The Specter of Immigration

A specter is haunting the West — the specter of immigration. All the powers of the old establishment have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Liberal and Conservative, democrat and aristocrat, college radicals and billionaires.

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as fascistic by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of racism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?

Obviously, I’m having some fun here by reworking the opening lines of the Communist Manifesto to fit our current age. I’m fond of pointing out that Marx was not wrong about everything, and he made some useful observations. In the 19th century, he noticed that the real fight was between the rising new ideology against the old ideologies tied to the previous economic era. The Industrial Revolution was reshuffling the deck.

It’s also important to note that he got most everything wrong about how the world would look after the revolution. He was also stunningly wrong about human nature and the human condition. The followers of Marx murdered 100 million people trying to prove Marx right with regards to the nature of man and the making of the egalitarian society. I’m throwing that out there so my new readers don’t think I’m a Marxist.

Anyway, the thing about the rise of international communism in the 19th century is it scrambled the normal feedback loop between the public and the rulers. All of a sudden there were conversations about how to best organize society that did not include the people currently in charge. What was most frightening to the people in charge was that in the ranks of the ruling classes were people secretly enamored with communism and sympathetic to the arguments.

That whole vibe keeps coming to mind reading the increasingly unhinged rants from “conservative” writers with regards to Trump and immigration. A couple of days ago Brit Hume was humping this article on Twitter. Hume is sort of the neo-con emeritus these days, so he has a lot of stroke with the rank and file chattering skulls. Today National Review’s Kevin Williamson has a rewrite of that article up under his own name.

In both cases you have allegedly conservative writers calling immigration reformers racists and fascists. Not long ago, these writers were excoriating Progressives for using such language against George Bush and the neo-cons. That’s quite a transformation and a revelatory one. The question presented by the issue of immigration to the people in charge is “which side are you one?” We are seeing the answer in the response to the rise of immigration parties.

That’s what has me thinking about old Uncle Karl. Communism in Europe was an existential challenge to the ruling elites because it challenged the spiritual framework holding the old guard in place. That’s what made it so dangerous and why the people in charge reacted so violently to anything that smacked of communism. The Reds were a virus that had to be wiped out completely.

It’s a similar problem with immigration today. The people in charge have drawn long and hard from the well of egalitarianism. They believe it with the intensity of the fanatic. Therefore, they lack the intellectual toolkit to address the concerns of the people seeing their towns and neighborhoods overrun by foreigners. The people of Dresden, for example, are demanding answers to a question the rulers of Dresden cannot answer.

I think most people understand why Progressives demand open borders. It’s not just the practical matter of cheap votes. There’s a spiritual element. The Left is always looking for grace on the cheap. Inviting the world and putting them on welfare lets Progressives pretend they are doing the Lord’s work without actually having to sacrifice anything. The peasants are packed into your neighborhood, not theirs.

Professional conservatives have a similar thing going on with immigration. Conservatives have always struggled to answer the charge of racism from the Left. They have always struggled to square the founding myths of America with the founding realities. Immigration is how they could square that circle. By championing the little brown guys, they think they are washing off the stink of racism.

It’s why the reality of Hispanic voting patterns have never left a mark on the thinking of modern conservatives. It’s also why they keep yapping about how they must win over these “natural conservatives,” even though all the data says otherwise. They are sure they are on the side of angels. They have the right answer to the Great Question. Facts will come around soon enough.

Now all of a sudden, the bad thinkers are drawing massive crowds and mocking the complaints of the anointed. If you were a good thinker, sure you were just about to crest the last hill before the promised land, the horror of coming upon Trump hosting 30,000 people at an anti-immigration rally is something like Moses descending Sinai to see the Golden Calf. There can be no intellectual response, only an emotional one.

7 thoughts on “The Specter of Immigration

  1. And the elites don’t seem to worry about having an illegal take their job. If I were interviewed about this on tv, I would ask the reporter why he/she thinks they will still have a job when the country is overwhelming hispanic?

    And I noticed an article elsewhere mention that Tom Steyer has been giving money to hispanic politicians in CA. The reason Trump is popular right now is that he is pointing out this process. Rich people buy politicians to do favors for them.

  2. One of the biggest reasons the conservative Elites are no longer against immigration is because they don’t have to live with the consequences, so if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, seems to be the current mantra. Of course, they live in communities, gated or mega-wealthy, that are probably 99% white. “Maria” and “Jose” come to clean and do landscaping whilst the Elites are at work making their Big Benjamins. Oh, look at us Very Special People, providing jobs for poor immigrants who work hard! See? Isnt immigration great? The Elites don’t worry that the immigrants, legal or not, are pouring into the neighborhood public schools, overwhelming an already fragile and near useless enterprise, but funded by tax dollars these same immigrants do not pay, because of course their children are in private schools. Who pays for the health care of this population? The character of these communities is changing and not for the better. Crime goes up, families who can, leave. Everyone else gets stuck with people who do not share our culture, values, or language, and are unafraid to show their disdain for us. And now we have to deal with a seemingly endless supply of Mohammeds via the Refugee Resettlement program. This is not going to end well.

  3. Isn’t it interesting that only white people can be accused of racism and must purge themselves by welcoming in their conquistadors? In a post on another website, the question was asked “Are white men gods?” It was then followed by a list of maybe 100 things that white men had discovered or invented which was basically everything in use today. Gave me pause. All races have had access to raw materials but it has been the white men who have advanced science, technology, industry, the arts and literature. I know other races contributed but not proportionally to the extent the whites have. I think whites should be proud of their heritage and not apologize for bringing mankind into the new age with such bounty. And yes, mistakes were made.

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  5. Trump has certainly tapped into the “silent majority.” A truly frightening prospect for inbred, calcified, comfortable politicians.
    My education concerning “how the world works” occurred in the mid 50’s when I was 5 or 6. An early small time band of Pro Wrestlers were performing in an armory. I noted the vicious antagonism displayed in the ring and the loud approval of the crowd. A short attention span left me to wander down a few hallways. The dressing room door was open. It amazed me how all the combatants enjoyed each others company.

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