or less, like their parents.

Public policy is based on the belief that the right teacher, the right program, the right social worker will magically overcome biology. We all know this is nonsense, but we go along with it because it beats the alternatives. The rare exception of the kid overcoming bad parents makes us feel good so we go along with the lie, even though everyone suspect it is a mistake.

Men are not all that interested in what women have to say. Here’s another biology issue. Males are programmed to seek mating opportunities. We fight one another, fight strangers, perform in public and do all sorts of things to increase out chances of mating. Whatever it takes to bag a female we will do. That includes pretending to care about what a woman has to say on most subjects.

The hard cold truth is women are bred for having and raising children. Men are bred for battling other males for the chance to reproduce. It’s why we used to say that men will trade money for sex and women will trade sex for money. The biological ends of men and women are the same, but the means are vastly different and neither side can offer much in the way of advise to the other, with regards to the means.

My guess is women don’t care what men have to say either, but most men assume that anyway. Women seem to think we are supposed to care what they have to say so we have all of these rituals where men pretend to care what the hot women in the office is saying about sales, but he is really just thinking about banging her.

The most bigoted people in America are black. In fact, blacks are actively encouraged to wear their prejudices on their sleeve. Every black comic does bits on white people. Famous black people put a lot of effort into “keeping it real” so they can be clear that they are not down with the blue-eyed devil. How many times have you heard a black guy say something like, “It is a black thing, you wouldn’t understand”?

What makes this most absurd is we also pretend that blacks are biologically incapable of being racist or prejudiced. No one, for example, ever says that Al Sharpton is a racist, because that’s not permitted. We all know that he is a hate-filled carbuncle of a man, but he’s black so we don’t say he is a racist.

Jews do run things. If you look around, it is not hard to notice that men of the tribe occupy a disproportionate amount of the nation’s high ground. Hollywood is run by Jews. The media is all run by Jews. Finance, obviously. Look at the list of richest 1000 and you see that 30% are Jews. It’s not a conspiracy or part of some master plan run from a secret location in Israel. Jews are just a wildly successful people.

Western societies reward intelligence and Jews are the smartest group of humans on earth. That means more of them will be equipped to succeed in a modern society, relative to their numbers, than we’ll see with other groups. Having smart people in charge of your country is a good idea so everyone goes along with it and never mentions it. The last time people noticed the Jews were in charge, a lot of bad things followed so we pretend not to notice.

Most people should not be allowed to vote. Paying attention to public affairs is tough stuff. First off, it’s boring. Thinking about the big game is a lot more fun than thinking about tax policy or abortion policy. Even if you have an interest in it, there’s so much bravo sierra in the media it is hard to keep track of things. Even smart people fall into lazy habits of rooting for Red Team or Blue Team without thinking about it.

Most people are not smart. In fact, most people are average to below average. We’re a country that lets retarded people vote. We all know this is a terrible idea, but we go along with it anyway. We hope that when it matters the serious people who know the right answers will also have the ability to convince the dumb people to pull the right lever. But, most of us suspect it would be better to just let the smart people vote, but we keep that to ourselves.

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  3. You’re right about most Lesbians being dogs: the stereotype of short, overweight, working men’s clothing wearing and having a crewcut is close to the truth. I know five lesbian women, and four match the description.

    OTOH, I know some absolutely bitchin’ bisexual women. Three of the ones I know are sort of plain (but not ugly), two are ordinarily pretty, but two others are knockouts. None of the seven would be at home paving your driveway.

    Gay men, in my experience, are no where near as big assholes as (again, in my experience) the typical NJ/NY Italian guy, so I guess it’s relative.

    When I was young, I was pretty well indoctrinated with the equality meme. Then I got drafted, and discovered what the average american male was like. Assuming that the women from that genetic pool and upbringing are not a lot different, I have to agree that most people should not vote. In the past, this hasn’t been a problem, since most of them don’t really want to bother. However, the Democratic party has found the formula for electoral victory (and, incidentally, the destruction of America – but, hey, omelets, eggs): get them on gov’t “benefits”, then organize a GOTV effort to get them ALL to the polls. This is what got Ob a second term.

  4. You missed the part about “college is not for everyone.” In fact, it’s not even for the 50% with above average IQs. I’m tired of hearing about “every high school graduate should be able to go to college.” All this has done is uniformly lower the admission standards for colleges and fill them with under- or un- qualified students.

    Mostly college should for the top 15% of the population, and only those with interest in real science, engineering, or other truly academic studies. Eliminate the majors in “xx-studies” (like black or feminist studies) and pseudo-science (like poli -science, which isn’t science), recreation, phys ed, and other non academic subjects, and perhaps the people in these programs would go out and get real jobs, displacing some of the illegal immigrants who “work at jobs no American will do.”

  5. Fabulous! You actually said it!

    You know, it is said (in AA and other self help groups) that once you admit the truth, the healing can begin – scratch that – then recovery can begin.

    I have more than a sneaking suspicion, that most of us who actually make the country function are ready to admit the truth. It’s only the idiots in charge and those who have their feelings out playing with them that are offended.

  6. “We’re a country that lets retarded people vote. We all know this is a terrible idea, but we go along with it anyway. We hope that when it matters the serious people who know the right answers will also have the ability to convince the dumb people to pull the right lever.”

    Nope. What really happens is that the authoritarians mobilize to co-opt the retarded vote:

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  8. “The hard cold truth is women are bred for having and raising children.”

    Such a loser-ish thing to say. Wow! Thanks for letting us women know our place in the world! You know, there are ways of saying that men and women are different without dismissing or denigrating, or reducing everything to baser instincts.

    I was made in the image of God, the same as you. Women are sovereign individuals, the same as men. The hard cold truth is women are responsible for bearing and raising children, not “bred” to do so. We make sure the species continues. So you don’t care what I have to say? Frankly, I’m not that surprised, but I’m not about to lose any sleep over it. I’ll continue living my full, realized life and speaking my mind whether you or any other man cares or not.

    • Just wow, did you miss his point entirely or did you read the “women are bred for” line, get butthurt and stop reading? Because he immediately followed that with the “men are bred for” line. I wasn’t insulted by that line because he was pointing out a basic truth … at our basest level men and women are here to continue the species. Yes there is more to being an individual human being than just procreation but without that then there’s not much point of homo sapiens as a species because it would soon die out.

      You were certainly bothered by his statement about men not caring what women have to say but didn’t say a thing about women not caring about what men have to say. I can only assume that you agree with him and you don’t care what men are saying, which kind of proves his point doesn’t it ?

      • Yeah I read the entire thing. You can choose to be insulted by whatever you wish, or not, just as I can. Never assume you know what another is agreeing with. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff he says, but that doesn’t mean I have to comment on everything I don’t agree with.

        • No worries. I was just stating a biological fact. Women are built for attracting high status males, bearing their children and raising those children. Men are built for seeking out as many females as possible. We have all sorts of cultural responses to this to allow for civilization so it does not mean we are a slave to our urges.

          • Agree, sort of….it really isn’t that particular biological fact that offends. When my husband pisses me off it’s usually not what he’s trying to say, but his choice of words. In reference to your words, no woman wants to be spoken of as a “breeder” of children. While at it’s very essence it may be true, it reduces (in my opinion) the entire act/result of procreation to the level of animals. And we are so much more than that. I’m guessing that some of your commentary is said in a fashion for the “shock value” or the non-PC expression. But there is something to be said for elevation in crude times, and not taking the crass road.

        • Kathleen, Kathleen, Kathleen, give it a rest.

          While it dangerous to generalize, if you will permit me to do so:

          1. One of the reasons men aren’t all that interested in what women have to say is that many/most women do, in fact, live for the drama. If it doesn’t exist, they will invent a reason. Men are generally too busy trying to feed a family, keep the car running, whack the weeds back, keep their daughters from dating scuzzbuckets and keep Momma from maxxing out the credit cards to have the time to listen to the latest iteration in the eternal soap opera that is occupies many/most women’s daily lives.

          2. Male adults don’t get their panties in a wad when another adult male uses harsh words to as long as there is no obvious intent to demean or insult. Men will, generally, settle a misunderstanding then and there either with fisticuffs or the offer to buy the ‘offended’ party a beer. We then get on with life.

          3. Women are supposed to be so much tougher and resilient than men, yet get their feelings hurt when they hear words they don’t like even where there is no obvious intent to demean or insult. Then comes the agonizing rehashing of the incident where intonations and expressions are analyzed and dissected to extract the maximum amount of perceived pain and suffering (all of which it dutifully shared over and over again with their girl friends). When I hurt my wife’s feelings, she tells me that I’ve caused her pain (she doesn’t get all ‘pissed off’). If I did, I apologize and we get on with life. We reverse roles when she is a little harsh with me. Is that always the case? Of course not. But we try to minimize being ‘butt hurt’ for days on end. Life is too short.

          You might just give that a try.


          • Gee, Jim, thanks for the grand advice. I think I can manage my 20 years and counting marriage. And please show me where I said I was “butt hurt” for days on end? You are somehow assuming that I get offended by the slightest little thing and then hold some kind of grudge. In my marriage, never let the sun go down on your anger is the rule.

            What is the obsession with men and “butt hurt”? I thought this was something teen boys said, not grown men.

            And Jim, Jim, Jim, never generalize when addressing an individual. Your “observations” about women are from your own experiences and do not reflect mine. I’m not a “soap opera” kind of gal.

            Also Jim, life is too short to spend time “butting” into other peoples posts. I didn’t ask for your advice, so MYOB. You might just give THAT a try.
            — Cheerio!

          • What’s wrong in being a breeder? For 99% of the history of humanity, it’s what people’s lives turned around, the family…the LARGE families!
            And now that civilized women refuse to “breed”,
            it guarantee that civilization will collapse, that China, will soon disappear…already in Japan, youths refuse sexual life! Europe is gone soon(France high breeding is due to the muslims) and the muslim dark age is upon us, thanks to people like Kathleen…I’m not that much better as I only had three kids, who only had three each and there only one for the next stage, so far, while most women of the previous generation had all eight children and many of the previous crop had frequently up to 24 children.

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  10. Talk to anyone who has served in the military (at least anyone with intelligence) and they soon come to the point that only people who have, or are willing, to put their lives on the line should decide who should run the country.

    When you have people who are unwilling to die for their country — and for that matter unable to look after themselves and their family — getting to choose who sends the military into harm’s way you tend to get bad results.

    Blair in the UK was willing twice to send British servicemen and women into undefinable and unwinnable conflicts that were nothing to do with these islands, yet Thatcher was and is reviled for sending a force to defend British territory and stop when the job was done. The people who chose Blair and his like would be horrified that they should be denied a vote but they don’t deserve it if their choice is so dangerous.

    • I appreciate the sentiment but no. This is workable in a state where the citizens are the soldiers. Not in a nation where the army is professional.

      • But, the citizens can be soldiers so therefore they can be in harm’s way, and to the military mind, are eligible to make important decisions. Britain for many years has not had conscription; people are free to join one of the three services and serve in some capacity. By the way, that service includes dentists as well as chefs and photographers.

        I am not, as it happens, very fond of democracy. In the UK all the major political decisions, from war to the EU encroachment on our laws, from immigration to use of energy (nuclear in particular) has virtually been absent from any manifesto or publicly stated political agenda. They just happen in the corridors of power and no one has — the odious and communist-inspired Greens apart — ever got to vote with those things in mind.

        Most democracies pitch elections on two things: either ‘A New Beginning’ or the good old ‘Back To Basic Values.’ The last election in the UK was dominated by some vague desires for ‘A Fairer Society’ which instantly became laughable as the Scots, with 1.5 million votes cast picked up 50 seats in parliament and UKIP, who got almost 4 million votes, got just one seat. Fairer clearly doesn’t involve the weight of voting opinion.

        Democracy may be deemed the least worst form of government but as I say, if most decisions are made well away from the public gaze then it is potentially (and in reality) as corrupt as any other method of rule. Asking people to decide which corruption is best isn’t great.

  11. “Healthy happy homosexual” is funny for some reason. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one.

    The Jews to do run the country and that’s a good thing. Everyone else sucks at running countries.

    • The Jews have historically sucked at running their own country. They were better protected from themselves under the light thumb of Babylonian exile, and under Greek rule. Once the nineteenth century set them free to assimilate in other countries they set about ruining them also. Marxism is the atheist Jewish religion, and politics are not the Jewish genius.

    • Governing and “running” are different. Jews governing themselves may be not possible, they all (individually) want to run things. Sharpton is a racist and many people say it. Black people commit most of the crime, not just a lot of it. Simply read the annual FBI crime stats. This is the reason they don’t like cops it’s not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of them being close to a guy with a badge and gun and he can arrest. “Lesbians are unattractive” that’s not fair.. most people are unattractive, no defense of lesbos but simply another truism that goes unsaid. “Ghey men are a$$holes” in their world that half their fun, innit? Just a little Saturday night fun without any gun play.

    • One of the stranger points of having Jews run things is their evidently self recognized need for outside control.
      For instance: Multiple members of my extended family have found themselves in the position of ‘deciding gentile’ in an exclusively Jewish owned and operated business. They (my family members) are brought into whatever company (usually through tech or accounting) and promoted to board level, mainly to serve as a tie breaker. The general gist is to keep the founder’s son in laws from looting the company bare, and to keep management functions from turning into a pissing contest.
      I would have though it was a caricature, but I’ve seen it up close a dozen times.

    • Homos are funny…a friend had a big hemorroid issue…in the hospital yard, everybody else was a homo getting his butt rebuilt…these buggers made him laff so hard that he had to stay in hospital an extra week due his butt took way longer to heal…them aunties are indeed crazy…

  12. In my experience, most intelligent people should not be allowed to vote either. The first American vote had it about right, when an eighth of the population was eligible to vote. And they had a great deal less to vote on, which was the key point of the new system. The Constitution was an anti-trust act for government.

    Camille Paglia seems to be a sunny Dyke, and Tammy Bruce. But yeah, Lesbians are so miserable that poofs can’t stand them.

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