Something’s Happening Here

I must admit I have enjoyed the Trump-a-palooza this summer. The truth is, I have thrown in the towel on America, so I don’t think our elections mean very much. It’s just a question about how fast we intend to drive into the abyss. Being old I should be rooting for slow as that means I can reach escape velocity before it gets ugly. On the other hand, life is for living and sticking around long enough to see the collapse has its attractions.

I can go either way, so the elections are just entertainment at this point.

Six months ago, I was thinking the Democrats would anoint Hillary, after the usual dalliances with a true believer, who excites the fever swamp types. It’s the GOP’s turn so this is when the party hands out their lifetime achievement award. The GOP would be figuring out if they can run Bush or if they have to find someone with the same polices, but a different last name.

Now, I think something is happening here. Clinton is now immersed in what could very well be the scandal of the century. There’s no way to wriggle free of the mishandling of classified data. You can finesse financial laws and ethics rules. You can’t finesse this stuff. News reports suggest there may be dozens of people who have violated the law and conspired to hide their involvement. This is Watergate level stuff given her position.

On the GOP side, Donald Trump just gave a speech in a stadium. If you are a member of the Party leadership or an advisor to one of the candidates, you should be in a panic. Trump went from sideshow at the start of the summer to leader of a revolution at the end of the summer. In-between, the GOP took their best shots at the man and did not leave a mark. Watching Trump’s crowd last night I kept thinking, “something is happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

One thing that is clear is I was the only guy to figure out that Trump was Beppe Grillo. The other thing is the ossified and blinkered chattering classes are wholly unprepared for what’s happening to them right now. They spend their time reading each other’s tweets, promoting each other’s work, and chatting with one another at play time. They are not even aware of the vast network of writers, bloggers and troublemakers out there complaining about the status quo.

The best evidence of that is the deranged ranting of Kevin Williamson at National Review with regards to Donald Trump. It’s like watching a robot whose CPU errors out and the robot goes berserk, smashing itself into walls. When it is a bunch of metal it is funny. When it is a human being having a nervous breakdown, it’s sad and pathetic. In this case it is emblematic. Conservative Inc. is cracking up over what’s happening outside the Acela corridor.

Trump may turn out to be a poor spokesman for the massive crowds mobbing his events. I’m not a big fan of his style and I don’t think he has thought much about any of these things, other than immigration. That puts him way ahead of the dreary dishrags running for office, but the leader of a revolt needs a coherent platform. Maybe that comes, maybe not, but the crowds are not going away.

That’s why the rest of the candidates should be scared. To get these crowds for Bush or Walker or Kasich, you would have to round up the people at gun point. Even then, you would probably have to lock the gates to keep the people from fleeing the arena once the dreary dullard started talking. Those people at the Trump rally are not buying what the GOP is selling, even if they may not be sold on Trump as a candidate.

I don’t know what they do at this stage. These things can burn out on their own or they can break up like the Tea Party. The trouble is the GOP had corrupted the grass roots long ago so they could tear apart the Tea Party movement without too much trouble. The trouble here is this is ad hoc and completely outside the control of the “grass roots” organizations that exploited the displeasure over Obama. This is a revolt against those organizations, especially the GOP establishment.

I’m skeptical about Trump. I think his lack of restraint will be his undoing. But we’re seeing a collapse of the middle. The parties and the press are now bullhorns aimed at the public and the public gets it. This is not about Trump. He’s just the flag around which the dispossessed can rally. You can take down the flag and the people may disperse, but the dispossessed are still there. Someone will come along with a new flag eventually.

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  22. Like it is said, There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This, at least by the ballot box.
    That aside for a moment, what is wrong about Trump that makes him unsuitable for office?
    Lets be very honest here about this.

    Personally I believe, nothing.
    Look, you have to some kind of sociopath or psychopath to run for the office of POTUS.
    Regardless of the fascism breathing down our throats, or the unholy criminal enterprise of the banking cartels creating their one world order, or whatever it is, somebody is going to be president.

    I mean, come on, is Trump really so bad as the derangement about him implies, or is supposed to?
    Was Sarah Palin a corruptocrat? A red diaper baby? A secret islamist? A future mulato prodigy ruler of the regime known as the federal government?
    A plain old ponzi schemer?

    Look, not for nothing, at the very least Trump is The Great Fuckyou. Just rooting and voting for him is an act of rebellion and resistance to the sonofabitches. It’s a great middle finger to TPTB.
    If Trump is his own genuine article, and is a true outlier outside the meddling and manipulation that passes for “Constitutional Government”, they will kill the guy before he gets to the ofal office.

    Maybe Trump is just a plain decent guy in his own right. Maybe he really cares about shit. Maybe as outlandish and upfront he appears is not an act or indictment of his fitness for public office, but it is genuine.
    Maybe he is tired too of the oligarchy bullshit and being treated like chopped liver by the sonofabitches like the rest of us.
    Besides, after the maniac and his entourage of psychopaths who usurped and occupied the presidency, how can you turn your nose up to a guy like Trump?
    I mean come on!
    Are you smoking crack or something?

  23. I agree with your earlier statements that you believe Obama is letting the FBI go after Hillary on the emails. There wouldn’t be an investigation if he didn’t want it to happen.

    Also agree I don’t think there’s any way out of the classified information problem for her. Her current defense seems to be that she was too ignorant and incompetent to recognize classified information when it was sent to her to handle it properly. Just, wow.

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  25. The powers that be have the advantage of public entropy. They can out wait the anger of the dispossessed, wait for it to disperse into bitter mutterings. How many times have you been angry? The ruling elite will have to commit some kind of egregious assault against dispossessed Americans, some kind of Waco Maximus, before the dispossessed will act. The elite will then spin the resultant carnage as “for the children” (per Ed in Texas above).

    Or we can vote for iYeb! That should fix things.

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  28. Trump is an Alpha Male in a culture that has attempted to Beta everything in sight. Rubio, Walker, and Cruz have a bit of the Alpha thing going, and Biden is the only Democrat with any Alpha at all, which is why he will be the Dem’s candidate. But Trump is all Alpha, which covers for a lot of stupid statements and inconsistency. Alphas just roll over it all, and Trump is showing how it should be done. As long as he does not wimp out, he could go a long, long way. He is Washington’s and the Beta society’s worst nightmare, and appears to be single handedly undoing decades of work by so many, to squeeze every aspect of white Alpha malehood out of the culture. This should be fun to watch.

  29. If you voted for “Hope and Change” in the previous couple of elections, I would think you must be deeply disappointed. Lots of hoping, very little of anything else.

    Never been a Trump “fan”, but he does seem to be more believable than any of the professional politicians currently holding office. I bet you’d have a better change of seeing things change under Trump. And a side benefit would be watching lefty heads implode whenever the words “President Trump” were spoken.

  30. Ad Hoc seems to be the answer on how to attach the system; with the right person, ad hoc works because the status quo doesn’t know how to handle it; it works in many areas, politics especially, but look at college football. When a team has a QB that is talented, but works ad hoc, the big, powerful opponent is befuddled. Look at Manziel at A&M versus Alabama n 2012. Alabama couldn’t figure him out and lost.

  31. With one prick into the balloon of illegal immigration Trump has revealed that the man behind the curtain of Oz is a committee, a small mob of small men. But no, he’s never given two minutes of thought to what comes next, or to the rain of cats about to fall on our heads. He just sees the imperial Presidency and wants to be Emperor. Unlike Obama, he seeks to be a proper Emperor and not a Pope.

    On scrutinizing the Constitution of the United States….it is frightening to note how many differences of knowledge and discernment it assumes in those governed. I have scarcely ever encountered a single man of the common people in America who did not perceive with surprising ease the obligations entailed in the laws of Congress and the beginnings to the laws of his own state, nor who could not separate the matters belonging to the general prerogatives of the Union from those regulated by his local legislature and who could not point to where the competence of the federal courts begins and the limitations of the state tribunals ends.

    • It’s amazing how much the Republicans sound like Democrats all of a sudden. You also see the same people who were yelping about the purists when Romney was the nominee, screaming about Trump’s lack of conservative credentials now.

      So much for that big tent, I guess.

  32. I’ve always said that Shrillary wasn’t going to be the nominee. Glad everyone’s catching up with me. So both parties are in chaos now. Good. Shoving Leftist big-government policies and open-border cultural suicide immigration down our collective throats has not had the desired reaction for the ruling class. Excuse us Great Unwashed peons as we vomit up this forced feeding. And that’s why Trump is popular. He’s a giant FU to the establishment wing of both parties.

  33. Great concise article, just forwarded to the masses, including a very decent fella who works in the Belly of the Beast regularly

    RINOpia is in panic at the quakes … once again, you’ve explained here, for Karl Rove et al

    The peasantry has figured out it’s a Freddy Hegel UniParty Quadrennial Rape

    They see how media and DOJ [Ha !] and RINOs and FBI are responding to HildaGate, as one example of the rot

    Grab popcorn and get a good seat … houselights are coming down, and the Show is about to start

  34. The Tea Party, as a semi-coherent group, may have lost the eye of the media but the folks who aligned or identified with the Tea Party have vanished or changed their views. One element of the movement’s strength; not having a leader for the opposition to focus on, is also one of it’s weaknesses. The ‘Party’ needed a leader and Donald Trump turns out to be the only one speaking out about illegal immigration and that resonates loudly and clearly with the Tea Party types. He may not espouse all of the movement’s ideals but at least he has separated himself from the rest of the slag on this existential issue. These are interesting times indeed.

  35. I’m thinking that at some particularly robust moment, Dept of Homeland Security will get involved, because there’s always room for the Gestapo.

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